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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  May 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tion's capitol. what they're asking federal officials to do. we're off to a warm sunny start. this afternoon we may see some rain. we'll get you updated on that. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. got into the mid 80s yesterday. looked like we're in line for another day like that today. june in may. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> running a month ahead of schedule. 62 degrees today. we should warm to the low 70s this time of year but 85 yesterday and back into the 80s this afternoon. sun, it's just coming up right now. you'll see the glow on center city. the view from the melon bank building will show you that the sun is coming up right now. you can see there's no sign of any rain in our area just yet but we will be watching the radar screen for showers during the afternoon hours and even into the evening hours as well. the temperatures will be climbing into the 80s before the showers move in. there's the sun. isn't that a nice view? sunshine will be nice and bright to start with.
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by 8:00 67 degrees. upper 70s, near 80 degrees at 11:00 and then into the 80s at 2:00. clouds on the increase. you might want to take some rain gear with you just in case the showers pop up later today. heading out the door right now, let's get you a check on traffic with jessica boyington, first alert traffic center. good morning, jesse. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. volume on 95. a little bit at gerrard avenue in the southbound lane but you can see not overly affecting our drive times. woodhaven up towards the vine street expressway. we are seeing an accident off the base of the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge. between that point and 8 and vine street. additionally on the ben franklin bridge ongoing construction. could be messy out there. give yourself extra ten minutes or so before heading out the door. accident in upper moreland watch that. no problems for mass transit.
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really good alternate if you want to take septa, new jersey transit or patco speed line you're free and clear. >> authorities are investigating a shooting at a controversial art show in texas as a possible terror attack. in the past hour there are new reports isis claimed responsibility on one of its own radio stations for the attack that left two gunmen dead. nbc news has not verified this report. the two gunmen that carried out the shooting have been identified. one was already on the fbi radar. authorities say the man was on a terror watch list and just before the attack he linked himself to isis on twitter. this morning the grandmother of the second gunman says he was a good man. >> he didn't know him. he's not that kind of person. he got influenced by some kind of extremist or whatever you want to call them. >> both gun men were shot and killed sunday outside a corn vengs center. new from overnight, a man is
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in critical condition after someone shot him in the leg. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. pris are looking for the shooter and it's not clear why he was shot. a garage wall collapsed in germantown on east locust avenue. police blocked off the sidewalk as a safety precaution. the name of three women killed will be released today. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on hill road. two adults and two children were able to escape. investigators tell "nbc 10" the family had gathered there to mourn the loss of a relative who had died on sunday. >> smoke was just flying. it was terrible. i mean that thing was well gone before the fire department got here. >> the family's two cats and a dog also died. the cause is under investigation, but it's not believed to be suspicious. closing arguments again today in the corruption trial of six former philadelphia
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narcotics officers. only one of the accused officers testified. he denied charges that his squad regularly stole cash and drugs from suspects over a period of six years. prosecution built its case on the testimony of suspected drug dealers and one ex-officer who pleaded guilty. 6:04. a man accused of shooting and killing a temple university student pleaded guilty. in january police found garcia rojas slumped over his vehicle. he's the son of an naacp official in gloucester county. police have not said why they believe he was killed. happening today, local activists and family members of victims of police shootings will go to washington to call on federal officials to look into several police departments in the city of new jersey. they're calling for an audit in bridge ton millville and vineland. one of the people going is the
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widow of gerraine reed. the aclu is challenging a delaware law that requires gps monitoring of certain sex offenders. they said high risk sex offenders have to be monitored. the aclu argues the law is unconstitutional because it infringes on the rights of those being monitored. police have charged a man in connection with a crash on the new jersey turnpike that injured four soldiers. rendel maglore is accused of reckless driving. the humvee ran off the road and hit a tree and one of the soldiers has severe spinal injuries. the humvee was part of a convoy from fort drum. happening today, leaders in wilmington will get together and talk about the image of their city. a city that a national magazine dubbed murder town u.s.a. matt delucia is live.
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a title like that is not something that any chamber of commerce wants to deal with. how is the group trying to combat this perception? >> that is right, chris. not a very good perception with that title. they're trying to get some ideas to bring this city back in the right direction. they're trying to change the image. they know they're up against big issues. the group puts together the meeting every year. there are roughly 70,000 people living here. crime is still a problem. 11 homicides since the start of the year which is 4 more than last year. the meeting is about focusing on the good and what can be good starting with art and housing. you have people with all types of business experience being a part of this trying to be both crow eighttive and successful at the same time. >> this work is really important because it helps to reshape people's perceptions about what wilmington is all about and the creative district is putting that umbrella identity over the
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cultural aspects we already have and it's also an effort to bring in more of the those aspects and people that are interested in being here. >> reporter: downtown here in wilmington is key to that transition and that meeting of the minds happens later this morning right here in downtown wilmington. live in wilmington this morning, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 6:o 07. in burlington county firefighters have put out a string of brush fires. those fires ripped through the woods in pemberton township all day yesterday. authorities think the fires were intentionally set though they don't know yet who did it. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> seven minutes after 6:00. the sun has been up for 10 minutes and we are seeing bright sunshine. it's also illuminating high clouds that have started to move into the area. those clouds are coming in advance of some showers for this afternoon. to are this morning break out
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the sunglasses. 59 degrees in doylestown. bright sunshine in millville. 61. 62 degrees in philadelphia. and after a warmer start, we'll be back into the 80s this afternoon. but that's when we could see some showers and possibly even a thunderstorm. for now, the radar is clear. wilmington, philadelphia showers are a possibility during the later afternoon hours. we've seen a few sprinkles moving through extreme northeast pennsylvania. the wet weather is moving through indiana and central ohio. now pittsburgh is seeing a few sprinkles but not much more than that. certainly not going to be an all day rainfall just some pop-up showers. most of the day dry. 75 for mount pocono. 80s for alan town quaker town. sunshine to start with for doyle town trenton, mount holly. afternoon temperatures in the 80s. even along the coast line for atlantic city and cape may at the airport. while showers are a possibility for dover during the later
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afternoon and evening hours, you can see them a bit earlier in westchester. by mid afternoon could see a few sprinkles, 81 degrees. there is a chance of a thunderstorm but it's not a huge threat for swedesboro or philadelphia or wilmington. seven day forecast to show you the big change that's on the way for the tomorrow. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. >> we'll see you then bill. 6:09. as you're heading out the door let's check the roads. >> a couple of issues. let's see if they're still cautioning causing problems. jessica boyington. >> thanks, chris and tracy. we are seeing a few accidents. some on majors. one on route 202, the northbound ramp to the schuylkill expressway and 422 east bound ramp. you can expect some slow going heading in that area. we have some good news right here on the ben franklin bridge. we did have an accident coming off the bridge westbound in between eighth and vine street. so now that accident has just cleared out of the way.
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possible residual delays. upper moreland and national circle. starting to see slow going out on 95. around gerrard avenue. southbound lanes here dealing with a 19-minute drive time from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. still no problems if you are headed northbound. tracy. jesse, thanks. this morning the new york police department is mourning the loss of one of their own. we have a live report on the 25-year-old victim and his suspected killer. today there will be six. the race for president is filling up quickly on the republican side. who's next join the fray.
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6:13. philadelphia city council is pushing for safer standards for
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food trucks. that's after they dug into a propane explosion that killed two people last july. council members want to limit how much propane can be carried on trucks and implement mandatory propane inspections every 90 days. right now the city's fire department can't inspect propane tanks on trucks. the city can't do anything because the state has jurisdiction. the supreme court rejected a challenge to new jersey's ban on gay conversion therapy for patients under the age of 18. conversion therapy is the practice of trying to quote, cure homosexuality for counseling. in the past lower courts have dismissed launching a ban which new jersey governor chris christie signed into law. those who filed suit say the ban restricts free speech of counselors and doctors. they're reviewing a landmark case that could pave the way to legalize same-sex marriage across the country. at issue is whether each state has the right to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
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it's about 6:15 now. today jurors in the etan patz murder trial will begin their 14th full day of deliberations. now they have a new tool to help them reach a verdict. a printer. pedro hernandez is accused of killing the boy. they want to make hard copies of their spreadsheet. 6-year-old etan disappeared while walking to a school bus stop. the new york city police department is mourning the loss of its third officer in the past five months. officer brian moore died two days after ng shot in the head. nbc's katherine craig is live outside the precinct in queens where the officer worked. kathryn, tell us more. >> reporter: tracy, there is so much sadness here. once you walk into the 105 police precinct building, there's a shrine. candles glowing.
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photographs there. outside there is purple around the door. all of the flowers in honor of officer brian moore. he was only 25 years old. he was shot on saturday taken off of life support yesterday. he grew up on long island. his father and other family members are in law enforcement. hundreds of officers gathered there including officer moore's father. they saluted him as the ambulance headed to the medical examiner's office in manhattan. in his five year career he made hundreds of arrests and received several medals of valor. the district attorney tells us that a grand jury will be convened today. and something else that nypd's top police chief told us they have a lot of evidence linking
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blackwell to the crime scene. eye witnesses saw him shoot the officer. back to you. >> kathryn kraeg. >> craig: reporting from new york. city leaders in camden say they've heard from other towns that would like to be overseen by the police department. the camden county metro police force celebrated the two years last week. the force has 400 officers and another class of recruits being trained. mike huckabee is expected to announce his run for presidency today. back in 2008 he won the iowa caucuses. he fell short of the nomination that went to john mccain. he joins a growing field of president amitriptyline presidential hopefuls. two others got into the race on monday. senator ted cruz of texas,
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senator rand paul of kentucky and senator marco rubio of florida are among the candidates. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill later this month. she will answer questions from a special panel about the attacks in benghazi that killed four americans. she'll also discuss her use of private e-mails during her time as secretary of state. lawmakers had requested that clinton appear for two separate sessions but her lawyer responded she would only appear once. 6:18 now. if you're racing to beat a traffic jam on route 422, you may have already lost that one. >> let's find out with "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> thanks, guys. we're starting to see some jams here. it's still moving along. that's definitely a good thing. 422 like we said around 29. these are the eastbound lanes where you're starting to see the volume. eastbound from 429, still only a 9 minute trip. not excessively long.
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give yourself extra time as it starts to jam up. we do have a few accidents though, one out on route 202 northbound on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway eastbound. it's headed towards the schuylkill expressway eastbound. something to watch out for on the shoulder there. starting to see slow speeds on 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. 24 minute trip there. no problems on the schuylkill. overall headed southbound from the schuylkill up towards 95 only a 15-minute trip there. the accident a little bit earlier this morning cleared off the ben franklin bridge. still dealing with construction. three lanes as opposed to the normal four. check in with more drive times coming up in ten minutes. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. what a day yesterday. 85 degrees and brilliant sunshine. today we're starting off with sunshine but there are also some clouds around. you can see those already starting to move into the area. we are getting a warmer morning.
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62 degrees right now. that's 6 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. even though we've got some cloud cover we'll still see a warmup into the 80s today. the clouds have broken a bit after a cloudy start first thing this morning. shawne inn in the pocono mountains. clouds will be thickening up. that's when you can see showers not only in the mountains but in through philadelphia and south jersey. the cloud cover has started to increase north and west. would he have to go into western pennsylvania and the ohio valley to find any rainfall. those showers will be scattered in our area this afternoon. not an all day rainfall, not even a heavy rainfall for most of the area. there is a chance that we'll see some scattered thunderstorms this after snoon. before they get here sunshine warms us into the 80s again today. not tomorrow. 70s the high temperature. still a chance of a shower. again, not an all day rainfall
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for wednesday. the showers are out of here for thursday. hey, we're back in the 80s. 81 thursday. friday bright sunshine. 85 degrees. look at the weekend, upper 80s for saturday sunday, into monday where we could see storms. 6:21. coming together. the city of baltimore is working to rebuild what was lost in the riots, but there is still a fight going on. just ahead, the new demand a group of activists took straight to city council. police in ocean county want customers to be aware of this. in this picture it may not look like much but it could cost you your identity. we'll explain.
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6:24. police are warning customers at one bank in ocean county to take a closer look at your account. yesterday they found a skimming device on the atm at the ocean first bank on brick boulevard in
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brick township ocean county. here are photos of the skimming device. placed over the card rider.eader. it was put there sometime saturday. ocean first bank is working to identify any customers affected. in the meantime keep a close eye on your bank accounts. and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. we're starting to see some jams. check this out. the city avenue on the schuylkill expressway. you can see not overall affecting the drive times headed westbound not at all. starting to jam up. give yourself a little bit of extra time. headed out to 42 in new jersey. drive times still okay. 5 minutes. northbound from 55 at the walt whitman bridge no problems here for septa, new jersey transit or the patco speed line. bill's hanging over there in the
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weather center. let us know how dry it will be for the rest of the day. >> for the rest of the day things will be changing but to start with it is beautiful outside. we have sunshine 62 degrees in philadelphia. that's 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. beautiful start. more summer like temperatures this afternoon. right now in the 50s in doylestown pottstown. that's warmer than yesterday. 60 degrees in wrightstown and 62 in wilmington. northeast philadelphia at the airport 63 degrees. time to get on the bus. >> reporter: i'm katy stack ri live in delaware county. improvements to the philadelphia international airport are driving some people out of this area.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. >> terror in texas. we have breaking news on the suspect involved in the shooting outside the prophet muhammad cartoon contest. we'll tell you who's now claiming responsibility. >> reporter: imagine dealing with that sound all hours of the day and night. now the philadelphia airport's planned expanseionexpansion. neighbors worry about the sound getting worse. a little hazy out there this morning. it will be another warm one and there may be some showers on the way as we are into a summer like pattern in early may. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the warmer temperatures with meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> sure felt like summer yesterday. 85 degrees. we will be back in the 80s this afternoon. not as chilly this morning as it
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was yesterday. lots of sunshine to start with but we'll be watching the radar screen. that's showing a few sprinkles into york county. south of harrisburg. the real activity is moving through the ohio valley cambridge, columbus. that's on track for this afternoon. until it gets there -- until it gets here we'll see plenty of sunshine. 67 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00 we'll be pushing towards 80 degrees and into the 80s at 2:00 this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. you might want to grab an umbrella for later on. that's when we'll likely see showers popping up. future weather to show you when those are likely to roll through your area. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. good morning, jessica. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. we're starting to see major jams on 95. one of the biggest jams so far this morning. just a half an hour at gerrard avenue. southbound lanes from woodhaven road towards the vine street
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expressway. half an hour trip there. plan accordingly. if you head out to the schuylkill expressway and the curve, pretty typical. 16 minutes eastbound from the blue route towards the vine street expressway. we have a few accidents to talk about though. one on route 202 northbound ramp to the schuylkill expressway and one on route 422 eastbound headed to the schuylkill expressway eastbound. mass transit coming up in 10. >> back to the breaking news now. just in the past few minutes nbc news confirmed that isis has taken responsibility for that shooting outside a texas art show sunday that left two attackers dead and a security guard wounded. nbc news has not verified that isis is, indeed responsible. isis just taking credit for the shooting. the two gunmen who carried out that shooting have been identified. one of them is already on the fbi's radar. authorities say elton simpson was on a terror watch list.
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just before the attack he leaked himself to isis on twitter. the gunman was shot and killed sunday by police outside a convention center where a group that was anti-muslim held a prophet muhammad cartoon contest. this morning we're hearing police and radio reports where a woman threw herself off the bridge and threw the baby off the bridge. >> the mother is directly under the bridge and we is have no eyes on the baby. >> police say it was sunday 19-year-old janesha perry tossed her 1-year-old son off the hamilton bridge into the lehigh river. an officer found the baby and performed cpr and revived him. crews rescued the mom. >> if they can't be a mom, they should take the easy way out. take it to someone who can hurt them, not hurt it. >> police charged perry with
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attempted murder. the baby is expected to survive. happening today, camden county investigators are going back to the scene of a deadly hit and run in audubon. last month someone found christopher dean lying on the side of the road. at 10:00 this morning police will meet the family at the intersection and hand out flyers asking people this they saw anything on the night of april 9th. while the city of philadelphia is celebrating an airport expansion project. people living near the airfield are saying they're worried about their quality of life. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live at tinicum county. >> reporter: this is the noisiest time. there are 70 homes. planes are taking off so frequently. i've been watching them. it's happening every 30 seconds unto a minute. neighbors tell me it is evenly going to get worse.
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can you hear me? what happens when you live next to the philadelphia international airport? you have to shout your conversation if you live outside. >> like everyone else you learn to live with it. >> reporter: nancy tells me that they look at the future with fear now that the airport is expanding and will push up to their backyards. >> it's gotten progressively worse ever sings i've come back. it's definitely something that you forget about. it's loud. >> her son has a growing family and needed a bigger home but he refused to buy where he grew up because of the noise and disruptions. happening at the airport over the next decade an expanded runway to allow for more jets and new terminals and rental car
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facility. >> we have deer come through, birds, everything. >> reporter: this wooded area at the end of their street is compromised, too. neighbors say they're told a wall is going to be built right through it. >> what kind of quality of life are you going to have? >> what kind of quality of life are you going to have? you have one wall here noise, lights. >> reporter: an airport spokeswoman tells me that the construction that would take place close to the homes that you're looking at is a long way off. she couldn't even give me a start date. in all it is predicted to take between 12 to 15 years for the airport expansion to get complete. reporting live in tinicum county. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live where the advance that will carry the workers just arrived.
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jesse. >> reporter: chris those advance arrived just within the past couple of minutes here on north broad in between race and arch. some of the lower wage workers and their advocates are getting into the van. they will depart at 6:45 this morning. in less than 10 minutes. they're headed to harrisburg to sit m on a senate committee hearing on minimum wage legislation. many will attend and testify at the hearing say they love their jobs but cannot make ends meet. they are expecting $10.10 an hour and some calling up to $15 an hour. i talked to sam jones a few minutes ago. we think the momentum is on our side. 71% of these citizens of pennsylvania are in favor of raising the minimum wage and the general consensus of $10.10 is where we need to be at this point. >> reporter: the hearing starts
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at 9:00 in harrisburg running until noon. there are three senate bills. 's he said the $10.10 one is the one everyone is focusing on. live in center city, jesse gary "nbc 10 news." now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38 and sunshine. starting the day with warmer temperatures and that is going to warm us into the 80s where we were yesterday afternoon. 85 yesterday. we'll be into the 80s today. you don't see this very often. 60s from the mountains through philadelphia to the shore. atlantic city is at 65 degrees. there are some clouds scattered around over shawne and this live view. those clouds will be increasing this afternoon. that's when umbrellas may be going up. right now the radar is completely dry for the immediate philadelphia area. you can see some sprinkles to the south of harrisburg. we saw a little bit of activity move through eastern pennsylvania. this afternoon the activity we
6:39 am
could see, the showers, potential of thunderstorms moving through central ohio and pittsburgh. the first showers of the day will likely fall apart. you might see a sprinkle at 10:00. just into lower bucks county. as we go into the afternoon, the clouds will thicken up. noontime. some sunshine breaking through. here's the best chance of seeing showers. that's at 3:00 this afternoon. light scattered showers moving into allentown, reading, chester, bucks counties heading towards south jersey. move through south jersey. if we do get thunderstorms this afternoon, there's a slightly better chance that we'll see them in northeastern maryland and into delaware. showers today, cooler tomorrow. got the seven day forecast when i'm back in 10. possibly a wet ride home but sunny ride to work. let's check in on what else you need when you head out the door. >> hopefully you won't spend too long getting to work.
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"nbc 10's" jessica boyington watching traffic for us. a couple of jams. >> a couple of jams but everything is pretty typical so far. relatively light out on the vine street expressway. i wanted to show you this camera right here. westbound lane five minute drive time from 95 towards the schuylkill. westbound generally where you would see a jam at this time towards the schuylkill expressway. still moving along just fine. as we head out the door and check out the rest of the drive times, 95 we can't get away from this. a heavy trip there. starting to slow down a little bit on the schuylkill headed eastbound from the blue route. no problems on the blue route. mass transit a good outlet. there are a few accidents though. i'm going to show you them in a few minutes. chris. more trouble in atlantic city. just ahead, the cuts that some people say could put their safety at risk. and one runner was sweating it out during the blue cross broad street run and it had
6:41 am
nothing to do with the intensity of the exercise. what he lost on the race course and how a police officer and "nbc 10" was able to help him reunite with it.
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just about a quarter to 7. two teenage brothers from delaware county are still in critical condition. their parents also got sick but they're recovering through therapy. the chemical was sprayed at the resort in the u.s. virgin islands. that was banned from the epa in this country in 1984. in kent county a dover police corporal has turned himself into authorities in connection with an arrest that he made nearly two years ago. the delaware attorney general says corporal thomas webster
6:45 am
kicked a suspect in the head during that arrest in august 2013. he broke the suspect's jaw and knocked him unconscious. webster is on unpaid leave while officials investigate. the time is 6:45. atlantic city is facing a new round of layoffs and this time it has nothing to do with the casinos. they plan to cut 200 city worker positions including 85 firefighters. they say it's necessary to cut taxes and they need to say that ac is serious about fiscal accountability. residents express hesitation. >> we need firefighters. that's the most delicate area to cut. there shouldn't be any discussion about that. >> it's very tough right now. i'm a taxpayer and i'm all for lowering our taxes. >> now the city says these cuts will actually bring the city's fire department into alignment with other cities of similar size.
6:46 am
leaders will layoff 40 others. a teary eyed dzhokhar tsarnaev for the first time they saw emotion from the convicted killer. he cried yesterday when his aunt took the stand. she sobbed uncontrollably and testified that tsarnaev was a kind and warm child. tsarnaev wiped his eyes repeatedly with tissues during yesterday's hearing. a jury convicted him on all charges last month. that same jury will decide whether tsarnaev should be executed or spend the rest of his life in prison. three people were killed and more than 260 others were hurt when a pair of bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon two years ago. this morning there is a push to rebuild communities that were damaged during the rioting in baltimore last week. leaders announced lance yesterday to resume construction on a senior housing project. the rebuilding could begin as early as next week. meantime, tempers flared at a baltimore city council meeting
6:47 am
yesterday. that's when a group of protestors stormed the meeting. the group chanted drop the charges, drop the bail protesters shouldn't go to jail. six officers were indicted for their alleged role in the death of freddie gray. it is 6:47. a look at what's on the "today" show. >> hey, tracy and chris. good to see you both. coming up on "today," got some bad weather. dangerous flooding impacting several states. even more rain on the way today. al is tracking those storms. also ahead, do you have a co detector in your home? if so is it installed in the wrong place? rossen report investigation that may save your life. then a week long celebration of moms as jenna bush haggar takes her mom and mila on a trip. >> legendary talents live.
6:48 am
jane fonda and lily tomlin are teaming up again 25 years after "9 to 5." are you going to sing that? >> no. we'll show you this little thing jack black and imjimmy fallon did. >> it was excess. >> hilarious video. >> we'll see you at 7:00. thanks guys. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. a lot going on weather wise too. like yesterday we're going to see a quick warmup. start with sunshine and see temperatures in the 80s this afternoon, but that's where the similarities end. we're going to see showers develop this afternoon. i'm tracking some showers and the potential for thunderstorms and they could last into tomorrow and it will be cooler tomorrow as a result. then it's back to the 80s for the end of the week. summer like temperatures pushing towards the 90 degree mark over
6:49 am
the weekend. 62 degrees right now. that's 6 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. a light breeze. the wind will stay light through the day. the sunshine will be bright for most of the day. cape may, you won't see any rain drops in cape may. the temperature's climbing. it will warm into the low 80s in cape may. watching the radar screen through the day. a few sprinkles to the west and the north. the activity is in the ohio valley and into the midwest and into lower michigan. those showers and possibly thunderstorms will be scattered late this afternoon and this evening. here you can see a little bit of a shower at 10:00 or at least a chance of one in the trenton area. most likely that will fizzle. here comes the rain as we move through the day. later in the day the showers are likely to pop up. so the temperatures heading dmoot 70s for the poke doe could he -- pocono mountains.
6:50 am
low 80s this afternoon and late this afternoon we'll see some showers at the shore, but until then sunshine and 80s for cape may, vineland dover up to 84. into the 80s for wilmington drexel hill and delaware. very close to yesterday's temperatures. scattered showers this afternoon. seven day forecast when i come back right towards the end of the show. all right, bill. 10 minutes of 7:00. it is brake light city on 95 now. >> i am seeing a little bit. jessica boyington show us where it is and tell us about it. >> we just fipgd it out, guys. disabled vehicle out on 95 around cottman avenue. we were starting to see some delays a little bit early for the commute in morning. now we figured out why. just over a 40 minute trip due to a disabled vehicle. this is around cottman avenue. you can see that massive delay behind that on the scene. used to be in the center lane. they're trying to work it over into the right hand lane. cars squeezing on by to either
6:51 am
side of it. as we head out we have some accidents. route 422 the eastbound ramp up towards the schuylkill express way eastbound. additionally we're dealing with some jams heading into philadelphia from new jersey. on the ben franklin bridge you have ongoing construction blocking out the right hand lane. tracy. this morning a happy ending to one man's mishappen during the blue cross broad street run on sunday. he dropped his wedding ring just as the race started. david and karen have been married for 12 years. david lost his ring 15 seconds into the race. he didn't realize it was gone until mile five. he immediately sent his wife a text and he said he thought it was way too late he'd never find be it. just when things weren't looking promising, social media saved the day. >> got the ring right? wait. here it is right here. >> oh, my god. >> how amazing is that? >> i can't believe it. it's amazing. i thought this was -- dude i
6:52 am
thought this was long gone. >> that's so good. here's the back story. a philadelphia police officer found the ring gave it to "nbc 10." we posted it on social media and david's wife karen spotted it on our facebook page. >> of course it was the wife who ultimately saw it. >> good thing for him that she did. >> i can't believe the police officer found it there in the street because the runners as they're running are discarding clothing and items. expanding the philadelphia international airport is good for business but maybe bad for people who live nearby. >> "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live in tinicum township. katy? >> reporter: major improvements and expansion coming to the philadelphia international airport. why is this driving some people away behind me? coming up after the break i'll explain.
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>> reporter: i'm katy zachry in tinicum township. this neighborhood borders the philadelphia international airport. they're fearful because the airport is expanding. coming soon a longer runway for bigger jets and international travel. neighbors have gotten used to the jets taking off. they worry that the sounds will get worse and more disruptive with the expansion. the township says there are plans to build a wall between the airport activity and the neighborhood. that will disrupt a wooded area that attracts deer and birds. airport spokesperson tells me they are a long way off from doing any construction that borders the homes. the entire airport expansion will take 12 to 15 years to complete. reporting live in tinicum township katy zachry "nbc 10 news." and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your
6:57 am
first alert traffic this morning. we are looking at 95 this morning. noticing some jams relatively early. we couldn't figure out why. under 50 minutes due to a disabled vehicle around cottman avenue. jam from cottman avenue into the southbound lanes. that's a hefty travel time there. as we head out the door to the schuylkill expressway drive times starting to pick up a little bit or decrease shall i say. 20 minutes headed eastbound from the blue route towards the vine street expressway. westbound lanes under 1/2 hour. you can see some slow going there as well. we're having some good news for mass transit. no problems for septa, new jersey transit or patco speed lines. still dealing with volume heading into philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge as well due to ongoing construction losing out that right hand lane. now your "nbc 10" first
6:58 am
alert weather. oh what a beautiful morning. oh what a beautiful morning. this afternoon we might see some showers. right now what a beautiful shot from sky force 10 up -- what a morning to be up and flying around. sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. very little wind. a commanding view from the sky. that looks fantastic. it is a gorgeous start. warmer than yesterday. we're 10 degrees warmer in parts of the area compared to yesterday. the sunshine will have us back in the 80s this afternoon. but you may trade your sunglasses for umbrellas later today as i'm tracking some showers already. now 65 degrees. starting to warm up already in philadelphia. pottstown in the 50s. 58 degrees. wrightstown, 60s. 63 in millville. warming up in northeast philadelphia at 66 degrees at the airport there. roxborough. and a dry start, too, but that's
6:59 am
going to change. you can see a few sprinkles south of harrisburg. clouds will be increasing. later this afternoon the wet weather approaching pittsburgh will be moving into our area but during the day today most of it will be dry. not going to be an all day rainfall. 66 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00 up to 78 degrees and then it's into the 80s this afternoon in spite of the additional cloud cover. then there's the chance of showers later this afternoon and this evening. that's when we can see some heavy err downpours with thunderstorms. 80s today. cooler tomorrow with a chance of a shower. 70 degrees. normal this time of year. forget about it. we're back into the 80s for thursday. friday, 85 degrees and look at this coming weekend closer to the 90 degree mark. >> wow. >> saturday and sunday. >> summer. >> look it's timed perfectly for the phillies coming back to town. >> i thought the little piece for perspiration. >> perfect weather. >> dual purpose p.
7:00 am
>> how about bill's singing there serenading us. >> nice. good morning. >> lyrics. >> "today" show is next. we'll see you back here in a few for local updates. . good morning. breaking overnight. isis claims responsibility for that shooting in texas at an event featuring controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad in what would be the first attack by that terror group on u.s. soil. the families of the two gunmen e speaking out. exercise accident. the husband of facebook coo sheryl sandberg died after collapsing on a treadmill. the tributes pouring out over his life including one from president obama. rising threat. torrential downpours in texas. triggering evacuations and floods. al says more rain is on the


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