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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. that breaking news three guns, three victims, dozens of rounds of bullets. "nbc 10" is live on the scene. you see it here of a deadly shooting in philadelphia. abducted off the street and sexually assaulted. the search is on this morning for this mini van and this predator. he targeted a woman on the way to work. as you head to work this morning, we're back to spring today. the first alert ray dharun trackdar tracking showers and a cooldown. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley and the weather. >> tracking a few scattered
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showers in the area. dry right now in philadelphia. there are a few showers at the shore. it is calm. look at the water at boat house row. live view from melon bank building. the light showers moving through atlantic city. the showers off to the north that's the wet weather that's going to be moving into the area today. you can see the rain already in the poconos. sunshine on hold to start with but late day sunshine to be expected. in between, we'll get showers. 69 degrees at 9:00. 74 degrees and still climbing at noontime today. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> good morning, bill. starting off on the vine street expressway right around 20th street in between broad and the schuylkill expressway we're still dealing with ongoing construction. one lane getting by on the
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schuylkill. if a car would go by you'd see one lane. the drive times are good. wilmington i-95 at 4th street an accident is closing one lane. not a lot of volume. the rest of the drive times are free in the clear. no problems on 95 the schuylkill or the blue route, chris. a couple of stories breaking now. one man is dead, two others wounded in a shooting in north philadelphia. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live on the scene. matt, take us through what happened this morning and what police have found so far. >> reporter: chris, right now police are trying to figure out what started this shooting. whatever this was about, more than 30 gunshots were fired. we're on the 3100 block of north sixth street in northern philadelphia. it happened just after 12:30 this morning. officers were patrolling the area when they heard a barrage of gunshots. they found three victims on the
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ground. all rushed to temple hospital. two are stable and one was pronounced on arrival. one is a john doe. the other two are in their 20s. investigators have found 32 spent shell casings from two separate caliber guns. they think there might be even more as we take another live look again. police still have the 3100 block of north 6th street blocked off. homicide is investigating. coming up at 4:30 police are holding the two surviving victims at the hospital as suspects. "nbc 10 news", matt delucia. more breaking news. part of a row home collapsed. about an hour ago. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live outside that home in point breeze. katy, people were nearby when this home came down right? >> reporter: yeah they were inside adjacent homes, chris. right now what you have out here on bouvier streets are two
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people out of their homes when this house that you're looking at here this home partially collapsed within the last hour. the front of this house, the bricks and the foundation both from the first and the second floor simply fell off, came crashing down. i'm told by neighbors it happened after the evening rain. neighbors also told me this house has been under construction for the better part of a month now. this barricade out front and the fence that you see out front has been up here for some time. fortunately that caught all of the debris the bricks and foundation that came crashing down within the last hour. what happened in the last few minutes i can tell you is someone from the city's licenses and inspections department has gotten on scene. earlier firefighters and police were holding the scene making sure the families stayed out and stayed safe. now a licenses and inspections officer is here and find out if any of these families can return
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to their homes further down the block. he'll have an update in a half hour as well as a neighbor who was inside his house and described what it sounded like when the front of the adjoining house came crashing down. that's coming up in the next half hour. live in point breeze katy zaks ri "nbc 10 news." another philadelphia neighbor is on edge while a woman was abducted and sexually assaulted walking to work. tracy davidson joins us. tracy, this abduction and rape happened friday morning but police just told us about it yesterday. >> right. because they spent the weekend working with the victim to develop a good sketch of the suspect. we're going to show that to you in a second. first we want to show you some surveillance video. this is the sketch we're talking about. they say this man grabbed the woman at gun point at york and emerald, forced her into a van and then sexually assaulted her. >> the guy was like in my doorway acting like he lived
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here. then when the lady walked by he grabbed her. >> police say the victim did not know her attacker. the van used in the assault is an early 1990s dodge or chrysler mini van with no rear seats. obviously if you recognize the van or the man in the sketch police want to hear from you. live in the digital operations center "nbc 10 news", tracy davidson. new information on a deadly shooting in camden. a man who killed an afghanistan war veteran could face up to 70 years in prison. yesterday they found him guilty of manslaughter. you'll see chron in the video. loper was trying to break up a fight in 2013 when he was shot to death. clone chrone's sentencing is coming up. authorities say jason smith was working as an exterminator when he strangled dr. melissa
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ketunuti. she was a pediatrician at children's hospital in philadelphia. after smith strangled her he started a fire. police got their break when surveillance video showed smith walking near her house in center city. happening today, montgomery county law enforcement will be rolling out a new phase of its street patrol to keep neighborhoods safe. the sheriff's department will unveil the new bike patrol unit this morning. bicycle officers will be keeping tabs on other community events. they donated money for this new bike patrol unit. happening today, unionized nurses across pennsylvania are going to urge state lawmakers to support a bill being produced this week. it will call for a minimum nurse to patient number.
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pennsylvania's u.s. senators will unveil a bill that would cut a back log of disability claims at va hospitals around the country. senators bob casey and pat toomey will outline a bipartisan plan on capitol hill. the bill is designed to modernize delivery of benefits for thousands of current veterans. this morning we're hearing from the worker who found a 6-year-old girl all alone at a septa station in kensington. septa police sent out a picture hoping that they could find the girl's parents and last night the parents contacted them. >> i thought about my kids to be honest with you. what is she doing out there. she's 6. people jumping in front of trains people out here crazy people out here. you never know to be honest with you. we was more than concerned.
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>> the girl is safely back with her parents this morning. it's not clear how she ended up at the station by herself. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> starting off with a little bit of a breeze and dry conditions in philadelphia, but you might want to take your umbrella with you because we're tracking some showers that will be moving into the area this morning and out this afternoon. 4:09. the temperatures have come down with clear skies over philadelphia clear of any rainfall. the clouds will stay with us through the morning hours and keep temperatures in the 50s in the pocono mountains. mount pocono just to the south of the rain this morning. northeast philadelphia, 71 degrees. even warmer than yesterday. atlantic city has seen some showers in the area. 66 degrees right now. watching blue mountain the pocono mountains for some rain drops that are likely to be showing up there first before it moves into alan town and
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reading. showers pushing off shore. it's the activity to the west and to the northwest in the williamsport area and farther into northwestern pennsylvania. this is the rainfall that's going to be streaming into parts of the area today. so that's going to make for a cooler day today with showers, 63 degrees in mount pocono right up to 70 degrees for alan town quaker town and reading. you will see occasional light rainfall for doylestown trenton and norris town. keeping things cool. warmer weather is ahead. extended weather in ten minutes. >> now it's time to make way for "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington who's standing by to look at how roads are shaping up. jessica. >> thanks, chris. good morning. 95 around broad street we're going to check in there first. southbound lanes here. only about a 13-minute trip
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there. out montgomery county west wynwood road and spring avenue is picking up an accident out there. taking a check out on the pa turnpike the times are great as well. west route 1 to valley forge and 22 minutes eastbound from valley forge up to route 1. i'm going to take a check on mass transit in ten minutes. there's a new voice asking for calm in baltimore. next, a music superstar putting on a last-minute concert to promote peace. plus ready to fight. why fans who paid to watch the big mayweather pacquiao fight are now going to court to get their money back.
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4:13. check this out. dramatic new video showing hikers in nepal running for cover just before a landslide hit. the death toll in nepal now exceeds 7,000. the u.n. says 8 million people are affected with at least 2 million in need of water, food and medicine. back here in the u.s. singer and songwriter elton john will speak at a senate appropriations hearing. he's there on behalf of his foundation. he's pushing them to support h.i.v. programs. prince will perform in baltimore this sunday. organizers say this will be a catalyst for reflection following the unrest. prince recently recorded a protest song called baltimore. people are asked to wear the color gray in tribute to freddie gray and others lost in violence. meanwhile, loretta lynch met
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with freddie gray's mother and the baltimore police. gray, as you know died from a severe spinal injury he suffered on april 19th one week after being arrested by baltimore police. the city's top prosecutor said gray's arrest was illegal. there was no reason to take him into custody. six police officers are now criminally charged. one of those officers as we told you, has ties to south jersey. edward nero is from sewell. attorney general lynch offered some words of encouragement for baltimore officers. >> you have picked one of the best professions out there today because you have picked the one that lets you go out there and say, i want to help somebody. despite how people may choose to characterize you, hold on to that. >> the justice department will release the results of a
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separate review of the baltimore police department's use of force. a new lawsuit has been filed in connection with the shooting victim. dorida johnson is suing the city of baltimore and he claims darren wilson initiated the confrontation with brown and he used excessive force. a grand jury and the u.s. department of justice both declined to charge officer wilson. the man that's accused of abducting and murdering a university of virginia student could be executed. they've filed capital murder charges. they were filed after new evidence came to light. investigators say matthew is also linked to the abduction and murder of a virginia tech student, morgan harrington. although know charges have been filed. the dea is punishing agents who locked up a college student
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and then forgot about him for five days. that happened in san diego in 2012. the suspect who was never charged went without food and water and had to be treated for kidney failure. back here at home a south jersey teenager testified against his parents. military couple john and terry jackson are charged with miss treating their three adopted children. they lived in burlington county at the time of their arrest. john jackson jr. lives with a foster family. he told jurors that his parents often used bible passages to justify hitting the kids with a paddle and other tools. he said one passage they quoted says foolishness is bound up in the heart of the child, but the rod of correction will drive it out. prosecutors say along with the beatings the foster children also endured they denied them food and water. investigators say careless smoking caused this deadly house
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fire in chester county. sisters rolanda and sammy remell and the daughter angel were killed. fire officials say the warm and breezy weather helped spread the fire even faster. the three victims lived in delaware county. they were visiting the home to mourn the loss of another relative who passed away over the weekend. a lehigh valley woman is alive this morning thanks to the neighbors who rescued her. sky force 10 is over east laurel street in reading. several other homes caught fire there. the fire spread to six homes altogether. it started -- the house, rather where it started had partially collapsed. one neighbor told us they had to drag the elderly woman to safety because she didn't want to leave her home. the red cross is now helping more than a dozen people who are now homeless. well the driver and some passengers on this septa bus that got stuck on train tracks are still recovering from minor
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injuries this morning. "nbc 10" bureau snapped these photos in south philadelphia. septa said the bus driver tried to make a detour. that's when the bus jumped the tracks and got stuck there. sky force 10 was on the scene. the train was apparently blocking that intersection. that's when the bus driver for some reason tried to go around it. we spoke to a woman who said she saw the whole thing. >> it kind of looks like it was making a u-turn but it went right back where the train tracks were. the bus kind of got stuck in that concrete divider over the train tracks. there was no collision with the train. >> thank goodness. septa tells us they're still investigating exactly how this happened. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 4:00 and showers overhead. we're watching showers going to be moving back into the area. mainly light showers overnight. philadelphia saw that light
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rainfall while there were a few thunderstorms in south jersey. 67 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's warmer again today. 3 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the light breeze out of the southwest. dry on beach avenue for now. showers likely to pop up this morning and into this afternoon. scattered showers at the shore. just off shore of atlantic city you can see a few sprinkles moving through southeastern berks county and chester county. the main activity is off to the north. streaming past erie and northwestern pennsylvania. especially from philadelphia to the north. we'll still see some showers into south jersey and eldid he wear. clouds breaking so we're likely to see some areas start with sunshine before the clouds return. 2:00 this afternoon we will be near the 70 degree mark. much cooler than the last few days. scattered showers will disappear late this afternoon. some thinning of the clouds. we'll get some sunshine. that's when we'll pop into the
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70s. cooling down overnight. the clouds won't clear down completely over the nighttime hours. they will thin out as we go into the morning. look at the afternoon. tomorrow by noontime we'll be at 76 degrees in philadelphia and those temperatures scliemclimb back into the 80s. tomorrow 80 degrees and we'll likely see other spots hit 80s. 65 degrees at 6:00 mainly dry. but by 9:00 we'll see showers in the area. 69 degrees. then they break at noontime and we'll start to see some breaks of sunshine again this afternoon. 74 degrees. warmer weather ahead into the weekend. the seven day forecast coming up in the next half hour. thank you, bill. 4:21 now. time to get another check of the roads if you head out the door early in the morning to get a jump on traffic. this is usually a good time to do it. "nbc 10" jessica boyington doing it. jessica. >> if you want to get up three hours earlier you won't ever see
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any other volume. south street, no problems. these are the eastbound lanes in there headed towards center city area. 13 minutes headed from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. no problems there. as we move forward to lower merion been out there since 3:30. you want to watch out on west wynwood road and spring avenue. mass transit, everything running on time there. as we move forward on route 202. 11 minutes northbound from route 30 to the schuylkill or southbound in the opposite direction. a hot topic involving governor chris christie has to do with him and nothing to do with a bridge. talking about the pensions. how boxing fans are now turning on prize fighter manny pacquiao.
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if you felt sucker punched by saturday night's fight. some pay purview customers in las vegas are filing a lawsuit claiming that floyd mayweather's victory over manny pacquiao was not a fair fight. the lawsuit is waged against manny pacquiao and the promoters. pacquiao has to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff now. he did not admit he was injured before the fight. apparently the injury happened in march. promoters expect to make over $300 million off of viewer pay purview payments. happening today, the new jersey supreme court will begin deciding if governor kris christie broke the law by slashing the payments into the
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pension system for workers. the justice department will hear arguments over $1 billion that was cut. the state is fighting a law that says they diverted funds. governor christie wants to use a $200 million windfall to pay into those pensions. they expect to collect an extra revenue between now and june. the state treasurer says he'll testified about revenue projections. in the philadelphia race for mayor mayor, we are less than two weeks from the primary. they discussed the police department's relationship with citizens and whether they would keep charles ramsey as police commissioner. here's a look at the democratic candidates in the race in case you don't know them by now. voters will make their choice on
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tuesday, may 19th. bailey is unopposed. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. few showers overnight. right now though we're getting a break in philadelphia from the rain and from the heat. we'll see a little bit of a breeze. you see the flag flying above the building in center city is getting a little wave in the wind. the temperatures it's on the warm side. we're at 65 degrees at 4:27. are we feeling the heat on the roads? jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center what's going on out there, jesse. >> we're not bill. good morning, everyone. we're looking live at 202. speeds are up. this is around route 30. southbound/northbound, no problem. we'll see if that holds true in new jersey coming up. a case of road rage gone too far. a scare that teenager in bucks
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county gave to a father and his toddler on interstate 95.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. now breaking news. a deadly barrage of bullets overnight that sent three people to the hospital. "nbc 10" is live on the scene with what police found there and the latest on the investigation. more breaking news in philadelphia. within the past 90 minutes part of a row home collapsed sending neighbors rushing to safety. "nbc 10" is live on the scene working to talk with them. the search for a sexual predator. this morning police are looking for this mini van and a man they say ab duktded a woman on her way to work and sexually assaulted her. spring like changes are


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