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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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it's been evacuated because of reports of a suspicious package at newark airport in new jersey. we'll give you updates as soon as we get them. in philadelphia a neighborhood is still on edge. a woman was sexually assaulted on her way to work. detectives are hoping two visual clues will help them.
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>> reporter: do you see the concrete steps right here? this is where the 22-year-old victim tells police the gunman grabbed her. it's near the intersection of emerald and york. at the local coffee shop we found this crime has gripped this community. >> it's terrible. it's like instilling fear in us. >> reporter: women at this coffee shop tell us they are frightened and alarmed upon hearing a woman was snatched off the streets by an armed man before sunrise. >> i try not to be alone for that reason. it's very upsetting. >> reporter: investigators with special victims believe they have some clues after combing the block. they uncovered videotape of a 1990 dodge or chrysler mini van circling block. she said a man resembling this sketch placed her inside the
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van. she said there was no backseat. >> he drove her to an unknown location forced her to undress point of gun and she was sexually assaulted. investigators say the victim was dropped off ten blocks away at boston and almond street. >> this area is changing. there's a lot of families moving into this area. i feel like it's becoming safer and hearing shotgun like that is just really annoying. it's like a set back. >> reporter: we're going to touch base with detectives on this case and have an update in 30 minutes. live in fishtown nbc 10 news. an overnight shooting in philadelphia left one man dead and two injured. the injured may also be facing charges. police found three victims on the ground after they responded to the sound of gunshots on north 6th street. medics rushed them to the hospital but one was already dead. police aren't sure who the man
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is. they are still trying to identify him. the two survivors are stable and police are treating them as suspects after finding three gun at the scene. we have new information about a row house collapse in the point breeze section of philadelphia. crews are planning to demolish the home by the end of today. the front of the home came crumbling down. neighbors had to evacuate. the city's licenses and inspections department already tagged this home as a danger and put a fence up in front of it in case it collapsed, and it did. the owner says he will have it torn down today. as some of you know it rained in some parts of the area this morning. this id video was taken along kelly drive. our crew says it rained hard for about five minutes and it was done. cloudy and cooler weather this morning as we take a live look from the stadium. temperatures are still above
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normal. we have chance of showers. maybe a good thing the blue rocks are playing on the road today. gle in glenn is here with the forecast. it was cooler but still nice. >> a lot cooler. we had 85 degrees for two days in a row but now we have more clouds. we have an east wind and that temperature is definitely down. we've had some showers on the radar. as you can see there's not much left on the live radar except for this cluster west of burkes county. what we have in if philadelphia area is pretty light. heavier shower as weakened as it's gone into ocean county and this is the area that we're going to be watching coming this during the ampfternoon. this also might be weakening some with the east flow that we have across the area. by 4:00 there's not a lot on the radar. maybe heavier showers in
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southern delaware but that's about it. the big change is the temperature. it's down to 66 degrees in philadelphia. we just had some rain that knocked the temperature down. only 62 in allentown. in the 80s for a couple of days. quite a bit cooler there. there's more sunshine to the south. it's 76 degrees in georgetown delaware. that's a 14 degree difference. we'll see if it will get warmer or cooler by the mother's day weekend. also following yesterday, police released a new video they hope will help them catch a home invasion suspect. officers were called out to oxford circle on april 3rd as the home invasion was in progress. the officers caught one suspect but the second man took off. home surveillance camera captured the images of him. it's hard to tell anything there. if you think you recognize him, call police. police are hoping this surveillance video will help them find a person who stole some things from a work van
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while parked at a drugstore. video shows a red mini van pulling up and you see a guy getting out and looks like he's transferring some items. the mini van was last seen heading west towards ridge avenue. happening now, a former exterminator is on trial for murdering a customer during an argument. the customer was a philadelphia doctor. authorities say jason smith strangled dr. melissa inside her center city home this 2013. she was a 35-year-old pediatrician at children's hospital. he attacked her after she complained about his work choking her to death and starting a fire to try to hide the murder. police got the break in the case and saw calls to an exterminator service. a bill that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes indoors will go to a vote today.
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it will prohibit e-cig smoking or vaping. new jersey has a ban on it. pennsylvania does not. in new castle county local leaders are hosting a public meeting talking about the growing heroin epidemic there. it will be held at 7:00 p.m. residents are invited to learn more about the increase this heroin use in delaware. last year about 3,000 people sought treatment for heroin addiction. that's the highest number in delaware since 1987. in the race for philadelphia mayor now we're less than two weeks away from the primaries. the democratic candidates faced off in their final televised debate last night. they discussed the police department's relationship with citizens and whether they would keep charles ramsey as police commissioner. here is another look at the six candidates in the race. take a look at the screen. voters will make their final choice on tuesday, may 19th. the winner will take on melissa
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murray bailey. she's running unopposed. there's more evidence that a german wings co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane. what he did before a flight he made before the one that crashed. crackdown on the backlog. the announcement happening now to address the scandal involving the department of veterans affairs. warmer weather is going to be making a return for us, and i'm watching for possible tropical storm developing off the coast of florida. those details are just ahead.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's
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right for them. new information about the breaking news we told you about. we have now learned a canine officers, a police dog got a positive hit on a package. the bomb squad is investigateing. there's a ground stop in effect until 11:45. that means that flights that are heading into newark can't come in. we'll see if they determine if that package is anything suspicious. we'll get you new information as soon as it comes in. french aviation authorities released a report on the german wings plane crash.
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the co-pilot set the altitude to 100 feet five different times on another flight the day of the deadly crash. the report also says that the pilot was out of cockpit during those times. basically they're saying this was his practice run for his plan that he carried out before he crashed the flight later that day. the co-pilot is suspected of deliberately crashing the airbus 320 in march killing all the people on board. dramatic video shows hikers in nepal running for safety before a land slide. you'll see the mountain coming down around them. this happened after the earthquake that hit a week and a half ago. more than 7,000 people are dead. the united nations says 8 million people have been impacted. about two weeks before the attack at that cartoon contest in garland, texas, federal authorities warn the event could
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be a possible target. an official who wanted to remain anonymous said on april 20th a joint intelligence bulletin was issued to local law enforcement. that document sited social media postings. counter terrorism experts believe elton simpson and soofi may have been inspired by isis but they don't believe isis has any direct responsibility for it. both gunmen were killed by police sunday after they opened fire outside that event that featured cartoons of the profit muhammad. happening right now, pennsylvania's u.s. senators are joining other lawmakers to announce a bill that they say will cut the backlog of disability claims at v.a. hospitals across the country. a live look. there we see senator bob casey speaking. he and pat toomey are among the group introducing that legislation. this bill came after the investigation that revealed a
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tremendous backlog of benefit claims. the bill is designed to get benefits faster for current and future vets. also happening now, the faa is finally telling us what it's going to do about drones. the head of the federal aviation administration is unveiling two new initiatives on drones and unmanned aircraft. that announcement is being made now in atlanta. the head of the faa says the initiatives will safely integrate drones into some of the nation's busiest air space. a test for spacex spacecraft. it will carry astronauts to safety. there were no humans on board. this was an important step in that company's plan to send astronauts to the international space station in a few years. this summer jet blue will start offering a direct flight between new york and havana. beginning july 3rd flights will
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leave from kennedy airport and land in havana about three and a half hours later. jet blue is the first airline to officer direct lightflights to cuba. ferry service from florida to cuba is one step cloers afterser aftercloser. the cuban government has not commented on the ferry service yet. a french floatia docked in cuba is sailing toward the florida keys. it's made up of 14 recreational boats. it arrived in cuba in early april.
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there were a few showers overnight last night. a few showers this morning. we're tracking some showers right now across parts of the area. it's cooler today. in some places much cooler than it has been. we have a warm weekend across much of the area. it's pretty cloudy in philadelphia and points to the north. 66 degrees with that east wind. 8 degrees colder than this time yesterday. now the rain has helped knock the pollen down but look how it's going to be going up over the next few days. by the weekend it's going to be very high especially on mother's day. very cool up to the north. there's been some showers there and much warmer down to the south. we showed you how warm it was in southern delaware. it's almost 80 degrees.
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look at the jersey shore. 66 in avalon. 68 in louis with that northeast wind. the shore is going to be cooler over the weekend too. there's the clouds north. sunshine to the south. quite a variety conditions across the area. just a couple little light showers left across the region. this is what we're watching coming into burkes county. farther to the south this is getting a lot of attention. there's a lot moisture there and may be some development off the florida coast that could turn into a tropical storm that would be named anna. i'll show you why we need to watch it as well. here's the hour by hour forecast from one of our computer models. it shows not a whole lot of rain here.
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at 4:00 this afternoon a couple of showers around. we obviously need the rain. it's been two straight weeks without any measurable rain officially. and so this isn't really going to help a whole lot. if we don't get the rain today we're going to probably have to wait until next week. this is going to be interesting. here is the wind flow and the precipitation around what would be anna. be very slow to develop but it does look like it may turn into a tropical storm here in the next couple of days. there's the on shore east winds. the rain stays well south of us. all the way through thursday and friday and saturday and the weekend. here's the circulation but it's going to help keep that wind off of the ocean as we go into the weekend. that may keep the temperatures down especially toward the shore. in some places it's going to be pretty warm. you're going to have to get pretty far inland for that to
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happen over the weekend. the clouds especially from philly north ward and cooler today. 68 in lehigh valley. seven-day forecast it's warmer tomorrow as the winds start shifting back into the south. relatively warm friday and over the weekend too but that's all going to depends on how strong those southeast winds are that could keep the temperature down and also bring in some low clouds especially in the morning over the weekend. that's what we're going to be watching. oh sleep. it's something a lot of us don't get enough of. the results of a new eye opening study that shows the link between those sleepless nights and where you hit the sack. calling for calm this baltimore. with a weekend concert. why this super star known for purple is asking concert goers
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to wear gray.
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time for wednesday's child. this week's wednesday's child is a teen with a big heart. we introduce dante. >> reporter: he's a happy and
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affectionate young man. he has playful spirit and loves to smile. he enjoys interacting with others and any fun activity. we met up with him to have fun with arts and crafts. >> he's a 14-year-old young boy. he's very loving. very goofy and playful. he likes to have a good time. >> reporter: he loved trying his hands at painting. he's been diagnosed with pervasive developmental is order. he does well in his special education classes. >> he's very affectionate and he likes hugs and kisses. needs a family that's patient. >> reporter: he's open to all types of families. the ideal family would be able to support his needs and provide him with love and laughter. >> a family would need to be aware it's going to take some time for him to open up to you. you have to be willing to put in the time and be patient with him and allow him to open up to you
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where kneels comfortable. >> reporter: he has a huge heart that he's ready to share with a forever family. >> he's very, very filled with laughter. he loves to laugh and giggle and joke around. any family that loves to have a good time and have a good time he's the perfect fit. he's this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to help make his dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child just go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. how long are you sleeping these days? chances are probably not long enough. one of your bed time habits may be part of the problem. the average american gets nearly seven hours of sleep per night and that's an hour less than the eight recommended. 40% of people report getting less than four hours of restful
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sleep. one possible reason. more than half of those surveyed say they use electronic devices, smart phones tablets in bed and the light can throw off your sleep rhythms. here is how our area ranks. pennsylvania came in 26th in the country will people getting 6.7 hours of sleep. just under a half said they don't think they get enough sleep. 63% use electronic devices in bed. look at this. 63% use those phones and tablets in bed and delaware the sleepiest state ranking 41st averaged 6.6 hours per night. 71% of people use phone, tablets and other gadgets in bed. the philadelphia eagles and verizon wireless made a big donation yesterday to help victims of domestic violence, $20,000. that gift made possible when people donated their old cell phones or shared messages of
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hope on social media. verizon donated $1. it wrapped up yesterday at the new verizon wireless smart store in springfield, delaware county. we continue to follow breaking news out of one of nation's busiest airports. a live look at newark airport. police continue to investigate a suspicious package found inside one of terminals. one of the canine officers detected something that alerted officials. the we'll keep you posted on new information coming out of newark. fighting mad. why fans who paid to watch that big mayweather fight are going to court to try to get their money back.
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we now have new information about this breaking news we're following out of north jersey. investigators say they have not evacuated part of newark liberty airport as we told you earlier. they have clarified their earlier statements but they did find a suspicious package after a police dog got a hit on a package in one of the terminals there. there is a ground stop in place. any flights bound for newark cannot leave now. they have to stay where they are. the only people allowed to enter the terminal are emergency personnel. we're continue to monitor the situation there. abducted on her way to work and sexually assaulted. this morning a philadelphia neighborhood is on high alert as the search continues for a mini
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van and a predator. nbc 10 monique braxton is live in fishtown. this happened a few days ago and police still haven't had any luck finding this guy. >> reporter: he said his detectives will be out in the community again today looking for surveillance video tape. they want a more clear picture of the mini van. he wanted to talk to heempeople heading to work the same time the victim was heading to work when she was grabbed by a gunman. the 22-year-old victim said chef snatched off the street by an armed man. the victim says man resembling this sketch placed her inside
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the mini van and sexually assaulted her. the crime razz shakenhas shaken those in the coffee shop. >> it's very upsetting. if you recognize the person you're urged to call svu as soon as possible. some showers move through parts of the area this morning as we take a live look now at boathouse row. clouds still hanging in there but you can see sunshine breaking there too and a nice breeze blowing the flags on top of the boathouses there.
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glenn is here with the forecast. some of the showers were heavy at times. >> briefly heavy. it didn't affect a whole lot of area that really needed with rain. our chance frss for the rest of the day and rest of the week continue to go down. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the area. northern portions are seeing more clouds. southern portions are seeing more sun. here is the live radar and as you can see there's not a whole lot there. couple little showers except in burkes county and up towards the lehigh valley and poconos. this is mostly light rain now. you don't see any yellows and oranges indicating the heavier rain and not any thunderstorms associated with this. everything is weakened and come down from central pennsylvania over the last few hours. there were thunderstorms in central pa but they have weakened. here is the remnants of that as
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we come into the afternoon. there could be a few little rain drops in parts of the area in the next several hours but by the afternoon rush by dinner time things are drying out again. they're definitely cooler than they have been especially from philadelphia north ward. we're in the 60s. we were 85 degrees the last two days. nowhere near 85 today. that's for sure. it's only 50 in mount pocono right now. it's 76 in georgetown delaware. may actually get near 80 in some parts of south jersey for example. we'll probably cool down a little bit in delaware with the northeast wind coming in off delaware bay. we'll see when we'll warm up again and if there will be more rain and a possible tropical storm developing off the east coast. that's with the seven day in just a few minutes. today a group of italian migrants were rescued after spending 12 days at sea.
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italian border patrol says one of its ships spotted the boat about 200 miles off cicily. for the past two days they had no food and the hull of their boat was filled with water. look at this here. crews are cleaning up today after a rare torn hit parts of northern germany. you can see debris from buildings and trees littering the streets of this town. the storm came on an unusually hot day in germany. one man was killed when hit by parts of a roof ripped off by the wind. a pregnant woman was seriously injured. heavy rain and strong wind caused damage in southern austria this morning. there's reports of flooding and mudslides president mudslides. emergency worker had the use a
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snowplow. one small stream is said to have risen more than 13 feet. authorities say a mama massachusetts man murdered his parents while on vacation. he stabbed his parents and went before a judge. he was picked up on an unrelated probation charge. >> i'm shocked. i am just shocked. i never, ever ever thought. he loved them. >> young's attorney says he sump suffers from mental health problems. neighbors say he was adopted from russia when he was a kid. the governor of maryland is talking about the state of emergency in baltimore. he issued the executive order during the riots that came after the funeral of freddie gray. a live look at his news conference. according to the baltimore sun the governor said he would lift the state of emergency after the
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last national guard troops leave the city. we'll keep you posted on that. baltimore's mayor is asking federal investigators to see if police in the city discriminate or use excessive force. the mayor announced this morning she's requested the department of justice to conduct a federal pattern and practices investigation into the baltimore police department. this comes a little more than a week after protesters riots while demanding answers in the death of freddie gray. he suffered a spinal injury while in custody. the mayor said she knows there's a fractured relationship between police and the community and she wants to fix that. >> i'm willing to do what it takes to reform my department. i have put in place reforms for this department and it's clear that more needs to be done. >> the mayor also said she will authorize her administration to fast track getting body cameras for the police department so that the department will have them by tend of the year. just a few minutes ago a justice department spokesperson
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said the attorney general has received the baltimore mayor's request and is actively considering the option. the option of launching that investigation. yesterday attorney general loretta lynch visited baltimore. she met with city officials, community leaders and the family of freddie gray. the city's top prosecutors said gray's arrest was illegal and six police officers are criminally charged in connection with his death. one of those officers has strong ties to south jersey. edward nero served with the washington township fire department for 12 years. attorney general lynch offered these words of encouragement for police officers in baltimore. >> you have picked one of the best professions out there today. you have picked the one that lets you go out every day and say i'm going to help somebody. despite how people might want to choose to characterize you, hold onto that. >> the justice department and the fbi are also investigating the gray's death for potential
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civil rights violations. prince also wants to help baltimore. he will perform a special rally for peace concert this sunday. it's meant to be a catalyst for reflection following the unrest. he recorded a protest song called baltimore. people attending the concert are being asked to wear the color gray in tribute to freddie gray and others lost to violence. others are raising money for the youngest victims in the earthquake in nepal. it's called look into your heart. it's available on itunes opinion funds raised willed go to the organization called save the children nepal's earthquake appeal. sir elton john is testifying this morning before a u.s. senate committee. he is speaking and answering questions about the progress and setback in the fight against aids. the musician started the elton john aids foundation in 1992.
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he's expected to ask the committee to continue funding hiv and aids prevention and treatment programs. back to that break news we've been following since the top of the hour out of north jersey. investigators have given the all clear at newark liberty international airport. officers were checking a suspicious package after a police dog got a positive hit. they checked out the situation. everything is okay. the all clear has been given at newark liberty airport. some good news for travellers there. police in california are looking at surveillance video, security video hoping to find out who dumped chlorine into a pool filled with sea lions. investigators believe that person was familiar with the pacific marine mammal center. 17 lions were being treated. they had been give an clean bill of health. they were about to be leased the following day but now that they have been poisoned they are being treated for sores on their eyes. new video here shows a
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terrifying moment at park in massachusetts. a playground. look at this. this 35 foot tall tree without warning just topples over. you see several kids on the flay ground. this is in the town of chelsea. look at that. a 2-year-old was taken to the hospital with a possible fractured skull. an 8-year-old was seriously hurt and had to have stitches. >> tree fell on us. i hit my head. >> everybody was shaking and screaming. the kids were crying. >> the park is closed for now until an inspection of the other trees can be done to determine if they are safe. well if you're one of the boxing fans that feel like you were sucker punched saturday night when watching the alleged fight of the century then you'll identify with these people. some pay per view customers are fie filing suit claiming it wasn't fair fight. the lawsuit is levelled against
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manny pacquiao and fight promotors. it claims he concealed a shoulder injury. he did not admit he was injured going into the fight and the injury happened in march. promoters are expected to make over $300 million off of pay per view revenues. how about that at $100s a pop i can see why. time to talk turkey. it's hard to think of thanksgiving dinner this time of year but experts say we could all be dealing with turkey shortages in a few months. we'll explain why. we have some changes in the weather coming over the next few days. cooler today but then the warmer air comes in. plus a tropical development possibly right off the east coast. all that's coming up in the forecast, next.
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experts are warning there could be a shortage of turkeys. that's because of the the outbreak of bird flu. it's led to the death or youth anization of more than 2 is million birds. they may not have enough time to raise enough turkeys to meet the holiday demand. along with a possible shortage that means turkey prices could go up. get the tofurkey ready. a self-driving tractor
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trailer rolling across nevada. a human does have to sit behind the wheel just in case there's an emergency. experts hope trucks like this one will reduce the number of accidents because they say 90% of truck crashes are caused by human truck error. there's a reason that we're standing in the studio now as we read this next story. research shows that sitting for long periods of time day after day while we sit here in the news room for three hours at a time can lead to worse health and a shorter life. a new study out just this week says a small change in your habits can make a difference. just getting out of your chair for a two-minute and getting up and moving around. the american diabetes association is getting behind the message. today is national get fit don't sit. we got that right. the mission is for companies to
11:47 am
encourage their employees to engage in fun. get them out of chairs and moving around. thanks for coming up. jennifer is next to her. she's the director of wellness and community partnerships for the ada. thanks for being here. we got through the introductions. we heard for years that being sedentary is bad for your health. why is the american diabetes association behind this move to get fit, don't sit? >> we're glad you're standing and delivering right now. that's the idea to help get people out moving because we know that healthy lifestyles, the core of that is being physically active, is the best way to prevent diabetes which is in epic proportions across the country and in this region we need to provide our employers and our communities with tools on how to manage diabetes and hopefully prevent it with healthy living. moving around is something that
11:48 am
we are really believe is part of our best practices and standards of care. moving every 90 minutes is what we recommend. >> i saw the stat today that said 86% of americans sitz at work. how do you do that? how do you make sure you're getting up and moving around? what are you telling companies to do? >> a typical employee might spend six hours a day sitting which if you think about the grand scheme of the day, that's a lot of time with prolonged sitting. we really are encouraging people to get up every 90 minutes. walk to the water cooler. refill several times. take the stairs between floors to different meetings. go visit a colleague at their office instead of sending an e-mail. there's a lot of different ways that you could think of that don't cost anything. it's free to help get moving. you have
11:49 am
. >> ufyou have to to make that effort and be conscious. >> we are a region that has 16% of the population with diabetes. things such as get fit don't sit can really help make an impact because prolonged sitting can cause a 91% increase risk this getting diabetes. we're really interested -- >> just being sedentary and obesity which occurs from a sedentary life tile. it's very important. we hope a lot of people out there with take the initiative and get fit, don't sit. find a time to get up and take that break every 90 minutes. if you want to learn more go to or check out the nbc 10 app. thank you for standing here and giving me chance to get up out the chair.
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we're standing while doing the weather as well. we had a few showers around late last night into this morning. we really need more rain than that. so far it hasn't rained officially in philadelphia international. we're tracking more showers around right now. cooler weather today especially in certain parts of the area. the warm weekend for most of us not right at the beaches. we have cloudy skies across good bit of area now. 66 degrees. the wind is out of east. that's one of the reasons for the cloudy skies and being cooler than yesterday. it's way cooler to the north. 62 degrees in allentown. that's about 15 degrees colder than this time yesterday. 66 in philadelphia. 68 in mount holly. some milder 71 in atlantic city. 72 in dover. 76 in georgetown delaware. quite a contrast from north to south across the region. now we have the northeast wind
11:51 am
that is come across the entire area. delaware will cool off a little bit and it's cool at the beaches because of the wind direction. the wind direction is critical. you can see how many more clouds are in the northern areas than in delaware and extreme south jersey. that's helping with the temperature difference. not much in the way of showers around the philadelphia area but north and west we're seeing some. most of it is on the lighter side. look at this. we hardly have a sprinkle in philadelphia area. down to the south we have a lot of moisture off the southeast coast. may be some kind of development off of the florida coast that could turn into a tropical storm. the hurricane center says there's a 60% of a development in the next couple of days. now we don't expect this to come
11:52 am
straight up at us. here are the computer models showing what to expect over the next several days. very slow movement in the general direction of south carolina. that's really going to mess their weather up. what it may do for us is to increase the wind coming in off the ocean over the weekend to help keep the temperatures down a bit from where they would be if the wind direction was a bit different. mostly cloudy and cooler with a few showers. huge temperature contrast if north to south. 68 to 78 today. just about everybody warms up with more sunshine. temperature goes up even more on friday. over the weekend we're watching the wind direction to see if that may cool things off a little bit. the farther away you are from the ocean the warmer it will be. the closer you are, the cooler it will be over the weekend. right now it's looking generally on the dry side and the best chance of showers comes in early next week.
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we'll be right back.
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doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? prince william and the duchess left kensington palace.
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princess charlotte was born four days ago. prince william is on paternity leave from his new job as an air ambulance pilot. the royal couple took their new daughter home hours after she was born. the royal baby is fourth in line to the british throne. this afternoon ellen has oscar winning actress diane keeton. a local first responders rushes to the aid of a horse trapped in mud. we see the hours long effort to free the animal. that's this afternoon at 4:00. mud out there today because we had showers move through. >> just a few showers. not enough to break our dry spell here but the temperatures cooler today. it's going to start warming up over the next couple of days and we're watching that possible tropical storm developing off of florida. >> you were saying that could bring cooler temperatures.
11:57 am
we can rest assured. thanks for watching. we'll see you at 4:00 p.m.
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪
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i do have a meeting for another job possibility, and it's local. really? yeah. is it good? will your mother be green with envy? she might. she might. i don't want to jinx it though. i don't want to talk about it too much. - okay. - hungry? starving. let's go. get your stuff. oh, hey. kiss for luck first. - mmm. - mmm. [both laugh] next time, you may want to do that with the door shut. justin, you're back. i had no idea you were coming home. that much is obvious. i came by to have a few words with lucas but you may as well stick around. [suspenseful music] (tori) you're doing that instead of enjoying the view?


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