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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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-- >> we wanted to let people know people want to back you have a little bit and look at the big picture. >> he is charged with the sniper slaying of corporal dixon and the wounding of alex douglas last september that triggered a 7-week man hunt. >> i don't dwell on eric frein. because all it does is cause anger and resentment. he says moving the trial is pointless. >> you sit there and assassinated our son and almost killed another officer you don't think that the whole world pretty much knows what you've done? >> and when they met with governor tom wolf monday. >> he said that ain't going to happen. he said well then you understand, i had to ask because i'm his mother. >> to quell the hurt of the last
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eight months they think of a teenage brian fathering a giant beetle. >> it got ahold of his finger started drawing blood. dad, get it off! >> that moment and his son will always be there. >> i always tell him, dad loves you. >> in wyoming county. >> i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> darla dixon isn't alone in wanting governor wolf to lift the death penalty moratorium in the case. the governor is flat out violating state law, says one state representative. >> there's no room for flexibility in this case. the governor needs to execute the death warrant when it comes to his desk if the jury finds that to be the case. >> eric frein is expected to appear in court next month.
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a trial date has not yet been set. also this evening, the rush to save two children hit by a van in philadelphia. witnesses say the boy's own mother had to perform cpr on her 2-year-old son to keep him alive. >> the van also hit the boy's 4-year-old brother as they were crossing north broad street in the logan section of the city. nbc 10's drew smith joins us live at st. christopher's hospital for children. >> what's the latest on the boy's conditions? >> well, they are working on those brothers. the 2-year-old brought here to the hospital in critical condition after a work van hit him and caused a cut on his head. the 4-year-old broke his leg. here's a look at the crash scene on broad street near wyoming avenue. the driver of the van pulled over right there and officers roped the area off. here's what police tell us. a mother was walking with three children and began to cross broad street in the middle of the block. the lights and crosswalks were further down the street. the two boys then ran out ahead, and that's when the van ran into them. witnesses told us the family lived about two blocks away and
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they walked in the area often. >> you can think you're crossing in a car the block down. you look around again, the car's on top of you. >> i always go to the light because of the way the traffic is. i'm like scared to take that chance. >> reporter: police are still investigating, but they have no plans to charge anyone right now. we did see the driver at the crash scene. he did not want to comment. live at st. christopher's hospital in philadelphia, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. now to montgomery county where neighbors saw a sight. a geyser in the middle of this road sent water at least 20 feet into the air. now homeowners have quite a mess outside their front doors. deanna durante with the latest on this story. how did this all start. >> reporter: well, aqua says it was an aging pipe and it just burst. that cleanup has been going on since about 2:00 this afternoon. you can take a look behind me and you can see the road here still closed on the 500 block of
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ashborn road. and aqua p.a. announced the estimated repair time to have water service back on is now 8:00 tonight. >> i just saw a burst. >> you were here before. >> well i was looking out the window and all of a sudden i just saw a burst. >> for almost two hours, residents watched in amazement. >> this is unbelievable. i've never seen anything like this in person. >> around 1:00 this afternoon, sheltonham township says the pipe blew. it is a cedar pipe delivering water to about three dozen homes. >> we all have kids and, you know -- >> need water. >> i hope we have water. >> reporter: for school buses and drivers of all kinds, it's still closed off. parents need to figure out where alternate bus stops need to be. and the cleanup will take place after the pipe is replaced. and estimates are, that won't be until very early in the morning. >> nothing hit me.
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yeah, this is really crazy. i would never imagined in a million years. >> now, again, just in the last few minutes, we've learned that estimated repair time has been moved up to 8:00 originally we were told 1:00 this morning. so good news for people who work here. and aqua also says the process is underway to backfill the hole that was left. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, deanna. a jury will hear more evidence tomorrow in the case of a bucks county exterminator accused of killing a talented young doctor. jason smith on trial for the murder of dr. melissa ketunuty. in court today, smith's attorney asked the judge to throw out the confession saying it was coerced. the judge refused. the judge also allowed the prosecution to show graphic photos of the crime. prosecutors say smith killed her in a fit of rage after she insulted his work.
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a living flame to honor the memory of fallen philadelphia police officers and firefighters. mayor nutter and the city's police and fire commissioners gathered for this memorial service in franklin square today. family members of the fallen laid wreaths and flowers at the memorial. sergeant robert wilson iii's name was added to the monument this year. sergeant wilson shot and killed during an attempted robbery back in march. also firefighter joyce craig was added to the memorial. craig died battling a house fire in west oak lane in december. mayor nutter says we shouldn't have to wait for a tragedy to recognize our men and women in uniform. >> you see one of our members in uniform. if you know someone is a police officer, a firefighter, a member of the military, walk right up to them and say thank you, for your service. >> may is the official month to recognize fallen members of law enforcement. during today's ceremony the mayor also defended his police
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commissioner. that's after a candidate for mayor said he would replace commissioner charles ramsey if elected. during last night's mayoral debate, he said it's time for ramsey to go. now this this is a change of positions. he said he would keep ramsey. here's how he explains his change of heart. >> it's countless numbers of mothers and young men i met across philadelphia who say we appreciate the initiative of stop and frisk which i started well before this campaign. it's said to me if you don't replace the person who is greatest dependent, it doesn't mean anything to us. >> during both debates milton street also said he would get rid of ramsey. today, mayor nutter defended the commissioner. saying hiring him was one of the proudest moments. he also said homicides and violent crimes are at the lowest levels in decades. republican lawmakers have a plan to fix pennsylvania's ailing pension system. get rid of it. the "associated press" obtained
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a copy of the gop legislation. called for ending for new workers and replacing it with a 401(k) style plan. current workers would be asked to contribute more. pennsylvania's public pension system covers about 370,000 employees, including teachers police troopers and judges. it's estimated to be about $50 billion in debt. state democrats responded to the proposal saying it punishes workers for the failings of public officials. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 philadelphia announcing its plan to crack down on vacant businesses. but what about the thousands of vacant homes that are still threatening neighborhood safety? the nbc 10 investigators track down answers. plus a medical marvel. this man left a philadelphia hospital today without a heart. what's keeping him alive. and how he plans to celebrate his release. well cooler today, but the mercury's going to start rising again. i'll tell you how warm it's going to get and i'm looking ahead to mother's day weekend
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next at 6:00.
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look at this. the front of a home collapses to the ground. tonight it's raising new questions about the safety of
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vacant properties in philadelphia. this collapse happened early this morning in the point breeze section. the licenses and inspections department has tagged this as dangerous. harry hairston and the investigators have been investigating the problems for months. >> that's right. he joins us now live from point breeze. and harry, today, officials announced their plans for vacant commercial buildings, but not homes? >> that's right. that's an interesting point. they're cracking down on vacant commercial buildings as you say. but listen, there are dozens if not hundreds of neighborhoods in philadelphia that are tempered with homes, vacant homes that are dangerous, that could fall just like that. that's why we have been pushing hard to get more answers about what will the city do to keep you safe? >> philadelphia launches the new crackdown on commercial vacant properties today. going forward, firefighters and inspectors with the department of licenses and inspections will
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jointly inspect structures with 15,000 square feet or more. threatening the safety and the safety of their children. >> vast majority of the properties for residential, why not more of a focus on those? >> licenses and inspections commissioner acknowledges the new safety effort does not call for firefighters to inspect residential vacant property. >> why not have firefighters also work hand in hand to inspect residential properties that could be just as dangerous. >> well residential properties are just as dangerous, we have our own inspectors that inspect residential properties. >> city records obtained be i the nbc 10 investigators showed philadelphia has 25,000 vacant properties. as we first told you, hundreds are unsafe or imminently dangerous. earlier this year several of those partially or fully collapse with without warning. >> we're still staying aggressive. >> but he admits he does have a resource issue. >> certainly trying to identify the worst of the worst so we can get to them before they actually
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collapse. unfortunately, sometimes they do. >> now, the department of licenses and inspections tell me they are hiring 32 new inspectors. they believe that will help them get ahead of the problem. of course, we will follow their progress and let you know what's happening. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> another story harry's been following, new developments from the chaos in caln. preparing for the state takeover of finances. the community and economic development secretary determined that it is financially distressed. the state will appoint a recovery plan coordinator to develop and propose a plan to the borough, borough mayor and the state. troubles came to a head in recent weeks with a $1 million budget shortfall. the council also fired the manager. the hospital of the university of pennsylvania is celebrating a first tonight. >> it's providing a south jersey man with a new lease on life.
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michael laws was discharged today. he is the first penn patient to leave the hospital without a human heart. the 65-year-old has an artificial heart. it allows him to stay at home in mt. holly while he waits for a transplant. and he already has big plans. >> i want to get back to drumming at church playing with two other jazz groups. and flying with a remote control airplanes. some activity in the outside. >> laws has been at the hospital since early march. and as you hear he has big plans. how terrific. >> and great to see that smile on his face. amazing technology. all right. to the weather now. and weather technology showing we dodged the showers today, glenn. >> yeah but we needed them. >> yeah. >> officially, we got a trace of rain in philadelphia. so it doesn't count. this makes it 14 straight days without any measurable rain in philadelphia. some other places have some.
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it was cooler today in most of the region but the 80s are coming back. if not tomorrow then on friday. we'll have that mother's day forecast update for you. and possible tropical storm developing in the next couple of days. and very close to the east coast of the united states. we're pretty cloudy. we've been fairly cloudy much of the day. still 70 degrees and a little bit of light rain reported at the airport now. wind east at 13 miles an hour it's 13 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. remember, we hit 85 degrees. two days in a row. now, the one thing that the rain has helped and the east wind knocking the pollen down a little bit. look how it's going to go up. every day for the next four. so over the weekend. it's going to be rough for the allergy sufferers. temperatures 60s to mid-70s. 75 in wilmington. close to 80 in southern while that 67 in allentown, about as warm as it's gotten all day. only 64 degrees in trenton.
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and at the shore, even colder. 57 in lewis, delaware. 60 in avalon and beach haven it's going to be chilly at the shore again tomorrow and over the weekend, too. because of the wind direction. it's all about the wind direction at the shore. here are those showers coming through, they're pretty light, and some cases you don't even need umbrellas with it. and montgomery county getting it, part of philadelphia and northeast philly getting, bucks county. farther to the south, really getting a lot of rain out in the ocean. but you see the swirl. it's starting to get organized. very large system takes a little longer to get its act together. and it could form into tropical storm ana. hurricane season doesn't start officially, until june 1st. but if the conditions are right, it could form at any time. and the warm gulf stream waters come right up over this area. so the ocean is warm enough to support a tropical system. and the computer models suggest that it does strengthen make a
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bit of a left turn going into south carolina, but some of that moisture could be sneaking up the coast here next week. here's the future cast showing the rain and the wind pattern. this is an important reason to show you both. first of all, that the rain stays well south of us. there's thursday and friday and into saturday. we're not getting rain directly from this. but you see the circulation around this? very large. so even though the rain stays down south, the east winds are there. and with the cold water temperature of 54 degrees, that's the cooler onshore wind. and so the closer you are to the coast, the colder it's going to be on saturday and sunday. it's not going to be a warm mother's day at the shore. it'll be a warm mother's day in redding and allentown farther away from the shore, there'll be a big temperature difference across the area this weekend. for the rest of the night, just a chance of early showers,
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generally on the light side. 56 in philadelphia 48 north and west. during the day tomorrow mix of sun and clouds. warmer than today in most of the area, and couple spots could touch 80. but generally toward the north and west. again, away from the ocean. and similar story if we go later in the week into the weekend. temperature goes up the warmest weather is to the north and west generally. 84 on friday it's dry, saturday and sunday we could start to see some clouds coming up from the remnants of that tropical system. maybe not enough to produce rain. but some clouds and, again, cooler at the shore, and the warm weather continues into next week, the showers and storms on tuesday before it finally cools down. >> thank you, hurricane. i'm john clark, mccoy takes another shot at chip kelly intimating a serious allegation and the deflategate report is out. who could be punished? that's next.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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hey, i'm john clark, the eagles all-time leading rusher mccoy can't help himself. he said he wouldn't talk about the birds anymore, but now in buffalo with the bills, he's making some strong statements about chip kelly again to espn the magazine. he says quote, you see how fast he got rid of all of the good players, especially all the good black players. he got rid of them the fastest. that's the truth. there's a reason. he says his relationship with chip was never good. and this topic also came up in march when former assistant coach trey thomas said some players felt there was, quote, a hint of racism unquote, with
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chip. here's kelly responding to that claim in march. >> i don't look at the color of any player, i look at whether they fit on the team. in 2015 i don't think that's something that's ever been on my mind. >> the eagles did not react to shady's comments today. now the majority of players chip has brought in this season they are black. on to other news the nfl is deciding whether to punish tom brady and two patriots employees from deflate gate. the report is out today and concludes a patriots' locker room attendant and an equipment assistant deliberately released air out of pats footballs in the afc championship game. also concludes it's more probable than not tom brady was at least generally aware of what the employees were doing. here is tom when the allegations first came out right before the super bowl. >> i have no knowledge of any wrong doing of any -- >> nobody did anything -- >> yeah i'm very comfortable saying that. i'm very comfortable saying
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nobody did it as far as i know. i don't know everything. i also understand that i, you know, was in the locker room preparing for a game. i don't know what happened over the course of the process with the footballs. >> on to the phillies. utley sits again for the phils. he's going to have three days off for what manager ryan sandberg calls a mental break. should be back friday night. all right. last night in the loss atlanta brave peterson rips a foul ball hits a m wo inwoman in the head. it's unbelievable. but they've got the perfect remedy. somebody offers her a cold coors light. and i could tell you, that helps. that is sports. jim, back to you. >> that was some welt. all right, john. thank you. all new at 11:00. saved by firefighters. the rescue they pulled off from
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the bottom of a well. that story tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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donte is a 14-year-old young boy he's very happy and loving very affectionate, very goofy and playful. >> all right, donte, look up at me. >> this week's wednesday's child. >> call 1-866-do-adopt or visit and search wednesday's child for information on how to begin your adoption journey.
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all right, once again, we're looking at oklahoma, there has been confirmed tornado with this storm, and it is moving closer to parts of oklahoma city. especially the southern part, you might recognize the city named moore. it's been hit by ef-5s twice in the last 15 years. some of the worst ever. this one does not appear to be in that kind of category but they have evacuated the will rogers airport as part of the oklahoma city area because they have had reports of damage from this storm. >> so ominous. >> massive, too. >> yeah very very large one. it's hidden in the rain. it's hard to see. >> what about us? >> well, we're going to be seeing warmer weather 78
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tomorrow generally dry all the way through the weekend. >> thank you, glenn, for all of us here thanks for watching. >> see you at 11:00. on this wednesday night, letting the air out. the long-awaited eded deflategate is out including on tom brady over those underinflated footballs did they cheat? bob costas joins us tonight. take cover. millions with watches and warnings throughout the night. and it's just getting started. alone in the cockpit. chilling revelations that the pilot who deliberately crashed the passenger plane may have been on the flight before. and sibling rivalry. prince george is the most famous toddler in the world, but how will he share the spotlight with his little sister? "nig


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