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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  May 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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less than 2 miles in wilmington and mount holly down to a quarter of a mile. right now at 54 in horsham. 52 in pottstown 54 in blue bell. closer to the shore at 54. 55 in dover. do have a weather alert for air quality. this will be unhealthy for sensitive groups children those that suffer from asthma or lung disease. as we head into the next eight hours our temperatures will warm up nicely especially as you head out for lunch. closer to 80 degrees. by 10:00 all 71. by 1:00 80 degrees. 82 to 85 mostly sunny. that will set us up for a nice weekend. we'll have that coming up in a bit. for now check in with "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. good morning. >> thank you, brittney.
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ongoing construction on the vine street expressway around 24th street. lane restrictions there. construction on the westbound side for the predominant part of the week. eastbound is where they're doing it today. drive times under 5 minutes. no problems for 95 the schuylkill or the blue route no matter where you're headed. if you're out taking mass transit today, no problems for septa, new jersey transit or the patco speed lines. it is 5:01. following several breaking news stories for you this morning. we'll start in west philadelphia where a teenager who jumped out of a moving police van in handcuffs turned himself in overnight. he escaped while he was brought back to the area to face robbery and burglary charges. his lawyer says his client
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should be commented for turning himself in. we'll tell you why in a live report at 5:30. also breaking police are investigating a homicide in darby borough delaware county. live on the scene on main street where a man was shot and killed in an apartment building around 3:45 this morning. neighbors were forced outside as a precaution. they were placed in a accept at that trolley. in the past 15 minutes they've been allowed back in and police are still looking for the shooter. more breaking news. this in burlington county where a fast-moving fire is still moving through shamong township. some homes were evacuated, too, what's happening now? >> reporter: fortunately, people evacuated from homes and businesses have since been let back in. the last word we got is 50% contained. that's good news. burning not far from the
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ranger's station. let's go to our video. video from the air showing you the fire that has burned over 1 square mile here. the fire started yesterday afternoon. crews say they are getting it under control. it destroyed brush and trees so there's not fuel to aid the growing fire which crews tell us they believe were set by people in the forest. >> where it started, we had a good person as our fire towers were picking up the 1340ek we had 911 calls from hikers in the area. >> reporter: that incident commander tells us they have a good handle on the investigation. when we asked him when he thought he would have the fire fully contained, he said later this morning. katy zachry "nbc 10 news."
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as that firefight continues there, you can count on us to send breaking news alerts to your smartphone or tablet through the "nbc 10" app. you can check the app for more videos and pictures of the flames. today jury deliberations will resume in the federal corruption trial of six former philadelphia officers. yesterday the jury was given instructions. they're accused of stealing 400,000 from suspected drug tealers, beating them carrying out illegal searches. dozens of drug convictions have been tossed after the justice department indicted them. happening in burlington county a judge will sentence a former pemberton township police officer for endangering an 11-year-old girl. jason kreig pleaded guilty back in february. he initially faced a child sex assault charge. he has to give up his career in law enforcement. this is the man
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investigators say killed his girlfriend in a dorm room in millersville university. today 19-year-old greg orrostieta will be arraigned. he beat and strangled karly hall in her dorm room in february. reports show that he called 911 and was giving her cpr when the medics got there but prosecutors say hall had been dead for hours. >> the philadelphia teenager is now charged in a hit and run crash that critically injured a temp testimony temple university student. ra shan roberts drove away after hitting 22-year-old rachel hall. roberts said he pan fished after the crash and left the scene. if he stayed he likely wouldn't have been charged since it was hall on her bicycle who ran a stop sign. she's still in the hospital with serious head injuries.
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she would have attended the graduation today but instead her mother went to accept it on her behalf. her mom said the graduation items will give her hope as she regains could bensciousness. dine and dash. a woman accused of being a restaurant thief is facing charges in philadelphia. police arrested janine thomas. we are told she ordered drinks and a full meal. she said she was going outside for a cigarette and took off. bartenders and waiters put out a warning about thomas on social media. she's been arrested eight times in the last three months. >> i think she's extremely opportunistic. i think we live in an age where people can conscience as much as they want. >> thomas's attorney ordered an
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mental health screening. police say he tried to meet a teenage boy for sex. alloo traveled to meet a 15-year-old boy he had met on line. the teen doesn't exist. it was an undercover officer posing posing as a teen. police arrested alloo on attempted sexual assault and luring. police are looking for a girl who stabbed a 12-year-old boy in the back at frank further. the boy is in stable condition. >> from our delaware office gabriel giffords talked about how a proposed law in delaware that will take away guns from people who have restraining orders "nbc 10" spoke to a woman spoke to a woman who fears
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for her life because her husband has pointed a gun at her. >> when they give you a relief from abuse order, they don't give you a bullet proof vest. that doesn't happen. >> gabby giffords testified from a wheelchair because she was hurt from training for a bike ride. we acted honestly directly swiftly and then allowed our conduct to be examined by three different independent investigations and it backed up what we did. >> the governor says he made hiring mistakes as governor but he showed leadership in response to that crisis. two people with ties to the governor were indicted. christie will remain in newspaper today for a town hall event. forecasters say another round of powerful tornadoes could develop in the southern
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part of the great plains today and tomorrow. that area is already cleaning up. the worst of the tornadoes hit the oklahoma city area. one woman died when her storm shelter flooded. here we are dealing with warmer temperatures than we usually see this time of year. we're keeping our eyes brittany, on another storm? >> yes, subtropical ana. i'll let you know how it's going to affect our weather. you can see the storm is really slow. winds 45 miles per hour. moving north northwest 2 miles per hour. barely moving. we have tropical storm watches issued for most of the beaches in south carolina. as we head into the next few hours and the weekend, i'll show you what's happening. as we head into sunday, that's when you'll see the system
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making landful. it will move quickly as it gets away from the warmer waters. by the time it gets here to philadelphia we'll see wind speeds closer to 35 miles per hour. it will turn into a remnant low. a few isolated thunderstorms. it will increase our moisture as we head into saturday and sunday. it will feel a little bit muggy as you head into mother's day. visibility down to 1/4 mile for mount holly down to 1/4 mile in atlantic city. it's gone down a mile for wilmington down to 1/4 mile visibility for dover. you want to be very careful driving throughout the shore. we have the fog advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. a mild time in horsham. 57 in wilmington, 50s in mount holly. 53 in oxford. right along the shore, 54 in abilon. a dense fog advisory will stay
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in effect until 8:00 a.m. all the areas highlighted in lighter gray dealing with dense fog. it will start to burn off as soon as we get the sun up. we will see a lot of sunshine. temperatures ranging between 82 and 85. seven day forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> 11 minutes after 5:00. check your morning drive now. see if there are any problems popping up on the roads. >> jessica boyington is watching that. jessica? >> moving through the work zone on 95 on cottman avenue. the southbound lanes is typically where you see jams. still only 12 minutes from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. new jersey, no problems especially if you're heading towards the walt whitman bridge. if you're headed northbound and southbound, no problems. the rest of the area bridges, no
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problems for the betsy or the tac-pal. 12 minutes past 5:00. it is the largest collegiate crew competition today. it starts along the banks of the schuylkill river. matt delucia is live with the rowers. matt? >> reporter: tracy, this is regarded as the mecca of rowing right here in the city of philadelphia right here along the skuklechuylkill river. it's quiet now. in a few hours it will be packed. we'll be back after this. keeping tabs on this breaking news story. a fire burning up acres, so far 700 acres have been reduced to ash. we'll tell you what firefighters are doing to try to get the upper hand.
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5:15 following breaks news into the newsroom from nigeria where suspected extremists are attacking the school. boko haram is suspected on an attack in the northeast part of the country. no information about casualties. witnesses say a gunman detonated a bomb at a student dormitory. now back here at home in burlington county firefighters are battling heavy flames spreading through wharton state
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forest. fire started yesterday. more than 700 acres have burned. crews are in the air and on the groundworking to contain that fire. more breaking news in philadelphia. that teenager who escaped from police custody has now turned himself in. there he is right there. "nbc 10" was there as hasheem singletary surrendered around midnight. monique braxton will have a live report coming up. remember the man who landed the gyro copter? douglas hughes could get up to 4 years in prison if convicted. also today, congress will begin deciding if the nsa surveillance program that was ruled illegal is worth saving. yesterday a federal appeals court said the recording of
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every phone call we make is unlawful because congress didn't approve it. senators have to decide by the end of june whether to save the data gathering program and they are split on the issue. happening today, all sides in the deal to turn show boat casino into a satellite campus will meet today. they'll meet with officials from caesar's and trump entertainment. stockton bought the casino. stockton agreed to sell the casino to straub but has 90 days to back out of that. it happens this time every spring on the schuylkill. today is the start of the dad vail regatta. "nbc 10's" matt delucia has that. this is a big philly event that people look forward to every
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year. >> reporter: that is right, chris. this is the 77th year for the dad vail regatta. right now it's all quiet but in a few hours we'll see this turn into a rower's paradise. @leads are coming from all over the united states and canada. this is a weekend they prepare for all year long with more than 175 races over the next two days. >> remember, philadelphia's the mecca of rowing. boat house row for years, we've sent boats to the olympics in every conceivable re get at that every conceivable class. there's so much of a storied past. we're so steeped in tradition. >> you might remember last year we had some stormy weather out here, but not so this time. the forecast according to brittney shipp, looks pretty good for the rowers. >> a good thing to keep in mind a large stretch kelly drive is
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shut town for today and tomorrow because of the dad vail regatta. detours are already in effect. now we're live along the schuylkill river. i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> let's talk more about the detours getting you around the dad vail. >> "nbc 10's" jessica boyington has that. >> just a touch on that. large portion of kelly drive will be closed between today and tomorrow. between strawberry mansion drive and fountain green drive. if you want to take the schuylkill, you can, but we know how that jams up. to get around it take one of those three roads. heading out to look at more construction. the ben franklin bridge westbound blocking out the right hand lane heading into sfild. not a lot of volume on the bridges. egypt road eastbound up towards the schuylkill expressway, no
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problems. not a lot of volume in the area if you're headed westbound as well. taking a look at the rest of the drive times, no problems there. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we push into the weekend we are going to see warm conditions. going to start today. going to continue right into saturday, sunday even into next week. that's when we have a warm mother's day. i'm also tracking subtropical storm ana with the latest details. for philadelphia right now, 56 degrees. patchy fog is the main concern for philadelphia and dense fog as you're closer to south jersey or right along the shore. temperature wise it is a fairly mild start to the morning. 50s in the poconos. 55 in trenton. 52 in mount holly. 54 degrees in dover.
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foggy start for us if you take a look at pottstown. seeing clear conditions. for philadelphia visibility has decreased to three miles. down to a quarter of a mile in millville. cape may set being up toms river. dense fog advisory for these areas here will stay in effect at least until 8:00 a.m. we also have poor air quality for all the areas highlighted in the darker gray. it will be at unhealthy levels for sensitive group. children elderly, separate from asthma and lung disease. try to limit your outdoor activities if you find yourself in one of those groups. subtropical ana is brewing off the south carolina coast. seeing sustained wind speeds. barely moving north northwest at 2 miles per hour. it won't be until the early
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morning hours. tuesday the wind speed drops to 35 miles an hour making it a remnant low and the week end is safe nice and dry and warm with the high 82. more breaking news now. this out of north philadelphia. just getting this information in on a house fire. we know one person was hurt. this is happening in the tyoga neighborhood. the fire spread to some homes. right now it's unclear. matt delucia is heading to the scene. we'll have a live report. clean with the exception of force by a local officer. this video shows us why. it's a video that we were asking forever since we were told about the dover officer who was charged in the arrest. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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"nbc 10" breaking news. >> "nbc 10" is there as the teen who escaped custody turns himself in.
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we're more on the surrender and the ties for a judge facing jail time. >> hundreds of acres have burned and dozens of people evacuated because of this forest fire. we're taking you live as crews battle to get that fire under control. waking up to a warm morning. "nbc 10" weather is tracking fog. i'm tracy davidson. >> you can see the haziness on the traffic cam. let's begin with meteorologist is the term i should use brittney shipp and her first alert forecast. >> i studied meterology. it's the same thing. patchy fog. it's not as bad in philadelphia as it is closer to south jersey and down the shore. that's where we have the dense fog advisory. let's get you a closer look at the decreased visibility. down to a mile and a half. 10 to 20 minutes it's


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