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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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upper hand now on that brush fire in south jersey. yesterday on nbc 10 news at 4:00 we brought you live images of the brush fire at wharton state forest as it was burning out of control. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long has been talking to firefighters on the front line. >> even though they're making progress, the threat is still not over? >> reporter: jim and renee, that's right. remember, just because the fire is contained in a certain boundary, doesn't mean it is controlled. so there are still fires burning deep in the woods here in morton state forest. you can see the smoke has dissipated dramatically but the incident commander tells me the fire will burn for several more days until this hot and dry forecast changes dramatically. >> won't be cleared out until it rains. >> the intense flames that scorched some 700 acres thursday and overnight over a full square mile of the forest for the most
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part are a done deal. but the hard work is not over. today, crews with the forestry service were scouting out the smallest of flames still going strong. >> it's on fire still. some of the logs are still burning. >> looked like a funnel cloud. >> for rose marie ellison, her son and granddaughter who are shoving off on a kayak, they thought the massive brush fire might ruin their mother's day weekend camping tradition. >> i didn't unpack the car right away. because i figured if i had to get out i didn't want to have to load up again. >> and now, there's a partial burning ban in effect campers showed us these warning fires. they are only allowed to use charcoal on an elevated grill. >> we purposely didn't build a fire because the wind was high, it's dry. and you kind of know even though they didn't tell us that it was you know not safe. so, no, we didn't build a fire. >> now, as far as the cause, we know that this fire in the
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wharton state forest is not believed to be connected to a series of arson fires set in burlington county on monday. we do know from investigators that someone started it, but it's yet to be determined. if it was by accident or on purpose. live, nbc 10 news. >> questions continuing today about a police dash cam video that we showed you yesterday here on nbc 10 news at 4:00. of a dover police corporal kicking a suspect in the head. >> police released that video nearly two years after the incident and after the officer was criminally charged just recently. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is back in dover today for us. >> tim, you've been asking law enforcement both present and past why has it taken so long for charges in this case? >> i'm doing my best to get those answers. you know it happened right here outside this gas station back in 2013. used to be a hess station back then. you're right. today i spent all my time trying to find out how in light of that
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video, the corporal wasn't held accountable earlier than this week. by now, you've probably seen it the 2013 video of thomas webster stopping with keith dickerson during a crime investigation. you probably also saw this. corporal webster kicking him in the face and knocking him unconscious even after he complied with an order to get on the ground. nobody answered the door the a his home today. he's suspended without pay after being indicted earlier this week. late today, the u.s. attorney's office in wilmington would only tell me they did a preliminary review of the case. and while they did see the video, they for some reason did not do a formal investigation. the u.s. department of justice is now trying to figure out why that was. and dover police prepped for possible protest. an earlier grand jurory chose not
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to indict him. only indictments are made public including the one here in my hand that was released this monday against officer webster. it is possible, in theory, that the first grand jury never saw the video at all. we're trying to get that answer. but, again, it's all done in secret. so nobody's, in theory supposed to leak what happens. we're live in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. wilmington police could soon be wearing body cameras. the mayor today signed an executive order to immediately study how they can be used in wilmington. the cameras raised the level of transparency between officers and the communities they serve. and this comes after the federal government announced it's giving $20 million to police departments nationwide for those body cameras. federal jury is deliberating at this hour on corruption charges against six former philadelphia undercover narcotics officers. the men are accused of stealing $400,000 during drug raids, planting evidence and roughing up suspects. this is the second day
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deliberations for the jury. investigators are looking at surveillance video in their search for a murder suspect this afternoon. a man shot inside an apartment building on main street in darby borough overnight. neighbors were forced outside as a precaution as police search for the gunman. no word on what sparked the shooting. and bucks county police looking for two people responsible for a home invasion. police say the masked men stormed the house on south in new jersey avenue. they stole cell phones wallets and the small safe. they also beat a man with a pistol. with we're told police tracked one of the stolen phones to montgomery county. fire marshals looking into what caused a house fire that sent a mother and son to the hospital. the fire started around 5:00 this morning on dillman street. the mother and son were treated for smoke inhalation. fire officials say the flames started at the back of the house.
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it's a hot may day and it should be a great night for baseball. as the phillies return home to take on the mets tonight at 7:05 here at citizens bank park. and it's a big weekend. lots going on including, of course, mother's day. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with a mix of weather for us. glenn? >> that's right. it's going to be a warm weekend about everywhere, except at the shore. this is a live shot at cape may. the fog is about to come in. and you're not going to be able to see cape may from that camera tomorrow morning or sunday morning. we've now had another stretch of warm days 83 so far today, 80 tomorrow, 84 on sunday. but look at the temperatures now. it's 86 in allentown. somewhat cooler farther to the south. but right at the beaches, it's cold, it's 59 in avalon and at beach haven. and there's going to be more of that to come this weekend.
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plus, the fog that's about to develop in the atlantic city area is going to be moving inland. and there should be some dense fog by tomorrow morning. there is a dense fog advisory for much of the area for tomorrow morning. more on what to expect and also the latest on that soon to be tropical storm ana with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> to a fun event now. happening right now. philadelphia playing host to thousands of athletes and their families cheering them on. >> they're here for a decade's old tradition along the schuylkill. it's the annual regatta today and tomorrow along the river as our live sky cam network focuses on the center of all of the excitement. nbc 10's jesse gary live along the river this afternoon. >> we just heard glenn talking about morning fog. are regatta organizers concerned about that? >> well guys the organizers said earlier today fog did settle in over the water, but it burned off quickly once the sun came up. they didn't -- they said there was no problem.
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now, tomorrow the fog has forecast to be much worse. if that's the case could be delays if not on the race on the water, just getting here. but right now, very little shade shade high heat to go along with the hot action on the river. >> for the 77th year the schuylkill river is a national raceway for crewing. muscles and teamwork keys for success in the annual regatta. >> we've been waiting all year for this event. >> this three day event is the largest college crew competition. hundreds of schools represented tens of thousands of participants. >> it's exciting. it's knowing your last time to be with these people. our last time to be part of this team. >> but the action on the water equals tie-ups off of it. kelly drive closed to all but race traffic. the result slows the commute and impacts the weekend by forcing motorists to detour around the event. race officials say it's a far cry from decades ago when coming here didn't mean dealing with large crowds. >> well i remember back in the
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'70s, there were a lot of races, but it wasn't at this magnitude where the races are coming every six minutes and you've got 120 schools and 1300 athletes. >> back live along the river's edge. the detour starts at strawberry mansion drive and goes into fairmount park. you'll go over to franklin green drive, then back over to kelly drive near the abraham lincoln statue. we're going to post all this information on our website. coming up at 5:00 you see the crowds here hear the crowd yelling every time there's a heat. well, these people are staying somewhere and when they go out, they grab their wallets. we'll talk about that coming up at 5:00. live in fairmount park, nbc 10 news. >> democratic candidate for mayor lynn abraham is weighing in on the future of the philadelphia police commissioner. she says she supports charles ramsey and would keep him as commissioner if she's elected. >> i don't understand what tony
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williams' position is or where it comes from. i salute the commissioner, i've worked with him. i've stood up with him against gun violence. he and i -- >> abraham spoke in response to the statement that he would fire the commissioner. anthony hardy williams reversed his previous position this week by saying he would get rid of ramsey. he opposes the stop and frisk policy. abraham said today she would also work to end that policy if elected. ramsey has been police commissioner since 2008. he's also earned national kudos since being named a leader on the president's task force on 21st century policing. candidate jim kenny has voiced his support for ramsey. mil ton street is the only one who said he would fire the commissioner. diaz and oliver are not saying one way or the other. and on the republican side there's just one candidate. we've reached out to melissa murray bailey, but haven't heard back about where she stands on the controversy. we're following all the primary action. it's less than two weeks now until voters go to the polls
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coming up on may 19th. and coming up sunday morning on nbc 10 @ issue. you'll see my in-depth interviews with anthony williams coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. new jersey governor chris christie spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer cash on entertainment, according to a new press report. he burned through $85,000 between 2010 and 2012 for luxury boxes in sports arenas. the money came from an account that christie can use to pay for expenses associated with his job. but the administration stopped using the account to cover those costs in 2012. that's not long after a flurry of questions arose when christie used a state helicopter to get to his son's baseball game. the same year the new jersey state republican committee reimbursed the state for money spent. the governor did nothing illegal.
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new information in the case of a florida doctor charged with both fraud and corruption. dr. solomon melgin is fighting to be freed from a florida jail. prosecutors say he's a flight risk. today's hearing is about his alleged medicare fraud. he's accused of falsely diagnosing patients to perform expensive procedures. he's also accused of corruption along with bob menendez. he pleaded not guilty to trading donations, flights and vacations in exchange for favors from menendez. four people are dead after this plane crashed on to an atlanta highway this morning. the faa says the small plane took off from an airport in that area and crashed a mile away. none of the four people onboard that plane survived this crash. right now, officials are looking into what caused the plane to go down. a sea of blue on long island today for the funeral of a new york city police officer killed in the line of duty.
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somber farewell for officer brian mooar. some 30,000 police officers from across the country paid their respects at moore's funeral. moore died monday after he was shot in the head last weekend. he was just 25 years old. last saturday he and his partner had stopped a man suspected of carrying a gun in queens, new york. that man opened fire on them. a police chaplain told those gathered at today's funeral that officer moore had a vocation to be a hero. the man suspected of killing moore faces numerous charges, including murder and attempted murder. demetrius blackwell is his name and being held without bail. he has not entered a plea. justice department is launching an investigation into the baltimore police department. attorney general loretta lynch made the announcement today. she met with the mayor of baltimore and other city leaders. the mayor asked for a full-fledged civil rights investigation into policing practices. the justice department will look for patterns of excessive force or improper stops and searches.
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there's already a separate investigation into the death of freddie gray. he died last month while in police custody. six officers are charged in his death. one of the officers has ties to our area. officer edward nero used to be a firefighter. he volunteered with the gloucester county department for ten years before then moving to baltimore. social media posts led to the suspension of 15 students at bangor high school in north hampton county. according to the morning calls, messages included obscenities after two classmates wore chick-fil-a shirts. the american civil liberties union is investigating. and an nbc 10 traffic alert for drivers this weekend. could lead to some delays. crews will pour new concrete slabs saturday. work starts at 8:00 in the morning and travel restrictions last until midnight. new jersey lawmakers are announcing a new initiative to get children with disabilities into summer camps this year.
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the u.s. attorney's office sent hundreds of flyers as a reminder of their obligation to the americans with disabilities act. the rule affects private and municipal camps who must make reasonable modifications for disabled children. campers must be allowed to participate in all activities. u.s. attorney paul fisherman says a disability is no reason to deny a child a chance to enjoy the friendships and learning experiences available at summer camps. meeting today could help decide the fate of the old show boat casino in atlantic city. the mayor is working with florida developer glenn straub caesar's and trump entertainment. stockton bought the boat back in december to convert it into a campus. but trump invoked a legal rule that keeps it from being used as anything other than a casino. today's meeting is to work out some kind of compromise. and a graduation celebration
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at the philadelphia museum of art today. some 350 new college grads from schools around the city join the major and other officials to toss their caps at this sixth annual event. it's celebrating the grads as well as the city's goal of increasing the number of college graduates. and i was proud to be the emcee there. and i'll bet it was pretty warm on those steps, wasn't it renee? and after the morning that we had with all the fog, might not have thought it was going to get hot this afternoon, but once that sun came out, it sure did. and the foggy mornings they're going to continue. if anything it's going to get worse in the next couple of days. some dense fog in some areas in the morning. but it's not going to stop the temperatures in the afternoon from getting pretty warm, especially on sunday. ana, a subtropical storm now, may become a tropical storm by later tonight. got a lot of sunshine in the area at the moment. it's up to 83 degrees, the winds
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out of the west-southwest. no more of that east wind at least in philadelphia. we've got an east wind at the shore. it's 86 in allentown. that's the warm spot. 85 in redding and ben salem and it gets cooler and cooler as you get closer and closer to the beaches. 73 atlantic city international, we just showed you it's in the 50s right at the boardwalk in atlantic city. that's the kind of difference you can get. well, for tomorrow, the morning fog maybe a little drizzle early. these are the high temperatures. 83 in allentown, again, may be the warmest of all of the areas. 80 degrees for philadelphia 81 wilmington. but as you get down close to the shore, only around 60 degrees in cape may with the wind coming in off of that cooler ocean. we also have the fog coming but there's no rain around so far. this is ana, the circulation is very clear cut here.
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but there's not many thunderstorms around the center. not quite a tropical, purely tropical storm yet. and we'll see if there's more of that developing tonight, then the hurricane center will make it a tropical storm. but regardless it's not moving much this weekend. here's the forecast through sunday night, and it's not getting close to raleigh let alone up here. we certainly don't have to worry about that this weekend. here's the circulation combined with the rainfall. and it just keeps spinning around and spinning around down off the southeast coast. now, eventually, there's saturday, 6:00 a.m. eventually, it's going to be making landfall in south carolina. and what it does is it increases that east wind and keeps it coming off of that cold water and keeps the shore on the chilly side over the weekend. now, after the weekend, there's sunday night, the tracks
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potential tracks mostly making that right turn well south of the area. of course, the farther south it goes the more likely we are to miss the rain from ana completely. now, of course we need some rain. you don't need it to come straight on top of us and bury us with rain but we could use a day's worth of rain around here. dry and warm tonight with dense fog near sunrise. 62 degrees for the low. not very low. dense fog and drizzle early, then becoming warm and humid. high temperatures ranging from the 70s in new jersey to 80s in pennsylvania. and then some morning fog on sunday. maybe a little drizzle again. and then it's 84 degrees. then even warmer monday and tuesday as we watch ana coming up and see if it gives us any rain. and then it gets much colder starting on wednesday. >> no need to stow your phone. a u.s. court of appeals ruled today that it is your right to
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hang on to your cell phones and other electronics during takeoffs and landings. the court ruled the faa was within the authority to clear the way for electronics use, but they would have to be in airplane mode. the largest flight attendant union says it still wants to reverse the new rules. when it comes to popular baby names, emma is back in style. the social security administration is releasing the list of the most popular baby names of 2015. and emma is tops. here's a look at the most popular girls' names. emma olivia sophia isabella and eva. followed by mia, emily, abigail and charlotte. for the boys noah was number one according to the social security administration followed by liam mason, jacob and william. ethan comes in at number six, followed by michael, alexander, james and daniel. coming right up a teenage girl followed inside her home and attacked. it's what happened next that had
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this guy on the run. this great white shark tracked off the jersey shore. i'm talking with experts about where it is now and their message to people along the coast. i'll shoot any [ bleep ] cop. >> set up. this lawmaker is swarmed by police after a prank 911 call. we're there as he hears it for the first time asking if he recognizes the voice.
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breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. happening this weekend, his 13th century empire stretched from the pacific ocean to europe. now, the story of mongolian conquerer is coming to life in center city. a new exhibit uses weapons, jewels and religious relics to tell the story. visitors can see more than 200 artifacts from his massive asian empire. genghis kaun, bring the legend to life. starts tomorrow.
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the millville wheels and wings air show is happening this weekend. officials say no other airports in our area will feature u.s. air force thunderbirds for the rest of this year. gates open tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. adult tickets are $15. tickets for children 12 and under are $10. and this if you missed this year's blue cross broad street run, you get another chance to watch this weekend. only nbc 10 brought you live coverage of the 36th annual 10-miler last weekend. thousands of runners hit the pavement from north philadelphia all the way to the navy yard in south philly. our coverage airs again tomorrow. you can watch it at 12:30 p.m. on comcast sports net and, again, at 3:00 p.m. on the comcast network. all right. now back to one of our top stories. >> breaking news in new york a mistrial in the murder case of etan patz. the jury came back three times saying they couldn't reach a unanimous decision against the suspect pedro hernandez of maple shade burlington county. hernandez confessed. but his lawyers say it was a false confession.
4:26 pm
etan patz disappeared in new york back in 1979. swatting scare. new at 4:30 the nbc 10 investigators obtained 911 calls of a dangerous prank that brought police right to the front door of a local lawmaker. well i'm tracking the tropics and the impact ana could have on our weather. plus the mother's day outlook. all ahead in my exclusive 7-day forecast.
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i'll shoot any [ bleep ] cop. i'll shoot any cop. tell them to stay away. >> all new at 4:30 the 911 call
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that could've caused serious harm to a new jersey state assemblyman. the nbc 10 investigators first told you about swatting last year. >> it's a potentially dangerous prank used to get police s.w.a.t. teams to storm an unsuspecting person's home by making a false report of a crime. investigative reporter harry hairston joins us with the exclusive 911 call targeting a recent victim of the crime. >> we reported last month about the swatting. now we have the 911 recording that caused it. we are the first to play the call for the assemblyman. >> i just shot my dad. >> new jersey assemblyman listens in disbelief to a phony 911 call aimed at bringing washington township police to his door. >> i have a caller on the line stating he shot his father with a 12-gauge shotgun. >> the caller also says he's tied up his mother and sister and he's ready for police. >> i'll shoot any [ bleep ] cop. i'll shoot any cop. tell them to stay away. >> this is sick stuff.
4:31 pm
and it's surprising that the cops didn't break down my front door and come in and with guns ablazing. >> moriarti believes he's the target because he's sponsoring anti-swatting legislation. >> that's what's scary about it. if someone's targeting you, it means that they've got a beef with you. they don't like you. >> this is not unique what's happening in new jersey. >> cyber crimes experts, drexel university associate dean points to california a legislator there was swatted two years ago after he sponsored an anti-swatting bill. >> there's an activist spin here. >> what do they hope to gain from that? >> you know they're making a social statement like ha ha you can't touch us. >> the video says the 911 recordings can help police catch the callers. >> we do have voice recognition technology that could possibly aid investigators. >> no [ bleep ] help for me right now. i'll kill my help. i'll kill the [ bleep ] help. >> i don't recognize this voice,
4:32 pm
but i'm hoping that someone in your viewing area does. >> washington township police has not played the 911 call for moriarti. we gave the assemblyman his first listen. he's concerned this won't be the swatter's last call. and the next one won't end as peacefully. >> someone's going to get hurt. someone could get killed. >> authorities tell us swattings have increased in new jersey with about a dozen reported cases so far this year. washington township police say the new jersey state police and the fbi are helping with the swatting investigation. the state's homeland security committee will hear the assemblyman's bill on monday. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. new information in the death of a prominent south jersey couple. john and joyce sheridan's son is pushing authorities to release the full report into their deaths. prosecutors ruled the case a murder/suicide. they say the former chief
4:33 pm
executive of cooper health systems killed his wife and then himself. but the sheridan family says the investigation is flawed and they want the full report so they can prove that. mark sheridan asked the state attorney general to force the release of the report but the attorney general's office says it is not getting involved. >> now, it was really a hot dayenday on the river for athletes and for the regatta. the competition continuing tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwarz is back. >> and that could complicate things for the athletes and travel in the area. >> yeah there may well be some airport delays, as well, during the morning. and it is on the warm and humid side for those folks on the river. and farther north and west you get, the warmer it is. it's 86 degrees in allentown. that's the warmest on our map. 85 in redding. and northeast philly 73
4:34 pm
atlantic city international, right there, but it's 60 in beach haven, and 58 in avalon as the wind comes in off of that cooler ocean. and with the high humidity and the cold ocean temperature, you'd get what's known as sea fog. and with the right conditions the fog spreads inland and that's what's going to happen again tonight. by 10:00, much of new jersey is in it. and then it spreads into philadelphia area and other parts of pennsylvania. and that's why there's a dense fog advisory for much of new jersey and delaware for tomorrow morning. more on what to expect for mother's day weekend and the latest on ana with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn. all right. buckle up for this one. this is something you don't expect to hear except on maybe a soap opera. a judge ruled that a pair of new jersey twins have different dads. the case played out, a judge ruled in the paternity fight
4:35 pm
that the man the mother wanted child support from only has to pay for one child. that's because the dna test showed he is the father of one twin but not the other. now, it is rare for a woman to give birth to twins with different dads but it can happen when the woman has sexual intercourse with two men in the same menstrual cycle and two of her eggs are then fertilized separately by each man. construction on a new hotel in university city is going to begin soon. that's after officials held a groundbreaking ceremony today for the study at university city. the new hotel expands the company's concept to deliver high-quality full service lodging to university markets. it's expected to open next fall. her name is mary lee. >> sounds like a sweet name, doesn't it? until you see her face. >> and now, as of today, she's enjoying herself off of atlantic
4:36 pm
city. >> mary lee is a great white, and she is close to the coast today. experts are keeping tabs and feeling good about her location. nbc 10 explains why. also -- >> i had to fight this guy and i'm thinking help me, help me, help me, please. >> battling back. a 13-year-old girl puts up the fight of her young life when a stranger bursts into her home and attacks her. >> then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, graduation season is here. and that means yeah entry into the real world. ahead, advice every grad should hear about how to best prepare.
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thousands of babies dream full-size cribs and furniture being recalled. the products are in violation of lead paint standards. specialty furniture stores nationwide and sold the cribs and furniture pieces until march. customers should contact baby's
4:40 pm
dream for exchange. self-regulation by the industry has not improved the nutritional quality of food that's being advertised by our kids. researchers at the university of arizona say 80% of foods advertised to kids fall in the poorest nutritional category. about 1/3 of ads were from companies that participate in industry self-regulation. >> nbc 10 in atlantic city today for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new atlantic care life center fitness at the casino and resort. this is atlantic care second facility. it's part of a $50 million renovation to the casino. well, when you hear shark at the shore it's only natural to be a little bit concerned, right? >> i'll say. but the people who study them say at least in one case, well, you shouldn't be. >> they're all over the ocean here. >> a great white shark becomes a social media sensation as she's
4:41 pm
tracked off the jersey shore. >> most fascinating thing to have a tracking system going on. >> i'm ted greenberg, why experts say there's reason for excitement, not fear. >> and i'll let you know how long our stretch of 80-degree weather is going to last and what moms can expect sunday for mother's day. plus, the impact of that tropical system on our weather. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert weekend forecast. then all new tonight on nbc news 5:00 dozens of dogs just left behind in a new jersey house. who did this? and also, how the animals are doing after being rescued today.
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the eagles open rookie camp in south philly. >> that means chip kelly's draft hall gets the first extended look at life in the nfl. john clark live right now at the novacare complex in south philly. >> hey, john acclimating to
4:45 pm
life as a professional athlete. how are the new eagles handling it? >> it was just last weekend they were drafted into the nfl and now it's their first rookie camp here at the novacare complex. and chip kelly has stressed bringing in character guys. the first round draft pick receiver nelson agolar talking about how he's going to watch his money. he's going to watch it grow. he says he's not worried about spending his money right now. he wants to find his way in the nfl. take a look at the rookies out on the field for this rookie camp today. there are six draft picks, and then over 15 undrafted free agents trying to make this team. and one of the things they talked about is learning the riggers of the nfl. plir players going to a symposium next month. they're going to be taught how to handle their money. look ahead to careers after football. and, of course, watch out what you put on social media.
4:46 pm
now, they're also giving advice coming with directions on how to handle life in the nfl. coming up at 5:00 in about an hour, we'll hear from undrafted free agents from right here in the devally. big eagle fans, and at 6:00, for now, back to you. >> yeah it's a little warm out there for football. we had dense fog this morning, it's going to be more widespread. more dense tomorrow morning, and maybe sunday morning, as well. that's not going to stop us from getting warm. the sun comes out in the afternoon and temperatures go back up. ana, subtropical storm, see if
4:47 pm
it has impact on your weather. there we are citizen's bank park, it's going to get busy there for a week's worth of games. and more 83 degrees. the wind 11 miles per hour. and yesterday was pretty warm. well we haven't had the rain. so the pollen's still there. those of you suffering know that. but what you don't know is it's going to stay this bad or get worse as we head through the weekend and into early next week. temperatures are warmest in pennsylvania, farther away you get from the ocean, the warmer it is. and it's -- that's the way it's going to be. this weekend, as well. here's the cold spot. avalon up to beach haven only in the upper 50s in the afternoon while it's in the 70s just a few miles inland. that's what that sea breeze can do. we're dry at the moment. this is ana, down to the south. getting a little bit better organized.
4:48 pm
you need storms circulating around the center before you really have something seriously tropical. it really can't strengthen at that kind of condition. it's got 45-mile-an-hour maximum winds. and it is dead stationary. now, it's going to be moving eventually, it's going to take all weekend before it even gets to the south carolina coast. and it may strengthen just a tough. probably not to a hurricane. if it's on the left side of this possibility track that would bring us substantial rain monday and into tuesday. . if it's in the middle area we might get a little. our chances of getting significant rain out of this are fairly small.
4:49 pm
here it is the future cast. rain and winds slow it's going to keep piling water up in the north carolina coast there. it's going to enhance that onshore wind. for the rest of the night, dry and warm dense fog near sunrise. the dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. for jersey and delaware. dense fog then becoming warm and humid, the 80s are in pennsylvania. cooler weather toward the shore. sunday, morning fog again. could be a little drizzle or even the afternoon shower. it's mainly dry as we go through the weekend. monday and tuesday will be determined by the track of ana. en either way, it's going to be warm and humid and gets much cooler. california teen successfully fought off a man suspected of assaulting two women in two
4:50 pm
separate cases. san jose police say the man followed a 13-year-old girl to her home. you're going to hear what the teen says she was thinking when the man forced himself on to her and made several sexual comments. >> i had to fight this guy and i'm thinking help me, help me, please. that's actually the only thing going through my mind. >> we should set a goal within 48 hours, we should have this guy in pocket period. >> these images from the first alleged attack. the victim was able to fight him off, as well. police say both victims did the right thing by fighting back. very scary. well speaking of scary, this is a word that can make swimmers scramble for the shore. >> shark, but no need to be alarmed. today, why this great white may be considered a great sight along the coast of the jersey shore. >> then all new tonight at 5:00. getting ready for the rest of their lives. grads across the area leaving school for, well, whatever comes next. what everyone should hear about getting ready for the future.
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don't get too close, renee. the shark is getting close, though, to the coast at the jersey shore. in fact, it's a great white. and you can track her journey online. >> turns out, though, the experts actually they know her name. it's mary lee. and she's developing a huge following. today, jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg explains why the journey of mary lee may actually be a positive sign. >> the director of brigantine's center is among a growing group. captured by the journey of a 16-foot-long great white shark. >> i wish it had been closer to the shore so i could see it. >> researchers with the
4:55 pm
nonprofit organization are tracking the 3400-pound creature they named mary lee. she surfaced off the coast early thursday continuing on her migration north. some 24 hours later, mary lee was less than 10 miles from brigantine heading toward long beach island. what's not typical, though, is all the attention one shark is getting. an unofficial mary lee twitter page keeping tabs on her progress is quickly growing in popularity with more than 15,000 followers. >> it's just exciting for all of us, public and scientists together to be learning at the same time what these sharks are doing. >> part of a team of scientists who put a satellite tag on mary lee off the coast of massachusetts in 2012. since then she's traveled in the atlantic nearly 20,000 miles. >> they're not doing anything different as far as coming in close to the coast. we're just learning that they're there. >> scientists say studies like this also provide optimism about
4:56 pm
the presence of great whites off the east coast after decades of decline. to see how the sharks live out their lives will help dispel jaws-like fears that people may have. >> there's nothing for bathers coming to the jersey shore to worry about. >> more concerned about the seals, the stranding center is set to release at sandy hook this weekend. exactly the animal that great white sharks are searching for to eat. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> boy, she has covered some territory, hasn't she? >> she has. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's keith jones. >> all new at 5:00. officers on trial. six former philadelphia narcotics officers are awaiting their fate. they're accused of stealing from drug dealers. we take you inside a day of deliberations. and we have more dense fog expected for tonight. otherwise still looking at a warm weekend. i'll show you that forecast and also ana, that's to our south.
4:57 pm
see how it'll affect our forecast, too, coming up. police, hazmat teams and animal control spent their day at a house in new jersey. the reason dozens of dogs left behind. we find out why next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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low price. see your john deere dealer for great deere green tag savings on the e series family of tractors. this just in. just a few minutes ago, philadelphia police released this picture of a man wanted for
5:00 pm
abducting and sexually assaulting a woman in fishtown. his name is manuel cintron. police say he forced a woman into his minivan at gunpoint on east york street last friday. police released surveillance video of the minivan earlier this week. investigators say cintron sexually assaulted the 22-year-old woman and let her go at almond and boston streets. i want you to take another look at manuel cintron, 24 years old, last known to live on north of 6th street in hunting park. if you know anything about him, you're asked to call philadelphia police. happening right now at 5:00 it's the last hour of racing in the regatta. a live bird's eye view of the action. >> here's a front row seat right on the river for you. nbc 10 went along as they hit the schuylkill during the kickoff of this annual event. >> tens of thousands of participants


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