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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ground transformer fire is to blame for that power outage as it started near ridge avenue affecting east falls and mants yok. drew, this power outage came at a really bad time for local businesses. >> reporter: that's right, and actually we just heard from peco. there are scattered outages in this area, but the bulk of businesses are back on line. this business called it quits. businesses like restaurants also decided to shut for the evening. this started around 7:45. firefighters responded to reports of an underground transformer fire on main str pen manhole, and there was an outage for all these homes as well. so people were staying home. it wasn't fun for them. and people really couldn't go out. restaurants and bars couldn't serve people. they took a major hit on what
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normally would be a busy night. ? as you can see, we have zero customers in our patio and dining room. so we are definitely hurting from this. >> reporter: we haven't heard back from peco on what could have caused that transformer fire. they have investigating the problem. the good news is there was no need for evacuations, and nobody was hurt. live from east falls, i'm drew smith. nbc 10 news. british airways passengers say they were stranded in philadelphia. the flight from london to new york was diverted to philly international because of fog overnight. after it landed, the plane sat on the runway for three hours. passengers then spent another for customs to open. many including an actor took to social media to development frustrations. it was a very hostile welcome to the city of brotherly love. >> there was nobody to help us. being stuck in coach, in a
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dirty, smelly aircraft wasn't helping. we all frustrated. british airways did try to work with us at some point, but telling us we couldn't get up was ridiculous. people had to use the restrooms. you can't deny people access to the retestroom you know? >> a spokesperson says the diversion was not planned and customs is not open until 5:00 in the morning. they took buses or trains to new york. a baby boy died from his injuries nearly a week after his mother allegedly thruwç him from an allentown bridge. he was thrown into the water last sunday and then she jumped into the water herself. authorities charged her with attempted murder, but the charges could be upgraded. tonight nbc 101 is learning more about a family tragedy. a man crashed into his garage
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killing his son. >> reporter: a guyquiet vigil is held outside, prayer and comfort to nose dealing with a tragic loss. it happened last night, a 17 year old boy was stanfi d into the son. neighbors say the teen was crushed against a wall. witnesses attempted cpr, by the boy died of his injuries. the family declined to comment during what must be a very difficult time. but neighbors tell nbc 10, the victim was an upper darby high school student and had a twin sibling. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. when i saw him, i thought it was a joke. and it wasn't. >> a south jers[tk boy is haunted by the moment an alleged drunk truck last month. the 8-year-old is out of the hospital and back at home.
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but as he and his family tell nbc 10's drew smith, he has a long road to recovery ahead. >> reporter: 8-year-old cody bengal loves the outdoors but this area of chestnut street back a bad memory. it was early evening, april 21. >> when i saw him, i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: he and his friends got out of a truck waiting for a truck to pass. the driver swerved, hitting him and crashing into a tree across the street. >> as snón as i landed i sprinted to the house. >> reporter: police charged hector rios with dui. buff you can sigh but you can see what happened to cody. he was treated for concussion dislodged teeth and stitches all over. this is the last thing this family expected. they live on a quiet dead end street. >> kids are afraid to go in the
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street now. >> reporter: scott bengal says insurance isn't covering everything. but already the community is helping out, donating. as for the driver accused of doing this? >> i don't think he's real xcuse for putting kinds in that kind of danger. nbc news. new information in this deadly duck boat accident. the victim is identified as 68-year-old elizabeth car nikki from beaumont, texas. she was looking at an electronic device and walking against the red light. there will be no charges. at least two tornados touched down in north texas. one person was killed. three others injured when a twister swept through the town of sisco, about 100 miles west of ft. worth. another twister stepped down in the town of burnett. storms also brought heavy rain and quarter-sized hail to parts of oklahoma. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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brittany shipp joins us now. we could waking up to dense fog tomorrow for mother's day? >> that's right. aéd parts of the area already seeing foggy conditions. we have a dense fog advisory at least until 11:00 in the morning on sunday. that's going to affect the shore communities in the southern part of burlington county. as we take a look at the current visibility it's already decreased down to about a quarter of a mile in tom's river. half a mile in cape may. half a mile in dover. you want to be very careful driving along the shore tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures are already in the mid-60s by 8:00 in the morning. we'll show you at noon by the time you're heading out fnb brunch, temperatures lowe's toclose to 80 degrees. there's going to be a big temperature difference between the shore and inland temperatures. i'll go over all the details on your mother's day forecast, plus the effects of tropical storm
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ana, and we'll also look at your seven-day forecast. i'm tracking much cooler temperatures on the way. possible new plans for a solar site after a law suit against a local amusement park. who says they'll buy the land to save thousands of trees. then we break down philadelphia's job market for recent college graduates. a linebacker was making dreams come true tonight. highlights coming up.
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parts of hunting part in philadelphia are a little brighter tonight thanks to the
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work of hundreds of volunteers. workers interest wells fargo and americorps joined forces at three locations. they paintedmurals. a possible new plan to stop six flags' proposed solar sites. the theme park plans to cut down 19,000 trees to build a 90-acre solar farm. the department of environmental protection is opposed to that plan. instead, there are reports that dep is planning to buy the site. six flags says it would benefit the environment as well as supply its power. business experts say the future is bright for recent college graduates. we're taking a closer look at the local job market for those graduates and what they can expect when they enter the workforce. andç it will be a foggy start for our area, i'll let you know exactly what to expect.
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the 77th annual aberdeen dad vail regatta is in the books. thousands of rowers faced off today with friends, families and spectators cheering them on. driscoll won the men's competition, while there was a tie in the women's category. the future is bright for recent college graduates who received their diplomas this weekend. why this could be the best job market for them in more than a decade. >> martha negron. >> reporter: close to 300
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graduates of this class of 2015 are waiting to hear their names and receive their degree, with aspirations of careers in the arts and sciences. >> i want to officially become a dentist. >> future'sç wide open. >> reporter: pennsylvania's acting secretary of education encouraged these graduates to pursue their dreams. this may be the best year for graduates than in the past 15 years. the national association of colleges and employers reports employers are expected to boost hiring by 8.3% over last year. diane clause is banking on that economic forecast. she's raised three sons while working several jobs. ? i've worked in the medical field, and i've worked in early childhood education, as well, so i always wanted to be a nurse, so i tluu i was going to go back to nursing school but instead i found occupational therapy. >> reporter: and after two interviews she's landed a job. but graduates may have to apply
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online to dozens of companies according to this business professional. >> job prospects are middle ground. philadelphia and the area are kind of toward by new york and washington d.c. >> reporter: those grads we talked to admit navigating some professions are tricky while others believe in their college's reputation. ? even though the economy is not at the best at the moment, because i'm a graduate i'm confident i i'll be able to get a job. >> reporter: monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a colorful celebration of culture today in franklin square. the asian-pacific american festival included dance, music and other entertainment. there were also fund-raising efforts to help the people of nepal after the earthquake. y is asian-pacific heritage month. from our delaware news bureau another team of volunteers is going to nepal to help out.
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we've caught up with a couple members of a relief team. they are bringing food water and medical supplies with them. they will treat those in need in two locations in kathmandu. one urban, the other rural. beame beachchgoers are urged to use caution as tropical storm ana heads towards the carolinas. a lot of people were on wrightsville beach, but most are staying out of the water. the storm is expected to make landfall sometime tomorrow morning. now your first alert weather with brittany shipp. >> and we'll be talking about how tropical storm ana is going to affect us. and into next week. but as far as tomorrow goes we are going to see a foggy start. we're already seeing foggy conditions closer to the shore. mother's day is going to be a warm one, a little muggy as
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well. and then i will be tracking tropical storm ana. but citizens bank park clear conditions, and a few clouds 70 degrees for philadelphia. our humidity is up. the air is calm so wind speeds are fairly light. current temperatures are 63 degrees, temperatures in west chester at 65. 65 in mt. holly. a little cooler in atlanticcity at 61. stone harbor at 60 degrees. a big difference between the shore and what we're seeing inland andcloser to the city. visibility reduced to a quarter of a mile in toms rivwr. atlantic city it's gone down to you want to be very careful driving along the shore. closer to cape may, about half a mile. wilmington, over a mile of visibility. we have a dense fog advisory for all the locations i just named until 11:00 in the morning. don't be surprised if you live
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closer to philadelphia if you see really foggy conditions when you wake up tomorrow morning. our sat lied radar shows quiet conditions, but back east is a different story. closer to oklahoma city and dallas we're seeing thunderstorm warnings, and the next thing we're tracking is ana with sustained winds up to 60 miles per hour moving at about 3 miles per hour. so it's not moving that fast. but by sunday, 8:00 we will see this system onshore. it's going to loseç steam quickly as it gets away from the warm waters, by the time it gets to our area wind speeds about 35 miles per hour giving us a slight chance of showers by tuesday. but as far as tomorrow's concerned, what we're mainly going to see is morning fog and the chance for isolated showers closer to your afternoon. you can see it's really
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isolated. we don't want you to be surprised. it's going to be a very warm mother's day. 82 in quakertown. 84 degrees the high in chester, but take a look along the shore here. only 70 in atlantic city. 75 the high in rehoboth beach. 64 degrees in philadelphia heading into tomorrow, foggy conditions to start muggy and cloudy along the shore, 70 to 75 inland 80 to 84. the fmr he low 70s. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. danny pommells with you once again. the phillies looking for a win against the mets.
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there was a pinch hit to raise the average. sneaks one just inside the third-base line. darren rough touches home. and a tater for garis. phillies lose 3-2. nationals tied. bryce harper has been straight mashing. five homers in his last two games, make it six in his last three. two run. the six home runs in three games and one offer the major league record held by shawn green. in harper he had 12 rbis in those three games. joint practices will be held with the ravens in august. the eagles/ravens pre-seen is
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august 22. it will be a homecoming of sorts for john harbaugh who spent ten years as an assistant coach with the eagles. ? owners heatings and kind of wondering why we don't play each other more in the preseason and see if we can work something out. and it looks like we're going to do that. we're going to go three days before weigh çplay. we're excited about that. we're looking forward to it. wizards/hawks, we've got more drama than a soap opera. three guys in his grill, off glass for the win. how about it? wizards were up 21 with less than ten to play and bet a union visiting vancouver, whitecaps pedro morales alone lofted over sylvester who was signed a few days ago.
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1-0 vancouver. pretty footwork. ball on a 7% j and union fall 3-0. finally tonight it's prom night for emmanuel acho. here's the photo he tweeted. a fan reached out to ask if he would accompany her to her prom. he agreed under one condition, if hanna reached 10,000 váweets which she did, and he honored his part of it. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't
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it's going to be a warm mother's day happy mother's day to all the moms out there. patchy fog in the morning and then cloudy skies. that's nbc 10 news for now, from all of us here i'm denise nakano, happy mother's day.
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live from oklahoma city it's the hottest event of the year, the southern republican leadership conference. >>


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