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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  May 10, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, we are live on south street, where investigators are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger and shot two teens. also if a third shooting nearby is connected. we are following breaking news out of mississippi, as well, where two police officers were killed during a traffic stop. we have some new information about the search for the second suspect. those officers are from the hattiesburg police department. according to nbc news the suspects were captured within hours of each other. that's citing a report out of hattiesburg, mississippi, from the nbc affiliate there. this all happened last night
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during a routine traffic stop as i mentioned. investigators have identified the suspects as brothers marvin and curtis banks. according to police they used the officers' patrol car to escape the scene. >> men and women go out every day to protect us. men and women go out every day to make sure we're safe were turned on tonight. the person or persons who did this are not safe in the city of hattiesburg. they will be found. we have are history of finding people who do this kind of thing. >> overnight, we learned the names of the officers killed. they have been identified as benjamin deen and liquori tate. as soon as we get anymore updates on this we will bring it to you. and now to the breaking news we are following out of philadelphia. two teenagers are in the hospital after a shooting on south street and police investigating if there's a possible connection to the shooting of a third teen nearby. nbc 10's jesse gary is live on south street at one of those crime scenes with more details. and jesse, you've been talking to detectives all morning long
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and you have some new information for us. >> reporter: rosemary that's right. i talked to south detectives and they tell me they are talking to a person of interest in the shooting that took place around the corner from here on bainbridge at 9th. they say that person is not a suspect, but a person of interest and they are working right now to determine if the shooter shooting over in bainbridge is related to the one that proceeded it right here on south street. this initial shooting brought dozens of police officers and detectives to this area around 1:15 this morning. detectives had told me that an argument between two large groups of people proceeded the gunfire. police say a pair of teenage boys was shot in the legs in the areas of seventh to ninth streets, along south street. 17-year-old and a 16-year-old are both in stable condition at jefferson hospital. detectives do not know if the victims were part of the altercation or just at the wrong place in the wrong time. while police were working that case the second shooting
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incident happened over at bainbridge at ninth. a 19-year-old man there wounded by gunfire, he is in stable condition, also over at jefferson hospital. and police are trying to determine if these two shootings are related. if you have any information, call philadelphia police. live on south street jesse gary, nbc 10 news. happening now, opening ceremonies are starting for the 25th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. you can hear them making announcements right now. you're lackooking live at the ben franklin parkway. runners and walkers are getting ready for today's race event. they include a 5k run that starts at 8:15 and a five-mile walk and fun run. we'll check in with michelle grossman for more on what those runners and walkers can expect outside this morning and the moms who have plans later on today. michelle? >> that's right. good morning rosemary. not a bad day overall. we're warm and humidity especially the runners will feel that humidity this morning. drink lots of water before you
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race, because we're not used to this humidity especially this mild air this early in the morning. taking a look outdoors, we're dealing with that humidity also some fog and some clouds. you're seeing that especially in parts of delaware and new jersey. this is a look from our adventure aquarium camera overlooking center city. we have a dense fog advisory in parts of delaware and also new jersey until 9:00, along the coast until 11:00 this morning. reduced visibilities down now to three quarters of a mile in philadelphia. down to a quarter of mile and a quarter mile in atlantic city. it's a slow go in many spots early this morning. now, temperatures are warm, near 70 degrees in a lot of spots. 69 in northeast philadelphia. 67 in philadelphia. 63 in allentown. - 64 degrees in lancaster. temperatures along the coast, mainly in the 60s. 63 in atlantic city 61 degrees in wildwood. that mild start will give way to temperatures into the 80s later on this afternoon. so a mild day today. by 8:00 71.
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by noon 80 degrees, partly sunny skies, and by 3:00 we're looking at 83 degrees. we could see a few showers, a few pop-up thunderstorms as well. we'll track those for you. and also tracking some relief in your seven-day. we'll do that in just a few minutes. >> new from overnight, a man is dead following a shooting in the kensington section of philadelphia. he was shot in the head around 12:30 this morning, while sitting in a car on east atlantic street. investigators believe the driver of the car may be the shooter, and they say they saw a man run away from the scene. now to some new information out of delaware county where police say a father accidentally killed his teenage son in a crash. the accident happened friday night in drexel hill. according to investigators, the 17-year-old boy was standing near the garage of the family's house. authorities say the father lost control of his car and slammed into his son. neighbors tell us the teen was crushed against the gradual. witnesses attempted cpr, but he died. neighbors say the teen was an
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upper darby high school student and had a twin sibling. nbc 10 was outside of the house last night where friends and community members offered support to the family. upper darby officials also expressed their condolences for what they're calling a tragic accident. in allentown, a baby boy has died from his injuries nearly a week after his mother allegedly threw him from a bridge. witnesses say johnesha perry threw 1-year-old zymeir into the lehigh river last sunday and then jumped into the water herself. authorities have charged her with attempted murder but the charges could now be upgraded. no charges will be filed in friday's deadly duck boat accident in philadelphia. police say 68-year-old elizabeth karnicki was crossing the street in chinatown friday afternoon when the ride the ducks vehicle struck and killed her. according to investigators and witnesses, she was looking at an electronic tablet and may have been distracted while walking against a red light. car nickk against a red light. car nickkarnicki was with her husband
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at the time. they are from beaumont texas. passengers say they are frustrated after their british airways flight was diverted to philadelphia and they are stuck here for hours. the flight was headed from london to new york late friday night, when that fog that we've been seeing forced it to land at philly international. after the plane landed it sat on the runway for about three hours. the passengers then spent another three hours waiting in a hallway for customs to open. many of those customers, including actor jeremy piven, took to social media to vent their frustration. the passengers eventually got on buses and trains to head to new york. they said they were not happy about their stop in philly. >> there was nobody to help us. you know being stuck in coach in a dirty, smelly aircraft wasn't helping. there was no ventilation. we were all frustrated. british airways, they did try to work with us at some point, but telling us we couldn't get up was ridiculous. you know people had to use the
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restroom. you can't deny people access to the restroom you know? >> the spokesperson for philadelphia international airport says the british airways flight diversion was not planned and that customs typically opens at 5:00 a.m.. new video this morning that shows that impact of ana off the coast of south carolina. next we'll take a look at the bigger threat posed by this pre-season tropical storm. that's not the only wild weather this weekend. we'll show you where storm chasers captured this twister on camera. every bloomin' day! hurry in for all your outback favorites. plus new aussie tacos, new savory ribeye melt and our delicious burgers. over 70 lunch combinations starting at just $6.99. it's lunch at last every day at outback.
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one person is dead and several others are hurt after tornadoes swept through texas. this one was spotted near the town of cisco. at least two tornadoes touched down in the northern part of the state yesterday, leaving a path of destruction behind. a tornado also swept through colorado. this twister touched down near cheyenne county yesterday. storm chasers captured these shots. the tornado hit a mostly rural area this is outside of colorado springs, and there are no reports of any injuries. this morning, tropical storm ana has made landfall in the carolinas. this, by the way, is time lapsed video from south carolina yesterday. officials at the national hurricane center report that ana made landfall about an hour ago near miller beach. the biggest threat posed by the season's first tropical storm appears to be the dangerous surf and rip tides. they're telling everybody to stay out of the water. residents may also have to deal with symptom flooding.
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closer to home we have nothing like that to deal with. we need the rain. it's been 18 days since we've seen measurable rain and we're not going to get a lot this week either. we're waking up to clouds fog, very mild air. 65 in chester sprungs, 65 in washington township. mild to the north and west. also 62 in mt. pocono. already 66 in pottstown. 65 in oxnard. 59 in shenandoah and along the coast we're also mild. 65 in millville and 65 in swedesboro. so futurecast as we go throughout time we're tracking that fog that is in place and will be in place over the next couple of hours, before it finally burns off. a little slower though to punish off along the coast. and by later on this afternoon, we have the heat and humidity in place that will spark a few showers and thunderstorms. very isolated not much going on not much activity but don't be surprised if you do see a
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shower or a thunderstorm. tonight, fog tomorrows once again, we wake up on monday morning to some fog and low clouds across the area. another warm day on monday and also the chance for showers and thunderstorms. happy mother's day today. we have morning clouds in place. temperatures mainly in the 80s. very summerlike today as well as monday and tuesday. and finally, big-time relief in your seven-day. we'll look at that in just a few minutes. it's an usual roadside rescue for one state trooper. how he sprang into action when he spotted an animal in danger. and i bet we don't miss this yeah the snow. guess what? some folks this weekend are waking up to a spring snowstorm. we'll tell you where, after the break.
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we're following breaking news overseas. several people are dead after a shooting in northern switzerland. neighbors heard shot late last night. when police arrived, they found several people dead inside and outside of the house. all of the victims were adults. authorities are now working to identify those victims and to learn more about the shooting. as soon as we get some nor information, we will pass it along. britain and germany are suspending their use of airbus military transport planes after one of them crashed during flight trials in spain. four crew members died and two others are seriously hurt. yesterday's crash is raising questions about the safety of the new propeller-driven aircraft. seville, spain, by the way, is the final assembly point for the planes. now to an update from africa.
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the world health organization says liberia is ebola free. the announcement came after 42 days without an outbreak in the country. the disease claimed medicine 4,700 lives in liberia. hundreds of migrants have arrived in italy after being rescued from the mediterranean sea. two ships dropped off more than 400 of those migrants tlrng. number of people risking the journey from north africa has risen in recent weeks. in fact, last month, more than 800 migrants died during a ship wreck in the mediterranean. back here in the u.s. a police officer killed when a driver going the wrong way hit his patrol car has been laid to rest in western pennsylvania. quite a showing. fellow officers remembered the police officer. hundreds of residents, colleagues, and police from other communities lined the streets or took part in the funeral procession. fire and rescue teams also paid tribute to his service as a volunteer firefighter. in indiana this weekend, a
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state trooper camed to the rescue of an animal in need. take a look at these photos. the trooper found a baby deer on the median of a highway yesterday. the fawn appeared to be only hours old and its mother was dead along the side of the road. the trooper wrapped the fawn this a towel until they could transport it for further observation and care. in western south dakota it is looking more like christmas than mother's day. it started snowing there last night. can you believe it? we're already into may? forecasters say blizzard-like conditions call last there in south dakota throughout today. the national weather service is also warning folks there that driving could become hazardous due to heavy snow and low visibility. and we certainly have some low visibility across the area. not from the snow luckily, but some fog, especially in parts of southern new jersey also in delaware. that's going to hang tough, at
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least for the next couple of hours. more fog. we had the fog in place yesterday, we have it once again today, we'll see it once again on monday morning. warm and humid, already into the upper 60s in a lot of spots. into the 80s later on tonight. relief comes this weekend. we're looking into the 70s as daytime highs later this week. areas of fog especially in jersey and delaware a quarter mile in atlantic city as well as millville and wilmington. down to 3/4 of a mile in philadelphia. half-mile visibility in dover. to the north as you get further away from the coast, much much better. but still reduced visibility in lancaster down to five miles. we're looking at cloudy skies, lots of gray skies across the area. looks a lot like yesterday. it's going to take a little time to burn that off and see the sun poking through. winds out of the southwest at 6 mrps. taking a look outdoors we have gray conditions kind of soupy out there. we have that dense fog advisory in parts of jersey and delaware until 9:00 a.m. today. and then along the coast, it's
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going to hang through 11:00. taking a look outdoors tells the whole story. super soupy outside and we'll keep that in place over the next few hours. temperatures mainly in the 60s, 63 in allentown, 63 in mt. pocono 64 in lancaster, 64 in wilmington, 63 in millville, pretty uniform across the area. today that warmth and humidity will start to transfer a few thunderstorms. by lunchtime, 80 degrees if you're dining outdoors and top out around 84 later on this afternoon, before we drop it back down into the 60s later on tonight. the fog finally burns off today, it's heat and humidity, the main weather headline later on this afternoon. that should pop a few showers and thunderstorms. fog reforms tonight into monday morning. and chance for a few more shors, possibly some thunderstorms on monday as we warm it right back up into the mid-80s. today, right around 84. that morning fog burning off, a few showers, some thunderstorms,
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otherwise, pearl cloudy skies is. tuesday, even warmer than that. breezy. a warm breeze in place. 88 degrees. could see a few showers, otherwise partly sunny. wednesday, windy, but it's going to be much much cooler mostly sunny. thursday, friday saturday looking picture-perfect. lts lots of sunshine. and kicking off next weekend, partly sunny skies, 76. glad to be here. the future's wide open. >> this year's graduates weigh in on their future and what they expect from the job market.
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many college graduates are getting ready to jump into the real world and experts say there are opportunities out there. as nbc 10's monique braxton
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explains, this could be the best job market for grads in more than a decade. >> martha negron. >> reporter: close to 3,00000 graduates of this class of 2015 are waiting to hear their names and receive their degrees with aspirations of careers in the arts and sciences. >> i want to officially become a dentist. >> the future is wide open. >> reporter: pennsylvania's acting secretary of education encouraged these harcum college graduates to pursue their dreams. this may be the best year for graduates than in the past 15 years. the national association of colleges and employers is report employers are expected to boost hiring by 8.3% over last year. diane clauss is banking on that. >> i've worked in the medical field and in early childhood education as well, and i always
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wanted to be nurse, so i thought i would go back to nursing school but instead i found occupational therapy. >> and after two interviews she landed a job, but graduates may have to apply online to dozens of companies, according to this job professional. >> job prospects are middle ground. philadelphia and the area are kind of dwarfed by new york and washington, d.c. >> most grads we talked to said navigating some professions are tricky while others believe in their their college's reputation. >> even though the market is not the best, because i'm graduating from harcum i'm very confident i'll be able to get a job. the time right now is 7:26. three teens were shot along a well-known philadelphia street. nbc 10's jesse gary is tracking updates in the investigation and joins us live from south street. jesse? >> reporter: detectives tell me they have a person of interest they are talking to but still no suspects.
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we'll continue following this story and an update for you right after break pch. >> and we are following very mild air this morning. temperatures near 70. 69 right now near northeast philadelphia. it's foggy and cloudy we'll clear it out later on this afternoon to this evening and some sunshine later on today. it will warm up more into the 80s. talk more about the forecast today and 70s finally return in your seven-day. that's in just a few minutes.
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gunfire on one of philadelphia's most well-known streets. this morning three teens are in the hospital. we're live from one of the crime scenes with an update on the investigation. and right now in mississippi, a police department is mourning the loss of two of its officers. it's the first time this has happened there in three decades. we'll have an update on the
7:30 am
brothers accused in the deadly traffic stop shooting. the fallen officers are from the hattiesburg police department in mississippi. according to the nbc affiliate in that area the suspects were captured overnight, within hours of each other. the shooting happened last night during a routine traffic stop. investigators have identified those suspects as brothers marvin and curtis banks. according to police there, the brothers used the officers' patrol car to escape but were eventually caught. overnight, we learned the names of the officers killed. they have been identified as benjamin deen and liquori tate. now to breaking news out of philadelphia that we're following. police are investigating shootings on south street that left two teenagers wounded. then cops heard gunshots and found a third teenager wounded nearby. now investigators are looking for the gunmen in these cases. nbc 10 ease jesse gary is live
7:31 am
at one of the crime scenes on south street. >> reporter: police have a person of interest they're talking to. they stress this is not a suspect but a person of interest. they're trying to get more information from this person about the shooting that happened on bainbridge road which is right around the corner. that violence followed shots being fired here on south street. dozens of police officers and detectives responded to this area. they even closed a portion of-out street around 1:15 this morning. an argument between two groups of people proceeded the shooting. a pair of teenage boys were shot in the legs between seventh and ninth street along south street. a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old are both in stable condition right now at jefferson hospital. while police responded to that gunfire, the second shooting took place a short distance away bainbridge at 9th street. a 19-year-old man was wounded by that gunfire and is also in stable condition at jefferson. >> we don't believe that this
7:32 am
was a robbery. preliminary information we're getting, this could possibly be that resolve from another area in the city of philadelphia. that's preliminary information. detectives there, they're following those leads. >> and detectives are working to see if the two shootings are connected. if you have any information, give philadelphia police a call. live on south street jesse gary nbc 10 news. happening now, opening ceremonies are underway for the 25th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. runners and walkers are just about a little over a half hour away from today's race event. a 5k run starts at 8:15 and a 5k walk and one-mile fun run will then kick off a short time later. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking some warm dry weather for those runners and walkers and for any mothers out there who have plans today, which i'm sure they do. >> good morning, rosemary.
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looking pretty good today. you saw a lot of people with shorts and short sleeves on. mild already, near 70 degrees at 7:32 on your sunday morning, happy mother's day to everyone out there. and we're enjoying a dry morning. we're looking at some fog and clouds. we're not seeing any active rain falling. we're seeing reduced visibilities across the area because of that fog. it looks a lot like it did on saturday. a dense fog advisory in effect. delaware looking better to the north and west down to 5-mile visibility in lancaster. really closer to the coast, down to half-mile visible in atlantic city. a quarter mile in millville, also in wilmington and three quarters of a mile in philadelphia. take it a little slower and use your low beams as you head out this morning. temperatures mainly in the 60s. 64 in lancaster. you are waking up and walking out the door to 64 degrees in atlantic city. those temperatures are going to climb very very quickly this afternoon. once we really break through the
7:34 am
fog and the clouds and get that sun going. by noon 80 degrees. and by 3:00 we're looking at 83 degrees. we could see a few showers and pop-up thunderstorms because of that daytime heating and the humidity. we'll talk more about that and tracking some relief in your seven-day. we'll do that in just a few minutes. a boy from gloucester county who was struck by an alleged drunk driver is now out of the hospital, back at home and talking about what happened. last month, the driver hit cody bengel and three of his friends along chestnut street in woodbury heights. the other kids had bumps and bruises, but cody suffered a concussion along with dislodged teeth. he also received a number of stitches. now the community is rallying to help the family with a teeth for cody go fund me page. >> when i see him coming, i thought it was a joke and then it wasn't. as soon as i land eded, i spriptnted
7:35 am
to the house. authorities have charged the suspects in the case with dui and reckless driving. as nepal struggles to recover from the devastating a earthquake two weeks ago, we had some news from our delaware bureau about volunteers from the first state who are traveling there to help. nbc 10 caught up with a few members of the delaware medical relief team before they boarded their flight at philadelphia international airport yesterday. they will treat those in need near two locations near kathmandu and they're bringing medicine, also some basic necessities. >> the main problem that these people have is food and water so we're also taking supplies although we're a medical release team, we are taking supplies. >> this group is replacing another delaware medical relief team that has already done some work in the quake-ravaged areas of nepal. it's a mother's day gift one woman will never forget. just ahead, we'll explain how
7:36 am
her 6-year-old daughter saved her life. and looking pretty good for this mother's day. we're seeing the clouds this morning, we're seeing the clouds, the case you haven't peeked out yet, with it's going the look a lot like yesterday. but we're also seeing very mild air in place. and a place that's seeing a lot more sunshine like yesterday, the pocono mountains. temperatures around 61 degrees in the pocono mountains. temperatures much warmer than this time yesterday. we'll talk more about this, coming up.
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today is the first day of a three-day, 225-mile bike ride for dozens of members of law enforcement from south jersey. it's called the road to hope and raises money for families of fallen police officers. riders left the egg harbor township police department department and headed to lewes, delaware. on tuesday, they will bike to washington, d.c. to participate in national police week events. we have some fog out there, so those riders may be encountering the fog, especially south of us. delaware and points further south seeing that fog. we're seeing reduced visibility down to a quarter mile. that's your first weather headline on this sunday morning.
7:40 am
more fog this morning, more fog monday morning. it's warm it's humid, it's sticky and soupy as you head out this morning. very summerlike this morning and it will feel very summerlike this afternoon. relief this week, temperatures back into the 70s, closer to normal for this time of year. 67 right now in philadelphia. we have low clouds in place and we'll see them burning off the fog, burning off eventually this morning and we'll see some peeks of sunshine pearl sunny this afternoon. right now, lots of fog in place some fog, temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s at this point. 67 in philadelphia and 64 in atlantic city. areas of fog, not so much to the north and west doing pretty well here. visibility in lancaster is closer to philadelphia south and east three-quarter mile visibility in philadelphia a half-mile visibility in atlantic city. that's important when you're out driving this morning, use the low beams and call ahead if you're flying out this morning as well. here's a look at that fog kind of draping the stadium here and as we go out time we'll see
7:41 am
that fog dissipating and the sun returning. we're hild already. 67 in philadelphia 65 in lancaster. 64 in atlantic city. and 63 degrees right now in wildwood new jersey. temperatures, once that sun really gets going, we'll see temperatures by lunchtime, 80 degrees, by 1:00 81. so a warm afternoon. i think we'll top out around 84 later on this afternoon and even warmer monday and tuesday. tuesday, actually, right here 90 degrees. temperatures dropping back into the 60s tonight. we see that fog re-forming jofr night. but before that this afternoon, could see a few isolated showers, possibly a few thunderstorms with that daytime heating, that heat and humidity. there's the fog tomorrow morning. and a repeat performance on monday, with a chance of some showers and thunderstorms. today, that morning fog will burn off. 82 to 85. and then your seven-day forecast, we're warm over the next several days. monday, 86. tuesday, up to 88 degrees. but look at wednesday. a cold front comes through. it comes through relatively dry. and wednesday, we're going to
7:42 am
see that temperature dropping. 72 thursday lots of sunshine 70. looking beautiful to end the workweek, and just as nice to start out next week saturday partly sunny, 76. now to decision 2016. some republicans who have already announced or some who are likely to run for president tried to make their mark at the south carolina freedom summit this weekend. one of them was former pennsylvania u.s. senator, rick santorum. he criticized american foreign policy under president obama. >> we need someone who has experience that you can trust. and how do you trust them? by looking at their record. looking at someone who has stood up and fought. who opposed a previous president when he wanted to negotiate with iran. >> santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012 but mitt romney went on to win the gop nomination. santorum has said he will announce his 2016 plans on may
7:43 am
controversial canadian politician rob ford will have cancer surgery tomorrow. the former toronto mayor and current city councilman was diagnosed last year with a rare form of soft tissue cancer. he's had radiation and chemotherapy. now doctors will remove what's left of a tumor in his abdomen. this weekend, ford spoke about what he fears most. >> i just want to wake up. that's all i want to do is wake up. once i wake up from the surgery, then i can start dealing with it and fighting it and getting better. >> ford, in the past has admitted drug and alcohol abuse after his outrageous statements in public made headlines worldwide. next the state of the american mother. nbc's chuck today talks with a panel of women to find out what moms say they need most these days.
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sometimes it's just hard to tell mom how much she means to us. on this mother's day, nbc's harry smith shares with us what kids have to say to mom. >> reporter: diligent dutiful. the students in this second
7:47 am
grade class at the ascension school in manhattan are working on their mother's day project. >> i think of mom when i meet smart people. she is a lawyer so she must be really smart. >> i think of mom when i smell cooking. rice and beans is our favorite. >> i think of mom with love on mother's day. i love her very much. >> reporter: the real lesson this week what it means to be thoughtful. >> i love my mom, because she's always there for me. >> she keeps me safe and she's very caring. >> reporter: what we say, how we say it, especially on mother's day, really matters, for kids of any age, it's hard to find just the right words. >> this one says a mother is someone who can take the place of all others was whose place no one else can take. so, and that's her. >> reporter: and if your relationship with your mother is complicated -- >> i ended up with one, and this is what she would say, you know i don't give a rat's [ bleep ] if you don't want to eat those
7:48 am
peas, you're going the eat those peas, and that's what the card says, and that's what she would say. >> reporter: back in the second grade class, the tone was more poetic. do you live your mom? >> so much. >> really? what do you think about when you think about your mom? >> well i think about planting a rose bud. >> why? >> because they're sweet like her. >> reporter: because we all wish we could be as eloquent as daniel, truth is most moms we know would be satisfied with this. >> happy mother's day, mom! >> reporter: harry smith, nbc news, new york. >> a mother's day to remember for one california family after a 6-year-old girl jumped into action when her mom suffered a medical emergency. madison nunez immediately called 911 when her mother went into a diabetic coma. paramedics treated mom at the scene and were able to revive her. >> i told them that my mom froze. >> for mother's day, i'm going
7:49 am
to be pretty much cherishing her. you know, she saved my life. >> one mother's day she definitely won't forget and she is doing okay. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 8:00. erica hill and willie geist join us live from new york for more what they're working on. back for day two, willie? >> yes, i am. >> i couldn't get enough. >> it's mother's day and i wanted to be here with my buddy, erica. >> we're keeping a close eye on tropical storm ana making landfall right now as more dangerous weather is expected to sweep across large parts of the country today, including some heavy snow out west. dylan's going to tell us what we need to know. >> and a big scare outside new york city when a transformer at a nuclear power plant caught fire. we'll be there. >> and sean hayes and his mama are proud mama's boys with a brand-new video celebrating all moms which means we needed to get in on the act.
7:50 am
and a big mother's day extravaganza planned oen the plaza. we'll pamper some moms who got branch and wrap up our special series, mom, i love you because with my special message to my mom. also this morning, combatting isis in america. that's going to be the focus of discussion on nbc's "meet the press," as terrorists start take advantage of social media and its reach to bring in new recruits. join us now for a preview of "meet the press" is moderator chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> chuck, this week, military bases around the country increased security because of the ever-growing threat of terror here at home from groups like isis which are using social media to bring more people in. is this just the beginning of increased vigilance? what's going on? >> it's not just vigilance. you have the fbi director which was purposefully going public and sounding the alarm. what happened in texas is something he is now worried is
7:51 am
going to basically increase and increase in a hurry. the fbi has investigations open in every single state in the union right now, on people that they're concerned could become activated lone wolves. and in fact the fbi director believes we should stop distinguishing between an isis-directed or an isis-inspired attack at this point. and frankly, when you think about it tracking these folks, the resources to do it the fbi has got to take them all seriously, but that sucks up a lot of human resources. the question is okay is there a better way to do a social media campaign on our own here in the united states to push back? of course, we've tried it for four or five years, it hasn't worked and that's going to be the discussion we have this morning. what can we do on this front to stop the recruitment process? >> also today, chuck, on this mother's day, you'll be taking a closer look at the state of mother oodhood in this country. what have you learn eded? >> we'll take a serious look
7:52 am
particularly how tough it is to be a working mother in this country compared to the other industrialized nations. the united states ranks last in things like paid maternity leave and support for child care early on. and is this -- you think things like, we've got this glass ceiling and this thing with equal pay, how far of it might go back to the root here, of just how hard it is to start motherhood and whether the u.s. needs to change its policies oop i've got the ceo of deloitte a working mother a teacher, also a working mother and maria shriver, who's done a lot of study on this a working mother herself as well to discuss these issues and should this get forced on to the presidential agenda and presidential campaign agenda in the coming months. >> chuck todd moderator of "meet the press," thank you, chuck. see you in a short while later on this morning. >> sounds good thanks. >> you can hear more about state of the american mother on "meet the press" at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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the 77th annual aberdeen dad vail regatta is now history. thousands of collegiate rowers competed on the schuylkill river in fairmount park yesterday. friends, family and spectators lined the banks of the river to cheer them on. drexel won the men's competition. bucknell and the university of massachusetts tied for first place in the women's category.
7:56 am
today, you have another chance to check out the millville wings and wheels air show. this was video from yesterday's performance. the event features the united states air force thunderbird. gates open at 10:00 this morning at the millville airport and the show starts around noon. and of course, we couldn't leave you this morning without officially saying happy mother's day to all of the moms who are watching. happy mother's day to you, michelle. >> thank you. >> we did want to share with you some pictures of our moms. i've got two pics. this is my mom and me. yes, i was a blond when i was really a baby. and then the second picture is actually from within the past year this is me my mom, and my future mother-in-law, jane cross. we were watching a bridal show. >> oh, fun! >> yeah! >> i'm getting married in october, of course.
7:57 am
and missing from these pictures is my twin brother, who i'm sure is wishing my mother a happy mother's day. in your pictures you have your twin with you. >> i do i have my two other sisters, corrine, megan, stacy, myself, my mom. we're missing my brother, but it was at a shower he happily missed that shower. >> one of five? >> i'm the baby well the twins are the baby. weather wise looking really good for mother's day, not bad at all. look a lot like yesterday. the clouds and fog in place. you can see it from the live shot here. that's going to be gray and burn off and take a little time. that will be warm 84 degrees. could see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. most of us will keep i dry today. monday, same story 86. warmer on tuesday, 88. that's going to feel super summerlike. relief in the forecast 72 and 70s for the rest of the weak. >> that's going to do it for us this morning. michelle and i will see you right back here at 9:00.
7:58 am
have a good one can happy mother's day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. deadly ambush. two police officers gunned down in mississippi. left to die as one of the suspects makes a getaway in their cruiser triggering a manhunt overnight. ana arrives. the early season tropical storm making landfall slamming the carolinas. drenching rains, potentially deadly waves. while in the plains dozens of twisters touch down killing at least one person and the rockies buried in heavy spring snow this morning with more dangerous storms in the forecast today. unhappy entourage. actor jeremy piven lashing out on twitter claiming he and his fellow air passengers were all being held hostage. a seven-hour nightmare on the tarmac and at the airport. and cel


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