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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  May 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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iladelphia. down to 1/2 mile in millville and wild wood. thick fog along the coast will be easing as the day goes on. temperatures, even though we're getting a warm start will go warmer this afternoon. by 1:00, 79 degrees. that's when we'll be watching for scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm later this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now let's get a look at the first alert traffic report. jessica boyington. >> thank you bill. good morning, everyone. out on the schuylkill expressway no fog. right around gla dp agladwyn. no road work or construction to watch out for. parkwood though there is a closure here. police activity on the scene of woodhaven road and byberry road due to a downed pole and wires taking out part of the roadway. take academy road to get by the scene. we'll update you on the cleanup. head out the door in new jersey.
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walt whitman bridge this morning northbound from 55 up to that spot still only a 5-minute trip. the same if you're headed southbound. speaking of area bridges, we just looked at the walt whitman bridge coming off of 42. no problems on the betsy and clear on the ben franklin bridges except for the right hand lane being lost. we'll check in with 95 and some times coming up in 10. >> breaking news in mercer county where crews appear to have control of an apartment complex fire in east windsor. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live on the scene. matt, what have you learned and what's happening now? >> well tracy, within the past few minutes we've seen some of the firefighters go up there with chain saws and get through the roof of this building. i'm going to get out of the way. we have not seen any flare-ups for an hour now. you'll see there's a lot of firefighter activity. the firefighters are rolling up some of the hoses you see on the front lawn of this apartment complex. this is the windsor castle
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apartment. this is on devonshire drive in east windsor mercer county. this started a little after 2:00 this morning. some of the witnesses out here some of the neighbors i've been talking with say there was very heavy flame, very heavy smoke coming from this building. you're looking at some cell phone video taken by one of the witnesses out here. you can see just how intense this was. the first store, second floor and even through the roof here this is a two-story apartment building. it's a row apartment. about 16 of them in one building. there are a lot of apartments in this area out here. some of them had to be evacuated as well. i talked with one of those guys out here. even though he had to wake up very early he was sleeping when all of this happened he came out and decided he was going to help these people out. take a listen. >> well one of my buddies, she lost everything. so we brought water, socks, sandals, anything to put on their feet because, you know it sucks to see somebody misplaced.
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lucky -- you've also got to be lucky it wasn't you in the first place as well. >> reporter: right now you're taking another live look out here. you can see one of the second floor windows out here we see some of the fire investigators in there with flashlights. might be aible to see some of those flashlights in there right now. we've seen a lot of these investigators going in and out within the past 30 minutes or so just reelingly trying to figure out how this fire started. now we're going to try to figure out what caused this in the first place. one of the witnesses out here told me they saw a man jump from a second floor window out here. still working on reports of confirmed injuries out here. one of the witnesses also told me that he saw a firefighter that was taken over just to be checked out and within the past 30 minutes we showed you on "nbc 10 news" they even have a canteen unit to help some of these emts and firefighters out here. some of them are being checked out because of the intensity of this one this early morning.
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i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." in delaware county police are looking for suspects m a caught on camera street brawl that led to gunfire. show you cell phone video from 3rd and greenway in darby borough yesterday where a group fight broke out. both men and women were involved in this fight. some people had bats. one person was caught on tape pulling out a gun. witness witnesses said they heard several shots. to one was hit. bullets hit an area home. >> the neighborhood definitely come down but for it to actually affect my house directly is very scary. someone could have been in there. >> i can say they were very stupid. this is moronic. they're morons. >> police are now reviewing the video and trying to track down the people that are involved. it's 5:34. an autopsy is scheduled today on the body of a 1-year-old allentown boy who died after his mom threw him off a bridge into the lehigh river. zymere perry died on saturday.
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the mother is charged with attempted homicide. the charges may now be updated. today prosecutors will present more evidence on a philadelphia who killed a pediatrician. jason smith confessed to killing dr. melissa ketunuti after she complained about his work as an exterminator. he strangled her in her home and set her body on fire. last week the lawyer argued to throw out the confession but the judge refused. the jury resumes deliberations in the corruption trial of six former narcotics officers. the defendants are accused of stealing more than 400,000 durgs drug raids, planting evidence and roughing up suspects. jurors have been reviewing testimony since thursday. today pennsylvania state lawmakers will introduce a bill to increase funding for bridges
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owned by municipalities. they'll review the bipartisan proposal at a bridge in narbrorugh. as a whole, the state of pennsylvania leads the nation in structurally deficient bridges. today leaders in new jersey are expected to announce legislation with the goal of stopping online ammunition sales. representatives bonnie watson coleman will join antigun violence advocates and other officials in trenton. they will introduce the stop online ammunition sales act of 2015. the bill will require gun dealers to sell ammo to verify a buyer's identity through a photo i.d. fewer firefighters. why are they having such a hard time attracting members? plus the bad airport experience in philadelphia that's prompting one lawmaker to demand change everywhere. bill? >> a steamy foggy misty start this morning.
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we are just shy of the 70 degree mark, and it's going to turn warmer this afternoon. you may want to grab an umbrella if you're headed out the door. show you what's happening hour by hour with future weather when we come back. a part of what standardized tests don't measure, very frankly they don't measure the diligence, the potential
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passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance. is that a real measure of ability and intelligence? what you can do in one minute on a problem? get out of here.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> look at the clouds over center city. a little misty outside and warm. unusually warm. we should be in the low 50s at this hour this time of year. 70 degrees right now. that's close to the normal high which is 72. we're watching wet weather to the south. no more tropical storm, just a depression. look at the heavy rainfall off the carolina coast. some of that moisture coming at us as we go through the day. there will be some breaks in the
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cloud. we'll get some sunshine. this afternoon we'll be watching for some showers and possibly thunderstorms north and west. that's 11:00 in the morning. not much going on. updated information, just some spotty showers at 2:00. as we go into the later afternoon, there is a change on the way. a big change this week. soechb day forecast when i come back in 10. 5:40 this monday morning. as you're headed out the door for the work week want to help you out. >> jessica boyington can help you out with your ride to work. >> i'm just getting word of an overturned vehicle, a truck right around the 42 freeway. we'll have updates for you in the coming minutes. for now we're getting word it's blocking out the two right hand lanes. 95 starting to see volume in the southbound lanes around gerrard avenue. drive times still free and in
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the clear. green lights here. 13 minutes headed southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. starting to pick up in a little bit of volume. parkwood dealing with a closure for the intersection of woodhaven road and byberry road. police activity on the scene. take academy road to get by that. rally for peace featuring a legendary music star. we'll show you show prince spent mother's day and we'll tell you what it meant to the city. more severe weather roughs up the midwest. we'll show you where some of the worst weather happened.
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military bases around the country have stepped up security this morning in the wake of an isis-inspired attack in texas last weekend. this is the first time since the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that the pentagon raised military levels at bases. two isis-inspired gunmen were shot and killed in a failed terrorist attack. right now they can't agree on how to manage home grown a being at thats. they're asked to review their lists to decide if the right people are being tracked. a new report from baltimore
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says thousands of prisoners needed medical attention and were turned away from the city jail when they were arrested. between june of 2012 and this year they refused to detain 2600 detainees. meantime legendary pop star prince held a rally for peace in baltimore as a tribute to gray. during the concert prince debuted a song which he wrote called "baltimore" which addresses the unrest in the city. at one point the singer called on the city's youth to fix a broken system and help unite a divided city. >> i think he can bring the people together. i think that he can bring hope to a community who has lost hope and i do believe that by coming and purchasing tickets for a well deserving community will bring back hope. >> some of the proceeds go to
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baltimore based youth charity. a report by the "nbc 10" investigators shows a dwindling number of volunteer firefighters in pennsylvania. the state fire commissioner says 20 years ago there were 6 firefighters for every 1 today. the departments "nbc 10" talked with said younger people aren't signing up because it takes a long time to become a firefighter. volunteers face 180 hours of training they have to pay for themselves. the fire commissioner said with fewer volunteers there is more concern for public safety. >> you know it means that sometimes when the wristle blows or the tones drop or the call goes out for help it may go unanswered. >> the "nbc 10" investigators found seven states addressing the issue of fewer volunteers including delaware which encourages volunteer firefighters with tax breaks. in pennsylvania that disappeared six years ago. the chairman of the state's emergency services committee wants to reward volunteer
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firefighters for their service by paying for college similar to the military's gi bill. today crews will work to stop oil from flooding into the hudson bay. they're trying to clean up the transformer fluid that leaked into the water at the indian plant point north of new york city. that will take a day or two. there was a fire and a transformer failed. they're looking into how much damage there is. some lehigh valley residents are raising money for the victims of a cement plant explosion explosion. the explosion blew out windows in downtown allentown and could be hefrd as far away as camden. new york center chuck schumer is demanding changes at airports nationwide after more than 200 passengers were stuck in philadelphia following an overseas flight.
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the passengers were headed to jfk from london. happened friday night. they were diverted to philadelphia because of fog. once here crews held them on the tarmac for three hours and then when they finally got off the plane and got to the terminal, pass sentencesstences -- passengers learned they had to sleep in the terminal until 5:00 a.m. >> people had to sleep in the airport because a couple of customs people weren't there doesn't make sense. it has to change. i'll be asking customs to do that. >> british airways issued an apology. they bussed some passengers into new york. today some south dakota residents are waiting for the green light to return home after a weekend tornado. here's a look at the damage left behind in delmont. nine people were injured but they're all out of the hospital this morning. two dozen homes were destroyed. meanwhile, in iowa a high school was ripped apart by this
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tornado. video shows the exact moment when the wind tore the roof off. more than 100 people were in the school attending an awards ceremony. they were rushed to the basement to seek shelter before the tornado hit. >> a tornado was caught on video as it touched down in texas. it stayed on the ground long enough to cause minor damage to buildings there. tropical storm ana was downgraded to a tropical depression after losing strength. this video shows rough surf and rain and wind as ana came ashore. now your first alert weather forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> there's a lot of moisture. feeling some of it today. clouds over center city. a live view from the "nbc 10" studios. a warm start. 68 degrees in mount pocono.
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trenton is 69. dover about to get some sunshine before clouds return with a chance of showers. same story in the pocono mountains. view from lake walenpaupac. there is a chance of an afternoon shower. we'll see spots this afternoon. you can see the low cloudiness showing up nicely on the satellite imagery. dover is in the clear right now. there are more clouds just to the south and with those clouds will come the chance of some afternoon showers. be pretty quiet this morning. misty and foggy and cloudy for much of the area. the fog will disappear and then we will get some sunshine. look at the temperatures. 80s yesterday. 84 degrees. same territory this afternoon with some spotty afternoon showers. tomorrow even hotter. first 90 of the year is possible tomorrow afternoon. 90 degrees. we'll see clouds sunshine and a slight chance of a shower on tuesday. then the heat the humidity the clouds take a break wednesday.
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look at that. doesn't that look nice. 69 degrees wednesday, thursday and friday with readings in the 70s. 70s this weekend but there's a chance of showers and thunderstorm saturday and sunday. >> 9 minutes before 6:00 right now. let's get you to work on this monday morning. >> jessica boyington is monitoring all of our traffic for us. hey, jess. >> hi, guys. good morning, everyone. vine street expressway around 24th street definitely good news here. drive times under 5:00 headed west bound or eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. no crews working here. we are losing the right hand shoulder on the east and westbound side. we do have word of an overturned vehicle on 295 northbound around the 42 freeway out in bellmawr. that's taking out the two right hand lanes. there's a major delay behind the merge as well. we'll keep you updated on that accident as well. out on the pa turnpike drive
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times, no problems here as well headed westbound from route 1 to valley forge at 21 minutes. 21 minutes headed eastbound. we'll check in with mass transit coming up in ten, vai. >> thank you jessica. urgent search for five animals stolen from the zoo. baby goats, kangaroo ripped from its mother's pouch. missing from a zoo in wisconsin and why time is of the essence to find them. happy mother's day! >> and you'll meet a philadelphia mom who had more than a doeszen reasons to celebrate mother's day.
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five minutes before 6:00. changing the way you commute to work could help you drop a few pounds. it seems obvious. those who switch to a more active commute lost an average of two pounds or more. those who drove to work had an average two pound weight gain. driving to work doesn't cause a weight gain but encouraged people to embrace a more active lifestyle. time is running out for police in green bay, wisconsin,
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to find five baby animals stolen from a zoo. four goats and one baby kangaroo are too young to survive without their mothers. the 19 year zoo veteran says this is the first time she's experienced something like this. the baby kangaroo was injured when the robber ripped the baby kangaroo from the mother's pouch. students are gearing up for an international competition. the odyssey of the mind team has been hard at work. they're getting ready for the world competition in michigan that challenges students to solve problems from engineering to interpreting literary classics. >> because it's just a great opportunity to be able to meet people who do or don't have something in common with you and come together to make something truly amazing that you're proud of. >> the team is trying to r.r $2500. a south jersey man said the
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power of prayer helped keep him alive. michael law's heart was replaced with an artificial one. he went to sunday mass since the first time since his surgery. he's hooked up to a special machine while he waits for a heart transplant. >> this week has been tremendous. i've been adjusting to hospital life from home life very well. the transition was flawless. >> law left the hospital. the universeity of pennsylvania last week. he hopes to rejoin the jazz group where he plays drums. happy mother's day! >> ah mother's day was extra special for cherie dunn of oxford circle. yesterday ms. dunn celebrated with her 11 kids at a family barbecue. the children range in age from 7 to 31. dunn has eight grandkids. their names all begin with the letter j. >> we've got yosef, janine
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jacob, james, jessica, jasper johnny joanne, jerica jerry, and javon. >> like roll call at the von trapps. dunn admits she calls her kids by the wrong name but having such a big brood keeps her young. the parkway was filled with pink. this was the 25th year for the susan g. comb man foundation run. >> all of these women out here supporting one another with their diseases and their children and their husband and their families is just a wonderful thing. >> susan g. komen has invested more than $2.5 billion in breast cancer research. community health outreach and
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programs in more than 30 countries. that's a great showing yesterday. >> count yourself among the hundreds of thousands who are now survivors. >> we say thank you. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. "nbc 10" breaking news. >> here's the breaking news we're following for you this morning. look at this video, flames raced through a mercer county apartment building. we are live on the scene talking to neighbors as firefighters are keeping a close watch for any flare-ups. a street fight breaks out in delaware county. what began with fists and bats ended with gunfire. and it's going to be a foggy muggy morning. by the afternoon we could get some rain. we'll get you details. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> am' vai sikahema. it is warm and muggy. let's get right to "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist, bill henley. >> good morning, vai. welcome to miami.
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>> right. >> philadelphia should be in the 50s. we're close to 70 degrees right now. look at south philadelphia. the ballpark has clouds overhead. low cloudiness and humidity. there is fog at cape may and 61 degrees. meantime, 71. the normal high temperature is 72 degrees. we're close to that this morning. fog thickest at the shore. down to quarter mile visibility in wildwood. while it's low cloudiness over the city and temperatures starting off warm but going even warmer. breaks of sunshine at 11:00. going into the afternoon, spotty showers along with the warmup back into the 80s today mp go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. now first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> good morning, bill. starting things off on the schuylkill expressway where we still don't have any problems. approaching


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