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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  May 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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miami. >> right. >> philadelphia should be in the 50s. we're close to 70 degrees right now. look at south philadelphia. the ballpark has clouds overhead. low cloudiness and humidity. there is fog at cape may and 61 degrees. meantime, 71. the normal high temperature is 72 degrees. we're close to that this morning. fog thickest at the shore. down to quarter mile visibility in wildwood. while it's low cloudiness over the city and temperatures starting off warm but going even warmer. breaks of sunshine at 11:00. going into the afternoon, spotty showers along with the warmup back into the 80s today mp go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. now first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> good morning, bill. starting things off on the schuylkill expressway where we still don't have any problems. approaching the vine street
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expressway, you can see traffic moving along nicely. 12 minutes headed eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. still dealing with an accident scene, overturned vehicle on 295 in bellmawr new jersey. right around the 42 freeway. major backups there with two lanes being lost on the right-hand side as well as backup on the 42 freeway approaching 295 on that scene as well. we'll keep you updated on the cleanup and backup. out in parkwood dealing with an intersection closure from woodhaven road and byberry road due to downed wires. police activity on the scene. take academy road to get on by. we're going check in with mass transit coming up in ten. vai. >> thank you jessica. we've been following breaking news throughout the morning in mercer county. that's where firefighters battled flames in an apartment complex in east winds sore. "nbc 10's" matt delucia has been live on the scene, specifically
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two hours. what's the latest at 6:00 a.m.? >> reporter: well vai, the fire is out. now the fire departments that are out here. they are starting to clean up. a lot of firefighters are still here but they're starting to roll up the hoses. this is on devonshire drive. take a look at cell phone video from one of the neighbors out here who was out here early this morning. you can see how intense this fire was. very, very intense flames coming from the first and second floor and up and through the roof. now it's a two-story apartment complex. we see about 16 units on this one building. so a lot of people displaced. we have heard reports of injuries. one witness told me they saw somebody jumping out of the second floor window. also saw a firefighter getting treated for an injury as well but some of the people out here they say this was just really intense. take a listen to what one of
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those neighbors had to say when he was woken up by this. we were sleeping about 2:30 in the morning. i heard a lady screaming help help, help. i saw a cop running in front of the building. i saw the fire in this beginning building here. we heard the windows popping and then the whole roof just went up in flames. >> reporter: some of the neighbors said they've never seen anything quite like they've seen out here. there are apartments all around this area. several of the neighbors had to be displaced. they were evacuated as a result. in the past ten minutes i saw the red cross pull up out here and take some of these residents from a holding area out here. some of the residents were here by another apartment complex and they were brought over to get some of that assistance, to get some food and to possibly get
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some of that shelter if they of course need it. just taking a look at this apartment complex right now, just a lot of damage out here. it gutted this one in particular here, these four units. first and second floor, gutted right up and through the roof. trying to get some more information, number of total people displaced and total injuries. we'll be back again in another 30 minutes. live in east windsor, mercer county, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." new from overnight, a family chased a would-be robber out of their northeast philadelphia home. police arrested the suspect after they say he entered the home on duncan street in frankfurt. he was armed with a weapon when the homeowners chased him out. no one was hurt. it is 6:04. prosecutors will present more evidence in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a philadelphia pediatrician. jason smith is accused of strangling the doctor and setting her body on fire in to 13 inside her home.
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smith confessed to strangling dr. melissa kentunuti in a fit of rage after she complained about his work. the judge allowed prosecutors to show graphic photos of the scene of the crime. the jury resumes deliberations in the federal corruption trial of six former philadelphia narcotics officers. the deftsd are accused of stealing in total more than $400,000 during drug raids, planting evidence and roughing up drug suspects. jurors have been reviewing testimony since thursday. and philadelphia police are investigating two separate shootings involving several teenagers. emergency crews took three victims to the hospital after gunfire broke out near south street early yesterday morning. two teens were hit in the legs. when police responded to that scene another teenager was shot around the corner on bainbridge street. >> it's sad. it's not -- it shouldn't happen.
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it shouldn't. you should be able to walk downie street in your neighborhood and be safe. >> at last check all three victims were listed in stable condition. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live at borough police headquarters. jesse, i know you talked to borough police. what can you tell us? >> reporter: tracy, trying to get more updated information about the search for the man with the gun who fired those shots. just talked to police. they're trying to get that information. i hope to have it for you in the next couple of minutes. while we're waiting for that you have to come to your tv. stop what you're doing and take a look. this is the back story that prompted the police for the search for the armed man. a neighbor with a cell phone records adults behaving badly late sunday evening leading men and women to use bats in the a battle roy aisle at 3rd and green way. it escalates when a man pulls a gun and squeezes off shots.
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>> some of my neighbors came out. we grabbed the children and took them in the house. >> reporter: no one was hit but the bullet hit key anna pittman's house. someone could have been in there. >> reporter: borough police arrested 30 people. the gunman is still on the loose. >> i've never seen this many shootings. they're not related. people are carrying guns. >> reporter: the chief calls this moronic. the person who used a cell to record the video, the crowd ultimately turned on that person and attacked them. that's when the recording ends. i'll let you know if we get that updated information from police coming up in the next hour. live outside borough headquarters in darby borough, jesse gary "nbc 10 news.."
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now your "nbc 10" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a steamy start this morning and foggy, too, for much of the area at the shore. this is the view from margate. margate is not alone with the thick fog. low clouds and misty conditions in philadelphia. the fog is thickest at the shore. the mist fog will ends. there's a chance of afternoon shower as we go into the 80s today. tomorrow looks like 90 degrees turning hot for tomorrow. but it will not last through the week. right now 66 in doylestown philadelphia cloudy and 70 and millville seeing fog at 64 4645 degrees. showers popping up this afternoon. not widespread but there is plenty of moisture and more on the way. no longer a tropical storm, a tropical depression with 50-mile-an-hour winds. during the day today clouds sunshine and a chance of an
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afternoon shower or thunderstorm in some spots. not everybody's going to see it. 80s for allentown, quaker town. 80s this afternoon. the fog will ease at the shore. then there's just a chance of a pop-up shower. most of the day it will be dry for rehoboth atlantic city and dover. temps in the 70s. breaks of sunshine in west chester, swedesboro and dover. afternoon showers maybe the first to get them during the day today. 7 day forecast with changes ahead when i'm back in ten minutes. just about 6:10. that shot of margate, the ones we saw of cape may looks like london, england, so foggy. >> crazy fog. what else will you face? let's find out with jessica. >> thank you, tracy. twitter, we'll have a check
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for @septa. they're saying the route 40 bus stop located at 5th and lombard is currently discontinued for the next two weeks due to road paving. plan your trip accordingly and find alternate routes. cottman avenue starting to see jams in the southbound lane. this is generally where it starts to pack in a little bit of a punch. 17 minutes. through the work zone as well we're lose that go right hand shoulder but all lanes still getting by. a little bit slower than they normally are. in bellmawr new jersey overturned vehicle on 295 around the 42 freeway taking out the two right hand lanes. there's a downed pole and wires in the area so take academy road to get by the scene in parkway. 6:10. the midwest gets hid with nasty weather and tornadoes and dangerous floods leave some people without power and others
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stranded. starbucks is making a major change because of the drought in california, and that change will benefit pennsylvania.
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take a look at this flooding in north texas. days of relentless rain flooded out homes and swept away cars over the weekend. here in crumb the national guard was called to air lift residents who were trapped in their homes. a storm chaser captured this video in iowa. the powerful winds ripped the roof off a school. more than 100 people were in the school attending an awards ceremony. they were rushed into the basement to seek shelter before the tornado hit. meantime, the tornado in south
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dakota injured nine people sunday morning. it wiped out 2 dozen homes. the town is still without power or water. all the residents have been evacuated as crews check out the damage and clear debris. today crews will continue working to stop oil from flowing into the hudson river in new york. new york's governor says emergency crews are trying to clean up the transformer fluid that leaked into the water at the indian point plant north of new york city. it's expected to take a day or two. there was a fire at the plant yesterday evening when the transformer failed. inspectors are looking into how much damage there is. and today pennsylvania state lawmakers will unveil a bill to increase funding for bridges owned by counties and municipalities. senator bob casey will unveil the bipartisan proposal montgomery county. it's one of the off system bridges officials say are chronically underfunded. as a whole pennsylvania leads the nation in structurally
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deficient bridges. leaders in new jersey are expected to announce legislation with the goal of stopping online ammunition sales. representative bonnie watson coleman will join antigun violence advocates and other officials in trenton. they will introduce the stop online ammunition act of 2015. the bill will require gun dealers who sell ammo to identify a buyer's identity through a photo i.d. a minneapolis police officer and his son are dead after his other son shot and killed them both over the weekend. investigators say the officer's son called police from a gas station and turned himself in. police found the two bodies at the officer's home in the basement after they got a call from a man in the home saying he had been shot. investigators are not looking for additional suspects. they say this is likely domestic. no word on why the officer's son committed the crimes though. a virginia company is recalling packages of sprouts because of possible listeria
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contamination. good seed issued the recall for its soy bean sprouts and mong bean sprouts. as a precaution sprouts are distributed to stores in new jersey but no other states in our area. listeria can cause serious illness and sometimes even death. starbucks is taking steps to ease the impact of the drought in california. the coffee chain says it will stop producing ethos water in california and will now move the operation to pennsylvania. the move comes after some people in california voiced concerns over the impact of bottled water plants on water supplies during the drought. 6:17. let's get you to work on this monday morning. see what the roads look like. >> here's jessica boyington monitoring all of our cameras traffic wise. >> thank you, vai. we're on 422 around trooper road where you can see eastbound delay. average of the drive times from 29 up to the schuylkill isn't
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being effected. 9 minutes and 20 miles an hour. slow at trooper road. no problems headed westbound at all. out in new jersey out in bellmawr we are dealing with an overturned truck on 295 northbound around the 42 freeway taking out the two right hand lanes. slow going by that scene and also slow and a slight backup on the 42 freeway headed towards that scene as well. now if you're following on twitter @septa the route 40 bus stop located at smith and lumbar is disrupted for two weeks due to paving. we're going to have more drive times for you coming up in 10. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with metrologist bill henley. >> almost 20 minutes after 6:00 and most of the area can give their sunglasses a break, at least to begin today. low clouds and a little bit misty in center city. right now 70 degrees. it never got cool overnight.
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we'll be back in the 80s this afternoon. fog will be easing. in fact, conditions improving a little bit already, just a little bit. look at the mist building up on the lens though. this is a view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the fog will thin out at the shore. not bad in philadelphia. lots of low clouds and a little misty in trenton, philadelphia 10 mile visibility. dense fog, visibility down to 1/4 mile. improving in atlantic city 2 mile visibility. there will be clouds building during the day. you can see the low cloudiness that we have to started with. breaks in the clouds just the south over southern and central delaware. this afternoon clouds will be back and we'll watch the radar screen. some pop-up showers and a possibility of a thunderstorm today. not all day rainfall for sure though. the fog will not be all day earth. that will clear.
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we'll see some breaks of sunshine and then scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm. the showers will be light. if we get a thunderstorm could see some heavier downpours. 80s today but may not want to see this just yet. 90 degrees possibly tomorrow. cooldown. wind picks up humidity moves out. sunshine is back. wednesday looks beautiful. sthurs thursday and friday look beautiful. it's 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. the threat of home grown terror is real. now federal officials r trying to figure out how to keep you safe. flight trouble in philadelphia could spark a nationwide change to airports.
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in bucks county a family managed to escape this fire. they shot the video along
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meridian drive early yesterday morning. no one was seriously hurt. officials are looking for a cause. the deadly bicycle crash from over the weekend involving a philadelphia filmmaker remains under investigation. investigators say 26-year-old temp grad jay mullham was leaving the movies when his bicycle collided with a car at the corner of ridge. he died three hours later at the hospital. and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. as we start things off right now looking live on the schuylkill expressway, right around city avenue. these are the westbound lanes headed slow towards the king of prussia area. now we are just getting word of an accident montgomery county in upper dublin. bethlehem pike and west pennsylvania avenue. now another incident we've been following all morning out in parkwood on woodhaven road and byberry road.
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police activity on the scene. take academy road to get on by. i'm watching some of the jams in our cameras here. i'm going to tell you where the jams are coming up in just five minutes. for now we're going to take a look at the center city camera with meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning, jessica. clouds hanging over the city. cloudy start and foggy in some spots. a little bit of mist too. fog will clear. the temps will be climbing with some breaks of sunshine. look at the start we're getting. 66 in doylestown, wilmington 76. south philadelphia is at 70 degrees. flames take over an apartment building. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is in mercer county with the latest for us this morning. matt. >> reporter: vai, the fire is out. now the investigation begins. coming up after the break, we're going to hear from one of the many people, dozens, who were displaced as a result of this fast-moving fire in east windsor.
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>> reporter: and a mother who threw her infant son over an allentown bridge into the water below appears in court today. i'm katy zachry. i'll explain why she could face even harsher penalties than before. >> you've got to be air lifted because there's no other way to get to you. it's scary. >> homes and cars gone but lives are saved. we have dramatic video that shows the coast guard pulling potential victims to safety.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. take a look at this cell phone video. this is an apartment fire in mercer county before firefighters got there. the fire is out right now. the investigation is just beginning. fog and showers, that's what we have to look forward to today. well, right now there's fog down the shore. a little bit here in center city. and by the afternoon, we should see some showers.
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good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the fog and showers with meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. bill? >> you have to wait to see the scattered showers. just a chance popping up. not everybody is going to see them. not everybody is going to get the dense fog that the shore is dealing with. low clouds over the city looking towards camden. low cloudiness will thin out. we'll see some breaks of sunshine. then it's back into the 80s this afternoon. the fog, the worst of it is in south jersey. right now, quarter mile visibility. dense fog for millville and for wild wood. many points right along the coast seeing the fog. low clouds. little bit misty. center city 71 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, should see some breaks of sunshine. then there's a chance we'll see some pop-up showers by the afternoon. southerly winds at 13 miles an hour. 2:00 helping to push our temperatures into the low 80s. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with forecasts when i come back in ten minutes.
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right now let's get you caught up on your first alert traffic with jessica boyington. >> good morning, bill. we're dealing with some small delays for septa for the next two weeks if you're following on twitter @septa the route 40 bus stop is located at 5th and lombard is currently discontinued for the next two weeks due to some paving. that might cause you to rearrange your trip in the morning. starting to see some major jams on 95 at gerrard avenue on the southbound side. southbound lanes in here. moving along okay. 26 minutes now headed southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. we have reports of a sinkhole out in norris town in decalb pike. still following a closure out in parkwood on woodhaven road and byberry road due to downed poles and wires. take academy road to get by that scene as well. we're also dealing with some ongoing construction out on the ben franklin bridge headed
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westbound into philadelphia blocking out the right hand lane. we'll check in with the area bridges coming up in 10. >> 6:32. following breaking news in kensington. crews are battling a fire at a building on kensington avenue with store front and on the bottom floor and homes above them. started in the past 15 minutes. smoke possibly people trapped inside. crews on the way and we'll bring you calls and a live picture as soon as we get it. following breaking news out of mercer county where firefighters have taken control of an apartment complex fire. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live on the scene in east windsor. matt bring us up to speed. >> reporter: tracy, a couple of minutes ago i spoke with the fire chief of the east windsor fire department. he tells me some updated information. i'm going to talk about that as i step out of the way. you can see the scene here, the fire department is starting to pack up and move out. there are two total injuries
6:33 am
one from a man who was in the second floor apartment here that was where the fire started. he jumped from that window. at this point the condition is still unknown. then there was also a firefighter who was injured, had an injury to his foot. that firefighter i'm told was taken to the hospital and was treated and released. the major situation out here is all the people who have been evacuated, the people who have been displaced. there are 16 units here. we have video from one of the witnesses out here who saw the fire. you see the intensity of it. a lot of flames. a lot of smoke. 16 units in this one row of 579s out here. we have a bottom floor and a top floor. at this point i'm told that eight units are destroyed, eight were able to be saved. they told me this was an intense scene. take a listen. >> knocked on my door they started evacuating everybody.
6:34 am
they proceeded to i guess ensure people's safety. >> reporter: so, again, two injuries total as a result of this early morning fire. started right before 2:30 this morning. this is the windsor castle apartments on devonshire drive here in east windsor. another live look out here. you can see that the fire department is starting to pack up. when we were live at 4:00 this morning, there was a lot of activity out here. we saw a lot of flare-ups but they have since died down. at this point the investigators are in there trying to figure out what started this fire. i am told at this point it is not suspicious but, again, a lot of people still out ever their homes this morning here in east windsor. reporting live matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." one person is dead and another in the hospital after a mother's day fire in sussex county. reynolds road in milford flames hit the house. this morning the state fire marshall's office is trying to figure out how this all started.
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crews found the victim dead inside this house. five others were hurt. all but one of them have been released from the hospital. we're told an elderly man remains in a burn unit. investigators have not released the name of the person who died but she was the mother of one of the residents of the home. happening today, charges may be upgraded against the allentown mother who threw her infant son off a bridge. the same day the coroner's office is expected to conduct an autopsy. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is outside the lehigh county courthouse with what we can expect. katy, this is such a disturbing story on the heels of mother's day. >> reporter: it is an incredibly sad story, vai. over the weekend this 1-year-old boy died from injuries related to when his mother threw him over an allentown bridge. he had been in the hospital in critical condition after police pulled him from the lehigh river and performed cpr. according to investigators his mother, 19-year-old janesha
6:36 am
perry pushed him halfway across the hamilton street bridge in a stroller, took him out, put him on the railing and kissed him before pushing him over the railing onto the water below. he fill 50 feet. her neighbors say she had been acting off leading up to this. >> two or three days ago i saw them right here on the stoop and she looked like she had a little issues. she was pacing like back and forth. she was having a conversation i guess with her baby daddy. >> reporter: now after she pushed her son over the railing, janesha perry jumped into the water herself. she was able to swim to shore. she was charged with attempted murder. we're expecting them up the charge now that her son passed away. reporting live katy zachry. 6:36. 69 degrees outside. north texas had its share of weather extreatments this weekmes
6:37 am
this weekend. in krum one family described the scary moments as they were air lifted out with a five-month-old baby. >> dropped the baby. within 30 minutes after she left we had three foot of water in the front yard. >> i was scared. coming down here to get her, all the roads being blocked off, it was scary. >> most families in the area won't be able to return home until later today. that's when they'll get a better idea of how much damage was caused by the flooding. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds amid some areas of fog. no rain. none just yet anyway. the fog is thickest at the shore. a misty morning for much of the area. the fog will disappear. the mist will come to an end then be watching for a chance of a shower. just a few scattered showers this afternoon and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. today into the 80s. tomorrow the heat is on. we'll be heating up to 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon.
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steam heat for sure. 67 degrees in doylestown. much warmer than normal. close to 20 degrees in philadelphia. 65 in millville getting dense fog. you can see the mist on the lens. this is the view from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. can't see beach avenue at all. can barely see the hotel outlined this morning. the fog will disappear. the radar might get active this afternoon as we're tracking some showers. no longer tropical storm, not just a tropical depression with 15 mile an hour winds and moisture. slowly moving to the north at 3 miles an hour. chance of showers popping up but most of the day will be dry for alan town reading, quaker town into the 80s today. 80s for doylestown mount holly. a slight chance of a pop-up at the shore. 70s for rehoboth and inland. 82 degrees. vineland 82 degrees. 80s from wilmington to swedes borrow into philadelphia with
6:39 am
some scattered showers possible today. the heat is on for tomorrow. the seven day forecast to show you what's ahead when i come back in ten. 6:39. let's give you an update on mass transit. an overturned vehicle in south jersey and increased volume. >> "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching it all for you. jessica. >> thank you, guys. a pick up in volume on our majors. one out in gloucester county. northbound exit 10 lower landing road. taking out a lane there. so as we head out to 95 around cottman avenue through the work zone you can see we're only dealing with losing that right hand shoulder due to that ongoing construction. slow going in the southbound lanes of 95 that typically jam up are showing their true colors. southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway, no real problems headed northbound. if we're out in norris town
6:40 am
dealing with a sinkhole on decalb street and east main street. use caution traveling through that area. what we're dealing with is a road closure in parkwood. these downed poles and wires in the area with police activity on the scene as well. you want to take academy road to get on by. as for the area bridges, no problems in terms of volume on the ben, the betsy, or the walt. we are dealing with ongoing construction where we lose one lane on the right-hand side headed westbound into philadelphia. vai. >> thank you, jessica. keeping communities safe is getting tougher in philadelphia. the disappearing group that could be putting neighborhoods at risk. and you come to expent greatct great plays at baseball games. this phillies fan made a great catch and stole the show.
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it's about quarter of 7:00. we've been following this breaking news in mercer county throughout the morning. cell phone video showing flames engulfing the windsor castle apartments in east windsor. the fire chief just told us one person was hurt when he jumped from a second floor window to escape this fire. one firefighter also hurt his foot. we have new information about the breaking news we're following in kensington. we've learned two people have been hurt following the fire on kensington avenue. this started within the past 30 minutes. the building has stores on the bottom floors of the street level and then apartments above them. we have crews on the scene. we'll bring you the information as soon as they arrive and establish a live picture for you. a report from the nbc 10 investigators shows a dwindling number of firefighters in pennsylvania. 20 years ago there were 6 volunteer firefighters for every 1 today. younger people aren't signing up because it takes longer now to
6:45 am
become a firefighter. volunteers face 180 hours of training that they have to pay for themselves. the chairman of the state's emergency services committee talked about his idea to boost recruitment. >> eventually if we don't address this issue they're going to pick up the phone and say we have to wait 1/2 hour for a crew to get out there and fire. if you join the pennsylvania national guard pennsylvania will pay for your college education. why shouldn't we do the same thing for people who volunteer to be firefighters in our state? >> "nbc 10" investigators have found that seven states encourage volunteers with tax breaks. in pennsylvania tax breaks disappeared six years ago. new york senator chuck schumer is demanding changes at airports nationwide. after more than 200 passengers who are stuck in philadelphia following an overseas flight. those passengers were headed to jfk from london friday night when they were diverted to philadelphia because of fog.
6:46 am
once here crews held them on the tarmac for three hours. and then when they finally got off the plane, the passengers learned they have to sleep in the terminal until customs agents arrived. >> people have to sleep in the philadelphia airport simply because a couple of customs people weren't there doesn't make sense. i'll be asking people to do that. >> british airways issued an apology. they bussed the passengers to work. >> legendary pop star prince held a rally for peace as a tribute to freddie gray. gray died from injuries he received while in police custody. prince debuted a song he wrote called "baltimore." the singer called on the city's youth to fix a broken system and help unite a divided city. there's a new report from baltimore that says thousands of prisoners needed medical attention and were turned be away from the city jail after
6:47 am
being arrested. according to the ""baltimore sun"" between june of 2012 and this year correctional officers refused to admit 2600 detainees. they needed medical attention first. baltimore police are under scrutiny for their treatment of detainees following the death of freddie gray last month. military bases have stepped up security this morning in the wake of an isis inspired attack this morning. this is the first time since the 10th anniversary raised security levels at military bases. two isis inspired gunmen were shot in a failed terrorist attack. right now officials aren't agreeing on how to manage home grown threats. they're asking officers to review the list of potential threats to see if the right people are being tracked. cuban president raul castro says he's considering returning to the catholic church after meeting with pope francis. castro thanked the pope for helping renew diplomatic
6:48 am
relations between the u.s. and cuba. pope francis will visit cuba before he comes to the u.s. and his stop in philadelphia. "nbc 10" is preparing for the pope and you can count on us bringing you that. well philly didn't win yesterday, but one fan was certainly a winner. >> yeah, that's because he made an unbelievable catch. check this out. this is mike. he's a dad who stole the show on mother's day. check this out. snagged a foul ball and he's got the baby strapped right in front of him. >> look at me! >> wow! his wife and mom melissa, seven month old colton just watching this all happen. >> you said that, hey, we're in foul ball country. would he have to see heads up when you came in. >> absolutely. we're right behind home plate here. we have to pay attention. no play is off. it paid off. i got my boy's first foul ball here. it was already a special day for
6:49 am
his first mother's day, first game. now we'll remember this. >> at least he gave the fans something to cheer about because the phillies lost to the mets 7-4. >> he's jumping up and down. >> colton appears no worse for the wear. let's head to new york for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show. >> good morning to both of you. >> hi guys. >> good morning to you. straight ahead on this show devastating tornadoes and storms across the south and midwest overnight. 57 people in the path of severe weather. our weather team has it covered. >> also ahead, when not if we have new developments on the deflategate scandal and what the nfl 3450i9 do to punish super bowl mvp tom brady. >> plus we are launching our series are we there yet. jet packs, robots. technology of the future but it's changing the world we live in right now. we'll have a glimpse into the future when we get started monday morning on "today."
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back to you. >> i think he's going to get four games, because the nfl have scheduled indianapolis and the patriots to play week five. they'll take this situation and make it huge. >> you see a lot of people think it's going to be two games, but that brings up a whole other set of issues. i'd say three is right in the middle there. >> good guess. we'll find out. thank you very much, guys. we'll see you in ten minutes. >> we'll see. >> see you in a bit. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> will the refs be suspended because they didn't catch the fnls were deflated? >> they should have known. >> clouds. low cloudiness over the city. you see there's no fog in that view looking across the delaware from the add vnventure aquarium. unusually warm and steamy and heading for the upper 70s in the pocono mountains. a few clouds over lake
6:51 am
walenpaupac. breaks of sunshine in philadelphia before a chance of showers. this is cape may. look at the rain drops. misty conditions on the lens on the view of the marquis de lafayette hotel. light fog now in coatsville. not a problem in northeast philadelphia. wilmington with 2 1/2 mile visibility. thickest fog is in millville down to 1/4 mile. right on the coast line it's thick as well. you can see the low cloudiness to start with. there is some sunshine in delaware. it's starting to break through in atlantic city after some fog first thing this morning. the fog will ease. we'll get some breaks of sunshine. back in the 80s this afternoon. a chance you'll need umbrellas, possibly a shower popping up today. it's the temperature that goes up tomorrow. 80s not enough? first of the year 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon after a morning low of 58 degrees. could see some spots of fog first thing in the morning tuesday. then we'll see the 90 disappear
6:52 am
much wednesday the wind picks up pushes the humidity, wind clouds out of here. 69 the high. into the 70s. nice weather thursday and friday. this weekend could see showers returning with temperatures in the 70s. >> just before 7:00 a.m. i'm sneaking a peak over jessica's shoulder on i-95. >> where is that jessica? >> yeah we're dealing with an accident scene on 95 around the blue route where we're losing two right hand lanes. part of the right hand shoulder. they have placed cones out in the area. ambulance on the scene. only two lanes getting by that scene of the accident. these are the northbound lanes around the blue route. backup behind that scene as well. 295 southbound on the opposite side having some really slow drive times as well. just under 1/2 hour if you're headed in that direction. now the schuylkill expressway drive times there doing poorly. starting to at least heading
6:53 am
eastbound from the blue route up towards the center city area. 23 minutes, 24 minutes headed that way from the blue route as well. slow going there. gloucester township. northbound around exit 10 which is lower landing row. losing a lane as well. still dealing with a sinkhole out in norris town taking out decalb street and east main street. use caution. flames rush through an apartment building, matt delucia is live on the scene. hi, matt.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
it's four minutes before 7:00. we have new information from breaking news in kensington. we have just learned that the fire on kensington avenue is under control. at least two people were hurt including a child. this fire started around 6:00 this morning. the building has stores on the bottom floors and apartments above. we do have crews on the way to the scene. we'll bring you a live update at 7:20 this morning. now to another fire we're following for you in mercer county. firefighters have taken control of that fire. an apartment complex fire. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live on the scene. matt? >> reporter: yeah tracy. investigators are now investigating. they're trying to figure out what started this fire. let me get out of the way. you can see the investigators on the roof of this building. windsor castle apartments. we also have video that was captured by a neighbor out here that started just before 2:30. 16 units affected. eight of which i'm told are destroyed. total of 20 people destroyed forced out of their home. they are being helped by the red
6:58 am
cross right now. we can come back live. we can show you the second story apartment here. this is where firefighters say a man jumped to try to get to safety. we're told he's in the hospital right now. no update on a condition. a firefighter also was injured, injured his foot. he was treated and released. at this point though the fire chief tells me this is not considered suspicious although again the investigates continues. live in east windsor mercer county, matt delucia "nbc 10 news." and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're dealing with an accident scene out on 95 right around the blue route taking out the two right hand lanes. part of that right hand shoulder. you can see they have blocked off the roadways with cones. there's an ambulance on the scene. police activity there. two lanes squeezing by. a backup behind the scene. as we take a look at the rest of the drive times, rush hour really in effect. 95 southbound from the woodhaven
6:59 am
road, 32 minute trip. 22 minutes headed into the center city area onto the schuylkill expressway. the blue route headed southbound from the schuylkill expressway to 95 a 26 minute trip there. still dealing with an accident out on gloucester township on the 42 freeway northbound. lower landing road. be prepared to squeeze on by to the left-hand side. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> fog and mist but not in the pocono mountains. got some sunshine over lake wall len paw pack. foggy view from cape may there. >> oh, gosh. >> quarter mile visibility in parts of south jersey right along the coast of cape may. millville is seeing that thick, thick fog as well. temperatures freakishly warm this morning. 70 degrees. we should be in the low 50s. 71 degrees in northeast philadelphia. that's close to our normal high for this time of year. we'll be warming into the 80s today. watch out for an afternoon shower. >> freakish.
7:00 am
"today" show is up next. we'll have local updates in the next 25 minutes. >> you can always get updates with the "nbc 10 news" app. thanks for watching. have a great day. . zboorng. breaking overnight. a tornado rips through texas injuring at least 20 people. two people killed in storms in arkansas. in iowa another twister tears the roof off a high school with more than a hundred people inside. >> there goes the school! there goes the school! >> fortunately no one was hurt but there's more severe weather expected today. agonizing words. >> they took away my baby. >> families of those two slain police officers in mississippi remember their loved ones as their community holds a candle candlelight vigil.


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