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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. that breaking news an amtrak train derales in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood killing five people, injuring dozens. this is what it looked like from sky force above and on the ground a chaotic scene as emergency crews worked to free people and help the injured. >> we saw it go like that. you could feel it off the tracks and then we just rolled and rolled. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> and in just a few hours investigators will be back on the scene there trying to figure out what went wrong with that amtrak train. good morning. i'm chris cato in the "nbc 10"
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studios. >> reporter: i'm tracy davidson live in port richmond. we are here along frankford and price. the scene is right behind us. so it's about two blocks behind us. that's where the curve in the tracks was. it beared around to the left but the train went straight. a vast operation is underway but they cleared this so they could open frankford. this is port richmond. you can see the wreckage from last night's accident. first responders have been working by spotlight and flashlights to pull victims from the scene. they brought in more portable generators and lights. five people are dead, six in critical condition. dozens of other passengers are hurt. the mayor and governor ordered help from police fire and septa says there will be no
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service between philadelphia and new york. this happened around 9:00 last night. this happened between frankford and wheatsheaf. it was bound for new york city where it derailed near the curve in the tracks. we're right on the other side of where that curve was. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is two blocks south. there's another vantage point. katy. >> reporter: hi, tracy. i can add to the information that you just gave us by telling viewers they are waiting until daylight to remove the train cars and debris. as we push into the scene from our vantage point there are flood lights along the tracks. crews for the last few hours have been working in that light but it is simply not bright enough to safely operate the cranes. above the scene as we pan up you can see there are downed wires hanging from a utility poll. one utility pole is leaning on
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wires as a result of the derailment that happened around 9:30. in the next half hour we have comments from one of the victims that was taken from here to temple university hospital. he describes what happened. we were there when he was reunited with his family. reporting live along frankford avenue katy zachry "nbc 10 news.." >> reporter: we've been showing you the video from sky force 10. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live in sky force 10. matt. >> reporter: we've been back up in the air for about 30 minutes now. you can see a vast difference compared to what we saw initially after this crash happened shortly after 9:00 last night. you can see that there are still a lot of emergency workers. there is a lot more light that is out here on the scene as well. it was very dark a little bit earlier about 10:00, 11:00. they even had to bring in
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helicopters from the police to get over this area to shine some lights on all the wreckage out here. now we see several units out here shining lights on to this area. let's zoom in a little bit here and you can see the bulk of the wreckage, the worst part is right here at the center of your screen. we can see at least one of the cars here just completely turned over. another car right here also turned over. a lot of these train cars they are either on their side or turned over completely. we saw some of the rescue workers with ladders at the windows trying to get to the people. what we saw in sky force 10 is a very massive effort on the ground. all of these men and women trying to keep an eye on all of this debris waiting for more investigators to arrive to try to figure out exactly what happened.
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we're going to be out here this morning keeping an eye on the developments. that is the latest in sky force 10. >> reporter: now mayor nutter was live on the scene giving an update around 1:15. he talked about the curve in the tracks right behind us. that's where the accident happened. he wouldn't speculate on the speed of the train or what else was happening at the time of the crash. he said service will most likely not be restored for the rest of the week while crews remove the train and make repairs. the investigation is just beginning. >> ntsb as i mentioned earlier, has already deployed a team. they are on their way to philadelphia with a full team with equipment. we're also working with amtrak ordered some equipment. again, trying to operate cranes and other heavy equipment during the middle of the night, not the safest thing to do. much of that operation will take place in the morning.
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>> reporter: we have also been covering all the area hospitals this morning where passengers were taken. this is video from immediately from the scene of the derailment. it shows some of the people being loaded on to stretchers and ambulances. monique braxton is live where dozens of victims are being treated. monique, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, tracy. i just talked to the nursing supervisor. she told me that more than 20 patients are here at the aria health. we captured video of some of the patients arriving here. any of the six critical patients who may have been brought here were stabilized and sent to other hospitals such as aria torresdale templeton and hahnemann hospital. i spoke to one amtrak passenger who suffered a broken leg. he told us he's in a lot of pain and he also told us the
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derailment was frightening. we're going to see where some of the other passengers were taken. we'll have that live for you in frank ford. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." we were also at temple hospital where "nbc 10's" george spencer was. he saw people being brought in. he saw some people in wheelchairs. he did not see any injuries that appeared to be life threatening. back here on the scene, we'll orient you to where we are. we are as close as you can get from the scene. i talked to a firefighter and i said, can we get any closer to the scene? he said when the sun comes up you will see it. "nbc 10's" tracy davidson. tracy, more from you in a moment. 238 passengers on board that train along with five crew members. the victims names have not been released at this point. we'll keep checking on that for you. we did talk to a passenger from
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new york right after he escaped from the train after the derailment last night. he said there was no warning before the cars came off the tracks. >> we were sitting there and then it just -- you saw it go like that you could feel it go off the tracks and then we just rolled and rolled. the next thing i knew we were pushing out the emergency exit. i was outside. there were people screaming and bleeding. we helped them out. they're okay now. >> and that passenger was okay too. he said he was amazed he didn't have a scratch when there were so many walking wounded. just a logistic call mess for passengers trying to get to their location. deanna has been watching passengers connecting with their loved ones. more people showed up in the last 30 minutes, right? >> reporter: yeah, a number of people have. we're being told buses are starting to leave from area
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hospitals where people have been treated and released. amtrak workers are trying to assist them to get back to where they need to be. also here all night long people who have been stranded, people coming from south carolina people want to go to new york, to boston and were getting off their trains here. we talked to people on trains from d.c. from baltimore, that they were already on board the train when they heard about the derailment that happened in port richmond. they didn't have any choice but to get off the train here in philadelphia and wait to go back where they came from. >> there's no way to go any further. we've been here since probably around 11:30 waiting to figure out if we can go back. there's no means for a bus really until possibly 2:00 in the morning and there's no lodging being provided and there's no food voucher. there's nothing. we're waiting on information right now. >> reporter: a number of passengers expressing their
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frustration especially as they were getting here around midnight, 1:00 in the morning. amtrak police officers trying to give them assistance and directing them to the bus station and other means of transportation. there was no way to get them to points north. a number of people said they had patience, understood the gravity of the situation. they had heard that five people lost their lives. the red cross inside 30th street station, they are also here with a team of volunteers working to assist not only those people who are stranded here but those passengers that were on board that amtrak train, the ones being released from the hospital and being brought here. again, amtrak now and the red cross assisting those people to get back home or wherever they were trying to get to. deanna durantee "nbc 10 news." the amtrak crash will affect the commute. tracking the problems and the
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detours and the impact of the derailment. jessica. >> chris obviously major delays and suspensions for amtrak. amtrak due to that derailment for train 188, all northeast corridor service will be suspended today from philadelphia into new york city but the good thing is if you can possibly get to new jersey transit, they will cross honor those passes and amtrak tickets between new york city and trenton so far this morning. we are also dealing with some delays on septa due to the derailment out of trenton and chestnut hill west. those will be suspended until further. locally around the area frankford avenue is closed north and southbound. if you want to avoid small recity sid dual delays go on the highway and take 95. our coverage of the deadly philadelphia derailment continues. next you'll hear from a former
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state congressman who was on board that train as we take a look at one of the stellar images coming out of this here. we'll learn more about how victims are connecting with families this morning. stay with us.
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4:14. we continue to follow breaking news. sky force 10 live over the scene of a deadly train derailment in port richmond. an amtrak train. you can see the wreckage from last night's accident that happened around 9:20. first responders working in the glare. they continue working there.
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you can see the flashlight beams as they're assessing the scene there. 238 passengers on board. here's what we know at this point. we've just learned that the number of injured people have now topped 140. 5 dead of course. the red cross is helping train passengers. they're helping passengers at 30th street station as deanna durantee just reported. a lot of people were stranded because of the derailment. septa service is suspended for now. we know they're hoping to get the chestnut hill line back operating. we'll let you know when that happens. pennsylvania governor tom wolf said the state will provide anything the city of philadelphia needs. mayor michael nutter briefed us on all of the agencies involved in the response efforts. >> full response. fire police department of homeland security, septa, amtrak and other -- and the state police. i've talked to governor wolf and
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his chief of staff. they are very concerned about this incident have given their full cooperation and support. all agencies actively engaged and involved. >> "nbc 10's" tracy davidson live for us in port richmond at the scene of the derailment. tracy. >> reporter: we've shown our viewers from the air what it looks like. that whole derailment scene is right behind those buildings. that's where that curve is in the tracks that the train was unable to navigate. now we're getting information from people on board the train including former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy. he actually tweeted pictures about what it looked like inside his car 340e789smoments after it happened. he talked with msnbc about what happened. >> i was sitting on the bench and then when it crashed
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obviously it wobbled first and went off the tracks. as we went off to the side and it buckled, meaning our car went all the way to the side. and there was some pretty banged up people you know lots of blood, lots of -- one guy next to me was passed out. we had to get him back to attention. we kicked out the top window and got people off the cafe car. >> reporter: it's hard to understand the full scope of the crash from ground level. we are as close as we can get here, that's why we've launched sky force 10. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live on board. matt? >> reporter: better vantage point as to what happened out here. you see just this curved track here that's coming northbound here. you can see that the train was heading in this direction here and it went off the tracks right
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there where i'm drawing this line. at this point you can see where it went off and then just kind of toppled over. you see some of those train cars there that are all mangled as it went into that wooded area. and then right here you can see the engine the front of the train that just completely detached from this one up here on top of the screen here. you can see just how much force was involved in this crash here that it bent the track. you see right there on the track that this train wasn't even on in the first place. so that train went off the track with so much force that it was able to bend those heavy duty metal tracks knocked them right off of the railroad ties. so quite an intense scene out here right now. you can also as we see in the past 15 minutes, you can see all these workers in this area they are all gathered around. they are waiting for more investigators to arrive. they've been trying to hold the
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scene. you see them putting up some of that police tape yellow tape red tape just to kind of contain this entire area. you just see all of the wreckage out there on your screen. from down there where you are, tracy, it's very difficult to see from ground level and really get a full scope of what happened out here. once you get above about 1100 or so, 1300 feet where we are right now, you really can get a better view of just how serious this is. >> matt you mentioned the police tape. we actually saw them taking barricades and the police department so they can really establish a perimeter so they can hold the scene for the ntsb investigators. if you have a friend or family member who was on board that train and you haven't been able to get in touch with them amtrak has set up a hotline. that phone number we'll put it on the screen it's also on our "nbc 10 news" app, 1-800-523-9101. now the red cross has workers at
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30th street station to assist anyone who needs it. we've been talking to "nbc 10's" deanna durantee. she's been there all night. matt delucia has given us a good vantage point. reporting live in port richmond tracy davidson. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, we will have daylight in an hour and a half. the sunrise time is 5:48. within an hour we will see the skies brighten up considerably. you get a lot of sunlight before the sun is up. a good half hour to 45 minutes ahead of time you'll have a much better view of the scene. gusting winds are blowing. the heat is going to take a break. much cooler today and dry today. for the weekend, it could bring some showers with us. right now 54 degrees in reading. still in the 60s for philadelphia. not for much longer. these temperatures are falling this morning thanks to that. look at that. that's the live view from the
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lowe's hotel in center city. we're starting off with gusty winds. that's driving the clouds out of here and bringing in the cool. yesterday, upper 80s to near 90 degrees. today we'll be running about 20 degrees cooler. the clouds will push out. you'll see a lot of sunshine today. hold on to your hat. it will be a blustery one, too. 55 for the pocono mountains. 60. that's typical for this time of year. if not a little bit earlier. april. more april like today for doylestown trenton mount holly. you'll see sunshine at the shore. no 8 os, upper 80s. 60s and low 70s for atlantic city rehoboth. 69 and vineland and sunshine will take over and push the clouds out of here. we'll see afternoon temperatures climb into the upper 60s for will midge ton, 70 degrees for swedes borrow and wilmington. keeping an eye on the weekend. a chance of showers on saturday.
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it now looks more likely that we'll see that wet weather on sunday. before we get to the weekend, some nice weather ahead. the seven day coming up in the next half hour. a local landmark burned to the ground and a hit-and-run chase that injured four philadelphia police officers. we're following those headlines for you this morning. we continue to follow breaking news in port richmond as we learn new details about the amtrak derailment that killed five people and injured dozens more. stay with us.
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deadly amtrak derailment today marks the anniversary of another tragedy. the moon bombing. they dropped a bomb on a house occupied by members of the house moon. pete cain captured this video. it started a fire that spread to 65 other homes. 11 people died. philadelphia mayor michael nutter shares his thoughts on the anniversary. >> obviously one of the dark moments for the city of philadelphia. many lives lost. homes destroyed. >> six adults and five children died. there were two survivors. happening today, a philadelphia jury will start deliberating the case of a murdered pediatrician. lawers wrapped up questioning and closing arguments yesterday in the murder trial of jason smith. he's accused of strangling dr. melissa ketunuti in 2013 and setting her body on fire.
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prosecutors questioned smith yesterday. they played prison phone calls where he allegedly discussed how to get false confessions thrown out. during his testimony smith said he confessed because police roughed him up. smith never reported those injuries that he says occurred at the hands of police. this morning four philadelphia police officers are out of the hospital after a hit-and-run and chase and a shooting. police have identified their suspect rudolph keitt. he's the man that ran over the officers in two different locations in olney. police shot keitt in the chest but he managed to drive two miles before being arrested. an "nbc 10" viewer caught those moments on video. his family says he had a seize our our or heart attack. we spoke to a passenger in the car. >> what started out as a medical
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condition ended up being a full blown medical condition. to me it shouldn't have went that way. >> we checked this morning and keitt remains in critical condition. again, he was shot twice in the chest. fire tore through a landmark restaurant in lehigh county. an "nbc 10" viewer sent us this video. you can see the buckeye tavern. it started around 7:30 last night as people were having dinner. everyone made it out okay. that's the good news here. it's not clear yet what started the fire. the buckeye tavern opened in 1735. >> reporter: i'm tracy davidson live in port richmond the scene of the deadly train derailment from last night. coming up we have live team coverage. we have launched sky force 10. we have reporters at the hospital at 30th street station and we are getting new information still ahead.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. an amtrak train crashes in philadelphia killing 5 people injuring more than 140. sky force 10 shows the mangled cars still at the scope and on the ground we caught these images. chaos as emergency crews worked to help those in need. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> and in just a few hours from


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