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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  May 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. an amtrak train crashes in philadelphia killing 5 people injuring more than 140. sky force 10 shows the mangled cars still at the scope and on the ground we caught these images. chaos as emergency crews worked to help those in need. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> and in just a few hours from now federal investigators will
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be at the scene to try and figure out what went wrong here on a somber morning in philadelphia. good morning. i'm chris cato in the "nbc 10" studios. >> reporter: i'm tracy davidson live in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood where the train derailment happened. we are live and the derailment happened just behind me. that's where the curve in the track is. let me show you a better view of the train derailment from sky force 10. that shows the massive devastation of the deadly train derailment. first responders working by spotlight pulling victims from the wreckage. 5 people dead 140 people hurt some critically. amtrak service between down this morning. they've dispatched a full crew from washington to start looking for the cause of the derailment. this all happened around 9:30
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last night and the scene, this is the closest we can get, wheatsheaf and frankford. this train was bound for new york and it derailed. we've launched sky force 10. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live in the chopper. >> reporter: tracy, in the past few moments we've seen the heavy equipment start to move into place. of course they're not doing anything at this point to try to upright the trainings. this vehicle pulled up about two minutes ago right next to one of the more heavily damaged train cars. you can see how damaged these vehicles are. when it went off the track it went through a wooded area. you might be able to make out some branches and pieces of trees that are cut up in the underside of this train car out here. right here you see the wheels that are pretty much torn off.
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right over to the right you see this completely mangled piece of a car lying off of the train tracks where they were. this would have been the track where this amtrak train would have been traveling on had it not derailed. it derailed just a little bit off to the right of your screen. right there you can see how much damage there is. you see all those train cars there right off of the rales. also workers who are around there right now really trying to get a scope of what they're going to be dealing with as the investigation really just starts to get going because there are a lot of questions as to what exactly happened here how did this happen and it's way too early to start speculating as to what may have caused this deadly train derailment. one thing that we pointed out in the last half hour is just how much force this train must have gone off the tracks with. if we can just push in a little
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bit more here i want to show you some of the beams that were broken. you see like just in this area these are called the catenary lines that power the train as they go on the tracks. you can see one of those beams completely bent almost at a 90 degree angle by this car right here. a lot of force as a result of this crash. so of course a lot of things that the investigators will be looking at. we're going to stay in sky force 10. each half hour we're up here we see something new. this is a scene that is of course still developing. still, we're gathering new information minute by minute, tracy. >> reporter: matt, thanks for that. we continue our live team coverage with "nbc 10's" katy zachry. we're on frankford avenue. she is about three blocks that way with another vantage point. katy? >> reporter: yeah the vantage point behind me, tracy, take a
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look. the scene is lit up by flood lights brought in by the overnight hours. that is allowing police fire investigators to stay in the area. we are still waiting on confirmation that all passengers have been accounted for. we do have video of one of the passengers who was on the train. we met up with him after he was treated at temple university hospital. he was traveling from d.c. to new york his home he was sitting in the quiet car when he tells us how the train moved and how he knew there was something very wrong. >> started tipping to the right and after a couple of seconds, maybe it was half a second i realized there's nothing good that's going to happen here. this train is tipping over. >> reporter: that gentleman was in a car that completely turned over. you will hear more from our conversation with him coming up in the next half hour including what emergency responders first did when they set foot on his train car. reporting live in port richmond
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katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." back to you, tracy. >> reporter: we've been getting updates throughout the night from mayor michael nutter. he just gave a briefing about three hours ago. he said the ntsb along with sending their team is bringing in equipment. the amtrak has arranged to bring in some cranes. the mayor got a first-hand look at the crash scene and here's what he said. >> we have train cars that are completely overturned on their side ripped apart. it is a devastating scene down there. we walked the entire length of the train area and the engine completely separated from the rest of the train and one of the cars is perpendicular to the rest of the cars. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: now mayor nutter also gave a rundown of the number of people involved in the accident. he said 243 on board including five amtrak employees. 140 people were hurt and taken
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to hospitals. 6 of those victims are in critical condition. during that update at 1:15 this morning he did say he could not say for sure if all had been accounted for. "nbc 10" was there. some of the people being treated at the scene also taken to area hospitals. monique braxton is at aria health. what can you tell us from where you are? >> reporter: we'll try to get monique for you. we also have "nbc 10's" deanna durantee. she's at a station where a number of people are stranded. they're trying to connect loved ones and friends with people on board who may be there at 30th street station.
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we'll have a report coming up from her in just minutes.
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. 4:40 now. if you're just joining us this morning and if you went to bed early last night, here's what's happening. breaking news in philadelphia in an amtrak train derailment. 5 dead 140 injured in philadelphia's port richmond section. the amtrak northeast regional train heading from washington to new york left the tracks around 9:30 last night. you can see the cars involved there. six cars including the engine came off the tracks. first responders were on scene within minutes pulling victims from the wreckage.
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five area hospitals are still treating injured this morning. "nbc 10's" monique braxton joins us live from area health frankford. monique, that was one of the hospitals treating people with serious injuries. do you have any updates for us this morning? >> reporter: this is one of six 4079s. just moments ago we saw some of the patients huddled together inside the lobby. we're outside aria health frankford campus. the nursing supervisor told us about 2 dozen amtrak passengers are here. our camera was rolling when they arrived. most told the doctors they were in the first three cars. they're suffering from internal bleeding concussions and broken bones. i spoke to one of the passengers who suffered a broken leg. he told us he's in a lot of pain. he also said the derailment was frightening and it was very dark. since our last report we've learned aria torresdale has 50 patients. a spokesperson from jefferson told us they're treating two
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patients in the e.r. two dozen others have been admitted. also temple's e.r. tells us they have more than 50 passengers from the derailed train and they're checking on their condition for us. we've also reached out to hahnemann hospital. we're awaiting a response. we're also working to have an update for you from einstein medical center. live now from frankford. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> the number of injured going up as we get reports from hospitals throughout philadelphia. an nbc producer was on that train when it crashed. up next we'll have some incredible video of her escape from the wreckage. >> reporter: and i'm deanna durante live from 30th street station where some of those passengers are coming early this morning to try to get back home. we'll give you an update what's being done to help those people aboard the derailed train as well as passengers who have been stranded here all night.
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quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. 4:45. >> disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. most personnel will say that as well. >> sky force 10 is live over the scene this morning of the mess that mayor michael nutter just described. you can see crumpled train cars here. absolutely mangled. a deadly train derailment in the port richmond section of philadelphia. it happened around 9:20 last night. the wreckage is devastating according to the mayor and others on scene. here's what we know. we've just learned the number injured has now topped 140. 6 are in critical, 5, of course were killed. the red cross is helping passengers at 30th street
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station that are stranded. chestnut hill west and trenton lines are suspended now. we'll update you on that in a moment. first, let's get to "nbc 10's" tracy davidson live in port richmond. you have a good vantage point of the derailment on the ground. >> reporter: we're live on frankford avenue in port richmond. let me step out of the way and give you a better idea. right beyond the police car is where the train derailment happened. it's about a block nava way. i just talked to a firefighter a bit ago who came from the scene. he said when it gets light you'll be able to see it. we've also i can tell you, just seen within the last 40 minutes two ambulances just go in and then come out. they have opened frankford in the last hour. let's give you a better idea what it looks like now with "nbc 10's" matt delucia. he's live in sky force 10. >> reporter: tracy, of course
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this investigation is only just beginning. right here a little ways down 200 feet or so before where the trains appear to have gone off that track you see some of these workers right there. they're examining part of the rail structure. there is going to be a lot going on throughout the day and the next couple of days to try to figure out what happened what sparked this train to jump off of the rales. let's go over to the left where you can see where all the damage happened down the tracks. 200, 300 feet and then you really start to see all of the damage out here. you see some of that yellow police tape up in this area. you see some cone marking each piece of significance. they're trying to put this altogether. you see one by one all of these train cars right here especially, that's where you start seeing the train cars going completely off the track.
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my photographer and pilot up here, we were just remarking a couple of minutes ago, you see crop circles and it almost looks like that. when you look here and you see flattened trees. these trees are completely flattened by the weight of these train cars. you even see some branches and trees caught in the underside. you see a lot of debris left over because of what happened out here. we've seen some of these firefighters and emergency workers going through combing piece by piece through some of this wreckage and on the underside of these trains really just going in through some of what looks like these cavernous openings of the trains just trying to make sure that everybody is out. we have not seen anymore victims being brought out for the past few hours so it does not appear that this has become any sort of operation where the crews are
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trying to recover anybody, but at this point it does look like they're trying to get some of the investigation rolling and we see the heavy equipment moving in. live in sky force 10, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: we have been hearing from people on board. in fact an "nbc 10" -- or "nbc nightly news" producer was one of the people on board the train when it derailed. janelle richards tweeted this. another video moments after the crash happened tried to open the door and get off the train. you can hear the panic in their voices. >> got to get out. here. hold on. hold on. here. go, go go go. >> just get out. >> help me. >> yes. courtney. >> richards said after hearing the loud crash there was a lot
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of jerking back and forth and smoke inside the train car and then everything stopped. as we've been telling you amtrak train 188 was on its way from washington to new york but had stopped at 30th street station and had just left 30th street station on its way to new york. "nbc 10's" deanna durante is live at 30th street station. >> reporter: a couple of things happening here. we've been talking to passengers all night long. they were stranded and told they needed to go back where they came from or get off the train here. they're trying to figure out alternate transportation. also trying to figure out transportation, the victims on the train. anthony tornado is from the red cross. you have hospitality center? >> correct. we have a welcome center. we're working with amtrak and the office of emergency management to secure
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transportation for them or lodging for the evening so they can make their plans for the next step. >> any idea how many people you've seen at 30th street and you have another center closer to the derailment. >> correct, 30 people and 20 or 21 here. >> reporter: those people are coming here, getting something to eat and trying to figure out how to get them home? >> correct. we have people who have come in gotten something to eat and secured transportation home. some have headed north and some have headed south. >> reporter: anthony tornetta thank you very much. a woman with a toddler was here. she took a later train. another woman was trying to get home after spending time with her husband and now she says she
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doesn't want to go up to new york, she wants to turn around and go back to d.c. passengers are getting on buses heading for places like new york and boston after spending the night here at 30th street station. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." it's obvious if you're waking up, planning to take a train today, that likely will not happen. let's get you updated with first alert traffic reporter erer jessica boyington. what can you tell us? >> besides the obvious delays here on amtrak due to this derailment, all northeast corridor service is suspended from philadelphia up into new york so far for this morning. modified service between washington and philly. harrisburg and philly. new york city and boston so far for the morning. but if you did have an amtrak pass, new jersey transit will honor those tickets between new york city and trenton for this morning. we're also dealing with suspensions on septa's trenton line and chestnut hill line until further notice.
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out in port richmond we're dealing with closures around the area. frankford avenue north and south is closed between torresdale avenue and castor avenue. wheatsheaf is close the. i-95 might be a little out of the way. you are going to have a lot of residual delays. you might want to jump on the highway. >> reporter: thanks. we'll continue our live team coverage from here in port richmond. the scene of the train derailment. a lot of things are going to happen over the next hour. we have you covered. count on this. we'll continue our live team coverage in a minute. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> yeah we are about an hour away from sunrise right now, but civil twilight begins at 5:17. that's when you'll see the skies bright withen considerably. have a much better view of the crash scene. lots of sunshine gusty winds and enhanced fire danger.
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we won't get an appreciable shower until we get to the weekend. look at the chill in the air. winds blowing 49 degrees in the pocono mountains. still in the low 60s in philadelphia. with clearing skies the temperatures are dropping right now. we will see sunshine. with upper 80s, close to 90 yesterday afternoon. the winds blowing out of the northwest bringing cooler air in. we'll struggle to get to 70 today. seven day forecast chilly tomorrow morning. 49 degrees. 75 in the afternoon. clouds start to move in later on friday. still a nice day friday. a chance of showers. scattered showers possible saturday and sunday. there's a possibility of some scattered thunderstorms as well. the threat of showers will continue into early next week. bill thanks. our coverage of the deadly train derailment continues next. stay with us.
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. just about 5:00 a.m. back to breaking news. 5 dead 140 injured in a train derailment in philadelphia's port richmond section. the amtrak northeast regional train was heading from washington to new york when it left the tracks around 9:30 last night. you can see the picture live from sky force 10. the wreckage still on the scene there. first responders search that mangled mess of metal looking for any victims and survivors. five hospitals are treating the injured. again, at least 140 injured. 6 of them in critical condition this morning. according to the federal railroad administration there have been five commuter train accidents in pennsylvania this year. this is the first one in which people died. at this point it's the second deadliest rail accident in the u.s. this year right behind a
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metro-north accident in new york in february which killed 6 people. this is the deadliest train accident in philadelphia since 1990 when three people died on a septa train, 150 injured. nothing in philadelphia rail history, labor day weekend, 1943 in the exact same spot as last night's train derailment. a train called the congressional limited heading from d.c. to new york came off the tracks killing 79 people injuring 117. the fifth deadliest train accident in u.s. history. we continue to follow last night's accident as we still have 6 people in critical condition. you can count on "nbc 10" for new information throughout the morning as we learn more about the victims and the investigation. "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 starts now. "nbc 10" breaking news. 5 people dead. more than 140 hurt.
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this morning we're gathering new information from the scene of a deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia and new video and witness accounts that paint a clearer picture of what exactly went wrong. >> we just rolled and rolled. the next thing i knew we were pushing out the emergency exit and i was outside and there were people screaming and bleeding. >> the situation so dire that first responders were treating the victims on scene, triaging them there and using buses to get people to hospitals quickly. sky force 10 is still live over the scene for us this morning. you can see one of the mangled cars there, six cars involved and mangled metal. at this point we haven't heard of any other casualties being pulled out of the wreckage there. the investigation shortly will begin into what went wrong on the tracks. federal investigators headed to the scene. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news" this morning. i'm chris cato.
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>> reporter: i'm tracy davidson, live in port richmond. we're live along frankford avenue. the curve is right behind me. you can see the activity back there. we'll see more when we get sunrise in about 45 minutes. here's what we know right now to bring you up to speed. 5 people are dead 140 others injured, 6 of them in critical but stable condition. at least two septa rail lines are out of service this morning. with sunrise about 45 minutes away from now, investigators will be looking for the cause of last night's derailment. there is a lot of activity on the scene right now. passengers tell us there was no warning before the cars went off the tracks around 9:30 last night. you can see seven cars in all derailed. one is completely perpendicular to the rest of the cars. mayor michael nutter tells us heavy equipment is being brought in to begin the process of removing the train. it is hard to tell the full


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