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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  May 13, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> reporter: i'm tracy davidson, live in port richmond. we're live along frankford avenue. the curve is right behind me. you can see the activity back there. we'll see more when we get sunrise in about 45 minutes. here's what we know right now to bring you up to speed. 5 people are dead 140 others injured, 6 of them in critical but stable condition. at least two septa rail lines are out of service this morning. with sunrise about 45 minutes away from now, investigators will be looking for the cause of last night's derailment. there is a lot of activity on the scene right now. passengers tell us there was no warning before the cars went off the tracks around 9:30 last night. you can see seven cars in all derailed. one is completely perpendicular to the rest of the cars. mayor michael nutter tells us heavy equipment is being brought in to begin the process of removing the train. it is hard to tell the full
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scale of what's happened from ground level. that's why we launched sky force 10. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live in sky force. matt what can you see? >> reporter: tracy you talk about the difficulty of having all the darkness out there seeing how this happened around 9:00 last night. just out in the distance here over the horizon, we can start to see some faint light coming up over here. of course, that daylight will certainly help the investigators out here as they arrive later this morning. right here you can see one of the pieces of the wreckage out here, one of the mangled cars. right here a beam that went right into one of the train cars. so you see a lot of the damage out here just a huge metal beam that went through. we've also seen some of the more heavy equipment coming into this area trying to get ready to upright some of these cars this morning. we've seen a lot of these emergency workers out here. some of them almost in a holding
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pattern just trying to -- trying to draw on the screen. you can see some hanging around just waiting for those investigators to get into this area. also seeing some of the other freight cars. last night we saw some of these tanker vehicles that were along the tracks here sort of in this general area. we've since seen them be moved back away from the area presumably to help the investigate offers have better access to the area. it does take up an entire length of this track here and it's going to be quite some time before this entire thing is cleaned up. we're constantly seeing new things up here. we'll be updating you. for now, tracy, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, matt. if you know this area we're right along frankford. also another vantage point where you can slightly see what's
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going on behind us is about three blocks that way, frankford and edgeley. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is there. katy. >> reporter: tracy we have a pretty goodwin doe of what's going on behind us. you can see a well-lit area with crews in yellow and orange vests and some in hard hats are on the scene along the tracks. there are dozens of emergency vehicles as well as parked around. they asked passengers for a head count. jeff cutler is a victim. he told us that at temple university lopt he said most of the passengers were able to respond. some were in such bad shape bleeding between seats and luggage and other travelers. >> i guess i was upside down. it's hard to tell. it was hard to orient myself to what was up and what was down.
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people around me were in various stages of inability to move. >> reporter: and jeff cutler was taken from the scene that you're looking at by police along with some other passengers to temple university hospital. we're also learning more about how doctors and nurses separated the injured passengers based on their injuries. i'm working on that. we'll have more information from you on that coming up in the next half hour. reporting live in port richmond katy zachry. >> reporter: we're checking social media all night. former congressman patrick murphy was on board. he posted this. you can see police officer and firefighters helping riders out of the wreckage. an "nbc nightly news" producer was on board. she posted videos after the crash. they tried to open the doors and get off the train.
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listen to this. >> get that out. here. hold on. hold on. here. go. go. go. >> can i just get out? >> yes. >> courtney. >> reporter: now richards said after hearing the loud crash there was a lot of jerking back and forth and smoke inside the train car and then everything just stopped. now this video was posted on instagram. the video shows he has some cuts to his legs and neck. it also shows dozens of people milling around the scene after the crash. now there are a lot of people trying to reunite with their loved ones who were on board the train and here's the number for amtrak if you need to connect with somebody who was on the train. it's 1-800-523-9101. that phone number on your
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screen. we also have it on the "nbc 10 news" app. that is a hotline for friends and family members to check on the passengers. chris, we'll send it back to you. >> tracy, you know if you usually take the train as part of your morning commute, you may have to make alternate arrangements this morning, possibly for the rest of the week depending on what route you use. the derailment happened around 9:30 last night. we'll show you where this is. this is around wheatsheaf lane a very small roadway. mayor michael nutter said it could take days for train operations to return to normal. a live look at 30th street station where some passengers have been stranded since last night. now we're told injured passengers discharged from the hospital are arriving at 30th street station. deanna durante has been posted there all night. what's happening now? >> if you take a look at me we
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are at the station. we have seem people wrapped in blankets, arms, legs casts. a gentleman in a wheelchair. a few moments ago we spoke with a woman on board the train. she says she injured her hip when suitcases fell on her and the police were helping her and her husband. she does not speak english. she was talking to us just a little while ago explaining about the injury. now we can tell you passengers have been here all night. we spoke to one woman who we originally talked to around 1:00 this morning. she said her ride just got here. she's finally going to get herself back to new york city. another woman we interviewed, she said she was visiting with her husband and that she was heading to new york. now she just wants to go back home. >> given what happened i think
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it's safe to go back home. i'm actually going back to washington. >> reporter: now you can see amtrak personnel bringing in some more passengers being escorted through with the pris and american red cross. they're trying to get people back to where they need to be. trying to get them back to points north and trying to get them back to their family. at this point we're being told by the american red cross they've assisted 15 to 20 people since their station opened at 4:00 this morning. they've been helping other passengers closer to the train derailment. getting around by rail will obviously look much different this morning. let's get a check now with the impact to the different routes. "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that for you.
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>> chris, obviously many closures. the train due to that derailment, all northeast corridor service is suspended from philadelphia into new york city until further notice. there's modified service between washington and philly hairsburg and philly and new york city and boston as well. we have some good news. new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets between new york city and trenton for the predominant rest of the part of the morning. initially we're dealing with suspensions for septa. the trenton and west nut hill lines will be suspended. possibly even some parts for the rest of the week. we'll definitely keep you updated until further notice there. we're going to update you with road closures 5r7d the local area coming up. live look from sky force 10 as our coverage continues of the deadly train derailment. you're looking at the engine of the train. notice how the engine came
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separate. it bent the rales on an unused portion of the rail line there. five people killed more than 140 injured. here's what we're finding out for you. national transportation safety board investigators will be arriving this morning. we're also going to try to get names and numbers of those affected in the crash. names of victims. we're still waiting on that to be released. stay with us as our coverage continues.
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>> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in sky force 10 over the scene of this deadly amtrak crash that happened last night. real quickly we want to show you the scene from a wide view out here. the three main points where investigators are looking at at least emergency workers are now getting ready for the investigators. right here is where it appears the train went off the track and you can see some of that right there in that area. right here where i'm going, number two, that is the spot where we see the most damage where we see some of that really mangled wreckage after it plowed into some trees. number three out here in this area here where we can see the
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engine of the train that just separated from the rest of the pack there and really bent the rales of another track that was not being used at the time. a very wide track. federal investigators are arriving this morning. they are going to be looking at this. it could take days or even weeks to figure out what exactly caused this deadly train derailment. live in sky force 10 i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." matt delucia part of our team this morning. we're working to keep you updated on the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. here's what we know at this hour. 140 people hurt. that number has gone up through the morning hours. five hospitals in the city treating many of the injured. the red cross is actually helping passengers at 30th street station who are stranded because of the derailment. septa regional on the chest nullnut hill. we're waiting when they may
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resume. tracy davidson is live at port richmond from the scene. tracy. >> reporter: chris all night "nbc 10" has been gathering information, talking with the city. the mayor gave a briefing three hours ago here. we've been talking to first responders. we've also been getting firsthand accounts from passengers on board. we talked to one passenger from new york right after he escaped from the train last night. >> we were sitting there and then you saw it go like that. you could feel it off the track and then we just rolled and rolled. the next thing i knew we were pushing out the emergency exit. i was outside and there were people screaming and bleeding and we helped them out. they're okay now. >> reporter: here's a look at the efforts of first responders at the scene as they rushed to help the passengers. we do know this morning that more than 140 people went to local hospitals to be evaluated or treated and 6 were critically injured. those are the most recent
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numbers we have though and those are basically from the mayor about three hours ago. we're trying to get you updated numbers. "nbc 10's" monique braxton is live at one of the hospitals where people are being treated at aria frankford. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, tracy. a spokesperson for aria health tells us that two of their campuses are now treating about 75 patients here at the frankford campus as well as down the street at the torresdale campus. now our camera was rolling when about two dozen arrived here. most told doctors they were in the first three cars. we've also learned the patients are suffering from internal bleeding concussions and broken bones. i spoke to one amtrak passenger who suffered a broken leg. he told us he's in a lot of pain. he also said the derailment was frightening. it was very dark. you've got to think about this. at this point in the morning most of the passengers have been up all night long. they were expecting to arrive in new york about 10:30 or 11:00 and be back with their families
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but now they're in hospitals all across philadelphia. since our last report we've learned a total of 6 campuses are treating victims. a spokesperson from jefferson told us they're treating two patients in the e.r., two dozen others have been admitted. also temple's pr tells us they have more than 50 passengers from the derailed train. they're checking on their condition for us. we've reached out to hahnemann and learned 3 dozen are there with trauma as well as minor injuries and einstein medical center has seen about 10 patients. now in the next half hour we're working to bring you some of the comments from the patients who are now scattered all across the city. live now from frankford, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: so monique is at aria. patients were taken to temple university hospital in philadelphia. this is what it looked like as several police advance arrived at the hospital with victims.
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temple just one of the hospitals where the 140 people who were hurt were taken. again, here we're live along frankford. torresdale is just up there. the derailment is right behind us. we'll continue to monitor people going in and going out. tell you what's happening here from the scene coming up. chris? >> all right, tracy. we should be hitting sunrise in 30 minutes. we know we'll get a much better vantage point when the sunrises. speaking from the scene of the derailment there. four hours ago philadelphia mayor michael nutter said he's never seen anything like this in his life. he talked about the agencies working together on the response efforts. >> full response fire police department of homeland security septa, amtrak and other -- and the state police. i've talked to governor wolf and his chief of staff. they are very concerned about this incident have given their full cooperation and support. all agencies actively engaged and involved. >> and the mayor and other officials are asking people to stay away from that scene there
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so that first responders and investigators can continue to work this morning. we know that a lot of roads in that area are closed. let's get an update from "nbc 10's" jessica boyington. jessica? >> thank you, chris. in addition to the obvious, mass transit delays suspensions and problems. we are dealing with local detours around the entire scene of this derailment in port richmond. frankford avenue is closed between torresdale avenue and wheatsheaf lane is closed between frankford and aramingo. there could be resit dual delays and pop pop-up closures around the area as well. take 95 to definitely be sure. we'll have more updates coming up. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are starting to brighten up. the sun won't be up until just 12 minutes before 6:00 but we're already getting a better view of the scene out there.
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we're getting gusty winds. dry winds and an enhanced fire risk for wildfires today. gusts, well they're starting to settle down. bringing in cooler air. it will keep us dry until we get to the weekend. that's the next chance of showers. 56 in allentown. northeast philadelphia has dropped into the 50s. at 61 degrees and still falling at this hour in atlantic city. look at the wind. it has shifted. a northwesterly wind that's bringing in the cool dry air and kicking the clouds out of here. this is the view from the "nbc 10" studios. it's a view that we'll see lots of sunshine today. a steady wind too. at 10 miles an hour the wind will be picking up some this afternoon driving the clouds out, bringing in the cool and keeping temperatures about 20 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. and keeping us dry, no sign of any showers on the radar. not today, not tomorrow not during the work week. it's the weekend that could see wet weather. we will see bright sunshine today. 59 degrees at 7:00. low 60s at 10:00.
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just 67 degrees at 1:00 this after noon. 70 the high temperature today. 75 tomorrow after a cooler start. beautiful weather for thursday. pretty nice on friday too. we'll see a lot of sunshine before clouds start moving in later on friday. then as it heats up over the weekend. humidity moves in clouds take over and a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms saturday and sunday and into next week. a mass casual at this disaster is what philadelphia's fire chief called this response as we take a look at some of the video of the response this morning at the scene of that train derailment in richmond -- port richmond i should say. our coverage continues after this. we'll take a look at some other pictures coming from the scene. stay with us.
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5:24. we continue to follow breaking news out of port richmond. the scene of the deadly train derailment. 5 people killed at least 140 injured. the operation to remove the train and the investigation into what cautioned the crash are just beginning this morning. we'll have much more in just a moment. first we want to update you on other important stories taking shape. happening today, philadelphia is marking a solemn anniversary. 30 years ago today the moon
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bombing left a west philadelphia neighborhood in ruins. on may 13th 1985 the philadelphia police in an effort to end a standoff dropped a bomb on a house and a group. photographer pete kane captured video of this bombing. it started a fire that spread to 65 other homes, 11 people died. philadelphia mayor michael nutter shared his thoughts on the anniversary. >> obviously one of the dark moments for the city of philadelphia. a lot of -- many lives lost. homes destroyed. >> six adults and five children died. there were two survivors. also today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is planning to sign his first bill in office. the measure will amend the death benefits for emergency responders who die in the line of duty. the new law will extend the time to file the benefits from three months to three years. four philadelphia police
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officers are out of the hospital now following a wild hit and run that turned into a chase and a shooting. police have identified the suspect as rui dofl keitt. they say he ran over officers in two different locations in olney. police shot keitt in the chest but he managed to drive two miles before being arrested. an "nbc 10" viewer caught some of the moments on video where the car takes off. now police believe or at least keitt's family believes that he had a seize our or a heart attack behind the wheel and that's what led to his actions. we spoke to a passenger who was inside his car. >> what started out as a medical condition ended up becoming a full blown criminal condition -- situation. and to me it shouldn't have went that way. >> and we did check this morning and keitt is still in critical condition. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> skies are quickly clearing. the clouds moving off shore. it's gusty winds pushing them out of here bringing our
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temperatures down. 62 degrees right now at 5:26. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> thank you bill. we are still monitoring all of the major roadways. we're looking live right now at 95 southbound around gerrard avenue. headlights headed southbound towards the center city area moving just a little bit slow but still moving. again, we're still covering the train derailment in port richmond. i'll have the road closures and alternates through the area coming up. >> reporter: i'm tracy davidson live on the scene of the train derailment in port richmond. ntsb investigators are on the way. cranes have just arrived. we have live team coverage just ahead.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. sorting through mangled metal. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly train derailment in philadelphia. five people killed. the northeast's busiest rail corridor is shut down now. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> mayor michael nutter speaking there. sky force 10 is live over the scene this morning. you can see the cars that came off the track there, crumpled. as the sun comes up we can get a look at the devastation. the trains, six cars and one


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