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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  May 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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cars that are out here that use these rail lines at this junction here and you see just a lot of activity out here for amtrak. septa uses these lines as well. you can see just how much of this area is used for train activity. so we're going to stay up here in sky force 10. give you another update shortly now. i'm live in sky force 10. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." matt thank you. we'll ask you to stand by unless and until you have to refuel with your pilot. we were there as mayor michael
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nutter gave an update on the situation at 1:15. there was a curve in the area where the accident happened but he wouldn't speculate on the speed of the train or what else may have happened at the time of the crash. he also briefed us on all the agencies involved in response efforts. >> full response. fire police, department of homeland security, accept at that amtrak. i talked to governor wilson and his chief of staff. they are very concerned about this incident. have given their full cooperation and support. all agencies actively engaged and involved. >> and we've also been covering all the area hospitals this morning. this is video from the scene of the derailment not long after it happened. almost immediately. it shows people being put on to stretchers and loaded on to ambulances. let's go now to katy zachry live on the scene. katy fill us in on what you have. >> reporter: vai in just the last few minutes we've moved locations. behind me you can actually see
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making out one of the derailed cars. this is by no means the worse off but it is tilting from the tracks. in the last few minutes amtrak crews have pulled out from the scene taking with them flood lights that they've used all night. now that it is daylight we are expecting cranes to be brought in. they will up right the train cars and remove the large debris. we talked to an injured passenger outside temple university hospital. he had a pretty bad gash on his head which he does not remember getting. he tells us he was sitting in the quiet car when all of a sudden the train moved in such a way he knew something bad was happening. >> started tipping to the right and after a couple of seconds or maybe it was half a second i realized that there's nothing good going to happen here. this train is tipping over. >> reporter: back out here live again. one of the train cars tilting off the tracks. now coming up in the next half
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an hour we'll tell you what emergency responders first did when they got aboard the train cars. reporting live in port richmond katy zachry "nbc 10 news." katie, we've been telling you that more than 100 passengers were injured, taken to area hospitals. some of the passengers though who were able to escape safely made it back to 30th street station where the train left from. we talked to one man right after he had escaped. >> we were sitting there and then it just -- we saw it go like that. you could feel it off the tracks and then we just rolled and rolled. next thing i knew we were pushing out the emergency exit. i was outside. there were people screaming and bleeding and we helped them out. they're okay now. >> reporter: that passenger was okay, too. "nbc 10's" deanna durante was live overnight and bring us up to speed about what you're
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hearing where you are. >> reporter: well many of those passengers injured are coming back here at 30th street station. american red cross has set up a hospitality center feeding them, giving them blankets, getting them in touch with loved ones. we spoke with a gentleman by the name of andrew ken. he and 15 of his family members were visiting the united states from singapore. they were aboard the train. everything seemed to be fine. he was half asleep and all of a sudden there was crashing sounds and screaming and he said that they just felt that they were rolling over and over. take a listen to what he said to me a few minutes ago. >> kind of jumping and big bang and then the whole train slide, keep on sliding for about 35 seconds and then just people fall on you. luggage fall on you. there was screaming.
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>> reporter: now his family everybody okay. he said that they got outside of that train. they started looking around and counting making sure that everybody was together. they're together here at 30th street. they'll be taking a bus back to new york city. i asked him when he got outside of that train and he looked around what was his first thought? he said that it was that he was alive and that he couldn't ask for anything more than that. he and his family okay heading back to new york city. we talked to another woman who managed to hold on to a rail in the train. even with a broken arm. you're going to hear from her coming up. we're going to send it to monique braxton keeping an eye on some of the injured in that train. >> reporter: hi, deanna. what we've learned in the last half hour is that as the passengers are being released here from the aria frankford campus they're being taken by cab over to 30th street station to then board those buses and head home to new york. now aria health received 75 patients at its two campuses
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frankford as well as over at torresdale. our camera was rolling when more than two dozen arrived here. i talked to one patient walking on crutches with a broken leg. he told us he was exhausted, in a lot of pain after being up all night. just imagine you're relaxing on the train, late at night, hoping to be home by 10:30 or 11:00 and all of a sudden you're being turned over and over again in the dark ending up in dirt. he says it was frightening. now everybody just wants to go home, they told me. a doctor says the medical staff here voluntarily mobilized for the level three mass casualty alert. >> there was internal bleeding loss of blood pressure loss of life. concussions. a lot of musculoskeletal injuries. >> reporter: now over at temple the nursing supervisor just told me moments ago they received 54
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of amtrak's passengers. the most serious were taken to temple or hahnemann hospital. now six medical campuses in all are now treating some of the more than 140 either in critical condition or considered the walking wounded. hahnemann has two dozen we just learned. albert einstein told us this morning they have 10 patients. jefferson told us they have two in e.r. and dozens more have been admitted. now in the next half hour we're working to get more updated information on the status of the patients who are still in philadelphia and those heading over to 30th street with hopes of heading back to new york. in frankford, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: all right monique. as we hear those accounts we want to tell our viewers that as people are being released from hospitals, as they're being treated, as they're being taken back to 30th street station, if you need to get ahold of someone who was on that train and you haven't been able to amtrak has
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set up a hotline. it is 800-523-9101. friends and family members can call and check on loved ones. lots of things are starting to happen. we'll bring you updated information from port richmond coming up. >> thank you, tracy. the train derailment will have a huge impact on travel this morning whether you're using mass transit or not. let's bring in "nbc 10" traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> massive delays and suspensions for mass transit, obviously for amtrak. all northeast service is suspended from philadelphia to new york. we have good news. new jersey transit will cross honor the amtrak tickets between new york city and trenton. additionally an update for septa. the trenton line is still suspended. chestnut hill line has resumed but there will be alternates around the area. you can expect delays. additional trains were added to
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the chestnut hills line. i'll have updates on closures and the majors in the area coming up. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11 minutes after 6:00. we've got bright sunshine illuminating that amtrak crash scene. look at the flags blowing. that's bringing the temperatures down. humidity way down from yesterday. 46%. the clouds are already moving out. we will see a lot of sunshine. 55 degrees. 60s for allentown, quaker town nothing near what we saw at mount holly. at the shore, atlantic city rehoboth 70 degrees. 70 for drexel hill swedes borrow and philadelphia with chillier weather to come. the seven day with the timing when i'm back in 10.
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>> reporter: sky force 10 has been live over the deadly train derailment all night. it has just moved away from the scene for flight restrictions but that has been our best vantage point. we're trying to get sky force 10 back over the scene. coming up we have a representative from amtrak that can tell us the latest information about the derailment. also for people at home trying to get where they're going today, what it means for amtrak service. that's coming up.
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now the latest on our breaking news this morning. crane crews are moving into place to up right overturned amtrak train cars in port
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richmond. the accident killed five people injured at least 140 others. we have learned delaware senator tom carper happened to be aboard that train when it left washington but he did get off in wilmington before the derailment happened. and right now we have jerry williams on the phone right now to tell us more about how this is affecting septa, a representative of septa. jerry, thank you for coming on this morning. >> you're welcome. >> first of all, do you have any information on the condition of those who have been injured? >> no i'm sorry, i don't. amtrak is dealing with that. >> okay. let me ask you how this is impacting septa this morning. >> well septa actually operates on amtrak territory. that northeast corridor is leased by septa to run our trenton line. the trenton line is suspended for now and will be suspended until amtrak is able to do their investigation and of course get those tracks repaired.
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>> geri it's suspended. any idea how long it will last? can we suspect -- this is wednesday. through the rest of the week? >> that's a big possibility. i would ask our passengers to prepare for an extended suspension. we do know that it will definitely be out all today. >> jerri, obviously investigators are on the scene right now. this is a fluid situation, but it's curious to us that on this very exact spot in 1943 going back to the biggest accident that happened with 79 deaths i believe. what do you know about the specific area and why two accidents now in you know 70-year period or so? >> really we have no idea why this accident occurred. the investigation continues. i don't know if it's related to that accident many years ago. we're just going to have to wait
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and find out. >> jerri, do you have any idea how long investigators may take to come up with their conclusions on what may have happened? >> absolutely not. i'm sure they're going to take their time to get it right. we have no idea how long that will be. >> jerri, finally, what would you -- any information you'd like to give to those who are regular riders on septa about service? >> we have up to 11 to 12,000 people who use that line on a daily basis. those people are needing to get to where they need to go today. we can suggest that they use the west trenton line. it's going to be added rider ship over there so they're going to be delayed or they can drive to the frankford transportation center they can take the market frankford line to get into center city. >> jerri williams thank you for giving us that information. >> yo you are're welcome.
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>> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in sky force 10. we've been over the scene for several hours shortly after this crash happened around 9:00 last night. we've been asked to move back by authorities about three miles away from the scene to allow some of the investigators down there and the emergency crews to continue doing their work. so we're looking a the a little ways here. in fact, we do have a little bit of video that we were rolling on just up here in sky force 10. you're looking at that right now. this is when we were a little bit closer to the scene and we got a little bit of daylight out here. you can see how much wreckage is out here as a result of this derailment that happened last night. especially that one car there in the middle of your scene. you also saw some of the vehicles some of the heavy equipment right there just moving into the area to try to up right some of these rail cars that overturned. we'll come back again live once again to give you another live picture out here. you can still see from the distance all those rail cars
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that are still derailed. nothing has been up righted at this point. we are starting to see more of those cranes move into the area. right over here to the right of your screen you can start to see more of those emergency workers right there along the tracks just kind of getting in position. a lot of them really just waiting to get the next order as the federal investigators move in to figure out exactly what caused this crash last night. vai. >> matt delucia riding on sky force 10. thank you, matt. we'll continue to follow the breaking news of the deadly train derailment. 5 dead over 140 others injured. we'll be right back with more updates. but we also have video of what happened right after the crash. >> keep crawling, okay? >> crawl forward, sir. >> keep crawling. keep crawling. >> keep crawling.
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>> reporter: we continue our live team coverage of the deadly train derailment. live in port richmond. we got this view from sky force 10 a few minutes ago showing the huge cranes on scene uprighting the seven cars and the engine that separated from the six cars. that's what the cranes will be working on. they just got on scene in the last 30 minutes. we have live team coverage. we have reporters at the hospital and where some people have got off safely at 30th street station and are waiting to be united with loved ones. our live team coverage continues. thank you, tracy. switching gears today. today also marks the anniversary of another philadelphia disaster. 30 years ago today the moon bombing left an entire city block in ashes.
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may 13th 1985 philadelphia police in an effort to end a standoff dropped a bomb on a cost creek house occupied by members known as moon. pete kane captured video of a bombing that started a fire that spread to 65 other homes. 11 people died. philadelphia mayor michael nutter shared his thoughts on the anniversary. >> obviously one of the dark moments for the city of philadelphia. a lot of -- many lives lost. homes destroyed. >> six adults and five children died that day. there were two survivors. this morning four philadelphia police officers are out of the hospital following a hit and run. a chase and a shooting. police identified rudolph keitt as the man they say ran over the officers at two different locations in olney yesterday. police shot the man in the chest but he managed to drive almost two miles before being arrested. "nbc 10" viewer caught some of
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these moments on video. the man's family said they hired a lawyer. they believe keitt had a seize our or heart attack and that's what led to his actions. we spoke to a passenger that was inside keitt's car. >> what started out as a medical condition ended up becoming a full blown criminal situation and to me it shouldn't have went that way. >> we checked this morning. keitt remains in critical condition. >> reporter: passengers on board that deadly amtrak derailed train are talking about what it was like being on board that train. we've got the story for you straight ahead. >> reporter: i'm monique braxton outside aria frankford hospital where medical personnel are arriving to treat some of the patients who were injured on board that derailed amtrak train. we'll have the update for you after the break.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. >> it is just about 6:30 this morning. we continue to follow breaking news. daylight is giving us a clearer view of the amtrak train derailment in philadelphia that claimed five lives and injured 140 people. we have team coverage from the scene. the hospital where the injured are being treated and from 30th street station where commuters are dealing with the effects of the crash. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today" this wednesday morning, may 13th. i'm vai sikahema. >> im >>. >> reporter: i'm tracy davidson. five people are dead. more than 140 injured. the amtrak passenger train had more than 240 people on board heading from washington to new york. it had just left 30th street station when it left the tracks. first responders pulled victims from the pileup. five area hospitals are treating the injured.
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sky force 10 can give you a better look at the devastation from above. you can see seven cars. the engine separated from the others. you can see them in disarray and huge cranes brought in to up right the cars. let's take you back to when this happened. it was about 9:30 last night near wheatsheaf lane over frankford avenue near port richmond. they just left 30th street station bound for new york where it derailed past a curve in the tracks, very obvious curve. mayor michael nutter says he's never experienced a wreck like this. >> we have train cars that are completely over turned on their side, ripped apart. it is a devastating scene down there. we walked the entire length of the train area and the engine completely separated from the rest of the train and one of the
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cars is perpendicular to the rest of the cars. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: now we've been getting pictures and video from passengers overnight and they show the chaotic scene in the moment after the derailment. >> come on man. >> i've got you, okay? >> keep crawling okay? >> where am i crawling? >> crawl forward, sir. >> keep crawling. >> keep crawling. >> reporter: that video was shot by a hip-hop producer who worked with philadelphia's own bill reuth. back out here live we're live along port richmond. torresdale is that way. the curve where the derailment happened is right back there. down that way down frankford about three blocks. "nbc 10's" katy zachry has that vantage point. katy? >> reporter: tracy, take a look behind me. this is probably the best ground shot of the derailment we've seen all morning.
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you can see one of the cars tipping off the tracks. amtrak crews, investigators and first responders are on scene as they have been approaching the tenth hour now. as this time we are still waiting confirmation that all passengers have been located and accounted for. we talked to the dozens earlier this morning. he tells us here's the scene. they were separated into color groups depending on the severity of their injuries. this passenger was rushed to the hospital by police who were here helping ambulances transport victims. >> people were relatively calm and everybody got seen eventually. i give credit to the responders. they knew what they were doing, but the initial scene, the triage at the initial scene was quite chaotic. >> reporter: back out here live again, one of the derailed train cars tipping off the tracks. now in the next little bit we are expecting cranes to be brought in to help up right some
6:34 am
of the overturned train cars as well as remove some of the debris from the scene. reporting live along frankford avenue katy zachry "nbc 10 news." >> we are getting a really good idea of what it was like to be on that train as we have been talking to passengers overnight. many of those passengers are at 30th street station. "nbc 10's" deanna durante is there. >> reporter: yeah they say they're lucky to be alive. they're grateful that their family members are with them. after all, they know that five people died in that wreck. 30th street station getting back to normal this morning filled with commuters who are having a tough time getting around here because of areas that are blocked off, areas being preserved just for those passengers, the passengers aboard the derailed amtrak train that are coming here getting assistance from the red cross. we spoke to a gentleman just a little while ago and he described what it was like when he walked outside of that train. >> i'm alive.
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i'm happy and we are counting all the members that are there that i'm living with. i don't ask for more. >> reporter: i did also speak to another woman who says despite having a broken arm, she didn't know it at the time but she was holding onto the luggage rales above her head. she was walking around here with a cast on her arm. some of the passengers refusing to talk. they are getting assistance from both amtrak and the red cross. some being put up in hotels and others that are being able to leave here with family members. that's the very latest reporting live. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." more than 140 people were rushed to local hospitals. we've been working to get updates on the passengers. they've been spread out over the local hospitals. monique braxton is live at aria
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frankford. give us an update on what you're seeing this morning. >> reporter: hey, vai. nurses and doctors are now changing shifts so that means a new group is arriving here at the aria frankford campus to care for those who were injured in the derailment. we just got off the phone with several of the hospitals. six medical facilities caring for 140 injured. aria campuses have received 75. our camera was rolling when two dozen arrived at the frankford campus. i talked to one patient walking on crutches. he had a broken leg. he told me he was exhausted, walking in pain and he had been up all night long. he said it was frightening, dark and dirty. now they just want to go home. a doctor says the medical staff voluntarily mobilized for the level three mass casual tia letter. over at temple medical center they told us they received 54 of the amtrak passengers.
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the most serious taken to temple or hahnemann. albert einstein has 10 and jefferson just called me to say they have about 26 patients. they say any updates, right now all of the hospitals are placing their updates on twitter. we'll keep you posted. we'll also kim kyung hee an eye on social networking. live outside frankford, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." monique, thank you for that update. live team developments on the deadly train development. tom costello is in sky force 10. tom, give us some context and some insight of what your a seeing. >> reporter: well, it's absolutely horrific. you know when you see it from the air, it is just astonishing the damage that you are seeing on television of course. when you see it firsthand, it's
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really just an amazing scene. listen, the ntsb is going to have its hands full in conjunction with federal railroad authorities. they have a lot to look at here. they're going to be as you know downloading the data from the black boxes looking at exactly all of the train's data as it relates to speed. speed performance as it relates to how it was -- how fast it was moving through that corner. they're also going to be looking at the performance of the individuals, the conductor, if you will also the engineer. was there any evidence of anybody perhaps texting or perhaps drinking or -- they'll do a full toxicology report on everybody. they'll do a fine forensic analysis of all the train pieces if you will. they'll try to put it all back together again. is there any evidence in the twisted metal that would suggest they had a rail problem or a wheel problem. the list of possibilities here
6:39 am
is great and long but as we have seen over the course of the years through these investigations, very often it can be something you're not expecting whatsoever. there was a case about 15 years ago or so in which they -- as they did the full analysis they came to realize the problem was that the engineer actually was diabetic and because of that he was not able to see colors was not able to see the changing colors, if you will on the signals. they thought that that may have contributed to a crash. so sometimes it is the least thing that you would expect. >> that is tom costello from nbc news. we appreciate the insight and giving us some context. let's check in with "nbc 10" traffic alert reporter first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with how this impacts your commute this morning. jessica? >> thank you vai. in addition to amtrak's northeast corridor being suspended from philadelphia up into new york city an additional mass transit delays as well out
6:40 am
in port richmond frankford avenue is closed between torresdale avenue. wheatsheaf lane is closed between frankford and araminga. viva street is closed between castor and wheatsheaf as well. take kensington avenue. there's probably pop-up closures and residual delays. if you want to take 95 there is some morning delays there, but that may be your best bet. as we head out to a scene on 422 checking the rest of the majors an hour and a half delay on 422 eastbound due to an accident completely closing off these two lanes on route 29. we'll check in with more mass transit coming up. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> bright sunshine. you'll see it all day giving workers at the amtrak crash good view of what's going on. of course most of the night it's too dark to get the heavy equipment in. 57 degrees. it's cooler this morning.
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the wind is at 7 miles an hour. humidity down to 49%. watching clouds blow past the pocono mountains. that's dry air moving in. this's a red flag warning. enhanced wild fire danger risk in new jersey because of very dry conditions and the winds that have already pushed the clouds out of most of the area. we will see the wind increasing some this afternoon. your hour-by-hour forecast. by 11:00, 65 degrees. at 2:00 this afternoon almost 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll top out right at 70 degrees today. clear skies, sunshine 75 tomorrow afternoon. we will be heading into the middle 70s for friday. this weekend there's a chance we'll see some showers that will continue into next week. thank you, bill. those clear skies are giving us a better view of the train derailment in the port richmond section of philadelphia as we take a live look from sky force 10. we'll continue to cover this story when we come right back.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than
6:45 am
other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. 6:45. here's the latest on the deadly train derailment. some investigators from the ntsb are on the scene right now. four teams will arrive by 8:00 this morning. last night's derailment has shut down from philadelphia to new york. trenton line is out of service this morning. the derailment killed five people and injured 140 others. "nbc nightly news" producer was one of the people on board the train when it derailed. janelle richards tweeted this photo of police helping people into an ambulance.
6:46 am
she posted another video just moments after the crash as passengers were trying to open the door and get off the train. you can hear the panic in the passenger's voices. >> got to move that out. >> lift it up. >> here. hold on. hold on. here. go, go go go. >> can i just get out? >> can you help me? >> yeah. >> courtney. >> richards said after hearing the loud crash there was a lot of jerking back and forth in the train and there was smoke inside the train car where she was riding and then everything just stopped. we have deployed all of our resources. we have crews on the ground in the air, we even sent tracy davidson to field anchor. she's live on the scene in port richard. a lot of activity picking up this morning. >> reporter: there is a lot of activity. i want to reiterate what you just said vai. we got word that partial teams are on scene and they expect full teams to be here in an hour
6:47 am
from ntsb. amtrak has set up a hotline in case you have a friend or a family member that was on board that you haven't been able to get in touch with. we have that number. 800-523-9101. again, it's a hotline set up for friends and family members to call and check on the passengers. i want to orient you to where we are. along frankford avenue. the derailment team is right back there. this part of frankford was shut down for many many hours overnight. this section reopened but there are a lot of closed streets in the area as this work is really just beginning with now daylight. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has an update on the street closures. jessica? >> thank you, tracy. good morning, everybody. we are dealing also additionally with amtrak obviously being suspended due to that derailment. all northeast corridor service is suspended from philadelphia into new york city. modified service between washington and philly harrisburg and philly and new york city and boston.
6:48 am
new jersey transit will honor all of your tickets between new york city and trenton for this morning. for septa we are dealing with some delays there as well. the trenton line still suspended. they have had service restored since this morning but there's still some delays there. additional train cars will be added onto the west trenton line. you can use the market frankford line to get in and out of center city. additionally covering the rest of our majors 422 just a moment ago completely closed off due to an accident on the eastbound side right around 29 creating over an hour and a half delay headed eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. we'll have more updates to come this morning. >> jessica, thank you. we have been seeing images showing the scope of the disaster. a professional photo journalist at the scene in the moments after the derailment got an up close view of the tragedy. "nbc 10's" chris cato is standing by to give us some of the images that he's seeing that help tell the story, chris. >> vai, video is great but still photos are the best at capturing moments in time that really
6:49 am
illustrate the humanity in a tragedy like the one we had last night. this first one we've shown you several times this morning. you can't see it often enough from the associated press. it shows a police officer helping a survivor across the tracks there. look at this one, it shows the scope of these train cars and the angle in which investigators have to go in. this one here i love it shows here on the left side of the screen you can see an overturned car with the axles. this one here you see them carrying a survivor away from the wreckage. three police officers there. a real moment. another one from ap shows the power of this crash. this train car crumple bled like aluminum foil. this is the response to the firefighters having to go in by ladder looking into the train cars looking for anyone who might have been trapped in there. a lot of images we can show you on our website you can take a look at the photos i just showed you along with the other pictures of the scene. we showed them to you. our digital team is posting new
6:50 am
photos and also to the "nbc 10" app. we'll have them updated throughout the day along with new developments in the investigation. vai. >> chris thank you. let's give you another look high above sky force 10 at the breaking news story as we take a look at the train. it looks like a spoiled pet two lent 2-year-old's toy train set. in fact that is very real. 5 people lost their lives, more than 140 injured. we'll continue our coverage when we come right back.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. we continue our live team
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coverage. five people are dead 140 injured. we are hearing stories from passengers who were on board. ntsb has partial teams on site. we expect to have full teams by 8:00. live along frankford avenue which is just along the edge where the train derailed. the train was unable to navigate. vai, we'll monitor things happening here. i know we have reporters across the city. katy's a little bit further from here and then we have reporters at 30th street station and also at the hospital covering this this morning. back to you. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live along frankford avenue. three blocks from where tracy davidson is. behind me the best ground shot we've had so far of the derailment scene. this is one of the seven cars that derailed from the tracks last night. now that it's daylight crews say cranes and other equipment will be brought in to begin the
6:55 am
process of uprighting those overturned cars and removing some of the large pieces of debris. at this time we are still waiting for confirmation that all of the passengers have been accounted for. reporting live in port richmond katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: lucky to be alive. that's what one passenger told me after he escaped that train. he was traveling with 15 of his family members and we just spoke with a woman, rebecca fib, from outside of washington d.c. she described what it was like for her. >> i was on the third train from the back. someone told me i've been delirious and that they carried me off. the shoes, my shoes, are not my shoes. i lost my shoes and a lady gave me her shoes. >> reporter: now bibb says that people were very nice to her.
6:56 am
she doesn't remember being in the train when it derailed. she remembers wandering around that port richmond neighborhood and police taking her to the hospital. one of the many survival stories that we're getting here at 30th street. i'm deanna durante, back to you. and i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. a lot of problems out in port richmond. frankford avenue is closed due to the derailment between torresdale avenue and castor avenue. a lot of road closures around the scene as well. wheatsheaf lane is closed between frankford and aramingo. you can take kensington avenue to get by. that's a little bit too close to the scene for your liking you can take 95 but it's starting to jam up a little bit with typical morning volume. we know where there's delays for amtrak that suspended all northeast corridor service suspended from philadelphia into new york city. modified service from washington
6:57 am
and philly harrisburg and philly new york and boston. new jersey transit will cross honor all amtrak tickets between new york city and trenton this morning. good news there. some delays and suspensions for septa as well. the trenton line is suspended. the chestnut hill line is suspended but is resuming now. additional cars will be added to the trenton line and you can use the market frankford line if you want to get in and out of center city. we're dealing with over 1 1/2 hour delay on route 422 eastbound headed into king of prussia area. all lanes completely closed due to an accident. >> chief medical officer. last night at 10:00 p.m. we started receiving patients from the train derailment and over the course of the next few hours we got 54 patients and treated them. one of the patients who arrived here died from their injuries.
6:58 am
we're not able to release any additional information about that patient at this time. 25 of those patients were treated and released and 25 are still at the hospital. the entire team responded wonderfully. most of the injuries were musculoskeletal, arms legs ribs, and i'm extremely proud of how all the folks at temple hospital did. i'll take a few questions. >> the patient who died here [ inaudible ]. >> no that's an extra person. that's a new person. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i can't say. next of kin doesn't know yet. >> can you tell us about how your [ inaudible ]. >> yeah a lot of the folks were from out of town so we have special arrangements with our patient engagement folks to make sure that the families are taken care of. amtrak i know helped out last night. they helped with transportation and housing. >> how about the extent of the injuries? >> yeah most of the injuries
6:59 am
were fractures, so rib fractures, leg and arm fractures. >> how many remain in critical condition? >> yeah, we have eight in critical condition. three went to the operating room last night immediately. >> were members of your staff called in? >> yeah many people came in on their own. we called in extra surgeons and nurses to make sure we had a team. lots of trauma surgeons orthopaedic surgeons. everyone responded wonderfully. they stepped up. nurses radiologists, technicians and laboratory folks did a tremendous job stepping up. >> can you give us a sense what it was like inside the e.r.? >> it was busy but it was not chaotic. >> we're listening to dr. cushing who said one of the victims died. three taken to surgery when they
7:00 am
arrived. tracy. >> reporter: we will continue to update our viewers on the "nbc 10 news" app as this continues and the "today" show has complete coverage next. good morning. tragedy on the tracks. an amtrak train from washington to new york derails in philadelphia. at least five killed more than 140 rushed to hospitals. six of those in critical condition. >> people screaming and bleeding. >> the chaotic sceneecorded by passengers as they attempted to escape the mangled cars. >> keep crawling okay? >> we're here in philadelphia where the search for victims is still going on today. wednesday, may 13th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition of "today." tragedy on the tracks. with


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