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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 14, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. a new name emerged overnight in the list of those killed in the deadly amtrak accident. and the driver of train spoke for the first time. skyforce 10 is back up live over the scene of that tragedy in port richmond this morning. you can see the crews are still working to try to clear the crash that killed seven people and injured more than 200. good morning, this is nbc10 news. i'm chris cato.
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train crews worked out there the night and still removing the railcars that jumped the track on tuesday. and there's new information from the amtrak engineer being investigated. to give you the most complete picture, nbc10 has live team coverage gathering new information on those killed and the search for those missing and how this will continue to impact the commuters this morning. nbc10's matt delucia joins us from the scene there in port richmond. matt, a lot has happened overnight what's the situation? >> reporter: yeah chris, you see some the police cars moving around and the tow trucks in this area as well. once again, we see the bright lights shining on the area of the derailment. the investigation has been under way for a day. the ntsb is looking at the contents of the so-called black box. what we know so far the amtrak
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train was going 106 miles an hour. the emergency brake was then pulled then a crash after it gave around the curve at the frankford junction. the speed limit at that curve was 50 miles per hour. the engineer of the train is 32-year-old brandon bostian. philadelphia police say detectives interviewed him, took a cell phone as well as a blood sample. however, the ntsb says it has not yet done an interview with bostian, saying it would like to saying he may need a day or two of rest. we are get something answers hour by hour. and in the next half hour we're going to try to get a better advantage point at the scene. as you mentioned, chris, the attorney for the engineer of this train, he did speak out yesterday. he says that his client has no recollection of the events leading up to this derailment. and would be out again in about
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30 minutes. again, we're live here. >> we want to give people a better look at where the crash happened. it was heading north where it reached the juths. you can see the curve in the tracks there. that's where the speed drops from 80 miles an hour to 50. but as matt said the train was going more than 100 miles an hour when it ran off the tracks here. we also want to give you more insight on the two types of employees on the train. the conductor is responsible for overseeing the operation. the engineer is the person who drives the train. the conductor is still isn't the hospital. the engineer is brandon bostian of queens new york he's 32 years old. he got a job at amtrak right out of college. and was a conductor. he turned over his cell phone
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and gave up his blood sample. on to the impact of the morning commute, thousands of people have been stranded delayed or had to change their plans because of the amtrak derailment. nbc10's katy zachry is live for us at 30th street situation in philadelphia with a look at how this continues to impact riders katy. >> reporter: it definitely does chris. even at this early hour here at 30th street station, we're talking to travelers who are here because their travel has been cancelled or delayed. the first train out of 30th street this morning is heading south to virginia. that will be passing people getting off at washington, d.c. because there's only modified service between philadelphia and d.c. being offered today. let's go to our video, there are also travelers here supposed to take separate trenton line but that won't be operated east because it shares the same track where the accident happened. it will be days they tell us
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maybe longer before any service is up and running on that line. there are no amtrak trains running through philadelphia and new york. fortunately, there are entity honoring amtrak tickets, greyhound, new jersey transit is and mega box will honor those northeast corridor tickets so people hopefully won't be too stranded. with more on how people are being affected by all of the changes today let's go to "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> hey katy. good morning, everybody. we definitely have closures through the area. but for now, on the mass transit and tracks suspended headed from philadelphia to new york and the septa trenton line suspended this morning as well. as katy said that can be suspended for the next week sorry. no problem for new jersey transit right now. as we head out the doors, right around girard avenue. taking a look at the
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neighborhoods here. woodhaven to vine no problems headed northbound as well. we just looked at 95 no problems on the schuylkill and the blue route. again, we'll have the detours coming up. a ceo, a college dean a navy midshipmen. we're learning more about the seven people killed. overnight we found out the identity of a fifth person who lost his life. nbc10's tracy davidson joins us. >> medgar college learn ed thated that derrick griffith was killed in the crash.
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they issued a statement saying he was a pillar in the community went on to say that griffith was a champion. and he encouraged students to pursue education with vigor. out of seven people who died we know the identity of five. the other four victims were a midshipman an architect, a ceo and a businessman. the family of rachel jacobs confirmed that she was among those killed. she wases the mother of a toddler. jim gaines was on his way home from an meeting in washington. justin zemser was on the train going home from new york. >> he was wonderful. absolutely wonderful. there's no other way to describe him. >> and then there are the missing like that boy's dad, bob
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gildersleeve dropped his son off at lacrosse and then got on the train tuesday night. his family has been handed out flyers and taking to social media hoping to learn where he is. live in the digital operations center tracy davidson "nbc10 news." we've also been talking to people who live right there in port richmond at the scene of the crash they say what happened tuesday night will forever be etched in their memories. here's what they experienced at the time of the derailment. >> all of a sudden we heard his deafening bang. and the whole sky lit up i bet you five miles in the air. >> there was a hole in the fence, i just kicked and i got through. i thought i got to help somebody. after coming through the brush and got to the top of the hill. oh my god, it looked like
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beirut literally, a war zone. >> we'll hear more from that man in the next half hour. he was one of the first people to get to the scene to try to help those injured. nbc10 is devoted to the coverage of the deadly derailment there are detailed profiles of the victims and survivors. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 4:00. it is clear outside and chilly this morning. the temperatures much closer to the normal. we've drop into the 40s and 50s this morning. brilliant sunshine during the day. you will need your sunglasses today. but much needed rainfall on track unfortunately for the weekend. we need the rain. does look like scattered showers saturday and sunday. 44 in allentown. cooler by 15 degrees in northeast philadelphia. 50 degrees and 49 in atlantic
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city. clear sky across the delaware this morning. a live view from the adventure aquarium. you'll see lots of sunshine on all of the cal rameras today. a northerly wind and a chilly breeze, too. the wind won't be as strong as yesterday and we won't see as many clouds either. satellite showing we're in the clear. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for brilliant sunshine. allentown up to 74 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine doylestown trenton and mt. holly. forein norristown. cool in rehoboth 66 degrees at the delaware beaches. 69 in atlantic city. 70 degrees for dover. wilmington up to 72. drexel hill at 75 and 73 in swedesboro. sunshine today but we'll take a closer look at that wealth weather for the weekend when i'm back in ten. and we have new information this morning out of montgomery
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county where all lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike in upper dublin are now open again after an accident with a tractor trailer. the cabin of the truck on one side of the turnpike. the trailer on the other. the scene is saul clear. all lanes reopened just in time for the morning commute. the truck driver in that crash is expected to be okay. and our coverage of the deadly amtrak derailment continues next. nbc10's monique braxton will have a live update next with victims hospitalized at temple university hospital. as the technology that amtrak has that could have prevented that crash. and how the phillies were at the ballpark last night. >> announcer: you're watching continuing coverage of the deadly derailment on nbc10 and continuing coverage of the amtrak train derailment on nbc10 and
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at 4:14 this morning, skyforce 10 is still leave over the scene of that deadly derailment in port richmond. you can see here crews working by portable light to try and clear the wreckage from that derailment that killed seven people. here's what we're told by the ntsb they said the locomotive and all but two cars are being removed to secure locations so they can be examined. we do expect an update from the ntsb later on the investigation today. this morning, we continue to hear more survivor stories from those on board that derailed train. nbc10's monique braxton live for us at the command center with more on the injured. and what they're still going through more than 30 hours after the crash. >> reporter: hi chris, we have learned that some of the injured
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have contacted attorneys. as you look over my shoulder, you can see that the area is well lit. you can also see that the locomotive is still in place, also just around the bend here is where the other six cars sit overturned, some of their side have come to rest. let's take a look at the video from skyforce 10 the victims as you may recall, were resting when the train here sit the curve called frankford junction going more than 100 miles an hour. as you know trains do not have seat belts. yesterday, the mayor said it was miraculous that anyone survived this crash. here's what we've been able to find out nearly two dozen at temple. eight in critical condition, half a dozen in hahnemann. one in serious condition. and six are being treated at
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thomas jefferson hospital. so about three dozen or so hospitalized of the 243 on this deadly derailed train. so out there the morning, we're going to continue to stay in touch with the hospitals. try to reach out to some of the victims' relatives and have that for you in the next half hour. live from port richmond. monique braxton, "nbc10 news." we're also taking a closer look at the type of engine involved in tuesday night's derailment. is this engine 601 in one of its prior runs. one of amtrak's seimans. it has a sprinter max speed of 125 miles per hour. it is equipped with audio and video recording system.
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engine 601 is fairly knew put into service february of the last year. the ntsb said the derailment could have been prohibited by a sophisticated set of sensors on the rails with something called positive train control or ptc. if the crew doesn't slow down the train, the computer will activate the brake. >> this is exactly the type of incident that ptc is designed to prevent. so we have seen this before and we will continue to see it again, until ptc is installed. >> here's the thing, all u.s. railroads are required to install ptc by the end of this year. however, some lawmakers say that deadline will not be met and should actually be extended until 2020. some sections of the track have ptc but not the area where tuesday night's crash happened. well the philadelphia
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phillies join many others offering condolences to the victims. the phills with a moment of silence before the game with the pirates in at pnc park. on you can find the latest investigation and a photo gallery of dramatic images from the scene. and once again, the derailment, of course will have a big impact on the morning commute, especially those who take the rails. "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington is tracking changes. >> thank you, chris. definitely a lot of changes and still updates. amtrak as you said, still suspended from philadelphia and modified service from new york city and boston. this morning, and for new jersey transit the atlantic city rail line still being suspended there between cherry hill and 30th street in philadelphia. additionally new jersey transit will be cross-honoring amtrak
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tickets on the new jersey rail on the river line so far for the morning. police still directing traffic around the scene, frankford avenue northbound and southbound between torresdale avenue and castor avenue as well. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures are dropping right now under clear skies. look at the view of the moon this morning. and the flag just blowing in the breeze that's not going to be as strong as yesterday. but just enough to keep the coolest temperatures coming our way. 51 degrees right now. that's 12 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. at philadelphia international, winds north-northwest, currently 13 miles an hour. ballpark you'll see plenty of sunshine today. an afternoon game a great day for baseball. sunshine will be bright all day long but the temperatures are climbing. this hour, they're coming down-50 in northeast philadelphia. wilmington in the 40s.
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46 in quakertown. pottstown at 43 right now. very low 50s in delaware. 51 degrees for newark middletown and dover. down to 48 degrees at millville and a chilly start. we're watching some rain for the weekend. there it is moving into the midwest. those showers will be scattered on saturday and possibly sunday too. a possibility we'll see scattered thunderstorms later on saturday. here's your hour by hour on saturday. hours in the region saturday morning, look at the temperatures soaring during the afternoon that we'll see some areas get something rainfall. most of the showers will be light. if you get a thunder storm popping up that's a possibility 5:00 lancaster, temperatures in the 80s. moisture and that could be fuel for thunderstorm its on saturday. golden sunshine. temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. you'll certainly need your
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sunglasses today. tomorrow will be dry, we'll get sunshine in the morning. 75 in the afternoon. and the temperatures will be climbing as we go into the weekend. with a chance of showers for saturday and sunday and into next week. >> today, superstorm sandy victims take a stand. how they want to get their anger and despair noticed next. and we continue to mon the deadly train derailment in the port richmond neighborhood. stay tuned to learn more about the victims and the man behind the controls of that speeding train.
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4:23 now. on capitol hill the house has approved a bill banning late-term abortions.
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it forbids most abortions starting with the 20th week of pregnancy. the bill's fate is uncertain, though in a more moderate senate. and white house officials say president obama will likely veto it if it makes to his desk. >> happening today, president obama is set to meet with gulf conference leaders. among those attending the crown pins of saudi arabia and representatives from qatar, the uae, kuwait, amman and bahrain. in afghanistan, a gunman who killed five people including an american was shot to death by government security forces. police say the three talkers held police at bay for several hours. no group has claimed responsibility. officials in nepal now report 100 people died in the earthquake on tuesday. prompting many people once again to sleep outside because they
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fear more tremors. tuesday's quake, though was not nearly as devastating as last month's 7.8 quake that killed around 8,000 in nepal. and meantime search teams continue to look for a missing u.s. helicopter. six marines and two nepalese soldiers were on a couey helicopter like this. happening now, a jury will decide if an eighth grader will go to trial in the death of her mother. the two are accused of the death in march. prosecutors say the young couple plotted and carried out the murder of jamie's mother because she demanded that they stop dating. in montgomery county today, lawyers will meet with a judge in the case of this mother accused of having sex with a high school student. iris gibny faces charges after
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police found her and a 17-year-old having sex at a park last fall. prosecutors say she met the student while volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading team. sandy victims are set to go to hearing today stop fema now one of today's rallies, thousands of new jersey homeowner, still waiting on relief. organizers also say that states still need to focus on rebuilding dunes and beaches to protect homes in case another storm hits the area. you may notice this today, today's postal workers nationwide plan to protest cutbacks and demand better service. today's action will come one week before the contracts between postal union members and the u.s. postal service runs out. in this area rallies are planned for the national distribution center in northeast philadelphia and the buffington post office. comcraft and nbcuniversal
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have announced a new plan to hiring military heroes. they're committed to hiring 10,000 service members or partners and spouses over the next ten years. comcast is the guaranteeparent company of nbc10. as we take a live look at what the happening at the scene from skyforce 10, crews still looking to clean up the area. they're trying to remove five of the cars for the information. nbc10 live on the ground there, too. this is a rooftop vantage point of the scene. you can see the lights here as workers have worked all through the overnight hour around the clock. looking for new information. you can count on us to continue digging, as this investigation unfolds. we'll be right back.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. new developments this morning in the deadly amtrak train derailment. the engineer's lawyer spoke for the first time revealing what the man behind the controls remembers. this as authorities identified another of the seven victims. and skyforce 10 is live over the scene of deadly derailment in port richmond. showing the progress 32 hours after the train came off the tracks going twice the posted speed limit. it's 4:30 this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we just learned that two train cars on trucks now, ready to be removed from the scene of that


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