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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  May 14, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right now ready to be taken away from the crash scene to a secure site. from information from the engineer who is being investigated and the identification of six of the victims. >> nbc10's matt delucia is live at the scene in port richmond. >> reporter: hey, we're on the rooftop of one of the homeowners here. this is close to the derailment. you can see there has been activity here. you see a lot of philadelphia police cars out here as well. just in the distance here that is where the derailment happened to have that area flooded with spotlights right now. i want to get a better look with more daylight out here. as you mentioned, they are looking to remove railcars. and the ntsb is looking at the so-called black box of the train finding out what was going on leading up to the derailment. what we know from the investigation so far the amtrak train was going 106 miles per hour just before it came around
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the curve here at the frankford junction. the speed limit around that curve is 50 miles per hour. the engineer of the train we've learned is 32-year-old brandon bostian, as of late last night, philadelphia detectives have told us that they've interviewed him, took a blood sample as well as his cell phone and started the investigation. however, the ntsb has said it has not yet done an interview with bostian. and a retired worker said the evidence does not look good for the engineer. >> the car came by fast and he applied the brakes that proves it. because he went full on it and tried to slow that train down there was no way he was going to slow it down going into that curve. >> reporter: at this moment philadelphia police tell us there are no criminal suspects as far as the investigation is concerned. of course, this investigation is still early on. the engineer's attorney told a
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national news outlet that his client has no recollection of what happened or anything unusual. coming up at 5:30 what else investigators are looking for at the scene and that black box. they've been out there trying to preserve as much as possible to get the railcars loaded up on to get them taken away for the investigation but again, still a lot of activity happening out here. live in port richmond i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." >> here's another look at where that happened tuesday night. an amtrak's busy east corridor in port richmond. the train was heading north as it reached frankford junction. you can see the curve in the tracks there. that's where the speed limit as matt told us drops from 80 miles an hour down to 50. as you know the train was going 106 miles an hour when it came off the track and that's the spot where it happened. >> well the focus is on those killed and those injured.
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the derailment has had a significant impact across the country because of travel. and katy zachry as a look at how it continues to impact riders. >> reporter: one of the effects amtrak is not offering as many trains headed south to d.c. as they normally do but that line of travel it's important to note is still open. whereas the northeast corridor is completely closed to traffic as you can see on the first line of the board here that train has been cancelled. and that line of travel will be cancelled for the next two days if not longer. because of that at 30th street station, you don't have nearly as many travelers waiting to board trains. the people who are here some of them tell me they have been stranded for hours because of the changes that they have to make to their travel. >> this makes you think. it really makes you think. i don't think i'll stop
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traveling but i will pay attention. >> reporter: and septa's trenton line is not running again because it says the same is track of that northeast corridor, of course the site of that derailment. coming up, there are extra resources this morning at 30th street station that is being offered to travelers to help them get around. and we'll show them to you coming up in the next half hour. katy zachry "nbc10 news." here's a closer look at northeast corridor by the numbers it's the busiest. trains carried more than 11 million passengers up and down that stretch in 2013 and there were more riders between d.c. and boston than all airlines combined. here's a live look at 30th street station. and we've been telling you the derailment is affecting travel out there the northeast. if you plan to take a train today call 1-800-usa-rail to see
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if your train is on time. check. >> a lot of people are juggling their externals around. jessica boyington brings us up to speed on what's available and what is not available. >> yeah guys. with that service still being suspended we're dealing with problems and modified services as well. how about the passengers from harrisburg to philly new york city to boston. atlantic city rail line is still suspended between cherry hill and philadelphia but they're trying to help by additional bus service from cherry hill and philadelphia. and cross-honoring amtrak and septa tickets as well. the trenton line is suspended. the market/frankford line.
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and you can take broad street line and city hall and route 415 to city hall. if you want the full list, check a ceo, a college dean a navy midshipman. this morning, we're learning more about the seven people killed in that derailment. overnight we learned the identity of the fifth person who lost his life. derrick griffith. nbc10's vai sikahema is with what we learned. >> we have learned that griffith was an employee of medgar evers college in new york city. 42 years old and the dean of student affairs and enrollment management at medgars evers college. he served in new york preparatory transitional high school. now, just a month ago, he received a doctorate of philosophy in urban education.
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now medgar evers college issued this statement saying that he was a pillar in his community. and went on to say that griffith say champion for the downtrodden and he encouraged students to pursue education with vigor. now, we also know about four of the other victims now. they were a midshipman an associated press software architect, a ceo and a businessman. the family of rachel jacobs confirmed she was among those killed. he was the ceo of an educational software company and a mother of a fod letter. jim gaines was on his way home from a meeting in washington, d.c. he was killed as was wells fargo executive abid gilani. and justin zemser a second-year naval academy midshipman was on the train. he was headed home to new york. >> he was wonderful. he was absolutely wonderful.
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anybody who knows him, there's no other way to say it. >> and then there are the missing like this boy's dad here. bob gildersleeve dropped his son off at lacrosse and got on the train in baltimore tuesday night. his family has been handing out flyers and taking to social media, hoping someone knows where he is. we're stitt waiting for officials to release the names of the last two victims. as soon as they contact the next of kin, they'll release that information. live in the digital operations center, i'm vieai sikahema. more than two dozen people injured and still in hospitals this morning. people lived there their whole lives say they've never heard or seen anything like that. we've been talking to a lot of them who live there in port richmond. >> a lot of them heard the crash. other people say they saw it. and what they saw last night,
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tuesday night, will forever be etched in their memory. here's what they experienced at the time of the derailment. >> all of a sudden we heard this deafening bang. and then the whole sky lit up i bet you five miles up in the hour. i've never seen such a flash in my life. >> there was a hole in the fence, i kicked it through because i thought i had to help somebody. after coming through that brush and got to the top of that hill oh my god, it looked like beirut. literally like a war zone. >> you'll hear from that man in the next half hour. he was one of the first people to get to the scene to try to help. >> you can count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the deadly derailment. you can update at or the news app. skies are starting to brighten ahead of sunshine today, but it's getting chillier
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and chillier outside. a cool morning. 40s for much of the area. but sunshine will turn that around in a hurry. dry today, but this weekend, could see some showers and possibly some thunderstorms. right now, it's cold in the mountains. 36 degrees, while 47 in trenton and dover in the upper 40s at this hour. look how clear it it is. this is a live view from here at the nbc10 studios. we're watching the moonlight. the wind is blowing. though it is lighter than yesterday and calm to areas north and west. reading, pottstown, look at that 14-mile-per-hour wind in philadelphia. that number will be coming down during the day. the skies will be staying clear. satellite, nothing to show you here. get ready for a brilliant sunny day. 67 in the pocono mountains. in the 70s, downtown reading, low 70s. nothing but sunshine norristown trenton, mt. holly. rehoboth is cooler 66 degrees.
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cape may. wilmington up to 73 degrees. and drexel hill leading at 75 degrees. and there's a chance we'll see higher temperatures as the temperatures take off more summer like saturday and sunday. break to our breaking news the images of the injured are hard to forget. nbc10's monique braxton is checking on the victims still hospitalized this morning. monique. >> reporter: hi tracy, state and local authorities say it's miraculous that anyone survived the deadly derailment. we're going to have an update on those conditions after the break. and we continue to watch the progress at the scene of tuesday's deadly derailment. skyforce 10 showing trains moved off the tracks. much better view as we get light within the hour as the team continues to klein. the ntsb will be on scene all week.
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you can count on nbc10 to bring you updates, as soon as we get them.
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at 5:14 we continue to follow the deadly train derailment in port richmond. this morning, two the train cars on trucks which is how they'll be hauled away. to a secure location. there's still no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york. as crews have to remove the rest
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of the train cars from the crash site. the rails, the lines overhead. more than 20 people remain hospitalized this morning with injuries suffered in the crash. some of those injured are already looking into their legal rights. nbc10's monique braxton is live at the command center in port richmond. >> reporter: hi, tracy, overnight, we've learned that some of the victims of the derailed train 188 have contacted attorneys. as you look at this video of the train, you can see mangled metal. some of the cars are on their sides. as we just mentioned two of the cars are on trucks. victims are resting, going home from work heading home from college, when it hit the curve at frankford junction going 100 miles an hour. as you know the trains don't have seat belts so the passengers are tossed about even with their luggage. we talked to survivors overnight, we can tell you
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nearly two dozen are at temple. eight in critical condition. we spoke to the brother of one of them. he tells us his sister has broken bones, a punctured lung and is in a lot of pain. half a dozen victims are at hahnemann. one in serious [bcondition. five in good condition. in all, six survivors are at thomas jefferson, their conditions have not been leased. we'll be calling local hospitals out there the morning and keep you abreast of the conditions of those who survived. live from port richmond monique braxton, "nbc10 news." the phillies joined many others in offering condolences of the victims. last night, they tweeted out this photo, it sos the phanatic along with the fans there bowing their heads before the game with the pirates. and the scene of that development tells a story there. we have a great gallery set up
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on you can see there on or the app for more of that photo gallery. in other news a judge in allentown will decide if an eighth great girl and a soldier boyfriend will stand trial for her mother's mother. the 14-year-old and caleb barnes have a preliminary hearing. they're accused of the murder in march. prosecutors say they plotted and carried out the murder of jamie after she demanded they stop dating. iris gibny faces sex assault charges after police found her and a 17-year-old boy naked in a parked truck. prosecutors say she met the student last fall while volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading team. and we have new information out of montgomery county. a lot of relief for drivers. all lanes of the pennsylvania
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turnpike in upper dublin are now open. part of the trailer is on one side of the turnpike. the cab is on the other. the truck driver is expected to be okay. again, the scene is now all clear. >> let's find out what else you need to know as you head out the door. nbc10's traffic reporter jessica boyington watching the roads for us, jessica. >> thank you, chris and tracy. this morning, what we're dealing with is a lot of detours. septa suspended from new york into philadelphia. and the trenton line for septa is suspended this morning and we're not sure when that's going to be reopened but the market line is making all stops to accommodate extra passengers. and on we're dealing with extra weekday trains to help with passengers as well. if you do take the trenton line from the station into center city. you can take frankford.
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or take route 88 and state rowland and get to market and frankford there. definitely more alternates to come and get the full list at >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. a cool start this morning, feels like springtime. this is typical for this time of year. look at this view. clear skies with a view of the comcast center. you see a few thin clouds on the horizon, sunshine cloudless skies for most of the day. 50 degrees at philadelphia international. 12 degrees chillier than this time yesterday. this is a view from skytop lodge. bright sunshine is what you'll see in the mountains today. right now, the temperatures are in the 30s in the pocono mountains. the rest of the area will see sunshine and dry conditions today and tomorrow but we're watching for some showers this weekend. you can see the storm that's moving into the midwest. that will bring us scattered showers saturday sunday and
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next week. we need the rainfall. but we're not going to see that today. bright sunshine 70s this afternoon. the winds won't be as strong as yesterday but still out of the north. so that will keep us nice and dry. humidity low. but after sunshine in the morning tomorrow the clouds start increasing so do the temperatures. 78 degrees, upper 80s saturday and sunday. partly sunny skies saturday and sunday. there's a chance of scattered showers. a possibility of a thunderstorm or two. it doesn't look like widespread rainfall over the weekend. a chance of showers will continue for monday and tuesday but then sunshine returns wednesday. the death toll continues to rise after a second earthquake hit nepal on tuesday. we'll bring you up to speed on rescue and recovery efforts here. plus the marines who disappeared while bringing help to nepal. and we continue to follow the developments on the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. next, what we expect to learn
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. it is 5:23. we're about a day and a half past the deadly train derailment that occurred in philadelphia. an amtrak train, seven people dead. right now, here's what we're watching, we're seeing crews remove the tangled train cars. they're taking them to a secure location as the investigation continues.
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also today, we hope to learn when amtrak will start rebuilding that damaged track. that can start to take place now that the cars are being removed. we're also waiting for investigators to identify the last of the victims. seven people have been killed. happening today at camp david, president obama will host a conference of gulf nation leaders. those leaders are expected to share concerns about the proposed nuclear agreement with iran. among those attending, crown prince of saudi arabia representatives from qatar, the uae, kuwait bahrain. and the gunmen who killed five people including an american was shot to death by government security forces. this happened at a party guesthouse in kabul. police say the attackers held police at bay for several hours. no group has claimed responsibility in the siege. officials in nepal now report close to 100 people died
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in the quake on tuesday. prompting many people to sleep outside because they fear more tremors. tuesday's quake was not as devastating as last month's 7.8 magnitude quake that killed 8,000 people. and search crews continue to look for a hospital delivering aid there. six marines and two nepalese officers were on board a plane like this one. and sandy victims will go to the state capitol to voice concerns. stop fema now is one of the organizers of today's rally. souths of new jersey homeowners are still waiting for relief 2 1/2 years after the storm. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 5:25. and 49 degrees. you'll need your jacket this morning. there is a chill in the air, and the wind is blowing, too. but we're getting ready for bright sunshine to move those
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temperatures up. your hour-by-hour forecast is just ahead. jessica boyington and the "first alert" traffic center. >> good morning, around gerhard avenue still doing okay. drive time under 13 minutes. as we know the septa9og trenton line is suspended this morning. and i have alternate service coming up for you next. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in port richmond at the scene of the deadly amtrak derailment. you can see a lot of that activity still going on behind me. coming up after the break, we're learning new information this morning. >> reporter: and i'm katy zachry live inside 30th street station. a very quiet 30th street station as compared to most days. coming up i'll help you around some of the travel changes because of the derailment. >> announcer: you're watching continuing coverage of the deadly derailment on nbc10 and
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." and tied to tragedy, another name added to the list of the passengers killed in the deadly amtrak derailment. nbc10 has confirmed that a college dean is named overnight.
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crews are lifting cars and putting them on trackers. >> i think the impact is going to be greater than they expect. thousands of travelers up and down the east coast have been impacted by the travel. some staying at the 30th street station. it's 5:30 welcome back to "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. there's still a lot of questions to answer but here's new information we have for you, two train cars are now on trucks ready to be taken away from the scene of the crash. also there's new information from a lawyer of the engineer driving that train going 106 miles an hour when it derailed. once again, there was no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york again today. now, the latest into the investigation into what went wrong along the tracks. nbc10's matt delucia is live in port richmond. matt. >> reporter: tracy and chris, we're getting a little more daylight out here and that makes all the


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