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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  May 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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overnight. crews are lifting cars and putting them on trackers. >> i think the impact is going to be greater than they expect. thousands of travelers up and down the east coast have been impacted by the travel. some staying at the 30th street station. it's 5:30 welcome back to "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. there's still a lot of questions to answer but here's new information we have for you, two train cars are now on trucks ready to be taken away from the scene of the crash. also there's new information from a lawyer of the engineer driving that train going 106 miles an hour when it derailed. once again, there was no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york again today. now, the latest into the investigation into what went wrong along the tracks. nbc10's matt delucia is live in port richmond. matt. >> reporter: tracy and chris, we're getting a little more daylight out here and that makes all the way. as we zoom in the distance
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there, you might be able to see some of the workers there with a train at one of the railcars involved in the derailment tuesday night. the investigation has been under way for a full day. the ntsb is looking at the so-called black box of the train in an attempt to find out exactly what was going on leading up to the derailment. what we know from the investigation at this point, the amtrak train was going 106 miles per hour according to the ntsb. then an emergency brake was pulled. and then there was a crash after it came around the curve here at the frankford junction. the speed limit around that curve is 50 miles per hour. the train was going more than twice that speed at the time of the crash. the engineer is 32-year-old brandon bostian. detectives have interviewed him, they took his cell phone, as well as a blood sample. however, the ntsb has said it has not yet done an interview with bostian, but they want to
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do that sooner rather than later. also investigators are going to be looking at mechanical issues and that investigation will continue. it's a very large scene out here right now, they're working to remove the railcars and repair the tracks that were damaged. the engineer's attorney told an outlet news last night that his client has no recollection of the accident happening or anything unusual. coming up some rail experts who have worked on the rails in the past several year weighed on what they think is going on out here. what the investigators are going to want to find out as this moves forward in the days and weeks to come. live in port richmond i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." here's where the derailment happened after amtrak busy station. the train was heading north to
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frankford junction. skyforce 10 shows the curve in the track. we talked a lot about that yesterday. where the speed limit drops from 80 to 50. it's also where the train ran off the tracks. >> and of course that amtrak derailment is still have ago a tremendous impact on travelers all along the east corridor. such a busy stretch of railroad. many people have been stranded for days now. nbc10's katy zachry is live for us at 30th street station in philadelphia with more on how people are trying to get around. katy. >> reporter: hi chris, for starters, take a look around. there are fewer people here at 30th street station than normal because of amtrak's northeast corridor, those trains are not running. and septa tells us they will have employees starting around now to help travelers navigate the changes. for those needing to take septa lines, those will not operate for a week because it's the same
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track where the derailment happened. while investigators head to that site it will be days maybe longer before any service up and running. some travelers tell me they have reservations about getting on any train at this time. >> we are not too sure if that line you know at this stage will be -- will be ideal for travel. but i'm sure with due diligence in a couple of days or weeks, things will be set right. >> reporter: so that man and his wife we just heard from they're trying to get south from philadelphia. and they decided to rent a car, rather than make their train reservations which was scheduled this morning. because the northeast corridor the trains are not running. greyhound, megabus and new jersey transit are cross-honoring the tickets for people. reporting live katy zachry, "nbc10 news." >> katy is inside 30th station.
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it's such a hub for people making their way through the northeast corridor. if you have rail plans call 1-800-usa-rail. to check your schedule to see if your train is running on time. a lot of the volume has been shifted to some of the septa service and new jersey as well as people are trying to get to trenton. >> nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington. a lot of people expected by the amtrak suspension. new jersey transit is additionally suspended the atlantic city rail line from cherry hill. but they're bussing passengers from cherry hill into philadelphia. and they're cross-honoring tickets as well. the market/frankford line is currently making all stops and they're adding transit.
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they are offering a free septa shuttle from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. on cornwells heights. and you can get a frankford transfer. we know about the seven people killed, more than 200, though were injured. and many of them are still recovering. nbc10's monique braxton is there for us. >> reporter: hi chris, for a second morning they're waking up in hospital rooms. we'll update their condition after the break. clear skies right now. look at this gorgeous view. that's a view from high atop the comcast center. it's going to be a sunglasses kind of day. right now, though you might need a jacket. 49 degrees at 5:36.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. well ten minutes away from
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sunrise. a view from the nbc10 studios. barely a cloud in the skies. look way in the distance. sunshine and a quick warmup. a cooler start, really about 12 degrees cooler yesterday in philadelphia. 50 degrees. but the wind won't be sass strong as wed in that certainly take the clouds out of here during the evening hours and nice and clear. stand by for sunshine and a warmup in the upper 60s for the pocono mountains. low 70s for reading and quakertown. nothing but sunshine for doylestown, mt. holly, trenton low 70s this afternoon. a little cooler at rehoboth beach, 66 degrees on the delaware beaches. low 70s for cape may and atlantic city. dover will see 70 degrees this afternoon. and 70s from westchester to drexel hill. to swedesboro this morning. we will see cool temperatures but a nice warmup during the day there. i'm watching for showers. looks like it's time for the
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weekend, i've got the seven-day forecast back in ten. all right, bill. about 20 minutes to 6:00 now. we talked a lot about the impact that mass transit that the derailment is having this morning but there are other issues as well. >> right. let's find out with nbc10's "first alert" reertporter jessica boyington. >> different things popping up one out in bustleton. you want to take bustleton avenue to get by that scene as police are directing traffic answer the scene. out in port richmond police are directing traffic around torresdale and castor avenue. watch out for that. as we check on septa, the market and frankford making and suspended with alternates and different areas to go when we come back. as we return now to our breaking news talk is already turning to technology that could
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have prevented tuesday's deadly derailment. >> this is exactly the type of incident that ptc is designed to prevent. >> it's a complicated system of sensors. we'll show you how it works and we'll hear from governor tom wolf about his plans to make trains safer in pennsylvania. at 5:41 skyforce 10 don'ts to be live over the scene of the derailment in port richmond. where a crane is lifting a train on to a truck. another wrapped in plastic. two train cars in route to will mythton where amtrak has a maintenance facility. we'll have much more coming up.
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5:44. it is daylight in philadelphia. and we're getting our best look now at signs of progress at the scene of that deadly train derailment in port richmond. you can see the flatbed trucks that were brought in in two train cars on the back of these trucks. one of them wrapped in plastic. those cars will be taken by amtrak to wilmington where they have a maintenance facility. ntsb told us yesterday they're going to take a closer look at those cars at that location. this is video as the first of those trucks hauled the first car away. they will haul away five cars and a locomotive.
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then there's this impact a ceo of a company, a promising navy shipman. >> and we're finding out more. medgar evers college confirmed one of its deans died in the crash. derrick griffith served as a principal. and founded the city of new york presence tore transitional high school. rachel jacobs was the ceo of a software startup in philadelphia and the mother are of a toddler. associated press employee jim gaines was on his way home from meetings in washington. he was dilled. also wells fargo executive abid gilani. justin zemser a second-year naval academy midshipman he was on his way home to new york. then there are those missing, like this boy's dad, bob
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gildersleeve. his family has been handed out flyers hoping that someone knows where he is. officials are trying to account for all the passengers on the train. >> so we know about most of the ones who lost their lives we also know that there are still people fighting for their lives. more than 200 people injured in that crash. some of of them recovering in local hospitals. and we've learned that some of them are considering legal action. nbc10's monique braxton is live in port richmond with more on that. >> reporter: hey chris, a long road to recovery facing many of the passengers of the amtrak derailed train number 188. looking just over my shoulder, you see that the locomotive is uprighted. some of the cars are being removed. some were taken out overnight. some of those carried away by paramedics or injured are contacting personal injury attorneys. when you first look at it you
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think how could anyone have survived this aftermath of mangled metal. rail cars on their sides. paramedics had to pull some out to safety and rush them to the local hospitals. the ntsb said the detailed train hit the junction going 100 miles an hour. trains don't have seat belts so the passengers were tossed about along with their luggage. we got pictures from inside some of those cars that were overturned. we also had video to show you. overnight, we've been checking on the conditions of the survivors still hospitalized. nearly two dozen at temple. eight in critical condition. we spoke to one victim as he was released. >> when they asked for a head count, we were able to look down the row and count the people. however, i looked down from the hole that i was dug into and i saw a window. >> reporter: and jeff cutler still bearing his scars while speaking to us. half a dozen victims are at
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hahnemann. one in serious condition. five in good condition. six survivors at thomas jefferson. their conditions have not been released. during the next half hour we're working to bring you a family member who shares the ordeal his sister is going through. live for now in port richmond monique braxton, "nbc10 news" news. it's 5:48. federal investigators say the deadly derailment could have been prevented by a sophisticated system of sensors on the rails and inside the engine car. the ntsb says the system is called positive train control, or ptc, if the train is going too fast the system warns the crew. and if the crew doesn't slow down the train, the computer activates the brakes. >> this is exactly the type of incident that ptc is trying to prevent. >> i'm working on rail safety. >> all u.s. railroads are
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required to install ptc by the end of this year but some lawmakers say the deadline won't be met and should be extended until 2020. some sections of the track along the northeast corridor do have ptc, but not in the area where the tuesday night crash happened. in spite of that derailment some house members in washington voted to slash amtrak's budget. they voted to cut more than $250 million. 21 democrats on the panel voted against those cuts and saying they want to increase amtrak's spending by $1 billion. the ntsb former boss said seat belts could have helped save lives. he says federal investigators looking into the crash should consider seat belts when they come up with their safety recommendations in the coming months. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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here comes the sun. the sun is up. we're going to see a lot of it today. this is a brightening sky over wilmington this morning. a live view there. the temperatures have cooled. in wilmington it's 48 degrees right now. sunshine for trenton. look at mt. pocono at 36 degrees. may need to bundle up this morning with sunny skies in cape may and the west here we're heading into a beautiful spring day. temperatures in the 70s. look at the low 40s for pottstown and camden county down to 48. upper 40s for voorhees. a chilly start this morning. plenty of sunshine today. and no sign of much needed rainfall. not today. it's this weekend that could see some moving in. storms moving into the midwest bring a chance of showers and also a chance of thunderstorms over the weekend. but not today. grab the sunglass and look at
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the temperatures. humidity stays low, with northeast winds come down 10 miles an hour this had afternoon. we'll see late day clouds and chance of showers, summer like conditions for saturday and sunday. partly sunny skies over the weekend with a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms and that chance will continue for monday and tuesday. but then sunny skies return for wednesday. all right, bill we talked about the impact of mass transit in terms of derailment but there are other issues out there facing travelers. >> jessica boyington, what are you seeing? >> we have a hundred things going on. rush hour after all, we have a multivehicle accident and closure at grant avenue. police on the scene directing traffic around the incident. take bustleton avenue to get around that scene. the big story, septa line suspended.
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and the market-frankford line is making all stops to accommodate passengers. if you do take septa from the trenton station and you're trying to get to center city you can take the new jersey transit shuttle bus from trenton. or the new jersey transit river line to head up towards patco. we have more alternates to come. you can go to for more. tracy. it's 8 minutes before six. today, a north jersey teacher is out of a job after her third graders wrote get well letters to a man serving a life sentence for killing a philadelphia police officer. the school board in essex county fired the school teach iter she had been suspended after her students sent letters to him recovering from diabetes. and in the areas of 21st and washington and 38th and washington, the letter talks
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about recent fires in the area and it asks people if they see any unauthorized burning, no matter how small to call 911 and to report it. postal workers plan to post nationwide, protesting cutbacks and demanding improved service. you're looking at prior footage of a protest. in this area rallies are planned for the national distribution center in northeast philadelphia and the bustleton post office. comcast and nbcuniversal have announced a new plan to hire military here rose. the company says it's committed to hiring 10,000 reservists veterans spouses and their domestic partners over the next ten years. they will work in all areas of the company. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. this morning, we have the results of an exclusive nbc10 poll in the race for mayor of
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philadelphia. we asked democratic voters who would they vote for today. it's not even close, jim kenney kim out the front-runner with 42. lynne abraham and williams both had 15%. the other candidates are less than 5%. they're surpriseded margin is so wide. >> one thing at this point tells me more than anything else that this is the -- that philadelphia votes on the base of race. i think that's out the door. >> you can get more details by reading the exclusive poll for yourself on we also have an interview with each of the candidates. you can learn where they stand on key issues of the campaign when you're ready to cast your ballot. rushing to the rescue. >> you see the reports all the time how people die because people didn't get there. >> this morning, the selfless act of one who did everything he
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could to get to the scene to help. and a lot of activity has taken place overnight and this morning. we can see that progress has been made. several of the cars have been removed from scene on flatbed trucks. they're being taken for closer examination by amtrak at another facility. we'll continue to monitor the scene and have an update. stay with us.
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breaking news. a live picture from skyforce 10 it's the scene of tuesday night's train derailment. all through the overnight hours crews have been working to haul cars off the scene. we've seen them haul off three or four cars to take them to wilmington to amtrak. amtrak hopes to start rebuilding the track at some point perhaps later today. out of the tragedy that happened tuesday night, there are a lot of story of people who went out of their way to help and do anything they could. we talked to one man who put his own safety at risk rushing to the scene after the crash.
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scott lauman said it looked like a war done. he was inside a nearby walmart when he heard the signs of derailment. and heard the sirens. he actually kicked a hole in the fence to get through to the tracks to try to help any way he could. >> you see the stories all the time about how people die because people didn't get there fast enough or whatever. i came up the hill. and i was just like oh my god. you know it was just little itty-bitty fires here and there. nothing blazing because i think that had had already happenjust fires and smoke. >> scott had had the idea when he said that first responders were actually there on scene so he was actually kept at a distance. he rides those trains every day and the fact that people died in the crash actually breaks his heart. you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc10 news" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. we continue to follow the breaking news of the deadly derailment.
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>> and the scene in the port richmond section of philadelphia has turned from rescue to investigation site. overnight, all train cars were removed from tracks. a little later this morning, the ntsb will be back out at the crash scene to try to piece together exactly what happened. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. you're looking at the derailment from skyforce 10. two railcars removed from the track have been trucked away from the crash scene. two more moving out soon. they're going to a facility in wilmington. we have new information from the lawyer of the amtrak engineer who is being investigated. and officials positively identified the fifth of seven victims who died in the crash. and an investigation into what went wrong. nbc10's matt delucia is live at the seen in port richmond. >> reporter: just in the last ten minutes we saw


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