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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  May 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> and the scene in the port richmond section of philadelphia has turned from rescue to investigation site. overnight, all train cars were removed from tracks. a little later this morning, the ntsb will be back out at the crash scene to try to piece together exactly what happened. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. you're looking at the derailment from skyforce 10. two railcars removed from the track have been trucked away from the crash scene. two more moving out soon. they're going to a facility in wilmington. we have new information from the lawyer of the amtrak engineer who is being investigated. and officials positively identified the fifth of seven victims who died in the crash. and an investigation into what went wrong. nbc10's matt delucia is live at the seen in port richmond. >> reporter: just in the last ten minutes we saw the ntsb
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investigators arrive back here at the scene. i'm going to step out of the way. just over here we have philadelphia police and emergency workers still out in the distance. at this point, they are making an effort to get those railcars out of the way and get them to wilmington where they will be processed for this investigation. they will be examined quite thoroughly. meanwhile, the ntsb is also looking at the black box of the train. the event recorder. finding out what was going on leading up to the derailment. what we know from the investigation so far is that this amtrak train was going 106 miles per hour. then an emergency brake was pulled. and then the crash after it came around the cub here at the frankford junction. the speed limit around that curve is 50 miles per hour. the engineer of the train we learned is 32-year-old brandon bostian from new york. the ntsb said its investigators want to talk with this guy. they tell us the event recorder will be very critical to the investigation and any possible criminal charges.
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>> i was in the business before and knowing the recorders that are on the train, they don't lie. >> reporter: and as we take another live look at the scene. once again, you can see there is still a lot of activity out here. and we have seen just a few minutes ago, some tow trucks moving some of the debris out of the way here. they were empty as they were moving out of this area a few minutes ago. but, again, you see that this is still very much an active scene. just behind all of those trucks there, that is where the tracks are right now. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast the engineer's attorney told a national news outlet last night that his client has no recollection of what happened or anything unusual. at this moment there are no criminal suspects. of course this investigation still very early on. still ongoing. back again in about 30 minutes with an update. i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." >> a closer look at where this
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happened, the train was heading north as it reached frankford junction. skyforce 10, you can see the track right there, that's where the speed limit drops from 80 miles per hour down to 50. it's also where the train ran off the tracks. now, we want to give you insight on the two types of amtrak employees on that train. the conductor is responsible for overseeing the train's operation. the engineer meanwhile, is the person who drives the truck. the conductor suffered a serious head injury and is in the hospital. and the engineer broadcasten bostian of queens new york 32 years old. he got a job with amtrak right out of the college. the impact it's having on travelers around the region is also a focus. disruption in service has stranded or delayed many people. nbc10's katy zachry is live at 30th street station.
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well us what happened now in terms of the impact to riders. >> reporter: tracy, i talked to some of the people who are on 30th street. they say the plans have been cancelled. others have told me they've had waited for hours until a new train has arrived. investigators at the derailment sight in port richmond they tell us it will be days if not longer before service on the northeast corridor is back up and running. the trenton line of septa will not run for a week because it shares the same track. because of that he tells me he had to find another way to get to philadelphia. he is still traveling but he cannot shake what happened on the rails. >> it's very scary because i used the northeast travel corridor quite a bit. >> i'm not really concerned, you know, not riding amtrak at all. but aft leastt least for now, you know, we'll probably use cars.
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>> reporter: and septa tells us they will have employees all day, assisting travelers with some of the cancellations and some of the detours helping them get on buses or other trains to get to their destination. now, with more on the travel changes and how it could affect your schedule today, let's go to "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington for a look at that. jessica. >> katy yeah. we do have a lot of different suspensions and problems. with thousands of people trying to figure out a new way to get to where they have to go. also having modified service from amtrak between washington and philly harrisburg and philly, and affecting septa as well. the market/frankford line is taking all stops to accommodate passengers. the trenton line as we know still suspended. if you do take the trenton line from north philadelphia station into center city we have alternate. you can take broad street into
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city hall. route 4 or 16 to head to city hall. several more alternates for you at for more information. jessica, thank you. and a ceo, a college dean a navy midshipman. this morning, we're learning more about the seven people killed in the derailment. overnight we learned the identity of the fifth person who lost his life. his name is derrick griffith. chris cato is in the operations center. >> the college student that made so many promising lives in the business community and the world of business like derrick griffith. a 42-year-old dean student affairs at medgar evers college. he actually founded a school city of new york universe at
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preparatory transitional high school. last month, he received a doctorate in education. medgar evers college released a statement saying he was a pillar in the community. he was a champion for the downtrodden and he encouraged students to pursue education with vigor. and included a midshipman a ceo, an architect, and a businessman. the family of rachel jacobs confirmed yesterday that she was among those killed. she's the ceo of a software startup and the mother of a toddler. then there was jim gaines on his way home from meetings in washington. and abid gilani. and justin zemser a naval midshipman on his way home from leave. >> he was wonderful. absolutely wonderful.
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anybody who had him as a friend there's nothing more to say. >> there's still at least one passenger missing. this man here bob gildersleeve. he dropped off his son at lacrosse in baltimore. his family has not heard from him. they're handing out flyers taking to social media. we also heard the mayor talk yesterday about the fact that they're trying to map that train manifest. the list of passengers with patient lists at the hospital. he didn't use the phrase everyone's now accounted for but he did say they still having matched up all of the names. they're trying to find out if they can really pin down how many people might stilling missing when that happens. of course the identity is that of the other two of the seven victims. live in the digital operations center chris cato "nbc10 news." right now, you can visit
6:09 am for detailed information on changes at amtrak and septa. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're seeing sunshine. it's been up for about 20 minutes. it's still chilly outside. cool morning, typical for this time of year. but bright sunshine. barely a cloud in the sky. until we get to the weekend then there's a chance for scattered showers and possibility thunderstorms. you might need to bundle up to start with. it's cool in doylestown. 41 degrees. 50 in philadelphia millville, sunshine, 47 degrees. look at the flags blowing on top of the aramark building. and those winds delivered clouds. we're cloud free this morning and that's how it will stay.
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neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast. 70s for reading, allentown, quakertown. nothing but sunshine for trenton, mottt. holly. and camp may, low 70s. delaware beach, you'll see lots of sunshine. sunshine from wilmington to drexel hill. swedesboro up to 73 degrees. sunny skies will start things off tomorrow. the weekend, plan for wet weather ahead. the seven-day forecast timing of showers when i'm back in ten. as the hours turn to days we're hearing more stories from survivors from the deadly derailment. just ahead, we'll get an update on those still hospitalized. right now, we want to take you back to the crash scene. skyforce 10 is live above the scene where we can tell you the cars are being loaded by huge cranes on to trucks. they're being taken by a facility into wilmington. also coming up we have surveillance video showing the
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seconds before and after the crash.
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it's 6:14. area hospitals this morning are still treating many of the people injured in the train derailment. and some of the jurisdiction are exploring legal options. nbc10's monique braxton is live at the command center in port richmond. >> reporter: tracy, this is the second morning, some of the injured are waking up in local hospitals. overnight, we learned that several of them have contacted personal injury attorneys. now, let's take you back to tuesday night where dozens were rescued from the derailed trains. three dozen are being treated at local hospitals. the victims, you know, were resting when the train you see here hit a curve called
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frankford junction going 100 miles an hour. as you know trains don't have seat belts. the passengers' luggage was flying. we checked on the conditions. two dozen at temple. eight in critical condition there. we spoke to the brother of one of them. he did not wish to share his name, but he talked about what his story is going through. >> she had broken ribs. she had fractured back. she's unable to eat. >> folks i talked to are injured things fell on them in the train. >> reporter: half a dozen victims are at hahnemann hospital we've learned, one is still in serious condition. six are at thomas jefferson. mayor nutter has said it's miraculous looking at the debris here that anyone survived. we're going to continue to update you on the survivors in the next half hour. live from port richmond monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> we want to show you
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surveillance video the seconds before and after the train crashed. approaching the curve going 106 miles an hour. and seconds later, bright flashes light the sky. and then from another angle, you can see what looks like an explosion. now, lots of commuters are affected by the derailment of course. here's a closer look at amtrak's northeast corridor by the numbers. it's the busiest railroad in all of north america. 2200 trains from washington, d.c. to boston every single day. trains carry more than 11 million passengers up and down that corridor in 2013 alone. there are more riders between d.c. and boston than all airlines combined. right now there's no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york city. here's a live look at 30th street station where katy zachry reported to us earlier that there's more activity there than
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typical for a thursday. if you try to take a train call 1-800-usa-rail to check the schedules. >> there's impact from derailment on roads and rails but other things happening on the roads. >> yeah jessica boyington at the "first alert" traffic center. on grant avenue and for the time being take bustleton avenue to get by. amtrak isn't the only service being suspended. new jersey transit atlantic city rail line from cherry hill to philadelphia has service suspended but they will be busing passengers from cherry hill into philadelphia to help with that. additionally, they're cross-honoring amtrak and septa tickets on the new jersey trail and river line. and tickets going to be honored between new york city and trenton as well. so a lost help there.
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as for the trenton septa line being suspended. we do have alternates. take bridesburg station to center city but alternates route 73 to frankford station. then you can park at frankford if you're going straight there and head into frankford that way. you can go to for more information. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. sunny skies. a chilly start this morning. you'll need a jacket to start with. it's going to be one of those simple spring days where jackets in the morning come off in the afternoon. look at sunshine at citizens bank park. an afternoon game. 50 right now at the ballpark. it's 11 degrees chillier this morning than yesterday. you look at the sunshine a view from the lafayette de marquis hotel. phillies meet the pirates.
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ed weather education day at the ballpark. hundreds of students will be showing up at the ball game by the time the phillies take the field, 68 degrees by 1:00. by 4:00 just out of the northwest, 70 degrees. and we'll get rain from a storm move into the midwest. the timing though for the weekend, a chance of showers. right now, we'll see sunshine bright sunshine low to mid-70s. perfect spring weather today. very low humidity and less wind this afternoon. tomorrow will be warmer clouds by late in the in the day. partly sunny skies with a chance of scattered showers and a chance of pop-up thunderstorms, too. look at the temperatures popping up in upper 80s over the weekend. still a chance of showers on monday but the temperatures start coming down. by wednesday, sunny skies,
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breezy and 72. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. we continue to follow breaking news in that deadly train derailment. 32 hours after the crash. still a very active scene. right now, crews are removing more of the cars from the site and taking them to a secure facility to continue their investigation. seven people died in the crash. federal investigators say the accident, though didn't have to happen. we'll explain technology that could have changed everything.
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it's 6:23 this thursday morning, we continue to follow breaking news in the deadly train derailment. skyforce 10 over the scene of the crash in port richmond. crews there working to remove the remaining train cars and debris. you see one of the workers there wrapping one of the cars in plastic. two cars are already in
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wilmington where they're being examined closely and these other two are en route on the way. and the phanatic bowing his head in a moment of silence against the pirates at pnc park which they won. we have an entire gallery on or tap the nbc news app for more. an exterminator will espn the rest of his life behind bars for killing a local pediatrician. jurors found jason smith guilty of first degree murder. he was sentenced to life behind bars without parole. authorities said he stranged melissa ketunuti then tied her up and set her on fire.
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she questioned the exterminator's work. and he joked with his girlfriend on jailhouse tape about the trial strategy. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. spectacular day today. a beautiful start but a chilly start this morning. center city a few clouds and 49 degrees at 6:25. sun up sometime we need to slow down let's get a check of traffic with jessica boyington at the "first alert" traffic center. >> good morning, bill. we're looking at sun there on i-95 around cottman half.avenue. traffic starting to slow out on woodhaven and expressway. now, for the septa trenton line is suspended because of that amtrak derailment. i'll have alternates coming up.
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>> reporter: i'm matt delucia at the scene of the deadly amtrak crash. the investigation continues this morning and the work to repair the tracks. we'll have the latest coming up after the break. >> reporter: and i'm katy zachry live inside 30th street station with no service along the northeast corridor for the next few days, if not even longer. how travelers are navigating it. i'll break it down for you. >> announcer: you're watching continuing coverage of the deadly derailment on nbc10 and
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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. it's about 6:30 this morning thursday morning. clearing the scene. here's a look from skyforce 10 over the deadly derailment.
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since we've been on the air, we've watched crews making progress in the cleanup. they're wrapping that car right there, as you see, in the plastic. they want to keep everything in it contained because it will be examined in wilmington. two more cars like this already made its way down 95 heading to wilmington. >> good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. new this morning, trucks took away two cars. and two other cars heading to wilmington. and there's no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york again today. >> our team of reporters and photographers are committed to bringing you the most complete coverage of the derailment and its impact. first, let's get you updated on the investigation. nbc10's matt delucia is live on the scene in port richmond matt. >> reporter: hey, tracy, we're up on the roof of one of the homes across from the derailment
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scene. investigators are back on scene today we saw some of the ntsb folks down below us right now. they just tolding us not to expect a full update until later this afternoon. so there's still a lot more to be done. just this morning, you can see some of the workers out there in the distance trying to get those railcars stabilized so they can be transported away from the scene. and those railcars will be examined at an amtrak facility in wilmington. meanwhile, the ntsb is looking at the black box. the event recorder of the train, trying to find out what was going on leading up to the derailment. here's what we know from the investigation so far, the amtrak train was going 106 miles per hour. then an emergency brake was pulled and then the crash. after it came around the curve here at the frankford junction. now, the speed limit around that curve, by the way, is only 50 miles per hour. the engineer of the train, we've learned is 32-year-old brandon bostian out of new york.
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the ntsb says its investigators want to talk with him and retired rail worker told us yesterday that the event recorder is really going to be critical to this investigation and any possible criminal charges. we're going to take a live look out here once again. at the moment philadelphia police tell us there are no criminal suspects as far as the investigation is concerned. this is so early on and the engineer's attorney told a news outlet that his client has no recollection of anything that happened. again, you see this area is blocked off where the crash investigation is still under way. we also saw the red cross out here earlier as well. philadelphia police firefighters out there in the distance. this is still very much an active situation. well more than 24 hours after this derailment happened. live in port richmond i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." >> it's heartbreaking but we're getting more details about the lives of this who were lost
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because of this wages. ceo of a local company a promising young navy midshipman. seven people lost their lives in this derailment. >> we're finding out more about the victims. during the overnight hours, medgar evers college confirmed one of its employees died. derrick griffith was the dean of student affairs. during his enrollment he served as principal and founded the city of new york preparatory transitional high school. we also know the dent this of four other victims killed. rachel jacobs was the ceo of a software startup in philadelphia and mother of a toddler. associated press employee jim gaines was on his way home from meeting in washington. he was killed. also killed wells fargo executive abid gilani. justin zemser was on his way home from new york. then the missing like this boy's
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dad, bob gildersleeve. he dropped his son off at lacrosse and got on the train tuesday night. his family has been handing out flyers hoping someone know where is he is. the amtrak derailment continues to have a huge impact on travelers all along the northeast corridor. many people have been stranded or delayed because of the destruction in service. nbc10's katy zachry is live for us at 30th street station in philadelphia with more on that. katy fill us in. >> reporter: vai i talked to a number of passengers here at 30th street station who have had to change their travel plans. amtrak is not offering as many trains headed south as they normally do but at least it's still open. for those needing to take septa's trenton line well that will also not operate for the next week because it says the same track with the deadly derailment happened tuesday
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night. while investigators out there have made headway, they say it will be days maybe longer before they service is up and running on the northeast corridor. some travelers tell me they do have reservations about getting on any train at this time. >> this makes you think. it really makes you think. i don't think i'll stop traveling, but i will pay attention to perhaps, the car that i'm in. >> reporter: and she tells me from now on she will try to get on one of the rear train cars rather than sitting on one of the cars up front. reporting live katy zachry "nbc10 news." >> and katy, of course is 30th street station. here's a live look high above 30th street. if you plan to take a train at all 1-800-usa-rail to see if your train is on tile. let's find out about other
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impact from travel. jessica boyington has that. jessica. >> thousands and thousands of people affected by this amtrak suspension, and the derailment. from philadelphia to new york city, again, all services suspended and they're dealing with modified service between washington and philly harrisburg and philly and new york city to boston as well. septa is having some delays and suspensions as well. trenton line still suspended this morning. and the market/frankford line is currently making all stops to accommodate for more passengers. and also extra cars to accommodate for passengers as well. the trenton line as it's suspended, we have alternates if you normally try to get to the center city area take route 84 or 60. you can head for frankford. and then head for the market/frankford line after that. you can go to for more alternates. some experts say the deadly
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derailment could have been prevented by a sophisticated sensors on the rails and the railcars. it's called positive train control or ptc. if the train is going too fast the computer warns the crew and if the crew doesn't slow down the train, the computer activates the brakes. >> this is exactly the type of incident that ptc is designed to prevent. >> i'm working very hard on railroad safety in general. and we need to think about how we can prevent accidents in general. >> all u.s. railroads are required to install ptc by the end of this year. some lawmakers say the deadline won't be met. and it can be extended until 2020. some tracks have ptc but not in the area where the crash happened. you can count on nbc10 for coverage of the deadly derailment. you can go to for
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information on the derailment. well we've enjoyed 15 minutes of sunshine so far and we'll see it all day long. and it's going to do something about that. a cool start this morning but a quick warmup. brilliant sunshine in the 70s this afternoon, very low humidity but that changes this week and we're headed for the 80s and a chance of much needed rainfall. showers and possible thunderstorms. 43 degrees in reading. 50 degrees at philadelphia international. look at the sun coming up this is a sunny view from the comcast center in center city. you'll certainly need your sunglasses today. is bright and going to lead to a quick warmup. look at chester springs, 41 degrees. 41 in doylestown. and 50s now dropped to the 40s in delaware. millville, coolest spot in had south jersey at 44 degrees but
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the sunshine the temperatures will be climbing quickly. clouds are out of here. no sign of clouds like+çó we had at times yesterday. sunshine will warm into the 60s in the pocono mountains. 70s for allentown, reading and quakertown. now, rehoboth a little cooler there, 67 degrees with northerly winds bringing in the cooler air right off the delaware bay. 70 for dover. finally, 73 degrees this afternoon. brilliant sunshine. 75 degrees. low 70s for westchester, wilmington and swedesboro. take a closer look at the shower chance for the weekend when i come back with the seven-day in ten minutes. we're working around the clock to gather information for you with breaking news about the victims involved in the amtrak train derailment. the latest count right now has 47 patients still hospitalized across philadelphia. they're treated at istein
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temple jefferson, hahnemann, torresdale and temple has the most with 23 patients. rushing to the rescue this morning, the story of one man who put his life on the line to try to reach the victims of the deadly derailment. >> reporter: nbc10's monique braxton live in port richmond. after the break, an update on the condition of those survivors still in the hospital for a second day.
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6:43 and we continue to follow the developments in the deadly train derailment. we've already seen two train cars hauled away to wilmington. and we're rolling as these two other cars are being prepared to move out. now, out of the tragedy, we
6:44 am
have heard story after story of people who rushed to the scene to try to help. >> yeah in an emergency situation, we talked to one man who put his safety at risk rushing to the scene. scott lauman said it looked like a war donezone. he was at a walmart when he heard it and he kicked through the fence here to try to help. >> you see the sorriesy s stories all the time about how people die because people didn't get there fast enough or whatever. there are little bitty bitty fires here. nothing blazing i think that already happened. just little fires, smoke. >> scott said the first responders were already on the scene when he got there so he was kept at a distance. he said he rides the trains here every day and the fact that people died in the crash breaks
6:45 am
his heart. some of the victims are facing a lengthy recovery 47 in total. nbc10's monique braxton is live with what the injured survivors are going through. monique. >> reporter: hi, vai. as you know it's the second morning for many of the patients still in the hospital. 47 in all. many of those injured on board this derailed train, amtrak number 188, have been contacting personal injury attorneys. looking at the video of the derailed train. it's hard to imagine anyone survived the aftermath of the mangled metal. the ntsb said this derailed train was going 100 miles an hour. as you know trains do not have seat belts so the passengers were tossed about along with their luggage. overnight, we've been checking on the condition of the survivors. the number just released. 47 still at local hospitals.
6:46 am
most of them at temple. eight critical there. we spoke to one victim after he was released. >> when they asked for a head had count, we were able to count down the row however i looked down the hole i was dug into and i saw a window. >> reporter: jeff cutler still showing his banged up face. the doctors tell us most of the injuries are to the passengers arms, legs ribs. we're going stay in touch with local hospitals vantd ss and have the latest on the survivors still hospitalized. despite the derailment some house members in washington have voted to slash amtrak's budget. the republican-controlled house appropriations committee voted to cut more than $250 million from amtrak for the upcoming
6:47 am
fiscal year. democrats on the panel voted against it saying they wanted to increase spending up to $1 million. >> the former boss of ntsb set seat belts may have helped. the transportation secretary from '09 to 2015 said federal investigators who look into seat belts when they come up with safety recommendations. you can for detailed information. nbc10 teamed up with the inquiry, daily news and to bring you the only independent poll of voters. here it is we asked democratic voters who would they vote for
6:48 am
today. kenney came out the front-runner with 42%. lynne abraham and williams came out at out with 15%. political experts say they're surprised the margin is so wide. >> the one thing this tells me more than anything the whole narrative that philadelphia votes on the base of race i think, is out of the door. >> we also have interviews with each of the candidates about where they stand on the key issues of the campaign so you're ready to cast your ballot next tuesday. and what was a horrific day for all of us in the city let's go to new york now for what's ahead on "today" show. >> say good morning to matt and savannah, good to see you both. >> how are you guys doing down there? it really was awful to have to be down there for that story. i know a lot of people in philadelphia and up and down the
6:49 am
east hurting this morning. it's good to see you both. of course we'll have more complete coverage on that deadly train derailment down it your city. including natalie live there this morning. and what we're learning about the controls the victims and some technology that may have prevented the crash. and trying to get his dogs out of the country or they may be put down. >> those stories and do you suffer from phobia. we have questions to figure out if you have an unhealthy addiction to your smartphone as we get to see you on a thursday morning here on "today." i do want to tell you guys, something really nice hammedppened yesterday. the media was lined up on japgssper avenue. there were people out there coming out with drinks offering members of the community to come in and use the restroom.
6:50 am
it was nice to see that community pulling together. >> i experienced that as well matt. everyone was very kind. >> we appreciate that. >> sometimes phillians have a chip on their shoulders about how they're treated around the country. >> couldn't have been nicer. >> all right. we look forward to see you in about ten minutes. >> announcer: now your nbc10s in "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. we're enjoying sunshine and a cooler start. not a cloud in the sky. a little breeze blowing in the area but the swind not aswind is not as strong as yesterday. 50, a couple degrees warmer than yesterday this time. beautiful from the marquis de lafayette hotel. and 44 in pottstown.
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47 in millville. while cape may is in the 50s. 52 right now in cape may. at the airport, 52 degrees. 40s, woodbine. and the marina 41 degrees. chilly all the way around even at the shore. with sunshine and dry conditions we'll see a quick warmup. comfortable again tomorrow. but that's going to change this weekend. we need some rain. we're going to get some rain along with some heat and humidity. the showers will be scattered saturday. and the system we'll be watching that's move into the midwest right now but during the day today, we'll be watching the temperatures climb. low to mid-70s this afternoon, nothing but bright sunshine. and the winds will come down. 75 today, 78 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the morning. but late in the day on friday we'll start to see some clouds moving in ahead of the summerlike conditions this
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weekend. and with summerlike conditions pop-up showers and possibly a thunderstorm saturday and sunday. otherwise partly sunny. not going to be an all-day rainfall saturday or sunday with high temperatures in the 80s for the weekend. but it gets cooler heading into the next week we'll see a chance of shower monday and tuesday. and then sunshine returns wednesday. >> all right, thank you, bill, for obvious reasons, we've got a lot of focus on the train derailment. taking a look at the roads for those who travel to work this morning. >> other issues you need to know about before you head out, nbc10's traffic reporter jessica boyington has more on that. >> we're taking a look at girard avenue, almost 40 minutes on the southbound drive time. from the woodhaven, you can see the southbound lanes starting to jam up. the northbound lanes doing just fine. we're still dealing with the road closures in grant avenue.
6:53 am
crews trying to get that out of the way. and you can take bustleton avenue to get out of that area as well. new jersey transit is suspended at the atlantic city line that's from cherry hill into philadelphia. but they're trying to help the situation out by busing passengers from cherry hill. they're honoring amtrak and septa tickets. and amtrak tickets are going to be honored as well between new york city and trenton. i have more alternates for the septa suspension coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in port richmond where the work continues and so does the investigation. what we learned overnight. that's next. >> reporter: and amtrak has suspended its northeast corridor service for days possibly even launch. we're live here at 30th street station to help you get around the changes.
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just before 7:00 a cool thursday morning. taking a live look at the scene from skyforce 10. there's seven cars four already on their way down to delaware for analysis. matt delucia is there. >> reporter: the scene is very much active. i'm goating to get out of the way. there's a lot of cleanup and the investigation. we see cars from the scene. the crews are out there continuing their work. also at the scene, police and now the ntsb back again for another day. we learned that the train was going 106 miles per hour before this crash.
6:58 am
crews say they interviewed the engineer but the ntsb says it has yet to conduct their own interview. the investigative body expected to be out here for a week. after 36 hours after the derailment, some progress at the scene but lots to be done in the days ahead. live from port richmond this morning, "nbc10 news." >> reporter: and i'm katy zachry live inside 30th street station where behind me people have been stranded or delayed or even had to change their plans because of tuesday night's deadly derailment. amtrak has not offered as many trains headed south as it normally does the northeast corridor is completely closed to rail traffic. for those needing to take septa's trenton line that will not operate for a week because it shares the same track where the deadly derailment happened tuesday night. septa employees are here at 30th
6:59 am
street station helping passengers navigate around these changes. reporting live at 30th street katy zachry, "nbc10 news." and i'm jessica boyington with more "first alert" traffic this morning. obvious suspension for septa's trenton line in market and frankford making all stops to accommodate more passengers. you do take the trenton line from the bristol station there's a free septa shuttle from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. you can get on cornwell heights and to frankford. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. we've got sunshine. going to be a beautiful day at the ballpark. phillies take on the pirates and it's weather education day. a beautiful day all around cool and comfortable. 70 by 2:00. >> i got tickets for the game. "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
good morning. no memory. the engineer of the train that derailed and killed at least seven people claims he does not recall the moment of impact and has yet to offer any explanation for why the train reached speeds of more than 106 miles an hour more than twice the limit. we will talk to an ntsb investigator at the scene. widespread flooding in texas. homes turned to river, homes under water the rain is not over yet. tense exchange jeb bush and a college student spar over george w. bush's legacy. >> your brother's legacy is if question. >> the governor seems to let it slip yes, he is running


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