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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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today we know an eighth person was found dead near the wreckage of the first car. amtrak says it hopes to resume service coming up on monday and philadelphia police say there is still an active criminal investigation under way. tonight, we're learning more about that eighth person killed in the derailment. bob gildersleeve's son handed out fliers just yesterday when he couldn't find his father and tonight we have confirmed the names of all eight victims. laura finamore justin zemser jim gaines abid gilani rachel jacobs mr. griffith and giuseppe piras not pictured. >> reporter: with each of these details being revealed from the ntsb investigation, and word of a lawsuit, none of this eases the agony for any of these eight families. her family says laura finamore had a smile that lit up in a room. in a statement they confirmed
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the corporate realtor was a passenger on ill-fated amtrak 188. also on board according to italy's ambassador a citizen giuseppe piras. the family of missing passenger bob gildersleeve called to philadelphia's medical examiner's office to confirm his identity. >> my name is marc gildersleeve help me find my dad. >> reporter: their family's search ending in heartbreak as they were told he'd been found at the crash scene. >> when he smiles you want to smile. >> reporter: at medgar evers college in brooklyn they miss their dean of student affairs derrick griffith. >> he believed he could be a change agent in someone's life so he carried himself that way. >> reporter: in new york the loss of abid gilani wells fargo's senior hospitality finance vice president brought sadness to his colleagues. the family of 20-year-old navy midshipman justin zemser released several more pictures of a son who was proud he had made it to the u.s. naval
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academy. and in the quiet car on amtrak 188 was 48-year-old jim gaines a video technology coordinator with the "associated press." and 39-year-old rachel jacobs had only been ceo of philadelphia-based for two months. her co-workers say they not only lost a ceo but a friend. they are heartbroken. and rachel jacobs' family says she was an incredible mother and wife and they say that in this particular case she was devoted to family and devoted to social justice. live in center city i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, doug. several passengers are getting better and they left the hospital today. tonight, temple university hospital confirming there are 11 patients left 6 of them though in critical condition. the hospital's chief medical officer earlier today said some of the passengers face more surgeries, but all are expected to recover. right now, still no service on amtrak between philadelphia
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and new york. amtrak hoping to have limited trains back in service starting on monday. delays and cancelations remain in effect for another work day as people find another way to commute without septa in that area. while the track is being rebuilt for the trains septa needs the overhead wires repaired before it can get back on schedule. september to septa does not have an exact timetable for that. nbc 10's deanna durante is joining us now live from port richmond richmond. >> reporter: yeah, the board person from the ntsb is still giving that press briefing. at this foibtpoint, they have been habl to look at surveillance video, a forward-facing camera that shows what the front of the train shows, the train tracks the illumination and speeds of the train. we learned in the minutes before the crash that the train was going faster. 16 seconds before that camera went dark the speeds were reported at 100 miles an hour. they also say that that video shows when those brakes were applied. take a listen to what we just
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heard. >> mere seconds into the turn we could see the train tilting approximately ten degrees to the right and then the recording went blank. >> reporter: now we can also tell you that the ntsb says it's been continuing to do inspections, also look at logs. see if there are any problems with that train. they say they looked at the inspection logs as the train left 30th street and there was nothing out of the ordinary. also said it tested most of the train signals along this line and nothing out of the ordinary. the only signals still to be tested are the ones in the immediate crash site. also earlier today we learned from the city they were playing -- they were taking a step down role here and letting the ntsb spr controlhave control of the scene. the ntsb announcing they're turning the scene over to amtrak to begin track work and get the trains going again. reporting live from port richmond deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thank you deanna. the ntsb just announcing the
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train engineer agreed to talk to them sometime over the next few days. brandon bostian's facebook page was changed following the crash, a black triangle and not a picture. he suffered a concussion in the crash and doesn't remember what happened. the engineer agrees to be interviewed. a couple of the train cars are now at the amtrak facility in bear, new castle county. one of the cars is wrapped. one is on its side. and one of them appears to be upsidedown. now, you see the pick hers here of these cars. they will have their wheels and their brakes examined. not clear yet whether all the train cars will move to delaware. we have continuing coverage of the investigation into the derailment in a few minutes, we catch up with a man who witnessed a crash 70 years ago at the same spot in port richmond. and now to other news tonight. the national spotlight will shine on camden next week. president obama is going to
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visit camden on monday. the president will talk to kids in the neighborhood as well as the camden county police department about the community coming together. camden is now a promise zone which uses federal grants to create jobs and reduce crime. a lehigh county man is busted on charges he downloaded and shared child pornography. police arrested ryan hess today at his allentown home. investigators say they searched his computer and found multiple images of child pornography. a federal jury acquitted six former philadelphia police officers who were accused of corruption. the six officers were part of a narcotics undercover squad. they were accused of planting evidence roughing people up and lying to win convictions. at least one officer said today he will try to get his job back. the others did not comment outside the courtroom. next on "nbc 10 news at 6," more than 70 years ago, another deadly train derailment in the same part of port richmond. tonight, hear one local man's firsthand account of that crash.
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well we need rain and there's some there to the west. i'll tell you when it's coming and how it's going to affect your weekend with the seven-day forecast coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> continuing our coverage now with new information we just learned on tuesday's deadly train derailment. the ntsb giving an update minutes ago. officials saying they have contacted the engineer. they plan to interview him over the next few days. they've also started interviews passengers. the ntsb has now released the site back to amtrak. amtrak has said they hope to have train service restored by monday or tuesday. this week's crash not the first time therewyo:j been a deadly train derailment in port
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richmond. it happened back in 1943. tuesday's derailment brings back memories of that day. nbc 10's cydney long joining us live as neighbors relive the crash from more than 70 years ago, cydney. >> reporter: jim, they tell me it was an absolutely beautiful day just like today but a holiday weekend in september and could hear the crash of the trains as they left the rails. one of them a little boy went running toward the wreckage about a block in this direction from where the cleanup is happening right now. he did so with his older brothers, and against the advice of his mom. it is a sight ed mcafee says will never be erased from his memory. >> i'll never forget that. i seen people on the ground dead as we walked by them. i was scared. >> reporter: he was just 12 years old. it was labor day, september 6th 1943, when the limited on its way from d.c. carrying 541 people crashed. these images published in the national railway historical
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society newsletter wheels ripped off, trains on power lines. all 16 cars crashed throwing victims from windows. >> the train was all, like twisted together like it is now. and one was broke in half. >> reporter: now 84 mcafee says tuesday's amtrak derailment -- >> i said to myself speed kills. >> reporter: -- is an eery reminder of the images he witnessed 71 years ago. 79 passengers killed a block away and on the same stretch of track. >> they call it the dead man's curve. >> reporter: one woman he says was alert and talking with a priest. >> he was giving her her last rights. >> reporter: she was pinned between two cars. >> as soon as they released her, she died. >> this is pathetic. there's no reason for it. >> reporter: ronald is hurt by the loss of life with amtrak. he wasn't alive in '43, but grew up snapping photos of train cars maneuvering the frankford junction curve. his uncle witnessed milk wagons transporting the injured. he says after the 1943 tragedy engineers banked the rails along the curves so they were slightly
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tilted. >> the reason for it being banked is because the train that crashed in 1943 the curve was not banked. it was level. >> reporter: and both of the men we spoke to today applauded all of the first responders who ran toward the live wires and also those other tankers who were filled with chemicals to save the lives of those who were trapped on the amtrak train right here tuesday night. live in port richmond cydney long nbc 10 news. >> thank you, cydney. we want to go back to skyforce10 live over the crash scene here where the investigation continues into the derailment of amtrak train 188. "nbc nightly news" will have the very latest on the extensive investigation as well as coverage of what has taken place here. that will follow this broadcast coming up tonight at 6:30. want to tell you about other news now. primary race for mayor of philadelphia less than a week away so we asked people what
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they think of the current mayor's fmpbsperformance. we got answers from polling philly reports. 60% approve of the job mayor michael nutter is doing as mayor. 35% disapprove. 5% undecided. geographically the mayor had a higher approval rating in center city. the positive approval is despite what we told you at 5:00 which showed more people thought philly was going in the wrong direction. watch that story right now on dozens of hurricane sandy victims from ortley beach and other ocean county communities demanded dune protection and wider beaches at a rally in trenton. ortley beach became known as sandy's ground zero and its scars still evident. storm victims say with very little sand separating the ocean from local streets, they fear the upcoming hurricane season which starts? just about two weeks. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, we've already seen the first tropical storm of the season, hurricane season hasn't even started yet. now we have some cool weather, down to 39 in allentown this morning. got another cool night ahead. a lot of you are going to need jackets tomorrow morning. you're not going to need them over the weekend. it is going to be a warm one. we also have some showers over the weekend, but neither day is going to be a washout. it was a great day for baseball out there at citizens bank park. beautiful blue skies. still bright and sunny. 71 degrees. the winds south at 7. look how low the humidity is. 22%. and with that kind of humidity, you're not getting any kind of rain and the pollen keeps going up. as we don't get rain. we've had very little in the last more than three weeks now. 23 days' worth. saturday and sunday the pollen expected to be pretty high. temperatures now in the upper 60s to the low 70s for the most
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part. a little cooler right at the jersey shore. but it is warmer to our south and west. that's where our air is going to be coming from. it's 80 in little rock. southwest wind is going to be bringing some of that air up this weekend. also going to be bringing some of this moisture. clouds obviously going to be a fair amount of cloud cover over the weekend. nothing like today. but not a whole lot of rain. now you can see on the future cast hour by hour, as we go through the night, you'll see temperatures dropping through the 40s in these areas north and west that got down to close to 40 degrees this morning. and by tomorrow morning, it's going to be again, on the cool side. it's going to warm up more tomorrow afternoon than it did this afternoon. high today was only 72. now watch what happens friday night. we get a few little showers possible across parts of the area. you're not seeing anything widespread, are we? then saturday morning, starting off pretty warm. that's 76 degrees in philadelphia.
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where we were in the 40s in many areas this morning. then look at the temperature. this particular model brings the temperatures into the upper 80s even on saturday let alone sunday. you can still see just some scatrdscat scattered showers around at most saturday, perhaps a little bit more on sunday. tonight, clear and cool again. 53 for the low in philadelphia. 43 north and west. then tomorrow it's going to be warmer than today. we're not going to be hitting 80 degrees though. the clouds increase. the first chance of any showers is friday night and into saturday morning. another chance later saturday. look at how warm it is, though. mit mid 80s saturday. upper 80s with higher humidity on sunday. along with the chance of some thunderstorms. a little better chance on monday. the best chance of rain of significant rain on tuesday as a front stalls near the area. we can really use some of that rain. of course, it would be nice if it didn't all happen this
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weekend. now, today 7,000 students teachers and principals joined the nbc 10 first alert meteorologists for an interactive lesson on how we forecast the weather. nbc 10 teamed up with phillies for weather education day. kids also got a listen from skyforce10's pilot, a look inside stormforce10. look at the crowd out there. >> they were excited. >> yeah. we did some pretty cool experiments. we made some clouds and got a lot of oohs and ahhs out there, too. >> i heard there was a big cloud in front of your face at one point. is that true? >> liquid nitrogefn. >> you must have hid that video. >> made these big clouds. >> good such. the kids loved it. thank, glenn. john clark, what's coming up in sports? >> a beautiful day for a ryan howard home run. and eagles linebacker connor barwin, how he helped out after the train derailment. that's next.
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once again, skyforce10 live over the scene of this week's derailment and we've been hearing this week about a safety control system called ptc, or positive train control. it was not in place here but there's another legacy safety system called atc. our automatic traffic control. >> automatic train control. >> it's designed to slow a speeding train or stop it if the engineer is in fact speeding. >> well, the nbc 10 investigators have been looking into this and it sounds like perhaps, this automatic train control which should have been in place wasn't. you take it from here mitch blacher. >> this is a big deal. this means the rail line that amtrak 188 was traveling on did not have a safety system installed. if that train had been traveling south, experts say an automatic train control system would have
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kicked in and slowed amtrak 188. >> would have slowed the train down, yes, and so yes, there's a question in my mind what happened? >> reporter: that question has now been answered as the nbc 10 investigators confirm a standard system called automatic train control was not installed on the northbound track taken by amtrak 188. automatic train control is a rail-based safety system. it signals the engineer when the train exceeds the speed limit. it's then supposed to bring a speeding train to a stop if the engineer does not respond. we talked with this doctor the director of the railroad engineering and safety programs at the university of delaware. he consults the state of pennsylvania on rail safety. >> the ntsb says they think positive train control would have prevented this accident. do you think the same? >> i agree. i think it would have. >> reporter: positive train control is the next generation of rail speed safety systems. it has been installed in the northeast, but not in
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philadelphia. it's a gps-based system that taps directly into the locomotive. it was set to be installed throughout railways in the u.s. by the end of the year but a bill in the senate proposes postponing it until 2020 because of funding and bureaucratic setbacks. since the new system is frequency based, amtrak has to get fcc approval before installing it. >> there was some delay in getting fcc frequency approvals in the beginning, is my understanding. >> reporter: thursday the fcc said amtrak has applied for a frequency approval on the northeast corridor within the last three weeks. >> now, amtrak did say today that that new safety control system will be installed throughout the northeast before the end of the year. >> but we have neither atc or ptc. >> not on that specific track. the northbound track. >> right there at that frankford curve, is did not have any kind of safety control system to physically slow the train. >> important information here,
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mitch. thank you. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark. how about the job phils pitcher aaron harang has done this year? his eighth start of the season today and this is the sixth time he's given up two runs or less. he's been very good. phillies leading the pirates 3-0 in the fourth inning. harang strikes out pedro alvarez then starling marte thrown out. harang goes eight shutout innings. in the fifth the big piece ryan howard, it's like it's throwback thursday. gone. one of his three hits on the day for ryan. so that's his seventh homer over the last three weeks. only three in baseball have more over that span. in the ninth inning jonathan papelbon gets the save. phillies split the four-game set with the pirates. they win 4-2. hey, nice job by eagles connor barwin and mark sanchez doing their part yesterday lending a hand after the amtrak train derailment.
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>> we just kind of off the cuff decided to go. >> reporter: connor barwin was watching the coverage of the deadly train derailment and he knew he had to do something. so he decided to go to temple hospital and visit the victims of the accident. >> it was mark sanchez's idea. he rides the train like me all the time and asked if i wanted to go with him. of course, i joined him. it was really -- it was great to meet all the hospital staff. we got to meet some of the people that were still in the hospital and just some incredible stories. i mean one lady was 65 years old and had, like three fractures. she was smiling from ear to ear just because she was so happy to be alive and the adrenaline that took over. so it was great for us to get over there. >> reporter: connor and quarterback mark sanchez brought smiles and comfort for those in need. >> we thought it would be nice to go over there and tell -- thank the hospital staff for everything they did. i'm sure they didn't get very much sleep that night. sort of tell the people that were in the hospital still, you know that they had our support.
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>> job well done guys. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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"nightly news" is coming up next. good night. on this thursday night, on the tracks. we're right there with investigators on the day another victim is found in the amtrak wreckage. and tonight what the engineer at the controls is saying about what happened. feeling the heat. as rivals pounce all around him, jeb bush tries again to put on a firestorm over how he answered a question about the iraq war. dramatic drop. a spectacular new view of the water emergency in california. a critical source for millions vanishing before our eyes. and fighting skin cancer. a young woman's strong warning about what too much tanning did to her skin. her photos going viral. and tonight the little pill doctors say could reduce your risk. "nbc nightly news" begins right now.


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