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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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specialists in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless. 7-4, phillies on top in the bottom of the seventh inning here at citizens bank park. wb mason is the breakout facility maintenance players, providing a full selection of 3m safety products that can't be struck out. who but wb mason. carlos ruiz will lead things off
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against addison reed. carlos is 2 for 3 tonight. his average jumped to 2.58 and 2.44. one ball, one strike. giles is warming up in the pen as we speak. that's as good as we have seen diekman in a while. >> absolutely. >> maybe it's you know -- you never know how a guy's arm feels in the cold weather. he didn't have a really good spring. right? >> no. >> he did -- you have a little mechanical problem inue rd base. yasmany tomas makes the catch. one away. get major news and weather that impacts your day without commercials for 20 minutes straight. weekdays at 4:00 nbc 10.
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count on it. cesar hernandez is the batter for the first time. >> he's been taking some funky swings at this slider here. so -- maybe this --u07hát+(q he's finding his mechanics. >> yeah they never -- >> never specifically said what the mechanical flaw was. he's pretty quiet. not much to his motion at all. >> fly ball center field. inciarte doesn't have to move too far. >> cesar complaining well. he squared that ball up leads the team in walks.
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>> perez in the bullpen. >> you think cesar could play every day, if given the chance? >> absolutely. and i know reuben marro feels the same way. >> ben, do you think he could play every day? >> i do. the thing he could do is play all over, as wepwhy i think he would -- he's the type of guy -- i don't know him personally. but i think, just like anybody else, if you know you're going to play every day, you are more at ease and:ñfe let the game come to you a little bit more. >> i thought he looked really good at third base after they sent ashy out and he was there for three days or four days before franco came up. 0-1 to odubel. >> he never really has played regular for the phillies except for that stretch where they
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tried in center field. >> i didn't think he looked all that bad in center field. i don't know if his arms could play in center field. >> the arm could play at short. i think he could play at center. >> 0-2 to herrera. in the dirt. one ball, to strikes. >> that's such a lost art anyway. good outfield arms. it's just something that's not practiced. it's not something that's -- not something that's taken a lot of pride in. jeff francoeur, always taking pride in his arm. and making accurate throws. won the phillies a ball game the other night. you watch these guys play catch in the outfield sometimes they're 30 feet apart. what's that doing? and they're lobbing the ball.
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>> that little baby looks like he's three quarters of the way out to sleep. >> keep your eye on your boy next to you. i'm not that far away myself. what is it -- 11:00. >> you want me to bring the fanatic up here to wake you up? >> what a cutie. >> three balls and two strikes to herrera. >> that baby is going to have nightmares until it's 5. >> speaking of babies remember -- >> right down here?
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>> 4 weeks old. >> the phillies' jersey on. >> over towards first, and goldschmidt makes a good play on that. and retired in order. so reed two scoreless innings. will diekman go back to work? we'll find out.
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phillies baseball brought to you by wb mason. you can't grow wrong when you buy right. by budweiser. this bud's for you.
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and by nissan. great offers on our most exciting lineup ever. shop 7-4, phillies on top. we go to the top of the eighth inning. time now for our hyundaiewyb defensive play of the game. jim cramer was chatting at this point. this is a heck of a play by freddy galvis. >> freddy makes it look easy. goes down to one knee just gets up, fires it across the diamond. nice and easy to get inciarte. your hyundai defensive player of the game. >> so that's pronounced -- let's get this, hyundai or -- >> hyundai. >> i know i like a car. >> i know you do. >> you walk into the showroom you better have the name right. >> actually the gentleman who will be joining us in the booth tomorrow his name is sal paone,
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a friend of mine and paid a great deal of money to sit in our booth for an inning and will be joining us tomorrow. and he's going to represent philadelphia fans everywhere. he's got season tickets, has been a philadelphia fan his whole life. fun guy. just bought a hyundai genesis. >> hyundai genesis? >> yeah loves the car. two balls, one strike for peralta. 0 for 3. fouls it back. and it's 2-2. fly ball. shallow left field. grady sizemore.
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tomas will be the batter. let's see if ryne sandberg makes a change. and he is coming out. so diekman is done after an inning in the third. and they're going to bring ken giles in. so good job by diekman. pretty clean night for the phills' left hander. so a pitching change. >>9q# well here's -- do you want to make your point with ben over here? chatting about the whole idea of the two different concepts of hitting. and i posed the question to ben, that i thought hitting has been on kind of a slow decline over years. and you look at stats around the league, and increased amount of strikeouts and then brought up the point that pitching is so much better now than it ever has been. and i was just -- all right.
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real quick. here's the perfect example of why hitting is on kind of a slow decline in terms of stats. this team here now has to face diekman throwing 98 in the seventh, and in the eighth now, they've got another piece of diekman diekman. now giles, who can throw at 100, right? >> yes. >> and in the next inning -- papelbon. >> and i told you, you know these hitters, they never get to face a hitter three times. let alone four anymore. they -- they don't even get three at-bats against somebody. >> because they don't get to face a pitcher. >> you're going five six, innings, you're done. you're done. >> you're literally facing in your say third or fourth at-bat in a ball game nowadays three closers. i mean all three of those guys
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could be the closer for any team in baseball. >> yeah. >> diekman, giles, or papelbon. >> right. well the world of specialization has certainly taken over the game of baseball. >> and i mean it's -- one of my good buddies, paul konerko who i play in chicago, his numbers are really -- >> tremendously good. >> really good. ask and and he flat out told me i would not come close to being the hitter i was if i had to come up in the big leagues right now. >> amen to that. i wouldn't be either. >> it's just completely different. and the hitting approach i think et cetera just more of a through the ball finish high -- >> survival. >> you can use all the field with one particular swing, as opposed to back in the day you're down on that ball. >> all right. so here is giles against tomas, who fouls it away. it's 0-1. >> and throw in the new
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defensive alignments the shifts they're putting on people. the numbers have got to go down. it's a new normal as i like to always say. i think at 275, 280, with 25 home runs and 90 rbis, a heck of a year. >> outside, one ball, one strike. jerome williams started, he went five. and justin de fratus six. and giles will take over with phillies up 7-4. giles was not available last night's game because he had worked three straight days. the off day yesterday, and now he and papelbon are available for tonight's game.
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fly ball to right field. francoeur going back and it is gone. the first home run in yasmaniác,d tomas' career. it's now a 7-5 ball game. lots of pretty good strength the opposite way there. >> yeah that's pretty respectable. a slider. >> seriously good hitting there. >> a fastball elevated a little bit, and maybe slightly in. >> wow.
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>> good extension through that ball. >> yeah but ben, that is amazing to fight a ball off like that and have it go out in right center. i'm talking about fight it off, you know? kind of push it off your body. it's almost like a protection stroke and boom out of the ballpark. >> owings hits one the opposite way as well. that will be out of play. pretty good job by -- after that ball was thrown back. you see the silent treatment a little bit for tomas. the ball was thrown back. it was picked up -- >> yeah disbursed by one of the ball girls, very aware that's his first major league home run. so he'll get that baseball. >> got it off a good pitcher. >> yes he did.
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0-2 pitch. got him with a slider. two outs. >> see, giles has the -- you know how they talk about having a great face for radio? giles has a great face for a closer. >> he does. >> -- that dude looks mean out tdr;táhere. like a gun slinger. >> could not be nicer. >> that's the thing. >> and mike i caught him this winter -- we did a piece on him for sports net. and he had the same demeanor during his bullpen. and i got done and asked him a series of questions, and he was just as nice as could be. but he just got done firing bullets at me and he was just like, all right, you know. very complimentary.
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>> did he shake your hand? >> yes. very complimentary to the organization and his teammates and the opportunity that he has. >> did he take it easy on you initially, thinking this old man can't catch this ball? >> i held my own. >> he didn't look like an old man. >> no. >> i look like an old man. >> made me miss it even more though. to be honest. >> not when your knee is bothering you. >> franco stays down on it and the inning is over. so giles has given up only his second home run of his career. the opposite way, yasmany tomas has made it a two-run game as we go to the bottom of the eighth.
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this copyrighted telecast may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form. and the account and transcripts may not be disseminated without the express, written consent of the phillies. monday, june 1st is the phillies' festival. a benefit to the als association. the annual event includes autograph booths for the 2015 phillies' players. there will be grab bags silent auction, featuring bats balls, caps and other memorabilia. a great night to raise money for the philadelphia chapter of a.l.s. we go to the bottom of the eighth inning.
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and the phillies lead the diamondbacks 7-5. brad ziegler. this is probably the guy that will be the closer. for the diamondbacks. while addison reed works on whatever it is he's working on. he delivers strike one. it's 0-1. >> how did you fair against these guys mike? >> not well. i got a couple knocks off when he was with the pirates. and big hits off dan kweesen kweesenberry. there was a guy named hillicy who was the starter, by the way, who used to rack up the
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strikeouts. against bull and myself. and i told you we shouldn't have talked about freddy the way we did. >> got to fight the pressure. >> all in all, i would say i was fairly vulnerable against a pitcher like this. >> papelbon. kweesenberry throw harder? >> about the same. >> 1-0 to grady sizemore 3 for 4. a double two singles, a run scored. >> ziegler is just hoping that he can jumpship and roll one over to second.
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>> this is a good gesture for grady, a really hot hitter. >> yep. >> i was going to say, if he hit this guy right up the middle he didn't need to. squared it up between first and second. >> he's locked in right now. that's four hits for grady size more. let's check in with greg murphy. >> thank you very much tom. he mentioned last night in the major league notebook hunter pence making his season debut tonight for the giants. he broke his arm in the first week of spring training. he has been rehabbing and coming back from that. he was 2 for 3 with a double three-run score in his season say bu. the giants happy to have him back after beltre hit his 400th home run. cabrera did the same today for the tigers. number 400 for him. in the last week 8 for 14 with 4 home runs and 8 rbis in the
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last week miguel cabrera. red hot as well. >> one of the youngest to reach 400. >> feels like he just got started. >> i stop whatever i'm doing to watch that man hit. >> we always joke, because we're down in florida, in miami, they have a -- "sports illustrated" cover, ben? >> yes. >> with miguel cabrera when he was with the marlins. he is so much smaller in that picture than he is right now. floater to left field. base hit to howard. goes the other way. well folks, we are now heading over to comcast sports net. if you're watching the game on nbc 10 you have to flip over to comcast sports net for the final inning or so of tonight's ball game. coming up on nbc 10 is the season finale of "saturday night
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live." that will be getting under way in ten minutes or so. so again, we're going over to comcast sports net for the remainder of this ball game. >> so ryan howard poking a nice single to the opposite field. should not go unnoticed. nbc 10 news starts now. thanks for joining us and was just mentioned, you can watch the rest of the game on comcast sports net.....ú?úúz
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warm conditions or temperatures will range between 81 and 84 degrees. your seven day forecast shows that we are going to have a warm weekend. the better chance of storms and temperatures will start to drop closer to average by wednesday. we're trying to get back on track. amtrak crews are working round
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the clock to restore service by tuesday one week after the deadly derailment in port richmond. it come on the same day that recommendations were made for amtrak. it's to put the automatic train control system in effect. the feds also want amtrak to analyze the curves on the northeast corridor and increase the amount of its speed limit signs. laura moreland high school will decide whether to open monday after a car crashed through a wall today. witnesses say a black fbi truck with virginia tags sped across the parking lot and crashed into the boiler room where staff members had been only moments earlier. >> and i hear a gigantic crash.
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i stop to come over and see a hole in the wall. >> there were parents inside the school cooking food for a hundred dollars -- fundraiser that had to be canceled. a decision on monday will be made after the clean up is complete. turning now to the race for mayor. the candidates are hitting the trail hard for the final weekend before the primary election. we teamed up to bring you the only independent pole ofl of voters. more than 40% of democrats said they'd vote nor for jim kenney. now we caught the three front runners stumping for undecide votes. kenney sliced pork.
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that is nbc 10 news for now. for all of us i'm denise nakano. snl is next
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what a perfect day for a picnic. it's so nice out here. chrmz chrpz


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