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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  May 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the breaking news we're following is out of montgomery county. firefighters are battling a three-alarm blaze at a business in conshohocken. we are live on the scene, straight ahead. plus federal officials order amtrak to make immediate changes following the deadly derailment. what they say could have prevented the crash. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. we'll have the very latest on the train derailment in just a moment. but first, let's get you back to that braking news out of conshohocken. nbc 10 ease monique braxton is live there on the scene of a business that is in flames right now. monique, tell us what you're seeing and what you're hearing from firefighters out there? >> hey, rosemary we were
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alerted to this three-alarm blaze about 3:30 this morning, so this is been going on now for about two hours. dozens of firefighters here on the scene, you can see that at least four ladder trucks are battling the blaze from overhead. over firefighters who have brought in hoses, extending probably three or four blocks away are inside at the scene, still engulfed here. you can see the flames that are erupting, at several different points where my vantage point is. i want to walk around a little bit, because i know the trees are blocking it. i can see flames from at least three different points of location inside the flooring company. now, what we've been told is this is a family-owned flooring company. it's been here for a couple of dozen years. we're located in an industrial park. when you are traveling eastbound on the schuylkill expressway and then getting on to the blue
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route, heading towards new jersey, you can see that the flames are billowing over that part of the highway. but if you come east towards philadelphia, this is near callwell chemical road ridge pike, all of those communities. billowing smoke is coating your communities. some of the roads leading out of conshohocken and plymouth meeting have been shut down but it looks like from our vantage point, firefighters do not have this under control and will be battling this blaze for several hours. as you know, flooring products are highly flammable, so definitely, this is going to take several hours to bring it under control, and extinguish the blaze. but for now, we see at least four ladder trucks that are battling this blaze from the air, and several dozen firefighters from surrounding fire companies are here battling on the ground. we're going to stay here keep you posted on the very latest on this fire at a flooring company in conshohocken. live for now, monique braxton,
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nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. we'll check back with you shortly. right now we want to check in with meteorologist michelle grossman, who's watching the weekend forecast for us. and michelle it sounds like we're going to have almost a carbon copy from what we saw yesterday. >> that's right, rosemary. yesterday it was warm and humid. we had the storms that came through as promised later in the evening into the nighttime hours, and we'll see that spark once again later on this afternoon, maybe not quite as numerous, but still everyone has a chance to see a thunderstorm later on this afternoon. here's a live look outside. we are waking up to clouds in center city on this sunday morning, and it is warm once again. we're also waking up to a few showers, especially in parts of southern new jersey and delaware. so most of us dry this morning. we are dealing with a little bit of fog out there with lots of moisture. and it is humid. temperatures right now mainly in the 60s. a very mild start, 69 in philadelphia. 71 in dover. 63 in allentown. as we go throughout the day, it will feel a lot like yesterday. we'll have that warmth there, the humidity in place, and also the chance for those showers and
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thunderstorms. by 8:00, 7 73. by noon 81 and by 3:00 p.m. we are looking at 83 degrees. we'll talk about more about the warm end to the weekend and we'll cool it down for your week coming up. amtrak crews are coming off another night of work to restore service by tuesday one week after the deadly derailment in port richmond. the new timeline comes after they were ordered to make changes. the first was to put the atc into effect for northbound trains approaching the frankford curve where train 188 derailed. second, they want amtrak to assess the risks on curves across the entire northeast corridor from washington to boston. also, amtrak must increase the number of speed limit signs on the track. amtrak says it will abide by the immediate order. passengers tell us will it make them feel safer.
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>> i think it's essential. i think it should have been there. i think anything that would stop an accident rike this would be great. >> the nbc 10 investigators learned that the high-tech system for stopping a train, automatic train control, atc, has long been installed on southbound tracks coming from new york. a decision was made not to install it on the northbound side. ntsb officials have said that if it had been installed, it would have been prevented the deadly derailment. the broken corridor. that's what some railroad officials and supporters are calling amtrak's northeast rail system. stations along the corridor include boston new york philadelphia wilmington baltimore, and washington. the tracks handle 2,000 trains every day, but the railway is decaying, with trains lumbering through tunnels and across bridges more than a century old. even the electrical grid that powers the trains dates back to the great depression. by one estimate it would take more than $20 billion just to replace parts that have already outlasted their intended usage. so, here's where the
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investigation of the deadly derailment stands. the fbi is looking at the cracked windshield of the amtrak engine. the question is did a flying object hit the windshield just before the train derailed tuesday night. according to investigators, objects hit both a septa train and an amtrak acela train around that same time that night, in the same area and caused windshield damage. nbc news interviewed a passenger on the acela train. he says the window of his rail car shattered. >> we heard a loud noise in the car, and immediately i looked over and there was a -- the window had shattered and apparently there was a rock thrown at our car. >> the ntsb in the meantime says that brandon bastian, the engineer of the derailed amtrak train cannot remember the events leading up to the crash. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the deadly
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derailment on our website, and on our nbc 10 news app. there you can learn more about the lives of the victims and the history of train derailments in our area. now to news from our jersey shore bureau. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that gutted a popular boardwalk shop just one week before the unofficial start of summer. the fire took out the seventh street surf shop in ocean city. we first told you about this major fire through a push alert through our nbc 10 news app last night. the blaze broke out around 8:00 last evening. crews put the flames out in less than an hour. one worker inside got out safely. >> i've been a part of this place for 10 or 11 years now and worked here every summer. so it's tough to see. >> the hard part is with the businesses right now, they're all gearing up for the holiday weekend, so there's a lot of merchandise in there that is obviously destroyed at this point, but also fueled the fire. >> firefighters say neighboring
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businesses sustained some smoke damage. employees of the surf shop tell us that they will reopen. today, school officials will decide whether lower erer moreland high school will open for class tomorrow after a truck drove right through the wall of a building. a truck driver has been identified as andre pinto silva. they saw a pickup truck with speeding tags speeding across the parking lot. it crashed right into the boiler room where some staff members had been only moments earlier. >> and i hear a gigantic crash 37. i come over to see a hole in the wall. >> there were parents inside the school cooking food for a fund-raiser that had to be canceled. nobody was hurt but water pipes broken open flooding part of the school, making an even bigger mess. the cause of this crash, by the way, is under investigation. the time right now is 5:38. still ahead, somebody's luck pays off at the casino but his
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luck quickly ran out after he got home. we'll tell you what happened to all his winnings. and as millions get ready for memorial day weekend, there's something fishy on one beach that could keep visitors away. this giant shark. not what you want to see when you're trying to take a dip in the water. we'll tell you where this is and have more details after the break. memorial day the unofficial start to summer. it felt like summer yesterday, it's going to feel like summer once again today. warm and humid. here's a live look outside, speaking of summer the beaches, and a little wet down there. we have some showers falling this morning, reduced visibilities to the north. we'll talk more about that and the chance for storms later on this afternoon. that's all straight ahead.
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on cape cod, beachgoers may think twice about getting in the water this weekend. massachusetts state police released this footage from friday of a shark sighting in the waters off wellesley. officials say it's a basking shark, not a meat eater, not a danger to swimmers or boaters.
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still, i think if you asked me if i would get in the water, i would probably say no. they're big guys. the second largest shark species and they can grow to 40 feet long. all right. good sunday morning. we are waking up to some fog across the area to the north especially some showers to the south. it's mild once again, temperatures already in the 70s in some spots. here's a mostly cloudy look from center city and we're looking at lots of fog maybe to the north in the suburbs of the poconos and lehigh valley. down to 2 1/2 miles in mt. pocono, down to 3 miles in allentown. trenton also seeing some fog, some patchy fog as well down to a mile. as you're out and about, you may encounter some fog, especially to the north of philadelphia. it is mild we're starting the urs the in the 60s, mainly. 69 in philadelphia. 64 in chester springs. 66 in wrightstown. a big story to the north and west a little cooler but still in the 60s. 64 in reading, 62 in mt. pocono.
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and then to the south and east we're looking at temperatures some spots in the 70s. 71 in dover and 67 in atlantic city. for today, count on a day a lot like yesterday, warm and humid, mostly cloudy skies, and the chance for some thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon and evening hours, 83 to 86. another summerlike day today, but we're going to cool it down during your workweek. i'll show you those numbers, straight ahead. new this morning, philadelphia police arrested two men who allegedly robbed a man of $13,000 in casino winnings. it happened as the victim arrived home from the sugar house casino early yesterday morning. he told authorities that one of the suspects approached him with a gun and took his money, wallet, and iphone. police say they were able to use the phone's gps to track that suspect back to the casino. still ahead, the president is coming to town. we'll tell you what city the commander in chief plans to visit tomorrow and why he's making the trip to our area.
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an important target taken down. the white house confirms army delta force commandos killed a senior isis leader during a raid in syria early yesterday. he managed the terror group's oil and gas incomes. the kman cocommandos flew in from northern iraq and there was some hand-to-hand combat. the commandos escaped unharmed and they took his wife with them. nbc news is reporting that she is now talking to u.s. officials. hundreds of people are still stranded in the mountains of nepal, near the epicenter of tuesday's aftershock. yesterday, people crowded around a helicopter trying to get out of the area. they've been living in tents, apparently feeling safer there than near damaged buildings near the center of town. this weekend, thousands of mourners and members of law enforcement from all over the country pay their respects to a mississippi police officer who was shot dead during a traffic stop. funeral services were held yesterday for 25-year-old
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officer liquori tate. according to authorities, tate and a fellow officer were shot and killed a week ago. a funeral was held for that other officer on thursday. police arrested 29-year-old marvin banks. they say banks shot the officers after they pulled offered a car that was driven by his girlfriend. that's the police and fire pipes and drums playing a tribute to fallen philadelphia lieutenant joyce craig. the second alarmers association presented a memorial in her honor. she's the first firefighter to die in the line of duty in the department's history. she lost her leaf last december. president obama will be visiting our area tomorrow as he meets with police and children in camden. it's the city his administration has designated as a promise
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zone. the the designation means small businesses in camden's poorer neighborhoods are eligible for small grants. larry miles owns a bookstore and is a longtime supporter of president obama, but miles tells us the president has to bring the right message with him. >> that the president coming in here, that he also focus on the fact that there are people in this city that want to help that want to be independent. >> essentially, the president's visit here is not the crossing of a goal line. it's really it's the crossing of a starting line with tremendous momentum. >> camden is trying to keep the momentum rolling with city crews sprucing up for the president's visit. well one of the republicans who wants to secede president obama will also be if our area tomorrow. senator rand paul will be talking issues at the national constitution center in the morning. the gop candidate will also hold a news conference on independence mall just after noon. the democratic candidates in philadelphia's race for mayor have only a few more days to
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stump for votes before tuesday's primary election. most plan to be out on the campaign trail today. nbc 10 teamed up with the philadelphia enquirer the "philadelphia daily news," and to bring you the only independent poll of voters. more than 40% of democrats polled say they will vote for jim kenney, followed by lynnne abraham, and anthony williams. we caught the free front-runners stumping for votes yesterday. anthony williams stopped by the dawa day street fair and lynnne abraham attended a police survivors' benefit. here's a look at all six democratic candidates for mayor along with the three we just mentioned, nelson diaz doug oliver, and malcolm street are running. the winner of the primary will face melissa bailey in the general election in november.
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all right. you're going to see a day a lot like yesterday. yesterday, we had the showers in the afternoon, some thunderstorms as well that produced hail even some gusty winds, and that could be the same scenario today. it's warm it's humid, it's mostly cloudy and we're going to see temperatures in the mid-80s. yesterday, we reached out to 86. we may not get there, but we'll get pretty close. warm and humid today, again. and one more day before we start to improve things over the next couple of days. a chance for showers and storms once again, some thunderstorms, and cooler this weekend, temperatures into the mid-70s. still mild and average for this time of year but not the average we're seeing for yesterday and today. winds are calm and we're not going to see the winds be too much of a problem today. temperatures to the north and west we are mild already. 63 in allentown, 65 in lancaster, 569 in lancaster. same story to the south and east a little warmer 71 in dover, 67 in atlantic city 62 degrees in stone harbor. so warm yesterday, we're off to a mild start, we're going to be warm once again later on this afternoon. outside, we are looking at
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mostly cloudy skies, so kind of another gray start to the day, but we're seeing little peeks of sunshine. showers out there mainly to the south and southern the new jersey also in delaware, some light showers falling this morning. otherwise, we have reduced visibility to the north with some patchy fog as well. everyone has a chance for seeing showers and thunderstorms again. mainly in the afternoon hours. this is a look at 1:00. later on at 5:00, we'll see heavier showers off to the west. we'll see gusty thunderstorms once again. we'll do that once again on monday the chance for showers and storms and another chance on tuesday for another round of showers and storms on tuesday. wednesday is when we really clear it out and looking for really nice days this week. today, warm and humid, showers and storms. we're looking good by the end of the workweek the next couple of days, we'll be a little unsettled. monday, 79. by tuesday we're looking at 80. 74 on wednesday, and look at thursday, friday and saturday. we're looking at sunshine whereby, low temperatures 75 on friday and 76 on saturday.
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still ahead in sports saturday night rain slowed things down at citizens bank park. we'll tell you if it swamped the phillies' winning streak. plus the international outcry that brought protesters together along the atlantic coast.
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chase freedom. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. from our jersey shore bureau, this weekend, nearly a hundred demonstrators protested offshore drilling plants. they stood in the sand on bradley breach in monmouth county yesterday. the demonstration was part of an international event called hands across the sands. protestest opposed obama administration's plans for deep sea drilling in the atlantic. the oil industry says it can safely explore in ocean waters. all right. talking sports. if you're a kid playing football there is nothing better than learning from the pros. that's what these high school players did yesterday.
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the eighth annual free football camp was held. evans is a frankford grad that plays now for the new orleans saints. he believes in giving back to the community that helped him while growing up. a rain delay at citizens bank park couldn't stop the phillies from winning their fourth straight game. you saw it on nbc 10 last night. ryan howard's double triggered a 3-1 third inning against the diamondbacks. chase utley's rbi double sparked a three-run fifth inning. jerome williams got his third win. and jonathan papelbon got his ninth save. now here's more of your sunday morning sports. >> happy sunday morning. i'm danny pommells. we're talking football. the eagles have focused a lot of attention this off-season on the defense, namely the secondary, by way of free agency and the draft, and with all the new parts safety malcolm jenkins is looking forward to seeing just what they have. >> we're looking forward to especially in my room competing and see what we have.
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we have a lot of depth, a lot of guys competing for spots, a lot of new faces. we have a safety position that's wide open guys changing positions, playing multiple positions, we have these rookies that came in and look really good, they're hungry they know the defense. so we're excited. >> saturday was the annual running of the preakness stakes. american pharaoh looking to move one step closer to history. torrential rain in maryland but the race went off as scheduled. american pharaoh caps a wire-to-wire win, impressive margin down this final stretch, at that. he wins the preakness and will have a chance at the triple crown, the first since affirmed way back in the '70s on june 6th at the belmont stakes. go to hockey now, mike babcock said this weekend that he should make his decision on his coaching future by may 20th which is this coming wednesday. meanwhile, game one, eastern conference finals in the nhl. also seen here on nbc 10. lightning, rangers, andre ties
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the game in the third. we're knotted up with one, under three minutes to play the rangers cash in. dominick moore does the honors and look at the garden crowd erupt. they go home happy. rangers win game one, 2-1, the final. meanwhile, usa and roger in hockey world championships. fresh off a heart-breaking loss the dude played some sick hockey. 2-1, russia. they beat usa 4-0 and the end of the road for the u.s. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. the time right now is 5:57. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, firefighters are battling a three-alarm blaze in conshohocken. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on the scene. all right. well we had a warm day yesterday, summerlike temperatures in the 80s. today, we're going to be pretty similar, actually. it's going to feel very much like yesterday. a live look outside, mostly cloudy skies.
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we'll talk more about that also tracking the chance for some more thunderstorms later on. we'll track that, too, in just a few minutes.
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the breaking news we're
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watching this morning is out of montgomery county. crews are battling a three-alarm fire at a business in conshohocken. we're life on the scene with an update with the effort to bring the flames under control. plus federal officials order amtrak to make immediate changes following the deadly train derailment. coming up, the new safety measures that may be in place once the tracks reopen. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. it's 6:00 on this sunday. i'm rosemary connors. we'll have the new developments in the train derailment in just a few moments, but we begin with that breaking news out of conshohocken, that's where crews are battling a fire at a flooring business. nbc 10's monique braxton has been on the scene of this three alarm blaze since early this morning, and monique, i actually believe you had to relocate because the crews are trying to manage that fire there >> reporter: yeah we have been moved to the other side of the fire other side of philadelphia floor company. you can see that there are two ladder trucks here battling the blaze from overhead. now,


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