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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> brian: silfverberg has put in so much effort in the defensive side of the game. i assume he'll get credit for this one. yeah. and it does go off -- i think he was trying to pull it back into the middle here to his teammate. and there's corey crawford, his reaction. silfverberg, terrific two-way player. we pointed that out before this game started. he has shown that he's got some offensive talent as well. i think they were just reviewing the goal to make sure it was a legal goal. it did go off of duncan keith. i'm sure they verified that. >> kenny: critical part of the game for silfverberg. despres and getzlaf the assists after that goal at 18:42 for the ducks. and now crawford back in goal. the ducks have iced the puck.
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>> joe: it's been an interesting game. the guys in the studio i think nailed it when they said you know just when chicago would look like they were in complete control of the game, then anaheim would score. anaheim's got their game going later on then chicago finally scored a goal and then got it going. it's been very interesting to watch. >> kenny: silfverberg now with 13 points 2 today. he's tied for second in the league with kane johnson and getzlaf. acquired him last season in a deal for bobby ryan. an outstanding playoff for silfverberg. he assisted on the first ducks goal today and scores the fourth into an empty net. so the blackhawks' streak of
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three straight game one victories in the conference final will come to an end. the fans chanting "corey" to the direction of the blackhawks goaltender corey crawford down to the final 20 seconds. the ducks will go to 9-1 in the stanley cup playoffs. fans are on their feet here in anaheim. the ducks take game one of the western conference final. >> kenny: 32 saves for frederik
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andersen. three ducks with 2 points apiece -- lindholm, thompson and silfverberg. tomorrow the stanley cup playoffs continue. game two of the east final. rangers and lightning. coverage begins tomorrow 7:00 eastern on nbcsn. coming up next at nbc, except on the west coast, it's your local news. then starting at 7:00 eastern, "dateline" followed by an all new episode of "e.d." and "american odyssey." for the chicago area coverage continues with "blackhawks postgame live" on comcast sportsnet. for joe micheletti and brian engblom, kenny albert saying so long. thanks for watching the stanley cup playoffs, presented by geico.
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v laura finnemore. >> remembering the victims. tonight, the city holds a moment of reflection for the eight people killed in this week's deadly derailment. as the victims are remembered crews have also made progress at the site of tuesday's derailment. amtrak announced late this afternoon that full service will resume starting tomorrow morning. first train will leave philadelphia at 5:53 a.m. and also learned that the service will resume on the trenton line with some restrictions in place.
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when those trains start moving again, officials promise today that new safety measures will be in place. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live now where officials honored the victims tonight. randy? >> reporter: they're calling this a service of reflection. it just wrapped -- >> we apologize for that. today investigators are trying to downplay the damage done to the train's front windshield. on friday, the ntsb asked the fbi to look into the possibility that a flying object hit the train before it derailed. assistant conductor said he heard the engineer report the problem to another employee but this morning an investigator said the dispatch tapes contain no such reports from the engineer. the investigator also pointed out that the object did not
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penetrate the windshield and train engines are hit by project projectiles without catastrophic consequences. nbc 10 will continue to follow the developments on the investigation and what's being done to improve safety on the rails. look for the latest updates on the nbc 10 app. and now to your first alert weather. it was another warm, muggy day and nbc 10 is tracking the chance for even more rain. meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now. >> the humidity is up. temperatures well above average and now tracking a little bit of rain scattered showers in the area on this sunday early evening and the trend the rest of tonight and even into tomorrow. but you can see how spotty these showers are. big difference of yesterday so it really depends on where you are, easton right now, just to the north and isolated showers at this time and also moving
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throughout parts of millford but not seeing rainfall you can understand why, seeing spotty showers and this is going to continue heading into the rest of tonight on and off spotty showers expected for us not only this evening but tomorrow as well. we are going to start to see the temperatures dropping back down closer to average. it is going to take a while before we drop back down into the mid-70s. seeing another warm day heading into tomorrow. waking up tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., already in the 70s so mild conditions expected once again as you head out over the next eight hours, a chance of spotty showers for us. temperatures will stay in the 70s. mid-70s by 11:00 p.m. i'll have your 7-day forecast coming up. thanks. let's go live back out to randy gyllenhaal where the city is remembering the victims of the derailment. randy? >> reporter: they're calling it a service of reflection just a way to remember the victims of the derailment. just a day before they reopen these tracks and you can see the
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officials and the tracks right here behind me. now the eight people who died in this crash have been honored here. they were ringing the bells saying the names of the victims and releasing doves. speakers said that the eight victims boarded the train hoping to see their loved ones and never made it. to that end, officials said they're taking concrete steps to make sure a tragedy like this does not happen again and amtrak will reopen the rails again tomorrow and will be required to install a series of new safety features including speed limit signs and speed enforcement technology that would detect a speeding train and stop it automatically. the secretary of transportation spoke here just a few minutes ago and had this message for the familyies of the 200 plus victims. >> i can't imagine the grief and shock that tuesday brought to your doorstep. and i know there's nothing any of us can say to bring you
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comfort. but we will nevertheless spend the rest of our careers attempting to honor the memory of your loved ones. we will honor them by making sure this never happens again. >> reporter: amtrak has been ordered to install those new safety features immediately. we should note that officials took some too imto remember and honor the first responders who came to the scene the night of the derailment and many of them hearing about it on police radio and rushing to get the victims to the hospital as soon as possible. amtrak plans to officially open this stretch of the northeast corridor by tomorrow morning. live in port richmond randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. >> thank you. amtrak is already facing a first lawsuit over this week's deadly derailment. what about the rest of the victims? find out why the company may not be obligated to cover the costs.
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new information on an overnight fire. fire officials lifted a shelter in place order for those living near the two businesses affected. but fire crews remain on the scene hours later mopping up. nbc 10's monique braxton has more on their response. >> reporter: the early morning inferno heavily involved when 100 firefighters arrived here in this industrial park. the intense flames coming from the 1000 block of callwell kay woke this family. >> we screamed. i was afraid of a spark hitting the pine tree and engulf or home. >> reporter: the chief says the roof collapsed as the blaze grew to three alarms. there were multiple explosions but no firefighters were injured. we watched as they used a drone
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to closely examine the fire sweeping through the gutted structure. this doan video helped them direct six ladder trucks spraying water from above. the philadelphia floor store both locally owned were completely destroyed. no one was inside. firefighters believe the petroleum-based chemicals used to make the store's products fueled the flames. >> we do have some concern with water runoff. the dep is here and assisting us. >> reporter: smoke blanketed the communities. people were urged to shelter in place as the wind carried debris to their yards. >> like a fog. like a heavy fog. it smells. you know? keep the windows down. stay out of it. >> i would. i had open heart surgery. >> reporter: the fire chief said the equipment will demolish the building, allow them to extinguish all hot spots and get a closer look at the origin of
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the blaze. nbc 10 news. after heavy downpours yesterday, i'm tracking scattered showers this evening and sticks around heading back to work. i'll let you know what to expect in the 7-day forecast.
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good evening. we are tracking scattered showers heading into the rest of your weekend. same thing pushing in to monday and then tracking storms by tuesday. temperatures will slowly start to drop. we're well above average with a high today of 86 degrees. we won't see those type of temperatures as we push into your work week. for philadelphia right now, 81 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. humidity at 58%. feels like temperature at 83 so it is a little sticky with the humidity up. and then right now across the rest of the region reading 83
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81 in atlantic city and also starting to see a few scattered showers moving into parts of the area. temperature-wise in the poconos at 78 degrees, 80 degrees nice and warm in allentown. temperatures in the low 80s in wilmington. 77 in wildwood. see the direction of the wind speeds coming up from the south. one thing to track for you is just scattered showers moving into parts of the area so only a few cities are seeing any type of rainfall. right along the shore here to atlantic city, the south, a little batch of moisture moving offshore. same thing near avalon and also the southern parts of cape may. into the rest of tonight, same thing. on and off scattered showers and we'll see similar conditions heading back towards tomorrow. by 8:00 a.m. dealing with spotty rain and then the rest of the afternoon, by 4:00 p.m., this's when we have a better chance to see more widespread rain from allentown down to philadelphia and parts of atlantic city. the northern central parts of delaware and then we'll start to
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see the showers tapering off. another chance of a round of showers into tuesday. and we could even see a few isolated thunderstorms by tuesday afternoon. we'll also see a weak cold front move in and helping to drop the temperatures and a big difference between tuesday and wednesday and average for this time of year is 74 degrees and well above that for today with a high of 86. by tomorrow, dropping into the 70s. 79 degrees. 82 degrees on tuesday. but you will notice our temperatures are slowly starting to decrease. not as warm as we saw this weekend. as far as tonight is concerned, scattered showers expected for us. temperatures staying mild. 67 degrees for philadelphia. and tomorrow you can see the animation there. scattered should recalls expected again on and off throughout the day so keep your umbrella handy or a hooded jacket. we'll see your temperatures ranging between 79 and 82 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows our drop in temperatures a biggest drop between tuesday and wednesday. back to average for us below
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average as we head into wednesday and thursday. looks like next weekend's going to be nice and mild.
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we have new information on tuesday's deadly derailment in philadelphia. amtrak announced late this afternoon that full service will resume starting tomorrow morning. the first train will leave philadelphia at 5 dln 53 a.m. we've also learned that service resumes on the trenton line with some restrictions. trains will not stop in north philadelphia or tacony. they hope that service resumes on tuesday. amtrak could face a $200 million payout to victims of last week's deadly derailment. that's the limit set by congress. now, that number may be too low to cover the costs of the eight lives lost and more than 200
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people injured. that payout cap was put into place in the late '90s to help rescue railroads from financial ruin. on friday an amtrak employee filed the first lawsuit asking for more than $150,000 in damages. last week's derailment highlights the need for blood and blood donors. the red cross hosted a blood drive with radio station wgmk and adventure aquarium today. more than 450 donors rolled up their sleeves to help save a life. >> disasters can happen at any time and so it's really important we do have an adequate blood supply available and on hand so that we can get that blood to our hospital partners in the event of a train derailment like we experienced this week. >> red cross officials say it's an important time of year to donate because they typically see a decline in blood donations in the summer months. we'll be right back.
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final check on weather. we could be seeing some more rain? >> not as bad as we saw yesterday. the strong thunderstorms that delays the phillies game. but today we're checking out a few scattered showers. you can see them there on the radar. seven-day forecast heading back to work the temperatures get closer to the average. still warm for when time of year. we track another chance of storms on tuesday and then cooler temperatures by midweek. >> all right. a lot of 70s and 80s and feeling like summer with that mugginess out there. right? that's nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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pierzynski. on this sunday night, tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters from texas to minnesota as violent weather leaves homes underwater and people scrambling to be rescued. four bodies found after a suspicious fire at an upscale washington, d.c. home. tonight the search for a person of interest. good news for frequent flyers. why it just got a whole lot easier to use those mileage points. call to serve. a veteran who is giving deployed troops a little piece of home one care package at a time. and high note. a singer who hasn't missed a beat even though she can no longer hear the music.


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