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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  May 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ld see thunderstorms. would he have you covered with all the information you need as you head out the door. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's election day. >> right. >> the weather may determine turnout today as it at this point typically always does. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> fog will slow people down to start with and a chance of storms later today. the fog is thickest in the northern western suburbs. low clouds and fog at center city. that's a live view from the lowe's hotel, coatsville. back and forth between 1/4 mile and zero visibility this morning. dense fog in millville and atlantic city at the airport. may slow airport operations down. during the day the temperatures will be climbing. the fog will disappear. a little bit of a temperature warmup will reduce the fog impact this morning. clouds will hang in there for most of the morning. breaks of sunshine will heat us
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up this afternoon and that could lead to storms later today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. we continue to follow breaking news out of gloucester county where crews have shut down some of the leans on the new jersey turnpike because of an accident. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live on the scene in woolwich township. jesse, have they made any progress? >> reporter: tracy, they're still spraying down the second of the two trucks that had caught fire. they are also using polls to pick through a lot of the ruins. those are auto parts for cars that caught fire. you see it's still smoking. firefighters have to get to the bottom and actually hose the bottom of that smoldering mess with water to completely tap out the flames. it's smoldering here. 24 is a four vehicle accident on the northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike near exit 2 in
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woolwich township gloucester county. all northbound lanes are closed. they're using the shoulder on the northbound side to allow traffic to squeeze by. however, they had shut down the entire northbound side starting around 3:30. because of that the backup extends beyond off into the fog. not exactly sure how far but i'm going to guest estimate at least a mile maybe more. we lose sight of the vehicles in the fog. you have a fire truck on the shoulder of the southbound side. other than that it's all clear. we don't have an estimate because they have to first tow the vehicle out. in the past two seconds they have stopped traffic on the shoulder. now traffic is completely stopped on the northbound side. we'll go to jessica boyington in the traffic center. she'll have more on the traffic woes. >> good morning, jesse.
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still dealing with the accident scene. as we approach rush shower in woolwich township we will see a vicious backup behind the scene. that's the northbound lanes. all lanes are closed. are allowing the shoulder to squeeze by and they're closing an opening every once in a while. there will be a huge delay behind that between 40 and 322 around exit 1 and 2. take 295 to get by this scene for now because there will be residual delays in the area whether or not one shoulder is open because we're so close to rush hour. speaking of fog and reduced visibility, out on route 309. bethlehem pike. these are the northbound sides. south bound doing just as poorly. drive times, no problem on 95 or the schuylkill headed towards the center city area. 476 doing fine southbound from the schuylkill towards 95. we'll keep our eyes on the new jersey turnpike. it is primary day across pennsylvania. voters will head to the polls in
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about an hour. polls open up at 7:00 a.m. one of the biggest races in our area is for the democratic nominee for mayor of philadelphia. here they are facing off in today's election. lynn abraham, nelson diaz milton street and anthony hardy williams. today's winner will face melissa murray bailey in the november general election. as voters head to the polls city leaders are working to ensure the primary election is free of fraud. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live. matt the district attorney says it's important to vote but to protect the vote. explain. >> absolutely vai. when people go to the polls today the da says he doesn't want any kind of funny business. arrest warrants issued for four people yesterday, people who worked at the election last year. the discrepancy happened at the han caulk recreation center according to d.a. seth williams. they're accused of trying to fix a discrepancy between the number of votes cast and the number of
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names on the sign-in sheet. all of this time they were being watched by a certified poll watcher. they want people watching if there's anything suspicious. they say any kind of voter fraud is troubling. >> there's no more fundamental right than americans have is voting. we have to take seriously any and all infractions in that regard. >> reporter: there is a big push to get more young voters to the polls. the single biggest issue they want the next may oral candidate to focus on. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." we expect the candidates too. you might get yours as well. count on "nbc 10" for continuing coverage of primary day. see where the candidates stand
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on the issues. 6:05. new from overnight, philadelphia police working to identify a man who died after being shot at least 17 times. "nbc 10" was first on the scene at konostoga and thompson streets in west philadelphia. investigators say they found a gun in a nearby car along with shell casings on the street. they're trying to figure out a motive for the murder. rail service is up and running again, but federal investigators say it could be a year before we know why amtrak train 188 derailed last week. eight people were killed. four passengers and the train conductor find lawsuits over amtrak over the deadly lawsuit. a florida senator raised the cap on payouts from $200 million to $500 million. also yesterday three more victims of the crash were laid to rest. federal authorities have ruled out the possibility of a bullet hitting the windshield of the amtrak train, but they still
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think something may have hit it before it derailed. a septa conductor said something hit his train. people throwing objects at passing trains is pretty common. septa police said they don't keep track of how many times rocks or other objects hit trains. authorities for the amtrak conductor will hold a news conference in north jersey. emile yeah von sec ka of carney filed a lawsuit accusing them of negligence and carelessness in last week's crash that killed eight people and injured 200. grief counselors will be at the lehigh county school after an 11-year-old girl was killed and another student was injured. it happened around 4 in emmaus. abigail zukowski was walking when she and another was hit.
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she was killed and the friend is in critical condition. president obama is praising the city for its reduction in crime and community policing. yesterday the president toured the camden county police real time operations center. he spoke with the police chief about the murder rate dropping 47%. the president later visited the ray and joan crocker community center. he said he realized young people don't always feel their voices are being heard. >> a basic lack of opportunity to some groups feeling unfairly targeted by their police forces. that means there's no single solution. >> the obama administration selected camden as a promise zone. this program will give the city access to federal grants to improve their economy, education and people's health. the white house outlined another step the camden police department is taking to improve relations with the public. it's called an early warning system. they want to figure out what leads to bad outcomes when police interact with the city.
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camden will collect data on those interactions and it will be analyzed by experts. the department will use that information to better train their officers. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 9 minutes after 6:00. sunshine is on hold this morning. we should see some breaks of sunshine this afternoon. that will warm things up. a little bit of warming will do away with the fog that we're dealing with this morning. still a few scattered showers and a chance of some storms this afternoon. then we're going to be clearing out and turning cooler starting tomorrow. summer like temperatures today. we're running a little cooler this morning compared to yesterday morning. 54 degrees in doylestown. clouds over philadelphia. millville has fog. the clouds over lake wallenpaupack. no rain. a chance we'll see more scattered showers in the pocono mountains. visibility down to 3/4 mile visibility. there's the dense fog. coatsville. blue bell you have half a mile
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visibility down to 1/4 mile for northeast philadelphia writes town. dense fog in both those locations as well as millville and atlantic city. most of delaware not reporting thicker fog. there could be some spots in between those readings of thicker fog to start with. the fog does not last. the fog will be disappearing and showers will also be disappearing this morning. briefly. we might see a return of storms this afternoon. scattered light showers moving through berks county and now entering bucks and montgomery county upper chester county. hour by hour neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is calling for a warmup near 80 for the pocono mountains and into the 80s for allentown, reading, quaker town. sunshine and some breaks for doylestown trenton and mount holly. chance of a late day shower and thunderstorm. low 80s for cape may, vineland and dover. up to 82 degrees in each of those locations. cloudy skies through the morning. a chance of storms this afternoon in west chester,
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philadelphia, swedesboro into the low 80s. there is a cool change. the seven day forecast and the timing when i'm back in ten. 6:11 now this tuesday morning. we're going to give you a live look of that situation in woolwich township on the new jersey turnpike between exits 1 and 2. >> let's get an update with "nbc 10's" traffic reporter jessica boyington. lanes were getting by really on the shoulder? >> yeah. we earlier had the northbound lanes, all lanes completely closed and blocked off. now that doesn't mean there's a lane open. every once in a while when they can allow some cars to get through the area they're allowing the right-hand shoulder to squeeze on by. it seems to be right now at this point as we're looking at this live that the right hand shoulder is not getting by as well. every once in a while we know cars are allowed to trickle through. there's a vicious backup. take 295. it's closed between 40 and 322.
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plan your trip accordingly. take 295 to get by that scene. as we head out the door to see reduced visibility on 202, you can see the northbound lanes and southbound lanes all headlights are on. use caution through the reduced visibility in the area. 12 minutes past 6:00. the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. one delaware community is using that saying and getting everybody involved. the first steps are being taken to lead to the recall of 130,000 cars. next the car affected and the problem that could cause safety issues on the road.
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it is 6:15. 62 degrees outside. a live look at the girard point bridge where we can show you that visibility is limited
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today. fog is denser in some areas than other areas. bill's been telling us that all morning. you want to see dense fog? this is our camera from the adventure aquarium. we show you this across the river of the skyline. no skyline there. we'll check with bill on the fog and the limited visibility and also check on what it's doing to the drive times with jessica coming up. the dover police department has reactivated its street crimes unit. police say the move comes after four recent homicides and several shootings and the unit will remain activated for the foreseeable future. it was put into place temporarily last fall. >> lawyers representing abu-jamal filed a lawsuit to get access to him. they want to see him at a hospital in central pennsylvania. his lawyers took him to the
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hospital. he's serving life in prison. >> he plans to retry the etan patz trial. he plans to pursue another trial for pedro hernandez. 11 of the 12 jurors believed hernandez was guilty. he was on trial for kidnapping and killing the boy in new york back in 1979. patz became one of the first missing children featured on milk cartons. a $28 million project is now underway to rebuild a sewage plant flooded by superstorm sandy. in union beach monmouth county they handle wastewater from eight municipalities. the plant handles 8 million gallons of wastewater per day. the rebuilding project will provide more than protection to the plant's main incinerator, pump stations and other buildings. today a hearing is scheduled
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in the fight between caesar's atlantic city and the man who wants to build up the pier shops at caesar's. mark blasting's attorney says he took over the pier's lease for nearly $3 million. caesars filed a federal lawsuit claiming it never signed off on the transfer of that lease. it's 6:18. we have new information about a budget battle in the atlantic city school district. last night the school board voted to reject the budget for the upcoming school year. according to the press at atlantic city they want to cut nearly 200 jobs. volunteers in a delaware county community are the driving force behind an initiative to keep students safe going to and from school. the city of chester has a program called community safe corridors. here's how it works. usually more than 2 dozen volunteers you see dressed in orange and black line the streets near chester high school every monday and friday. 100 volunteers are signed up for
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the program. >> they're a point of recognition and support for the children who are coming back and forth to school to let the kids know that somebody out there watching. if they see something, say something. >> the mayor's office says the volunteers are out on mondays and fridays because that's when they see the most fights amongst students. 6:19. you will likely need extra time getting wherever you're going this morning because of the fog and because of that accident if you take the new jersey turnpike. >> "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has all the details. hey, jessica. >> hey guys. yeah we're still monitoring this accident scene with a severe backup on the new jersey turnpike between exit 1 and 2 which is 40 and 322. now we had all northbound lanes closed for predominant part of the morning. just a few moments ago they were allowing the right-hand shoulder to squeeze on by. as you can see no cars traveling through this area again. involving two tractor trailers that actually caught on fire. in combination with that fog and
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all the residual smoke through the area very reduced visibility on the scene and approaching rush hour as well we're dealing with a big backup behind that. woolwich township. all southbound lanes are open. currently you want to take 295 to get by that scene. checking out more fog on 422 around 29. 9 minute trip if you're headed eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. now that the sun is up we're getting a much better view of the clouds and the fog that are obscuring the sunshine. that's a cloudy view of center city. light fog over the city. 62 degrees. the temperatures started to climb just up a degree in the last half an hour. look at the thick fog in the pocono mountain. camelback socked in with fog in some of the western suburbs as well. a few showers overnight. they've fizzled in most of delaware and south jersey. light rain. the showers were looking more impressive as they moved through berks county. now it is upper montgomery and
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bucks county seeing some light rain drops. still some showers in the area this morning but it's not going to be an all day rain. a chance of afternoon storms but mostly just cloudy skies. 80s this afternoon. cooler weather back tomorrow. it will all clear out. summer like heat takes a break for wednesday, thursday afternoon just 67 degrees. and plenty of sun for friday and into the holiday weekend with temperatures in the 70s right on through memorial day monday. it's 6:21. a scream silence, then 15 minutes of fear. that's what a bergen county woman said she heard and felt as she was looking for a missing dog and now a community is on alert. speaking with one person and speaking with another person and saying they cannot do what i need them to do. 911 is supposed to be the place you call when you need help fast but this woman who was 40 weeks pregnant was bleeding from her head, broke
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her foot and she called the 911 and there was a mixup.
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police in north jersey have a warning for pet owners. there have been four aggressive attacks involving coyotes. the most recent attack happened monday night. a coyote attacked a small dog in bergen county. the dog managed to escape. the coyote remains on the loose. >> we found the coyote back looking right at us. i thought to myself we screamed to her for 10 to 15 minutes. she miraculously appeared in the back. >> the dog that was attacked is recovering at a local animal hospital. and good morning, everyone. we're still monitoring an accident out in woolwich
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township on new jersey turnpike that actually has been closing the northbound lanes for a predominant part of the morning. every once in a while they allow a few cars to squeeze by on the shoulder. several vehicles involved some of them on fire. there's reduced visibility because of fog. you want to take 295 to get on by. that fog will be easing out of here. right now you can see the low clouds and fog over center city. 62 degrees at 6:26. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in woolwich township gloucester county, new jersey where two separate accidents have sparked a fire and closed both northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike. traffic squeezing by. i'll have an update on this story coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in the rahwnhurst part of the neighborhood. what the youngest voters want to
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see changed. it's election day.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. we are following breaking news. part of the new jersey turnpike -- part of the northbound lanes closed after two tractor trailers caught fire overnight. we're live at the scene and we'll help you get around that accident. and if you're heading out the door soon we have clouds we've got fog and in some parts we've got rain. this morning we're tracking showers and this afternoon we'll be tracking thunderstorms. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." you can see the low visibility behind us. >> when we say fog, we mean fog. let's get you updated on that with meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. bill. >> tracy, the showers came through overnight and gave us the moisture. the fog won't last all day, however. if you see spots of fog, that's a view from the strawsmore
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country inn. zero visibility in coatsville. dense fog in atlantic city. it will take time but the fog will ease. mostly cloudy morning. 70 degrees at 11:00. in spite of the clouds we are up to 78 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten. >> 6:31. following breaking news in gloucester county where crews have shut down some lanes of the new jersey turnpike because of the accident. "nbc 10" jesse gary is live in woolwich township. jesse, you said at some points they let cars by on the shoulder but then they stopped cars at other points. >> reporter: tracy that's right. intermittent. right now traffic has started creeping along the shoulder on the northbound side but it's intermittent. at some points they do stop it. i have new information to tell you. i talked to a witness, the person who was in the car that was right at the crash scene
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right after the crash happened. this person tells me these are two separate accidents both involving rear ends. the first case involved the big rig that is no longer here it's been towed away. that big rig rear ended a bus, which is still here on the scene. and while traffic had stopped for that accident, two people in that accident were not injured, while traffic had stopped for that accident another car, which you see right where the firefighters are standing that car came up on the accident scene, braked hard and the truck you see that's smoldering was not able to brake and it hit the car without braking and caused the fire that has engulfed the truck so the two people miraculously, both the driver of the car, the driver of the truck got out with head injuries a little dazed, but they were able to walk away from all of that damage you see there.
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firefighters are right now trying to tap out the last of the fire that's going on in what i'm calling truck number two. the car parts that are smoldering. they have to kind of get to the base of those car parts and get water right at the base actually tap out the flames completely. so that's the situation right here. again, traffic starting to sneak by on the shoulder again on the northbound side of the two lanes that are closed. they're using the shoulder southbound. all lanes open southbound. again, two people injured. we don't know the severity of the injuries. i'm told they're able to walk away dazed from head injuries able to walk away from all of this. live in woolwich township gloucester county. let's go to jessica boyington with a complete overview in the traffic center. jess, good morning. >> good morning jesse. we're still monitoring this accident scene. as you can see for the pro dominant part of the morning we had all lanes closed which is exit 1 and 2.
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every once in a while they allow a lane to scoot by over into the shoulder. not giving much relief to anybody driving on the roadway at this time though. especially so close to rush hour you want to take 295 to get by because they're still even cleaning up the accident scene. there's reduced visibility all over the area. wet roadways as well. just try to avoid it altogether. take 295 northbound to get by. we're out on 202 whereby you can you can see northbound, southbound use extra caution. speaking of fog, not causing any airport delays at philadelphia international airport. you might want to call to see if your trip or commute might be affected. vai. thank you, jessica. today is primary day across philadelphia. the polls open up in 30 minutes. one of our biggest races is the democratic nominee for mayor. the six democrats facing off in today's election lynn abraham, nelson diaz, jim kenney doug
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oliver milton street and anthony hardy williams. today's winner will face melissa bailey in the november general election. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live at the polling station in rahwnhurst. what's being done to get young people out to the polls and is there one thing being done? >> reporter: yes, the youth vote can make a difference if they decide to come out and vote. young and involved says they've been working to get those under the age of 35 engaged through phone banks and the like. the last mayoral election had only 20% turnout. making things complicated is no republican candidate has been elected in the city.
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>> one key issue young people say is on their mind right now. >> education. schools are number one. you have to fix philadelphia schools. you'd see that every young person in philadelphia that now is probably going to move when they have kids they would stay. we'd dramatically change the dynamic of this city. >> education has been discussed in many of the debates and forums over the past few months. of course people will be deciding who will be the next mayor of philadelphia. again, the primary is today. the general election will be in november and one of the polling locations right here we saw some of the workers going in here just a few minutes ago. they're getting ready to get everything going. the polls open across the city at 7:00. just under 30 minutes now. live in rhawnhurst i'm matt
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delucia. >> 6:36. the focus may be on the mayor's race in philadelphia but we're watching seven other contests. all seven philadelphia city council seats. voters will choose council members from ten districts plus select seven at large candidates. voters can pick no more than five candidates from each party. now the second district which covers southwest philadelphia and parts of south philly has been the most hotly contested race. incumbent kenyatta johnson faces ori fybush. they can weigh in on universal pre-k. students from the pre-k program in southwest philadelphia got in on the action. they symbolically voted yes on the ballot measure. the ballot includes a nonbinding referendum on whether the school commission should be abolished.
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now montgomery county republican county commissioner bruise castor wants his old job back. he served as montgomery county d.a. from 2000 to 2008. he faces democrat seventy-three kevin steel who is number two in the office. d.a.furman said she wasn't seeking a third term so she could run for common pleas judge. you can count on "nbc 10" for coverage on primary day. see the app and track the results. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. showers overnight. fog starting things off this morning. some thick fog in the area. the fog will disappear. still a chance of showers in the afternoon. in fact a possibility of thunderstorms. it all clears out of here tonight. much cooler weather is ahead. not today. it will be another steamy day. showers in allentown, 57 degrees. look at the fog for northeast
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philadelphia and atlantic city dense fog in both locations. you can cee lo clouds over the view from shawne in this morning into the pocono mountains. in and out of the fog in the pocono mountains. thickest fog, coatsville. zero visibility. blue bell got a bit thicker there. dense fog along with millville, atlantic city. that may slow down airport operations in atlantic city first thing this morning. the showers, they're spotty right now. light showers in berks county and into montgomery and rich land getting a few rain drops. on and off showers light in the allentown area. keep an umbrella handy. we could see storms take shape. just a chance of that happening today. 79 degrees in the pocono mountains. summer like temperatures in allentown. cloudy start for doylestown trenton, mount holly. late day storms are a possibility for cape may, atlantic city and dover. dover up to 82 degrees while
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wilmington hits 81. showers will be spotty this morning. a chance of some late day storms as temperatures warm into the 80s for westchester and swedesboro. we get the storms and are around the afternoon commute time. nice weather on the way. wait until you see the seven day when i'm back in ten. >> nice weather on the way. okay. right now when you leave the house make sure you take your umbrella and maybe some extra time because the fog and we're following that problem on the new jersey turnpike. >> we also want to see what else is going on in the other majors. let's check in with jessica boyington. jessica, what can you tell us? >> what we can tell you is that there is good news on the new jersey turnpike. you can see on the northbound side between exit 1 and 2 which is in between 40 and 322 they are allowing that right hand shoulder to get by. all lanes still closed. this is an intermittent closure. at the same time we are allowing this lane to go through. that doesn't mean it will be like this this morning.
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as we clean up the accident scene you want to take 295 too get on by. especially since we're so close to the heart of rush hour. as you can see on the schuylkill expressway on the conshohocken curve starting to slow down. 18 minutes headed westbound from the king of prussia area. 17 minute trip if you're headed from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. eastbound lanes right there. you can see some slow go. we do have good news for mass transit. all service resumed and normally for amtrak new jersey transit and septa. we'll keep our eye on the new jersey turnpike accident and the reopening of those roadways coming up. thank you, jessica. rethinking tactics. what president obama is doing to make sure that your neighborhood doesn't look like a police state. >> army guy, steve, quite a hero. >> he saved not one, not two, but three people stuck trapped in a burning car.
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what's amazing is bill was telling us that sunrise for an hour now, but you wouldn't know it. >> it's quarter to 7:00 and this is what it looks like. you'll face some fog if you're heading out the door. bill has been tracking it all morning. denser in some areas. bill? >> center city low cloudiness and fog too. it is socked in. that's a live view from the lowe's hotel. thick fog not only in the city, especially in some of the western suburbs. right now zero visibility in coatsville and down to quarter mile for much of the rest of the area. see scattered fog in the pocono mountains. that's a view from shawne in the pocono mountains. check out sky view lodge. you can barely see the view. the flag is moving on the left side of the screen. little bit of a breeze. we will see temperatures climb into the 80s this afternoon but
6:46 am
big changes ahead. got the seven day coming up. police departments across the country can no longer count on receiving military vehicles and weapons from the pent gone. president obama announced the new restrictions during his trip to camden which highlighted the efforts of the police force there. the change means federal agencies will not issue local departments certain armored vehicles grenade launchers and other high caliber weapons. the president said equipment like this can give the public the feeling that law enforcement is, quote, like an occupying force. last fall the "nbc 10" investigators revealed these kinds of weapons stocked by police in our area. the investigation tracked seven of these mine resistant vehicles to police agencies in bucks, montgomery and delaware counties. the feds also gave the philadelphia police department an armored truck and 255 automatic assault rifles. in the last three years new jersey police have received more than 15,000 pieces of military equipment while delaware police received nearly 24,000.
6:47 am
you can read more about the president's announcement and its local impact right now on the "nbc 10" app. just about 6:47. this is new video this morning, and if you're not by your screen, take a look at this. come look at this. it shows the man rescuing a crash victim after a fiery wreck in nbcorth carolina. three people were trapped. the good samaritan in the red shirt jumped into action. he saved all three people who were trapped. that man is a u.s. army captain. people at the scene say he's a hero. he says it was just his duty o help. government vehicle safety regulators are taking a closer look at complaints from some nissan drivers. the government is investigating about 130,000 nissan versa cars after getting complaints about suspension problems. the agency says the owners complained it could lead to tire punctures or brake line damage while driving. no one has been killed. nissan has not issued a recall.
6:48 am
emergency communication officials are trying to figure out what went wrong with this story. a pregnant mother needed help called 911, but she couldn't get where she needed to be. >> yeah. this is quite interesting. the woman said she had to jump through hoops because her call was rerouted to another city. here's what happened. she was playing with her 2-year-old son at riverton memorial park in burlington county when she accidentally hit her head fell to the ground and snapped her foot. her call went to the nearest cell phone tower in philadelphia and then transferred to camden instead of burlington county. then she says the dispatcher told her to call the police herself. >> cleaning blood off my phone to hit the dial. i got through and everything was good. >> three days after the accident julie gave birth to a healthy daughter. she underwent surgery. she said she hoped the situation serves as a lesson for when similar situations might happen in the future.
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>> let's look at what's ahead on the "today" show. >> for that we say good morning to savannah guthrie and willie geist. good to see you both. >> good morning. nice to see you. straight ahead on the show this morning, talking about fears of more violence in waco texas, following the deadly biker brawl. we'll be live with new threats and what police are plan to go do about it. also ahead, an under cover rossen investigation. dangerous parasailing accidents. wait until what you see happens that our safety expert calls the most frightening thing he sees. >> day three of matt's tour de red nose. he'll check in and introduce you to some of the remarkable people he's meeting along the way when we get started on tuesday morning. vai and tracy. >> i loved yesterday when meredith pulled out. that was funny. >> yeah. the deer suit trick never gets old. >> that was cool. >> classic television. thanks, guys. we'll see you in about ten minutes. >> all right.
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we'll see ya. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> showers overnight. now most of the area is looking at cloudy skies and much of the region seeing some fog. that's a somewhat foggy view looking towards center city from here at the "nbc 10" studios. 62 degrees at philadelphia international. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. look at this view from the melon bank building in center city hanging right in the clouds. not much of a view this morning, but clouds will be thinning out this afternoon. by then the fog will be done. coatsville, zero visibility but also dense fog at northeast philadelphia airport, millville, atlantic city to slow things down to start with. fog won't last all day. the showers have tapered off for much of the area. now just a few rain drops moving through montgomery bucks county and allentown. most of the day we will be rain free. this afternoon we could see some showers take shape. 7:00 this morning you can see the showers that are moving through the area. they'll keep on going.
6:51 am
some breaks of sunshine possible as we go into the afternoon hours. at 2:00 pretty quiet with temperatures heating into the 80s. that could fuel some late-day showers. looks like it will be pretty spotty according to that computer model. so keep an eye on the sky for some showers and temperatures in the 80s today. did he have definitely summer like with high humidity. that all changes tomorrow. springtime back. 72 degrees after a morning low of 62. sunshine, the wind picking up. dry, cooler air coming in and you'll really feel it on thursday. high of 67 degrees. nice warmup with sunshine and low humidity. it stays low as we're headed into the weekend. sunny skies saturday and sunday and monday upper 70s. >> look at that weekend. hopefully you're watching our coverage this morning and you had somebody driving north on jersey turnpike you were able to call them and let them know get on 295. >> give them a heads up. jessica boyington has been
6:52 am
watching that all morning. >> a big backup behind this scene but the good news is they are letting the right-hand shoulder go by. again, this is woolwich township on the new jersey turnpike on the northbound side. all lanes closed for the predominant part of the morning. you can see they're letting some traffic squeeze by. a huge backup behind the scene. that's just between 40 and 322 which is exit 1 and 2. so all southbound lanes are open as well. reduced visibility in the area and slippery road conditions as well. you want to take 295 to get on through. they're still cleaning up that scene right now. now out on 309 around bethlehem pike reduced visibility in the area. these are the northbound lanes moving along just fine. definitely use caution when traveling through on any of the areas especially out montgomery county. drive times, 95 southbound into the center city area almost about a half an hour there. starting to pick up in volume just a little bit for our morning rush. the schuylkill expressway doing
6:53 am
the same. 16 minute trip from the blue route. >> five minutes away from the polls evening in pennsylvania. "nbc 10's" matt delucia live outside a polling place in the rhawnhurst neighborhood matt? >> reporter: vai, poll workers have been showing up. bhau what you need to know before you head out and cast your vote. that's coming up. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in woolwich township where a four lane accident has closed four lanes of north bound new jersey turnpike. they're getting by on the shoulder. i'll have an update coming up at break.
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6:57 am
. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in gloucester township. four vehicle accident on the new jersey turnpike. firefighters are offloading the second of two big rigs at the crash site. still smoldering in the front portion of the vehicle and also in the back but trying to pull some of this debris. seems to be car parts. they can tap out the flames completely. two people injured when two vehicles were involved in two rear end collision sz here. traffic is getting by on the shoulder. the far right shoulder of the north bound lane intermittently. there is an extensive backup. live in gloucester county jesse gary "nbc 10 news." and good morning, everyone. i'mm'm jessica boyington monitoring an accident with jesse gary. closed for the predominant part of the morning.
6:58 am
all southbound lanes are open. you saw from the live picture that one northbound shoulder is getting by. that's between 40 and 322. between exit 1 and 2. now you want to take 295 to get by that scene as they are still cleaning it up. a lot of police activity on the scene there as well. we expect it to be out there for quite some time. plan your trip and take 295. we're seeing some reduced visibility out on the schuylkill expressway. whether you're headed eastbound or westbound just under a 20-minute trip. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in rhawnhurst. the polling locations open in two minutes. including this one at the presbyterian church. the biggest race is for the mayoral seat. there are six democratic candidates on the ballot. in addition to the campaigns groups have been out these past few weeks and months encouraging voters to get out today and make
6:59 am
their choice known. in the last couple of mayoral election they had poor turnout. for now we're live in rhawnhurst, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. lots of clouds some fog and still a few showers in the area. look at the fog socking in some of the area. we see visibility in some of the western suburbs down to zero this morning. still watching for a few showers and some light rain drops falling in eastern berks county and into montgomery and bucks county. doesn't look like much to deal with. this is a different story. look at the fog. zero visibility in coatsville. down to quarter mile in trenton. just improved in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city at the airport is reporting zero visibility. that could lead to delays first thing this morning for airport operations. no delays as the temperature warm up through 2:00 this afternoon. watch for storms later on.
7:00 am
we get into the 80s. >> thank you, bill. drive accordingly out there. "today" show is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get updates at the "nbc 10 news" app. good morning. looking for revenge? disturbing reports that gang leaders have summoned armed re-enforcements to waco texas, to confront police and carry on their showdown with rival biker gangs on the heels of that huge brawl that led to nine deaths and 170 arrests. are things about to get even worse? why so long? the state department now says it will take until early next year to release those e-mails then-secretary of state hillary clinton kept on a private server. will it affect her campaign? chilling twist. sources telling news the family murdered inside their home was held captive overnight before they were killed. and this morning


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