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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  May 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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rainfall. the gardens have been fairly dry. right now, it's not raining in center city. but clouds have started to move in with temperatures moving down. the rain is in western and central pennsylvania. and moving towards our area it will be here after midmorning and will stay into the afternoon and possibly even some rain especially delaware and south jersey as we head into the evening hours. heading out the door. look at the chill, wrightstown, 51 51 in wilmington pottstown at 49 wild philadelphia international is 56. down in the lower 50s for roxborough and northeast philadelphia. light wind clouds and showers arriving by 10:00 this morning. 59 degrees at 10:00. rain will be falling at 1:00 just 60 degrees. much cooler today. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. thursday morning, let's see what's happening on the roads, jessica boyington in the "first alert" traffic center. we have a busy thursday morning so far. we are working through new jersey around the black horse
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pike you can see a very active scene right now losing part of that right-hand shoulder. the right-hand lane as well not affecting the drive time 13 minutes headed southbound from 38 to the black horse bike. from 422 from the westbound side headed toward the ramp of egypt road, only in the shoulder. something to watch out for. and watch out for another crash in lower merion lancaster avenue at remington road. take wynnewood road or city avenue to get by that scene. later on this morning, we will have some volume for the rutgers camden commencement at 9:00 a.m. expect a lot of delays around the water front area. we go to breaking news from overseas now. many reports say that isis is now in control of the historic ruins in the ancient see of palmyra. isis took control of the entire city within the past two hours.
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activists fear that the militants will destroy the ruins as they did at similar sites in northern iraq. new from overnight, in our area, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a man and left him in the middle of the street. a shooting victim was then run officer by a suspected drunk driver. nbc10's kate? zachary is live at police headquarters to fill us in on the investigation. katy. >> reporter: hi rosemary checking in with homicide detectives at this time there have been no arrests made police at the scene say this is a pretty unusual situation for you to have a man who was shot is multiple times, left in the middle of a busy street and then run over by a drunk driver. let's go to video of the scene. it happened on girard avenue on 42nd street. you can see what police picked up. and all within the distance of the 29-year-old victim shot at point blank range.
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police say after the man was shot he collapsed in the middle of girard avenue. and minutes later he was run over by a 79-year-old man who police say was drunk. >> just a very unusual homicide for our shooting victim after having been shot multiple times, he fell down on girard avenue. and then was run over. >> reporter: the shooting victim was taken to presbyterian hospital where he died. now, police say he was found with drugs on him as well as a handgun. coming up in the next half hour you'll hear from police about how an innocent couple in that area narrowly missed getting hit by bullets and injured, possibly even killed. that's coming up in 25 minutes. reporting live outside of police headquarters. katy zachry, "nbc10 news." also news from overnight in philadelphia police are investigating gunfire that damaged several row homes. this happened around 3:00 this morning on masher street.
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victim was shot three times but should be okay. at least three houses were hit by a spray of bullets. nobody else was hurt. and philadelphia police are investigating another shooting that left two men injured. nbc10 was on this scene at delhi and butler streets where the victims were both shot in the legs around 12:30 this morning. they are expected to be okay. so far police have not made any arrests in this case. 5:04 now. the mother of a blind boy said her son was sexually assaulted at his philadelphia school. his mother who we are not identifying said in april, her son told her he was inappropriately touched by another student inside a bathroom. >> when i asked him who was it because he can only see shadows, he said home it was a big student. >> now, the special victims unit is still investigating. but the school district tells us that an internal investigation found nothing to back up the boy's allegations. they say an assistant was outside the bathroom as require when the boy says the alleged
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assault took place. today, two local counties will go over their emergency plans in the event of an oil train crash. montgomery and camden counties will run training exercises and hold strategy sessions on that worst case scenario. first responders will be involved in drills linked to a possible oil train spill or derailment. nc oil tankers were sitting on the tracks near the site of last week's amtrak crash. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has written a letter to two railroads asking them to slow down oil trains when they roll through populated area. >> i want a safety environment for our folks. >> they're not sticking their head in the sand. >> montgomery county will hold its along the river in upper providence township. camden will hold a planning
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meeting in delmar. we have new information on the train derailment. union officials say that the train engineer had what they call a moving shift on the day of the crash. the union said that brandon bostian's break was actually shortened by earlier delays in washington. those delays gave him about an hour to rest and eat. of course as you know that train derailed in port richmond killing eight and injuring more than 200. amtrak said the schedule still meets federal safety regulations. also there's this, federal investigators are confirming they have bostian's cell phone and they're trying to see if he was using it while behind the controls of the engine sfwloop we also have new information for the search for a man wanted in a deadly crash in burlington county. police say they found the man. he is the owner of a tractor
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involved in this accident on sunday. a man inside that truck died. investigators aren't telling us anything more about the owner's possible connection to the crash. the two candidates for mayor for philadelphia are already off and running on the campaign trail. democrat jim kenney and republican melissa bailey spoke with voters in center city. we talked to them about funding universal prek on tuesday, voters approved a condition to put pre-k in face. do you find universal pre-x? >> that is the question isn't it. we want these things done but it's a lot harder to fund it. >> how do you fund stadiums convention centers, it's all about priorities. >> there is some common ground between the two candidates. they both want to put an end to the police department's stop and terrific policy. there are 166 days until voters go back to the polls for the general election to decide who
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will be the new mayor of philadelphia. election day is tuesday, november 3rd. you can read more be the candidates and where they stand on the issues on our nbc10 news app. an internet security expert says an attack on the philadelphia city council website can be compared to graffiti by hackers. yesterday visitor to that site were greeted by a message reading "imus limb and islam is my way of life. ""no sensitive information was accessed, according to officials. the international hacking group called cybercommandos claimed responsibility. >> so you think they likely hit the site with some sort of web scam and picked up some vulnerability. this is a prime target. >> that expert says it's the council's use of an outside provider to manage the website may have also played a role. the site has now a new software update to address vaut neshlt. >> announcer: now your nbc10
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"first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. coming up to 9 minutes after 5:00 we'll see a little sunshine before clouds take over and keep us cool today. chilly this morning. much cooler than we have seen recently. i'm track something rain with the clouds on the increase this morning, we'll see rain arriving later this morning. and a good chance you'll need your umbrella too. but this weekend, we are in for a warmup after a chilly one this morning. 45 right now in the pocono mountains in northeast philadelphia. 53 and 50 in atlantic city. dry in each of these locations. there you see scattered clouds on this view from cape may. the clouds though, will take over during the day. limited sunshine to start with. and you can see the wet weather that is just to our west this morning. heavier downpours in south central pa. this is the rain that moves in this morning and stays through this afternoon. hour-by-hour forecast 10:00 this morning, very light rainfall for philadelphia delaware and south jersey. there is a chance for rain in allentown and reading as we go
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into the afternoon hours. it should be tapering off there. noon time, you can see the rain in philadelphia atlantic city and dover. there, it's driving out by 3:00 this afternoon for allentown. and by 5:00 this afternoon, 6:00, we'll see those rain drops thinning out in philadelphia as well. so a rainy, dreary day today. look what we have at least for the start of the holiday weekend, saturday 71 degrees but sunday afternoon we're heading to 81. speaking of memorial day weekend, for a lot of people this may be the last morning of the week that they have to make the morning drive to work. >> and they get to look forward to the traffic. >> yes. >> jessica boyington is watching the roads this morning. jessica. >> yeah we don't have to deal with too much traffic right now. it's still a little early on schuylkill expressway not a lot of volume on south street. these are the eastbound lanes
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here. westbound doing fine as well. as we head out the door 95 in delaware, check out the drive times there we're doing just nine as well. northbound, southbound 11 minutes or under. headed up to 295 up towards 495. we're still watching out for a disabled vehicle on 422 westbound headed for the ramp at egypt road. use caution through that area. as for mass transit, currently no problems for amtrak and septa. we'll have more drive times coming up. he wanted to give the pope a present. >> i just wanted to give him something. >> so he decided on a tie. and an invitation. next nbc10 sits down with the local couple. who got to meet the pope what they did that they hope will influence his plans when he visits philadelphia. and progress where philadelphia ranks offering residents a place to play.
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thank you for staying and not throwing things. thank you, mr. president, and i relinquish the floor. >> just before midnight kentucky senator rand paul wrapped up a 10 1/2 hour protest of the patriot act. paul who is running for president argued that the patriot act infringes on a person's privacy.
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he calls for renewing the law and ending the bulk collection of phone records. a local man's recent encounter with pope francis may pay off big time for thatman's alma mater. nbc's monique braxton joins us live from center city. monique, what's this about? >> reporter: good morning, this is where organizers estimate more than 1 million people will gather when the pope comes to celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway. recently a graduate of st. joe's prep jeff and his bride were in a special section for newlyweds when he thought, why not, i'll give this pope a tie from my high school and ask him to visit. when menettti told the pope he was from philadelphia that led to a short conversation. the pope put the tie on and st. jo's prep couldn't be more delighted.
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>> that's the kind of person jeff is. they really do know that it's special school. they want everybody to know it and be a part of it. >> reporter: well no word yet if the pope is actually going to visit st. joe's prep. but as soon as we get his schedule we'll know it. live now from outside the basilica monique braxton, "nbc10 news." unionized casino workers plan to ticket this evening outside the trump taj mahal. they're protesting carl icahn's action with the casino. the union blames the billionaire inestvestors using the pay cuts to strip them of their health insurance. at 5:16 this morning, nbc10's "first alert" reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads out there. it's a little early. i'm guessing as people get up
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and get going to work they'll have some problems. >> yeah we've seen a few issues out there let's see if they're hanging around jessica. >> some things are hanging around. on the vine street expressway, around 24th street you can see no real volume. towards the schuylkill expressway no problems. drive times under five minutes headed eastbound towards 95 as well. and we're watching an accident scene, though in lower merion on remington road. take west wynnewood road or city avenue to get by that scene. montgomery county driving around on 422 the drive time doing okay. eight minutes headed eastbound up towards the schuylkill expressway. still a disabled vehicle on the westbound side. on the off-ramp. we're going to check in on new jersey coming up. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> dry right now, but if you're heading out the door take an umbrella with you, we have rain that's on the way.
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look at the clouds that have already moved into the philadelphia area. totally dry and chilly too. 56 degrees, that's 7 degrees colder than yesterday. look at the pocono mountains. clouds have rolled in there, too. there's a chance of rain in the mountains but it's more likely to the philadelphia area delaware and south jersey. clouds for everyone. they're taking over first thing. thicker clouds to our west. that's where the rain is this morning. making steady progress moving to the east due in here probably after midmorning. from 9:00 on. that's when umbrellas will be going up. so cloudy skies, some rain and chilly through the day. and 80s what we saw two days ago, upper 50s and low 60s with solar winds at 10 miles an hour. we do have some sunshine returning tomorrow. up to 75 after a morning low of 50 degrees. a breezy day on friday. but the winds die down. for saturday nice warmup for
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memorial day monday. closer to 90 for memorial day. a chance for scattered showered and thunderstorms that will stick around maybe tuesday. >> happening later today, officials will unveil philadelphia's only outdoor role skating rink. how about that? it will be open for the summer along with the harbor park on the delaware river water front. the barge is open for the first time on the water front park wed. the harbour park and roller skating rink open tomorrow. it's hard to see in the dark but kelly drive it flank by a lot of trees. you no this if you've been to the park. with more than 2800 acres the park offers a wide variety of hiking trails you can jog, take in exercise there. in spite of the trees philadelphia didn't score very high in a recent survey. that looks at parks, 75 of the biggest in the nation. philadelphia was tied for 19th. the survey was the fourth annual
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park score index. take a look at this here all of the areas highlighted in green are parks. philadelphia has a lot of them. 92 of them dedicated to parks. parks looking at things like park side access to parks and the city and investment. and it has a ten-minute walk to the park. get ready to roll out your wallet. we have predictions on what you'll expect to spend on memorial day weekend. plus this -- >> well you've all seen this right now. the cruiser concert that took the internet by storm. coming up in the next half hour we'll tell you how these local police officers are now using their social media power to help a little girl battling a life-threatening disease.
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memorial day is pretty good for the economy. look at this u.s. travel association expects the average person will spend more than $300 over memorial day weekend. aaa said 37 million americans will travel 50 miles or more over the weekend and that's the highest number in ten years. all of that traveling gives the u.s. economy a $12 billion boost. that's up nearly 5% since last year. and coming up in the next half hour we're going to predictions how the traveling is happening. who's flying who's traveling and how much it's going to cost
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you. investors with the opening bell on wall street. landon dowdy is here with the cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hey, rosemary good morning to you. that's right markets could come under pressure after the opening bell after stocks in a mix on wednesday. from the last month's fed meeting signaling an interest rate hike next month is unlikely. workers were concerned about weak economic growth in the first quarter of the year due partly to slow consumer spending but they expect rebounds this quarter. unemployment and existing home sales the dow falling 27 points to 18225. the nasdaq rising 20 points to 5071. rosemary back to you. >> thanks for that, landon. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> clouds are moving in. and if you're heading out the door it is chilly this morning. and the chill will stay with us in through the afternoon as rain moves in. right now, looking at a cloudy view of center city.
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55 degrees. roads are clear. let's see if anything is going on. jessica boyington in the "first alert" traffic center. >> looking at 202 at paoli pike. driving in the clear. but we are going to see volume later on in the morning in camden. i'm going to tell you why -- coming up. >> reporter: and overnight in philadelphia, a man is shot left in the middle of the street only to be run over by a drunk driver. coming up, i'll tell you what homicide detectives are saying about the search for the shooter. and ready to roll. we have new information about one of the highly anticipated patco cars will finally start carrying people.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." shot several times and then run over in the street. that's just the start of the unusual events that led up to one man's death and another man's arrest. this all happened while you were sleeping. we are live with more on the murder investigation. and a car crashes and catches fire. we're check now on the condition of the driver who investigators say lost control. we are tracking the rain and some cooler temperatures. here's a live look on the shores. the sun is starting to come up
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trying to peek through. you're going to notice that when you walk out the door. and the wet weather is not far behind. good morning, welcome back to "nbc10 news." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm chris cato. a nice looking sunrise, though. let's find out with meteorologist bill henley and the "first alert" forecast. >> clouds moving in. >> clouds taking over quickly and will produce rain. it's already chilly outside. and the chill stays with us through the day. clouds on center city no sunshine there. and the radar shows what's on the way. and light rain in central and western pennsylvania due if here later this morning. after 9:00 this morning, likely see it live in philadelphia. heading out the door right now. 49 in pottstown. trenton is 51 degrees. it's 54 in wilmington. 56 degrees in philadelphia. here comes the rain. 59 degrees at 10:00. just 60 with rain drops falling at 1:00 this afternoon.
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i'll be back with your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast in ten minutes. you don't have to worry about sunglare. jessica boyington and the "first alert" traffic center. forget about the sunglasses today, jessica. >> definitely starting to pick up with volume as we head out the door on i-95. no sunshine in the area. this is the northbound side right here. a little bit of volume starting to gather. you can see the drive time hardly affected by that. moving out of that right-hand shoulder. and we have good news out in lower merion lancaster avenue and remington road isle reopen. you don't have to worry about an alternate anymore. that accident has cleared out of the way. now rutgers camden commencement at 9:00, expect delays around the camden water front area. we begin with breaking news overseas. reports say that isis militants are now in control of historic ru


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