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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"nbc 10 news" starts now. starting with some breaking news. mysterious mansion murders. how pizza crust helped police find their suspect. here at home the memorial day weekend holiday. you can count on "nbc 10" for the complete coverage. the first alert 10 team is monitoring a roller coaster forecast. warmups, cooldown sun, chance for storms. hopefully a small chance. as the rush to the shore begins maybe a few of these people in the live picture on the road maybe they're already getting a
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jump start on the holiday weekend traffic. we are monitoring any problems that may pop up and slow you down to enjoying a long holiday. live in one shore town the memorial day will be much different than last year. "nbc 10 news today" on friday. i'm chris cato. we have live team coverage helping you get ready for whatever you have in store. we begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert forecast. bill it's a little bit warmer than yesterday morning. >> we are getting a pleasant start. we are seeing the skies clear out. the temperatures will be cooling down. right now at 53 degrees in philadelphia and we will see sunshine today with a pretty good breeze that will bring in cooler air for tomorrow morning. right now 40ed and 50s. 49 in pottstown, 50 in trenton, 40s for wilmington and 53 for philadelphia. forecast calling for sunshine. pretty good breeze. 11-mile-an-hour wind. 60 degrees with sunshine.
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lots of sunshine and 70 at noontime today. by then the temperature up to 70 degrees and the winds up to 14 miles an hour. hour by hour the future weather. right now a check on first alert traffic with katy jaffry. >> taking a live look at 76. this is at montgomery drive. really free and clear of any issues on the majors in pennsylvania new jersey, delaware. drive times pretty good between the blue route and the vine. 11 or 12 minutes in both directions. bridges into new jersey or delaware for your holiday plans, everything is looking clear. travel in new jersey if you're headed on the 42 freeway southbound of the shores looking good between route 55 it will take you a few minutes to do that. memorial day is here. the holiday set aside to honor
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those who died in service has become vital. "nbc 10's" matt delucia went to atlantic city. matt this summer will be different than any other in the past, right? >> reporter: well, it will be, chris, especially because this is the year coming off of one where we saw four casinos close, three of which closed towards the end of the summer season. a new season and some new hope out here. later this morning don guardian will prepare the annual unlocking of the ocean ceremony. there are eight casinos left here. you do have some of the former casino properties trying to come back in some form. revel is trying to reopen. stockton is trying to reopen the show boat as a satellite campus. memorial day weekend is when the businesses on the boardwalk gauge how the summer will go. a lot of money can be made here. will the money be spent here or
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elsewhere. coming up, a tourism expert will weigh in on how the summer season is looking as we approach it, the unofficial start. as we get set for memorial day through atlantic city. now we're live on the atlantic city boardwalk, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." if you're headed to the shore and you time it just right, you can skip paying the toll. tolls will be free between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. chickies and peace is picking up the tab. in the lehigh valley active military can get free admission to the dorney park. service members get in free over 4th of july weekend. >> camelbeach waterpark has free
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admission for military and veterans. this is the aqua attorney-client privilege yeah. >> knew the weather wasn't going to be that great this weekend so we figured we'd try something new. >> also holiday retreats like evergreen lake and campground say that they're almost sold out for the weekend. in delaware today, just in time for visitors, bethanie beach will unvael some improvements to garfield parkway downtown. jack markel will be there to cut the ribbon stort street scape. visit for events and traffic changes before you head down to the shore. 4:05. the man accused of murdering a family inside their mansion in washington, d.c. is now in jail. police arrested daron dylon daron dylon wint. he's accused of killing the ceo
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of an iron works company, his wife and their 10-year-old son and the housekeeper and setting the house on fire. wint worked for that company ten years ago. he's a former marine with convictions on his record for assault and criminal mischief. this picture and dna on a slice of pizza delivered to the mansion. this is a br czar death investigation in new castle county. they're trying to figure out what led three people to need emergency care all in a span of 24 hours. an elderly woman was found in cardiac arrest at the home. she died at the hospital. the next day an elderly man was found there and later on wednesday another call from the same home led paramedics to find another man unconscious inside the house. he's also in critical condition. investigators have not said what may have led those two men to
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become unconscious. several agencies are investigating including the department of public health. overnight police arrested 20 people people. officers say the protesters got upset about an unrelated arrest that happened in the area and that started an altercation with police and that's when officers arrested the additional people. happening today, two former school officials from chester county are scheduled to go to trial in an alleged text messaging scandal. richard como and james donato worked for the coatsville school district. in 2013 the two exchanged racist and sexist text messages on their school cell phone.
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they're charged with stealing school money for personal use. federal regulators say they are expanding their safety demands for amtrak following the deadly derailment in port richmond. they issued an emergency order on train speeds through this region. the emergency order requires amtrak to use automatic train control. it was installed last week. it flagged problem curves elsewhere. for passengers the requirements are getting them done and it feels urgent. >> no brainer. look at the volume of people that travel on the northeast corridor. funding needs to happen end of story. >> the emergency order comes as the congressional funding battle in the senate. the democrats urged republicans to provide funding for an aging
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back log. you can count on "nbc 10" to bring you breaking developments on the deadly derailment. we'll pass along any new developments. new this morning, all six baltimore police officers who were charged in the death of freddy gray are now officially indicted. a baltimore grand jury handed up those inindictments yesterday. they're similar to the charges announced by the district attorney. officers arrested freddy gray last month but he died a week later of a broken neck he suffered in the arrest. one of the six indicted officers has ties to this area. edward nero used to be a firefighter in washington township gloucester county. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 4:00. it's a cooler start this morning. we've got clear skies and the temperatures have been coming down nicely but we'll see sunshine today.
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didn't get it yesterday. the clouds hung in there with rain. you'll see sunshine and it will be bright. philadelphia is 53 degrees. 49 a little bit cooler in millville. you'll see a few puddles on beach avenue. the clouds are quickly moving out and you'll need your sunglasses. 5 degrees for wilmington and dover. off by 3 in philadelphia. philadelphia international as well. the radar shows we are clear and dry. no sign of any rain. the rain we had yesterday is completely off shore. stay out of the picture for us today but the wind will be picking up. look at the arrows here northwesterly winds. that will help keep temperatures on the cool side to start with. 64 degrees by 9:00. morning hours, bright sunshine wind, warm us into the low 70ed by 1:00 in the afternoon with a few scattered showers blowing through the area. forecast looking sunny. a bit breezy.
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hour by hour has temperatures climb to go 60 degrees by 9:00 and 70 by lunchtime. sunny and nice for saturday and warmer on sunday. 71 degrees. nice and comfortable though for both saturday and sunday. there are some changes ahead for memorial day monday. take a look at extended future weather when i'm back in 10. >> looking great for saturday and sunday. a lot of people will enjoy that whereby ever their memorial day plans take them. let's get a look at the early holiday morning. katy zachry. >> the key is early. that's what we're seeing on the roads. majors in pennsylvania and new jersey look well. 95 at route 1. i brought in route 1 because a lot of people are going to be traveling on route 1 to get to some of the delaware beaches. taking a look at 95 drive times
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between woodhaven and the vine 13 12 minutes in both directions. when i see you in a bit we'll take a look at the poconos and there's a new accident in pottstown that i'm putting on the map. >> katy sounds good. caught selling secrets. the sensitive information that a professor is sending overseas. the push to keep kids out of danger when they get into the water. pay per mile. it could add a running tab to cars.
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4:14. if you're waking up early to get your memorial day started, you're going to like what's in
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store weather wise. live look at center city skyline from our camera across the river at the adventure aquarium. 53 degrees in philadelphia. warming up nicely into the lower 70s. it should be sunny, great day to drive. great day to fit in traffic. we can see a very sparse morning rush at this point on i-95 in south philadelphia. good time to hit the road early if you're headed out of town this weekend. wild wood is hosting a summer tradition today. the unlocking of the ocean. have you seen this? they have to use a key to unlock the ocean. new jersey governor will do the honors. the ceremony on the boardwalk at andrews avenue starts at noon. tomorrow morning "the battleship new jersey" will hold a celebration. this is the 72nd anniversary. the ceremony will conclude with the wreath being tossed into the
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ocean to remember former members who have passed. there will be a memorial service at the grave side of continental soldiers. this is the army's 1776 encampment in bucks county. from our delaware bureau the holiday weekend means the opening of the city pool. the prices run pool will open tomorrow. you can enjoy fun from tomorrow until monday from 1:00 until 6:00 p.m. all other city pools will open june 13th in wilmington. we'll have more events coming up in the next half hour. some free. 4:16. capitol hill senators are scrambling to finish their business today to avoid having to work through the holiday weekend. on their agenda the renewal of the patriot act.
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this expires may 31st. republicans on capitol hill are slamming president obama for saying that he doesn't think we're losing the fight against isis. this week the militant group captured the key city of ramadi in iraq. it includes the ancient city of palmyra. it's full of ancient treasures that isis has said it will destroy. the gop calls this policy. this story sounds like something out of a movie. a professor at temple university is accused of selling defense industry secrets to china. they've charged xiaoxing xi with fraud. he did research on super conductivity. he's accused of giving the technology to china in exchange for a prestigious appointment. xi chairs the physics department.
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the university has had no comment on the charges. health officials say contaminated tuna caused a salmonella outbreak in almost a dozen states. 50 people in the 9 states you see on the map became sick. no one has died. most of the cases are centered in california and most of the people who got sick said that they ate sushi containing tuna. they're trying to find the exact source of the outbreak. 4:18 now. a recall about something that you may have inside your home right now. officials say a dimmer could shock you we were going to show you a picture of that dimmer but now you'll have to imagine what it looks like. it's called the vivant remove plug. it comes with home alarm systems. it's sold separately so you can dim your lights with a remote control or smart device. if you need a replacement or more information on the story that i probably made more
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confusing for you, go to the "nbc 10" app and click the link there. memorial day weekend is here. you can't wait to go swimming. that means safety first. unfortunately, even that can't stop some tragic drownings in waterways. on capitol hill they pushed for a safer summer. they announced the start of an application period for a pool safety grant program. this means the state and local governments can apply for money for safety education and enforcement programs. one mother talked about the time that her son almost drowned. >> what i didn't know about drowning is how fast and silent it is. there were other people at the pool. a splash isn't something that people recognize. it's a conditioned sound. the children fall in and sink silently. >> here are some important reminders for parents. never leave a child unattended in the water. doesn't matter how old they are or how good they are at swimming. you should designate a water
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watcher. learn how to perform cpr on children and adults and of course keep children away from pool drains pipes, other openings where they could get stuck or fall. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 4:00. 53 degrees right now. bit chillier this morning and here's why. the clouds are moving out. we've got a little bit of a breeze that's starting to build up. it's going to be stronger this afternoon. that will be cool dry air into the area. we will see sunshine. the clouds being pushed out. the breeze to start with will be right around 10 miles an hour. this afternoon, northwesterly winds could be steady at 20 miles an hour. potential we'll see some gusts as high as 30 miles an hour. 70s this afternoon and looks like a pretty decent shore weekend. the whole weekend is going to see temperatures climb a bit for saturday and sunday. upper 60s right along the coast line. there will be clouds around
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monday and nearing 80 degrees monday afternoon. partly sunny can skies with southerly wind and slight chance of a shower at the shore. a better chance we'll see some of those showers inland. we have the seven day forecast with the timing of those storms when i come back. don't forget you can take the "nbc 10" first alert weather team with you this memorial day weekend. we'll be updating the forecast pushing out new information on the nbc news app which we can access on your smartphone or tablet. >> bill, thank you. 4:21. another check of the roads. a lot of people won't be heading to work starting their memorial day weekend a little early. you'll have holiday traffic to contend with. let's see if any traffic is building with katy zachry. >> definitely they will have traffic to contend with later on in the morning. right now if you can get out the door, it is a great time to get out the door. majors in new jersey look great. atlantic city expressway including the garden state expressway. the somers point expressway.
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a few cars have gone in the toll. not a lot. things look good if you're headed to the shore in new jersey or delaware. switching gears, if you're going to the mountains or going somewhere a little bit cooler and taking the pennsylvania turnpike your drive times between route 1 and valley forge exit are about 20 minutes, 22 minutes in both directions. earlier when i saw you i said we're following an accident in the pottstown area. that is at the intersection of schuylkill road and south hanover street. that's out there. i'll let you know when that clears. it's a state that wants to start taxing you based on how much you drive. listen to this. oregon is launching a test program in july. here's how it works. the state will stop charging a gas tax. instead, it will track how far you drive and charge 1.5 cents per mile per state. this is expected to make more
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money. one of the state's largest insurers plans to use drones how about that for your claims adjuster. erie insurance plans to launch drones like this. claims adjusters would use on board cameras to look at unsafe conditions for a safe roof the scene of the fire. the company is still testing the technology. a landmark vote happening overseas. next the country that could become the first to okay same-sex marriage by popular vote. test time. the controversial exam that's getting a makeover after parents, students and teachers took a stand.
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it's 4:25.
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happening right now voters are going to the polls in ireland to decide whether to legalize same-sex marriages. if it passes ireland will be the first country to adopt same-sex marriage through a popular vote. 70% of irish voters support that change. here in the u.s. the head of the boy scouts is pushing members to end its ban on gay leaders. robert gates spoke at the annual scouts meeting in new york. he said the ban opens the organization up to legal battles. he also worries that it could threaten the scouts very existence. a vote is not expected at this year's meeting which wraps up today. here's news in the growing controversy over a standardized test in new jersey. next year students will spend less time taking the parcc exam. students will take them once a year instead of twice. the parcc exam is designed to measure progress in math and english. now your "nbc 10" first
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alert weather. 53 degrees. 4:26 and we are rain free but you can still see the results of yesterday's rain. that's a live view of beach avenue from cape may. the view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. few puddles out there. they will be drying up. the sun will be warming things up. heading out the door katy zachry is in the weather center. >> this is a good time to get out the door if you're traveling. shore goers, live look. middletownship at route 9. i'm watching the center section. woops, there goes a car. very few cars on the roadways. we'll take a look at how you're getting to delaware shores and what the roads look like there.
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. breaking news from overnight. the manhunt for an ex-convict accused of killing a wealthy washington family is over. new this morning, the suspect killer's connection to his victim and what helped authorities find him. and here at home it's the beginning of the memorial day holiday weekend. as our country prepares to honor our nation's heroes and a lot of people have plans to have some fun this weekend. whatever you have planned, the first alert weather team is working for you to track a whirlwind of changes ahead in the forecast. everything from sun and rain to some up and down temperatures. if you're heading out of town "nbc 10" is monitoring the roads all around our area looking for problems that might slow you down. keep you posted. 4:30. it's "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. congratulations on making it to friday. on the shore is matt delucia


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