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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  May 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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. trenton is 49 along with wilmington atlantic city and millville. pottstown, down to 51 degrees at northeast philadelphia airport. nice clear view from the comcast center. clear the way for sunny skies. by 9:00 in the middle 60s and middle 70s is where we're headed to. we're going through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> good morning, bill. if you have travel later this morning, 95 is looking great. drive times on 95 between woodhaven and the vine it will only take you about 12 minutes to go that stretch now. taking a look at some of our traffic cameras if we can switch over to those, it's not working for me but i can tell you that in new jersey the garden state parkway in upper township is free and clear of any problems. moving into delaware route 1,
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route 9 looks well. >> the cameras need a holiday, too, katy. >> they do. have to give them some time off. it is memorial day weekend. you may be one of the thousands of people headed to the jersey shore or the delaware beaches this weekend. we are here to help you get ready. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live. you've already started talking to folks out there bright and early this friday morning, right? >> reporter: that's right, chris. it's still a little early yet. some people have already taken the day off trying to take a four day weekend, start their holiday off right down here at the jersey shore. we're out here on the boardwalk. it's quiet. it's fairly quiet for the moment. the folks need the business considering three out of four casinos shut down last year. they closed up towards the end of last summer. there are eight casinos left this time around. the city is trying to do more in
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terms of non-gaming activity. the who is playing a concert at boardwalk hall later tonight. this weekend is a time when the businesses out here especially those on the boardwalk, try to gauge how the summer's going to go. i just spoke with someone who worked on the boardwalk. he's a former hot dog vendor. he told me, the times have changed. >> atlantic city days when we had the beach and the boardwalk, there's casinos everywhere now. it's very bad for business. >> that man has since gotten out of the boardwalk business. he and others are pulling for the city to come back. later this morning, the mayor will perform the annual unlocking of the ocean ceremony. it's a big weekend. i spoke with one of the guys who pushed the rolling chairs out here. what he has to say about this upcoming weekend and really what
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it means for his bottom line and making money out here at the jersey shore. he already had a couple of customers out here at 5:00 in the morning so business is already starting down here at the jersey shore. so we're live at the boardwalk right now. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." matt if you time it just right you can actually skip paying the toll on the a.c. expressway today. tolls will be free this afternoon between 5:00 and 6:00. chickie's and peetz iste's is picking up the tab. last year it cost them $13,000 for doing that. governor jack markell will be there to cut the ribbon ford street scape project this morning. wherever you're headed this weekend, be sure to take the "nbc 10" first alert team with you. we'll be pushing out new information through the "nbc 10" app. all you need is your smartphone or tablet. >> it's 5:03. following breaking news now. the man accused of murdering a
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family at their mansion in washington is now in jail. police arrested daron dylon wint last night as he drove into the city. he's accused of killing a ceo of an iron works company. higgs wife and their 10-year-old son and housekeeper and then setting the house on fire. wint worked for that company ten years ago. he's a former marine with convictions on his record for assault and malicious destruction. the video plus dna found on a slice of pizza delivered to the mansion helped lead them to the suspect. 5 minutes after 4:00. a man is expected to be okay after leaving the scene. police have no suspects. a bizarre death investigation in new castle county. authorities are trying to figure out what caused three people at that home to need emergency care all in the span of 24 hours. first on tuesday an elderly
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woman was found in cardiac arrest at the home died at the hospital. the nest day an elderly man was found unconscious. he's in critical condition. later on wednesday another call from the home led paramedics to find another unconscious man in the house. he's also in critical condition. investigators have nod said what led the two men from being unconscious. officials in wilmington want to spend more money on fighting crime. the city council approved a final budget last night. it includes $600,000 for upgrades. the mayor plans to announce which recommendations he will implement. 5:05 now. two former school officials in chester county are scheduled to go to trial in an alleged text messaging scandal. richard como and james donato both worked for the coatsville
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school district. in 2013 they exchanged several racist and sexist text messages on their school phones. they are also accused of stealing school money for personal use. this next story sounds like something out of the movie. a professor at temple university is accused of selling defense industry secrets to china. the jus disdepartment charged xiaoxing xi. he's accused of taking their technology and giving it to china in exchange for a prestigious appointment. according to temple's website xi chairs the physics department. the universe si has had no comment. new jersey governor chris christie wants an apology from the media for the coverage of the jersey bridge scandal. >> i do believe there is an absolute bias and a rush to judgment. >> christie is still deciding whether he'll run for the white house, but he said he's being held to a different standard
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than democratic candidate hillary clinton. she's been under fire. christie says he's had a lot more bad publicity about the bridge scandal. there's no evidence he knew anything about it. david wildstein pleaded guilty and bridgette kelly and baroni pleaded guilty. the trial will start in july. 7 minutes after 5:00 now. 53 degrees. federal regulators are expanding their safety check. they issued an emergency order on train speeds. it requires amtrak to use the automatic train control device in the curve where that derailment happened. that was installed last week after the accident happened. they have to flag other curves. for the passengers these requirements and paying to get them done are urgent.
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>> no brainer. you look at the number of people who travel on the corridor and amtrak alone and it's a no brainer. funding has to happen. end of story. >> the funding battle grows. senate democrats said they need to address a repair back log. last week members of the house voted to cut amtrak funding. you can count on "nbc 10" to bring you breaking developments on the deadly train derailment. we'll pass on new information through the "nbc 10" app. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 5:00. we have a cooler morning. the temperature is at 53 degrees in philadelphia but 40s for much of the rest of the area. a gusty wind is what's in store for us today. the winds already clearing the clouds out of here. we'll see sunshine and a pretty good warmup over the weekend including memorial day monday. right now allentown, one of those chilly spots at 49 degrees. not much warmer in philadelphia.
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millville is at 49 degrees. clear skies over the pocono mountains. this is the view from sky top lodge seeing some sunlight before it comes up. little twilight action to start the day off. looks like it's going to be nice and clear through the day. look at the future winds, 10:00 this morning. winds gusting to 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. those winds will stay with us. 5:00 this afternoon. blustery day. clouds out of the picture and no storm systems to our west. we are in for some really nice weather, not only today but for most of the holiday weekend as well. today we'll see the temperatures climb into the 70s for allentown, quaker town and reading. 64 to mount pocono. bright sunny skies for trenton, doylestown and mount holly. heading to the coast line nothing but sunshine for atlantic city cape may and rehoboth. inland, not quite 80 degrees but we'll see that.
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wilmington drexel hill and swedesboro, all in the 70s. at the shore and inland when i come back in 10. what's your traffic strategy? did you hit the road early or do you wait until more traffic clears and leave at night? >> some people might have to work today. >> oh, yeah right. i forgot. how did i forget people were working today. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry tell us what we need to know. >> the roads are looking really good right now which is no surprise considering it's the 5:00 hour. majors in pennsylvania, 95 76 476 all looking really good. not a lot of volume to contend with. a lot of the overnight construction has cleared around the 5:00 hour. so that's really great if you're headed out on pennsylvania roadways and as we move forward my computer does not seem to be working. i don't know if the control needs to switch over to my traffic. there we go. taking a look at the 42 freeway headed southbound between the walt whitman bridge and route 55
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to the shore. 295 looking good. route 22 at route 309. actually, it is not route 22 and 309, it's the garden state parkway. things are looking really good if you're headed out to the new jersey shore. in the next few minutes we'll take a look at delaware roads. katy 11 minutes past 5:00 and 53 degrees outside. paying per mile. the state testing out a new gas tax and what it means. >> plus tests turn around. parents, students each the teachers push back. and a perc in the poconos. the park offering a discount to members of the military this memorial day weekend. taking a look at some memorial day events. camden county free holder board will hold the annual ceremony tomorrow morning at the county's veterans cemetery in camden.
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this morning they will honor 10 world war ii veterans with a special recognition medal.
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this holiday weekend camel beach
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mountain water park will offer free admission to military members and veterans as a thank you for their service. it runs tomorrow sunday and monday for active duty personnel, veterans and their families. speaking of the water park this will be the first holiday weekend for camel beaches new aukqua aquatopia. it gives people something to do if the sun doesn't shine. >> the weather isn't going to be that great this weekend so we figured we'd try something, something new. >> holiday retreats like evergreen lake and campground in northampton county say they are nearly sold out for this weekend. in the lehigh valley active military personnel and veterans can enjoy free admission to dorney park. all you need is valid i.d. they can also get in free over
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the july 4th weekend. hats will fly in annapolis. 1,000 midshipmen will be commissioned. in a long standing tradition, they'll toss the hats into the air as they graduate from the academy. vice president joe biden will speak to graduates there. also today, president obama will be speaking at a celebration in washington d.c. in honor of jewish american heritage month. that celebrates the contributions of jewish americans. this is from five years ago when he held this at the white house. here's an update on the growing controversy over standardized tests in new jersey. next year students in that state will spend less time taking the parcc test. students will take them once a year instead of twice a year. the parcc exam is designed to measure progress in math and english. in philadelphia they rallied outside the school reform to show support for school nurses.
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the district is looking at replacing 183 up onniezed nurses. the teacher's union calls this a band aid solution. now a recall about something you may have inside your home. officials say this dimmer switch could actually shock you. it's the vivnt remotec plus-in dimmer. you can dim it with a remote controller or smart device. if you need a replacement go to "nbc 10" app and click the link there. listen to this one state wants to start taxing drivers based on how much they drive. oregon is launching a test program in july. here's how it works. the state will stop charging gas tax. instead, it will track how far you drive and charge a penny and a half per mile on public roads. this is expected to raise more money for the state as people switch for more fuel efficient cars. one of pennsylvania's larger
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insurance companies plan to have a new adjuster, the drone. erie insurance will use this for a steep roof or at the scene of a fire. the company says it's still testing the technology. 5:18 and 53 degrees outside. if you're heading out, let's check the roads for you. >> katy zachry is watching the cameras. any problems popping up yet? >> yeah not quite yet. i've been watching the shore cameras primarily, new jersey and delaware. things looking really good if you're headed to each of those beaches later today. volume on our majors is not really considerable at this time. drive times on the northeast extension. if you're headed to the poconos or somewhere cooler between quaker town and pennsylvania turnpike will take you 20 minutes to do that stretch. moving into new jersey your drive times on the 42 freeway or 295 looking good.
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some of the overnight construction will clear. right now if you're headed to the shore, lewis beach, route 1 and route 9, not seeing a lot of traffic. if you can get up and out the door, now is a good time to do it. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting ready for a beautiful day today. the rain clouds well, see for yourself, they are out of here. this is a live view from the lowe's hotel. besides getting a workout, the wind is blowing. it's 8 miles an hour at the airport. 53 degrees. we'll be climbing into the 70s this afternoon. along with the warmup we have wind. a few puddles on beach avenue after the rain from yesterday. sunshine is going to be bright and will warm temperatures up coming down at this hour. 49 in wilmington 48 in toms river. doylestown is 48 degrees and at the shore it's in the 50ed for cape may.
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53 degrees right now. cape may courthouse is 49 degrees. ocean city is at 50 degrees this morning. in the upper 40s for mullica township. atlantic city is 53 degrees. still a few scattered clouds off shore. those clouds that brought us the rain will be completely out of the picture for today and for most of the holiday weekend, too. stand by. get the sunglasses ready. 70s this afternoon. definitely breezy this morning with stronger gusts later today. possibly up to 30 miles an hour. got some weekend plans at the coast line, the shore. the temperatures will warm into the upper 60s for saturday and sunday. much warmer day on monday with partly sunny skies, winds out of the south to 10 miles an hour. inland tomorrow morning 48 degrees. with sunshine 71 degrees. here comes the warmup. saturday, 81 degrees and i just changed memorial day monday.
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it's 88 degrees but no sign of any showers. i pulled the chance of showers out for monday. now it looks like it's going to hold off until wednesday but with that chance of storms is going to come potential heat wave with temperatures in the 90s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. bill, 5:21. we're following breaking news right now out of the juniata neighborhood of philadelphia. there was a fire at a cancer center there. "nbc 10's" me knowing "nbc 10's" monique braxton arrived on scene. >> reporter: the commander told us they were called here to the cancer centers of america because there was a fire in the kitchen. he says they were able to quickly extinguish the blaze. the fire marshall has just arrived on scene. i did reach out to him but he is inside that kitchen which is here on the first floor investigating. i was also told by the chief that at no point were any of the about 100 or so patients here in
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any danger but right now you see that there's still a ladder truck, two fire vehicles as well as an ambulance just in case anyone did become ill or overcome with smoke or something of that nature. for now firefighters tell us they're about to clear the scene from the cancer center of america. small fire in the kitchen. we all know he was caught on camera punching his fiance in an elevator. this morning we have new information about the domestic violence charges against ray rice. it may look harmful enough. this is a plant killing machine. and if we go on throughout the morning, we continue to highlight memorial day events in the area. on sunday the washington crossing historic park is
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holding a service at the grave site of the continental soldiers. the ceremony will include fyfe drum core revolutionary war reenactors and colonial color guard.
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. 5:25 and 53 degrees. clear skies. temperatures are still falling
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at this hour. we're getting closer and closer to sunrise. we will see sunshine today. katy zachry is in the first alert traffic center. what's going on out there, katy? >> good morning, bill. 76 around girard avenue is free and clear of any problems. traffic is moving pretty smoothly. that's the same situation for things on 95. how does your route to the shore, either new jersey or delaware beaches look? i'll have that coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live on the atlantic city boardwalk. still a little cool and damp out here on the boards this morning. it's memorial day weekend upon us. coming up after the break, how residents and workers are looking forward to the summer season.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. that breaking news takes us to a fire at a cancer treatment center in philadelphia. the situation is under control now as we see a fire truck leaving the scene, but the investigators still don't know how this one started. a live report ahead. getting set for summer. the memorial day weekend is here. you can count on "nbc 10" for everything you need to know. we're monitoring the roads and checking on what's happening at some of the most popular holiday destinations. just about 5:30. 53 degrees outside. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. no matter what you have planned, the first alert forecast is your
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key this weekend. we have changes coming. live look outside. the wind is blowing the flags on top of the aramark building. roller coaster is the theme. roller coaster in the forecast as well. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his friday morning forecast. bill? >> chris, the rain we had yesterday is gone. we'll see lots of sunshine. healthy breeze too. 53 degrees in the city. much of the rest of the area is chilly. still see clouds off shore at cape may. rain is done for our area. 10 minutes away from sunrise. 48 in trenton writes town. the wind will be stronger this afternoon. we'll feel it this morning. 10:00 this morning, 12-mile-an-hour breeze with strong gusts and into the low


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