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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, the unofficial start to summer is here but it doesn't exactly feel like it just yet. t that's not stopping folks from celebrating memorial day weekend. whether at the shore or philadelphia. and some kicked off the holiday weekend at the franklin flee market. where some little ones played in the water and shopped for antiques jewelry and handmade
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goods. good evening. tonight, we have your memorial day weekend team coverage. we begin with nbc 10's molg and this holiday weekend is off to a cold start. tell us what to expect the rest of the weekend. >> today, our temperatures stayed below average. 70 degrees in philadelphia. still in the high 60s in pottstown. along the shore, we're in the mid-60s, but our wind direction is starting to shift. it was coming out of the west and now, we're going to see these wind speeds moving in from the southwest and that's going to give us warmer temperatures throughout the rest of your weekend. tonight, out by 8:00 66 degrees by 11:00 p.m. for the rest of the weekend, sunday 81 degrees. warmer than what we've seen today. monday even warmer than that. close to 90 degrees for the city. if you plan to go to the shore, your pocono forecast and the
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possibility of a heat wave. that's coming up in my seven-day forecast. >> and many are spending their holiday weekend at the shore. if you haven't made the trip down just yet, the atlantic city expressway in winslow, you can see it is clear out there, no traffic problems. drew smith made the drive to ocean city this morning and joins us live there. tell us how people are celebrating at the shore. >> well people mainly celebrating up on the board walk right now. this is where people are grabbing food or going into the stores maybe to buy a sweatshirt because it's a little chilly with the wind, but the sun is shining. we're going to show you where the beach is. this is where it's less popular. there were some people going into the water, maybe sticking their toes in there, but a woman just came up and said it's ice cold in the water. this is a tradition for a lot of people. they come down to the shore during memorial day weekend, saying good riddance to winter. we checked into several businesses as well many of
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which just opened up for the season. they're already doing well with sales today. they say this weekend really set the tone for the whole summer season. >> yeah so this is our big weekend. they've called for perfect weather. we have it. there's not a cloud in the sky. there's a ton of people here. great weekend so far. >> and people will certainly be back. maybe to hit the beach tomorrow and through monday as it gets a little warmer and tonight here in ocean city there are some events concerts as well as some people checking out all the attractions on the board walk for the first time this year. people are really excited about the summer. live in ocean city i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> a lot of veterans have called the battleship new jersey home over the years and today, it is celebrating 72 years of history. ♪ the u.s.s. new jersey was commissioned into the navy 72
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years ago. it saw combat in world war ii korea and vietnam. former airmen and others came back today to remember the historic moment. a ceremony ended with a wreath being thrown into the delaware to honor former crew members who died. ♪ another salute to our fighting men and women. in camden county five world war ii veterans from cherry hill were among a group honored during the annual memorial day ceremony. it was held at the veteran's cemetery. they were given pedmedals for their service and sacrifice. memorial day can be a tough time for a family member still coping with the death of loved ones. monique braxton spoke with a new jersey woman who's carrying out her fiance's legacy. >> he was a fun natured, easy going, patient person who just loved to be outdoors and enjoy
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the moment. be around his friends, be around his family and i remember him as a man who loved his country more than anything. >> on this memorial day weekend amanda charny looks at a scrapbook while reflecting on her deceased fiance. for six year, she has kissed his photo daily. he died in combat in afghanistan during operation enduring freedom. >> he was impacted by 9/11 and it hit him hard. that's why he just stepped up and said, it's my turn. >> she took us to this bench under a tree where they would often come and take pictures. knowing how valuable moments like these are to military families. given the month sometimes years of separation when a loved one is in harm's way. >> the day he left i remember giving him a kiss good-bye and i was crying.
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he said, i'll be back, tas little vacation. six months. >> but smalls didn't make it back alive. in his memory charny a speech pathologist, has started a foundation called small steps in speech. it raises money for children with communications disabilities but this weekend, she's asking people to remember american heroes. >> there's something going on in every single town. if you can bring out your american flag, put it on your front step go and take a few moments and reflect the sacrifices these men and women have made. >> she says each memorial day weekend gets easier. she credits her faith and time in this special place they once called theirs. >> and no matter where you're observing the holiday, the nbc 10 news app has a list of memorial day weekend events happening near you. with the app, you can also keep an eye on the weather by looking at the first alert forecast.
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developing in cleveland, protests are remaining peaceful after a white police officer was acquitted after kill ging two unarmed black drivers in 2012. he was found not guilty today. a judge said he could not determine whether an officer was the only one who fired a fatal shot. protesters are not happy. >> it's a miscarriage of justice. it's terrible. no wonder the people in the city of cleveland don't trust the justice system. don't trust the police. when it comes to these cases. >> timothy russell and melissa williams were killed during a police chase that turned out to be a misunderstanding. officers thought they were being fired upon when the couple's car backfired outside the police station. the officer jumped on to the hood of the car and fired 15 times into the windshield after police had the couple cornered.
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new at 6:00 memorial day is no holiday for criminals. police in glouster township hope you can help identify this bank robber. he hit the pnc on the black horse pike this morning. after getting away with cash he took off running. he was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt blue jeans and smeek sneakers. flumes of black smoke caused a scare today. take a look at these pictures of a fire off lincoln highway. officials say the smoke and flames were from trash burning behind a business. firefighters are investigating, but don't believe the fire is suspicious. investigators are looking into a suspicious house fire in south philadelphia overnight. nbc 10 at the scene on jackson street. arson investigateors took picture pictures of the evidence.
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arson dogs also searched through the damage for clues. officials say the house was under construction. and investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a point breeze apartment early this morning. as flames started on the second floor of the building on south broad street. no one was hurt. still ahead, a soldier's surprise. we'll sheeow you the emotional reunion between a father in the army and his young daughter just in time for the holiday weekend. history is made akroz cross the pond as same sex marriage is legalized in ireland.
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daddy! >> a soldier's surprise for a third grader in northeast philadelphia.
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flight operations specialist trent shoemaker showed up yesterday to surprise his daughter. the t-year-old girl only gets to see her father every two to three months because of his work and army duties based in jacksonville, florida. he has severed in the army for more than 20 years with three deployments. hear more about the surprise tonight at 11:00. coming up, a battle is brewing over the police department. we'll tell you why the city's filgting back. and it's a cool start to the memorial day weekend. warmer weather into sunday and into monday i'll let you know the details coming up in my full forecast.
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cheers in ireland as history is made. same sex marriage is now legal
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there. the vote was a landslide. the measure passed with a 62% majority and ireland becomes the first nation in world to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry through a popular vote. >> it's been a very emotional journey for many people who have been campaigning on this. a huge amount of personal stories have been told around the country and on the air waves and go back after this. >> voters young and old accounted for one of the highest turnouts in a ref renerendum in decades. back here at home, the city of cape may wants the county prosecutor to e( press in atlantic city said todd gellesen asked a person to remove a person asked to monitor the city's police force. robert taylor says the monitor was there to ensure the integrity of a county investigation. a judge is expected to make a ruling soon. you know about first aid, but would you know what to do if
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someone has a panic attack or other mental health issue? today, these people learned how to administer mental health first aid. >> mental health and encouraging people to approach someone if they have a mental health concern. >> that was a part of a series of four trainings offered by the city of philadelphia. philadelphia and d.c. are the first major metropolitian areas in the u.s. to implement the program on a large scale. from our delaware news bureau a controversial surgical downgrade at a wilmington veterans affairs hospital has reversed. according to the news journal, interimmediate surgeries like chest bopsies and shoulder reconstructions will be conducted again this fall after enough specialists are hired. the hospital stopped these procedures last year after a downgrade of surgical capability. now, this forced many patients to go to the philadelphia hospital instead. it started in 1979 a small
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art exhibit and today, the may fair stretched more than a mile long along kaden avenue. there was art, music and activities for young and old alike. more than 50,000 people were expected to check out the attractions this year. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. s we head temperatures will stay on the mild but comfortable side. we'll continue to warm up into sunday. definitely into monday and we're tracking our first 90 degree day and a possibility of a heat wave. philadelphia, plenty of sunshine. wind speeds out of the southwest at 11 miles per hour, so we're going to start the see warmer air coming up. right now, 69 degrees, atlantic city at the airport but again, plenty of sunshine.
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barely any clouds on our satellite radar, but for now, temperatures are at 60 degrees in poconos 64 in wild wood 69 in dover. satellite radar shows quiet conditions. barely any clouds here. we can't even make any out there. well off to the west. and into the west, all the cool air is going to retreat to the north. we have mild air now and warm air is going to continue coming up into the south. tuesday, wednesday, into next week lingering into the rest of the week we're going to see hot air, so our temperatures are going to push close to 90 degrees, we are going to track the possibility of a heat wave. our average for this time of year is 76 degrees. instead as we head into the tomorrow, 81 degrees. by monday, 89 degrees. close to 90. which could put us closer to hitting 90 dedegrees on tuesday.
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73 degrees and nice. warmer into monday with a high of 80 degrees. if you plan on heading down the shore, we will see temperatures at 70 degrees on monday. 70 degrees on sunday 74 degrees and warmer than sunday as we push into monday. so, monday's really going to be warm throughout our entire region. a lot cooler than what we'll see close to the city. mostly clear tonight. temperatures drop down to 52 degrees for philadelphia. 43 for suburbs to the north and west. tomorrow, our rain is much warmer than what we taught. today's high 70 degrees. tomorrow will range between 79 and 82 so mostly sunny, 81. by monday, 89 degrees. very warm by tuesday. that's when we track our first 90 degree day. it's questionable if we're going to hit 90. right now, we're going going with the lower numbers, but if we do, we could have a heat wave on our hands. and then we'll track a chance of showers thursday and friday. thanks. coming up the phillies put a hurting on one of baseball's best pitchers. we'll have the highlights and
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franco talks about how the phillies are much different than last season. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available
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time to check in with peter alexander for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> thank you. good memorial day weekend to you. coming up, protests in cleveland after a jury acquits a police officer in the shooting death of two unarmed motorists. plus, parts of texas bracing for dangerous flooding as more heavy rain moves in and reaction to the historic yes vote in ireland on same-sex marriage and for children dealing with serious illnesses finally tonight, the healing power of robots. we'll have it all here on "nbc nightly news". back to you. >> thanks, peter.
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we saw the beautiful forecast and with memorial day weekend, let's have a little baseball to go with it. phillies the first part of the weekend taking on the nates. cole hamels and steven strausburg have at it. third inning. 1-0. howard doubles it to right. franco's bat does the talking. a two-run homer. 4-0 phillies. cole hamels cruising like smokey robin robinson. a solo shot. tenth of the season. 7-0, fills and they lose 8-0 in the eight inning.
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cole hamels still on the mound. it's been just over a week since the phillies called up franco. a move the phillies hope signifies the future. while he was called up last september, this is his first taste of playing every day. >> so far, so good, you know. now is better, just another level. try to come here and try to compete. try to do something to earn my team and having a good time right now. >> having a good time is always a good thing. do you feel like this chance that you're having now, this opportunity this year is any different than the chance you had last year in september? >> i mean, it's way different this year because when i, the first day when i come in, i just play. and i just got like within a half and i play every day. you know what i mean? and just right now is the opportunity that made me more good more comfortable and just
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try to come in, just take the opportunity. and try to play the right thing and just try to come in and join the game and have fun. >> let's jump in the way back machine. this is 24 years ago today, former fight and now analyst tommy green threw a no-hitter against the expos at olympic stadium. the eighth in franchise history. bad news for the mets meanwhile. david wright shut down indefinitely with lower back issues according to the team wright has been diagnosed with stenosis the same injury that forced lenny dykstra into requirement. nba playoffs continue tonight with game three between the warriors and rockets. bad move for the hawks. not only are they down 2-0 to lebron, but kyle coverer is out of the playoffs with a high
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ankle sprain. in nhl, the western conference continues tonight in chicago. the ducks lead the blackhawks two games to one. you can catch it on nbc sports network at 8:00. parking lots around the sports complex were all abuzz, but not for the usual reasons. this was a lacrosse crowd in town. semifinal, denver, notre dame. wesley byrd, look at this goal. how you doing? back haned over the shoulder. bounces it to the keeper. incredible. denver up 10-6. this will go to overtime. byrd again makes the irish unlucky. denver advances to the championship monday, winning 11-10. they'll play the winner of maryland and johns hopkins. going at it right now. we'll have highlights at 11:00. back to you. some attractions in our area are saying thank you to military
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members and veterans this hol kay weekend. camel beach mountain waterpark is offering those service personnel and their families today, tomorrow and monday. all you need to get in is your military valid id. members can also get in free to wild water kingdom through monday. the same offer applies over the july 4th holiday weekend. be nice to go into the pool. a little chilly today. sunshine but a little cool. >> cooler start. we saw temperatures stay inging at 70 degrees, but we are going to see a big change tomorrow. temperatures will push back into the 80s. that's above our average, which is 76 degrees for this time of year then we warm up more than that into monday on memorial day. close to 90 degrees, we should hit our first 90 on tuesday. hot conditions expected and once they start, they're pretty much going to stick around the rest of the week, so we're track inging
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the possibility of a heat wave next week and a chance of storms thursday. >> what a gorgeous holiday weekend. >> nice little warm up. we're going to ease into the warmer temperatures by monday. >> thanks. that's nbc 10 news for now. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, not guilty. the verdict for a cleveland police officer in the shooting death of two unarmed motorists and protestors take to the streets once again. high anxiety after weeks of rain rising rivers threaten record flooding forcing thousands to prepare for the worst. >> historic vote as the irish say yes to same sex marriage running for inclusion in a land where tradition runs deep. >> the bomber led attacks in london and was tied to a u.s. soldier in iraq. >> and terror from the deep. yes, the sharks are back on this memorial day weekend. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt substituting


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