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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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welcome to the overtime intermission report, powered by subway. eat fresh. >> it's the subway o.t. intermission report. alongside mike milbury and keith jones, i'm kathryn tappen. we're headed to overtime in chicago in game number four. let's show you how we got to this point. first period of play in this game. it started 47 seconds left to play in the period with anaheim on the power play. brandon saad, off he goes on the
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shorthanded break-away for goal number four of the postseason. and the 1-0 hawks lead. >> great play by saad. eddie olczyk was showing us. kesler diving and trying to knock the puck away. and there's saad to lift the stick of kesler and bury it past andersen. 1-0, chicago. >> it would stay that way through most of the second period. with 1:46 left to play kyle palmieri takes the initial shot. off emerson etem who gets credit for the third. >> that was a great play. etem had caused some problems for hjalmarsson on the clear. he got in front of the redirection. we had ourselves a tie game. >> it was a low-scoring game at that point. what happened? >> we were wondering going into the third period if there would be lineup changes. and bruce boudreau made some switches. we didn't know if there would be a match-up between toews and kesler again. it started out that way. it didn't end that way. but what happened during the third period will go down as
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part of hockey. >> third period still a tie game here. and brandon saad kicks it to marian hossa, with an unbelievable play. hossa takes the shot. toews gets the rebound. and puts it in for a 2-1 hawks lead. >> at this point, joel quenneville going toews versus kesler. and toews wins the battle. great patience there. under the glove of andersen. >> with 12:22 left to play brandon saad gets his third point of the night. because brent seabrook with the slap shot makes it a two-goal lead for the hawks. >> you'll notice that toews is on the ice. and there's no kesler. that may be the first time all night that's happened. hawks take advantage. but not so fast. because kesler goes on the ice without toews on the ensuing shift. and, bang it's in the back of the net. who gets the goal? kesler. >> great pass to. >> four seconds later. you can neutralize them. 23 seconds after that, matt beleskey gets his sixth of the playoffs. that tied the game at 3-3.
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>> one of boudreau's moves. he moves beleskey to the fourth line. juggled things. a goal by beleskey. we have a 3-3 game and time-out for joel quenneville. >> joel quenneville, not happy. and 14 seconds after that time-out corey perry puts in his ninth. 3 goals in 37 seconds. >> a heavy fore-check by the anaheim ducks. and corey perry is where he usually is around the front of the goal. a huge goal for him. >> patrick kane with his ninth of the playoffs on the power play ties this game. >> just dips it toward the net. off the leg of andersen and squeaks through. the skill players coming to the forefront in the third period. >> at the end of regulation 3 goals on 13 shots in the third period. for the ducks. a 3-0 overtime record this season for the chicago blackhawks. something has to give. mike you said it. we probably just watched history for this game. >> it was. what makes this sport so special is the changes in momentum. the changes in scoring
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opportunities. what was a brilliantly played defensive game broke open because skill players were able to do it. >> so unpredictable what happened there. both coaches use their time-outs. and both teams score right away against them after they try to slow the game down. the skill guys were phenomenal in that period. perry comes through with his big goal. and patrick kane responds. anaheim out of nowhere with the three, quick goals. coaches making line juggling moves that pay dividends. getting kesler and toews away from each other. we saw some great hockey. >> a touchdown of goals in a span of 1:10. neither team able to get the extra point. we're headed to overtime at the united center in game number four. ♪ every pitcher has a different routine. before i pitch, i hit subway for my go-to. have for years. fresh-made turkey & cheese on 9-grain wheat, with jalapeños, mustard, and a little bit of vinegar... followed by a steady diet of fastballs. ♪
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the stanley cup playoffs on nbc are brought to you by subway. discover the new subway chipotle chicken melt with guacamole. >> it was 1-1 after two. we saw six goals in the third for the first time this postseason. we're headed to overtime tied at 4-4. so much has been made of the chicago blackhawks skating four defensemen in this series. any signs of fatigue? >> some from niklas hjalmarsson. that's unusual. this is a highly competitive defenseman. he's had a tough night, though. when you're tired, you're not looking around the entire rink. here, he doesn't notice perry
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sneaking in. he gets a prime chance right here. hjalmarsson here. he does not recognize emerson etem down the wall. fires the puck up when he panics with it. another unusual play from hjalmarsson that ends up in the back of the net. kyle palmieri scores on that opportunity. he loses the puck on the wall. but stays competitive, as always. >> absolutely. he's had some tough moments tonight. i've seen him in previous games. he finds a way to bounce back. this is a really good hockey player. for the hawks, he has to be back 100%. and look at the salvage right there that he makes at the end of the game. we'll see how that works out. >> what does joel quenneville do with his match-ups going into o.t.? >> that's the million-dollar question. the next goal wins. does he stick with the match-up kesler versus toews? or do what he did in the third and open it up and all hell broke loose? >> both goaltenders have to be wondering in the back of their head there's. that was a barrage of goal
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scoring. one goalie has to make a huge save to win it for his team. >> so much to look forward to in chicago. patrick kane ties the game in the third period on the power play. six goals in ten minutes. we'll hear from the guys have to say at united center with the o.t. call next.
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>> mike: the tradition of playoff beards. you will see a lot of bearded faces. it's never wise to try to talk over the horn. as the teams arrive for sudden death overtime. who will the hero be?
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brent seabrook said this morning, this is fun. going to o.t. it seems tense if you're a fan of either team. even in some cases, if you're not a fan of either team but you just enjoy it. get so engrossed in these overtime playoff games. here we are. matt beleskey has played for teams like the iowa the norville nationals. he's in the big show now. he earned his way. and he got one of the eight goals so far. so, we begin. duncan keith will go back to get this one. out there with hjalmarsson. miss fired completely. but rescued by saad. dropped off by hossa. lifted along by toews. and gloved down by fowler. rifled ahead, would not work for
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silfverberg. and then he is able to flag down that pass from keith. spirit it back out. hossa. and fresh from the bench, is vatanen. and hossa was denied. the follow-up and more. and fire wagon changes. >> pierre: shaky changes, doc. >> mike: the period of the long change. saad, and desjardins, the backhander. that was cleared by andersen. and it is seabrook outmanned that time by maroon. and maroon slots it back in and wide. johnny oduya, able to pull away from perry to take the puck. plays ahead for desjardins. marches on. drops it back in. lindholm, able to get that. sealed up by shaw. shaw came up with the puck. around, now. and in front to desjardins. and couldn't shove it home. lindholm got there. around behind, it's battled for by kruger. away desjardins. beauchemin saw it squirt on
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through. lindholm, might be a three-on-two. he hands it up the wing to maroon. maroon, a shot. and that was past the shoulder of crawford. ricochetted to center. a take on by richards. richards had it nearby. tried to drop it through. now, fowler gets started back up for the ducks. gains the zone. drops it back in. back along for hjalmarsson. and he's able to nudge on for richards. nicely carried on by kane. kane pivots to the outside. drops it back. here's richards. dropping it back over to kane once more. kane tried to throw one ricochetted off. battled for it. a pass in front from richardson. follow-up, and a nice turn by despres. tied it back off. settled down by palmieri. and palmieri skips one on that cumiskey will go back to get. it's turned back. over around for a jam play that would not work in the side of the net by palmieri.
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on cogliano. that ricochetted loose. hustling is oduya. he went heavily into the boards. popped back to the point. held there and vatanen fires. that is blocked in front. back off by stoner. cogliano. crawford. and he steers it ahead. >> eddie: beautiful redirect by palmieri. >> mike: teravainen brought back in by vermette. teravainen there. ricochetted off stoner. jammed back along. and teravainen tried to play to the front. could not. moving back up with it is etem. emerson etem. through one. off of crawford. sent away. and eventually protected by seabrook. handed ahead for a play to be made for toews. it goes by him. no niceicing on this play. it can't be played further by lindholm. back to center. it came free for seabrook. and back across to duncan keith. to the red line, gets a pass across. and fired for hossa. around behind to play it for the ducks' defense. guided it ahead. bounced on further.
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sekac, able to play it back to the corner. and on the bounce, it is seabrook, to play it for the blackhawks. seabrook, to hossa. gains the zone. surrounded by ducks. taken by patrick maroon. and he spun around by kruger. failed to play it as far as keith. blacked by despres. shaw turns to the outside. axel rays. shaw kept going. punched it on back for hjalmarsson. and the shot is knocked down and play aid long and out again by ryan getzlaf. >> eddie: shot that right out of the wrist in the own zone. >> pierre: that was surfing the glass right there. wow. >> eddie: nonstop action opportunities. cogliano, the redirect by palmieri. and a good stop there by corey crawford. >> pierre: and bruce boudreau switched his lines out.
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cogliano out with thompson and palmieri palmieri. beleskey out with kesler and silfverberg to start overtime. >> mike: 18th overtime in this 2015 postseason. the only six-goal third period of the 2015 playoffs the shots in this overtime. 3-0, ducks. stoner leads. vatanen takes. connects back with stoner. taken by cumiskey. brought on by kane. twirls and delays. kane fed one over. oduya's shot. and that's wide. and a good try that came from andersen. and cogliano hustles ahead. looked over his options. got it back. stoner, a shot. getting a piece of that. sent back along. and battled for behind. taken by thompson. tried to chop one. that bounced off the tight check of richards. now, kane. back up the wing to bickell. tried to play it further.
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lindholm put it back in. seabrook after that one. fed back up the boards. and outletted to center by sharp. lindholm gets it across. sent by despres. it is duncan keith. pretty good pursuit by etem. it is seabrook connecting on now. and flying on back up with it is teravainen. trickled back in. and went to get it. pivoting away is cam fowler. off the boards but not out. tangled up. kept for the moment by saad. peeled off to the outside. can be played around again. meanwhile, it's a two aside battle. vermette could not get to the front. popped up high off of sharp. and eventually settled down by rakell. rakell, for the ducks, tried to clear. has to double back and get some help. 5:40 played. the first sudden death overtime period.
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floated back along and chopped in by silfverberg. away by corey crawford in goal. >> pierre: risky changes by both teams here in overtime. >> mike: saad gets that one in. swing and a miss by beauchemin. recovered and up to beleskey. and on to kesler. kesler watched by oduya. a save by crawford. rebound skated down by saad. a lot of traffic. got it on for hjalmarsson. a very strong shaw and crawford, quick to that one. long toss ahead. cut off by hjalmarsson. and the teams continue to change. off of saad. falling was beleskey. carried on by perry up the wing. and his shot is steered away by duncan keith. >> pierre: ryan kesler's working one-on-one with johnny oduya. corey crawford fights it off. >> eddie: an opportunity. four-on-three. and clayton stoner takes a big slapper. crawford with a good blocker, save. >> pierre: what a pass by kane
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to oduya. he tries to go shortside. andersen, aggressive. little off the angle. >> mike: overtime scoring chances, 4-1, in favor of the ducks. maroon to getzlaf. fed one in front. and comes off and started back up by duncan keith. alternate captain. rattles it back in. hoping for shaw. taken by getzlaf. came back on further. and getting set up after being knocked down was kruger after he played it along. desjardins. worked on there by clayton stoner. looking for help. got come from shaw. he couldn't get it to the point. instead, it is dragged back out. and shaw rams into perry. dragged on by getzlaf. back to stoner. a shot. and a save made through a screen by crawford. and on up to center. might be a two-on-one. toews with richards. toews, the backhander.
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it is perry, while staggering. gave it up to oduya. oduya, tried to shake it on in. second effort, could not. cogliano brings it back. bickell got in his way so that cumiskey could play. carried up by johnny oduya. from the checkered line. rattled back in. the probing in overtime continues. that came out in front. will be gotten to by the dpungs and marched back up-ice. beauchemin with a drive. stick save. and hanging on. it almost coughed free behind crawford. the operative word is almost. right back to center, as the crowd is still buzzing from that. cogliano with it. holds and shoots one. that's in the mesh out of play. >> eddie: beauchemin with the shot. corey crawford not sure where the puck is.
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it comes ss under his arm. he almost kicks that puck in the net. and people coming to the front. sticks, skates. >> pierre: what's your adage? shot on goal. >> eddie: never a bad play. >> mike: you have no goaltending, you have no shot. >> eddie: palmieri going to the front of the net. how close was that? and the chance for kane. coming down the left wing boards. gets to the right. get to the middle. take a backhand and air-mail it up and over. freddie andersen. >> mike: the ice repair is near crawford. they get a breather. and both teams have taken their time-out. 12:01 left in the first overtime period.
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>> eddie: have the mandatory ice maintenance, the first whistle after the ten-minute mark if we get that far. a good, little breather for both teams here. >> mike: timonen, walled off by etem etem. timonen, close quarters. stepping along to take this is saad. sailed it back out, high. can be played back further. and sent back up by fowler. and then back in. >> eddie: first shift of overtime for kimmo timonen. >> mike: great glove on that pass. now, timonen gets it on to vermette who drops it back. >> pierre: he has gotten off the ice. >> mike: seabrook back ahead. up the wing for sharp. bounced back in. and it's fowler. fowler and sharp back for it once more. shoveled back ahead. but stepping back quickly to get it is teravainen.
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slided it around behind. hjalmarsson. it comes back to center, where it's kicked along in traffic by toews. played back by saad to hjalmarsson and across. getting close to the halfway point of the first overtime period. carried back on by hjalmarsson. and carefully played back in. lindholm to get it there. challenged by saad. it's up now to perry who can step back up. beauchemin. beleskey, a shot into the glove of crawford. >> eddie: third or fourth time a duck defenseman is jumping into the play. >> pierre: it's easier to do as you've been talking about. doc's been talking about. when you have six defensemen. the hawks don't have six. it's a little harder for them to elevate their defensemen into the play.
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>> eddie: yeah. something we touched on early in this game. blackhawks have pretty much been playing 4 1/2 defensemen this whole series to this point. and don't forget that triple-overtime game. now, in overtime number one in game four. >> mike: shots are 10-0 ducks. and a shot by cogliano was blocked. carried up by kruger. guided across to desjardins. desjardins with a shot that went wide. came back. shot, and a save is made. my goodness. what a crazy bounce that time. it's back to seabrook. that shot is cut off in front. given back up again by thompson. kruger to the back. oduya waiting. and oduya, ricochetted across. can't get it through. and it's kicked wide. a penalty coming up against the ducks. >> pierre: sami vatanen is going to get it for holding on andrew shaw. >> eddie: we saw shaw head one in game two, the triple-overtime. does he kick this one after he gets this chance? there's the penalty in front.
11:28 pm
watch shaw. right there. yeah. he kicks that last opportunity. andersen with a huge -- a couple of huge saves. shaw had a chance right before that. now, a power play for the blackhawks. >> mike: 22,000 paid the price of admission. no one needs to tell them to stand and cheer right now. despres. bothered by shaw. he skitters it back down. >> eddie: see the blackhawks run a couple different power plays. a shooting power play up near the front. and work plays down low. game-tying goals by kane was one of those plays. >> mike: here's richards. trying to get by. down to the ice he goes. meanwhile, it's whacked along by kesler. and held in by kane. kane protects it pretty well. and then sent it off for shaw. couldn't get it there. and shoved back by fowler.
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but kept by keith. along for the play to richards. kane once more. kane, a drive. and that's blocked back up high and out of play. >> eddie: good shot block by simon despres. >> pierre: they got spread out. duncan keith is wide-open up high. >> eddie: what that does, the ducks have to respect the shot. and maybe down the road you're able to make those types of plays that pierre is talking about. >> mike: past the halfway point of overtime number one. the tie score is 4-4.


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