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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it feels good to have a beautiful mind but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart. >> he was a princeton university professor who became a household name thanks the an oscar winning movie. now the school, the science world and hollywood are mourning the loss of john nash. nash and his wife alicia were killed when the taxi crashed on the nnlg nn turnpike. it happened last night in middlesex county. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us. he was known worldwide for his research. >> reporter: exactly. and the man who won the nobel
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prize for his work in game theory using advanced mathematics to predict the probability of something succeeding or failing lived in a modest home, being guarded now by police. ♪ for much of his life john nash's mind was trying to conquer ugly delusions this people in government were out to get him. saturday afternoon, the brilliant math scholar was in a cab with his wife alicia when police say the driver lost control passing another vehicle on the new jersey turnpike. >> looked like there were several cars involved so yellow car, looked like a distinct taxi color. >> reporter: the 86-year-old nash was returning from newark airport after receiving an award in norway. on his street john nash's neighbors mourned his loss. >> just very sad.
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we'll have a sad neighborhood for quite a while. >> to find a truly original idea. >> reporter: his struggles were chronicled in "a beautiful mind." he called nash and his wife beautiful minds, beautiful hearts. and the spokesperson for princeton university tells me nothing formal is planned as of yet for john nash but could be plans released in the coming days. live in princeton junction nbc 10 news. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and over the next few days we're going to see some very summer-like weather. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here and we have seen a big jump in the temperatures today. >> that's right. yesterday in the low 70s. now heading into the rest of today, the temperatures in the low 80s. that's about a 11-degree
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difference between yesterday and today and we'll see even warmer conditions as we head into tomorrow. currently in the poconos, 74 degrees. 81 in allentown. 79 in pottstown. dover 80 degrees. still dealing with an onshore flow and hanging out down the shore, temperatures are cooler. only 69 degrees in atlantic city. 70 degrees in wildwood. and over the next eight hours, we are going to still see mild conditions in the city. temperatures at 68 degrees. 65 by 2:00 a.m. and our average for this time of year 77. heading into tomorrow 88 degrees. tracking more changes in the 7-day forecast coming up. those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country were honored with a memorial day ma raid and parade and service today in philadelphia. traditional decoration day service was held at laurel hill cemetery in fairmont park this afternoon. enough money was raised to honor
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a civil war veteran. it's where the first onbservance was held in 1868. on the eve of memorial day, a veteran wants to make sure there's a permanent reminder of the sacrifice his fellow soldiers made. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joining us live with his story. randy? >> reporter: he wants to make a permanent memorial here to honor the 19,000 american soldiers who died fighting in the battle of the bulge. in a city known for its love of history, you'll find war memorials honoring the dead across philadelphia but there is one battle. >> it was a surprise attack. >> reporter: the biggest and bloodiest for allies in world war ii. >> this was hit rer's last hoorah. >> reporter: whose memories kept alive not by granite and stone but those who survived and made it home. >> there's not a day that
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doesn't go by that i don't think of this battle. >> reporter: this army colonel was injured and captured. >> i was 18 at the time just turned 18. we were kicking those germans off left and right. >> reporter: 70 years later, he is leading the effort for a permanent monument in philadelphia. >> this will be one of the slabs of the monument. >> reporter: a structure in washington square park but they have gotten some pushback. since this section of the city is devoted to the revolutionary war. and they need approval from the feds and plus at least $100,000. >> they should remember the sacrifices that these guys put up their first baptism by fire of going into battle. >> reporter: but stanley says the real battle here is against the clock. many veterans are passing on. >> time is running out for a good many of them. >> reporter: hoping to leave a lasting legacy of the cold winter fight that turned the tide against hitler.
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and they tell me that philadelphia's one of the only major cities without one of these memorials in place and the group of veterans hoping to meet with elected leaders to discuss the plans. i did just hear back from congressman bob brady's office telling me he's hoping to learn more about this proposal. live in washington square park randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. >> also at valley forge national historic park. a reenactor showed a group how to load and fire a black powder rifle and the park will also hold some memorial day events tomorrow including a concert. we have new information on a carbon monoxide incident in montgomery county. 14 people got sick after the gas leaked into several homes in northtown last night. investigators say the carbon monoxide came from a gas-powered generator used in the basement of the home after the power had
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been turned off by pico. camden police are asking if anyone saw a possible abduction this morning. officers got a call about a man being forced into the trunk of a car at 3rd and keighns street this morning. police released a picture of a silver acura with new jersey license plates. the plate number could be r86-xkzx. anyone with information is asked to call camden police. well, a member of the rutgers football team is facing charges. cornerback darian daily was arrested in florida after police say he used a gun to rob a bicyclist and another man is charged in thans dent around 2:00 this morning in sarasota. the rutgers football coach tells nbc 10 once all the facts are gathered, appropriate action will be taken. a proud day for the garden state. we all know the uss new jersey that's docked in camden. now a new submarine will also
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bear that name. navy secretary made that announcement today. the first modern submarine was actually designed and built in new jersey back in the 1890s. the new uss new jersey will be completed and commissioned in about six years in 2021. oh my god! stop, stop stop. he needs to get out! >> swept away. how bystanders came to the rescue after a driver got caught in floodwaters. plus combining competition and courage. how the players on this field are hoping to fight bullying against gay students.
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it's not every day you get to pose with a superhero.
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nbc 10 and the please touch museum this afternoon where volunteers from the nonprofit he are alliance dressed up like superheroes and posed for pictures with the kids. star lord from guardians of the galaxy. a lacrosse game that's about more than just a competition. today philadelphia hosted the first annual courage game at penn park and university city. the goal of the event is to encourage and support gay youth while fighting bullying. it was started after a young philadelphia boy came out to his family and classmates and then a tough time. >> everybody just wanted to do what they could to stand up for him, stand up for the cause. i mean every kid out here should be able to play the sport that they love and get the support from the community and just a no-brainer. >> several major league lacrosse stars also showed up for today's event.
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and temperatures warmed up today and they'll continue climbing right into your memorial day. i'll let you know what to expect for the holiday coming up in my 7-day forecast.
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[ bleep ]! >> oh my gosh! >> stop stop stop. >> he needs to get out. >> caught on camera fear and
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desperation as a suv gets swept away in the texas floodwaters. the driver tried to go through a flooded road and was stuck. fortunately, bystanders were able to rescue him and drive him home. texas and parts of the midwest have been slammed with record rainfall this week and more is expected in the coming days. not good news. >> that video's exactly why you are not supposed to try to drive through flooded roadways. turn around. taking a closer look at the conditions here we are going do see even warmer conditions as we head into tomorrow and even as we head into next week. we are tracking a first 90-degree day and storms back in the forecast. tomorrow's safe. from philadelphia 81 degrees. plenty of sunshine right now. the humidity's at 25%. winds out of the southwest at 14 miles per hour. it's a big breezy. but we are seeing the warmer air coming in from the southwest. current temperatures across the rest of the region at 74 degrees in the poconos. 80 in reading. 78 in wilmington and take a
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look. that onshore flow. winds from the south and affecting atlantic city. 69 degrees there. and also only 64 in stone harbor. but inland it's nice and warm and above average. average for this time of year 77 degrees. and a big improvement from this time yesterday. 12 degrees warmer in the poconos. 11 degrees warmer in allentown. we're even up in atlantic city about four degrees. and that's going to be the trend as we head into tomorrow as well. so that's a nice way to end your holiday weekend. showing an increase in clouds and we're seeing more sun than clouds and true heading into tomorrow and then show you severe weather happening throughout parts of st. louis, memphis, jackson and into new orleans. we'll continue to see a lot of that moisture shifting to the east. now, closer look at the poconos memorial day forecast. as we head into tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., sunny and cool. 60 degrees by noon. 77 by 8:00 p.m. 72 degrees. so still a nice day.
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at the poconos. a beautiful day down the shore. you can take your pick here of the delaware beaches and shore locations. rehoboth beach, a high of 80 tomorrow. atlantic city 74. cape may with a high of 79 degrees and the water temperature near atlantic city 61 degrees. tonight, partly cloudy skies expected for us. our temperatures mild dropping down to 61 degrees for philadelphia. 55 for our suburbs to the north and west. tomorrow mostly sunny. temperatures range between 84 and 88 degrees. more than 10 degrees above our average at 77 degrees. your 7-day forecast heading into tomorrow on your memorial day, 88. once again, cooler at the shore. staying closer to the low 70s for atlantic city. tuesday, we tracking hot conditions. 90 degrees. could be the first 90-degree day and then if you look at the next three days, we could potentially have a heat wave on our hands with three consecutive days at 90 degrees and tracking a chance of storms wednesday night. thursday heading into friday.
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and possibly into the weekend. it's still a little early and we are entering into a summer-like pattern and getting hot, humid and we'll have a chance of storms most of next week. hello. up next, the phillies look for another strong start from aaron harangue against the nationals. not all of the action on the racetrack. highlights from the indy 500 are next.
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hello, i'm laila rahimi. eric harang on the field for the
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phillies. the e.r.a. the lowest through nine starts for a phil since holaday in 2010. let's take you there. the top of the fourth. fran francore pulls it through the hole at short. bottom half of the inning now, harang gives up a rbi single to jose and the game is tied at 1-1. to the bottom of the seventh now. 2-1 nationals. bryce harper drops one in shallow left field. spann scores from second and the nationals take a 3-1 lead. next batter is ryan zimmerman. he would drive one to the wall in right center. harper scores all the way from first and the phillies lose, 4-1. it is a memorial day weekend tradition. the indianapolis 500, scott dixon on the pole for the 99th running. dixon won the race back in 2008. he did not get the second win. he finished fourth and racing
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not just dangerous to the driver. james davidson leaving the pit stop clipped another car and hit the crew members in front of him. one was taken to the hospital with an ankle injury. 24 laps to go coming off the corner. a three-car accident brings out the caution and sets up a sprint to the finish. so four laps left pablo montoya wins the indy 500. scary looking crash at the monaco grand prix. from inside 17-year-old's car clips the car if front and then straight into the wall. he wasn't hurt. but he was blamed for the accident and will serve a five grid spot penalty at the next race. the ncaa division i women's lacrosse championship is tonight.
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the top two seeds maryland and north carolina face each other. the men's championship is tomorrow at lincoln financial field between maryland and denver. former philadelphia catholic league lacrosse mvp matt rambo picked a great day to have his best day of his college career yesterday. the sophomore scored a game-high four goals to lead maryland to a win over johns hopkins in the semifinals. now the tarapins have their sights set on a first national title since 1975. >> ever since i was little i have always been in the stands and the final four in philadelphia every time it came here. i was always in the stands. but it's finally a dream come true to come back here in the final four philly and the championship game you know all our team worked so hard since august every day almost and day in and day out and blood, sweat and tears so it's just amazing. it is a dream come true. going to a championship game.
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and roger federer got an unwelcomed surprise after the first round victory at the french open today. a young fan ran on to the court and tried to take a selfie with the 17-time grand slam champ. federer not happy citing multiple security breaches including one at practice yesterday saying quote, something needs to happen quickly. basically, yesterday. end quote. that's it for sports. denise over to you. >> thanks. time to check in with kate snow for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." kate? >> hi. major flooding in parts of the country. we'll tell you what it means if you have travel plans going west. plus remembering the beautiful life of a legend the man who was featured in the film "a beautiful mind" has passed away. also a teenager trying to change high school football after his concussions changed him. and how veterans carry the weight of war long after they return home from battle. we'll talk about memorial day
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when we see you in a mu funts here. >> all right. thanks, kate. we'll be right back.
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today we have the sunshine and the heat. >> i know. so nice out. makes me want to go outside on the dinner break. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. 88 and warm heading into next week tracking a possible heat wave and storms by wednesday night and those storms could continue on and off until we get into the weekend. next weekend, that is. >> and then really hot with the possible heat wave. right? >> yeah. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. we'll see you back here at 11:00 for a full hour of news weather and sports. nbc nightly news is next.
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. on this sunday night, historic flooding relentless rain and tornados. mother nature is making it a brutal holiday weekend for some. we'll tell you what's in store this memorial day. the iraq military has no will to fight isis. strong words from the u. military blaming. a beautiful mind. the sudden death of john nash the genius who inspired the oscar winning film. nbc news exclusive. one of the first students to file a lawsuit over concussions from high school football. why he hopes no other player winds up in his shoes. and honoring the fallen veteran. their families and


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