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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 24, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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right now at 11:00, he lived a remarkable life and was renowned for his beautiful mind. princeton professor john nash and his wife are being remembered after a crash on the new jersey turnpike took their lives. police in admitmiddlesex county are sorting out how the accident happened. the couple was in a taxi in monroe township when the driver lost control veering from the left lane to the right. he hit a guardrail and another car. nbc 10 talked to friends and neighbors in princeton about the legacy nash leaves behind.
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>> john nash's colleagues say his flight into newark arrived so early on saturday that instead of waiting for his limo he took a cab. police guarded the unassuming house that belonged to the unassuming man who won the nobel prize in math. >> he was just very sweet and quiet. you'd never know that he was someone of such importance. >> he didn't talk to many people. >> reporter: john nash's game theory, the use of advanced math maltics to figure out whether things will succeed or fail was called one of the great ideas of the 20th century. >> find a truly original idea. it's the only way i will ever distinguish myself. >> reporter: russell crowe portrayed nash and his struggles with schizophrenia in "a beautiful mind." it was a shock when his colleagues heard about the accident saturday night. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: dr. louis nuremberg had just flown back to the united states with nash after
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the two received an award in norway. >> we were sitting together chatting over an hour in newark at the airport. then decided to take a cap. >> reporter: police say that cab lost control on the new jersey turnpike killing the 86-year-old nash and his wife alicia. there were flowers and tributes laid in front of princeton university's math building. his young colleagues wishing they'd gotten to know that quiet man they passed in the hall. >> oh i was extremely shocked. i always wanted to do lunch with him at least once. i feel i missed an opportunity. i should have talked to him more. >> reporter: prince son university says they should be releasing details of a formal tribute for john nash in the coming days. a march at sunset to honor the men and women who died serving our country. the sunset parade was held in cape may at the coast guard training center. more than 250 recruits took part.
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it's been a beautiful weekend at the jersey shore. chilly but plenty of sun. the wind was whipping along the beach in cape may. not many people were braving the cold ocean waters. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking a warmup for the end of the holiday weekend. it's going to get warmer tomorrow? >> that's right. we start the warming trend today, yesterday we were am average. into tomorrow our temperatures will warm up even more. so we warm to 82 degrees today. that was an 11-degree warmup from warmup reserve into memorial day temperatures at 88, close to 90 degrees. that's mainly for the city and our suburb locations. it's still going to be cooler at the shore. 67 in philadelphia. 65 in pottstown. 60 in mt. pocono. along the shore you can see that wind direction blowing off the cold waters. our temperatures only at 61 degrees in atlantic city. 61 in wild wood. low 60s this evening in millville. into memorial day by 9:00 a.m. 67 degrees. by noon 79. by 6:00 p.m., 84 degrees.
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tomorrow's high again is at 88. coming up i'll go over exactly what you can expect if you plan on heading down the shore and into the poke knows. the south and midwest are reeling from another round of severe weather. at least two people are dead several others are missing. floodwaters have swept through towns in texas and oklahoma. nbc 10 national reporter brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: caught in a north texas flash flood, wade carson lost his suv but not his friend. >> very very traumatic. we were fighting the current. we thought we were tough but -- we were no match for that. >> reporter: intense flooding threatening lives from central texas to oklahoma. where a tulsa-area firefighter captain jason farley drowned during a water rescue. >> one step and he was gone. >> reporter: another death reported in san marcos, texas, south of austin. one of many communities suddenly
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overwhelmed and under water. >> if you are forced to go to the roof of your home take something white you can flag let us know you're there. >> reporter: ironically this region had been suffering through drought until the storms hit, bringing rain and howling winds that peeled the roof off this houston apartment building. the tiny town of wemberley nearly wiped off the map when the blanco river rose. wichita falls officials were bracing for a new storm that didn't hit. >> we've dodged a bullet quite frankly. >> reporter: many other communities haven't been and won't be as fortunate as the rain falls and the waters rise. in addition to flooding large areas of texas and oklahoma are also facing the threat of tornados. brian mooar, nbc news washington. rutgers football coach says he's waiting for more information before taking action after the arrest of one of his players. quarterback darian daily is
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charged with using a gun to rob a bicyclist in florida. another man is also charged in the stint that happened around 2:00 a.m. this morning in sarasota. the rutgers coach says once all the facts are gathered appropriate action will be taken. camden police say they're interviewing an abduction victim. officers got a call about a man being forced into the trunk of a car at third and kaighns street around 10:30 this morning. police released a surveillance picture of the silver acura with new jersey plates. about an hour ago they did give us an update. they found the victim and he's being interviewed about what happened. a carbon monoxide detector helped save lives in montgomery county. 14 people were sick from the odorless gas in a number of homes along west aries street in north norristown caused by gas-powered generators in the basement of a home where the power had been turned off.
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a neighboring house had a detector that alerted residents to the danger. a proud day for the garden state. we all know the "uss new jersey" that's docked in camden now a new submarine will bear that name. the secretary of the navy made the announcement today in jersey city. the first modern submarine was actually designed and built in new jersey in the 1890s. ary bob menendez of new jersey had been pushing for a sub to be named after the state. >> i suggested to him that it would be great to finally, once again, particularly in the submarine class, recognize new jersey and its long history. >> the new "uss new jersey" will be completed and commissioned in about six years. those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country were honored with a memorial day parade and service in philadelphia today. ♪
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>> the traditional decoration day service was held at laurel hill ceremony in fairmount park this afternoon. this year enough money was raised to honor a civil war hero with a military-style headstone. the cemetery is where the first memorial day observance was held in philadelphia back in 1868. joy and excitement can be overwhelming for families fortunate enough to have their loved ones return home from overseas. take a look. brothers john and justin potenski were deployed almost a year in qatar. after returning home they decided to surprise their sister brielle at oak crest high school in atlantic county this week. you can also share your videos as well by uploading them to nbc10 news app. testing the limits.
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up next the call to fight standardized testing of our students from an unlikely source. plus this. >> there's not a day that doesn't go by that i don't think of this battle. >> he lived through one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of world war ii. now the local veteran fighting again. his struggle to bring a piece of history permanently to philadelphia. tracking warmer weather into memorial day and next week. i'm tracking the possibility of a heat wave. all the details in my full forecast.
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road rage turned violent in delaware. police say there was some sort of incident on route 13 year wilmington early yesterday morning. one driver started following the other until they reached i-95. when the drivers got off the highway, they stopped to confront each other, one of them ran the over. police are looking for the suspect. he was driving a dark dodge dart with a maryland license place. a superintendent in chester county is speaking out against what he calls the massive burden of state testing in schools. jim scanlon wrote a letter to families in west chester-area school districts criticizing the amount of testing required in pennsylvania schools. he says it's having a negative impact on students' education. scanlon writes in part, learning should be challenging but also
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enjoyable and exciting. teaching should be dynamic and creative. we're missing so much of that because of these tests. if you'd like to read his entire letter you can look for it right now on on this eve of memorial day, one veteran wants to make sure there's a permanent reminder of the sacrifice his fellow soldiers made in world war ii. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has his story. >> reporter: he wants to build a memorial here along philadelphia's historic mile honoring the 19,000 american soldier s soldiers who died in the battle of the bulge. in a city known for its love of history you'll find war memorials honoring the dead across philadelphia. but there is one battle. >> a surprise attack. >> reporter: the biggest and bloodiest for allies in world war ii. >> this was hitler's last hurrah. >> reporter: whose memory is kept alive not by granite and stone put by those who made it
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home. >> there's not a day that doesn't go by that i don't think of this battle. >> reporter: army corporal stan watuzik was injured and captured during the battle of the bulge. >> i just turned 18. we were picking those germans off left and right. >> reporter: now, 70 years later, he's leading the effort to erect a permanent monument in philadelphia. >> this will be the monument -- >> reporter: a structure in washington square park but they've gotten pushback since this section of the city is devoted to the revolutionary war and they need approval from the feds plus at least $100,000. >> they should remember the sacrifices that these guys put up. their ban tism of fire of going into battle. >> reporter: but stanley says the real battle here is against the clock. many veterans are passing on. >> time is running out. >> reporter: hoping to leave a lasting legacy of their cold winter fight that turned the tide against hitler.
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philadelphia is the only major city without one of these memorials. the group of veterans is hoping to meet with state and federal leaders. i did hear back from congressman bob brady's office who tells me that he wants to learn more about this proposal and is excited to hear it. now your nbc first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> i'm tracking a warm memorial day for you. temperatures continue to increase. by the time we end the weekend we'll be almost 20 degrees warmer than how we started. first 90-degree day in the seven-day forecast. i am tracking the possibility of storms. that's all in the seven-day forecast. a look outside right now from philadelphia. 67 degrees. humidity still up at 63. winds light out of the south at 5 miles per hour. across the rest of the region, 60 in the poconos. 66 in trenton. close to 70 milder than yesterday. 61 in atlantic city.
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61 in stone harbor. 66 in dover. we're dealing with cooler temperatures along the shore. technically it's a warmer night tonight than it was yesterday. atlantic city up 7 degrees, up 9 degrees in mt. holly, 15 warmer in allentown this evening 18 degrees warmer in the poconos, up 7 degrees in philadelphia. we'll continue to warm into tomorrow. we are going to see that warmer southwesterly flow moving into our region. that's when we see warm and humid conditions. summer-like conditions on tap for us tomorrow heading into the rest of next week. even the possibility of a heat wave. as far as our conditions are concerned for tonight we'll see a few more clouds increasing and a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. it's still going to be warmer than today. we're also checking out severe weather, especially near chicago, with a tornado watch box in effect. we're still seeing flooding. most of it's moved out of texas and is affecting parts of louisiana and stretching into memphis. we are going to stay nice and dry as we head into the end of
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your holiday weekend. for the poconos by 8:00 a.m. temperatures are 60 sunny and school. noon, 77 degrees, nice. by 8:00 p.m., low 70s 72 degrees. we are going to see a nice day in the poconos. shores and beaches, if you're heading out to ra hoe both temperatures 80. atlantic city 74. cape may at 79 and warm. you can't beat these beach forecasts. it's going to be very nice. water temperature close to 61 degrees. as we head into the rest of the night, temperatures will stay mild. 61 degrees for philadelphia. 55 for our suburbs to the north and west. mostly sunny heading into tomorrow. our temperatures will range between 84 and 88 degrees. today's high only at 82. it's going to feel even warmer tomorrow. seven-day forecast shows that chance of a heat wave starting on tuesday with temperatures at near 90 wednesday and thursday. we track a chance of storms wednesday night continuing on and off into next weekend.
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coming up memorial day weekend means the indianapolis 500 where a record was set for longest gap between victories. phillies' struggles on the road continued in the nation's capital. highlights from the series finale with the nationals next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. i'm ron burke from comcast sportsnet. phillies and nationals wrapping up their series in washington. aaron harang on the mound for the phillies. in the fourth inning jeff
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francoeur pulling one through the short. the bobble out in left field and the score, phillies strike first against washington, 1-0. bottom half of the inning, harangue's no earned run streak over at 17. gives up an rbi single. the game is even 1-1. the nationals hold a 2-1 lead in the seventh. deek man pitching harper drops one into shallow left field, spann comes in from second nationals 3-1. ryan zimmerman looking to go to work, he will do that. driving one to the wall in right. that scores harper all the way from first. phillies drop this one 4-1. they have not won a road series all season. phillies begin a set with the mets tomorrow. mets in pittsburgh today. in the fifth inning 1-1 game andrew mccutcheon, two-run home run, his seventh. star lying marte goes long three-run shot. pirates 9-1 to sweep the series.
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mets struck out 36 times in the three games. it's a memorial day weekend tradition. the indianapolis 500. scott dixon on the pole for this the 99th running. dixon won the race in 2008 finished fourth today. racing not only dangerous to drivers, james davison hits crew members in the pit in front of him. one was taken to the hospital with ankle injury. 24 laps to go three-car accident brings out the caution, sets up a sprint to the finish. with four laps to go juan pablo montoya passes will powers and holds off all chargers winning his second indy 500. the other came 15 years ago. owner roger penske has won 16 indy 500s. his first though since 2009. the ncaa lacrosse final four has taken over philadelphia this holiday weekend with championship games at lincoln financial field and ppl park. the women's title game at the home of the union tonight. north carolina facing maryland. final seconds, first half.
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sydney holan comes in to score to give unc the 6-3 lead. maryland scored eight straight in the second half. megan whittle here. maryland hangs on for a 9-8 win. its second straight title. in the early game sunni courtland defeated trinity for the division iii title. maryland men go for the sweep tomorrow in the men's championship game against denver. first national championship since 1975 led by catholic league mvp met rambo who has six goals and six assists over three tournament games. >> ever since i was little i've always been in the stands in the final four in philadelphia. every time it came here i was always in the stans. but it's finally a dream come true to come back here in the final four philly and the championship game you know. all our team worked so hard since august every day, almost, day in and out, blood, sweat and tears.
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so it's just amazing a dream come true to make it a championship game. >> big opportunity for the men's division ii championship against limestone. fourth quarter limestone's moist messinger scores the go ahead goal. limestone wins 9-6. toughs defeated lynchburg to win the 3-d championship. union at red bulls. silvestre in goal. 57th minute wanger trying to cut inside loses the ball it goes to christian, his shot deflected, 1-0 union lead. five minutes later the union's fabianio plays give and go, passes to c.j. sapong for the tap-in. union win their second straight get their first ever win at red bull arena, 2-0 the final. roger federer got an unwelcome surprise at the french open. a young fan ran on the court and tried to take a selfie with the 17-time grand slam champion. federer not happy about it. citing multiple security breach
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breaches he's experienced at roland garros including yesterday and saying "something needs to happen quickly, basically yesterday." coming up later in sports one on one with phillies first base man michael franco as well as highlights from nba and nhl playoff action. (gong) blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum
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a lacrosse game that brings awareness to the competition. philadelphia played host to the first annual courage game at penn park in university city. the goal of the event is to encourage and support gay youth while fighting bullying. it was started after a young philadelphia boy came out to his family and classmates then went through a tough time. >> everybody just wanted to do what they could to stand up for him, stand up for the cause. every kid out here should be able to play the sports they love and get the support from the community. and it's just a no-brainer. >> several major league lacrosse stars also showed up for today's events. it's not every day that you get to pose with a superhero.
11:31 pm
nbc 10 and the please touch museum this afternoon, volunteers for the nonprofit hero alliance dressed up like superheroes and posed for pictures with the kids. the group often visits sick or terminally ill children. >> it feels pretty amazing. just to make a child happy. and to see the smiles on their faces and how excited that they get. and we hope that we brighten their day a little bit. >> superheroes at today's events included the scarlet witch hawkeye, and black widow from the avengers and star lord from guard yans of the galaxy. a way to remember the fallen this memorial day. a walk thousands of miles in the making that came right through our area. the message these people are sending to the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.
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a beautiful sunset at the jersey shore. the memorial day weekend is almost over. but the best weather is yet to
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come. another chilly night at the shore. you need your sweatshirt for a walk on the boardwalk. a live look outside at cape may now. plenty of sun and fun today at the beach. and tomorrow looks even nicer. meteorologist brittney shipp is watching a warmup for memorial day. and what can we expect for the holiday? >> you can expect warmer temperatures, about 8 degrees warmer for the city. even temperatures closer to the shore which won't be as warm as the city will continue warming up. 60 in mt. pocono. 66 in allentown. mid 60s in pottstown. 67, mild in philadelphia. a chilly night in atlantic city at 61. 61 in wild wood. and 63 in millville. you can still see the onshore flow here. we are seeing cooler temperatures along the shore. that will be true as we head into tomorrow. it's still beenive proving throughout the course of the weekend. your wakeup temperatures show by 6:00 a.m., low 60s for philadelphia 63 in allen taken,
11:36 pm
63 atlantic city. early afternoon, pushing into the 80s for philadelphia. same thing for allentown. mid 70s in the poconos. if you plan on heading down the shore we are going to see a nice forecast, especially for atlantic city. temperatures waking up in the mid 60s by noon. 74 degrees and sunny noon. 8:00 p.m. 62 and cool. water temperature at 61. i'm also tracking what to expect if you're in the poke knows and a potential heat wave in my seven-day forecast. people who head into the jersey shore for memorial day weekend described today's weather as perfect. it was still a bit breezy for people here at point pleasant participate in ocean county. but that didn't stop them enjoying businesses along the boardwalk. >> today has been a beautiful day, a very busy day. you know, you can tell people have been want to get out and get down to the jersey shore. >> after two years of rain businesses say this was the best start to the summer season in quite some time. keep an eye on the holiday forecast with the nbc 10 app.
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we'll keep you up to the minute with the forecast and any breaking news. texas got slammed with more severe weather this memorial day weekend. the national weather service says a tornado hit this houston apartment complex causing a partial collapse. fire officials say doths of apartments were damaged by high winds, flying debris and tree branches. crews took at least two people to the hospital while everyone else was evacuated. oh my god! stop, stop, stop! he needs to get out! >> frightening moments outside san antonio, texas. bystanders watched an suv get swept away in the floodwaters. witnesses say the driver tried to go through a flooded road when he got stuck. fortunately, those bystanders were able to rescue him. in san marcos texas, heavy rain and flooding destroyed hundreds of homes leading to evacuations and rescues.
11:38 pm
officials called it the largest flood in the region's history. hundreds of people stayed in shelters last night. national guard helicopters began rescuing stranded people from the roofs of their homes this morning. officials say it will take at least a week to estimate just how damage these storms caused. new at 11:00, a warning for drivers in camden county. a sinkhole has forced people or police to close the hadden avenue bridge in berlin in both directions for repairs. right now it's not clear how long those repairs will last. officials recommend finding another route. some veterans have a new mission this memorial day. colonel jack jacobs shows us how we can all carry the load. >> reporter: it's a day meant to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> i get asked all the time what am i thinking about on memorial day?
11:39 pm
it's not what everybody else thinks. parties are fine and getting together with friends is fine. but i think every day is memorial day all the people i left behind. >> i think our greatest fear when we're fighting is no one will know if we fall we'll be forgotten. >> reporter: clint bruce's mission is to change all that. >> when i came home after losing a lot of friends, i saw the nation not remembering them well on the one weekend they were supposed to. i wasn't okay with it. i started walking on memorial day a few years ago. an older gentleman who i knew was a world war ii veteran walked up to me and said "son who are you carrying?" >> reporter: bruce, a former navy s.e.a.l., launched carrying the load. >> carry the load is a chance for people to ask and answer the question of who are you carrying? >> i'm carrying the load for my grandpa who served in the vietnam war. >> i spent five years in the military so i'm carrying my wife. >> i'm carrying the load for my dad, uncle, and my great uncle.
11:40 pm
>> reporter: the national relay began last month at west point. >> i'm doing this for trends and family forgotten men and women who have died serving this great country. >> reporter: people of all ages walking miles at a time. >> i'm walking for my comrades in desert storm. >> i'm carrying 75 pounds to represent all the fallen night stalkers. >> we're carrying for them. >> reporter: even the water of annapolis didn't stand in their way. dubbed memorial may, the nonstop relay spans some 2,000 miles passing through 200 cities and towns. wrapped up in dallas today. more than 15,000 people participated. >> i'm carrying the load. >> it's this opportunity to reconcile a nation and an opportunity to walk alongside you and say, what you did mattered. >> reporter: carry the load reminds us of lincoln's sermon at gettysburg. that it is for us the living
11:41 pm
to be dedicated to the unfinished work of the fallen. colonel jack jacobs nbc news west point, new york. >> and jacobs is a retired colonel in the u.s. army and a medal of honor recipient. he serves as a military analyst for nbc news. carry the load passed through princeton and philadelphia on its journey to dallas. and along the way it raised some $400,000 for families of fallen military members. you can stay busy tomorrow with memorial day events ranging from serious ceremonies to family fun. a horse show and country fair continues in chester county. the oldest, largest outdoor competition in the country is a crowd favorite. it runs through next weekend. there will also be a living history demonstration at valley forge national historical park. in the afternoon listen to a bell concert. patriotic selections will be performed at washington memorial chapel at 2:00 p.m. also tomorrow a memorial day
11:42 pm
ceremony at philadelphia's korean war memorial. park at 11:00 a.m. mayor nutter will be part of that event. at penn's landing a former p.o.w. will speak at a special rededication ceremony at the vietnam war memorial at 12:30. and later at 4:00 p.m. a ceremony and wreath laying will be held at the washington square tomb of the unknown soldier. all good options to remember the service and sacrifice of the fallen. hollywood is mourning the death of actress and comedian ane mira tonight. she died yet in los angeles. meara famously performed with husband jerry stiller as stiller and meara on "the ed sullivan show." she acted in dozens of movies and tv shows including rhoda, sex and the city, and the king of queens which starred her husband. meara is the mother of actor ben stiller. she was 85 years old. a possible connection
11:43 pm
between where you live and sudden infant death. the new research coming up next. and some little girls' dream of becoming a princess. one father made his daughter's dream come true. how he's creating a new kingdom and helping others at the same time. a mild night. tracking even warmer weather as we head into your memorial day holiday. also the potential heat wave that's in the seven-day forecast. that's all coming up after the break.
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a bomb squad has safely destroyed a pressure cooker found in a suspicious vehicle left unattended near the capitol building. officers on patrol spotted the parked unoccupied vehicle sunday on a street on the national mall west of the capitol. an odor of gasoline was also detected. the vehicle's owner has been
11:46 pm
arrested. we'll be following this story through the night and bring you knew developments at 4:00 a.m. now to health news. doctors are working on new search that could help prevent sudden infant death syndrome. researchers looked at children who lived at higher altitudes in colorado. they found the sids rates doubled compared to babies at lower at duties. still, doctors point out the number of deaths was very small and they cannot make a direct link between elevation and a higher risk for sids. for now, parents should focus on known risks. stomach sleeping bed sharing. avoid soft bedding and pillows in cribs. keep infants away from cigarette smoke. fewer hospitals are giving form what to new mothers before they leave the hospital. many believe giving the formula discourages women from breastfeeding. the american academy of pediatrics recommends that babies only drink breast milk for the first six months. that only happens for about 20%
11:47 pm
of babies. in new jersey students at a college in mercer county are making a push to preserve memories of superstorm sandy. the college of new jersey has launched an oral history archive to collect the experiences of those affected by the 2012 storm. several other universities have made similar efforts. these students want to preserve the stories of residents and first responders to help document what happened. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> as we head into the rest of the holiday weekend we'll see warmer temperatures. a warm holiday for you. 90 on tuesday. storms back in the forecast by wednesday. a look outside, 67 degrees for philadelphia. light winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. the rest of the region 69 in reading. atlantic city is at 61 degrees under clear skies.
11:48 pm
throughout the rest of the region temperatures at 69 in reading, 66 in allentown, 61 in wild wood 63 in millville, and temperatures in dover in the mid 60s still. it's mainly a comfortable evening out. a big improvement from what we saw yesterday. we're up about 18 degrees in the poconos. 13 in pottstown. 11 in wilmington. 7 in philadelphia. our average for this time of year is 77. so today we were above that average. that's an improvement from yesterday's high of 70 degrees. satellite radar shows we're going to continue to see this warmer air moving in from the southwest. the warm and humid conditions for us leading to summer-like conditions and the possibility of a heat wave as we push into the middle portion of your work week. we've also seen a few clouds increase for us this evening. we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds as we head into tomorrow on monday for memorial day. if you plan on heading to the poconos, by 8:00 a.m. 60 degrees. 77 by noon.
11:49 pm
8:00 p.m. 72 as the sun is going down. nice conditions expected throughout the day. closer to our shores and our beach communities, rehoboth 80 and warm. atlantic city 74. close to 80 for cape may. under the influence of a warm southwesterly wind. our water temperature at 61 degrees. so still a little too cold to go swimming. as far as tonight partly cloudy skies for philadelphia. we drop down to 61 degrees. heading into tomorrow mostly sunny. a range between 84 and 88. it will be about 8 degrees warmer tomorrow than what we saw yesterday. as we head into the next couple of days here notice that our temperatures jump to 90 degrees by tuesday. that's our first 90-degree day. the possibility wednesday and thursday we'll have a heat wave on our hands. a chance of showers moving in starting wednesday on and off throughout next weekend. coming up what bron and the cavaliers look to put the hawks in an 0-3 hole. the rangers and lightning fight for an edge in their playoff
11:50 pm
series. we also go one on one with michael franco. how he feels about becoming an everyday starter in the big leagues.
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11:52 pm
i'm ron burke. phillies have not won a series on the road this season. with their loss they fall to 0-9-1 dating back to last season. taking on the nationals. bottom four aaron harang no earned runs allowed streak into 17 innings on this rbi single. it ties the game 1-1. nationals with the 2-1 lead in the bottom of the seventh. jake deek man pitches to bryce harper who drops one into shallow left field. art spann scores from second, nationals 3-1. next batter is ryan zimmerman. he drives one to the wall in right center. harper scores from first. and the nationals go on to beat the phillies 4-1. yesterday makeal franco
11:53 pm
two-run shot off strasburg. franco has played like he deserved the job. >> when you talk about this opportunity, knowing you're going to be in the lineup every day, how important is that? how much easier is that knowing ewe doctor going to come to the ballpark and probably going to play? ait's more easy. every time i walk in i see the lineup, i say, i'm playing. i'll be like relaxed, doing my -- preparing for my role. and i'll do my routine. and i'll be prepared for my routine. so that's what i want to do is every time when i see the play just do my stuff and try to kind of like relax and try to have a good game. >> i know when you think big picture, the future future third base man of the philadelphia phillies that has been thrown around with your name attached to it. do you think that kind of thing?
11:54 pm
>> i just think about ate little bit. i don't worry about that. i want to just think about day to day game for game, year for year. basically just like i said, try to come in be ready, keep playing hard keep pushing myself, keep working hard. >> like you said have fun while you're doing it as well. it looks like you're having fun. appreciate your time machlt aikel. cavaliers up 2-0 on the hawks. lebron james team has never lost a playoff series when leading 2-0 games. 14-0 for lebron teams in that situation. careful lease down three in the fourth quarter. j.r. smith from outside does what he does. he's an outside shooter. ties it at 100. final seconds, tied 104. jeff teague misses. they go to overtime. in ot lebron baseline misses.
11:55 pm
the cavs get the rebound back to him. he patiently waits in the corner off the pump move. and nothing but net. cleveland up one. 37 for james. atlanta with another chance at the other end. mack, the rebound, open look -- and misses again. careful lease win it 114-111. they grab the commanding 3-0 series lead. nhl eastern conference finals. lightning/rangers. rangers on the power-play. good puck movement. wide open derek stepan no cash. still no score in the second. lightning, steven stamkos, that makes it 1-0 tampa bay. five minutes later the lightning working on the power-play. more good passing. this time tam pose the beneficiary. his seventh of the postseason. ben bishop gets his second career playoff shutout. lightning win 2-0, taking a 3-2
11:56 pm
series lead. that's sports from comcast sportsnet.
11:57 pm
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it's not unheard of for a girl to dream of becoming a princess. a virginia father's quest to make his daughter's dream come true led him around the world to africa. don jeffries explains. >> reporter: emily heaton is like a lot of 7-year-olds. >> i like to play outside. i like to swing.
11:59 pm
>> reporter: she likes math reading, playing with her dolls, and dreaming of being a princess. just over a year ago she asked her father jeremiah if she could be a real princess. >> as any father would i told her that she could be. i felt mad about making a promise that i couldn't keep. >> reporter: he set out to fulfill his promise. his search started online where he looked to see if it was even possible to find unclaimed land where he could create his own country. >> researching the matter was able to find land in northeastern africa that met the criteria, that would allow me to create my own nation. >> reporter: an 800 square mile unpopulated patch of desert between egypt and sudan. months later he was on his way to egypt. once there, on emily's 7th birthday, he planted the flag of his kingdom, the kingdom of north sudan. his four children came up with
12:00 am
the crown and four stars on royal blue. he was a king, emily his princess. emily recalled one of her teachers traveling on mission trips to africa where she helped children who were starving. >> she travels to africa and she brings stuff with her to help them and give them things. >> reporter: emily wanted more. >> in her very simple child like terms, she asked if we could grow a garden big enough to feed everyone. >> reporter: not understanding the challenges of doing that in the desert he set out to see if it was possible. >> if we could figure out a way to grow food in the desert using a limited amount of water, using new technologies that technology could be applied elsewhere in the world where it might not be as dry. >> reporter: the husband and father of three is now adding on another project, developing an agricultural research center. a place where scientists from around the globe can come together in a laboratory to develop new ideas in hopes of solving world hunger. >> right now we have 1,100 scientists on our list the list
12:01 am
is growing daily. >> reporter: he believes egypt would welcome a center it could also benefit from along its border. >> they're savvy, they understand the benefits i bring to the area, and they see the project for more than just a simple princess story. they understand that i have real goals and ambitions. >> reporter: an ambitious idea sparked from a little girl learning almost anything is possible. >> that was dawn jeffries reporting. critics say this is an idea not likely to come to completion with the politics in the area, but we'll be watching. one, two, three, four -- >> a pair of young brothers from western pennsylvania are breaking records thanks to their strength and determination. 8-year-old jonathan business sell of sharpsville broke the record for elementary school students by doing 53 straight pullups. i can barely do one. his brother jared, who's in kindergarten, can do more than 20. that is strength. next on "in depth."
12:02 am
>> hey, we're here in oklahoma city, just sitting down with nba star russell westbrook. the thunder guard tells us about his love of fashion, teammate kevin durant, and why he could care less about his critics. all that's coming up next right here on "in depth." tonight's weather next for memorial day. >> that's right. if you like things a little bit on the warm side that's what we're going to get as we head into tomorrow. 88 degrees, improvement from today's high of 82. and warm conditions. we're going to see nice and dry, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. we get even warmer heading into tuesday. could be our first 90-degree day. and we're tracking the possibility of a heat wave as we get three days consecutively at 90, a heat wave on our hands. temperatures are teetering wednesday and thursday. so we'll keep a close eye on it. we're also tracking storms moving in wednesday, on and off chance of storms as we head into next weekend. >> that's nbc 10 news. for all of us here have a good night and a great memorial day.
12:03 am
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know better sleep with sleep number. what do you think you have gotten criticized so much over the past years? >> i'm not sure. russell west brooke the nba's leading scoring in the' 14-15 regular season known for his penalties, plays, and even fashion. >> i think it is fun. it gives you a way to express yourself. >> he thought he was heading to seattle but days later learned he was relocating with the franchise. the thunder won three of the first 32 games. >> it was tough. >> now in the seventh season with oklah


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