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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. that breaking news gunmen stormed a home in northeast philadelphia and attacked at least one person inside. "nbc 10" is live on the scene asking police what happened. developing overnight, a new round of trouble for storm ravaged texas. right now parts of houston are shut down and tens of thousands of people are in the dark. here at home stranded on the tracks and in the dark. the train ride through our area overnight that didn't go as planned for several amtrak passengers. heating up. the 90s are here today. could be the hottest day so far. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with the forecast. the hottest day of the year so
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far? >> yeah yesterday was, 87 degrees. that's one degree hotter than it had been so far. it will be hotter this afternoon. there's a southerly wind that will help boost our temperatures. in the 60s now. pleasant start. 66 degrees in philadelphia. pottstown is 65. 64 in trenton. wilmington lower 60s for mount holly and atlantic city. in the 80s this afternoon. go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the future weather when i come back in 10 minutes. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington on a tuesday morning. >> hey, bill. back to work this morning. out on the schuylkill expressway checking out the philadelphia area to see what's going on. on monthgomery drive, eastbound lanes which are in here. headed towards the center city area. still a 12-minute trip from the blue route no problems. injuries ri roads from the 42 freeway, drive times, no
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problem. northbound from 55 walt whitman bridge, no problems. speaking of bridges, the rest of the bridges, ben franklin tacony or burlington bristol all good in and out of the city. heading home from the shore this morning, we'll do a check on the jersey shore. >> 4:02. breaking news this morning. police on the scene of a violent home invasion in northeast philadelphia that happened in the past hour. "nbc 10's" matt delucia just got on scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: tracy, police have surrounded this area on tyson avenue in bustleton on the 2100 avenue of bison. a few minutes ago we saw officers at the front door of the home. here's what police are telling us happened. a little before 3:00 three men stormed into the house and beat up a man on the second floor. officers responding to a 911 call. they got out here and see the men in front of the house.
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those men run back inside. they tried to escape through the back but managed to get back out through the front and then they ran away. police did find a shotgun inside the house. they also found some drug paraphernalia. we're told this location is known to police. as of right now, the search for those three men has expanded for several blocks. they were found headed down tyson towards leonard. the search continues. we see police down bustleton as well. this entire area surrounded by police as they try to continue this manhunt as they continue this this morning. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." we are following a developing story. right now parts of houston are underwater after the city has been drenched with rain and thunderstorms overnight. another person died in the flooding while you were sleeping bringing the death toll to eight in texas and oklahoma. tens of thousands of people are without power and some parts of the houston area are reporting
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five feet of water. this gives you a better idea of how bad the flooding is. it's from the galleria. one of the big malls. someone inside posted this video. employees say they are trapped in the mall because of the flooding. in san antonio, one of the victims is an 18-year-old homecoming queen. she was driving home from her prom when she got stuck in high water. she called for help but the rushing water swept her car away before anyone could get to her. >> she did the right thing. she called 911. she called her father. it was just too much and too quick. >> a memorial service will be held outside her school this morning. it's 4:04. new from overnight, police are looking for the gunmen in two separate murders in philadelphia. in both shootings the victim was 19 years old. this is video we shot at the first murder street on 30th street in strawberry mansion. the victim was shot four times. another victim was found in a
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philadelphia playground at 65th and elm wood. investigators found a gun beneath the victim's body. police are searching for a sexual predator suspected in two attacks in south philadelphia. the latest happened inside a home on rose wood street. the 35-year-old woman woke up to a man in a ski mask standing over her. he demanded money. he sexually assaulted her. he took off with her vehicle. >> i'm nervous. i have a kid and a husband who works late. >> in march this man attempted to section all eye willxualctionxually attack a woman. in both cases the man wore red gloves. the last two suspects in delaware county accused of physically assaulting children and shooting them with a bb gun.
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all of the victims were under the age of 10. prosecutors say the adults punched, beat sexually abused the children on several occasions. three other suspects charged in the case pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing. a philadelphia police officer accused of forcing their children to fight their classmates is charged today. she was caught on video punching a 14-year-old girl who her daughter was fighting with. new this morning, federal health officials say a man in new jersey died after being diagnosed with an infectious disease rarely seen here in the united states. centers for disease control says he had lassa fever after returning from a trip from liberia. he traveled through morocco and new york's jfk. his symptoms became critical and suffered organ failure. he died last night. the case should not be caused
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for public alarm. lassa fever is spread through casual contact. they're looking for anyone seated near him or health workers who treated him. amtrak lost power in trenton. amtrak train 123 got stuck around 10:00 last night traveling from penn station in d.c. to new york when a loose cable caused the train to stop. we have a picture that was sent to us from one of the passengers on the train. they were stuck on the track for about an hour. the power was out for about 10 minutes. another amtrak train picked up some of the stranded passengers who arrived in d.c. nearly two hours late. 4:07. we have new video this morning of a boarded up blankenberg elementary school hours after a car slammed into t. one person went to the hospital after this.
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no word on what caused the driver to lose control. despite the damage this morning students and teachers will report to class. there are new details about a deadly crash in cumberland county that killed three people including an 8-year-old girl. police say the driver of a black honda lost control, ran into a silver camry in millville on sunday. police tell us the driver was chris clack. he died with another driver michelle zenchuck. a 3-year-old survived. a neighbor nearby said he and his wife ran to the scene. >> she looked in the car and she heard a little girl screaming and crying. >> the 50-mile-an-hour zone is too fast for a residential area. they plan to lobby for a slower speed limit. a 10-foot high pile of trash caught fire in port richmond last night. the fire broke out at a junkyard
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at summer set and tulip street. it took crews an hour to get it under control. no one was hurt. today members of the philadelphia school districts are expected to ask city council for more money. school officials are asking them to agree to michael mayor's proposed property tax hike. the investment along with governor wolf's education friendly bubbling getdget proposal will improve school culture. another round of layoffs is looming in atlantic city after tonight's board meeting. 75 positions still need to be cut to meet next year's budget. that's on top of the 147 that have already been notified. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:09. temperatures are in the 60s this morning. we are getting a warm start. this time of year we should be in the 50s. we have clear skies which means lots of sunshine.
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it will be summer like heat this afternoon flirting with the 90 degree mark. for today sunshine. for tomorrow late day showers and thunderstorms which could bring heavy downpours to our area. right now it's the temperature that's coming down. doylestown 63 degrees. 66 and millville is at 65. unusually warm. great view across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. sunshine it will be a fast warmup today. 87 degrees yesterday afternoon. looks like it's going to be a little hotter today. no activity in the immediate area. the radar is clear from wilmington, philadelphia, to the trenton area. look to the west. you can see scattered showers moving through central pennsylvania. nothing heavy about those. those showers stay to the north and west today. tomorrow we'll see a possibility of showers and thunderstorms. future weather hour by hour shows noontime lots of sunshine and it will be a quick warmup.
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we'll be in the 80s and climbing. topping out at 75. close to the 90 degree mark for allentown and reading, 89 for both locations. doylestown trenton, mount holley all into the upper 80s. looking for relief from the heat. you'll find if in rehoboth and cape may. 78 and 74 degrees. 88 degrees for swedesboro drexel hill and philadelphia. both near 90 degrees this afternoon. take a closer look at the potential for storms for tomorrow when i come back with the extended future weather. 11 minutes past 4:00 right now. maybe you're getting up early and getting home from wherever you were for the holidays. let's check the roads and see if there are any trouble spots. jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> yeah we're checking out a point on the jersey shore. getting an early start on route
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73. near the atlantic city expressway. a few cars. it's a little early for that. northbound/southbound still moving along just fine on route 73. on the pa turnpike we'll check the rest of our majors. no problems westbound. 22 minute trip from route 1 towards valley forge. rest of our drive times through the philadelphia area 95 southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway, 13 minute trip and 13 minutes if you're headed into center city on the schuylkill. tracy. there's a new twist in the death of blues legend bb king. next, his daughter's claim that it wasn't an accident. >> reporter: tracy, a new study shows that the deer tick population in pennsylvania is exploding. coming up what you need to know if you spend any time outside.
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it's 4:15. following breaking news just into the "nbc 10 news" room. this is from strawberry mansion. firefighters battling a fire that spread to two homes. investigators tell us there were people in one of the homes at the time. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is headed to the scene. we're making phone calls. we'll have a live report as soon as matt gets there. we're also following breaking news out of iraq where iraqi forces have launched a new attack to push isis out of the western city of ramadi. this happened just in the past hour. icy captured the city earlier this month and it marked a major defeat for the iraqi forces which had been making progress against isis with the help of u.s.-led airstrikes. funeral services will be held today for the nebraska police officer who was killed in the line of duty last week. officer carrie roscoe was
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helping serve an arrest warrant when she was shot. she was supposed to start maternity leave the day that she was gunned down. the city of cleveland could announce today that it's reached a settlement with the justice department over use of excessive force and civil rights violations by the city's police department. this comes three days after a white police officer was acquitted in the shooting death of two unarmed african-american people after a car chase in 2012. dozens of people appeared in court in cleveland yesterday. they had been arrested over the weekend during protests over that not guilty verdict. most of the charges were for failure to disperse. 4:16. we have new information in the death of blues legend bbk. las vegas police say as of right now they are not investigating his death despite allegations by two of hits daughters that he was poisoned. the daughters say they were not allowed to visit their father in
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the final days. they believe king's business manager and personal assistant gave the musician something to quicken his death. b.b. king died earlier this month at 89. las vegas police say any action would depend on autopsy results which could take up to two months. in florida, one person drowned. more than 150 people were rescued as rough surf created dangerous rip currents near daytona beach. conditions were so bad yesterday that rescuers needed rescuing. at least three people are still missing after swimming and boating incidents from daytona to miami over the weekend. new this morning, here at home with the cold winter you'd think most of the ticks would have been killed off, but the population is exploding in our area. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live in pennypack park. >> reporter: this is concerning
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to a lot of people including those who spend a lot of time outside. pennypack park is a great spot. deer particulars live in every county in pennsylvania. they are also called black legged ticks and they carry lyme disease which if not treated can cause serious illness of the heart, nervous system and joints. now ticks can live in hot or cold weather where there's high humidity. what we're experiencing over the next few days. because of this recent expansion of deer ticks, health officials warn there are as higher risk of lyme disease. we spoke to one local family who say they have been finding ticks on their family pet and their children much more frequently this year than any time before. so we're going to share with you their story and also tell you ways that they are preventing their pets and their kids from getting bit.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coming up on 4:19. 65 degrees. 57 is the normal temperature for the morning this time of year. so we're above normal and completely clear. the parkling view from the comcast center. 63 right now in mount pocono. 68 in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city is at 63. in fact the entire region is in the 60s right now. sunshine will be bright at the shore. temperatures, that's going to be the cool spot. cape may in the lower 70s this afternoon with bright sunshine. not as much wind as yesterday. right now an 8-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. calm for mount holly, allentown and for reading. sunshine, that will be bright today. we'll see clouds stay farther north and west. the rain bearing clouds not coming for us today. you'll need your sunglasses
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today. tomorrow it will turn warmer and more humid and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms will be rolling into the area tomorrow afternoon. see a little activity to our west and to our southwest. look at the storms raging across louisiana and into mississippi this morning. heavy downpours and severe weather there. not expecting severe weather to our area. the future weather shows the possibility of some heavy downpours for tomorrow. we're talking late-day storms. this is this afternoon. showers staying in central pennsylvania as we go into tonight it stays dry. by tomorrow morning we will start the day dry. we'll start with some sunshine. feel the humidity in the air. look at the rain developing. a possibility of heavy downpours late tomorrow. today, sunny, breezy warm temperatures in the 80s by early this afternoon and topping out closer to 90 later today. seven day forecast coming up in the next half hour. 20 minutes past 4:00 people
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who wanted to enjoy every last minute of their holiday weekend will finally be heading back home. it was bumper to bumper traffic on the atlantic city expressway. aaa said there would be several people who would travel because of lower gas prices. they saw waves throughout the day. you might get one between 11 and 12 and the last one is usually 5:00 that work crowd goes to work. >> a lot of drivers told us the hot weather encouraged them to stay a little bit longer before heading back. let's see if people have started to make the early morning trek back into the real world. back into reality. jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> tracy, we're definitely expecting some people to extend their holiday and head home now. monitoring the shore cameras.
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garden state parkway near the great egg toll plaza, no problems. if you're headed to the airport on 95 headed through the philadelphia area no problems. 6 minutes northbound or southbound from the blue route up to namens road. mass transit if you're taking that this morning and have to travel that way, no problems for amtrak new jersey transit or septa. we'll check on more coming up. tracy. ♪ ♪ a patriotic display aboard the "battleship new jersey" was there as 50 people became united states citizens during a naturalization ceremony. after that there was a wreath laying ceremony to honor the sacrifices made by our nation's military. as the country observes memorial day, the family of an
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iraq soldier urges people to learn more about the soldiers. travis manion pham died. the foundation encourages all-americans to celebrate the holiday by learning the specifics of a fallen hero's story. >> the way he was, he wouldn't have wanted this to be about him, he would want it to be about all the people you see on the website. >> each and every one has a family. each and every one has somebody that loved them dearly. >> before travis left for his second tour of duty his family voiced concern, afraid that someone less prepared might be sent if he did not go again. he told his family if not me, then who? it's 4:23. students looking for a summer job could be out of luck. next, the chain that is limiting the number of opportunities for young workers.
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it's 4:26. 69 degrees outside. a landmark diner is closed in gloucester county after nearly four decades in business. memorial day was the last day for the freeway diner. they've been there for 37 years. the family says it's time for them to retire and for them to retire the business. well when school comes to a close students usually trade in their books for summer jobs but they are becoming harder and harder to find the jobs. drexel university economist paul harrington showed us his new research which suggests more older and foreign born workers are taking jobs that used to be filled by students.
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the job market is particularly slim. it is in the bottom three cities for teen employment in the country. they suggest students find as an adult to act as a reference to hem them land a new job. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> a warm start this morning. right now it is 65 degrees at 4:27. and you're looking at a clear view across the delaware of center city from the adventure a care yump. we will see lots of sunshine today and the temperatures will be inching higher than they were on memorial day. heading out the door right now jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. jessica. >> bill, we're looking live right now at 95 through the work zone around cottman avenue. you can see we're only losing out that right hand shoulder. all lanes getting by. 13 minutes headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. more coming up. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is heading to the scene of this fire that's spread to two homes in philadelphia's strawberry mansion. his live update in the next half
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"nbc 10" breaking news. >> we are following breaking news for you this morning. a house fire spreads to two houses. we are live on the scene. we're going to look at what firefighters are doing to get this under control. new this morning, a new jersey man dies of a rare illness. now they're tracking his travels to make sure it didn't spread. heating up. hue mitd at this kicking in, we'll be pushing 90. details on that. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc


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