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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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p that breaking news sources tell "nbc 10" that police could have an arrest warrant for a suspected sexual predator in south philadelphia as early as today. lightning in maine. flooding in texas and new jersey and some destructive storms in ohio. we have new video from a wild week of weather. here at home mother nature much quieter conditions for us today, and the humidity has dropped as well. all that steaminess we had in the air yesterday morning is almost out of here but there could be son rain out of here. "nbc 10 news" on this friday. the development for the search for the serial predator in
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philadelphia. let's get to meteorologist brittney shipp this morning. >> it was sticky and steamy. less humid, which is great. it will feel more comfortable. our temperatures are still going to be about average at 87 degrees for a daytime high. starting off. right now we are seeing temperatures in philadelphia at 70 degrees. 60 in pottstown, 58 in allentown, 58 in mount pocono, 66 in atlantic city. if you're waking up with us at wildwood, 68 degrees as well. next eight hours will help you plan friday. 6:00 a.m. 68 degrees. 9:00 a.m. 73. it will be a warm lunchtime once again with temperatures in the low 80s. as far as today is concerned, we will see temperatures ranging between 85 and 88 degrees. average for this time of year is closer to 77 degrees. well above average. i am tracking big changes. we're going to drop down into the 50s. let's check in with first alert
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traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> brittney, there's a broken down vehicle on quigley avenue. we're out on the vine street expressionex expressway where we're doing okay. the schuylkill expressway will jam up first. 3 minutes from 95 to the schuylkill. the rest of the drive times in the majors around the philadelphia area no problems headed into center city on 95 and the schuylkill and the blue route 14-minute trip there. we'll check in with new jersey coming up in 10. chris. jessica, back in for the breaking news. sources tell us that philadelphia police could have an arrest warrant as early as today in the south philadelphia sexual assault case. we have new details on the evidence that let to that arrest
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warrant. jesse gary is live for us outside the special victims unit in juniata. >> reporter: chris, detectives collected bags of evidence from the suspect's house. inside those bags in part red gloves. remember detectives saying that the suspect said the suspect was wearing red gloves and dna evidence. recently released surveillance video proved key. police say it showed the suspect as he leaves the victim's home on south philadelphia. he steals her car, moves it a few blocks goes back to the house, allegedly sexually assaults her. the man's mother is pleading that he turns himself in before he's cornered by detectives. >> anything can happen to him. he can get killed or something. i'll be even more devastated if that happens. >> reporter: investigators believe this is the same man responsible for a similar attack in philadelphia in late march. in had a case the victim's children helped fight off the criminal forcing him to leave. in the next 30 minutes we'll
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have more on the evidence and the possible arrest warrant that could come sometime later today as well as reaction from detectives. live outside special victim's unit in juniata. jesse gary "nbc 10 news." new from overnight, another murder in chester. police say someone fired at least 30 shots on west third street late last night hitting four people. one of the victims died. there's no word on the conditions of the other three. there have been no arrests yet. unpleasant odor coming from a suitcase led police to discover a man's body near philadelphia international airport yesterday. jim martin showed us the spot near 2nd street where he spotted that suitcase. martin said he smelled something odd but he thought he was imagining things. another citizen also noticed the smell and called police who unzipped the bag to find a man's body stuffed inside. >> i mean it's not a gently traveled road. it's off the beaten path.
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that's why i choose to walk back here with the animals. >> it's scary. you never know. it's very very scary. >> police say the body belongs to a man in his 20s. an autopsy will find out how he died. happening today, the trial began for the woman accused of burning down the home of a police officer. donna krupp blamed that officer for her son's arrest. authorities say last december krupp torched the house of ernie morris, her next door neighbor. morris and his family were out of town at the time of the fire. 4:05 now. this weekends marks one year since philanthropist louis kats died in a plane crash. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live. katy, i imagine emotions will be running hayat the ceremony
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today. >> reporter: that's right, chris. many of the students and staff knew louis katz. they have a legacy in camden in this charter school which is named after them. the pair co-founded it three years ago. today students will create a butterfly garden in honor of katz and dalsey. their plane crashed outside of boston. at the time of his death he was born and raised in the same area of camden where he started this school. coming up in the next hour you will hear from students about the legacy he's leaving in camden and the impact he personally had on them. reporting live in camden along the waterfront katy zachry "nbc 10 news." 4:06. 69 degrees. we have new information on a deadly case of lassa fever in new jersey.
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lassa fever is a viral disease common to west africa. the cdc says health officials helped identify dozens of people who possibly had contact with a man who died of the illness. six of those people are at high risk of lassa fever. the victim returned to the u.s. on a flight that originated from liberia. he showed the symptoms aboard the plane but he later went to a hospital in newark with a sore throat and fatigue. the cdc has not released his name nor said where he lives in new jersey. look at this people in ocean county are still cleaning up this morning after torrential downpours led to flash flooding there. low lying areas of toms river remained underwater hours after the thunderstorm. more than 4 inches of rain fell in a short amount of time. the flooding stranded drivers who were headed home from work. when the skies cleared 8-year-old blake whitcomb walked out to his mail box and watched the cars. >> a tow truck came and pulled
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the cars out and then somebody came and almost flooded the entire road. >> somebody driving through? >> yeah. >> now police say that flooding stranded more than 30 vehicles. fortunately, no one was hurt. check out this new video of more flooding in texas. a man in north texas watched as a ball hoop just floated past his house on wednesday. another symbol of the wild week that it's been in the lone star state in terms of the weather. the death toll from flooding in texas and oklahoma is now up to 25. more than a dozen people still missing. look at this at the height of the flooding this family recorded a wall of water bursting into their home. the river has now fallen below flood stage after cresting yesterday. this week's record rain has swelled rivers in texas so much that they may not go back down to their normal levels until july. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp.
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>> good morning. as we head into the rest of your work week the end of your work week we are going to see temperatures today just a few degrees cooler than yesterday. you'll really notice a difference in the humidity. that's the big difference. 70 degrees, mild start this morning. northeast at 7 miles per hour. dry air heading in. we will still be above average. 68 grease in the poconos, 66 in atlantic city. temperatures in mount holly at 66 degrees as well. we will see a mix of sun and clouds. 73 degrees by 9:00 a.m. by the time we head out for lunch, 81 degrees. daytime highs today once again at 87. yesterday we didn't quite hit 90 we were at 89. we were flirting with the 90s. that's over. especially by monday we'll see a big drop in temperatures. highs at 81. it will be less humid. we'll see the wind speeds shifting from the northeast to the south 5 to 10 miles per
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hour. coming up i'm tracking less humidity for you. the chances of weekend rain i'll let you know what's the best day to run your errands. cooler temperatures on the way. i'll have all the details coming up in my seven day forecast. >> thank you, brittney. time to get a jump on traffic before you head out on your friday day for work or wherever you're going. hopefully vacation. "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica? >> chris, we are checking in on new jersey through the work zone on 295, we have a pretty active scene. black horse pike southbound side flashing lights. lane restrictions and the shoulder is being blocked. part of the northbound side as well. dealing with some lane restrictions. not affecting your drive times, just something to watch out. 13 minutes from 38 up towards this point at the black river pike and no problems headed
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northbound as well. we are still dealing with a sinkhole for emergency repair. the white horse pike westbound avenue to haddon avenue is currently closed. berlin, take local detours posted around the area to get through. as for mass transit there's no problems for septa, new jersey transit or amtrak. answering to congress. the next step that begins next week. and what passengers are hearing about the luggage that was damaged in the accident. >> these ads created quite a controversy. the new steps that the transit agent sid is taking to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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let's recap our breaking news. developments we confirmed before we went on the air at 4:00 a.m. sources say the police department in philadelphia could issue an arrest warrant for the man they suspect being behind two sexual assaults in south philadelphia. overnight police searched the home of the suspect. they say according to sources that confirmed that that they found some red gloves that the suspect was identified wearing during the attack and found some sneakers that match shoe prints at the scene on monday. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is working on the story getting us some information. we'll have a live report at the scene at 4:30. if you haven't seen this come to your tv and look at this. video from lake wood ocean county. watch the pickup truck swerve around another car and go around a school bus. it is unbelievable. another driver happened to have a dash camera.
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authorities saw that video and tracked down this suspected driver. let's show you his face. alfonso rodriguez-rojas. he faces several violations. reckless driving, driving with suspended license. he shouldn't have been behind the wheel. it is 4:15 now. next week members of congress will question the president of amtrak about the deadly derailment in philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. the house transportation committee will hold a hearing next tuesday. amtrak's president joseph boardman will testify along with members from the ntsb and federal railroad administration. the amtrak train derailed in port richmond over two weeks ago. eight people killed more than 200 injured. we've also learned that amtrak has been in contact with passengers. a spokesperson tells us quote, amtrak scenes are in the process of assessing, cataloging and returning personal property
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items to passengers from train 188. we are worksing as quickly, carefully as possible to expedite the process. we have new information on the anthrax scare involving military laboratories in delaware and new jersey. a commercial army that may have received live anthrax viles could reopen next week. the unidentified lab will be decontaminated over the next few weeks. federal officials are working to find out how the live virus could have been shipped. no one has become ill but lab workers are taking antibiotics. in a grand jury indictment hastert is accused of violating banking laws to pay off a long-time acquaintance. he's accused of lying to the fbi. he retired from congress in 2007
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after eight years as a speaker. if convicted he could get up to 10 years in prison. 4:16. delaware republicans opened their state convention. former hewlett-packard ceo will be karly fiorina. they'll choose leaders for upcoming elections. >> this morning i announced i am a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states! >> and might as well. everyone else is joining in the race. former new york governor george pataki joined the race. the republican announcing his race in new hampshire. pataki promised to scale back what he called an increasingly intrusive government. >> let the next decade be the decade where america proves to the world, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> more announcements expected
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soon. ted cruz rand paul marco rubio, rick santorum karly fiorina and mike huckabee. for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in the running. 4:18 now. from our south jersey bureau gov floor chris christie is changing his mind about common core school standards. he now says they're not working. during a speech at burlington college, he says the standards have brought confusion and frustration. it spells out the academic skills that students should match at each great level. the governor stopped short but he did say it's not enough. >> it's time to have standards that are even higher and that come directly from our own communities. in my view this can be done by adopting standards from our own
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states. >> most states have adopted common core standards but they're unpopular. happening today another event showcasing cartoons of the prophet muhammad is planned for outside a community center in phoenix. the two gunmen were frequent visitors of that islamic center in phoenix. the event is being billed as a peaceful protest for second amendment rights. muslim sz view the cartoons as disturbing. septa is taking a new tep. septa says it won't run any ads that involve religion and politics. they made the decision yesterday. they say this will allow the agency to have more control over what is on the side of their
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buses. >> not going to run any ads that concern illegal issues any ads that defame or disparage any person or any group of persons. now some civil liberties advocates oppose this ban saying it infringes on free speech. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. there's a live look outside right now at the aramark building. breezy conditions as we head into the less of the afternoon. less humidity which will be nice. it will feel more comfortable. weekend rain will maimly affect your sunday. temperatures cool down between sunday and monday. live look outside right now. you can see those flags moving. in cape may we're at 66 degrees. humidity at 78%. wind speeds out of the east southeast at 3 miles per hour. we'll see wind speeds picking up as we head into the rest of the afternoon and throughout the
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rest of the region reading at 62, 66 in atlantic city. temperatures in philadelphia at 70 degrees with just a few clouds. throughout the rest of the area, poconos, 68 degrees. 68 in wilmington. 24 hour temperature change map shows we're down about 6 degrees. the poconos down 6 degrees in allentown allentown. we are checking out a few showers here mainly to the west of dover moving out of baltimore. we could see a few of those showers transitioning into the central and southern parts of delaware. for the most part we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds. for texas another round of rough weather where you can see all the heavy downpours moving through the dallas area stretching down into houston. we will see some of this moisture head our way. most of the moisture throughout the plains states as we get into sunday. by saturday we are going to see a few scattered showers. more like sprinkles. for the most part we stay dry. by sunday at noon that's when we
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start to see widespread rainfall. pockets of heavy downpours. as we push into sunday evening you'll notice more rain on the way. as far as today is concerned, we'll be a few degrees cooler. 85 in quaker town 85 degrees the high in doylestown. 81 in cape may. 77 in rehoboth beach around philadelphia area. 87 degrees. our temperatures again, about 10 degrees warmer than the average for this time of year. range between 85 and 88 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds and less humid than what you saw yesterday. seven day forecast shows as we push into the rest of the weekend, temperatures will dop down a bit on sunday. take a look at the difference from sunday to monday. into the high 50s. the ac gets a break next week. nice brittney. thanks. another check of the roads on the early friday morning. "nbc 10" traffic reporter jessica boyington will let us know if there's anything to slow you down on the roads. >> it is friday chris.
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we are a little slow so far. it's still early. we'll check in with the schuylkill expressway around spring garden street and see no problems. westbound or eastbound, 12-minute trip from the vine street expressway up towards the blue route. no problems in either direction. on the pa turnpike the same story there. you can see cars all nice and green. definitely some good news. as for the area no problems on the ben, tacony-palmyra or the walt whitman getting in or out of the city. next we have news about the specific cars from the massive airbags recall. we'll tell you which ones are more likely to be affected. then wild weather. brittney mentioned it. we'll show you the most stunning images next.
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4:26. new video. a business in ohio released surveillance video showing the force of a storm that passed through wednesday night. wind whipping up snapping trees and then sending an air conditioning unit crashing on to cars in the parking lot. blew it right off the top of the building. the national weather service confirmed that this storm was a tornado. look at this video from maine. lightning makes a direct hit on a church steeple there. despite the old saying that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, because that church has been hit before the lightning knocked some of the shingles off the church and damaged the electrical lightning. lightning hit in 2007 starting a fire. new information on the airbag recall we've been telling you about all week. we're now learning some car
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models -- about some of the car models being added to that recall. they include hundreds of thousands of hondas, bmws, fords, and fiat chrysler vehicles. a total of 11 automakers are involved in the takata airbag recall. some 34 million vehicles are involved in the recall. takata airbag inflate jurors can explode with too much force sending metal pieces flying. six people have died. more than 100 have been injured. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> and i am tracking a less humid day. also temperatures will drop down a few degrees. plus weekend rain and temperatures dropping all the way into the 50s. all of that is coming up in the seven day forecast. plus nascar speeds into dover this weekend. the changes fans will notice at the track and on tv.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. in just the last 40 minutes "nbc 10" learned that philadelphia police could issue an arrest warrant today for a serial predator wanted for attacking two women. we are live with the breaking developments. >> oh, no! >> as a wild week of weather comes to an end in texas, new video shows the terror that people lived through. and here at home get ready for lower humidity today. plus rain and a cooldown ahead for the weekend. 4:30. 69 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. are you ready for the weekend? >> absolutely. >> about ready to happen. let's


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