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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right fou atnow at 11:00, the key clues. gloves and sneakers. happening right now, philadelphia police detective are scouring the city searching for a suspect wanted for attacking women in their homes on rosewood and chad wick streets. multiple sources tell nbc 10 an arrest warrant will be issued today. jesse has been monitoring the search all morning. what's the latest. >> reporter: i've been checking in with detectives with the special victims unit all morning long. so far no word on an arrest.
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this is in the point breeze section of south philadelphia. several construction workers in that area didn't want to go on camera say they have seen the suspect in the case in the weeks leading up to the crime but not since then. police say it shows the man as he leaves the victim's south philadelphia home early monday morning. he steals the car, moves it a few blocks and goes back to the victim's house and sexually assaults her. the suspect's mother fears he could be killed if a con front with police turns violent. >> anything can happen to him. you can get killed or something or anything. i'll be even more devastated if that happens. >> reporter: police believe it's the same suspect responsible for a crime in philadelphia late march.
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police found orange gloves and sneakers. the victim from monday says the attacker was wearing orange gloves and sneakers. they also collected dna evidence. i'll have an update in the next 30 minutes. >> we'll see you with that update in half an hour. we have information on the shooting in chester delaware county. police found a total of four victims shot late last night. authorities say two gunmen opened fire on the group. a 21-year-old is dead at the scene. the fourth victim, a 47-year-old man is being treated at the hospital. there's been no arrests. also happening police made an arrest in the stabbing in south philadelphia that left two men injured. this happened on daily street at about 6:30 this morning. nbc 10 was at the scene a short time ago where police found that
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knife. investigators say the two men were stab and cut multiple times. both are at the hospital. one listed in critical condition. at least 200 people needed to be rescued from rising flood waters. rescue crews used boats to reach stranded drivers. at least five inches of rain fell overnight in parts of north texas. >> reporter: this underbasspass was the scene of massive rescue. listen to this sound. that's the sound of dallas drying out after a wild night of swift water rescues and people trapped in cars. this underpass, we couldn't see the vehicles. now you can see there are six
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vehicles completely covered in water. we could not see them. the real dangerous situation was happening with this vehicle. this brand new bmw. he couldn't get out of his vehicle because there was so much water around him. he couldn't push the doors open so he had to get out through one of these windows. i can see the sunlight as come up. he was very scared in there. he got out. didn't even have an pants on. just had shorts on. he didn't have any shoes. he had to go over to the convenient store and call whoever he could. his cousin picked him up. this was a terrible night for the city of dallas. the office of emergency management told us there were no casualties in this.
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there was no major property damage except for these cars. they will all be heading to the junk yard. back to you. >> that's pretty amazing. this was the scene yesterday in toms river, ocean county. some had to push their cars out. police say more than 30 drivers got stuck. here is a look at the latest storms that could impact our weekend. right now it's all clear skies in center city. perfect picture friday. >> our humidity has gone down from yesterday. we're going to see warm temperatures. 87 will be our high today. right now throughout philadelphia we're seeing warm start to the late morning, early afternoon. wind speeds out of the east at 9
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miles an hour. 68 degrees in the poconos. 77 in redding. we're at 79 in blue bell. 75 in washington township. mid-70s in wilmington. 68 degrees in avalon. it's ten degrees warmer in millville and 64 in louis. over the next eight hours our high today 87. by 7:00 p.m. a mix of sun and clouds and our temperatures in the low 80s. it's going to be nice if you want to head out for dinner later on. temperatures ranging between 85 and 88 degrees. i am tracking changes as we head into the weekend. don't forget you can get the forecast no matter where you are this weekend with the nbc 10 weather app. we have new information on the anthrax scare. another sample of live anthrax has been discovered.
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an army facility in utah found one bacteria eradiated years ago. there's no word if it contains live anthrax. today there's reports out of europe that says italian authorities are representing archdiocese in an embezzlement case. he's in charge of organizing the pope's visit to philadelphia in the fall. he was in philadelphia in march to promote a fund-raiser for the world meeting of families. prosecutors are looking at whether he help arrange a purchase of a historic castle using church money. he's denied any wrong doing.
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today people are remember's katz's legacy of giving. right now students are planting flowers that will attract butterflies outside of the school. the garden is in honor of the school's founder. >> for the kids to have such a colorful place that attracts a free spirit kind of encompasses what the two of them meant. >> i think it provides a safe healthy environment. somewhere they can call home away from home. i think they love it. they do it. they love it here. >> at the time of his death katz co-owned the philadelphia enquirer and left the mark on some old rer students.
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now to decision 2016. reports that donald trump could be ready to jump into the race for the white house. the washington post confirmed the real estate mogul will make major announcement on june 16th. that will be at trump tower in new york city. the next day he plans to head to new hampshire. chris christie hasn't made up his mind about 2016 yet. he's at the shore to promote tourism. today she's the keynote speaker as delaware republicans open up their state convention in wilmington. >> this morning i announce i'm a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. >> former new york governor george pataki entered the race
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yesterday. he announced his campaign in new hampshire. he promised to school back what he called an intrusive government. >> the decade that america proves to the world you ain't seen nothing yet. >> he's one of eight major gop candidates officially running for president. the others are ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio, dr. ben carson and mike huckabee. as for the democrats only hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running so far. there's a push to end delaware's estate tax this summer. lawmakers introduced the plan yesterday to get rid of the tax starting july 1st. it only created $1.3 million last year. a review panel says delaware's estate tax could be persuading wealthy folks to move to another state. today the medical examiner will try to id man's body found
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in a suitcase. we saw the spot where the suitcase was spotted yesterday. he said he smelled something odd but he thought he was imagining things and another citizen noticed the same odor and that citizen called police who unzipped the bag to find man's body stuffed inside. the body belongs to man in his 20s. new this morning, organizers of philadelphia's annual hero thrill change in the line up will not honor the police officers acquitted of corruption as was originally planned.
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warning this morning, lock your cars. someone broke into nine cars in the mountain view neighborhood in bucks county. they stole money, headphone, lap tos and credit cards. the thieves did not break into any locked vehicles. the dangers pilots face in cockpit. also the public entered the new world trade center observatory. the maneuver one driver made that has him in a lot of hot water with police and parents. we'll stay dry today and also warm and above average. i amtraking tracking changes.
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there's a new view of new york city today. the one world trade center observatory officially opened about two hours ago. visitors can get a view of 1250 feet. you can see about 50 miles past the manhattan skyline. tickets are $32 for adults and 26 for children and $30 for seniors. officials say three to four million visitors a year. >> i want to see the empire state building.
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go from the ground level up to floor 102 your ears will pop. the workers in blue feel free to ask them any question. step right up, touch the screen and learn about any neighborhood in new york city. here we are up here you get a view of the street below. >> it engages modern technology to teach you about new york. there's a sense of just a fist pump and going forward. the building's back up.
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fifa voted whether or not to keep its current leader. we don't have the results yet. the decision happened days after a scandal rocked the soccer world. he's refused to resign after 14 people in his organization were indicted on charges including fraud and bribery. if he's reelected this would be his fifth term add fifa president. the u.s. said it will vote for prince hussein, his only challenger. fifa postponed a news conference that was supposed to happen after the vote. we'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear from the winner. the tributes will continue over the next two days for b.b. king. a public viewing will happen today in his hometown followed by a funeral tomorrow. he died last week at the age of 89. yesterday the city of memphis, tennessee held a procession for
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him. that's the city where king got his nickname blues boy later shortened to bb. a strong earthquake rattled the coast of alaska today. a 6.7 magnitude quake was centered in the ocean. no damage was reported. there's no threat of a possible tsunami. tsunami. authorities in japan have order an entire island to be evacuated. the people are safe and operations are under way to get them off the small island. good morning. you're taking a live look outside now. it's going to be a beautiful day.
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the difference between today and yesterday is we're going to see less humidity. that's going to be a nice change. our temperatures will stay warm and above average. as we take a closer look outside right now you can see the sun is shining brightly and as we head into saturday we are going to start to see a little more clouds moving in. by sunday we're dealing with rainfall. from philadelphia 78 degrees. wind speeds out of east at 9 miles an hour. 76 in pottstown. mid-70s in west chester. 75 in wilmington. low 70s in dover. in stone harbor we're at 68 degrees. not a bad way to start off your weekend. satellite radar shows a few clouds mainly situated over delaware. the rest of the region we're going to see plenty of sunshine as we push into tend of your friday. it is rough for parts of minneapolis, kansas city even stretching down into parts of dallas and houston where we're
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seeing flash flood watch that will stay in effect until saturday. we could see a few scattered sprinkles near the lehigh valley and into the poconos on saturday. it's sunday that all the rainfall gets here. this will be closer to your afternoon hours but by 7:00 p.m. we're dealing with widespread moderate rain throughout philadelphia. allentown stretching out to lancaster county and working its way down into parts of atlantic city. this will linger into your monday and even into tuesday. the big difference between sunday and monday are our temperatures are really going to drop down. as far as today is concerned we are still going to be above average. 80 degrees will be the high. allentown, 80s and quakertown 87. mid-80s in mount hollie. 75 in atlantic city. 81 in cape may. around the philadelphia area 87 degrees today. 88 in drexel hill.
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today our range will be between 85 and 88 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. less humid for us and as we head into the weekend this is where all the changes happen. between today and tomorrow our temperatures stay the same but we'll still be warm with a few clouds. by sunday we have chance of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures drop down a little bit. down to 77 degrees. take a look at this huge difference as the cold front drops our temperatures. by monday rainy, chilly daytime highs only in the high 50s. 62 on tuesday with more rain. we dry out heading into wednesday and thursday we will be back to average. straight ahead this morning, takedown outside a gun shop where a thief try to hide an assault rifle. plus one couple must have all the answers. why even presidents and celebrities are amazed.
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the faa is investigating after several pilots reported a green laser was pointed at their planes over long island. the planes were 8,000 feet in the air when it happened between 9:30 and 10:00 last night. the flights affected included one from american airline, one from shuttle america and two from delta. no one was hurt and the flights continued without incident. the faa has alerted the new york
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state park police. pointing a laser at an airplane is a federal crime. man stuck an assault rifle down his pants and walked out of this miami area gun store. it was all caught on video. the man acted funny in the store so he followed him outside and wrestled the gun away and tackled him. police caught up with the suspect a short time later. the bachelor party ended in a not so festive way in texas. 16 men were on a houseboat early this morning when storms ripped it from its moorings along with the boat and entire dock. the houseboat was still attached to a service cable on land but continued floating farther into the lake. rescue crews were able to reach themen and ferry them back to the shore. no one was hurt. next the moment your home becomes a rushing river. the video has gone viral. a driver's illegal move to get
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in front of a local bus all caught on video. we continue to wait for the break in the case against a sexual predator wanted for two attacks on women. we'll have a live report, next.
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our top stories right now. police in delaware county are searching for two gunmen who shot four people overnight. a 21-year-old died at the scene in chester. two teenagers and a man are being treated. the youngest of those victims is just 14 years old. two attacks on women. today an arrest warrant will be issued for a suspect in a sex a assault case in south philadelphia. we spoke with multiple sources and got an update. what's the latest? >> reporter: the update is there's no arrest warntsrant right
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now. the suspect has violated his probation from past. right now no arrest warrant. this is video shot earlier today in the neighborhood around where they are searching. the point breeze neighborhood. talked to some construction workers who did not want to go on camera. they say they had seen the suspect in the weeks leading up monday's crime but not since then. we're not going to name him until he's arrested or charged in the case. it shows the man as leaves the home early monday morning. moves the car a few blocks and goes back to the victim's house assaults her. the suspect's mother is fearing for his life. she wants him to turn himself in. investigators say they executed a search warrant at his home over in south philadelphia and they found orange gloves and sneakers tennis shoes. it's important because the victim from monday says the attacker was wearing orange
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gloves and sneakers. the headline of the hour right now, according to police, no arrest warrant yet. they are continuing to search for this suspect. we'll continue to update this story all through the day. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. police are searching for this suspect who attacked man in west philadelphia and robbed him. the victim said the taker followed him out of this supermarket and then down the street. there the suspect punched the man in face while the victim was on the ground the attacker grabbed his cell phone and eight dollars from his pocket. the victim was treated for head injuries at the hospital. i guess for the women and especially their hair the humidity not real high so it's a good day. >> it's a good day but mine is still not acting right. one day we'll get it together. current temperature, 68 in the poconos. it's warm start in pottstown at
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76. we're at 75 in wilmington. take a look at atlantic city at 76 degrees and 73 in wildwood. average for this time of year is 77 degrees. you probably wouldn't believe it because the temperatures have been close to 90 for most of the week. as we head into the rest of today, 87 degrees to kick off your weekend another 87 degree day. we are going to see changes as we head into sunday. i am tracking rain and temperatures will drop down to 77 degrees. rain and thunderstorms coming up. i'll time it out for you. i'll let you know how long the rain will stick around and when you can expect the heaviest downpours. parts of dallas, texas are dealing with flash flooding this morning. more than 200 people were rescued overnight.
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most were believed to be in cars. this is the latest severe weather that pummelled the state this week. >> oh no. >> take a look at this flooding. a homeowner used her cell phone to shoot this video of water bursting into the first floor of her home while she and her family were upstairs. fortunately, help got there quickly. >> pulled up with a boat and from the second story window we climbed into the boat. i was holding my daughter. >> her husband and two other people also got out safely. she says while the house will need repairs, they are just grateful to have survived the ordeal. the trial continues for the suspect accused in a shooting rampage in a colorado movie theater. prosecutors plan to play video of an interview a psychiatrist had with james holmes after his arrest. the trial is in its fifth week.
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he pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. 12 people were murdered in the theater and 70 others injures. firefighters are looking for the cause of an apartment fire overnight. a fire broke out in the second story apartment. one person suffered burns. firefighters put out a fire at a rowhome in clifton heights. this started in the rear of the home. no one was hurt. police in delaware county say there could be hrmore victims after a man assaulted two women in two days. yesterday police arrested paul curtis on indecent assault charges. he approached a woman jogging on a trail and hit her on the rear end. the next day he did something similar to a woman outside a restaurant in media. police are asking any other
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victims to contact them. take a look at this video from lakewood ocean county. the pickup truck swerved around car and passed a school bus that stopped. another driver with a dash cam recorded this yesterday morning on county line road. authority who is saw this video tracked down the suspected driver. alfonso rodriguez faces several violations including reckless driving, passing a stopped school bus and driving with a suspended license. stink bugs found their way into a shipment of pineapples at a philadelphia port. inspectors found the stink bug at penn terminal in the 50,000 pound shipment of the group. they were headed for florida. the stink bug is native to south american countries. nascar's biggest names are in our area.
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the speedway will look a little different. huge pieces of grand stand have been removed to make it appear more crowded in person and also on tv. speedway officials say that means more energy and excitement. >> the seats were undesirable. >> expectations were so high and things tapered off a bit. now i think we're getting back to what's realistic. >> dover added a new higher safety fence. ticket packages aimed at families. tickets are still available for this weekend's races. a travel alert for your friday night. i-95 south as drivers get to the gerard avenue interchange because of bridge construction two lanes will be closed from 10:00 to 5:00 a.m. while crews install sound wall posts. this is part of the $39 million project to rebuild and widen
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i-95. governor chris christie is changing his mind about common core school standards. the standards have brought confusion and frustration during a spot and burling ton county college yesterday. the standard spell out the academic skill students should master at each grade level. the governor stopped short of abandoning the program but he did say it's not enough. >> it's time to have standards that are higher and that come directly from our own communities. in my view this new era can be greater by adopting new standards right here in our state not 200 miles away on the banks of the potomac river. >> most states have adopted the common core standard but they're unpopular among parents and teachers. still ahead, they are hoping for a smashing success. we'll talk a chef about a big event this weekend. i am tracking changes as we
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head into the weekend. rain on sunday plus cooler temperatures. i'll let you know in our forecast. machine
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. scherenschnitte.
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>> correct. >> nunatak. >> correct. >> for the second year in the row there's a tie at the national spelling bee. an 8th grader from missouri and an 8th grader from kansas are co-champions. they were so good the bee ran out of words. one pair celebrating their 70th year of marriage. as nbc reports celebrities dignitaries and presidents are wishing them congratulations. >> we're going to hang onto all of this. >> reporter: pictures autographs handwritten notes. >> i didn't expect nothing like
11:42 am
this. >> reporter: they stare at the stacks of well wishes covering their coffee table. saying i do when they were just 16 and 17 years old. this year may mark 70 years together. >> it wasn't also smooth. >> there were times i wanted to get the gun. get out of my house. >> reporter: it's a special bond their granddaughter felt deserves special attention. last march she started asking for people congratulating her grandparents for 70 years on facebook and in letters. >> then we wrote the vatican and we got a blessing and then we just went crazy. we wrote everybody. the first one that came was sophia loren. >> reporter: letters kept coming from the president and first lady lady. a handwritten note from george clooney and swarms more stacked up. more than 150 celebrities, politicians and a who's who of
11:43 am
bakers field all celebrating 70. >> i just couldn't believe it. >> just a tremendous amount of what happened was a surprise in the scope of it. we didn't figure it was going to be that big. there it was. >> reporter: all the photos and fanfare were photocopied and made into a book. volumes and praise bound together in 70 years of wedded mat mat matrimony. >> it doesn't seem that long. i remember when. >> these people are amazing. they're fabulous. i love them. i want everyone know about it so they can now how amazing they are. >> 70 years. pretty amazing. it's time to take a bite out of hunger. there's 900,000 people facing
11:44 am
hunger in the delaware valley. stephen wilson the pastry chef at the ritz-carlton. >> it's the signature event back for its fifth year. we challenge bakers profession mall al and amateur to create cup cupcakes. >> tracy davidson was just leaving. she told me she was going to be part of this. she bakes really nice stuff. i didn't realize you were bring this stuff. >> that was thanks to stephen. >> i'll get to stephen in a second. tell us who the money goes to and how it's used.
11:45 am
>> of the people we serve 25% of them are children and 15% are senior citizens. those are the people receiving assistance as we raise money through this cup cake smash event. >> stephen tell us about some of what you brought here. there's an assortment of what you brought. i'm a little sucker for chocolate. tell us what you made. >> the theme is brunch. there's different themes. we decided to bring the chocolate and mocha latte. we've got mimosa cupcakes. >> i love the one with bits of
11:46 am
bacon on top of it. in it's a very popular pastry ingredient these days. when you caramelize it you get the sweet flavor. >> you get the salty and the sweet. how much money do you expect to raise from this event? >> we're hoping to raise $50,000 which will help to provide 100,000 meals to our neighbors throughout the delaware valley. >> it's the entire area. >> yes. >> that you guys help take care of. stephen, how long have you been involved now? >> i've been involved for several years first as a participant and the last to years as a judge. i'm proud to support phil abundance. they asked me to support this year. >> i know you're judging. what are you looking for as a judge? what really catches your eyes? you're looking for presentation an taste in. >> taste is important. the display is nice on the table, that helps the judges get
11:47 am
a good feel for the cupcake. last year i think i ate 14 cupcakes. i said i was going to eat the whole cup cake to make the whole experience. looking forward to some more. >> you have to begin to fast to come to this thing. >> i'll have a little bit to eat before hand so it's not all sugar bomb in my stomach but it's pretty intense. >> we have a crowd here. you can't see behind the cameras but people have gathered. you bring food like this. >> i'm a very popular participant when i come to things like this. >> absolutely. the cupcake smash is this sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 at temple university. you can get more by going to our website at and on our app. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> congratulations. good morning. as we wind down the workweek we'll see warm temperatures
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today but the good thing is less humidity. i'm tracking rain as we head into the weekend and cooler temperatures as you head back to work on monday. a live look outside right now. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds throughout today. 78 in philadelphia. take a look at the humidity down to 48%. our wind speed at 9 miles per hour. 77 in redding. we're in the mid-70s for trenton. at the low 70s in dover. 66 in stone harbor with cooler air coming off the water. our 24 hour temperature change map shows we're down five degrees in the pocono. mostly sunny skies for our area but with the exception of clouds increasing throughout the delaware area stretching from wilmington down to dover and the southern part of delaware. we just want to show you what's happening and we still have flash flood watch that's going to stay in effect until saturday at 7:00 p.m.
11:49 am
that's for the flooding rains that have moved through. dallas stretching down into houston. we're still seeing unsettled weather throughout minneapolis into omaha. we'll see some of the moisture from the system and the cold front closer into the weekend. saturday at 4:00 p.m. just a chance of a few sprinkles. as we head into sunday you'll notice by the time we get into your early afternoon hours we'll start the see light rain moving in. this will pick up in its intensity as we head into the rest of the afternoon and this evening. this is going to continue on and off throughout most of your sunday night even into your early morning hours on monday we're still dealing with rainfall and much cooler temperatures. our future rain amount show we could get quite a soaking with the next system moving through. this adds up the rain through monday. we could pick up 2" for the
11:50 am
poconos. if you're closer to our suburbs to the north and west you could see localized flooding. you want to be careful with that. today our highs around 80 degrees. 88 in allentown. 86 in trenton. 85 in mount holly. we'll see a high of 85 in violet. a mix of sun and clouds for us today but less humidity which is nice. 85 to 88. wind speeds 8 to 15 miles an hour. the wind speed will start to shift and move out of the south as we head into the rest of the afternoon. your seven-day forecast shows changes on the way. temperature wise it's going to be the same tomorrow but by sunday 77 degrees. monday is chilly, rainy, 59. probably will feel like fall or winter with 59 degrees as the daytime high. 62 heading into tuesday. drying up by wednesday. thank you. beaches closed. the goo that's causing problems
11:51 am
for beach goers in california.
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing
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jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪ coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's ellen. then it's nbc news at 4:00.
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the consequences of high-tech hook ups. what experts are saying about the spike in sicknesses and what it may have to do with certain apps on your smartphone. that's this afternoon at 4:00. now to our delaware bureau. it was one year ago engineers noticed several pillars were tilting. the bridge was closed for months so repairs could be made. traffic was rerouted and they are still trying to make up for that lost time. beaches in california could reopen later today if all the tar balls are cleaninged up. seven miles of beaches closed yesterday because of this oily goo. crews removed about 30 cubic yards of tar balls. experts don't think it's connected to an oil spill but they don't know the exact cause either. a consumer alert today,
11:55 am
there's recall of a night light you may have in your home. nantucket is recalling these jars. the plastic around it the lightbulb would melt and burn someone. they were sold at christmas tree shops. if you bought one you can return it to the store for a refund. police are expected to get an arrest warrant today for the suspected sex predator who is targeting women in south philadelphia. police say this is the man they are looking for. surveillance images from monday show him stealing a woman's car, moving it a few blocks and going back to her house where he sexually assaulted her. investigators believe the same man is responsible for a similar attack in march. it was in late march and in that case the victim's children helped fight off the criminal and helped force him to leave. time to get a look at our friday forecast with brittney shipp. >> it's a nice forecast. a little wit onbit on the warm side.
11:56 am
77. we are going to see mostly sunny skies and just a few high thin clouds. now we'll take you down to boathouse row where we expect to see breezy conditions throughout the day. we'll have northeasterly wind speeds shift to the south later on this afternoon and down the shore. that's always nice in my book. we'll see temperatures in the mid 7-70s for today. by sunday we track rain. the chance of thunderstorms. a high of 77 degrees. then we really drop down. take a look at monday. rainy and chilly. we recover with our temperatures midweek. >> looks like it's going to be good. thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day and a terrific weekend.
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>> kate: good morning. i just wanted to stop by on my way to the office to apologize for my behavior last night. i was...stunned. >> justin: that makes two of us. >> kate: i don't know what gave victor the ridiculous notion that the two of us could work together. >> justin: well, technically we won't be working together. i am your supervisor. >> kate: [scoffs] whatever. but i think as long as we keep a united front we'll be able to talk victor out of this. >> justin: no, no, no. victor's not changing his mind. and besides, i didn't stay up all night reading about mascara for nothing. >> kate: [laughs] are you really gonna let him bully yo


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