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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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e are expecting a warmup. 55 degrees. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. do you like the rain? >> i like it but we've had a while. >> i like the rain. i like to sleep in the rain. i like the free car wash. let's get to "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good way to look at it. i like your positivity this morning. >> yes. >> we are going to dry out as you head into the work week. a few showers but not widespread as we've seen. there's a live look outside. a cloudy, dreary start. we are going to see improving conditions over the next couple of days. 50 degrees in pocono 53 in trenton. temperatures in the low 50s in atlantic city. low 50s in wildwood and over the next eight hours expect the temperatures to warm by 11 dlk a.m. into the 60s. 66 degrees by 2:00 p.m. a closer look at the scattered
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showers near mills borrow milford pushing into cape may. today we'll see temperatures range from 60s to 70. temperatures will be in the mid 60s. if you're closer to our suburbs north and west allen be town closer to 72 degrees. 68 will be the high. chance of showers lingering today and tomorrow, possibly friday and then definitely drying out heading into the weekend. we'll see the wind speeds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. that's why we'll see the temperature difference. now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with a closer look at the roadways. >> brittney we are dealing with a ramp closure on 295 around route 130. that's that exit ramp. you can see some cones out there. some police activity on the scene. we're finding that it is a fuel spill or some type of spill in the area just up ahead at the end of the exit ramp. all cars being diverted just
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now. 422 in montgomery county dealing with no real volume eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. an 8-minute trip no problems headed westbound. we'll have updates for you on 295 coming up. it is 6:02. following breaking news why from overnight. a string of row home fires have police on patrol around the clock until they can figure out how these fires are starting. the latest fire on bickley place left nearly two dozen people homeless. matt, the mayor of chester is saying he's had enough. what's being done? >> reporter: well three fires in four days tracy. some of the neighbors here think that this is no coincidence so now there is a 24/7 police presence out here on this block that is gradually burning down.
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>> i would think there's something going on if there got to be three fires. >> neighbor ann stevens isn't the only one thinking that as she and others watched this home on the 400 block of bikly place go up in flames. another day, another fire. >> i feel that something could be going on. how can three fires be in one week? you said one week. this is a travesty. they're tearing our neighborhoods to shreds. >> santiago garcia has lived here for 50 years and worries the fires stop. >> my mother is 76 years old. she woke me up. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the first fire started on saturday and the last one yesterday. the mayor is concerned for people living here and ordered an around the clock police presence. >> no one likes to see anything like this so we're going to be
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intense sily looking at ways and see what happened and prevent it from happening. >> we have a responsibility to keep our neighbors safe. that is our function. we're doing the best we can do that. it's a very difficult situation right now. a difficult situation. the home right there, that's the one that burnt up last night. 20 people have been forced out of their homes. we are expecting an update from the city and fire officials. live in chester, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." matt new from overnight. a house fire in atlantic county on charles avenue in pleasantville. one victim was taken to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. the fire is now under control. also new from overnight a broken water main left about 50 homes in southwest philadelphia without water. "nbc 10" was on regents street when the pipe burst about 1:30 this morning. you can see water running down the street.
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emergency street shut off the main. repair crews will be out there to fix the problem. >> just about 6:05. 55 degrees outside. this morning the fbi is tryingp< to figure out if anyone else was involved in a possible terror plot in boston. "nbc 10's" chris cato is monitoring developments in our digital operations center. what have you learned? >> nbc news pete williams doing a great job piecing this together. the man arrested in massachusetts, investigators believe he's connected to the same man who was shot and killed by police in boston yesterday. that man, a spokesperson for the u.s. attorney said david wright was taken into custody at his home in everett, massachusetts, tonight. he could face federal terror charges be as early as today. he was arrested in connection with the investigation surrounding usama raheem. he may have been in contact with raheem and may have been
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involves in planning the attack. they had been watching him under 24 hour surveillance. yesterday they say he lunged at a police officer with the military style knife you see there after police tried to question him outside a pharmacy in boston. police shot and killed raheem. investigators say he had become radicalized and was considering an attack on police officers in boston within the next few days. they're saying there was no attack planned they believe against the general public. he was possibly trying to -- or plotting to attack police officers. again, the other man, david wright could be charged federally as early as today. once those charges come out, we will hear more details. we'll monitor this story as it develops. live in the digital operations center chris cato. we know the funeral plans
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for luo biden. he will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover tomorrow afternoon from 1:00 until 5:00. that is open to the public. then on friday there will be two public viewings at saint anthony of padua catholic church. the first from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon and the other 6:00 to 9:00. a funeral mass will be held saturday morning. president obama will deliver the eulogy. yesterday beau biden's wife announced the creation of the beau biden center for the protection of children. it will raise money for the protection of children. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we are seeing a dreary start as we head into the rest of this wednesday. you can see the wet streets here for cape may. that's where we're seeing that moderate rainfall coming down. very spotty. mainly confined to the i-95
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corridor. also moving in for parts of cape may and central area. decreased visibility into wilmington. the rest of the day will continue with on and off spotty showers. cooler side in the 50 degrees. 54 currently in quaker town. 53 in pottstown. temperatures in wilmington in the mid 50s 51 degrees in washington township. along the shore our temperatures are in the mid 50s. our future path shows us we will see on and off showers today. heading into thursday another round of cloudiness and scattered showers closer to the evening. friday once again early evening hours. a few spotty showers. heading out friday night, friday night plans will be safe. we'll see improving conditions as we head into saturday. and sunday your highs around the region today at 68 degrees in
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philadelphia. 69 in pottstown. a little warmer for allentown. 72 degrees. 71 in reading. closer to the shore. we will remain below average today and thursday. temperatures at 68 degrees both daze. average for the time of year 79. coming up tracking weekend forecast and warmer temperatures on the way. >> warmer temperatures. okay. >> i like it. just about 10:00. after 6:00. not surprisingly we already have some hot spots. >> including the problem on 295. jessica boyington is watching that. what's the latest jessica? >> a fluid spill out in boreden town township. some police activity on the scene. that fluid spill is just at the end of this off ramp. all cars being dye vermonted away from it on the southbound side of 295. we'll keep you upgraded as the morning progresses.
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debris spill blocking out the center lanes. traffic squeezing by to the left or to the right of that scene. as we go out the door here to east counties watching for a disabled vehicle to come. 10 after 6:00. bill cosby's representatives take action in connection with a court case years ago in philadelphia. we'll tell you what the lawyers do not want people to psy. i'm monique braxton. what does equality mean? when this exhibit opens on friday we'll preview it after the break.
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it is 6:13 this wednesday
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morning. 15 days. that's how long congress gave investigators to come up with answers on the train derailment that killed 8 people in philadelphia. lawmakers demanded the ntsb came up with answers on whether the engineer was using his cell phone before the train derailed three weeks ago. they said equipping every train with seat belts would cost billions of dollars and the amtrak ceo told lawmakers that the time frame to install the system to slow speedy trains. >> by the end of this year this system, which will dramatically ens enhance safety will be complete and operational. >> again, the chairman of the house transportation committee gave investigators a 15 day deadline to provide more clues about the cause of the derailment. and now three weeks after the derailment we have learned a victim being treated at temple
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university hospital is improving. his or her condition was upgraded yesterday though we don't know to what. the hospital isn't releasing that information. there are three other victims at temple and hahnemann remain in critical condition. we have new information on sexual assault allegations against bill cosby this morning. cosby's lawyers are trying to block a subpoena from a 2006 sex assault settlement in philadelphia. three women from massachusetts are suing cosby for defamation after he denies claims he molested them. the women say documents from the philadelphia case will help their lawsuit but those papers are protected by a confidentiality agreement. a new exhibit about the lgbt community opens at the national constitution center in philadelphia this week. "nbc 10's" monique braxton is live at independence hall with a preview. good morning monique. >> reporter: hi vai.
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as the sun rose over ind pen dance hall gay rights activists were here. that was the 4th of july. follow me to the evolution of the now lgbt movement and the focus of a new exhibit at the national constitution center. it's called speaking out for equality, the constitution gay rights and the supreme court. visitors will see what being gay was like in the mid 20s. a pivotal case where a government worker believed to be gay was fired. people see the rising visibility of activism during the 1960s protests. >> some of the early attempts to criminalize gay rights are quite striking by modern sensitivities and it's easy to see how the attitudes have evolved. >> obviously we're at a key moment in the public discussion
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around transgender issues where more and more people have friends and family that are transgender. we're proud to be part of that historic discussion. >> reporter: now this exhibit concludes with the provocative question, what does equality mean? the unveiling occurs on friday. and no doubt we'll have it for you. live now outside the constitution center monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." and we'll pass quarter after the hour. time to get another check on your morning commute. >> "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. what do you have jessica? >> watching activity on boarden town township. they're blocking off the off ramp due to a fluid spill at the end of this ramp. you can see cones set up diverting cars. we'll keep you updated on that closure as well and cleanup of the fluid.
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there's a debris spill as well in new jersey in springfield township right around the pa turnpike. that's blocking out the center hand lane. squeeze by to the left and right. 95 jamming up in the usual spots from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. no problems on the schuylkill. starting to build in volume heading into center city area. the drive times are unaffected by that eastbound into center city. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures today expected to still be below average. we're also going to see showers lingering although we're technically warming up. we're going to be 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday and then drying out. pushing into the weekend we are going to see an end to these dreary conditions. here's a live look at cape may where we're seeing slick roads. 55 in philadelphia. wind speeds out of the east northeast at 9 miles per hour.
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our temperature trend shows that our temperatures are slowly recovering yesterday. high of 58. ten degrees warmer today. by friday close to the average. saturday will push us over. we'll head into the 80s. temperatures at 50 degrees in the poconos. mid 50s in allentown, 53 degrees in atlantic city and 55 in wild wood. a closer look at the radar shows spotty shots stretching into philadelphia. within the last 50 minutes we've seen that taper off. we're seeing shower activity moving in. milford stretching into lewis and into millsboro have seen a steady rain the past few hours. the on and off showers will continue. light, spotty, a lot less than what we saw yesterday. temperatures closer to the shore, 65 degrees. 68 will be the high in philadelphia. suburbs to the north and west will push into the low 70s. that's a nice recovery for the
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temperatures. seven day forecast shows heading into the end of the week warming up, back to 77. take a look at the weekend, saturday, sunday to kick off the weekend. 78 saturday and sunday. the casino crisis left many casino workers unemployed but now another restaurant in another shore town is helping the workers find jobs. we'll show you where. speaking of restaurant workers. one waiter got quite a tip. see what he said that resulted in a $1,000 gratuity.
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♪ ♪ to you they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. it is 6:23. sikorsky helicopters is going to layoff 700 workers.
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they're laying off workers in poland also. dozens of people who were left jobless have hope. the could he have opened in brigantine yesterday. nearly all of the 60 or so employees were former casino workers. >> it's the right thing to do. we wanted to give priority to local residents in brigantine local people from atlantic city and up and down the shore. >> it's great. you to have people with experience. it's not starting fresh. a lot of familiar faces and things like that. it's a really good team to start with. >> the could he have is giving life to a building that had been vacant since 2008 putting nearly $3 million into the renovation project. we always try to be gen even but that's what a south carolina waiter got over the weekend after only working at the restaurant for three weeks. jesse brown was taking care of his tables when one couple asked them, what are your dreams? he said he hoped to open a bed
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and breakfast by the water. that's when they offered to make that dream come true. >> he said how about i'm going to tip you $1,000 today. they are moving to florida. they said they'll definitely be back to check on me never forget me. >> nice. they gave him $1,000 towards his dream. he said the generosity by that couple is pushing him to reach his dream. so far he says he hasn't been able to bring himself to save enough money. that $1,000 will add up. >> make good. and good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're out on 2 9d 595. a few problems. 295 in sloane avenue. an ambulance and activity blocking off the right-hand shoulder and right-hand lane. we're getting reports of a pretty large pothole on 95. this is right around ridge. you can see backup behind that. several vehicles pushed over to the right-hand side of the road.
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i'm going to update you on these conditions. first we'll get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> you're taking a live look right now at cape may where you can see the roads there are wet. we're still dealing with light rainfall even moderate downfall near cape may. very spotty. in fact the temperatures are going to be warmer. conditions are slowly improving. staying in the mid 60s closer to the shore today. high 60s here in philadelphia and closer to our suburbs north and west in the city. in the low 70s. i'm tracking even warmer weather. i'll go over the details on that and my full forecast in a minute, vai? >> brittney following breaking news overnight. three fires in the span of a few days all on the very same block. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live on the scene for us. matt? >> reporter: plenty of questions. very few answers, vai. coming up after the break, we're talking with neighbors who are getting more and more concerned out here. and speaking of concerned. one homeowner was tired of dog
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owners leaving animal waste in his yard. we'll show you what he put in his grass to scare away pets and tell you why it has some neighbors complaining to authorities.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. it is 6:30. 55 degrees outside. breaking news from overnight, three fires since saturday. all on the same block. this morning some residents are out of their homes and neighbors are upset. >> we are expecting new details about the latest lawsuit involving convicted child molester jerry sandusky. we'll tell you what we may learn today. and we're tracking more showers this morning, and we'll tell you when the wet weather will finally move out. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. 6:30 and 55 degrees outside. there's a warmup on the way. let's find out from meteorologist brittney shipp.
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brittney? >> it will be slightly warmer. still below the average which is 79 degrees for this time of year. yesterday we were in the 50s. today we'll have the high of 60s. lake wallenpaupack. cloudy skies. other places i'll show you what it looks like on our radar. light showers moving into cape may, central and southern parts of delaware. this is what we expect to see as we head into today, on and off showers. chilly start. temperatures in the mid 50s. it will be warmer closer to philadelphia. in the southern locations pushing into the 70s. over the next seven or eight hours, temperatures by 11:00 a.m., 66 degrees. the high today in philadelphia at 68. now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> brittney we are dealing with
6:32 am
a major rush hour in full swing right now. first we'll start things off where we have a fluid spill on 295 around route 130. this is in gordon town township. they're blocking off this as the spill is at the end of the ramp and traffic being diverted around it. that's 295 southbound. again on 295 southbound, this is in hamilton township around sloane avenue we have police activity and an ambulance on the scene there as well blocked off by some of the trees. you can see we're still missing part of the right-hand shoulder and right-hand lane and traffic moving by the scene. complete bumper to bumper on aramingo. delay heading towards center city is backing up. dealing with potholes around bridge and we're also dealing with an accident pushed over into the center lanes and on the schuylkill expressway major jams heading towards the king of prussia area. right towards city area. vai. breaking news from overnight, fire investigators in
6:33 am
chester are looking at three row home fires in the very same block that happened since saturday. the latest fire on bickley happened late last night and saturday and mon thatday that left two dozen people homeless. matt what can you tell us. >> reporter: firefighters busy out here last night. third time they've been out here on the 400 block of bickley place. neighbors stood watching with confusion and fear. they don't know if their home could be next. latest fire started here. firefighters tell us this started in the back of the home and quickly spread to the roof. no injuries reported. this is the third fire here in four days. the first one on saturday then again on monday. in all, six homes have been damaged. neighbors have their own theories but incredibly suspicious to say the least. >> it's crazy.
6:34 am
crazy. so close to where i'm at. people live in these houses. it's ridiculous out here. >> 20 people have been forced out of their homes because of these fires, though the bulk of that number was due to power outages resulting from the fires and the effort to contain them. some of those folks are back in their homes this morning. we're told city officials are planning a news conference later today to address the string of fires. we spoke with the mayor of chester wondering what's being done to protect the neighborhood. one thing they're doing, they have a 24/7 police presence out here at the corner of the street keeping an eye on everything. they were out here when we got here earlier. they've been out here keeping an eye on this entire location making sure that nothing more happens out here on this 400 block of bickley place. live in chester, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 6:35 and 55 degrees outside. a house fire in atlantic county sends one person to the hospital. fire crews were called to
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pleasantville and charles avenue. dispatchers tell "nbc 10" that one victim suffered burns and smoke inhalation. the fire is now under control. jury deliberations continue today in the trial of marcel johnson, the bucks county man accused of murdering a pregnant woman and her 4-year-old daughter. investigators discovered the victims after responding to a fire in bristol township back in 2013. prosecutors say johnson set the fire to destroy evidence. he could face the death penalty if convicted. happening today, an alleged victim of convicted child molester jerry sandusky will file a lawsuit. the suit will claim that he abused the man in 1988 when he was a penn state football prospect. sandusky was a football coach at 9 the time. he's serving 30 to 60 years in prison. legislation will treat simple marijuana possession and personal use of the drug in public like a traffic violation.
6:36 am
the bill passed through the house yesterday. now it goes through the senate. legislation makes possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a civil offense and punishable by a $100 fine. from our trenton bureau. if a new bill passes in new jersey drivers in the state could be punished for lighting up a cigarette with kids in the car. a state lawmaker introduced that legislation yesterday. it's god a long way to go. it would give police the power to ticket drivers who smoke with anyone under 17 in the vehicle and violators would face a 100 fine. man in charge of music for the archdiocese says he'll step down following, quote, irreconcilable differences. he was supposed to plan the music for the pope's mass of the outdoor mass in september. he says he's stepping down because he and archbishop chaput
6:37 am
can't agree on the style of music for the september 27th mass. we are three months away. hotels are filling up fast. the philadelphia archdiocese is asking people to rent space in their homes. 1400 homes are listed on homestay. a site listed for homes. tracy purdy booked her home. it's already booked. not a surprise when you consider she's charging $1. >> these are religious people. they're here for religious reasons. i don't want to take advantage of that. >> people who rent their homes through homestay can charge whatever they want but homestay gets 10% commission. >> "nbc 10" has exclusive coverage. download the "nbc 10 news" app for alerts about pope francis and the world meeting of families. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning.
6:38 am
heading into the rest of today, a dreary start and a wet start, especially if you're closer to cape may where we are seeing moderate rainfall coming down. this is very spotty. if you take a look at the radar shot you can see along cape may county central and southern parts of delaware. those are the only places seeing the scattered showers. everywhere else is a cloudy start to the day. that's going to remain as we head into the rest of your wednesday. see a few more showers heading in over the rest of the afternoon. 50 degrees in the poconos, 55 in allentown, 54 in quaker town and mid 50s in blue bell. low 50s in mount holly and thing right a longs the shore here we're seeing temperatures in abilon at 55, 57 in lewis. as we head into the rest of today, a few more spotty showers will remain. by thursday we'll see a few more peaks of sunshine but another roubt thursday or friday. this is nothing like the
6:39 am
thunderstorms we've been seeing in the past couple of days. lingering light showers expected for us. we'll expect to dry out and warm up as we start to wind down the work week. highs around the region in the high 60s for trenton, northeast philadelphia. mid 60s in wild wood and temperatures in allentown closer to 70. still below average. average is 79 degrees. i'm tracking warmer temperatures. we'll stay in the 60s. i'll show you what to expect for the weekend in my seven day forecast. just about 6:40. the monitor, a lot of traffic on the majors. >> jessica boyington, where are you watching jessica? >> we're starting to see volume all over the place. rush hour is in full swing. 95 around girard avenue. 951 usually one of the highways to jam up. approaching an accident scene on girard avenue. heading into center city will give you a little bit of a
6:40 am
problem. problems on 295 around 130 in gordon township. it's blocked off due to a fuel spill. all traffic being diverted around the southbound side of 295. also on 295 the southbound side as well in hamilton township. we are blocking out the right-hand shoulder. traffic squeezing by. southbound with two lanes, vai. >> thank you, jessica. a collision course all caught on camera. it winds unon the train's path. we'll show you the after math after that. a group of whales on the atlantic coast. we'll tell you why some experts are worried they may run into a certain famous shark.
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just about 6:45. 55 degrees outside. we have new video of a crash in jacksonville florida, where an amtrak train slammed into a car splitting it in half. you can see if you saw in the video that the car didn't stop at the railroad crossing bars tried to cut across it was hit by the train. let's show you what the car looked like after the crash. the passenger in the back seat was thrown from the car, but that person and the driver walked away with just bumps and
6:45 am
bruises. a third person in the car wasn't hurt at all. nobody on the train was hurt either. the new freedom act passed by congress and signed by president obama is expected to take a few days to go into effect. the president put his signature on the bill late last night. it's a replacement for the patriot act which expired on sunday. the freedom act will allow the government totdc resume collecting phone records. now the difference is phone companies, not the government will store all of the data. >> a florida lawmaker who assisted with starting the tsa after the 9/11 attacks says he's not surprised about that newly released report showing massive security lapses at check points. the agency's director was reassigned after that report showed undercover agents were able to get fake explosives and banned weapons through checkpoints 95% of the time if they tried. republican congressman john micah said he's seen more troubling reports in the past. >> government at its worst. it should be government at its
6:46 am
best. >> a broad number of airports a lot of tests. it really shows that the problem is everywhere. >> the tsa is vowing to implement reforms to stop the security breaches the the obama administration nominated a new tsa administrator back in april. the senate has not scheduled a vote. decision 2016. a new development overnight on the republican side of the presidential race. we'll soon know if louisiana governor bob yiby jindal will enter the race. three weeks from today on june 24th. in dal's already visited key primary states and launched an exploratory committee. he'll join a crowded republican field. there are nine candidates for the republican nomination. a fourth democrat plans to join lincoln chafee is expected to announce his bid today. chafee began his career as a republican, then he became a
6:47 am
republican before joining the democrats. he will join three other candidates on the republican side. a popular fishing destination in delaware could be back in business by the fall. it closed in october for repairs. it could be ready by september. the fix is only temporary. state officials are deciding if they want to rebuild the entire peer. >> at the jersey shore they'll kick off the barn na get bay blitz. they'll help clean up the area. since the first blitz volunteers have collected thousands of bags of trash and debris helping to enhance the beauty of the bay. a group of baluga whales along the new jersey coast is getting a lot of attention be on social media. now officials fear their lives could be at risk. they're normally found near canada. they were caught on video heading south to the brigantine mammal stranding center say the balugas could be back in the ocean and on a collision course
6:48 am
with mary lee. mary lee is a great white shark that last tracked near cape may county. >> if she continues north and the beluga's continue south and run into each other, there's definitely a problem there. i'm sure three will be prey to the great white. >> the stranding center says if you see the whales keep your distance. take pictures or video if you can and contact them right away. this morning interpol put six mens with ties to fifa on its most wanted list. there's an international alert for two former officials and executives on charges of racketeering. sepp blatter said he would step down. last week 14 people were indicted. they were accused of fraud and bribery. blatter is not charged with any crimes. san diego police are looking into complaints by pet owners. neighbors are threatening the
6:49 am
lives of their animals by putting chocolate chips into his yard. he did it to scare off pet owners whose dogs have been leaving waste in his yard. he claims the chocolate won't harm the animals but it can be toxic depending which type and how much is ingested. >> that's not very nice. let's head to new york for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> good morning. the new arrest overnight tied to the deadly shot s shooting of a different terror threat in boston. was it stopped just in time? >> also when it comes to buying a new car, who gets a better deal men or women? jeff rossen has a hidden camera report that might surprise you. >> how would you feel if the airlines took your luggage to save you time. matt do you like the idea? >> no. >> i have my doubts. >> why stop at the carry on?
6:50 am
they come over and help me out with the other two bags. that's where i need the help. keep it under 50 pounds you know? >> not the baggage, it's the people that we need to get on the plane faster. >> right. exactly. thanks, matt. >> all right. take care. we want to talk about free money now. "nbc 10" and nbc universal are giving away free money to local nonprofit organizations. >> yeah. this is a great program. all part of the project called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support new programs. the deadline to apply is one month away. you have to hurry, july 3rd. >> now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. heading into the rest of your wednesday, still going to be another dreary day. showers are lingering throughout our area. we are going to start to warmup today. heading into the end of your work week and by the end of the
6:51 am
weekend. we're drying out. not today as much. we're still going to see the chance of scattered showers. philadelphia, the rain has stopped. 55 degrees. wind speeds light out of the east. 50 in the poconos, 50 in allentown, 51 in glassboro. temperatures in atlantic city at 53 degrees. for stone harbor mid 50s. the rest of the afternoon we will warm into the mid 60s right along the shore. 24 hour temperature change map shows we are seeing scattered showers. scattered showers are going to taper off in the last 30 minutes. they were moving closer to washington and now we're starting to see mostly cloudy skies. with the exception if you're near cape may, central and southern portions of delaware a steady shower coming down. below average temperatures will remain. 79 is our average. we're still 10 degrees below that today and tomorrow.
6:52 am
our temperatures are going to stay cooler closer to the shore due to the easterly wind. we will warm into the 70s if you live closer to the suburbs north of the city like allentown. from philadelphia 68 degrees today and tomorrow. 77 on friday. 80 degrees as we head into the weekend. brittney 8 minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work. >> jessica boyington, first alert traffic center. >> dealing with volume today on route 422 on trooper road. 18 minutes which is normally an eight-minute trip or so on 29 towards the schuylkill expressway. trooper road here. little bit backed up. as it wraps around eastbound towards the schuylkill, you can see where that delay really is starting to accumulate. we do have an accident on kelly drive, strawberry mansion. as we head on over into new jersey, we still are dealing with a debris spill in springfield township around the
6:53 am
pa turnpike. as we take a look at our drive times, 95 southbound having the worst of it. woodhaven road to the vine street expressway 35 minute trip. following breaking news from overnight. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is in one neighborhood that's seen several fires in less than a week, matt. >> reporter: yeah vai. three fires in four days on this same block. neighbors here want answered. they want to know what or who. we'll be back after this. i'm movenique braxton. there's an lgbt exhibit that will open on friday. i'll have a preview after the break.
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>> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in chester. three fires in four days on the same block. the last one happened here last night on the 400 block of bickley place. fire investigators not saying what they've learned so far. we have been talking with the mayor who says he is concerned. neighbors say they are worried. a total of six homes have burned out since saturday. firefighters say some under renovation. ears fear the people that were evacuated, the big question is what or who is starting the fire. meantime there's a 24/police presence to keep an eye on the block. i'm monique braxton live outside the national constitution center. june is gay pride month. an exhibit here commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first
6:58 am
major march for gay rights on the 4th of july. we went behind the scenes to give you a preview of speaking out for equality the constitution gay rights and support. a government worker believed to be homosexual to be gay was fired and people will see the rising activism during the 1960s. this exhibit concludes with the provocative question what does equality mean? now the exhibit will be unveiled on friday and we'll have it for you. live now outside the constitution center monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." and good morning. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we do have word of an accident out on kelly drive at strawberry mansion. take mlk to move out of the area. update in new jersey. the ramp has reopened on 295 around 130.
6:59 am
still dealing with the lain closure on the southbound side around that. major delays on 95 headed southbound. girard avenue earlier accident has cleared out of the way. we haven't recovered in volume. on the schuylkill express around conshohocken. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> taking a live look at cape may where we are seeing a dreary start to the morning. a few moderate showers in the beginning. temperatures will stay cooler along the shore. 65 degrees. 72 inland. closer to allentown. 68 degrees for philadelphia. we'll maintain a chance of showers as we go into the rest of the day and that is a look at your forecast. all right. thank you, brittney. "today" show is up next. we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. you can stay updated all day long with our "nbc 10 news" apps. you can get breaking stories and the weather forecast. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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good morning. breaking overnight. a new arrest one day after police shoot and kill a terror suspect in boston. were both men just days away from carrying out a plan to attack officers? desperate search. nearly 200 divers racing against time to find survivors of that overturned cruise ship in china as a new video surfaces of the vessel in its final moments before the accident. brokenhearted. family and friends remember the american kill bid a lion at a safari park in africa as an adventurous mission to protect wildlife. and first on "today." >> put it this way, i'm the new normal. >> repor


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