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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the sun is just coming up right now. 67 degrees at 5:29. 68 at philadelphia international. but there's some cooler spots, including millville at 58. 60 in wrightstown. middle 60s for rocksboro and northeast philadelphia. we will see the bright sunshine. there it is coming up across the horizon this morning. 75 degrees at 10:00. by lunchtime, we'll be in the 80s. by 1:00 this afternoon, 83 degrees and climbing. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. show you how warm it's going to get where you live. find out what that traffic is doing this morning. jessica? >> we're watching new jersey this morning way out in burlington township where we have an overturned tractor-trailer. and now fuel spill in the area earlier blocking off all lanes. we have the right-hand lane and center lane blocked. on the northbound side around burlington and mt. holly road. that could open and close for a few times as it cleans up and
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gets out of the way. you do want to take the new jersey turnpike just to be safe for now. starting to build volume in normal spots, the drive times not affected by that, 13 minutes headed southbound up toward the vine street expressway. no problems if you're headed northbound right there, as well. and we're still watching disabled vehicle out in lower merion to the schuylkill expressway. we'll have more updates coming up. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a driver that hit a man while he was crossing the northbound inner drive of roosevelt boulevard near front street. that victim was rushed to the hospital with hadead injuries. investigators are looking for a black honda with front end damage. we're expected to find out if the engineer was on the cell phone at the time of his deadly derailment. this is the result of an investigation that's been going
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on since the derailment happened last month. tell us what we expect to hear. >> yeah it's been four weeks or a month. and in that time u.s. investigators have been poring over and sorting through the phone records of the engineer for train, amtrak train 188. according to reuters, they had determined whether he was using the cell phone when the train went off the tracks. we'll learn about the findings when the ntsb releases the latest report this morning. bostian suffered a concussion in the crash. he told investigators he can't remember anything about the accident. this comes hours after the u.s. house passed a bill to cut amtrak's budget by $242 million. the white house has threatened to veto that bill. lawmakers added funding to install video cameras inside the train cabs to record engineers. that would help investigators get to the bottom of crashes like the derailment in philadelphia. also yesterday, the federal railroad administration urged transit agencies to identify
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dangerous curves and make sure automatic train control or atcs set to the speed limit. that's the system that was not working on the track taken by amtrak 188 when it derailed. last night the acting administrator told us exclusively she's hoping for more money from congress to implement the safety systems. >> the reality is that the president and this administration have asked the congress for $825 million for just this purpose. assist commuter railroads, assist passenger realail and implementing this technology. >> eight people of course were killed that way in the derailment last month on may 12th. more than 200 passengers were injured. and a few of those are still in the hospital. and as soon as the findings are released, we'll bring them right to you. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10. this morning, investigators in delaware county are searching for a killer. >> yeah they want to know who murdered a delivery truck driver just steps away from his truck.
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63-year-old thomas childs had worked for ridgeway industries for 15 years. investigators yesterday searched a cemetery near that business looking for clues. they tell us just before 4:00 yesterday morning, another truck driver called police after he saw a suspect acting suspiciously in the loading base at the business there. when police arrived, they found the body of childs lying on the ground. they say this was apparently an attempted robbery gone wrong. investigators are hoping tips from the public will lead them to the killer. >> work in the middle of the night, minding his own business, and not bothering anybody and he gets murdered for $10, $20. >> and take a look at the sketch police released on the suspect. they're looking for a light skinned black man between 22 24 years of age with a slight mustache. this morning, a prayer service will be held for the victims of the abortion doctor.
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the medical examiner's office buried the bodies of 47 babies taken from goznell's office. they'll place a temporary marker in laurel hill cemetery. he's serving a life sentence after a jury convicted him of killing three babies and a patient who was given too much anesthesia. members of a family will stand trial in an alleged insurance fraud scheme. they lived lavishly on insurance proceeds at their 10-acre estate in buckingham. and today, billionaire investor carl icahn will find out if he's approved to own the taj mahal casino. he put up millions of dollars to keep the business open through the bankruptcy proceedings. he says he plans to eliminate health and pension coverage. yesterday, members of the local 54 union went to the manhattan office and delivered a letter
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that says benefit cuts are not okay. >> 5:35 now. 67 degrees, pedaling for future priests. nbc 10 caught up with a group of -- a group that's biking hundreds of miles as they pose with the pope in this area sort of. we'll tell you about the church's need they're hoping to fill with the cross country adventure. >> it's 5:36. 67 degrees, clouds at the shore, but they're not going to last. standby, you'll need your sunglasses today. get your first alert forecast when we come right back. new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees.
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5:41. and we'll give you extra details. it is an overturned tractor-trailer combined with a debris spill now between burlington and mt. holly road. to get around it you want to take the new jersey turnpike. as you can see, we're all completely at a stand still right there. so we'll keep you updated on that, as well. on the schuylkill expressway drive times, we're doing okay though, so far. this is right around the conshohocken curve. currently no problems 12 minutes eastbound into the center city area from the blue route and no problems. a disabled vehicle, as well on the blue route southbound ramp to the schuylkill expressway. we've got sunshine. bright sunshine. it's up and it's going to be with us all day long. and a quick warm-up, too. and like yesterday, we will be well into the 80s this afternoon. 64 degrees right now. don't let that humidity number scare you. that will be coming down as the day goes on. we are 6 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time but the temperatures are going to catch up this afternoon.
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we'll probably wind up a little bit warmer. but totally dry. the radar is sweeping the area. won't see anything until tomorrow. that's when we have a chance of some strong thunderstorms in the area. for today, it's sunshine in the pocono mountains, a few low clouds, clearing out to 78 degrees this afternoon. 80s for allentown and quakertown. bright sunshine for trenton, mt. holly and doylestown. and at the shore, temperatures will thin out. 86 degrees, 83 in atlantic city. it's 84 in dover with sunny skies, we'll see wilmington up to 85 degrees. and even a little bit warmer for swedesboro and philadelphia. the 7-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. it's 20 minutes before 5:00 right now. a judge has ruled that the town of paulsboro cannot sue a rail company for damage to the town's reputation following the 2012 derailment. the town says negative media
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attention hurt businesses and discouraged people from moving to the community. a u.s. district judge this week did allow a separate lawsuit from the school district to move forward. a beach replenishment project at the jersey shore on hold this morning because of two birds. >> what can you do? nature? >> this morning, residents react to the manmade rules that are forcing workers to take a break for the birds. and pack lighter or pay up we will break down the new recommendations for carry-on luggage. this is something that affects anyone who flies.
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5:44 a texas police officer has resigned after this video surfaced showing him clashing with teenagers at a pool party. mckinney's police chief called the officer's actions indefensible. it shows him wrestling a teenage girl to the ground. and then pulling his gun on two boys. officers were responding to a call about a fight at a pool party. no decision has been made about whether they will face charges. a complete and utter lie. a lawyer representing the family of brandon tate brown says that describes the original explanation by police of what happened when they shot him to death. the lawyer made that statement yesterday after the city of philadelphia released new investigation in the case. they released this video showing the moment that officers
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nicholas carelli pulled over brown last december. now, in the initial statement, they say he reached in his car for a loaded gun and that's when they shot him. but new transcripts appear to contradict that. the lawyer says in the transcripts he says he opened fire at tate-brown as tate-brown ran toward the passenger side of the car, not as he was reaching inside. police say they did find a loaded gun in the car and the district attorney cleared the officers of wrong doing. tate-brown's mother has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city. >> it's 5:45. today on capitol hill lawmakers will discuss contingency plans for obama care. a supreme court ruling could decide against allows subsidies in states without their own insurance exchanges. health and human services secretary will appear before a house committee to discuss the matter. about 6 1/2 million americans could be affected if the subsidies are are tossed aside. joe biden will return to washington for the first time since his son's funeral.
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the vice president will have lunch with president obama in the president's private dining room. mr. biden has been spending most of his time in wilmington with his family. his son died more than a week ago from brain cancer. beau's funeral was held on saturday. first lady michelle obama spoke to graduates at a chicago college prep school last night. the first lady spoke at dr. martin luther king jr. college preparatory high school. that's the school that won the fasfa completion challenge. an effort to increase the number of students who complete the application for free federal student aid. the challenge was part of michelle obama's reach higher initiative. >> instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. let them make you even hungrier to succeed. >> as you heard there, the first lady spoke to students about overcoming obstacles. and she encouraged them to continue to work hard after graduation. former florida governor and
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republican presidential contender jeb bush is scheduled to make his first ever late night tv appearance. he'll be a guest on the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon on tuesday night and the two should have a lot to talk about because he's expected to launch his campaign on monday. he will join a crowded field. so far, ten republicans have declared they're running for the gop nomination. on the democratic side there are four candidates vying for the nomination. well, we've told you about how homeowners are fighting back against a beach replenishment project on the jersey shore. >> well birds are getting in the way of that project. the protected birds and their breeding grounds in cape may county. now, due to the birds' declining numbers, officials say the birds and the nest cannot be disturbed. that means a section of beach where several houses are particularly vulnerable to storms and erosion cannot be widened by the federal replenishment project until after the oyster catchers that's the breed of bird, and their babies are gone. >> i agree.
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it's nice to save homes, too. >> hoping we don't have any problems. but what can you do? nature. comes and goes. >> officials say the remaining nest that's right, one nest is being monitored on a daily basis. and they say if it becomes compromised in the near future they'll finish the replenishment project. if not, the construction crews likely won't be back to complete the job until the fall. >> 12 minutes before 6:00. we are in the 60s right now. 67 degrees at philadelphia international. and a little bit of glow of sunlight. the sun is up. and we will see bright sunshine today. there are a few thin clouds in the area to start with. they will not last. 68 degrees at philadelphia international. we'll be in the 80s this afternoon. while the pocono mountains are shooting for the 70s later today. nice, sunny view from the lake. few thin clouds in the distance. the sun will get brighter and brighter. in fact, just sunshine today. there are cooler spots.
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chester springs at 56 degrees, 55 in quakertown. it's in the 50s for oxford and coatesville. delaware in the 60s. interior new jersey runs cooler in the mornings but goes the opposite direction in the afternoon. we'll see 60s turn into 70s right on the beach. but just inland it'll be 90s today with nothing but sunshine. satellite shows that we are in the clear this morning. and it'll stay that way today. sunny skies, warm but the humidity stays low today as the temperature climbs in the middle to upper 80s. 81 is the normal high temperature for today. tomorrow, we'll be well beyond normal. into the 90s. potential heat wave on the way. showers and thunderstorms will pop up in some spots. isolated activity on wednesday. they could be strong if they do take shape. 93 degrees thursday afternoon. and a bit hotter on friday with a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms. then the heat 90 for saturday with storms likely to cool things down as they finally
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clear out for sunday. and the humidity comes down too. sunday looks like a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine, 85 the high temperature, in the 80s for monday and tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms. >> all right, bill. 10 minutes before 6:00 right now. launch sky force 10 to get over the accident on 295. >> quite a mess. let's get an update with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> yeah over top this scene out in burlington county right now. so you can see overturned tractor-trailer and a massive debris spill around it. so blocking out pretty much all lanes as they squeeze on by to the left-hand shoulder. that's not really saying too much for traffic being allowed to get by this scene. as we head over to my map, i can show you the massive backup behind this scene, as well. you can see almost one lane moving by now. they moved the cameras, of course. but this is beyond that point. it's complete stand still right behind that scene. and i'll give you more details, as well, as we head out here. overturned tractor-trailer again, you can see the debris
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spilled on the northbound side along burlington. you want to take the new jersey turnpike to get around that scene right now. it'll be out there for quite some time for that cleanup. now out on 422 drive times there, no problems eastbound from 29 up toward the schuylkill expressway. that's typically where we see some jams and an 8-minute trip. currently no problems or delays for mass transit. all running on time with no reported delays. more updates for you out on that accident on 295. tracy? >> the ntsb is calling for collision avoidance systems to be installed in all new cars and trucks. the board says car buyers don't pay extra for seat belts so they shouldn't have to pay extra for technology that could prevent a collision altogether. the ntsb says by lessening the chances of rear end crashes, the system could save lives and reduce injuries. global airlines announce new guidelines that would shrink the size of bags allowed on planes part of an effort to free up space in packed overhead bins. the move means many bags now
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allowed would need to be checked in. if you keep your oversized bag, you might have to pay a fee to check it in. as philadelphia prepares for the pope's visit this fall one group from our area got an early picture with the pontiff. it's actually a life-size cut out of pope francis. and they're actually not from our area. two priests and three seminairns rode their bikes through yesterday. the group is cycling from florida to new york to raise awareness about religious life and becoming a priest. it's a 29-day trip and those participating say it gives them a chance to show people one of the options out there. >> the love of god and to tell the people it's an awesome, awesome life. and there's a lot of things you can do with it. like get on a bike and drive 1,400 miles. >> the cutout is making its way around the area in preparation for his official stop in philadelphia this september. and you can count on nbc 10 to bring you new information about the upcoming papal visit.
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get those details fast at your convenience using our nbc 10 news app for smartphones and tablets. no time to stop and think. >> no he had to act immediately. and this morning, we're hearing from the teenager who saved a man's life in the middle of his baseball game. >> adrenaline kicked in and did what i was told to do. >> we'll hear more from that man who was no doubt a hero. and talk about the training that prepared him for any emergency. and we'll tell you if eagles fans make the grade when it comes to online trash talking.
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a lot of planning happening today in delaware. the event operations briefing is happening today around the fire fly in big barrel music festivals. paul mccartney heading that one. both scheduled for later this month for the dover international speedway. officials there will be discussing plans and preparations ahead of the big fire fly music festival next weekend. everyone's talking about this story. we're hearing now from the delaware county teenager who is no doubt an mvp for something that happened on the baseball
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field. and it had nothing to do with his ability to hit or catch a ball. it's because he helped save a man's life in the middle of the game. >> it can happen at any moment. just like that i wasn't expecting to have to do that at the baseball game, but it happens. >> we first told you about michael yesterday. the 16-year-old was on second base after hitting a double monday night when the umpire behind the plate dropped to the ground. well, mike happens to be a volunteer with darby fire company number one. so he rushed in and found the ump had no pulse and started cpr and kept it up until paramedics got there. >> unbelievable. he's young and immediately remembered what to do and jumped into action. >> god put me there for a reason and, you know, showed me this is where i want you to be and i want you to take this path. it felt good. >> and you know there is one thankful umpire out there this morning. michael says he wants to be a career firefighter and plans to apply for a job with the philadelphia fire department next year after he graduates from high school.
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nfl player devon still and his daughter leah gave back to the doctors at children's hospital of philadelphia. doctors that have given them so much. leah, as you know continues to battle cancer. her and her dad presented the hospital a check for $141,000. that was money that was pledged during a campaign last year during last year's nfl season. the money will help families who are dealing with the financial struggles of battling cancer. and the money will also go to fund more cancer research. a different kind of research here. eagles fans are known for their passion about football. but they also apparently have a passion for grammar. we didn't see this coming. a live look here at the place where those fans go on every sunday to passionately cheer on their eagles. lincoln financial field. there it is. see. see vai proved that eagles fans can spell. we knew that. look at what a "wall street journal" column found. they analyzed fan comments on every website of each never team. and they ranked each site for
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grammar, punctuation and spelling. eagles fans ranked third for proper grammar. how about that? a total of five mistakes. only five mistakes per 100 words. chip kelly's got to be proud. but lions fans have the most eloquent smack talk. they probably have some fancy grammar check app or something. >> you're not thinking when you're, oh my gosh i can't believe they did that. >> here's the thing, though that i enjoy and that eagles fans will appreciate. washington redskins came in last. >> beautiful. >> redskins grammar, not what it should be. >> i came here to play opposeing teams -- verbally they're probably number one. >> verbally. >> they're at the top. >> thank you, chris, you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> breaking news. take a look at this picture, sky force 10 live over the scene of an overturned tractor-trailer carrying apple juice that's
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causing huge problems for the morning commute. and there are three big things going on today in the deadly derailment investigation. we will learn if he was on his phone at the time of the wreck. get ready, heat on the way, it's 67 degrees, 6:00 a.m. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." aye tracy davidson. >> welcome back. bill henley's been away for a week or so. let's get right to bill henley with the forecast. welcome, bill. >> nice to be back especially on a day like this where we'll see lots of sunshine but the humidity stays low today. it'll be warm afternoon. the heat the real heat waits for tomorrow. look at that great view. the sun coming up this morning, that's a view from the mellon bank building in center city. 67 degrees here at nbc 10. there are cooler spots, though allentown at 57 down to 63 now in trenton and wilmington is 62 degrees. we will see bright sunshine and look at the warm-up. by 8:00 we'll be pushing towards 70 degrees, 78


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