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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  June 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00, a philadelphia paramedic is sailing into retirement tonight with one final rescue under his belt. and it just so happened to be midair. plus, shifting gears. the pope is just about 100 days away from his trip to philadelphia. and tonight we look into how thousands of people could be blocked from getting into the city if they're taking a bus. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. we begin with breaking news tonight. a possible abduction. >> live pictures of the scene. there's an active search in the chestnut hill section of philadelphia right now. a witness told police someone was taken into the woods at cresheim valley road and germantown avenue. and police are saying a teenage girl has been missing for a few hours. we have a croup on the scene and will update you as soon as we have new information. a teacher locked up on charges he sexually assaulted a student. the district attorney says
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police made a quick arrest days before the teacher was supposed to leave for summer camp where he was a counselor. george spencer joins us with more. >> reporter: this is a school with a stellar academic reputation and a worldwide network of students. one of the alums tells me tonight the defendant was one of the most beloved and actually most involved teachers on this campus. >> 2015 -- >> reporter: we found this video online recorded just three weeks of matthew scavitto handing out year-end awards to his students. but his most recent photo is this mug shot taken last night after he was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a student at the all boys phelps school. the district attorney says the victim graduated last year but
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only came forward on monday. scavitto is accused of sneaking the boy into an on-campus dormitory to quote teach him about sex. he said, they would use code words to engage in sexual activity. investigators believe the encounters lasted more than a year and say there may be other victims. >> you look at the period of time the abuse took place. you look at the grooming and the betrayal of trust by this defendant, those are all red flags. ♪ >> reporter: as last month's graduation demonstrates phelps is a school with proud tradition. many students come from outside the u.s. and the prestige comes with a price tag. for boarding students like the victim annual tuition is nearly $47,000. this school has cooperated fully
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with investigators and fired the teacher immediately. in a statement, leaders assured the community that the safety and well-being of students is paramount. scavitto remains in jail tonight. live in malvern, george spencer, nbc 10 news. an atlantic city school principal is accused of stealing from her own school tonight. officers arrested her this afternoon at her home. prosecutors says they've been investigating her for a years. she's accused of pocketing $10,000. she's charged with theft and official misconduct. new at 11:00, police are on the scene of a murder in the middle of the street in north philadelphia. around 9:30 tonight, someone shot a man several times on eighth street and lehigh avenue. the man died at the hospital. no arrests. as philadelphia prepares for the pope's visit in september,
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archbishop shared some big numbers connected to the week surrounding the world meeting of families. it's estimated 1.5 million will attend the pope's mass. in terms of transportation we now know 6,000 buss are expected to roll into town. so where will all those buses park to drop people off? >> nbc 10's keith jones spoke to local drivers tonight. >> keith, you also got answers from the archdiocese of philadelphia? >> reporter: i did. but imagine this as many as 2 million people flooding the parkway behind me. how will they get here? the archdiocese says bus, all 6,000 of them, looking for parking. it's enough to make bus drivers sweat. >> i just don't know what's going to happen -- what it's going to look like. >> reporter: darryl clayton is already thinking about the world meeting of families. 6,000 buses. where do you park? >> wherever you can without getting a ticket. >> reporter: okay here's some perspective for you right now.
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1.5 million people are expected to attend papal mass from 150 countries. some of those people will take 6,000 buses. that means the city will see green about $417 million. >> i think a lot of money and good things will come out of it for the city. so we'll just have to wait and see. >> there's going to be a really big crowd. >> reporter: the archbishop speaking in st. louis today doesn't have a parking plan just yet. they're pointing to south philadelphia around the stadiums. there are at least 21,000 parking spaces a bus is long so it might take up two. it's wider, too, so it might take up four spots. 6,000 buses, four spaces per bus, we'd be 3,000 spaces short. these numbers could still go up. archbishop still urging churches to register their buses.
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the archdiocese expects 7,000 journalists from around the world and as many as 10,000 volunteers. live in philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> the world meeting of families in philadelphia begins september 22nd, then pope francis arrives in philadelphia the weekend of september 26th. count on the nbc 10 news team to bring you new information about the papal visit as we get closer to this historic event. we'll send out updates you can get on your smartphone by tapping on the nbc 10 news app. to weather now. independence mall, get set for some steam. it's about to start feeling like summer around here. >> let's get the latest from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the first thing you'll notice, a little more humid tomorrow morning than it was this morning. a little bit warmer, too. we have clear skies now. it's not too humid. we got a huge temperature drop coming between today's 86 and
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tomorrow's mid-90s. but also the humidity rises dramatically. so the combination of those, you're really going to feel that. we have a possible heat wave that would start tomorrow. and starting in the morning, we're already going to be in the 70s at 6:00 a.m. 79 by 9:00 and 88 degrees by noon. on our way well into the 90s. we'll see how long and how hot in the seven-day. federal investigators revealed today the amtrak train engineer was not talking or texting on his phone at the time of the deadly crash. brandon bostan was at the helm. his phone was not connected to the train's wi-fi system but they're not finished looking through the phone.
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the ntsb reiterated that the probe is expected to take a year. this group wants to stop a new gun shop from opening in their neighborhood. nbc 10 was there. faith leaders joined members of the community in protest. a new owner wants to open a shop at the side of former gun range. but it's worried the store made lead to more gun violence. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for two men charged with killing officer robert willis iii. the two are accused of shooting officer wilson in march when he interrupted a robbery at a video game store. the suspects are due back in court at the end of the month. tonight, the search is
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expanding into vermont for two murderers who broke out of that maximum security prison in upstate new york on saturday. police are still continuing their search in new york, checking wooded areas. police say they've gotten more than 500 tips from the public but none turned up anything. investigators are also still questioning corrections worker joyce mitchell to find out if she helped the convicts escape. the former texas police officer caught on camera in a violent confrontation with teenagers at a pool party is apologizing for his actions tonight. a witness recorded the incident last friday in mckinney texas, showing officer eric casebolt slamming a teenage girl to the ground before pulling his gun on two other teenagers. tonight, casebolt's lawyer says his client is sorry and said the officer had had a stressful today including two suicide calls that took an emotional toll. relief tonight for two
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families whose homes have teetered on the edge of a south jersey sinkhole for weeks. it's reported the county agreed to buy the two homes. they overlook the delaware river here in florence township. there's the sinkhole that opened up in april nearby. the two families have been out of their homes ever since. atlantic city's taj mahal is about to get a new owner. the green light was given for carl icahn to buy the taj. union workers gathered today to protest his acquisition of the casino. demonstrators are upset over the proposed elimination of pension benefits. but he may have to close the casino. a ruling is expected any day now. icahn also owns tropicana. temperatures feeling like near 100 degrees with the chance of our first heat wave. how long the hot weather will last before more storms. very significant hit. >> a record heroin bust taking
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22 pounds worth more than $3 million off philadelphia streets. the three-month investigation that paid off. it was only me. >> he saved lives on the ground and now in the air. the midair rescue for a retiring philly paramedic. and we continue to follow breaking news in the chestnut hill area of philadelphia. a possible abduction of a teenage girl reported missing tonight.
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everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. another look now at breaking news we're following in philadelphia's chestnut hill section. police are investigating a possible abduction. this is a live picture from the area. we're talking about cresheim valley road and germantown avenue. a witness told police someone was taken into the woods here. right now an active search is under way. we've also seen k-9s out on this seen.
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a teenage girl has been missing for a few hours. we'll update you as soon as we have new information. now to the largest drug bust in our region in 29 years. tonight, more than $3 million worth of heroin is off the streets. philadelphia police arrested three people confiscated 22 pounds of heroin agents launched an investigation in march and it paid off. call it the retirement send-off in the skies. >> a philadelphia paramedic made one final rescue on a flight back to philadelphia yesterday. nbc 10's reasondenise nakano reports. >> reporter: he's not one for stepping into the limelight. but congratulations came to him tonight in south philadelphia. he is credited with saving a man's life midair. >> fortunately for this
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individual a paramedic was on the plane and able to provide that life-sustaining support for him. >> reporter: a us airways flight from orlando was 45 minutes from lasting at philadelphia international airport yesterday afternoon when flight attendants asked for help with a seriously ill passenger. >> he was very pale, his lips were kind of blue. >> reporter: his paramedic instincts kicked in. he called for aspirin and oxygen for the 57-year-old man who appeared to have cardiac trouble and requested the pilot pick up the speed. >> next thing you know we're descending into philly. >> reporter: he spent half his life with the philadelphia fire department, working in the communications center at fire department headquarters in spring garden. with the last of his boxes packed for a permanent move to florida just hours away he is ready for the next chapter in life knowing his most recent one is complete with another life save. >> it's just very ironic thing that it would happen now. >> reporter: denise nakano, nbc 10 news.
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>> the captain's been with the department for 25 years. what a way to retire. he checked with the fire department and the airline, they can't release the name of the man who had treatment. a proposed plastic bag fee for philadelphia is off the table tonight. earlier this year city councilman mark squilla introduced the plastic bag fee requiring grocery stores to charge a nickel for every plastic bag. but the bill is now on hold. ocean city will take action tomorrow to remove what many consider a trio of eyesores. three long banded gas stations sit at the end of the bridge. they're considering a law change to give officials more power to clean up abandoned properties and seize them if necessary. the mayor says he's going to start the process of taking the gas stations by eminent domain.
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tomorrow is going to be the hottest day so far this season. we may tie or even break a record for the date it's going to be much hotter than today and much higher humidity. that combination will really be felt. heat wave is likely starting tomorrow. saturday is the only question mark. and that's because of the timing of possible thunderstorms. we still have some pretty good visibility here. we don't have much haze or pollution around. but it's going to be building up. 74 degrees now. the wind is light out of the south. and we got up to 86 today. 95 tomorrow and friday. friday's humidity high enough so it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees. and then saturday the 91 depending on how soon any storms come around. the temperatures now dropping not as much as they did last night. still in the 70s across most of the area.
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last night we were in the 60s at this time. and we've got an air quality alert for thursday. and that may just be the beginning of this stuff. the air quality, the ozone, overall pollution levels will be going up as the temperature does, too. we start off the day pretty mild at 70 degrees at 6:00 a.m. and then by 11:00 a.m. we're already close to 90 degrees. and then into the mid-90s the only thing you see is perhaps some isolated late-day showers or storms. we're going to have a similar issue on friday. but friday we start off even warmer. mid-70s at 6:00 a.m. quickly getting into the 80s and 90s by noon. well into the 90s. and then another day of mid-90s another day of just isolated afternoon showers. and then we have more activity coming down for saturday as a front comes in. but the hot air, it's in.
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and it's going to stay in for friday and saturday. but cooler air starting to come in on sunday is going to not make this a long-lasting heat wave. we're pretty sure about that, too. for tonight, it's clear. more humid toward daybreak. 68 degrees for the low. tomorrow mid-90s near record levels and hotter than any day we've seen this season plus the high humidity making it feel even hotter. and then 95 on friday with even higher humidity than thursday. the best chance of showers and storms, saturday afternoon and evening. and then less humid and cooler on sunday. and warming up again next week. graduation season is in full swing. and tonight some students who took a different path toward diploma graduated. they earned their geds.
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many here say they'll continue their education as they pursue their professional goals. the camden school district is also celebrating the accomplishments of some exceptional graduates. 20 high school seniors were the divests of honor at tonight's remarkable graduates awards ceremony. each one has overcome adversity in order to graduate. some survived cancer others saw family members murdered. we spoke to one graduate who persevered despite being homeless and pregnant when she was 16. >> people look down on you for that. but i look at it like, they're my motivation. i have my own car now. i've been working since i was 16. i just got my own apartment. it's happening. i'm progressing. >> yes, you are. we send a huge congratulations to all those honored at tonight's ceremony. jonathan papelbon trade talk heating up. and timonen in the stanley cup final tonight. who has the edge to win an
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i'm john clark. interest in jonathan papelbon is heating up. he the blue jays scouts were watching the phillies this week. phillies get swept in cincinnati today. off to their worst road start in 41 years. dejesus jr. has his second home run today. it is 4-0, reds.
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rupp singles in howard in the second. in the fourth he doubles and brings in hernandez. the reds tack on another run and go on to win beating the phillies 5-2. the eagles building a very versatile secondary on defense. but they don't have safety in numbers so they moved thurman from quarterback to safety. >> probably been our most productive guy in the secondary in terms of pass break-ups and strips. always seems to be around the ball. he's fitting in there right now. but we're still evaluating guys but he's been very productive so far. kimmo timonen playing in the
11:27 pm
stanley cup final. his last cup final game he was playing for the flyers against the blackhawks. tonight, for the blackhawks, 1-1 game kimmo hits one off the crossbar. chicago still wins 2-1 over the lightning and tie up the series 2-2. timonen trying to finish his 17-year career on top. we're right back.
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we continue to follow this breaking news in philadelphia's chestnut hill. police are investigating a possible abduction here. we're told a teenage girl has been reported missing for the last few hours. the location of this is cresheim valley road and germantown avenue. a witness told police someone was taken into the woods here. k-9s on that scene. denise nakano is there gathering information. stay with us for overnight developments on nbc 10 news
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beginning at 4:00 a.m. and the heat is on. >> it will start off warm and get hot. friday feels even hotter because the humidity is going to be higher. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. for glenn and all of us here, thanks for watching.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi golberg. christian slater. musical


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