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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 11, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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off and feel like it's in the 90s late this morning because of the high humidity. the heat, humidity could fuel showers and thunderstorms. you can see a few scattered clouds on this live view in center city. the clouds will build up this afternoon and more likely to see them in the pennsylvania suburbs than in the city later today. 71 now at philadelphia international. 60s for parts of the area. yesterday, those numbers were in the 50s. 66 in millville and 66 in trenton and pottstown cooler. 71 at philadelphia northeast airport. a quick warm-up. sunshine. a few scattered clouds. 71 at 7:00. 81 by 10:00. then 88 degrees and still climbing at 1:00 this afternoon. a look at the hour-by-hour forecast and show you where the storms are most likely to appear later today when i'm back in ten minutes. right now a check of traffic with jessica boyington. >> good news today.
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we have been dealing with ongoing construction where they blocked off all traffic in the east and westbound sides right around broad street. you can see everything moving just fine. drive times okay. westbound from 95 towards the schuylkill expressway three-minute trip so good news there. 95 schuylkill or blue route no problems. center city area no incidents to talk about there. if you're out in cherry hill new jersey route 70 heading westbound between soldier cornell avenue and after the lexington avenue one lane getting by and we will check in with mass transit coming up in ten minutes. philadelphia police are looking for a teenage girl who they say bolted from the passenger seat of her father's car late last night. the search is focused in the chestnut hill section of the city. police are following leads in the area of germantown avenue and cresheim valley road.
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matt, what are the police telling you now? >> reporter: police gave us that update 30 minutes ago telling us they are ver concerned for the 17-year-old's well-being. i'll show you a picture of her. this is 17-year-old sarah will and last seen here on the 76 hundred-block of germantown avenue at 8:00 last night and with her father who had just picked her up from in camden at a concert there. you can see over at the scene quite an active scene out here with the s.w.a.t. officers and canine unit out here as well. they had a helicopter here not long ago trying to search these woods. now we are starting to get a little bit more daylight out here which would help in this search effort. again, what happened was they were about 8:00 last night, this girl was with her dad. they were on their way home to upper dublin and says she need to relief herself and get out of the car. leaves a few minutes. the dad goes looking for her and can't find her and then called
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police. we spoke with chief inspector scott small out here a short time ago talking about the investigation so far. take a listen. >> she left her cell phone in her father's car right before she exited the car so we can't call her. we have contacted male friends, as well as female friends, as well as other family members and no one knows where this female is at this time. >> reporter: at one point overnight, police found some of the girl's belongings including her purse and her parents were visibly upset after police showed them photos of those belongings. they are bringing in police officers from neighboring towns here. springfield up to is pulling up to the scene and they are expanding the search and going through the woods. the chief inspector told us a few minutes ago, they said they are going to do that once they get more daylight out here. they have been using some of those heat sensing thermal
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imaging devices and heavy duty flashlights just trying to comb the woods. you can see from the vantage point of our camera it's dark in the woods and what they have been up against. right now, still plenty of questions at this particular time. was this girl abducted? did she run away? the focus at this point is finding her. her name is sarah will, 17 about 5'9" and we are trying to get more nvergs at theinformation for you at the scene. new information this morning police in new york could be glofg on closing in on the two escaped convicts who broke out of a maximum security prison in new york on saturday. vai sikahema has the latest. >> reporter: we have gotten messages from our nbc10 news crews at the scene of the search. they say police are heavily focused on an area three miles from a manhole cover where the two men escaped in new york.
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they are stopping cars checking trunks and asking drivers to roll all of their windows down. hundreds of leads. one has led them to the border of have the and new york. overnight, police blocked off a main road in the town of west plattsburg, new york. you're looking at video from overnight. police are telling citizens the road will remain closed through the morning while search teams investigate a lead there. they are also asking neighbors to keep their front porch lights on. yesterday, authorities said it's possible the prisoners may have crossed state lines. police say they have gotten more than 500 tips from the public but so far nothing has turned up. police are still questioning a corrections worker to find out if she had helped the convicts escape with the use of power tools. they hope the dozens of billboards you're seeing in the northeast will help them capture david sweat and richard matt. some of the digital billboards are flashing in pennsylvania and new jersey.
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the billboards are also displaying details on the $100,000 reward leading to conviction and finding these two men. live in the digital operation center i'm vai sikahema nbc10. overnight the mother of a temple student left in a coma after a hit and run posted an update on her daughter's condition overnight. rachel hall's mother wrote on facebook, quote, rachel is progressing slowly. i can see rehabilitation will be a slow process. one step at a time. last week, five weeks after the accident, her mother posted quote, i wish life milk i'med the silver screen but i know rachel will not jump out of board and skim boarding and eating sno-cones with her friends at the jersey shore this weekend. rachel has a challenging and long life ahead of her. she says her daughter is showing signs of coming out of unconsciousness. a philadelphia judge will arraign the suspect in that accident. roberts was 18. rachel was riding her bike near
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the campus and ran a stop sign and when roberts' car hit her and took off. if he had stopped he could have avoided to being sentenced. in march, a philadelphia jerry convicted paige winslow of third degree murder and other crime. a british college student died at an airport hotel after winslow illegally injected her with a silicone in her butt. investigators are looking into whether more possible victims of a former chester county boarding school teacher now locked up on sexual assault charges. matthew lived on campus as a dorm supervisor at the all boys phelps school in melbourne. he came friends with an underaged students they say and went into his apartment to teach him about sex. investigators think the illegal encounters lasted more than a year and say there may be more
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victims. >> you look at the period of time the abuse took place. you look at the grooming and the betrayal of trust by this defendant, those are all red flags. officials say the phelps school is cooperating are the investigation and fired the teacher immediately after the claim surfaced. school leaders are assuring family the well-being of students is most important. today in harrisburg the house judiciary committee will hold a hearing on tom wolf's temporary ban of the death penalty. the house approved a resolution and urging him to reverse it. they say the governor cannot overturn the state's death penalty without first going through the legislature. wolf's moratorium took effect in february. 8:00 after 5:00. temperatures are holding in the low 70s in philadelphia. we are on our way to hot and
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humid day. 80s yesterday and could be in the 90s today. the humidity is higher. will likely fuel some showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. already tracking a few showers in the region. heat wave it's a possibility. the question mark is still saturday. we will be in the 90s today and tomorrow. right now, we are in the 60s and low 70s, but we will see these numbers quickly climb into the 80s this morning and then 90s this afternoon. this is a view from here at the nbc10 studios. things are kind of quiet right now. but we will see some bright sunshine as the day goes on and the threat of more showers is likely as the day goes on. this morning just a few scattered light showers north of williamsport and scranton area and these will stay to the north this morning. it's this line of showers that we will keep an eye on today. it extends into western pennsylvania. it's still going to be a possibility this afternoon. you see the showers firing up from that same line. you can see the clouds at 10:00
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this morning. by this afternoon, we will see scattered showers into the hazleton area and pocono mountains and possibility of isolated showers closer into philadelphia. allentown could see a shower at 11:00 tonight. 80s this afternoon for the pocono mountains and 90s for allentown and quaker town and into the 90s for trenton. shower might keep things in the 80s for doylestown this afternoon. dover and staying dry today. look at the 90s for wilt. this is just the beginning. if you head toward the weekend, the temperatures could go even higher. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 10 after 5:00 now. we will see if we have anything out there on the roads now that could slow you down on your drive to work this morning. >> jessica boyington is watching that.
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any slow down spots? >> we are doing okay with volume and incidents. but we are dealing with ongoing instruction. 295 around the black horse pike only two lanes getting by. starting to see a little bit of volume behind that but we are blocking the right hand shoulder and lane. drive times still okay. it's just slow before this point. 12-minute drive time there. it's okay. 95 in delaware you can see everything moving along just fine there as well. ten minutes heading north or southbound from 295 up towards 495 and no problems or delay for mass transit. we are going to check in with our area bridges coming up in ten. stranded in the willedness with no help.
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eyesores to the entrance of a popular jersey shore destination. we will tell you what the city is doing in the attempt to fuel a warmer welcome. the pope's visit to philadelphia is still several months away but happening this week, work is being done to help spread the message. i'll explain coming up.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. philadelphia police searching for this girl who disappeared overnight. her name is sarah wills.
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here is what happened. she got kicked out of a concert late last night. her parents picked her up. they were driving her home. she bailed out of the car and ran into some woods. police found her keys and her cell phone in those woods. so, obviously, they are concerned for her safety. her parents are very worried. police are bringing in heat sensors they say to continue searching those woods for signs of her and we will continue to follow the story and bring you more information as soon as we get it. st. joe's prep in north philadelphia is hosting dozens of catholic students across the country this week and here spreading the pope's message and cleaning up philadelphia at the same time. nbc10's indicate i didn't zachary is live in northphiladelphia to show us what is being done. >> reporter: over 150 students are using st. joe's prepare behind knee as a home base. a few hours they will get up and head out and going to their work sites in the surrounding community of north philadelphia. they are part of catholic heart
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work camp. they left yesterday with paint brushes and ladders and drills in hand. they are spending the week repairing people's homes and local schools in the area. most people here tell me they are grateful for the help. these are residents i talked to. while some people though, have been reluctant to accept it. >> those that were not on board last year, are again on board this year. >> reporter: what do you think changed for them? >> to see what was done the transformation. >> reporter: pretty cool transformation we saw yesterday and more is coming up in the next hour. students tell me because the pope's visit to philadelphia is so close, it's just over three months away it's actually changing the way they feel about their work. you'll hear more about that coming up at 6:15. reporting live katy zachry nbc10 news. the world meeting of families in philadelphia begins september 22nd and the pope arrives the weekend of september 26th.
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count on nbc10 to bring you all of the information about the papal visit as we get closer to the historic event. we will send out updates on your smartphone and tap it on the nbc10 news app to get that. > mrí aw allow them to clean up the entrance to town. three gas stations at the foot of the 90s street bridge have sat abandon for years. city official say they ordered the property owners to fix the eye sores but no success. now city council will consider a measure give officials more power to clean up properties and seize them if necessary. the mayor and citizens we spoke to are all for it. >> people have these properties and they just let them go. it's just not fair to the community. >> i think that's great. i do. i think ocean city if they set out to accomplish it, they will because they do keep the town so nice. >> we reached out to the owner of the abandoned properties for comment but at this point not heard back. a man trapped at the bottom
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of a ravine said he was saved in part by his cell phone charger. >> not because he used it to charge his phone. the former navy s.e.a.l. crashed a dirt bike in the wilderness and had injuries in that fall. he fashioned a splint for his leg using his cell phone cord and other items. >> after being alone that long and in that situation, just to have somebody sit there and hold your hand is just very heart warming. >> he was out there looking for a famous lost object d.j. cooper's parachute that hostaged a plane and parachuted from that plane and never found or heard from again. >> wow! it's 5:18.
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>> see what treasure hunting can get you into? maybe you're hunting for a clean ride to work this morning. jessica boyington is watching the roads for us. anything popping up? >> we are out on 3309. no volume in either direction heading northbound or southbound. doing just fine. 422 right through montgomery county everything is moving along just fine 8:00 minutes there. we normally see the volume from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway but no problems so far in and out of the city. on the bridges you're also doing okay. 19 minutes after 5:00. we are at 71 degrees in philadelphia and now seeing some cloudiness move into the area. no showers with the first clouds of the day. the clouds will be breaking. what isn't going to break is the southwesterly winds. you can see the flags blowing on top of the aramark.
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that is warm humid air coming into the area. 75% humidity and number stay higher through the day and that temperature into the 90s. something that did not happen yesterday. we have seen a few scattered showers in the pocono mountains. the sun is starting to shine a little bit. sun is not up just yet. another ten minutes and it will be. getting a better look at the clouds moving into the area. chance of some showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. this morning, it will be dry. we will get the heating that will cause this line of cloud cover to produce some storms later on today. keep an eye on the sky for this afternoon. especially in the pennsylvania suburbs. 90s today. hot, humid conditions they continue tomorrow. likely a bit hotter up to 94 after a morning low of 72. high humidity and could fuel storms later. on friday scattered storms on friday. likely more people will see storms on saturday with a high of 90 degrees. then the storms are out of here and the humidity takes a break
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too. it's so much more comfortable for sunday and into monday. both days will be warm into the 80s. 86 for sunday and monday. then near 90 on tuesday with a chance of more showers. new information this morning about a delaware state drug lab at the center of an evidence tampering scandal. coming up in our next half hour we will take a look at how much this case is costing taxpayers. apple upgrade. the new software on the way that will offer something special for people who use transit in philadelphia.
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about 5:24. iphones will have new features thanks to the newest software update. tell us more landon dowdy. >> apple is paving the way for iphone users to block online ads. a move to proof privacy. reports say changes are planned for the new mobile software for the iphone and ipad and will be rolled out later this year. they include a feature to let users block cookies and pop-up ads and other content. it will include an enhanced version of apple maps that has real-time public transit information. philadelphia is just one of six cities to get the new map feature when it launches this fall. tracy, back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you for the update. a muggy morning. the humidity is higher and the
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temperatures are going to say soar this afternoon. you'll find cooler temperatures to start with and this afternoon. at the shore a live view there. 67 degrees right now in cape may. the first alert center here is jessica boyington. >> we do have delays on septa and i'll tell you where coming up. i'm matt delucia live in chestnut hill. a 17-year-old girl is missing. police are looking for her and they are concerned. we will update out the search coming up after the break.
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worried for her safety. philadelphia police are searching for this missing teen who disappeared into the woods last night. we will tell you what they found that has them and their parents worried this morning. hot and humid. tracking near record heat and a chance for summer-like storms for parts of our area. it's 71 degrees and 5:28. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your first alert forecast. >> some of the suburbs are ten degrees warmer than yesterday.
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the humidity is higher for everyone. the real warm-up will come with the sun up which is just a minute away from happening in philadelphia. it's a live view looking across the delaware. we are watching the radar screen. likely going to be some showers later today. you can see some in the pocono mountains this morning and light showers moving through the scranton area and stay to our north this morning. the temperatures will be coming up all day long. 70 right now in south philadelphia right along the delaware river trail and there is the cloud and haze coming into play. filtered sunshine at 7:00. by 10:00, 81 degrees. and 88 degrees. at 1:00 this afternoon. by 2:00 we will be in the 90s. we will go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast in ten minutes and show you how warm it's going to get where you are. now jessica bow ingyington has a look at our traffic.
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>> everything moving along fine gladwood. if you're out in new jersey in cherry hill route 70 westbound dealing with construction core knoll avenue and lexington avenue. one lane getting by heading westbound. for mass transit no problems for new jersey transit but wilmington has track work. we are learning more about a teenage girl missing all night in a philadelphia neighborhood. the search for the teen is focused in the chestnut hill section of the city. police are following leads in the area of germantown avenue and cresheim valley ride. she was with her parents before her disappearance, matt. tell us what happened. >> reporter: she was with her dad. this has been an intense search going on. more than eight hours now. police are still out here on the scene. can you see they ar


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