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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right to nbc10 news first look meteorologist bill henley. >> mother nature is not waiting for the exact day. you can feel the humidity this morning and it's already higher and temperatures climbing into the 90s today and something that did not happen yesterday. right now it is 71 degrees and we have got sunshine but as you can see by this live view from the lowe's hotel that is filtered sunshine. temperatures will be moving up. right now it is 65 in pottstown and running 8 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. low 70s in philadelphia. won't be for long. 74 at 7:00. by 10:00, 83 degrees. there it is. 1:00 this afternoon, 90 degrees. high temperatures will vary depending on the region so we will go through the forecast neighborhood-by-neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is looking at the traffic scene this morning. >> watching 95 around state road through the work zone. moving along just fine still but
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garmging in a little bit of that typical morning commute volume but southbound up toward the vine street expressway a 14-minute trip and 12 minutes northbound. drive times on the schuylkill expressway. moving along just fine. a eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway jams first and no problems heading westbound. cherry hill new jersey volume starting to gather a route 70 westbound because one lane is getting by between soldier cornell and lexington avenue drew to ongoing construction and 10 to 15 minute delays for the wilmington/newark line but no delays for septa. breaking news. missing all night. philadelphia police are searching for a 17-year-old girl who bolted from the passenger seat of her father's car. matt delucia is live in chestnut hill. you spoke with police who are telling you, they got reason to be concerned?
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>> joo this is an intense search throughout the night. they don't know exactly what they are with if this was an abduction or run-away. police here several hours now and detective out here along with police officers who are coming in one by one now. really trying to add extra strength out here to aid in this search. this girl's parents were out here earlier visibly shaken up. this is where 17-year-old sarah wills was last seen at about 8:00 last night. she was being driven by her father back to their home in upper dublin. she had just come from a concert at the susquehanna bank center. she asked to let out of the car to relieve herself at this point and didn't come back to the car. the dad looked for her and found nothing. police out here with helicopters and dogs and s.w.a.t. team using thermal imaging devices but so far no sign of sarah. >> we are really concerned. we have family members.
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we have friends, detectives and police personnel looking for this female and, at this point we have no indication where she is. we haven't heard from her. nobody has heard from her. >> reporter: police say they tried contacting family and friends with no result. here is the description as we show7hos you her picture again. 5'9" and last seen in a maroon halter top and blue jean shorts and white sneakers. this photo as recent as it gets and found on sarah's cell phone she left in her dad's car and photo taken yesterday and been ten hours. philadelphia police are bringing in extra officers to help comb the woods. as we get more daylight out here a dark scene at the moment. they were out here with very heavy duty flashlights. germantown avenue at cresheim valley road is where the search started. a few belongings found but no sign of sarah.
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live in chestnut hill matt delucia, nbc10 news. new from overnight a fire forced some people in northern liberty to flee their homes. a viewer sent us this video of the fire. crews fighting the flames. fire broke out in a store front on girard avenue' people living in apartments above made it out safely. fire department got the situation under control and no one hurt and we don't know what caused the fire. happening today. a judge will sentence the philadelphia woman known as the black madam who killed a woman with a silicone injection in march a jury convicted paige winslow of third-degree murder. the british college student died at a hotel after winslow injected her with silicone for a butt enhancement. winslow was not licensed to practice those procedures and faces up to 70 years in prison. happening today, two men face trial for their part in a wedding brawl in philadelphia.
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matthew softka is accused of attacking a police officer in october 2012. the uncle of the one of the brides died of a heart attack. no indication he was involved in the fight. brian lanza is charged with aggravated assault and other crimes. 6:05. 61 degrees. overnight the mother of a temple student left in a coma after a hit and run posted an update on her daughter's condition overnight. her mom posted her facebook page saying rachel is progressing slowly and i can see rehabilitation will be a slow process one step at a time. last week, five weeks after the accident, her mother posted, quote, i wish life mimics the silver screen but i know rachel will not jump out of board and eating sno-cones with her friends at the jersey shore this today a judge will arraign the suspect in the hit and run accident. police say hall was riding her bike near campus and ran a stop
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sign when it happened. roberts car hit her and he took off and investigators say if roberts had stopped, he could have avoided the felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident. investigators are looking into whether there are more possible victims of a former chester county boarding school teacher who is locked up on sexual assault charges. matthew scavitto lived on campus as a to determine supervisor -- to determine supervisor at the all boys school in malvern. he often went to a campus apartment to teach a 17-year-old about sex. they believe the encounters last more a year. they say there may be more victims out there. >> you look at the period of time the abuse took place. you look at the grooming and the betrayal of trust by this defendant, those are all red flags. >> officials say the phelps school is cooperating with the investigation and fired scavitto after the claims surfaced. school leaders are assuring
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families that the well-being of students is most important. we are waiting to learn what is next in the investigation into last month's deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. they reveal the train engineer was not using his cell phone at the time of the crash. according to the ntsb no calls, no text messages, no data used on brandon bostian's cell phone. the agency's report also shows that bostian's phone was not connected to the wi-fi system. bostian was at the controls of train 188 when it left the track and doubled the speed limit in port richmond. eight people died and more than 200 injured. investigators are not finished looking through the phone and it could have been on airplane mode. if it was, he still would have been able to use an app. the ntsb reiterated that the probe is expected to take a year. the derailment took center stage in washington yesterday. senate lawmakers asked tough questions in an attempt to find
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out what caused last month's crash. they want to know what safety procedures can be put in place to prevent these accidents in the future. safety officials pushed for the quick installation of technology called positive train control which is designed to slow speeding trains to prevent derailment. >> even more than just positive train control but a lot of other things could have been done like auto train control as well as some other better signage as well as other measures that could be taken. safety should be the number one priority. >> we found out the safety board has been pushing for positive train control for decade. 8:00 after 6:00. 71 degrees here at nbc10. a humid start. it's going to be hot and humid afternoon. filtered sunshine this morning. the temperatures will take off in spite of the high clouds moving through and could track thunderstorms this afternoon and especially likely in pennsylvania. heat wave is a possibility. today will be day one of
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temperatures in the 90s. and we could see that right on into the weekend. right now, 67 degrees. mt. pocono with showers. not bad right now but a fast warm-up today. high cloudiness and hazy view from center city. there is the heart of the city. the temperatures will be heading into the 90s for today. day one. hour-by-hour forecast shows the possibility that heat and humidity for some showers late thonk this morning. light showers at that hour. temperatures will be climbing and sunshine. in the 90s very low 90s at 2:00. that is when some showers take shape, especially into the pocono mountains where we saw the first showers this morning. activity also on the northern edge of lancaster county the line could produce showers and thunderstorms in the manchester
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and bucks county. this afternoon, keep an eye on the sky. temperatures will be heading into the low 90s for allentown and quaker town and reading. mt. holly and doylestown topping out near 90 this afternoon. you upper 80s for rehoboth. cape may and ocean city into the 90s this afternoon. drexel hill and swedesboro. not all heat and humidity. the seven-day forecast has some relief. the timing when i come back in 10. >> the temperatures scared me. i have to use my air-conditioning in my car. i have been driving around with my windows on but i think i have to turn it on. >> i turned it on the way to work this morning. jessica boyington, what else do people know when they get that their cars and head out this morning? >> a late rush for this thursday. vine street around 24th street no problems or delays at all. headed westbound toward the
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schuylkill expressway three-minute trip from 95. eastbound lanes heading towards 95 no problems there as well. definitely good news. as we take a look at the rest of our majors. 95 southbound from wood haven road the vine street expressway not slowing down yet. 15 minute trip and 12 minutes on the schuylkill. no problems southbound on the blue route. p.a. turnpike same thing. we will check in with mass transit coming up in ten. this is a video that is shaking up some parents. a toddler is roughed up by the very person that is supposed to protect and care for her. >> keep fidgeting. the constant movement for adhd kids is the movement that could help them do better in school.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it.
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that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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preparing for the pope will mean preparing for a lot of buses to hit town when they convenient in philadelphia this september. archdiocese said he expects 6,000 charter buses to roll into town for the pope's visit and the arch bishop said 1.5 million people expected to visit the city during that time. they are urging the churches to register their buses as soon as possible. world feg of families begin september 2nd and the pope arrives in philadelphia the weekend of september 26th. can you count on nbc10 news to bring you new information about the papal visit as we get closer to the historic event and we will send out updates on your smartphone by tapping on the
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nbc10 news app. new this morning. a study suggests a constant movement often seen in children with adhd may help them in school. researchers measured the movement of 26 children with adhd when they took cognitive and attention-related tests. results show their accuracy was significantly better when they were moving compared to when they were still. researchers say it's not clear why the movement helps the children when concentrating. a semitruck carrying a sand bar shark crashed and killed one of the sharks. they were heading to coney yiy island in new york. shark was thrown out of the trailer. no one injured and the seaworld rescue team is takeing care of the surviving sharks. let's get a check on the traffic. >> we are seeing basic volume. out on 95 right now approaching
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girard avenue. 21 minutes if you'reaút southbound. you can see the volume there from wood haven road toward the vine street expressway. no problems northbound. cherry hill new jersey ongoing construction on route 70 on the westbound side so one lane getting by between south corner and lexington -- cornell avenue and lexington avenue. watch that there. 202 cars moving along nicely. nine minutes heading northbound 71 degrees. the sun has been up for close to an hour. the temperatures holding pretty steady right now. you can see haze and some thin clouds moving through the area. that is looking toward center city. 71 degrees at philadelphia international.
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we have a light breeze out of the south/southwest and pick up some this afternoon and keep the humidity higher through the day and push the temperatures up. even in the pocono mountains. the clouds. breaks of sunshine but also have been a few showers in the mountains already this morning. coming in with those clouds that are going to be around this afternoon. the threat of showers will be here. can you see the clouds moving through williams port and into the scranton area. few scattered light showers right now. this line that is moving through punxsutawney in this line. we could see the storms for this afternoon. that line is on the move and later today will be moving towards the philadelphia area. before then temperatures have been moving up. 78 degrees for reading and pottstown and northeast philadelphia. at 8:00 this morning. later this morning close to the 90-degree mark. 88 in philadelphia. look at the arrows southwesterly wind which will continue the
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warm-up this afternoon. we are heading for the 90s this afternoon. hot and humidity. afternoon thunderstorms most likely in pennsylvania but some of them could cross the delaware into new jersey. a chance it will be around tomorrow. hot and humid for friday. back into the 90s in the afternoon after morning low of 73 degrees. and saturday storms are more likely. if they get here early enough with we may not hit 90. has is the question mark for this three hi day potential heat wave period. 90 if they stay clear of our area until later saturday afternoon. either way, sunday is going to be cooler and much more comfortable as the humidity drops for sunday and monday. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away free money to local nonprofit. the project is called 21st century solutions. we want to hear from local nonprofits that come up with new and innovative ideas to help their communities but they need cash to help them do it. we are giving away free money.
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one 50,000 grand and two 25,000 grants. july 3rd is the deadline to ply. find out more at beau biden a calling to help others that did not be stopped in death. we will update a new campaign that has been launched in his name. apple is launching maps that give real-time information. not on your drive but on your way to the train.
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in delaware county a 1500 dollar reward is posted in an animal cruelty case. a dog named trooper was found in darby a week ago tad. the animal was so thin that the sbca isn't even sure what breed he is. if you have any information on the dog or his owner you're urged the call the delaware
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county spca. in atlantic city a principal is accused of stealing from her own school. police arrested la keshia hyman at her home yesterday. she is accused of pocketing $10,000 meant to be used for the up town school district. authorities investigated this case for a year. hyman is on paid leave since february and now charged with theft and official misconduct. apple's new software ios 9 could make your trip on public transit in philadelphia much easier. starting this fall apple maps will display real-time public transit information and philadelphia is one of only six cities to get the enhanced version of those maps. users will also get step-by-step directions to the closest public transit stop. or station. good morning. jessica boyington here. looking live 4422 and seeing volume around trooper road.
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the right-hand side that is eastbound heading towards the schuylkill but only nine-minute trip if you're heading from 29. we have small mass transit delays for wilmington and newark lines put new jersey transit is doing just fine and also is pat patco. >> muggy breeze this morning. the sunshine just starting to warm up. right now it's 71 degrees at 6:25 this morning. by the this afternoon, temperatures into the 90s. 71 in philadelphia. 60s in pottstown and millville. i'm matt delucia live in chestnut hill. a 17-year-old girl has been missing since 8:00 last night. police say they are concerned. we will have an update on the investigation after the break. this morning, a new lead in the search for two escaped
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prisoners and taking police back to the site where it all began.
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missing teen. following breaking news in philadelphia chestnut hill neighborhood. more than ten hours later, the intense search for a 17-year-old girl goes on. we are live at the scene with the latest. get ready for the heat. mother nature is bringing it. it could be the beginning of the first heat wave of the season. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm deanna durante. it's 71 degrees outside and 6:30. bill henley has his first alert forecast. >> the temperatures about the same as yesterday at this time but the humidity is higher. so already feels warmer this morning. and we are getting enough sunshine to see the temperatures soar into the 90s.
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the exception? the beach which will see 80s this afternoon. that is cape may. inland the temperatures will be going even higher. right now 71 degrees in philadelphia. some areas are still in the 60s and most of the areas is dry. the one exception is the pocono mountain where we have seen a few scattered showers already morning but nothing heavy or severe there. clouds on and off this morning. high cloudiness and haze too. the humidity will stay with us through the day. the temperatures by 2:00 this afternoon near 90 degrees and still climbing at that hour. we will will go through the day hour-by-hour and future weather when storms are most likely to app when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, let's check in with traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> first accident this morning on the schuylkill expressway. it's over into the shoulder. you can see police activity not on the scene yet there so it might be there for quite
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sometime on the westbound side around gladwin. drive times are not affected by that. blue route 14 minute trip there and gathering volume in separate spots. 42 freeway just a tad low heading into the walt whitman bridge. no problems on the walt whitman bridge as well. other areas nice and clear and no problems. usual volume. in new jersey and cherry hill ongoing construction on 70. westbound one lane is getting by. we are following breaking news all night long and into this morning. philadelphia police are searching for a and itteenage girl who last seen getting out of her father's car. matt delucia is live in chet nut hills where the teen disappeared. >> reporter: officers found that girl's purse and some of her personal belongings out here in the woods. the girl's parents were out here
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a few hours ago and confirmed those belongings do belong to that girl. you can see they are still quite a scene out here germantown avenue by cresheim valley road. more technology is helping with the search hour after hour passes by. more than ten hours now since 17-year-old sarah wills went missing. this happened at about 8:00 last night. we have a picture of her just taken yesterday. this was found on her cell phone. police tell us that sarah was being driven by her father back to their home in upper dublin after attending a concert over at the susquehanna bank center in camden. she asked to be let out of the car because she had to relieve herself but a few minutes she did not come back and dad went looking for her and found nothing. >> she left her cell phone in her father's car right before she exited the car so we can't call her. we have contacted male friends,
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as well as female friends, as well as other family members and no one knows where this female is at this time. >> reporter: sarah wills was with her dad at the time. we saw both of her parents out here a few hours ago. here is the description as we show you her picture again. 459 5'9" and last seen in marine halter top and blue jean shorts and white sneakers. the big question remains what happened to sarah? for the most part, the search has been happening solely in darkness and now more daylights investigates hope that will help. here is a google map of this area. most of the area is fairly wooded. this is where we are right now. this is where this search is going on right now. you can see a lot of brush in this area stretching all the way down cresheim valley drive. a large area police are looking at and they are bringing in more manpower to help. each passing hour makes the
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police grow more and more concerned. we will stay on top of this one. matt delucia, nbc10 news. new information this morning. police in new york could be closing in on two escaped convicts who broke out of a maximum security prison on saturday. nbc10's chris cato is live for us with more. what is the update? >> it seemed like earlier this morning that police in new york could be closing in but now a possible lead has not proven fruitful and looks like in fact, the net may be widening. six days of searching for the two escaped killers and still no sign of either richard matt or david sweat after their hollywoodesque escape from that maximum security prison on saturday. here is the update. this is some new video you're looking at from overnight in upstate new york. police blocking off a main road in west plattsburg new york. three miles from the handhole where the prisoners escaped is where they focused investigating a possible lead and wouldn't say
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what the lead was. however, at this time it looks like that lead was not fruitful. no capture has been announced. police have ramped down their search in that area. yesterday, authorities said that it's possible that the prisoners may have crossed state lines. police have gotten more than 500 tips from the public and some say the fugitives might be heading to vermont. investigators are still questioning a corrections worker from that prison to find out if she had any involvement in helping those convicts escape possibly by helping them acquire the power tools they used to saw through steel bars. we mentioned the possible vermont connection. canadian authorities initially were searching an area just 100 miles north of the canadian border with new york but now they have expanded their search as well so looks like as you see digital billboards here on your screen, it looks like the net is widening. those dichl billgital billboards
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throughout pennsylvania and new jersey. we are keeping an eye on gmtsieye on developments from upstate new york and let you know if anything breaks in that story as soon as it happens. chris cato nbc10 news. happening today in delaware, lawyers make their opening statements in the stalking trial linked to the wilmington courthouse murders. >> it involves three relatives of thomas matuwitwitz. police say he shot and killed his former daughter-in-law at the county courthouse in 2013. prosecutors claim his wife and daughter and son harassed bellford over the internet and by mail. the two were divorced and she was at the courthouse that day for a custody hearing involving their child. after shooting bellford and laura to death, he traded gunfire with police and then killed himself. delaware chief's medical
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examiner examiner examiner examiner examiner is expected to plead no contest. dr. richard t. calorie fired last july after the delaware drug lab shut down after theft and tampering. a fallout has been costly. the state spent $1.6 million to relocate drug evidence and found 1,000 motions to overturn past drug convictions and more than 700 cases they are dropped drug charges. the largest drug bust in our ream in 29 years. more than $3 million worth of heroin is off the streets this morning. philadelphia police arrest three people and confiscated 22 pound of heroin. you're looking at it here. agents launch an investigation in march. beau biden's death will stop
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his work to help children from abuse. the charity has collected more than $225,000 in donations in its first week. delaware's former attorney general and the son of vice president o'joe biden died last month after a battle with brain cancer. he was 46. 6:38. temperature holding at 71 degrees right now. it feels warmer than yesterday because the humidity that is already with us. it's going to be a hot and humid day today and we will will be in the 90s today and tracking thunderstorms this afternoon. most likely in pennsylvania. but there are a few other spots that may see wet weather. the potential heat wave and today will be day one of the 90s but we will be in the 90s again on friday.
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and possibly saturday. out the door right now clouds over mt. pocono. the clouds in the pocono mountains, we have seen scattered showers in the mountains but not in the city. you can see the glow of shine. a hazy view. not going to be as clear as it has been the last couple of days. we will see enough sunshine coming through the thin clouds to warm temperatures into the 90s. heat and humidity fueling showers. by later this morning, that is 10:00 your hour-by-hour forecast, showing light showers in the allentown area but this afternoon, we could see strong showers develop, possibly thunderstorms for the reading area at 2:00 this afternoon. that line of showers will develop northern portions of philadelphia into montgomery and bucks county. wet weather more likely to get heavy downpours to the north so keep an eye on the sky especially into on the pocono mountains and allentown and quaker town today. look at the 90s. not just the lehigh valley. it's a hot one at the shore too.
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just inland from the beach into the low 90s. if you're on the beach, it will be in the 80s like rehoboth 87. plenty of sunshine for delaware and south jersey. the farther north you can the more you'll see an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. but before those develop we are in the 90s today. this weekend, saturday is borderline. showers and thunderstorms are likely to be around later on saturday. they come in a little earlier, we will not reach 90. but as the current timing it looks like we will get the 90-degree mark and we will see much more comfortable weather arrive on sunday. full seven-day forecast is coming up in ten minutes. jessica i think just reported in her last report the first accident of the this morning on the schuylkill and i believe gladwin? >> what are you seeing now? >> we are there right now in gladwin on the schuylkill expressway. it's over on the westbound side. you can see police activity finally on the scene here.
6:41 am
slow going by that as it's blocking the right hand shoulder but all lanes moving. cameras here as well. gathering in volume right around girard avenue in the southbound lanes on 95. 295 out in new jersey we are moving all lanes now now that the work zone cleared out of the way and blocking out the shoulder and leaving the equipment through the area and on the blue route around ridge pike currently no problems if you're heading southbound or northbound. we will check in with mass transit coming up in 5:00. texas mother's final words during the deadly texas flood. coming up the second floor. it's so high up. >> we will hear more of the 911 calls she made before her home was washed away. show must go on. talk about conviction. this actor didn't break out of character even after being stabbed on stage! wow.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now. new information on a pizza charity in philadelphia known for giving away slices to the homeless. rosa's fresh pizza has given out more than 20,000 slices of free pizza to the city's homeless population since it began doing it in 2013. its pay it forward policy let customers decide whether to donate a dollar for a slice for
6:46 am
the next homeless person who comes in and ask for one. two homes in burlington county forced to leave their home because after sinkhole are getting help. the county has agreed to buy those homes is reported from the families. the houses overlook the delaware river in florence township and when the sinkhole opened up in april questions about a county-owned pipeline causing erosion that may have led to the sinkhole. a group of workers and union members demonstrated outside of the offices of new jersey's casino control commission as regulators cleared the way for carl icahn to own trump taj mahal resort. the main casinowha< -- >> we believe we will be in the position to rebuild the business and return the taj to where it belongs in the market.
6:47 am
>> we are fighting this guy. i don't want to see him get anything when he has taken everything away from me and my family and my coworkers' families. the restructuring plan won't go through if the union wins the court appeal to reinstate the benefits. a ruling is expected any day now. regulated internet gambling may come to pennsylvania and some lawmakers hope it can bring the state much-needed revenue. state senate introduced a bill to allow internet gambling sites as long as the casinos pay a onetime $10 million fee. lawmakers hope the money will fill gaps in the budget the next fiscal year. a scheduled hearing scheduled today on a bill make sure 911 first responders continue to get the help they need. in 2011 a bipartisan act signed into law. the act is said to expire next year unless it is reauthorized is what today's hearing is about.
6:48 am
new jersey congressman sponsored the original bill and leading the effort to reauthorize it. in the meantime a look at the design for the fourth and final talker of the world trade center in new york city. a danish architect revealed the layout for two world center. it will be about several hundred feet shorter than one world trade center and new york's third tallest building behind the empire state building. new talker isower is scheduled to open in 2020. this is really sad here. we are hearing the 911 calls made during last month's deadly flooding in texas. >> among the calls, we are hearing one made by a young mom who died in the flood. listen. >> it's coming up to the second floor. i mean, it's so high up. >> okay. >> we have no exit out. >> that was a voice of laura
6:49 am
mccomb who called moments before her house was swept down the river. her husband was rescued but her two young children remain missing. another caller to 911 said mccomb's house was floating by. >> it just went up the river and there was a person in it with a spotlight. >> okay you said there is a house on the river? >> a house, yes. just went by through the river and there was someone in it with a bright light. >> authorities say it's not clear if the mccomb's got any warning that their lives were at risk. happening today. the irs will unveil a new plan to protect taxpayers from identity theft. changes following a three-month joint effort of the public and private sectors to guard against hackers. cyberthieves broke into an irs system and stole personal information and filing data from tens of thousands of taxpayers a couple of weeks ago. video shows what appears to be a teacher shake ago toddler and here is the video. it was taken from a high-rise window looking down at the apple montessori school here in
6:50 am
hoboken. one of the teachers grabs a 23-month-old girl and pushes her to the ground. the girl's parents say she is okay but shaken though. the teacher has been fired. actor in arizona was accidentally stabbed in the stomach in the middle of a performance. >> yeah. i don't know if he gets an oscar but this guy deserves something. he continued performing for more than 20 minutes until intermission. ken bider says he was performing with a fellow actor when he realized the knife got stuck. they didn't realize he was stabbed. other actors back stage said bider didn't miss a beat until he got back stage and saw the hole in his stomach. >> we needed to cut bread during the show. so i believe the knife was sharp in or the for us to be able to cut the bread. >> we want to create reality up on stage as much as we can. it's our job. so we did our job with what we were given. >> bider has staples and
6:51 am
stitches to cover the wound. he says no hard feelings with the other actor. he plans to be back on stage in october. 9:00 before 7:00. 71 degrees. we have been holding in the 71 degree e like yesterday. high clouds and haze in the area. the humidity is already higher. 78% right now. that number will climb into the 90s today and it could be the first of three days in the 90s giving us our first heat wave of the season. look for relief on the beach. in the middle 80s on cape may but go inland and you'll find the 90s in a hurry. 67 right now in doylestown. wilmington at 67 degrees. upper 60s for portions of chester county. brandy wine airport at 68 and 63 right now in west town. 60s won't last long. hot, humid conditions pushing into the area. we are already seeing clouds and as this line of clouds has
6:52 am
produced a few showers in the pocono mountains this morning. it's the same line that is producing showers in the punxsutawney area and these showers are on the move. they don't look very impressive but once the atmosphere starts heating up it's that line that could produce some heavy downpours in parts of the area this afternoon. so hot and humid day for most of the day. you'll feel the humidity and the heat into the 90s this afternoon. fueling some showers and thunderstorms. most likely north of philadelphia. winds out of the west/southwest at 15 miles an hour. we will continue tomorrow. heat and humidity continues tomorrow with a chance of more scattered afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms on friday. the storms are more likely on saturday and saturday if the storms hold off, we will hit 90. either way, whether they get here earlier in the day or later in the day, it will be cooler and drying out for sunday. see partly sunny skies and much lisa humid on sunday and monday the humidity returns starting tuesday. >> the heat and humidity
6:53 am
continue the next coupled. we continue to watch that accident on the schuylkill right now. >> jessica boyington, it doesn't appear it's creating any problems on the schuylkill or am i wrong? >> you're not wrong. police activity on the shoulder. something to watch out for westbound. typical drive times right now. heading up to the blue route 21-minute trip and same eastbound. pack in just a tad. 422 seeing volume here. eastbound is the normal spot to jam up up towards the schuylkill expressway. about a 16-minute trip. westbound there currently no problems there from the schuylkill towards 29. only a 7-minute trip there as well. mass transit, currently no problems or delays any more on the wilmington/newark line. earlier today emergency track work. new jersey transit and patco doing fine there. cornell avenue and lexington avenue one lane construction.
6:54 am
we got this confirmed. philadelphia police are investigating a tip. they say this is very preliminary but they are investigating a tip that a cab driver in philadelphia early this morning picked up two men fitting the description of those two escaped killer convicts from new york and took them to 30th street sayings station. you can see that cab roped off and police have quid the cab driver and we will still getting information where this investigation stands and a live update for you after this.
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we have been following the story of a missing 17-year-old girl in chestnut hill all morning. the past few minutes you can see a girl matching that description of that 17-year-old that police gave us earlier this morning, we saw her come out of the woods there. we saw those girl's parents kissing and hugging this person. we are still waiting for confirmation. police are huddled around this girl and the family members just moments ago so we are still waiting for them to come over here and let us know exactly if in fact, that is this girl. we are going to be following this for you throughout the morning. it does appear at this point good news because that fits the description of the girl they were looking for. live in chestnut hill matt delucia, nbc10 news. we just confirmed in the past few minutes that philadelphia police are investigating a tip that a cab driver in philly early this morning picked up two men who he believes fit the description of those two escaped convicted killers from new york. he picked them up and took them to 30th street station and why police have cordoned off this
6:59 am
cab. we are following this story and have more for you. chris cato live in our digital operations center. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. only real incident besides tip morning development is schuylkill expressway along the westbound side of gladwin. over into the shoulder. westbound a 21 minute up the blue route. it's a hot and humid day today and keep an eye on the radar screen. showers in the pocono mountains and we could see thunderstorms later today. before they roll in the temperatures move up. 82 degrees at 11:00. near 0e90 at 2:00 and in the 90s for day one of a potential heat wave. >> we will be ready. >> not a good hair day. >> i know! >> "today" show is up next. local on updates in 25 minutes. >> get up to the minute
7:00 am
information with the breaking news we are following for you this morning on our nbc10 news app. it's a free download. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking overnight. zeroing in a new lead for the hunt for the two escaped killers. police locking down an area a few miles from the prison. as new questions swirl around joyce mitchell. her relationship with the fugitis and whether she help them hatch their plans. her ex-husband speaking out. >> what can i say? i loved her. she was my wife then all of a sudden she changed. double spreads. wide spread flooding in the south. severe storms including tornados possible from colorado to michigan today. first, on "today" new trouble for the dugid you


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