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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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urbanized areas around the philadelphia corridor. tomorrow, we may be hot again but not as hot or humid as today. on the radar, we just have seen isolated showers and storms. one of them right along the pennsylvania turnpike. that certainly has weakened but it's right along the turnpike at norristown now and headed toward abington and eventually to lower bucks county. this one caused some wind damage in whitehall township that just went by easton and is now just about to cross the delaware river into new jersey. the temperatures now are generally on the hot side except if you have been affected by one of those storms like pottstown, it's 78 degrees. it's 93 in philadelphia. at the beaches, it's a different story. that southerly wind southwest wind is a sea breeze in new jersey it's 73 in avalon, 74 degrees in beach haven. for much of the rest of the area, that's not getting rained
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on, it doesn't get a sea breeze you will stay in the 80s throughout the evening. humidity still high but it will be dropping. i'll tell you when and how much with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> as we mentioned, today's near record heat prompted philadelphia school officials to dismiss students at noontime today. this as doctors warned against the dangers of heat exhaustion in this weather. nbc 10's jesse gary has been taking the temperature of the city, if you will. he joins us from south philadelphia. does it seem like the heat's keeping people inside today? >> reporter: well yes and no. there are people outside, i will move out of the way. we move to the east passyunk crossing. people started the weekend early and are outside having drinks and some food. one thing you will notice everyone is in the shade whether it's an umbrella or a tree but they are in some kind of shade. it's like an oasis in the desert, a place to go to seek relief. all day, the mercury has shown no mercy.
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sweltering conditions forced many philadelphians to improvise. >> you have to have a fan. there's no way to avoid it. you have to have a fan. >> reporter: and a plan in case the heat becomes more than an inconvenience. temple hospital e.r. doctor jennifer fisher says heat exhaustion can afflict the young and elderly when their core temps soar. >> their body is not able to effectively cool their system so they can have cardiac events. >> reporter: dr. fisher advises fluid and avoiding strenuous activities outside. but for some work and sweat go hand in hand today. these glass insulation workers nearly melting in the effect of the sun. >> it's stifling but just have to keep up on the fluids, take breaks when you can. >> reporter: and try not to use alcohol-based fluids if you are going to try to cool off because that will only make you hotter. the alcohol will since your
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body will have to burn that off. best bet, nice ice-cold water. live in south philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 cruising around the sky watching how the weather is impacting you. >> and photojournalist jeremy haas is our eye in the sky. what are you seeing over the delaware? >> reporter: right now we are over the delaware at the spruce street harbor park watching people hang out literally in hammocks right over the delaware river trying to stay cool. everyone else is grabbing spots in the shade that you can see, enjoying an ice cold drink. looks like a nice place to relax and stay cool here in philadelphia. >> get that breeze off the river. it helps just a little. jeremy, thank you. tonight, fans of one pop star are braving the heat as well to see their idol. >> berks county native taylor swift is about to take the stage at lincoln financial. nbc 10's drew smith live at the linc where fans are gathering.
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drew? >> reporter: the gates are open just an hour to go before taylor swift's concert begins. she's got a couple opening acts. people moving right on in pretty quick. the tailgaters are also playing it safe. we will show you where they are hanging out inside the parking lot drinking lots of water, staying in the shade. that's what concert organizers say is important. stay out of the sun for as long as possible so they can enjoy the concert for the full night. more than 50,000 people will pack into lincoln financial field to see taylor swift. big fans say they won't let extreme heat get in the way of the fun. >> we love taylor swift. her music is really awesome. it will be great to see her live. >> reporter: temperatures that feel like 100 are changing some people's preshow plans. >> probably in the air conditioned areas and hopefully we will see some of our people and get to go backstage. >> reporter: this family got all dressed up referencing smith's latest hit. they also packed extra bottled water. >> it's very hot.
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very hot. >> normally we would be tailgating but we just went to xfinity live instead. air conditioning is key. >> got water. some fruit. drinks. >> reporter: other families came out at noon to reserve the best spots in the parking lot so they could tailgate in the shade. >> under the awning and we're roughing it. you got to give it the full experience. >> reporter: at 7:00 the concert starts. a pair of openers, then taylor swift will be on a few hours later. it gives a little more time for the temperature to drop as well as the sun go a little deeper into the sky so people can cool down a little. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. in the last hour taylor swift sent a message to her fans and gave a sneak peek of what they will see tonight. we will give you a look at that later in this newscast. families are finding relief from today's hot, humid temperatures, some waiting outside in the heat for the chance to cool off at the sahara
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sam indoor water park in berlin. the temperature inside, a refreshing 74 degrees. for them they say mother nature's steamy weather is a big boost to business. >> i can't wait to get in here. this is like so hot. too hot. >> you don't want your kids getting burned or nothing. this is much better. >> at deptford mall in gloucester county, moms didn't have to worry about sunburn or tiny toes and fingers being burned on outdoor play ground equipment. you can try to beat the heat by getting weather updates. tonight and throughout the weekend, from our nbc 10 news app, download it for free to get severe weather updates right on your smartphone or tablet. we are working to find out more information about a mom who was badly hurt in a house fire in northeast philadelphia this morning. her daughter did not make it out alive. the younger woman was found on the second floor by firefighters. sky force 10 was over the scene this morning. the call came in around 7:30.
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firefighters say they were there in less than five minutes. they had the fire knocked down in less than 15 minutes. the father was able to make it out of the home after a neighbor kicked in the basement door. fire investigators are looking into the cause but they think the fire started on the first floor. more than 100 city-owned lots and buildings went on the auction block today. nearly 90 sold raising close to $1.8 million for philadelphia. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in north philadelphia where some of those lots will soon see some new homes. >> reporter: take a look behind me. this lot here at 18th and lehigh is zoned multi-family. it was the first lot to go on the block. the first lot to be sold for $7,000. >> it was a beautiful city when i heard about it when i was younger. it had all houses and stores. everything around here. >> reporter: it's certainly not like it was when april young was a young girl. but for a few thousand dollars, the eyesore now across the street is owned by someone other
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than the city. >> i'm interested in everything really. >> reporter: bidder 164 quickly bought up the first two properties to hit the auction block and he didn't stop there. >> what do you plan on doing? >> redeveloping them, of course. >> you want to sell them? >> plan a single family house. >> we need more houses and everything and open up some more schools. >> reporter: people who live around the vacant lots the news is good. while these lots went for $7,000 each, others went for eight, 50 even $65,000, like this one on the edge of fishtown. >> reporter: the owners of the lots will be able to build on them sticking with the current zoning regulations. don't expect to see anything happening in the next couple of weeks because they still have work to do. first have to clear the debris and again, follow all the zoning regulations. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. speaking of cleaning up new
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information on an effort to clean the entrance to ocean city, new jersey. nbc 10 has learned that last night, city council unanimously passed an ordinance to allow the city to designate properties as abandoned and fix them. earlier this week we told you about three gas stations near the entrance to o.c. that have sat abandoned for years. today we learned that one of those gas stations a bp is owned by an independent contractor. they are being forced to remove the sign from the site. new at 6:00 the archdiocese of philadelphia has reached a tentative agreement with the association of catholic teachers on a new labor agreement for lay teachers at 17 archdiocessan high schools in the city. a vote is expected before the end of the month. details won't be made public until then. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" a dispute in the air down the shore. see why some of the songs you hear blasting from restaurants and bars got those businesses in legal trouble. also a wild motorcycle crash caught on camera. we will tell you how one local
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police department is hoping it can help other riders learn a valuable lesson. will we officially have a heat wave?
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here we are in the city. that's the stage all the way around down there. stadium vibe! >> okay. a sneak peek inside the stadium from none other than taylor swift herself. this video already racking up more than 6,000 comments and more than 300,000 likes. a motorcycle going 106 miles an hour slams into a curb. now police are releasing the video taken from the local driver's go pro camera as a warning to others. limerick township police tell us the man didn't realize the road he was on would suddenly end. he was just going too fast to react. he flipped over the handlebars. he was wearing a helmet and landed in soft grass. that saved him from serious injury. on their facebook page the police responded to the crash this way.
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why you should always drive defensively. why you should not drive 106 miles per hour on lightcap road and not know it ends in a t intersection all while wearing a go pro camera. new figures have been released about economic growth in all 50 u.s. states and the report says one state in our area has shown among the lowest growth in the country. pennsylvania gdp grew almost 2%. delaware was up more than 1%. but new jersey was among the states lagging near the bottom of the country with stagnant growth. it had a .4% growth in gdp. it is a hot day for a long run but this was for a good cause. we were at the wilmington police department as officers from up and down delaware arrived with the special olympics torch. 500 officers from local, state and federal agencies teamed up to run 160 miles over the past three days. they raised $600,000 to support
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4,000 special olympians who will compete at the games in newark this weekend. playing outdoor tunes for customers got a couple store businesses in legal trouble. did you know your favorite places to eat need to pay for the rights to play songs? yeah. this is a look at the towns where bmi sued businesses for thousands of dollars over royalty problems. bmi owns hundreds of thousands of songs and lets businesses buy the rights to the band's work. ♪ that girl is poison ♪ >> in one of the cases, flip-flops beach bar in north wildwood got in trouble for playing what is that? >> bel biv davoe. >> we checked the court records. flip-flops and bobby d's came to a settlement with bmi. nobody was available at either business to give us a comment. >> you mean you weren't a poison fan?
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>> i know the song. happening this weekend, the borgata hotel casino and spa debuts its new festival park. the 5,000 capacity outdoor concert venue opens tomorrow. the hooters as special guests g. love and special sauce and southside johnny and the asbury jukes will kick things off. it will serve as a place for festivals and special events. an update on a boardwalk battle at the jersey shore over the use of an iconic recording you have probably heard before. >> watch the tram car, please. >> the wildwoods claim that that's their recording in use since the '70s but atlantic city has been using the same recording on its new tram cars. atlantic city promised to stop using it but they haven't so the wildwoods sent a legal notice to atlantic city's b & b parking ordering them to stop. this afternoon, they began changing the recording to a new voice but the same message, but the folks in the wildwoods say hum-um, that's not good enough. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> would have been nice to be down on the boardwalk in either of those places during the day today. because there was some tremendous relief at the beach. it felt like 100 degrees in and around the city this afternoon for multiple hours. just some isolated thunderstorms, so people cooling off with that and the weekend not as hot as it was today, and not as humid. we have some clouds out there associated with some showers and storms. still dry in philadelphia obviously, at 93 degrees. winds southwest at 15 miles an hour. it dropped down into the 70s in allentown and pottstown with the rain. now they're back up to 80 degrees. still 90 throughout much of delaware and 80s in much of new jersey but not quite at the beaches. we can get in real close and show you that. cape may point, we show you that
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picture all the time 74 degrees. that's why there aren't a lot of people on the beach. 77 degrees in north wildwood. 73 in stone harbor. 75 in ocean city. it's in the 80s just a few miles inland. 74 degrees, atlantic city marina and atlantic city airport, ten miles inland felt like it was 97 today. there's the front. it will put an end to that. it's going to be coming down and weakening but at least it will do enough to bring some cooler and less humid air around. we had some of those isolated storms. this one that came through northern chester county is now getting into part of philadelphia. mt. airy looks like they're getting hit. the one that hit allentown and easton is going into new jersey causing power outages and downed trees. saturday it's actually going to
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get warmer behind the cold front at the jersey shore because of the wind direction. northwest wind so it will get into the 80s before the sea breeze kicks in. then the sea breeze will hit everywhere on sunday with the southeast wind. the poconos, nice on saturday and a chance of thunderstorms sunday afternoon. for the rest of the night, just those isolated showers and storms. warm and humid otherwise. 77 for the low in philadelphia and during the day tomorrow a hot day. may get to 90 degrees and make it an official heat wave but not as humid. so it will feel about ten degrees cooler than today. that should be enough for you to notice. 85 degrees on sunday. the clouds increase a little bit. chance of thunderstorms mainly at night. and into monday. and we have kind of a humid week next week chance of storms that chance goes up and the atmosphere gets more and more moist later in the week. i'm amy fadool from comcast
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sports net. we will get conner barwin's thoughts on the release of evan mathis.
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i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. we knew it yesterday but the eagles made it official just hours ago. the team released evan mathis the guard had been looking for a new contract. he skipped voluntary workouts the past two weeks. today, we got reaction from one of his former teammates who is always working. >> how you doing? i'm conner. i'm here to install your solar.
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>> linebacker conner barwin surprised this cherry hill couple as part of the nrg solar team. he even helped install solar panels on the roof. likely holding his breath watching him climb the ladder. he discussed mathis' departure. >> it's a bad ending for everybody. i wish evan the best. he was a great teammate for two years. i'm very confident in the guys that have been here all summer. tobin, gardner, dennis kelly, alan, those guys have had a good offseason. they have been here every single day. we're moving forward. i'm excited about who we have. obviously evan's moving forward. good luck to him in the future. the phillies will look to try to cure their road woes tonight when they start a series in pittsburgh. they are just 7-23 away from citizens bank park the worst in the majors. kevin correia will make his first start tonight. he spent the last two months with the giants' aaa affiliate before signing on monday. ryan howard and chase utley both out of the lineup this evening.
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lefty on the mound for the buccos. today in center city the taney dragons were honored with the wanamaker award, given to the athlete or team who has done the most to reflect credit on the city. the dragons were the stars of last summer in their run through the little league world series. we have highlights for the phillies tonight at 11:00. that does it for sports. we'll be right back.
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came through mt. airy, going into cheltenham and through german town. for all of us, thanks for watching. tonight, breaking news. a prison worker now under arrest accused of helping two escaped killers. as locals are now told to clear out of the search zone. skin deep. questions swirling over an naacp leader whose own birth parents say she's actually a white woman masquerading as a black woman. does it matter? life without sunshine. children forced by disease to live in the shadows. and the camp where they can enjoy summer like everybody else. and dino might. meet the real-life pail ontollogists who help bring dinosaurs back to life in "jurassic world" as the movie roars into theaters. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquar


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