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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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loss of benefits. this fight has been going on since fall we've been bringing you many of these protests. this is the latest one, we're right outside the trump taj ma hall, this is where you have hundreds and hundreds of trump taj mahal employees unite here local 54 and also members of their counterpart, the hotel trade counsel out of new york i'm told this group is going to swell to about 2,000 people. there's plenty to get this rally underway at about 20 after 5:00 with very short speeches. after that they're going to make their way off the board walk. one group going down pennsylvania avenue the other down state avenue surrounding the trump tajh ma hal, they're going to end up right in front of the taj at virginia and pacific, their goal to block the traffic and the entrance to the taj. block people from going inside
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and i'm told 70 union members, not members of the taj ma holl. they're fearful of discipline. 70 union members will sit down. block traffic and make plans to get arrested. this is all aimed at carl icahn. the main lender to trump ander takenment resorts. he's set to take over the casino. icahn's support on the company's elimination of health and pension benefits to cut costs. union wins support to appeal that move there's been no decision yet. and that brings us to here they still don't have those benefits we spoke with the union president a few minutes ago. >> we're trying to bring to the focus of the people in the region. and the customers in this region that there is one outlier in
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this industry. >> we got a statement, the local is willing to sacrifice the wages by actively attempting to persuade union members. the taj mahal management says it's apparent that the motive of the unions are not in the best interests of their members. again, they are getting ready, they are certainly geared up and have lots of energy they're getting ready to have a rally and with some speeches in just a couple minutes. they're going to head off the board walk to the front of the taj mahal, we're told about 70 union members are going to block traffic. and they plan to get arrested. we'll be here and follow them as
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they leave the board walk we'll bring it to you live. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. to a developing story. a girlfriend murdered. police are on the hunt for the father of her children. >> he confessed to relatives after the crime. rosemary conyers spoke with the victim's mother. >> she has a message for this man? >> the victim's mother wants the daughter's 28-year-old boyfriend to either turn himself in or she wants anybody who has information to come forward. i've been keeping in touch with the family by phone this afternoon, the victim's children are with them now. the family is trying to cope with this tragedy as police try to close up this murder investigation. >> anybody that knows my daughter knows my daughter is a good person she was a loving mom and a very hard work erer.
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>> while brittany's family grieved, crime scene investigators gathered evidence at her home where she was murdered this morning. the 28-year-old mother had her throat slashed and suffered many stab wounds. her kids ages 6, 8 and 10 were inside the house when it happened. >> at the very least they could hear this horrible thing happening to their mother. >> the victim's boyfriend and father of her three kids. no stranger to police. >> they had a tumultuous relationship, there were a lot of assaults he's known to police, he's been arrested several times a couple times for assaulting her. >> from the front porch of her client's row home. she watched investigators do their work. police have been to the house
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before but she never thought it would come to this. >> domestic violence is real. if he hits you once he's going to do it again. get a restraining order, it's not worth it, especially if you have children. according to investigators on the scene, hall took the children to his mother's house confessed to the murder and it was his mother who called police. i'm rosemary conyers, nbc10 news. >> almost 80 puppies involved in a crash this morning. the driver was cited by traffic violations. you see the puppies there in cages, there were 79 of them south hampton volunteer firefighters found some dogs in
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the road others trapped inside their van. the pa department of agriculture is checking out to see if the dogs were properly stowed. the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and street road exits. two people were injured in the accident but they are expected to be okay. >> cooler weather outside. quite a change out there from yesterday. we found plenty of people enjoying today's temperature along the schuylkill river in philadelphia. a lot of people like the less hughmidity humidity. sheena parveen is tracking more rain for us. >> the rain coming tonight actually, for the morning commute, today, beautiful day, lower humidity the clouds are really increasing the most sunshine at the moment is right along the shore, but increasing clouds that will give us overcast skies this evening. few very light showers tried to make their way into the poconos, a majority of the rain won't be
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here until overnight. many of you will be sleeping and it will be around for the morning commute tomorrow. we're watching bill spilling right over dallas. max winds moving 30 miles an hour at 7. as it continues moving to the north and west it will continue to weaken. the remnants are expected to be here as we go into the weekend. for tonight in the meantime i think we'll stay dry. future weather showing mostly cloudy skies, overnight, that's when we can see some heavy rain approaching, this is 4:00 in the morning, this continues through the morning commute tomorrow. before you head out, take time grab an up bell la we expect rain tomorrow morning, rain for part of your weekend. i'll show you the timing of that coming up. >> philadelphia police are searching for two men who broke into a germantown apartment building and kidnapped two people. the intruders working into a
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basement, they held someone up at gunpoint brought him out with a bag over his head. a neighbor saw what was happening, she was also taken captive. they were held for several hours and robbed of belongings they heard their captors say, we got the wrong guy. >> maybe they had the wrong apartment, i don't know i'm trying to figure out how he got inside. >> it's unclear who the captors were targeting. police are searching for a gray minivan leaving the scene. stabbed, shot and robbed. right now police are looking for two men and a woman who they believe carried out the crime. the victim is in the hospital in extremely critical condition. tens of thousands of music fans are flocking to our region to catch some of the biggest acts in the business to perform. for many it's become an annual
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event. the destination, dover, delaware for the fire fly music festival. the concerts start tomorrow i can see the fans are already there. >> it's unbelievable. when you say music, you say dover delaware they think, no way. we're 24 hours from the official start of fire fly, you see how many people are already here camping. this is a dozen lots like this 90,000 people over the next four days, they'll be spending lots of money in and around dover delaware. even move in day is fun at fire fly. >> we're starting to load them in today. >> you put on your best viking hat, you bake in the sun with your selfie stick. fire fly organizers say --
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>> we're trying our best to make everyone happy. they can't please everyone some area businesses closed for the weekend. their regulars can't get here. for those who do stay open ashley promises they'll spends their money with them. >> i'm sure we're going to go to the mall the outlets, all the fun stuff around here. we look prepared but not that prepared. >> ashley's first stop, raceway liquors. this place has already gotten a few fake i.d.s. >> i took about 40 i.d.s. they look forward to whet their whistle on these hot delaware days. >> the whole place shuts down. over the next few days you can't do anything unless you're at fire fly. >> still getting ready at the port stage, one of the smaller stages. police presence significant. there will be road closures all
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over the area. if you're not coming to the festival you need to get in and around dover plan accordingly, especially if you need to get down to the delaware beaches, try not to get here in the hours before each festival starts. 5:00 tomorrow and friday saturday and sunday noon. live in dover, tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> great advice, tim. >> the fire fly is the first of two major music events to take over dover. fire fly starts tomorrow wraps up sunday. then the new big bear country music festival moves in june 26th to the 28th. it may have happened to you. still ahead, the practice that caused a major cell phone provider to be slapped with a $100 million fine. they came all the way from africa to receive much needed medical treatment.
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their injuries are manageable. how local doctors are lending a hand to help them heal. searching for suspects. the new clue that could lead to the man wanted for carjacking a priest in south jersey. he's a spiritual leader. why is the dalai lama being honored in our area? a major award you're about to see.
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the manhunt is intensifying for the two convicted killers who escaped in the new york prison nearly two weeks ago. new york state police released progression pictures of matt and sweat showing how they may look after being on the run. authorities have expanded their search perimeter beyond the 16 square mile area of northern new york woods, fields and swamps. investigators believe the men are hiding. a fifth juror has been dismissed in the trial of james holmes. the judge said the juror didn't reveal all the facts when she recognized a witness who testified back in may. holmes is accused of killing 12 and injuring dozens during the 2012 shooting spree. drones were the topic of debate today on capitol hill
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lawmakers in d.c. discussed the challenges. a recurring theme of today's hearing was safety and privacy. the deputy administrator of the faa and the vice president of amazon spoke at the hearing. amazon wants to test drones to deliver packages within 10 miles of its warehouses faa regulations permit users to fly small drones. they must stay away from airports and not fly higher than 400 feet. a big name change sussex county airport in georgetown will become the delaware coastal airport as part of a $40 million modernization project. they'll extend the main runway and lease new hangar space. their main goal is to increase tourists.
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>> definitely a nice day today, lower humidity the clouds are moving in, increasing clouds this will be showers overnight tonight. we have rain heading our way, this will last for the morning commute. early tomorrow morning when you're hitting the road we're going to see rain around this could be locally heavy too. we go across the weekend and the remnants of what was tropical storm bill is now a depression that's expected to move across our area just in time for your father's day sunday. looking down at liberty 1 and 2, we have overcast skies. down to 80 degrees. it feels comfortable out. 81 in pottstown, 77 wilmington. closer to the shore, temperatures are in the low 70s, tomorrow could be a little cooler in some areas through the afternoon. that's also going to be in the forecast aside from morning rain. very light showers right now, it's really about it the rest
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of the area just seen the increasing cloud cover, rain is off to our west heavier rain moves in overnight tonight. we're looking down around texas, the remnants of tropical storm bill is still a tropical depression. you can see the spin over dallas causing flooding concerns. eventually the moisture will be up here so far it looks to move in as we go into sunday. future weather for the rest of this evening, clouds increasing overcast skies, here's 2:00 in the morning, that shows you the moisture overnight tonight. 7:00 in the morning, showers around. some of the rain could be locally heavy, can't rule out a thunderstorm. take your time out there, don't forget the umbrella. the afternoon, we'll keep the clouds around. i don't think the afternoon will be rainy. friday morning will be dryer. friday afternoon, it looks good to end out the week. saturday will be a dryer day,
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just off to our west on saturday, that's going to be the remnants of bill. that will be approaching as we go into sunday and that will lead to increasing rain chances for the end of the weekend. clouds increase, showers around 63 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow morning rain will be around thunderstorms will be possible too. a chance for afternoon showers as well. temperatures 70 to 80 degrees, a little cooler in some spots too. along the shore along the delaware beaches, we'll stay fairly dry. that's when the rain chances increase. getting a little bit warmer. friday looking very dry. we're going to keep an eye on the remnants of bill bringing a wet end to our weekend 37. the buzz over bees they're unwelcomed guests at summer picnics. >> local leaders protect the bees right here in philadelphia.
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and yearbooks are meant to provide lasting memories of happy days right? outrage over how their kids were described. we'll hear from them and how the school has responded. the trouble with trans fats right on the heals of the fda's decisions to ban artificial trans fats. they may mess with more than just your health.
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the dalai lama will visit philadelphia this fall. the national constitution center
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announced the spiritual leader will receive this year's liberty medal in philly. the liberty medal honors men and women of courage who strive for liberty across the globe. honey bees could soon be philadelphia's most endangered species. >> there's a local push to protect them. >> councilman jones is leading that effort. jones set up a safe place for bees to live and grow in west philly many he wants to save the current population from being ex-termen ated like other hives throughout the city. scientists have proven bees are a key part of our way of life. >> we should remove them nonlethally. >> if it's not wheat, corn or soy, just about everything else is pollenated by bees. the farmers can't stay in business without them. >> this issue has become a national concern. president obama is creating a federal task force to protect
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honey bees. right on the heels of the fda's decision to ban artificial trans fats comes a new study suggesting the substance is linked to poor memory function in men. researchers asked a group of men 45 and younger to complete a dietary questionnaire and take a word recall memory test. the results show men with the highest intake of dietary trans fatty acids recalled 12 fewer words for each additional gram consumed. it's commonly used in processed foods to enhance taste. births in the u.s. were up 1% last year. that's the first increase in 7 years. the nation had seen the decline in 2007 which experts blamed on the economy. at&t mobil has been fined $100 million. the reason misleading companies.
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at&t slow down data speed for customers awith unlimited plans and failed to tell customers speeds could be slower. the fcc filed a lawsuit against the company last year over deceptive practices. at&t says we will vick rousely dispute the assertion. the fcc has identified its practice as a legitimate and reasonable way to manage resources for the benefit of all the customers and is known for years all of the major carriers use it. crimes against kids. >> today local doctors are working to repair devastating damage. their patients came all the way from africa the condition that made them targets in their homeland and how doctors here in philadelphia are working to try to make them hole again. police say this rite aid store was strike number two for a strangely dressed armed robber. and now they're asking for the public's help to stop him from
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striking again. i'll have the story next. we want to go back now to a developing story down the shore. sky force 10 over atlantic city hundreds of casino union members take to the streets, they're protesting against the trump taj mahal mahal. fights over health and pension benefits, union members are making their way to the casino where they plan to block the entrance. ted greenberg is on the ground there, we're going to have a live report coming up.
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more on a developing story at the jersey shore. thousands of casino workers demonstrate in the streets. >> ted greenberg is live tonight. where are you, and what's the latest? >> they haven't gotten to the streets yet, the taj mahal employees and other union members from here in atlantic city are wrapping up a rally, they're getting set to leave this area and walk down the board walk. if you take a look all the way down the board walk can you see how many people are here. hundreds of them i'm told that this group is going to swell to 2000 at its max, we've seen more
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and more people showing up, more employees from orca sinos, i just saw employees from ceasars and another from tropicana show up to show their support at the trump taj mahal, this all comes down to the loss of pension and health care benefits for employees at the trump taj mahal. as part of a cost-cutting measure by the company. this fight has been going on since the fall. we have been bringing you many demonstrations. this one is going to split up in a few minutes. surrounding the tajh ma hal. they are going to walk off the board walk down to pacific avenue and block traffic and ultimately black the entrance to the taj mahal and virginia. about 70 union members, mostly from orca sinos are going to get arrested in an act of civil disobedience. among them lucille 8 who works at ballys.
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>> in the end this man is allowed to pay poverty wages, i love it. >> it's unfortunate that local 54 leadership is attempting to persuade customers and conventions to avoid the taj mahal. they're getting ready to leave this area. we're going to follow them and bring you the very latest right here on nbc10. live in atlantic city ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> now at 5:30 new clues that could help track a carjacking. we first told you about this last night on nbc10 news at 11:00. >> a reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the
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man who held up not one, two two rite aids several weeks apart. cydney long has been digging into this case all day. >> there are new photographs. >> that's right, the surveillance images you're about to see were snapped right inside these doors. and on a day that reached nearly 90 degrees, suspects wearing an awful lot of layers. take a look. >> i told her, just give them what they want. don't fight with them don't argue with them. >> diane long shared with us her advise for her daughter. she returned the same day police released images for a man still wanted for a brazen holdup. >> today was scary. i was scared to death, i've been checking up on her twice a day. >> the images are grainy. you can see the suspect is carrying a traffic cone. police say he filled it with
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stolen drugs after jumping the counter and threatening the pharmacist with a gun. the same man dressed in similar clothes pulled off the same kind of heist. >> i hope they catch him. he's getting dangerous, now he has a gun. before he had a hammer and a knife. so i think he's stepping up to the next level, and that's scary. >> i grew up here we never locked doors or anything. we see things changing. >> the retired priest he was not wearing any type of clothing other than civilian clothing. we had him checked out by personnel. >> he's resting, and praying for a swift arrest. >> things like this don't happen here as a rule and it's fright nirng. they must have been after drugs. he must have had a problem. >> police are not ruling out the possibility that throbber may have jumped on to the patco high
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speedline. we asked them if they are reviewing any surveillance video along with the prosecutors office. we have not heard that. everyone here in this tight knit community, they're anxious for an arrest. live in haddonfield, cydney long nbc10 news. >> now, your nbc10 first alert weather. to our weather and the return of rain. >> sheena parveen is tracking what's coming our way. >> after such a beautiful day, the rain will be here overnight tonight. hope you enjoyed today, the humidity a lot lower, the timing will put it through the overnight hours when you're sleeping, that's going to lead to it lasting into the morning commute also in the poconos you could be seeing a few light showers, that's really about it for the time being. overcast skies, center city
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philadelphia, that's giving us more cloud cover ahead of the rain. more rain expected overnight tonight to move in and even for the morning commute tomorrow. aside from that we're watching bill spinning over dallas. max winds lowering to 30 miles an hour eventually this system will be making it into our area it will be the remnants of bill by the time it gets here. more rain coming in the forecast now. temperature now 80 degrees. 80 allentown 75 millville, 74 in dover. for the overnight hours, that's when we'll see the rain moving in, tomorrow morning will be quite a bit different than this morning. you see it close to midnight 1:00 2:00 in the morning. that's when the heavy rain starts approaching. the timing for your morning commute and how your weekend is shaping up with more rain in the forecast. we have an update on a story we first brought you yesterday on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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a bridge inspector in northern new jersey. he was swept into a canal that floats the passaic river. his body was found in rutherford, bergen county. he was inspecting a foot bridge monday. he slipped off that bridge. first lady michelle obama arrived in italy earlier today with daughter's sasha and malia. they arrived in milan for a five-day visit. today she'll be cooking with the chef at an american restaurant there, as part of her campaign to promote healthy eating. she worked alongside two chefs to cook italian and middle school students chicken barley rice and a lent ilsalad. she explained the importance of exercising and eating locally grown food. we're getting an early look at what pope francis will say on his upcoming and cyclical
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climate change. the pope says the world could see destruction of entire ecosystems this century, without urgent action. speaking of thousands gathered at st. peter's square today. it's an appeal for responsibility. >> pope francis wants to use this as a launch pad a galvanizing force. >> pope francis will be making a trip earlier this year. pope francis arrives in philly the weekend of september 26th. count on nbc10 to bring you the latest information on the impact these impacts will have on the region. chris cato will be going to the vatican later this week along
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with michael nutter. his first report from the vatican on sunday. local leaders find out more about the pope's visit to our area. from bad to worse. >> it's getting harder and harder to be a phillies fan these days. the phils don't have much fight left in them. >> the unremarkable milestone they just reaches. the kids were singled out by their school not for high honors. the two words printed under some students pictures that have parents outraged.
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welcome back i'm vince la tan zee ya with this story. two families made gruesome discoveries in north wildwood.
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the cashing us of a zol fin washed ashore a few hours later, the tail hit the beach. tap on the nbc10 app right now to hear the explanation. it's a digital exclusive story you'll only find on our website. a local school district is apologizing, saying sorry to one family after a yearbook identified the students as having special needs. michael craft's son atejed edgewood elementary in yardley, bucks county. he's upset his son was identified as being in an autism support class. >> it's not just the picture or the title, it's the ramifications that can go three years, four years when he looks
5:42 pm
back on his yearbook. >> district officials gave nbc10 a statement reading, the school district is aware that an elementary school student yearbook identifies students with special needs. this was an unfortunate error, and the matters may address with the staff and families. some former athletes former philadelphia athletes are thriving. one current philly team is falling apart. let's check in with john clark. >> some of the phillies players call last night's loss embarrassing. how about the season could changes be come something we're going to hear from rubin amaro? i'm watching rain approaching overnight and for your morning commute. i'm tracking more rain for the weekend. still ahead at 6:00 the search is on for a toothbrush
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thief. this man didn't go after just any toothbrush. what loot he made off with next at 6:00. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid.
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i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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the phillies season of suffering hit a new low last
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night. the pitching coach waiving the white flag still bottomed out with a 19-3 loss in baltimore. the score only tells part of the story. it was an a.m. barsing end to an 8-game road trip. >> it's already been a really long season for phillies fans. comcast sportsnet john clark is live at citizens bank park. >> a lot of people are asking are changes coming to the phils. >> it seems that way. our own jim salisbury has reported the phillies are looking at a new president. it could possibly be andy macphail the former executive with the orioles and cubs. i mean it is really bad. the phillies are on pace for 108 losses. that would be the most since 1945. the team record is 105 losses. players called this embarrassing
5:47 pm
in baltimore, they could not get to split with the orioles, they lose jerome williams here he's on the 15-day disabled list. jeff flan cure had to come in and pitch, he's an outfielder the phillies dugout couldn't get in touch with him. the phillies waiving the white flag, will they waive the white flag? he's in the last year of his deal they have the worst deal in baseball. does he worry about his job status. >> i don't worry about doing my job to save my job. i have to do my job well so this organization can get back on its feet so we can be a perennial contender. that was the plan at the outset
5:48 pm
of this season we're going to rebuild. we knew that we were not going to be a contending team. >> the phone off the hook in the bullpen, that should not happen. we're going to hear from jeff francoeur about that and who he thinks may have taken the phone off the hook. live at citizens bank park back to you. pleasant day compared to yesterday. much lower humidity now we're seeing the clouds increase again, we have more showers in the forecast. these will be moving in overnight, as for the morning commute tomorrow. showers mostly while you're sleeping, they will be lasting for early tomorrow morning while you're driving, be careful on the roadways then. remnants of bill which is now a trop kalg depression over texas are heading in our direction by the weekend. i'll show you the timing of that in a second.
5:49 pm
80 degrees in allentown. 75 degrees in millville. 74 in dover, 73 a little cooler in atlantic city and stone harbor coming in in the low 70s, live look out at center city over the adventure aquarium. the clouds increasing this afternoon and evening. for the poke yos, we're looking at carbon and monroe counties. could be seeing a few sprinkles around the allentown area a majority of the rain not coming until after midnight. the clouds are moving in the moisture coming in in the forecast, it will be here for tomorrow morning, we'll be watching the weekend weather as well. we're looking down around texas where they're dealing with flooding issues. this is tropical depression bill, which eventually will be moving up into our area as the remnants. we expect moisture in the form of rain as we go into the weekend. future weather, overcast skies, the rain moves in mostly after
5:50 pm
midnight. we could have heavy showers just west of philadelphia. it's spreading across the area for the morning commute. you'll be running into this rain can't rule out the chance for thunderstorms too. i think we could be mostly dry. through the afternoon, we'll keep a chance of showers still in the forecast. another look at future weather, bigger look at the picture as we go into tomorrow afternoon. bill will still be down around texas, making their way into the mid-atlantic states and moving up into the northeast. saturday i think we'll stay away from the rain into late saturday. sunday looks to be the day we see the remnants from bill and a chance for thunderstorms. that is going to be in the forecast, right over father's day weekend, we'll be updating
5:51 pm
that as we get closer. showers moving in overnight. 63 north and west. then tomorrow morning rain for thunderstorms around chance for afternoon showers too. high temperatures a little cooler in some spots, upper 70s and 80 degrees. that's the day we'll be watching for more days to move in. stories of survivealsurvival. >> kids who made it through the unthinkable. it's a crime against children that's almost impossible to talk about, they're here in philadelphia getting help. >> we want to go back to sky force 10 now live over atlantic city. casino workers started their march to the trump taj mahal. they're protesting over health and pension benefits they plan to block the entrance to a casino we'll have a live update on the ground coming up at 6:00. a kidnapping caught on
5:52 pm
camera the suspect who kidnapped a man, putting a bag over his head. it appears he may not have been their intended target. we'll explain. why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't.
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to a story of survival. five children all with missing limbs, arrived in philly to replace some part of what was taken from them. >> they're from tanzania. their arms hands, fingers were
5:55 pm
severed and sold on the black market as good luck charms. nbc 150's deanna durante picks up the story. >> we have a hat, we have everything. >> we can't be sure he knows why he's sitting in an exam room at shriner's hospital in philadelphia. his skin is lighter than his family his right hand was chopped off by his father. >> can you ever imagine your own father doing this? >> when alesia found about the children, she wanted to help. >> to have such human suffering caused by humans is just -- >> the children all arrived from tanzania and are staying with alicia's family.
5:56 pm
the doctors will try to fit them with prosthetic limbs. the crimes against these kids are as horrific as they've seen. the kids are outcasts in the communities, though limbs are sold on the black market. >> i heard up to $75,000 for a limb. >> according to the social worker with the kids the parents are behind the attack and they get very little cash. the children who survive the attacks are maimed for life. by coming here today, at least they can give them something. >> it's tremendous satisfaction for us. >> the rest of the expenses, more than $40,000 is all from private donors. >> if we have the resources to help these children there's no reason on earth why we shouldn't. >> deanna durante, nbc10 news.
5:57 pm
coming up next preparing for the pope. when the pope visits philadelphia, 2 million people will pack into the city. how health officials are preparing for the influx of new patients. and their concerns about infectious disease. we got a break from the rain today. i'll tell you when you can expect the wet weather to return in my first alert forecast. casino protests thousands take to the streets of atlantic city over a benefits battle. we'll have a live report next on nbc10 news at 6:00.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different.
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follow yours. sky force 10 live above atlantic city. demonstrators are taking part in what they're calling massachusettsmass civil disobedience. they want to send a message to carl icahn. ted greenberg joins us live with the message and the protesters. ted? >> reporter: since we last talked with you at 5:30 the protest has moved from here to the board walk.
6:00 pm
you have two groups of taj mahal employees and fellow union members. this group came from states around, around the taj mahal, made their way on to the streets and this is where they are. we are told by organizers of this rally, united 54 the largest casino union in atlantic city 70 union members are going to take part in an act of civil disobedience here by blocking virginia and pennsylvania avenue. they will be blocking the entrance to trump taj mahal. carl icahn is the main lender of the taj mahal's parent company. he's set to take over the casino once it emerges from bankruptcy. the main argument here that we've been telling you about since the fall a


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