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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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pper montgomery and bucks county also parts of chester county. you see it across 176 into berks county as well. severe thunderstorm warning here until 5:45 this afternoon. there you see off to our west on the edge of the screen in lancaster county lot of lightning. the red coloring that shows us very heavy rain and wind possibly near 60 miles an hour and the potential for hail. now, this whole storm system is moving to the east around 35 miles an hour so limerick you should see it around 5:15. upper providence 5:23. lower providence, 5:33. norristown 5:47. heavy rain a lot of lightning and damaging winds. lightning strikes, about 625 only in the past 15 minutes. you see how far west this whole line extends. it is a severe line of storms bringing damaging winds. lancaster county right now seeing that. also, in maryland we are seeing these storms really starting to come together as they move in this direction. so again, these storms will continue to move into the area
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across philadelphia into south jersey and delaware as we go through the rest of the evening. severe thunderstorm watch, the potential for severe storms will exist until 7:00 p.m. for philadelphia and areas north. and the extension, that's for south jersey and delaware now. you are now under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 tonight. with any severe storms we could see winds near 60 miles an hour. that would be damaging winds, lot of lightning like i mentioned, a brief heavy rainstorm and also the potential for hail. you definitely don't want to go outside in these areas as the storms start to approach. we will track these storms as we go through the rest of this afternoon and evening. as far as those storm threats, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with that and a look at the timing. >> i noticed that in that line of thunderstorms, just about every county in that path has a severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now. this is a significant threat and if anything the storms are going to intensify because they are moving into even hotter air than where they are right now.
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we do have a number of threats from heavy rain produced some flooding, lot of lightning as sheena was showing you but the greatest threat is for high wind, wind damage. also some hail threat but not likely to be producing that much damage. couple of hail reports near harrisburg. these reports are mostly wind damage. there have been 67 reports today just in that area that i outlined and the wind damage 60 of them just with the wind damage. most of this is wind. and the future cast shows that line by 6:00 again, it may be exaggerated on the east side because that line is mostly from the philadelphia area down toward baltimore and washington. it's going to continue to sag to the south but it's going into 95 degree air so it will take hours before this thing weakens. if anything it's going to intensify and we are going to be
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seeing more reports of damage in the next few hours. that will be especially into delaware, south jersey and maybe parts of the philadelphia area. sheena will be back with more of the timing and what to expect for the rest of the night with the seven-day. from storms to the heat our team coverage continues now with nbc 10's deanna durante live in montgomery county. >> summer camps have to keep kids safe from both weather risks. >> reporter: they do. here at the white marsh township recreation department counselors have been paying attention to the weather all day long, whether it was the heat or the chance for possible storms. both of them can really create problems when the camps are based outside. some kids are very much aware it's hot out. how hot is it? >> very very very hot. >> reporter: others when you ask them about the heat -- >> i used to play with my aerogun. it lights up and it's red. >> reporter: it doesn't seem to be bothering them. that's why camp staff at cedar
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grove park have to watch kids closely. >> we will have water breaks every five minutes, but we are telling the groups that are running around constantly to be drinking water. we keep a big jug of water out and refill the water bottles throughout the day. >> reporter: in an attempt to get through an extra hot day, kids took breaks inside playing games and working on art projects. you can't keep kids indoors all day, especially when a full park awaits. we also put tents out so the kids can stay in the shade. we will apply sun screen twice a day. >> reporter: the counselors are armed with their own water bottles. staff was especially leery not just of the early summer heat but storm warnings. they rely on electronic messaging to alert parents when bad weather is approaching. >> we use that to communicate with our parents throughout the day, whether it's stormy weather or high heat index and that will actually send to our facebook page, to our twitter, online and e-mails and text alerts. >> reporter: summer camp very
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different nowadays than they were when i was a kid. we can tell you that the township will use that alert system also if they have to move kids to a different location should weather become severe enough to warrant that. of course, today they dodged that bullet. camp here at cedar grove park is winding down. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 news and the first alert weather team to bring you the latest. we will continue to update forecasts on tv and you can follow them on twitter and the nbc 10 news app. new at 5:00 a sleeping scare. neighbors in bucks county are on alert after a string of break-ins. the crimes have happened in these four communities of falls township. nbc 10's doug shimell spoke with victims who woke up to burglars inside their homes. >> reporter: sarah knew there shouldn't be anyone in the back window at 5:30 a.m. monday. >> i thought my husband was coming back in to get his lunch and i heard someone at my daughter's window.
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>> reporter: it was not her husband. >> there was a shadow. i opened the shade and started banging on the window. i said what the hell are you doing? >> reporter: police say it was the 14th break-in or attempted break-in in the last two weeks. >> he looked at me and then kept looking and trying to get into the window so i punched the window and he ran. >> reporter: the 15th happened early today in levittown when detectives say someone cut through a screen on a front porch and stole a laptop computer while the residents slept. >> windows are locked security systems are on and it's a shame. you can't even let your kids go outside and play anymore because you don't know who to trust. >> reporter: if there was any good news in a string of break-ins, police say they took a 16-year-old boy into custody based on sarah's description but she says even doing all the right things almost didn't work. >> every one of my windows is locked. he almost got into my window. like i stopped him but what if i didn't stop him? he would have been in my daughter's bedroom. >> reporter: doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
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a teenaged girl was molested inside a local grocery store. police say an employee assaulted the girl and the crime was captured on the store's surveillance camera. eliazar polanco is accused of groping the girl. he has worked at the small market in north philadelphia for a few months now. the owner of the market let us look at the surveillance video. we edited it so you cannot see that crime but you can see polanco standing in the corner and following her. he backs off as other customers walk in but most of the time his attention is on the teenaged girl who was buying groceries. the owner of the store calls it scary. >> when i saw the video, i just said oh, my god. i never think he'd do that. because he have a daughter, little girl. >> the teenaged girl identified polanco to police. they say he surrendered and is now charged with a long list of crimes. the philadelphia delegation
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visiting rome to prepare for the world meeting of families may meet with pope francis tomorrow. that word comes from archbishop charles chaput. today an exchange of ideas and gifts. >> i have a little gift for you. it is truly little. >> mayor nutter gave the archbishop a pin for the city and made him an honorary citizen. the delegation of officials and business leaders from philly are in rome to finalize plans for the world meeting of families. today they met with the vatican department that oversees the event. >> we are very happy to welcome this meeting before september. in september, rome will come to philadelphia. >> the catholic church said this event is meant to strengthen the sacred bond of family and it
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comes at a time when the church is struggling with some modern family issues. today catholic leaders revealed the working document for its october meeting of bishops. the document released today doesn't break any new ground on the key issues. it restated the church's opposition to same sex marriage and to allowing gay people to adopt children. it also offered no indication that the church will significantly change its position on divorced catholics who remarry. >> tonight the vatican's lack of action has disappointed many. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah joins us with reaction from catholics in our area. >> reporter: as you said the proposed agenda for the gathering of world bishops has been met with disappointment from several prominent gay rights groups. but they're not the only ones speaking out. today, we talked with catholics from all walks of life about the bishop's decision on the agenda for the upcoming sinod and only one person we spoke to agreed with it. >> i don't think it's an issue
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that should be the primary focus. i always think that the focus should be on issues that are less controversial and more that bring people together. >> reporter: pope francis' break with tradition on a host of issues raised hope among many in the gay catholic community as well as divorced catholics who under current church doctrine cannot receive sacraments or communion. >> i'm divorced and i'm a catholic. what are you going to do? i have friends who are gay, they go to church. your relationship with god is your business. i think he gets that. >> reporter: more than one person said inclusion is key to the church's future. >> the younger generations are becoming -- being raised more and more tolerant and accepting and i think if they see an organization that excludes a lot of people they don't like that. >> i think they should change because these people are like normal people, you know. sometimes i feel like yeah they are gay, they are two man and they want to have a kid and like
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adopt a child, i think that would be okay. >> reporter: but it wasn't just the young. >> look at me i'm only 50. i have already changed. when i was 17 you know gay people were -- gay folks were looked at you know but not today. no. it's a whole different ball game. >> reporter: at the fall meeting of world bishops at the vatican they will produce a document for pope francis' review but he has the final say. back to you. >> count on nbc 10 to continue our live coverage of the papal visit. we expect more big announcements as soon as we learn of the plans, we will share them with you on our nbc 10 news app. meantime, tonight a local company has joined the fight against the confederate flag. plus the new effort to help students in new jersey get their medical marijuana at school. sheena? we have severe weather moving in. you see all the storms approaching the philadelphia area. we have more on the way for this afternoon and evening. coming up i will track these
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for you and show you the timing and when they will leave.
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get ready for heavy rain and gusting winds. this is a live look at nbc 10 first alert radar. you can see a lot of lightning strikes there from the center of pennsylvania moving toward us. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the timing of these storms.
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>> hundreds of people rallied outside south carolina's state house. they are on a mission to remove the confederate flag from state house grounds. today, state law makers approved a measure that will allow them to consider removing the flag. that could take a couple of weeks. this comes after nine african-americans were murdered by a white man inside an historic charleston church. >> it's time for south carolina to get past its history. history belongs in a place, it belongs in a museum. not on sovereign ground. >> yesterday, south carolina's governor joined the call to remove the confederate flag from state house grounds. the accused church shooter, dylann roof is seen holding confederate flags in several pictures. late today, a berks county flag company told us it will stop making and selling the confederate flag. valley forge flags says it is removing the products from its catalogs and websites. the company says it's to show support for those affected by the south carolina church massacre.
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ebay joins the growing list of businesses banning the sale of confederate flags. the site began removing those items today. sears and walmart have already announced they will stop selling flags and other merchandise with confederate themes. the discovery of dna linked to those escaped prisoners in upstate new york has intensified efforts to find the two men who have been on the run for 18 days. >> nbc 10 national correspondent mark barger has comments on the escape and also the woman accused of helping the men escape. >> reporter: a damp day in upstate new york while the search for the escaped murderers jump-started by a dna finding inside a mountain cabin about 20 miles from the prison the pair escaped, which places the men in territory that's tough to travel quickly. >> it's all very heavy dense forest that leads into some
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swampy area. it's difficult terrain. when you're in good shape and on a good day. >> reporter: former fbi profiler candace delong says the men are likely still together. >> they need each other right now. it's not easy living on the run, no money, no credit cards, no shelter. >> reporter: meanwhile, the husband of the woman accused of helping the inmates escape talked with matt lauer. >> there are so many thoughts running through my head. do i still love her, yes. am i mad, yes. >> reporter: lyle mitchell says he's convinced he would have been killed had his wife joyce followed through on plans to be the inmates' getaway driver. >> absolutely 100%. >> reporter: if she had gone in that car with you? >> she would have been dead within half an hour i figure. they were going to kill her and all they want is that vehicle. >> reporter: mitchell says his wife denies a sexual relationship with either inmate. she remains in custody while they remain on the run. a big decision in washington today that affects victims of
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super storm sandy. a u.s. senate committee found underpayments of flood insurance claims were not intentional. the republican report from the senate banking, housing and urban affairs committee found the errors were simply mistakes but found no signs of deliberate underpayments. new york democratic senator charles schumer, who serves on the committee, disagrees with the report of those findings. >> the report has a lot of recommendations that are good ones, that we agree with but it has a major problem and that is we believe there's a bias in the system to underpay the insurers have that bias, fema has that bias. >> the. >> reporter: did the next plan is to call the head of fema before the committee to testify about the report. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it is a first alert weather day because of the storms because of the heat.
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if you are not seeing the storms yet, you will. if you are not right now, you are feeling some really hot temperatures. we are looking at parts of upper montgomery upper bucks county also berks county lancaster and chester counties a lot of lightning activity here. severe thunderstorm warning for this general area until 5:45. we have a very strong thunderstorm moving into chester county and also upper montgomery county. this one has a lot of heavy rain, a lot of lightning. as we look closer it is right over the interstate here 76 approaching eucland. this is traveling from west to east around 45 miles an hour. lot of lightning in this brief heavy rain in this general area. we could be seeing localized flooding with these heavy downpours. as it travels to the east lower providence, you should see that by 5:28. norristown, 5:35. lower merion by 5:46. upper darby by 5:50. that one is pretty much heading towards the philadelphia area right now.
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now, the number of lightning strikes as we look farther to the west all these storms are heading in our general direction. about 543 in the past 15 minutes. these storms have been popping up very quickly and becoming severe very quickly, too. that will be the case for the rest of the afternoon. even into the poconos and lehigh valley right north of allentown across 476 near jim thorpe we have another cluster developing. these have really developed in about the past 30 minutes. heavy rain lot of lightning. those are also getting more intense. here you see the motion from west to east. we have more in maryland that are organizing and heading towards northern delaware. new castle county you should start to see some of these storms here too and then they move into south jersey and delaware later this evening. severe thunderstorm watch for the entire area. this will last especially for south jersey and delaware until 11:00 p.m. tonight. the storm threats will be 60 miles an hour winds, a lot of lightning, brief heavy rain and we have seen a history of hail
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too. aside from the storms moving in we are talking about the heat. with the humidity it feels right now like 101 degrees in philadelphia. areas that have already seen the rain feeling like the 80s, feels like 102 in wilmington. feels like 104 in dover. feels like 101 in atlantic city. what this is doing is helping to continue to fuel these thunderstorms. because of all the heat and humidity around today, it will keep these storms intense until about the sunset tonight. even after the sunsets we could have strong storms. here's the timing. future weather is showing that line across the philadelphia area. i would say at least in the next hour or so. then we get closer to 6:00 that line moves into south jersey and delaware. fairly strong storms especially in parts of delaware. this will move towards the shore, atlantic city cape may county into parts of kent county by about 7:00 p.m. they're moving really quickly so you saw the last update about 45 miles an hour is the motion. some could start to speed up a little more. by 8:00 we should start to see
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a majority of these leave the area. we clear from west to east. as we go through the late overnight hours into early tomorrow morning, all the clouds break up and the drier air moves in. tomorrow will be a much drier day, sunny skies and much lower humidity. the storm threat will be gone by about midnight tonight at least for the entire area. for tonight, storms continuing to spread from north to south. temperature around 70 degrees, philadelphia, 62 areas north and west. tomorrow, we will have a sunny less humid day but temperatures still warm, not hot like today. mid to upper 80s. by thursday, rain chance comes back later thursday night. mid 80s. friday, chance of showers. going into the weekend it looks rainy and quite a bit cooler saturday and sunday. coming up i will continue tracking the storms and we will take a look at the update on the timing. next local hospital workers are honored for their response to the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. as more and more people use uber the company could have access to more and more of your
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information. why you could be affected even if you don't use the service.
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we are tracking a tornado warning across parts of the area. this will be for chester county. we have been tracking a line of severe weather moving into the area. now we are seeing the potential for rotation in this severe
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thunderstorm. this one moving through chester county, tornado warning until 5:45. for this area we are talking about wind damage but that is going to be the main thing, until 5:45. chester county under a tornado warning. this storm was right over downingtown or seven miles west of west chester. this is moving east at about 35 miles an hour. if we zoom into this storm here you can see right over 76 very heavy rain from this storm, west and east bradford west goshen you are in this warned area as well. this is the section where we are watching for a potential tornado. this is radar indicated. right over downingtown, this is the area we are watching and the area where we do have a tornado as well and east bradford west goshen westtown birmingham. this storm is traveling mainly to the east right around 35 40 miles an hour. if you are in this area in
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chester county near 76 you really want to take cover. take shelter in a basement or the lower levels of your home and you want to make sure you stay away from windows. with this particular storm, we are watching the potential for a tornado. em going to switch so we can show you the wind in this storm. this is what we look at to see rotation in the storm. we look at this to show you the winds coming in and out of the storm. over parts of downingtown is where we were seeing possible rotation within the storm. i will switch back to where we see the rain. this is also showing where we have some of the most dangerous weather within the storm. a lot of lightning strikes here. this is a tornado warning. i will loop this radar for you so you can see the motion. the red-shaded area is the warning area itself. west goshen you are right in this warned area. it is a tornado warning. it's mostly south of 76 in
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chester county. that's where we are seeing a majority of the rotation in this storm. tornado warning until 5:45. we will stay on with you as the storm travels to the east mainly around 35 miles an hour. again, it was about seven miles west of west chester so it's moving east around 35 miles an hour. this storm will be near west goshen very soon. it is approaching. again, 35 miles an hour to the east as i update this for you. as we track this storm, again, right near 76 in chester county as it moves to the east we are talking about it getting into west goshen any minute now, really. the heaviest rain is right on the edge. westtown, 5:32. radnor, 5:49. concord, 5:42. marple by 5:46. we are talking about rotation inside the storm, too, so talking about the velocity within this storm. that's where we look at for rotation. chief meteorologist glenn
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"hurricane" schwartz is also standing by with a closer look at some of the rotation within this storm but it's traveling to the east right around 35 miles an hour. glenn? >> if we can take a look at max 1, that will show a different type of look at the radar. we will be seeing the velocities. we are seeing the winds inside the storm itself. there it is. i have circled the area. you can see where the red is right next to the green, right near west goshen. this is just where sheena was talking about. what you see in cases like this is the wind moving in different directions very close approximation. so if the radar can see the wind going toward the radar and just a few miles away away from the
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radar, you are in effect showing and suggesting a circulation. when they talk about,÷dj a radar detected tornado, this is what they're talking about. in the middle of the country, in plains states they have much clearer indications of that in these big tornadoes but we don't really see even this kind of a difference in the colors in this part of the country that often. so this does certainly indicate that there is some circular motion inside the clouds that are coming down toward the ground. now, whether it is actually touched down yet is not confirmed. but the fact that there is a rotation inside that cloud right near west goshen that is being suggested by that color scheme that you're seeing the red right next to the green.
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>> so now we're looking at if we can go back to the other computer where we have the radar showing the heavy rainfall and lightning, we are looking at west goshen just south of 76 in chester county. this area i will zoom in because this is a spot where we do expect it to have the most rotation inside this storm. here are a couple street names for you. south matlack street one area near west goshen. if you are familiar with this area, you need to get into a basement or the lowest level of your home or bathroom. stay away from windows. this is a very dangerous storm. that's why we have a tornado warning out. we are seeing rotation in this storm. west boot road near downingtown, this is another area this is also another section where we are seeing very strong rotation south of 76 in chester county right near west chester which is where we have some of the heaviest rain moving in. again, tornado warning for this area. i will take this radar off really quick. now you just see a red box. this is the warned area.
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tornado warning goes until 5:45. we have about 15 minutes left. at least for the warning. we can't say it's not going to get extended but this is certainly a section we will be keeping a very close eye on. west of goshen east whiteland, willistown, thornbury, these are all sections included in the warned area. i will put the radar back on. here's where we see all the lightning. aside from the fact we could see a possible tornado, we haven't had any reports yet of it on the ground but very strong rotation. either way, if we are not seeing one, we are also seeing damaging winds. that is a given. we know the storm has a history of producing damaging winds at least near 60 miles an hour. this is very dangerous at this point. very heavy rain. it does appear on the radar, it continues to make this practical shape that we see a lot of times during tornado warnings almost like this hook shape here. this is one area we're watching especially near west goshen. this is a section where we do expect there to be the most
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rotation within this storm. we are going to watch this very closely. again, it's tracking to the east right around 35 miles an hour. look at the motion of this storm. the tornado warning just south of 76 in chester county. there you see the storm moving to the east right around 35 miles an hour. i will track this again for you. we will zoom in again because really, where we see the rotation we do expect it in a fairly small area. you can really see a bit of a dip in the radar screen here. that's where we expect some of the most rotation to be. willistown by 5:37. edgemont by 5:40. lima by 5:42. sycamore mills by 5:44. it is traveling in your direction. if i said any of these city names, town names township names that you live in, it is certainly heading in your direction. this is a storm we will continue to watch. some of the road names if you're familiar with this area or if you live around this area we are talking about east strasburg
5:34 pm
road this is one section near east goshen and also west goshen we are watching very closely for the most rotation inside this storm. where you see this reddish color with the radar, that indicates some of the heaviest rain so heavy rain and damaging winds, that's going to be an issue inside this storm along with the tornado warning. again, the tornado warning, i took the radar off where you would see the rain but this is a tornado warned area until 5:45. west goshen and willistown you are on the edge of this as well. this is a quick-moving storm so as it progresses to the east more cities will be included in this area where we are seeing the most rotation. also in chester county we have been getting reports of a lot of 911 calls at this moment. that information was just handed to me which really leads me to believe there is a lot of wind damage inside this storm right now. we are talking about some of the most wind damage in chester county, if not a tornado on the ground, until we get a report of
5:35 pm
a tornado on the ground all we know right now is that there is a radar indicated tornado possibly and also some wind damage. west goshen there you see lightning strikes coming up on the screen and if you are familiar with east strasburg road this is one area where we do expect around the vicinity of east and west goshen where we expect the most rotation. let's head to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz to talk more about the tornado warning. >> that image you showed earlier with what looked like a notch in the radar echoes like a little piece cut out of it that sometimes is where the circulation is. on the last picture that she showed you, it was flattened out a little which was more typical. we are back in the velocity mode. what we are looking for is the different colors right next to each other indicating a circulation. this is the radar is shooting up
5:36 pm
into the clouds. it can't see the ground. so what the radar beam is seeing is in the doppler radar, it can see the wind in that cloud and when the wind direction is different, it's seeing the circulation, all right. the circulation is up in the clouds. the ground's down here. the only way to determine whether it is actually on the ground is generally from actually eyewitnesses. now, there are enough people that live in that area if there is something on the ground somebody is going to see it. it's on the leading edge of this line of thunderstorms. so sometimes in this part of the country, tornadoes are imbedded like in the middle of a storm so you really can't see it. all of a sudden you see things being blown around. but if it's on the edge people just ahead of it should be able
5:37 pm
to see some damage coming up, if that is indeed happening. so the circulation is in chester county right where sheena has been showing you near the west goshen area. this is all moving to the east. tornadoes in this part of the country generally don't last very long only about five, ten minutes. it's possible this is starting to stretch out a little bit and not be as tight a circulation as it was but again, we are just looking for reports now of actually what kind of damage is occurring in central chester county right now. because we certainly would believe that there is some damage, whether it's an actual tornado or not may remain to be seen. but we have been showing you all through the afternoon just how
5:38 pm
strong those winds are at higher levels. some of these storms have been moving 70 miles an hour. there's a lot of wind high up there. so in a thunderstorm some of that wind could come down and cause wind damage even without it being a tornado. sheena? >> that's right, glenn. we have gotten a lot of reports downingtown, honeybrook seeing a lot of very heavy rain lot of 911 calls reported in chester county now. heavy rain along with damaging wind. regardless of whether or not we do have a tornado on the ground which would be a radar indicated tornado at this point, damaging winds, that's going to be the number one factor. i will take the radar off really quick. here you can still see the tornado warning. aside from that this storm no doubt is extremely strong. winds near 60 miles an hour or more which like we have been saying these are very dangerous winds. the tornado warning has not been extended at this point. the storm itself is still very intense. as far as the organization to
5:39 pm
give us a tight rotation which would eventually be giving us the tornado warning, that is still yet to be seen. it does appear to be stretching out. multiple reports now of trees down. that was in honeybrook in chester county. this is why a lot of 911 calls are coming in. lot of trees reported down in chester county around the honeybrook area. even though it is just honeybrook damage coming in this storm covers many areas. west bradford downingtown, still seeing heavy rain a lot of wind and lot of lightning. west goshen east whiteland, uwchlan, westtown birmingham, east bradford, a lot of areas in chester county included. i need to make mention that it is moving into delaware county right now. concord starting to see very heavy rain. marple, you are on the edge of this storm. it is severe and it will be moving in. also in media, you will be seeing a lot of the storm move in, too. media is on the edge of this storm across 476. you can expect very heavy rain
5:40 pm
from this as well. again, severe thunderstorm warning, that is now out including the philadelphia area. this storm, this entire storm system which did prompt a tornado warning, that is moving into the philadelphia area right now. it is about to move in. but it is moving into delaware county. the tornado warpg, that is still up for parts of chester county. at this point, if there were a tornado on the ground it would be considered what we call a rain-wrapped tornado. very heavy rain and in some cases the rains so heavy you can't really see a tornado on the ground. we haven't gotten any reports of a tornado on ground but we have gotten several reports of wind damage, trees down across the area a lot of lightning here too. it could be causing some localized flooding just because of all the heavy rain we are seeing. again, this whole storm system is moving to the east right around 35 miles an hour. i will track it again for you because we have a lot of big cities in the warned area now. by 5:40 it should be in marple. that is right now so it is on the edge of marple.
5:41 pm
lower merion by 5:47. also 5:52 upper darby, 5:58 paulsboro and around 6:00 which is in about 20 minutes, this entire storm should be moving into the philadelphia area. again, this is a strong storm. we do not expect this storm to weaken. the temperatures are too hot, the humidity is too high and we are still seeing this storm gain strength. the tornado warning, that's still going on. that's still under effect -- in effect for the next few minutes. we are watching this very closely, very heavy rain. this is a very intense storm. it is in part now of new castle county. so it is moving into the wilmington area. this is definitely not a good time of day because now it's over the major interstates, over the i-95 corridor moving into wilmington. we expect damaging winds, near 60 miles an hour. a lot of lightning, very heavy rain. this will all continue to move across the i-95 corridor. the tornado warning, that is still in effect for the same
5:42 pm
area that we mentioned before. trees down already reported through chester county. honeybrook reporting trees down. other areas in chester county reporting trees down. like i mentioned, this entire storm is moving now into delaware county. we do expect more storm damage from this storm for delaware county, also philadelphia lower merion, lower montgomery county. also new castle county in delaware. all these counties included that i just mentioned, you can expect a very strong storm to move in. we expect damaging winds and as this crosses the i-95 corridor and delaware river it will move into new jersey. a lot of areas on the other side of the river going into new jersey, you will start to see very heavy rain from this soon. i will track this storm for you. this is a very dangerous storm. stay away from windows if it is approaching your area. it's moving to the east right around 35 miles an hour. philadelphia close to 6:00. camden by 6:02. cherry hill 6:10. gloucester by 6:17. that gives you a pretty good
5:43 pm
idea of how fast this storm is in fact moving. again, it's moving into delaware county. it will be crossing 476 very soon. it is a storm system that we're watching very closely. media, you are right on the edge of this. this is moving into media right now. marple it's moving into right now. it will move into chester very soon as well. and across the major interstates in this area. as i zoom out again, you notice the red on here. a lot of lightning. this is a very dangerous storm. as far as that tornado warning is concerned, that is still in effect. it has not been extended. that shows you the red box here. that has not been extended. that's good news at least for as far as any radar indicated tornado is concerned. that one goes until 5:45. a couple more minutes. it doesn't appear at this point that that will be extended but either way this is a very dangerous storm regardless of any rotation. we still do expect very damaging winds and a lot of lightning. very heavy rain and like i have mentioned, we have seen trees
5:44 pm
down across chester county. this storm system does appear to be expanding and strengthening at the same time. norristown, you are seeing very heavy rain from this. lot of lightning here across the p.a. turnpike. again, this is not a good time to be out there on the roadways in these areas. if you have anyone on the road right now and they are dealing with very heavy rain know they are probably going to get stuck in this. you might want to let them know this is a very large storm. everyone wants to take it slower on the roads with this. wilmington, just starting to see this moving into new castle county across the i-95 corridor. this is a storm system we will continue to watch and track. it is approaching the philadelphia area right now. we have a lot of heavy rain in this storm. there you see it is continuing moving to the east right around 35 miles an hour. all the yellow shaded counties
5:45 pm
that's a severe thunderstorm warning. this storm is very dangerous. winds near 60 miles an hour. lightning, very heavy rainfall. some of it could be brief in some areas depending on the speed of the storm. this could be causing localized flooding. these storms also have a history of producing hail. all these things that make up a severe thunderstorm we are seeing that continue as it moves into the philadelphia area across the i-95 corridor now into new jersey and northern delaware. this is a very large storm across the area. it is certainly something you want to be indoors if it is heading in your direction. if you are indoors now and this is in your area you certainly want to stay away from windows because we have very high winds inside this storm. now i will zoom into new castle county delaware right over wilmington and also across 95. west chester we have reports now of trees down on cars. so that is the type of storm damage we are seeing from this. you don't want to be going
5:46 pm
outside in this storm. it's right over newark wilmington and the i-95 corridor. it will be moving into new jersey soon. upper darby, lower merion this is on your door stop. also the philadelphia area. all this heavy rain and high winds, abington you will see this very soon here. wynmore, you will see this soon too. a very dangerous storm across the area. i will loop this so you can see the motion that it has to it. again, that tornado warning we have been talking about, that actually did expire. it was not extended. just back off to the west north of baltimore, there is another tornado warning. that's outside of our area but we will be watching those storms to see if they progress and intensify as they move into or area. this is approaching philadelphia. it's moving to the east around 35 miles an hour. i will break up the sections so maybe you will be able to see your city in this. we will start with the philadelphia area lower montgomery county. areas in the path of this storm as it travels to the east around
5:47 pm
30 or 35 miles an hour i should say, these areas include upper darby, 5:50. philadelphia 5:59. fees feasterville, 6:02. now we will talk about parts of gloucester county. as i track this storm moving to the east around 35 miles an hour logan, 5:51. woolwich, 5:56. west deptford, 6:52. a little farther south, the storm is right over wilmington. here's the tail end of the storm at least right now. we expect more of this to move into kent county from maryland. woolwich 5:58. piles grove, 6:03. alloway by 6:07. this is a very dangerous storm. apparently we have pictures of some storm damage. trees down on top of cars in chester county. let's go to vince lattanzio with
5:48 pm
some of the pictures. >> let's get to vince lattanzio at the big monitor. you have been pulling together the best pictures and video you have been able to see. we have been seeing it here at the desk. >> a lot of times that is how we are able to get the quickest images is from social media. what do you have? >> we are getting images from all over. the first are in from viewers all across the area. mostly the first stuff we are seeing is in chester county where some of the strongest storms just moved through. this is actually from west chester. you can see we are talking about trees down on cars. this is a tree that came down in the front yard of this gentleman's house. this is in west chester. he says be safe out there. you can see the tree is split into pieces as it fell down. it doesn't look like it hit any cars. there's a truck out in the corner over there. this one's a little hard to see but it's obviously coming down hard rain in there. if you look right behind that sign there, that street sign there's a tree that was ripped right out of the ground.
5:49 pm
you can see the roots right there, right by where the porch is, the white porch right over here. this is again, in that same area the west goshen area. here's some video of the storm moving in. you can see the leaves going through the air very quickly. they are running inside. you should not be outside. follow sheena and glenn's warnings. make sure you are inside and that you seek shelter in these storms, especially as they move through the area. these are the first three images we are seeing from the storms. i will collect some more and make sure i bring them to you as soon as we get them. >> a serious situation. heavy wind damage we are seeing there. the tornado warning had expired in chester county but we will continue to track severe weather all across the area. >> we have seen the lightning and heavy rain coming down. we heard sheena talking about the winds being a real problem here as we can see with the downed trees and localized flooding which we don't need any more in areas.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
we are continuing to follow severe weather. here's a live picture for you right now. there was a tornado warning that was in effect in chester county. that expired at 5:45. but the severe weather continues. >> this is in delaware right now. this is i-95 looking from the blue rock stadium. you can see the travel is for
5:53 pm
the rush hour. they are dealing with heavy winds, heavy rain lightning strikes are on the way as well. sheena parveen is tracking all of that. what's the timing so far? i see it's over wimglmington. >> it's already over the major interstates from wilmington to just about south of philadelphia but here's a look at the radar. this is a very big line of some very strong storms. let me first just tell you what is expected in these storms. 60 mile an hour winds, lightning, very heavy rainfall and also hail. we have seen that with these storms. these storms have a history of producing damaging wind. we have already had reports of trees down in chester county and trees down on top of cars. now it's moving into the philadelphia area, abington across the p.a. turnpike very heavy rain lower merion moving into philadelphia and let's take a look at the center city skyline. very dark here. you definitely want to be indoors as this storm
5:54 pm
approaches. we don't have rain yet on our camera but very heavy rain is in fact approaching. right near the philadelphia area, it does appear we do have a lot of rotation possibly inside this storm. so this is something we will definitely be watching, this entire line of storms the leading edge right here where i'm zooming in across 76 and across some of the major interstates around the philadelphia area. this is where we are seeing the potential for some of the most damaging winds. like i mentioned, moving into philadelphia merion you are seeing heavy rain out of this. as i fly to the south, chester, very heavy rain, moving into west deptford cherry hill. all the counties you see shaded in yellow this is a severe thunderstorm warning across the area. it extends through much of new jersey, close to the i-95 corridor. moving into salem and new castle counties, middletown starting to see very heavy rain. of course we already have heavy
5:55 pm
rains and damaging winds across 95. this is a line of storms moving to the east mainly around 45 miles an hour. again, a severe thunderstorm warning is out until 6:30 for much of new jersey just to the east of the i-95 corridor. these storms again traveling to the east around 45 miles an hour now. i will track this for you. some of these storms have been in fact speeding up across the area as they continue to strengthen. as i track this entire line moving to the east we expect it near camden in a couple minutes. cherry hill 6:03. evesham township 6:14. bridgeton by 6:19. vineland by 6:27. glenn just told me in wilmington delaware a 67 mile an hour wind gust was reported. this is the type of wind damage that could really cause a major concern across the area. these are the type of winds that could cause trees to go down across the area. i will zoom in a little more so i can show you, maybe you can see your city here wherever you
5:56 pm
live. if you are in this area i will be able to show you the timing of it as it's about to move through. we will start with areas of lower bucks county. 45 miles an hour to the east lower bucks county moving into cinnaminson and willingboro. we are looking at it moving into lower southampton by 5:59. bristol by about 6:11. now we will slide a little farther to the south. moving into the philadelphia area, right now we are seeing the very heavy rain. let's take a look at the outside camera. we still do have the dark clouds around. we don't have the rain just yet in the philadelphia area. but this is one section we are watching very closely. i will track this area for you as we go off to the east. cherry hill 6:05. gloucester 6:08. voorhees, 6:12. >> you can hear the lightning and the rain over our heads now in montgomery county. "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" tracking these dangerous storms.
5:57 pm
>> a tornado warning just expired right now. let's get the latest from glenn. >> that particular threat is over. we have had a lot of reports of wind damage already. we are keeping a close eye on these fast-moving storms. first alert forecast is next. also this home base for the world meeting of families. we take you inside the convention center with a look at how stained glass will change the look of broad street.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
well as one tornado warning just ended, another one has just now gone into effect. this is in south jersey, just south of philadelphia. >> good evening. i'm jim rosenfield along with renee chenault-fattah. strong storms moving through philadelphia right now. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen with the latest. >> we have a tornado warning just south of philadelphia. it is moving into new jersey. this is an area where we expect it to really continue to strengthen as it moves in. now here's a look. we have philly international, gloucester city deptford gloucester ashland, all these areas in this tornado warning. it was just issued. this will go until 6:30 this evening. about 30 more minutes. i will loop this for you. we will look at the motion for paulsboro. you are right on the edge of where this tornado warning is issued.
6:00 pm
i will zoom out a bit. here you see the philadelphia area. i will get rid of some of the yellow boxes because these are severe thunderstorm warnings. we are just going to focus on that tornado warning across the area. again, this is the section where we do expect some extremely strong winds. paulsboro, you are in this area as well. west deptford east greenwich, across 295, gloucester city you are also included in this warned area. again, this is a tornado warning south of philadelphia, just south of cherry hill is also the warned area until 6:30. over paulsboro is where a possible tornado, we have not had a report of one on the ground but a possible radar indicated tornado just south, just over paulsboro or eight miles southwest of gloucester city moving to the east at 50 miles an hour. in fact these storms are picking up speed and they are also picking up strength as they move across the area. i will track this for


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