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tv   Today  NBC  June 24, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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ia. that's at 5th and wharton. 80s this qf 9==99ñ "today" show is next. live updates coming up in 25 minutes. good morning. scare on the shore. >> there's a tornado! >> [ bleep ]. >> a possible rare tornado slams the jersey coastline as severe storms hammer tens of millions from the midatlantic to maine. cars flipped over. hundreds of thousands still without power this morning. high-energy injury. the autopsy report on the death of freddie gray is leaked. the finding -- he may have been killed when the baltimore police van he was riding in came to a sudden stop. podlarming findings on how many kids are eat colorful detergent packets. at least are one emergency call
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every hour. at least one child hospitalized every day. wu are today still being sold? candid camelot. never before seen photos of the kennedys from their nanny's private collection. why they are just. coming to light today, wednesday, june 24 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we had hot steamy weather yesterday. then it got black and orange. >> ominous. >> we were spared. >> other parts of the northeast got it. violent weather causing damage and destruction. al is following it all. >> at one point airports from new york city to baltimore to washington, d.c. shut down for at least two hours. we had over 800,000 people
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without power. as you look now this is a severe weather in the northeast. damaging punishing tornadoes ripping apart homes, flipping cars. this is in new jersey. you can see in this parking lot a possible ef-1 tornado causing big flipping over cars. we had a real mess. we started to see torrential downs. this is in midtown manhattan. the rain came down but we were spared some bad stuff. this is hobok, en. and ominous clouds over fenway park. besides that, they lost to the baltimore orioles. here we ended up with gorgeous sun sets. look at the skies. bright purple pinks and oranges. a nice end to the day but a lot of folks with rough stuff.
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there you go again looking over fenway park. we have strong storms pushing in over the midwest again. third day in a row we have been seeing this. omaha looking at showers and thunderstorms moving through now. from iowa to indiana, daytime heating, a lot of moisture from the south along the boundary lawer. we have a risk of strong storms from central iowa to western indiana. 20 million manypeople at risk. tornado threat greatest in iowament could be a strong wrist this afternoon. then tomorrow we have a wide swath. 21 million people. hail and tornadoes can't be ruled out. flood watches from des moines to chicago. looking at anywhere from two to three inches of rain coming in with strong storms tonight intoer tomorrow. we may be looking at another outbreak later today into tonight for a lot of folks.
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>> little weather and sports today. >> there is a new report tied to the death of freddie gray while in police custody. a death that touched off protests in baltimore. it is a leaked copy of gray's autopsy. craig melvin has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this autopsy report was completed on april 30 the day before the maryland state's attorney announced criminal charges against six officers involved in gray's death. it has not been made publicer or seen by fbs news. the leaked information to the bamt sun comes two days ahead of the deadline for releasing evidence if the case. according to the autopsy report reviewed by the baltimore sun but not independently verified by nbc news the state medical examiner office declared freddie gray's death a homicide because officers failed to follow safety procedures through acts of
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omission. >> baltimore sun got the autopsy report. they say it was an accident by acts of omission such as failing to use a seat belt or render aid. >> reporter: the paper said it obtained the report from an anonymous source. gray's death was likely caused by a high-impact injury to he is head. comparing injuries to those seen in shallow water divinging accidents. >> when the van he was in accelerated or decelerated causing hip to hit the walls of the van. >> reporter: he was arrested april 12 after a foot chansd suffered injuries while in police custody. his death a week later sparked protests and riots in baltimore that drew gnash and international attention. sunscreen officers were charged in the death. they have pled not guilty. the defense attorneys for the officers released a statement saying in part neither the six officers nor any of their
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attorneys have a copy of the autopsy report nor have we ever seen it. the medical examiner's office and state's attorney office say they are not the source of the report. marilyn moseby said i strongly condemn anyone with access to trial evidence who has leaked the information prior to the trial of the case. >> the most significant injury was to the lower left part of the head. also the possibility that gray's neck injury happened with him in a partly reclining position or as he was changing position on the floor of the van. lots more in the report. >> craig, thank you. spying by the nsa is if arksa is in the headlines with news that they spied on three foreign presidents. nbc's andrea mitchell is covering the fallout here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this dis-khloe sewer that the
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nsa may have spied on the past three french presidents is the kind of revelation that's been explosive in the past with some of our allies. francois hol holand said it is unacceptable and said france won't tolerate actions that jeopardize its security. meanwhile today the white house is pushing back telling me we are not targeting and will not target the communications of president hollande. as we have said we do not conduct foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. this applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders. said the white house, we work closly with france on all matters of international concern and the french are indispensable partners. however, the u.s. government is not addressing allegations that it spied on the previous two french presidents.
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president obama met with angela merkel and others at the g-7 in germany continuing to try to clean up the wikileaks exposure that the u.s. eaves dropped on the cell phone of the german leader for years. the timing could not be worse for the obama administrationment friday morning secretary kerry is leaving for vienna where he needs to work with the french on nuclear talks. iran has issued talks saying tehran is suddenly adopting a harder line and these will be tough talks. france is a crucial partner. >> he'll need all his diplomacy skills on different levels. andrea mitchell thank you. in other news the massive search for the fugitive convicts in upstate new york in its 19th day. as police try to close in we are learning about the help the killers received to carry out the brazen escape. stephanie gosk has the latest.
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good morning sthrks. >> reporter: good morning. we were stopped no fewer than a half dozen times in ten miles. each time we had to lower the windows and on our trunk. the search as it goes on hope that the latest lead would be a quick capture has faded. richard matt and david sweat keep slipping through their fingers. this morning the gruelling search is focused on a rug ared thick forest. sources tell nbc news that's where a cabin owner caught the convicts by surprise roughly 30 miles from the prison. dna from both men was found. today left behind half eaten food and a pair of underwear. new details now on how huh they escaped. according to the d.a. joyce mitchell said she smuggled tools into the prison by hiding them in ground beef. hack saw blades drill bits and a hole punch.
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gene palmer has been put on administrative leave without being charged but delivered the meat to matt and sweat . palmer said he didn't know he was handing over tools. joyce's husband lyle mitchell said she was in too deep and didn't know how to get out. >> did she claim she was forced to do the things she did in terms of supplying them -- >> no. not as far as the tools. as far as everything else she said when it came down to hurting me she said something was wrong. >> reporter: as the search reaches day 19 residents are taking extra precautions. the cabin is five miles from where the dna was found. >> it is unnerving when i pulled in and i had to have a loaded weapon with me. >> reporter: we are basically in the middle of the woods here. >> you're a long ways from anywhere here . absolutely. >> reporter: state police moved their staging area from the fire department in town to a local ski resort. the sheriff says the search area is roughly 170 square miles.
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matt and savannah? >> stephanie gosk thank you. has to be frustrating. seems they are hours or a day behind them but they can't close the circle. >> meantime dzhokhar tsarnaev will be in in court. the big question will tsarnaev say anything? pete williams has covered the trial from boston. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah good morning. there is no suspense in what the sentence will be. the judge is required to i pose the death penalty, the verdict reached by the jury last month. defendants are given a chance to speak. no word yet on whether he will. he never said anything during the trial. he never took the stand in either the guilt or penalty phase. his lawyers said he felt remorse but he never showed any sympathy for the people whose lives he shattered. some of them will be here today.
7:12 am
about 20 vips of the bombing and their relatives to address him directly. their first and only chance to do that. once the hearing is over tsarnaev will leave boston for the last time. he'll be sent to federal prison to take his place on death row as years of legal appeals begin. savannah? >> pete williams in boston this morning. for the first time we are seeing images of last week's capture of dylann roof are, the suspect manyin the dead ly massacre in charleston. this shows the arrest without incident. the relief of the arresting officers apparent. >> in the wake of the shooting south carolina lawmakers have voted to consider removing the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol. major retailers like walmart, sears and ebay are ending sales of confederate flag merchandise. ahead of the ban, sale s of
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certain items on amazon jumped 9 the ,000%. >> the ceo of ebay said he didn't realize they sold it. now a shift from the white house. it involves americans taken hos tanl by terror groups and what the families can and cannot do to win tear loved ones' release. peter alexander at the white house for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president will meet privately with the families of former hostages ear today. this afternoon he will announce new changes. post many notably the that the white house will not stop families from privately paying ransom. basically government fishes will look the other way and won't threaten to prosecute families that pay. the u.s. government still isn't going to pay. the law doesn't change. this is significant. a big shift. it comes largely in response to
7:14 am
criticism from hostages' familiesment kayla mueller was held by isis killed this year. the muellerers were frustrated by the administration's enforcement of the long standing u.s. policy not to pay ransom to terrorist groups as kayla's father told savannah in february. >> any parents out there would understand that you would want neg anything and everything done to bring your child home. we tried. we asked. they put policy in front of american citizens' lives. >> reporter: today the white house will announce it is creating what it is calling a hostage recovery fusion cell based at the fbi. it will include a coordinator to work with the families to keep a them better informed. >> families have been involved this the process. let's talk politics. louisiana's governor bobby jindal about to enter the race.
7:15 am
apparently won't be the last republican candidate to get into this thing. >> reporter: that's right. jindal will be joining the race that makes him republican candidate number 13 for those keeping track. reports that new jersey governor chris christie nearing an announcement of his own that he could join the race as early as next week. to give you a sense of how volatile the republican field is we are 17 months away from election day officially. a the few poll out in new hampshire shows donald trump right now is number 2 behind only jeb bush. savannah? >> a volatile race are and they are racing to get on the debate stage this summer. thank you very much. >> natalie has another story involving the white house. >> that's right tcht in. the senate is expected to give president obama a big victory by giving him fast track authority to negotiate trade deals with pacific rim nations. house democrats nearly killed
7:16 am
the measure but republicans kept it alive. opponents argue the bill will cost american jobs. an update on former white house chef walterer scheib whose body was found over the weekend in new mexico. the 61-year-old drowned in a mountain stream. his death was ruled an accident. he served under presidents bill clinton and george w. bush disappeared after hiking in the mountains more than a week ago. >> reporter: tom brady is waiting to find out if his appeal in deflategate made a difference. his attorney said only we put in a compelling case during the ten-hour hearingment it is up to commissioner roger goodell to keep the suspension if place, reduce it or lift it entirely. no word on when is that decision may come. a crash caught on capra are. the driver survived. he was wearing a go pro camera. this is jesse lopez riding up a
7:17 am
road in southern california when he went around a blind curve. that hurts to watch it. >> right in front of a fire truck. he broke bones in his legs and arms. he says now a couple months later he's recovering but fortunately suffered no permanent injuries. it's hard to see that. exactly. queen elizabeth may have to move ott of buckingham palace at least for a time because of royal ren vaegss that need to be done there. the palace feeds more than $200 million worth of work to remove asbestos. having the queen move out temporarily is one of the options. she has several other residences. lots of places to go to. >> she won't go to air b & b? >> we don't have to worry. and one of the greatest catches at wrigley. not on the field but in the
7:18 am
stands. a pop-up on the first base line. the ball was caught bare-handed by keith hartley holding his 7 month old son. other fans giving him an ovation. it was ruled a foul ball. a ruling later overturned because of fan interference. the batterer rwas out. >> the announcer only talked about whether it was interferencer or not. nobody said whan amazing catch. he was holding the baby. >> i cringe when i see it. that's scary. >> he did a great job. he had a better grip on the ball than the baby. it was half hanging out. >> thank you. >> kind of threw him under the bus. >> as a mom, i'm saying let go of the ball. >> show you what's happening around the rest of the country with severe weather in the midwest. look for showers in the northern plains. we'll detail the heat this the pacific northwest.
7:19 am
record-breaking heat will be unprecedented. we'll get to your good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. leave the umbrella at home, grab the sunglasses. snen and less humid, much more comfortable today. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's normal for this time of year. clear skies tonight. sunshine tomorrow 65 in the morning. as clouds move in there's a chance we'll see late-day showers on thursday and into friday, then it's rain this
7:20 am
weekend, keeping us cool saturday and sunday. sunshine returns next week. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> al thank you. >> coming up alarming numbers on how many children are poisoned by accidentally ingesting the popular laundry pods. >> on rossen reports police dogs put to the test. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. with escaped inmates on the loose police areal call calling on the dogs to capture them based on their scent. this morning i'm running and trying to hide from a police dog a half mile to a mile back. can can the dog find me based on my scent is this we'll show you how it works coming up. >> ever sent an e-mail you wish you could get back? the new option that could save you embarrassment. that story is coming up. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. a few minutes before 7:30. check out this damage from last night's storm. skyforce 10 above the shopping certainer it in greenwich township. this is in gloucester conte. parts of the building's facade ripped off. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> storms are long gone. the clouds are inthissing out at cape may. those are the last of the clouds from yesterday. sunshine will be bright and the temperatures will be climbing. right now it's 70 degrees in philadelphia. most of the areas in the 60s. definitely cooler than yesterday and more comfortable, too. the humidity is down. we'll be up to 80 by lunch time 84 at 3:00 this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic and
7:27 am
mass transit. we're dealing with a big problem with mass transit this morning. septa is suspended around fox chase. paoli/thorndale and no service on the media/elwyn line. new jersey transit is additionally suspended from ac to philadelphia and patco suspend due to a power outage all morning. vai? 158,000 peco customers are without power. many of those may not have power until friday. and in new jersey pse&g, they're reporting 45,000 customers without power. ac electric says 157,000 customers are in the dark this morning and in delaware more than 15,000 customers there at delmarva have no power. i'm vai sikahema. another update in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
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7:30 now. it's wednesday, the 24th of june 2015. it's going to the be a nice day in the northeast after strong storms and the weather once again topping the headlines this morning. high winds and heavy rains blasting a large area from washington, d.c. to pennsylvania up into new england. at least one person died in maryland. a tornado was reported in new jersey. hundreds of thousands lost power across the region. >> a judge will for palmally impose the death penalty on dzhokhar sartsarnaev but first the families of victims get to address him directly. tsarnaev could address the court as well. and the stage is set for a
7:31 am
debate over the fate of the confederate flag. lawmakers voting to open debate to remove the flag from the capitol grounds. >> the latest case of a sports parent gone wrong. what we are hearing from sean diddy combs' camp. >> we'll hear his side in a minute. we'll begin with a new rossen report are. inside desperate hunts like the one going on now in upstate new york for dangerous suspects. "today" national correspondent jeff rossen has been following this. good morning. >> reporter: we hear it all the time. call in the dogs. police say with high tech tools -- cameras, computers, csi-like kriep labs if you want to track down a suspect police dogs are the best wef weapon they have. they are following new leads. the canines can find missing children. how do they do it? this morning you will see them in action like never before.
7:32 am
on the streets of spokane i'm trying to trick this dog. going to make a sharp right, go this way. i'm running across a field. as i run this dog is a mile back. he's never met me or seen me but police say he'll find me. hard to believe. then again, police canines pull off miracles. not only hunting escaped inmates in upstate new york but in chicago this canine sniffing out a suspected bank robber. in virginia a scent leads a bloodhound to aburg la ary suspect. it's not just dangerous criminals. >> we found him. >> the dogs track missing children too. in florida, a bloodhound reuniting this 9-year-old with his parents. in utah another bloodhound finding this 6-year-old in a sewer drain. >> i never thought i would owe my son's life to a dog. >> reporter: humans have around 5 million spell receptors.
7:33 am
most dogs have 220 million. bloodhounds, the best of the best can track a scent nearly two weeks old. which brings us to our experiment. i stayed in this hotel room last night. cruz is memorizing my scent. i left long before the police and dog arrived. the dog has no idea where i am. not even my own producer knows where i am or where i'm going. i am alone here. i'm not making it easy for the dog. cruz bolts out. he has my scent. >> good boy. >> reporter: i'm trying to get away. i'm trying to throw him off with a lot of twists and turns is. >> there we go. >> reporter: walking through a wooded area. this is the kind of terrain those escaped inmates are suspected of walking through. going to make another sharp left here. i will run across the this field like a suspect would. >> he has jeff for sure here. >> reporter: going to headache a
7:34 am
sharp right here go this way. the canine officer told me to try to find a fenced in area where i will end up. here's a fence. when that dog, if the dog finds me it will want to attack thinking i'm a bad guy. hopefully i will be safe here, if he finds me. now we wait. >> getting more animated. >> reporter: minutes later, cruz is close. >> i think we've got him. [ barking ] >> reporter: the dog is right here. i can't believe he found me. >> check out this step by step map. i started here making a quick right, then a left. walking past these homes, cutting through brush and across the woods, making another left through a field with trees to a fenced in area right here. now look at cruz's path. he made every single turn every step i took following my scent the entire way. >> suspect in the fenced year. come out with your hands in the
7:35 am
air. >> reporter: i am busted. >> are you surprised he found me? >> not at all. he has an incredible nose. these dogs can catch a criminal that normally police can't find without the use of the dog. >> it was astonishing. we went nearly a mile. thanks to the spokane police departmenter for the help. i never knew this but every person sheds 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute. gross. but if you're a human being there is nothing you can do. you are leaving a trail behind. we can't see it but dogs can smell it. it's another reason they are so effective. >> we were thinking when you locked yourself this the fenced area what would it be like if the dog was already there waiting for you . >> he knows where i'm going before i get there. >> we loved your giant head on the map. >> we needed more big face. >> like indiana jones. >> we just found out the dog cheated. he used find my iphone.
7:36 am
>> starting a new app. >> thank you. >> good job. >> how about a check of the weather? see if you can make your way over. >> follow my head. i love it. we have a big high pressure system stretching from east coast to west coast. we have hot, dry weather for the southern half of the country. look at the temperatures. going to be in the 90s through friday in raleigh, tallahassee, knoxville, jacksonville to mobile. the feels like temperatures well above 100. air temperatures out west starting on friday into saturday and sunday. going to be well above the 90s into the hundreds. look at medford oregon. portland with excessive heat watches friday through monday. it's unusual for them to put out heat watches so soon. heat advisories along the pacific northwest coast. fire danger being ratcheted up as well. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. leave the umbrella at home, grab
7:37 am
the sunglasses. sunshine and less humid, much more comfortable today. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's normal for this time of year. clear skies tonight. sunshine tomorrow, 65 in the morning. as clouds move in, there's a chance we'll see late-day showers on thursday and into friday, then it's rain this weekend, keeping us cool saturday and sunday. sunshine returns next week. have a great day. don't forget. check the weather any time you need on the weather channel on cable or online. >> tank you. >> coming up on trending you won't believe how much money you waste on uneaten food. >> and a new warning on how many kids are eating colorful dete listen up team i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active.
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and don't care about feelings. but they're wrong. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one. back now at 7:42 with alarming new stats techsnical statistics on the number of children who suffered poisoning after putting laundry packets into their mouths. it's shg we have reported on before. with bright colors the pods can be appealing to children. tom costello has more. good morning. >> reporter: listen to this statistic. 32,000 calls to poison control centers just since 2012 because of kids putting these in their mouths. if a child does put one of these laundry packets in his or her
7:43 am
mouth it can beer ervery serious. it happens once every hour. >> 911. >> reporter: an urgent call to thoin or poison control for a child who ingested laundry detergent, often in a small packet or pond. safe kids reports at least once a day a child is hospitalized. the symptoms can be life threatening. difficulty breathing, excessive vomiting eye burns, vision loss and loss of consciousness subpoena. >> young children are explorers. today put everything in their mouths. liquid laundry packets which dissolve in water can dissolve on wet fingers or when they are put in the mouth. >> reporter: the pods make it easy to do the wash but the deter gent is hemoglobinly concentrated. three years ago isabella found a potd on the floor and tried to eat it is. >> vomiting diarrhea. it was pretty much symptoms of a stomach virus. >> if they breathe it into their
7:44 am
lungs that's the worst part. you can have lung damage. trouble breathing, wheezing to the point they need to be on a ventilator this the icu. >> reporter: two kindergarten died from ingesting laundry packets. the industry is set to vote on voluntary safety standards for the pods f. a statement the american cleaning institute tells nbc news manufacturers have already made payer juror changes to their packages including the addition of easy to understand safety icons improving warning labels and redesigned packaging so packets aren't visible from the outside. the industry says it's undertaken a public safety campaign and it's working with safe kids to encourage parents to keep these out of kids' reach and keep them in a container and make sure the container is sealed up and away from kids. if a child gets into a laundry packet call poison control right away. if it's serious, call 911. back to you. >> good information, tom.
7:45 am
thank you very much. >> they look enticing. >> at least take the colors off them. makes no sense. >> exactly. just ahead, the next spider-man has been revealed. on popstart, what people are saying about the pick. >> carson is in the orange room. the same carson we mentioned a minute ago. >> we know carson. >> with the option to get back the e-mail you wish you had never sent. >> why didn't they invent this ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice
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7:49 am
(glasses clinking) ♪ (ground shaking) well there goes the country club. the 2015 dodge durango. now with available beats audio. is. we're back at 7:49 with an invention i wish had happened ten years ago. this is amazing, carson. >> it is amazing. >> tell us about it. >> you probably remember the super bowl commercial are from a few years back. if not, take a look at this.
7:50 am
>> oh though. >> rod, you sent the this e-mail reply all. you hit reply all. >> no! >> we have all done it. we hit send and instantly want to go into cyberspace and bring it back. now you can. let me give you a live demo. this is g mail. we go to the settings. if you scroll down this undo send feature. we'll enable it. in fact you go down to the end. you want to save your changes. now we are here. we'll compose an e-mail. for the sake of tv i have this. i will put up a fake e mail address. go in and type in matt stinks at
7:51 am
golf. >> nice. you better take it back. >> i will hit send. you have a choice too. i have 30 seconds. i'm thinking was it a good idea to send this? will matt take it as i'm a friend but he's my boss. that's bad. i will undo that one. it comes right back. your message has not been sent. i come in here backtrack and rewrite it the way i should have written it. now i will send it. >> pretty cool. >> you're his boss. >> i do stink at golf and i'm not your boss. >> we all get caught in is this a good idea? once we hit send. now you have 30 seconds to rethink it. >> there have been occasions where i need a good 12 hours before i wake up with regret. even a breathalyzer on e-mail. >> it's a start. >> don't you wish you had iter for life is this coming up the sun etling truth about what causes your eyes to turn
7:52 am
red after swimming and annoying restaurant trends. that's in a little bit. back to you. >> carson tank you. >> and candid photos of the kennedy family being seen for the first time. we'll get to those.'s evening again. time for the perfect night time snack. ♪ beautiful on the tongue, ♪ delightful to the bite
7:53 am
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7:56 am
nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. and check out this damage from last night's storms. skyforce 10 above the shopping center in green itch township gloucester county this morning. to assess the damage there. parts of the building facade there totally ripped off. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just before 8:00. now that the storm has passed let's get the first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> those storms are long gone pushing them out of here is the cooler, dry air that we're feeling this morning. the humidity has come way down. we have bright sunshine. look at that nice sunny view of center city. the winds flowing out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour northeast philadelphia. that's the dry air that's coming into the airy that's going to be with us through the day. lots of sunshine we will be in the 80s this afternoon. by noontime 80 degrees but 84 and less humid at 3:00 this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. that storm damage has had an effect on the roads.
7:57 am
let's get a check on traffic with jessica boyington. we're dealing with speed restrictions out on the new jersey turnpike. that's been out there since about 4:30 this morning due to debris and trees and a lot of different things making it a hazardous driving condition in the area on the new jersey turnpike. on the southbound side actually between exit 3, runnemede up towards the delaware memorial bridge. you'll be able to go 45 miles per hour there. septa still suspended fox chase, paoli and the media line as well. 158,000 peco customers are without power. it could be friday before they're back online. in new jersey, pse&g reporting 45,000 of their customers without power, ac electric says 157,000 customers are in the dark and in delaware more than 15,000 customers with no power. another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
7:58 am
back to the "today" show. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up remembering one of tv's favorite dads. >> are you sure this is the glamorous world of business? >> "eight is enough" star dick van patten died. tributes now pouring in. inside camelot. the never before seen photos hitting the auction block giving a rare glimpse into the lives of the kennedys. and it's a new day this studio 1a as we kick off a fresh way to share our passion for food. wednesday, june 24, 2015.
8:01 am
♪ >> look mom! we're on the "today" show. >> ready for our close-up. good morning, houston! >> good morning, jacksonville florida. >> we left our kids at a hotel to be here. >> we're starting here! [ cheers and applause ] >> we are back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 24th day of june 2015. yesterday at this time we walked out and it was so sticky and hot. >> better today. >> delightful. >> beautiful. >> almost brings a tear to the kwie. lovely and springy. we are set for a big announcement about the future of food on the show. tweet us your favorite one-pot meal. later carson's fiancee takes us
8:02 am
will through a step-by-step incredible summer crowder, a "today" original. >> we ate it the other night. a rehearsal took place at our ous. >> you were the test kitchen. >> guinea pigs. quick reminder too. imagine dragons will be here for a summer concert series. you can actually ep decide one of the songs they will perform. >> your choices are time polaroider or dream. head to to vote. >> natalie has a look at the headlines. good morning again. >> good morning to you once again. a massive cleanup under way in the northeast where violent thunderstorms damaged homes and trees and knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of customers. high winds flipped cars in a new jersey parking lot. dramatic video shows a possible tornadoer or water spout that came close to the jersey shorement airports were closed from new york city to the washington, d.c. area for time
8:03 am
while the storms passed through. tools used by killers to escape from a new york state prison were smuggled inside of ground beef. prison seamstress joyce mitchell said she left the meat in a prison refrigerator to be delivered by another worker. the search for the fugitive into the 19th day now. it is focused near a hunting cabin fear the prison where half eaten food and underwearer were found over the weekend. france summoned the u.s. ambassador for talks after a wikileaks report that the u.s. spied on three french presidents including the current one. wikileaks says the eaves dropping took place from at least 2006 until 2012. a u.s. spokesperson replied that washington doesn't conduct foreign intelligence surveillance unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. a judge granted a mistilerial in the case of two former
8:04 am
vanderbilt university football players convicted in january of a campus rape. defense attorneys argueded that the jury foreman withheld information during jury selection that he was a six crime victim. prosecutors say they will ask for a new trial. the casket of a murdered church pastor clement pinckner will be placed out for viewing. he was one of those killed in charleston last week. there was a moment of silence this honor of the victims tuesday night. newly released police dash cam vid quo shows how suspected shooter dylanthis, roof gave up peacefully after being pulled over in hisser car. actor dick van patten passed away at a hospital near his home in los angeles tuesday. he began as a childer star erstar on broadway but was best known for
8:05 am
his role tom bradford on "eight is enough." he was the ultimate 1970s dad. >> this family could be in deep financial trouble. >> reporter: dick van patten played tom bradford on "eight is enough" for four years. >> the show tackled controversial issues. he tackled them with love for the children and audiences responded. >> reporter: actor willy ames played his son. >> he knew when the to laugh. he was a wonderful, sincere man. >> reporter: on the big screen van patten was knowner for his role this is in several mel brooks comedies. >> she had a nose job already. it was her sweet 16 present. >> okay. >> reporter: while most recently he appeared with betty white on "hot in cleveland." marry me! >> reporter: an avid animal lover. >> i'm dick van patten . >> reporter: he had a line of pet food. a family business for a man who was all about family. >> we have a big family.
8:06 am
they're all over here. it's fun. >> dick would want to be remember ed remembered as energetic, positive thrilled to be an actor, a family man. gratefuller for everything he's gotten. >> i tell you. it was fun. it was sensational. i met the most fascinating people. >> reporter: he died due to complications caused by diabetes. he was 86. so many of us grew up with him as our tv dad. >> that loving face he had. >> natalie, thank you. >> all right. we are hearing sean diddy comb s' side of the story about his arrest at ucla while watching his son practice football. it's shining light on how some parents behave when their children play sports. here's nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: out of jail sean combs is fighting back. he was arrested monday at ucla where his son justin plays football. university police accuse him of
8:07 am
assault using a kettle bell. his representative says any actions taken by mr. combs were defensive in nature to protect himself and his son. a source familiar with the situation said combs went to pete with meet with a coach because he felt the coach was bullying his son. combs claimed he held up a kettle bell to defend himself. tuesday the his son posted a photo on instagram writing i thank god for having a father that's always therer for me. love you pops. >> you have heard of the helicopter parent. this is a parent that owns a helicopter. that's how much hundred he has. >> reporter: on espn a lot of discussion about parents and sports. >> 20 years ago this never would have happened. this is a product of the empowerment of the parents. particularly ones with money and influence who know programs need then. >> reporter: celebrity or not parents are sometimes accused of getting too involved in youth
8:08 am
sports. this youtube video went viral, viewed more than 2 million times. in extreme situations coaches and referees have been assaulted, making headlines. >> one, two, three, break someone's clavicle! >> reporter: over the top parenting was parodied in "kicking and screaming." >> what type of things do you see? >> most often it's parents that are involved in telling kids how to play the game yelling at receive eeries sfrks the american youth soccer organization educates parents on how to behave subpoena. >> one thing i tell my parents is when you are cheering at a game if you are yelling a serververb you're not cheering for your child. you are telling them what to do. >> reporter: signs with humor saying this is a game being played by children. if they win or lose every game of the season it will not impact
8:09 am
what college today attend orrer their future income potential. a reminder of what's important off and on the field. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. >> there is a real line that you can't cross. i have kids who play sports. 13, 11, 8. i see things on the sidelines that are just awful. >> definitely. sometimes you are the parent you want to say something but you hold back. >> on the other hand my son does tae kwon do and every one of the parents are supportive of all the kids. good with the bad. >> up next blame the chlorine for your eyes turning red in the pool? wait until you hear what really causes that. >> brace yourself. finish your breakfast first. >> and never before seen kennedy family photos coming to light and going up for auction. >> a big announcement about the future of food here at "today." siri pinter with a one-pot
8:10 am
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8:13 am
there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. we are back with what's trending today. >> you're out, swimming in a pool and your eyes get red. >> happens. it's the chlorine. >> well it is. there is a little bit more to it according to the cdc. you may want the put down your cheeriosment cheerios. the redness is caused by chlorine mixed with urine and sweat. >> why do you say that? >> there are rules. no running, no jumping, no weeing. that's what my grandma said. >> if your eyes are red, there's been weeing.
8:14 am
>> oh to. >> the stronger the smell that means the more urine there is. >> the stronger the chlorine smell. >> yes. >> that doesn't happen in my pool. we use the chemical that turns it bright red. >> every time i have been in a pool i worry about that. >> my kids believe that. a headline in the washington post caught our eyes about something the paper calls the most annoying restaurant trend happening today. they say it is when servers start clearing plates and silverware before everyone has finished their meal. if you are still eating and feel you are holding everyone up and if you are finished you feel like the person who rushed everyone else. the post says who was a group dining experience has become a group exercise in guilt. anyone have this happen? >> absolutely. >> and a and is on your plate before you put the fork down. >> for me it works in my favor. i had a caesar salad.
8:15 am
i wasn't done but i was glad he took it or i would have kept eating it. >> i find it embarrassing when they say, can i take your plate. well i was going to eat those french fries but take it. >> this started another conversation in the makeup room. you have a pet peeve when a guy asks if you want a certain kind of water. >> there is a new practice. they would say would you like water and you say yes. now they say do you want still sparkling or tap. they are putting pressure on you to buy the water. >> you seem cooler when you say tap, normal person. >> say you were on a date. you would feel compelled to buy fancy water. >> say you're okay with tap. >> i feel like they are asking still, sparkling or do you want to settle in life for the cheap tap water. >> that has more to do with you than the waiter. >> people of the internet if you are with me please respond. >> # buy the water or not. >> remember when you were young
8:16 am
and your parents told you don't waste your food. there is a new survey out that says if you add up all the food we throw up it's $640 every year. a lot of us live on left overs. 76% admitted to getting rid of them every month. >> buying vegetables all the type. they go bad before i use them. all the time. >> i would keep the leftovers and throw them out the next day. >> haecs you feel better to put them in the little containers. >> and you have a fridge full of them. >> introducing the new superhero and somebody called the funky bunch, markeyy mark is back. >> the role so many want bud after a global casting call this porning there is a new spider-man named tom holland. he's british. >> did we run out of american actors? >> 19 years old. not yet an american name. he'll debut along other superheroes in a new captain
8:17 am
america movie next year. he'll get his own movie in 2017. tom joins andrew garfield and toby mcguire in taking on the roll of peter-- role of peter parker. and starting today you can ride shotgun at universal. vin diesel and others came to celebrate the new ride are, fast & furious super charged. there are stunts. 3-d technology makes you feel you are racing next to the stars. that's all you. >> i can't wait. i have to test it out. >> finally marky mark is back with his funky bunch. "good vibrations." classic song. there was a surprise guest at the new kids on the block concert at padres square gardenment mark was an original member of the group before he went solo. first time they were on stage together in 20 years.
8:18 am
mark's brother donnie performed good vibrations at the show. mark was there and waved to the crowd. >> when did that happen? >> must have been recently. >> you're sad you didn't ask him about it yesterday. >> i didn't know. he was on the show yesterday. my bad. >> gosh. >> i didn't produce that. >> thank you. >> you're considered their boss. >> mr. rokerer -- >> you're not the boss of me. more storms from the midwest and look at this. chicago, you're about to be hit with showers and tlorps. there are more on the way tonight into early tomorrow morning. we've got a risk of strong storms especially an enhanced area from central iowa all the way to western indiana. 20 million people. in fact the tornado threat greatest for iowa. we could see it enhanced later today. for tomorrow 20 million folks
8:19 am
at risk. wind gusts at 60 miles per hour. two inches in indictment hail. we have rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches or locallier more from central iowa into central indiana. today, sunshine this the northeast. much cooler lower humidity. heat continues through the southeast. out west the heat starts to build especially into the pacific northwest. by week end, temperatures in parts of the pacific. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. leave the umbrella at home grab the sunglasses. sunshine and less humid, much more comfortable today. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's normal for this time of year. clear skies tonight. we'll start with sunshine tomorrow, 65 in the morning, but as clouds move in there's a chance we'll see some late day showers on thursday and into friday. then it's rain this weekend keeping us cool saturday and sunday. sunshine returns next week. have a great day.
8:20 am
that's your latest weather. internet with you on the tap water? >> the response is over well. ing. people don't like that question. guilts them into buying water. >> i thought it was more options. >> thank you, twitter. >> don't hear that often. >> not from me. we have been talking about this. a series of never before seen photos of the kennedys being auctioned off this week. today national correspondent kate snow is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. 79 photos many candid moments of the kennedy kids caroline and john jr. images of our american royalty as a intellectual property call everyday family. there's caroline blowing out the candles on a birth today cake. sharing a picnic with her mom, the first lady in if the yard. john jr., dozing in his crib and then older, walking a dog the park. here a smile from the president himself. these are just a few of the
8:21 am
newest glimpses into camelot we have now going up for auction this week in los angeles. >> kennedys just have such a mystique. everybody loves them. the photos are so cute. >> reporter: the photos once belonged to the kennedy's nanny, maud shaw. she took care of caroline and show starting in 1958 through their father's assassination in 1963 until she retired in 1965. >> there is one where jackie is leading caroline on her horse which i think was called macaroni. they look so happy. there are a lot of photos of them at the beach. just playing in the sand being nor pal kids. there is just really charming ones. >> reporter: also auctioned with the photos this elegant custom made maternity dress worn by the first lady in 1960 when she was pregnant with john jr. >> she may have worn it to a luncheon or matthew she would be
8:22 am
out and photographed. >> it sows you how they were a young family in the midst of attending prestigious events. >> reporter: amid is prestige of camelot int pat everyday moments like these, everyday snapshots from a life that was anything but. >> what i have read about jackie kennedy is it wasser very important for her to raise more children in a way that seemed as normal as possible. i think it comes through in the photos. >> they don't age. they don't change. they are captured in this one particular moment that we have romantic romanticized and we view through rose colored glasses. i don't think we tire of that. >> along with the dress and photos there is a signed copy of the book the nanny wrote about her days with the kennedys. that's being auctioned off as well. if you are interested the bidding starts at $10,000.
8:23 am
>> if you don't order the sparkling water, you can save up for that. >> i'm with you on that. >> thank you, katalekate. >> what about the environment? think about the planet. >> tap water. >> carson i'm sorry. take it away. >> are you done? >> "ted 2" star amanda seyfried here. and an exciting up in the kitchen. my better half siri is there. we have vegetables for a one-pot chowder you will love. don't cut yourself. we'll be back with amanda after your local n
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
nbc 10 first alert weather, breaking news. >> and check out this damage from last night's storms. sky force 10 above the shopping center in greenwich township gloster county. the storms are still causing transit trouble. mass transit trouble. sky force 10 spotted the patco train stranded on the tracks because of a power outage. trees and power lines are down across the area. look at this scene here in delaware county. sky force 10 spotted a house with what appears to be a good deal of damage there. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's just before 8:30 this wednesday morning. our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> beautiful breeze is blowing, cool, dry air coming in the storms are long gone the damage has been done, but we are drying out today.
8:27 am
and its feels so much more comfortable. nice sunny view from center city. the temperature is 72 degrees. still 60s for pottstown, doylestown and trenton. wilmington is at 69 degrees and 69 in roxborough. a quick warmup with sunshine low humidity through the day today. by 4:00 this afternoon, 84 degrees. >> all right. thank you, bill. a check on traffic, good morning jessica boyington. >> good morning, vai. we're going to combine with the normal rush hour volume we deal with every morning. he we also are dealing with downed trees and wires and traffic lights malfunctioning, around monument road a downed tree blocking the roadway there. follow the plans accordingly. fox chase has resumed operations for septa. good thing will. dealing with suspension for paoli, thorndale and media owens. >> another update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show. see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a sunny, happy wednesday morning, the 24th of june. already 2015. nice summer day. >> wrangler wednesday. right. >> coming up amanda seyfried is here to talk about what it's like to act with a fake raunchy teddy bear and about pulling pranks or having them pulled on you on the set of "ted 2".
8:31 am
>> is havehave you heard? in a moment we are starting an era with siri pinter, your better half making a one-pot meal we are going to love. >> looks good already. in 20 years, since "clueless" came out as a movie. it made alicia silverstone a star. she's here to talk about that, her stage show "motherhood" and more. we look forward to talking to alicia in a little bit. >> can we congratulate mr. al roker? yesterday he was inducted into the new york state broadcasters hall of fame. >> congratulations i. >> thank you very much. it was a real honorer. hang around long enough i guess. you get inducted. it was nice. humbling. >> should we introduce you as hall-of-famer al roker? >> i can't accept. i have been on steroids for years.
8:32 am
>> an asterisk. >> all right. let's show you what's going on now? we are looking at a risk of strong storms back through the midwest from iowa into indiana. warmer weather this the pacific northwest, the sunshine also. tomorrow you will see the risk of strong storms back through the central midwest and the plains. beautiful weather if the pacific northwest. if you like the sunshine and heat temperatures 95 in portland tomorrow. as we look along the east coast is heat continues through the southeast. very raucus crowd. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. leave the umbrella at home, grab the sunglasses. sunshine and less humid, much more comfortable today. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's normal for this time of year. clear skies tonight. we'll start with sunshine tomorrow, 65 in the morning, but as clouds move in there's a chance we'll see some late day showers on thursday and into
8:33 am
friday. then it's rain this weekend keeping us cool saturday and sunday. sunshine returns next week. have a great day. don't forget. get the weather any time you need it on the weather channel on cable. go to online. oh matt! >> oh al. thank you very much. all this week we are catching up with the stars of "ted 2." this morning amanda seyfried is in the hot seat. not really. she plays a young inexperienced lawyer who the raunchy teddy bear turns to when he has to prove he's a person. >> my uncle says you guys are my first clients. >> it's been discussed. do you mind if i isask how old you are? >> i'm 26. >> ah. >> is there a problem? >> i don't want my lawyer singing "frozen" songs during the opening argument. >> i'm samantha jackson. >> ted. how are you?
8:34 am
>> good to meet you. john. >> what's your middle name? >> leslie. >> oh my god. [ laughter ] >> you're sam l. jackson. >> like sam l. jackson. >> who's that? >> hello, aamanda. >> though who it is. >> not in the movie. >> no. >> i will telltales out offal school and throw out my questions. you said you don't trust mark wahlberg. why is that? >> you know he -- stole my dog. >> talk about this. this is a prank he pulled on the set. he literally stole your dog? >> i was messing around with him. i shouldn't have been. pranks here and there. he took it to the next level. really smart guy. he took my dog. he hid him. i panicked because i didn't think it was possible. i cried so hard he was like, you
8:35 am
know what? i feel bad. >> you guilted hem . >> he was happy, fine. boy, that was tough. never again. >> mark was here yesterday. i joke with him about wanting to take my kids to the movie. >> no you shouldn't. >> why did you want to make this? >> i think seth macfarlane is one of the funniest people i have ever known. i love "family guy." i don't know. it's funny. i loved the first one. why not? people love it. >> isn't he kind of a contradiction in terms though? >> sort of. >> he has this incredibly launchy sense of humor. here he's a renaissance man. >> he is. it's amazing that his brain can create all these things. he can be so different people . when you meet him you're so taken aback. like that's what comes out of that? half the time it's stewie from "family guy"? amazing.
8:36 am
>> we mentioned mark wahlberg. what was he like to work with? >> amazing. he's a fun person to be around. he's super re laxed. he loves what he does. it was a perfect family to jump into. i'm so excited to be in it. i can't wait. >> he stole your dog. you kiss him in the movie. this is your chance for revenge. what was he like as a kisser? >> eh. >> just eh? >> e h. >> take it or leave it. good review. >> thanks. >> good to see you. pleasure. >> thanks for having me. >> she's sticking around to help al with the weather in the next half hour. >> i can't wait! >> did you know that? >> i did. i may have paid a few people. >> all right. "ted 2" from universal pictures opens on friday. up next a brand new way to share the love of food with you and siri pinter with an easy one-pot summer vegetable chowder. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
want to cook too? >> it's early for chowder. >> not here.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:38. we are back on a wednesday morning. we love food around here -- cooking it eating it talking about it. this morning we are launching a new way to share the love with the world. >> so let's get cooking. >> pizza for summer. >> oh! >> we have been doing cooking seg pents on the show forever. we are changing things up a little bit. today's kitchen which is what we have called it is going to be called -- wait for it -- today's food. >> what? >> yep.
8:40 am
we are doing real peels s meals you can easily cook for your family. every week we'll have a new theme. recipes will be online in an easily searchable place. >> i'm not sure if you noticed but on our show we love food. we with love eating -- >> and drinking. hoda, let's do the it the way we usually shake it up. shake a shake a shake, shake. >> fantastic theme weeks. for example, i have grilling week coming up. bacon, sausage, pork chops, chicken. >> for vegetable week if you're vegetarian or not we have great recipes that incorporate the delicious seasonal vegetables that are available now. >> party trick! >> awesome work. >> it's like dessert meets side. a frankenstein side. >> who doesn't love warm cheese. >> talk with your mouth full.
8:41 am
>> one, two, three. >> i love you. >> we have a situation over here. want to handle it is this. >> no. you handle that. >> food changing on the "today" show giving us an opportunity to look at what happens at home. >> don't take it seriously. trust your taste buds. trust your gut. >> so easy. >> even you can do it. >> that's not the recipe . >> here is a secret. when we do cooking segments i'm hosting the show but i feel like i'm the person at home. within a few minutes i download the recipe pull it up on my app and plan when to prepare the meal. >> go to today's food gives you a full meal plan for the month. >> so easy. >> 35 minutes? how about ten. >> quicker. >> in 30 minutes flat. >> this is quick. >> it is. >> there is no recipe. >> can't forget the desserts. we'll amp them up. >> it's all a clekick away.
8:42 am
>> no, no no. >> bottom line. we are launching today food across all platforms of "today." >> our goal is simple. share recipes that will inspire you to say, i can do this. >> they will be easy to follow and affordable. we'll do the planning for you. >> and we'll give you the tools you need to become the confident cook you always wanted to be by sharing what we love most about the dishing we are making. >> turn to us for questions like what's blanching is this? i don't know. >> we hope to inspire you to try new foods and flavors. >> of course, food is always best shared with the ones you love. we'll have recipes that will nourisher your fan. hoda is my family. >> healthy, nutritious and we promise delicious, too. >> the weekly theme on monday ends with us on the weekends. carson? >> it would be fun if we were singing this. today food. we are expanding the website
8:43 am will be stocked with recipes, food stories, how-to videos. today food is on instagram, facebook twitter and pinterest. sign up nower for the today food newsletter. recipes delivered into your in box. matt lauer. >> just to show you we are taking it seriously we have another announcement. si, are i siri pinter, your arefiancee is joining us. >> i'm excited to the be here. >> she'll make us a one pot summer chowder. let's get cooking. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> this looks good.
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back. we told you about the new today food. now it's time to cook. this week's theme is one-pot dishes. we are starting with an easy summer vegetable chowdererment erchowder.
8:46 am
one of our most requested recipes with our new contributor siri pinter. the rest of the gang is at the tasting table. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are doing one-pot, trying to make it easy. you don't want to complicate it with a thousand ingredients. >> simple ingredients. onion, celery potatoes, red bell pepperer corn cream -- which is optional -- olive oil, chicken stock, parsley, salt and pepperper and zucch ini. >> can i substitute? >> throw whatever in it. >> i watched you cutting the corn off the ear a while ago. we are going to give tips. >> this is a tip. i'm doing this this a lot. my son has no front teeth. always cutting corn off the cob. use a pie pan and watch. okay. we lost a couple. >> don't worry about it. >> most of it is caught eight in the pie pan. great tip. >> simple. be careful, especially with kids
8:47 am
around. >> we have a coup tablespoons of oil. then add the first three vegetables. zucchini onion, celery. if you are don't like zucchini add peas instead. >> no sugar. >> we'll cook them tr ten minutes until they soften and make the house smell delicious. >> what's it like to cook with someone who finally knows what he's doing here is this. >> ouch! >> i'm sorry. i forgot they were listening. >> do i have a mic on? >> we'll cook it for ten minutes, like i said. then we'll move to the blender and puree this which gives the soup the creamy texture. makes you feel like it's indulgent. >> you have held out some of the ingredients here. >> exactly. another tip after we puree the
8:48 am
this. i will get it going first. then we're going to add chick en stock. it will get nice and creamy. puree it again. but as a tip, what i like to do is make extra and feez some of it in tupperware. then you have vegetable stock for when you want. home made vegetable stock. how easy is it? >> really easy. >> why don't we pour a little bit in here . the rest we'll go right back in the pot. >> perfect. that goes in the freezer for later. very efficient. >> now pour this back in here. we're going to add potatoes and bell peppers. like i said you can swap out the bell peppers for tomatoes. we'll cook it for maybe another ten minutes until the potatoes -- i use a fork and when the fork --
8:49 am
>> can pierce them easily. >> then they are done. >> we'll cook that. once that's cooked we'll add the corn and cream. >> cream is a deal ender for a lot of people. >> true. it's only a fourth cup and you don't need it. it will still be delicious without it. i always add cream. >> that cooks down a little bit more. show people what it looks like when it's done. it looks fantastic. you serve it with a good hearty bread are. >> crusty bread, gar fish withnish with parsley and you're done. >> you ladle that. show me what's in the oven. >> later today. >> i will meet you. >> i will turn this chowder into a casserole. look at that. i bet you didn't think you could do anything with leftover soup. there we go. i'll do it with hoda and kathie lee later on. creamy chicken and rice chowder casserole. >> we're happy to have you here.
8:50 am
tell me something embarrassing about carson. >> how much time do we have? >> and we're out of time! we'll be back -- >> how do you like the chowder. >> it's really good. >> a sparkling water, pellegrino would be good. >> tap water, too. >> it's delicious. >> up next alicia silverstone on parenting and "clueless" 20 years later. this is delicious, siri.
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back now with aarely shah silverstone -- alicia silverstone. she started as the aerosmith and the adoreable fashionista in "clueless." she's back on broadway in ott kwof "of good stock." good morning. >> good morning. >> i was surprised to hear the theater is your first love. >> my parents are english. we would spend summers in england and my dad took us to see plays and musicals. mostly plays. it's always been my love. >> it's intimidating with the live audience there. what's it like to be back on stage in this? >> so exciting. some of my greatest experiences have been -- i did a play that
8:53 am
david mahmett directed me in daniel sullivan and donald margurks lmar ds margulies. this play with the this cast is exciting. we have a good time with with the panic and terror of the live audience. >> it's a bonding experience. >> such a bonding experience. >> you're the middle of three sisters. you have good family dysfunction. you're all in a house together. >> what did you like? what did you relate to? >> the role for me when i read the play and every time i read it, for pabmaybe the first five times i was surprised by everything that came out of my character's mouth. i loved her. melissa ross wrote an interesting play with really great female characters. what's interesting is you get to see the relationship of each of the characters with their --
8:54 am
like one of them is married. one is engaged. another one is just newly in love. you get to see the relationships unfold. it's the hilarity of dysfunctional families. you will laugh through the entire thing. you may cry. it's a fun play. >> of course we remember you for "clueless" among other things which is 20 years old. i i'm in defile about that. >> yeah. >> can you believe it's been 20 years? >> i don't know. >> i meet a lot of actors or actresses that's become more than a movie, a cultural phenomenon like "clueless" and they have a love-hate relationship. do you still love it? >> i love it. i think amy heckerling is brilliantment "fast times at ridgemont high" did the same thing. she touches on a time and a
8:55 am
period. the amazing thing is it is still being discovered by new little people. i love when older people -- like grandparents tell me they love the move ve. that's odd and wonderful. little people who are just discovering it now. it's being passed on. it's timeless. it capture tadd that time well but people identify with it. >> what's quoted back at youer more than anything else? >> i don't know. probably "as if," i guess. er or oops my bad. i find myself saying that. >> there were a lot of memorable lines. great to have you here. congrats on the play called "of good stock" andlele stick around for the next hour. >> yes, thank you. >> savannah thank you very much. another well known actor in the house , christian slater. >> good morning. >> he stars as the mysterious leader of an under ground hacker group on the verge of starting a worldwide revolution. this is a new usa series called
8:56 am
"mr. robot." welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> the this won the south by southwest audience award. it was selected here for the film festival. a lot of people haven't seen it. got to feel good. >> it's finally here. i'm excited for people to see it. it's definitely been a long time in the waiting. >> the timing couldn't beer morer perfect. a lot of us are reading the headlines about hacking. >> and you're sticking around. >> for the next nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. snoo>> this is video from edge mons delaware, county sent by an nbc 10 viewer recording the video when the thunder and lightning caught her off guard. today we are dealing with the aftermath of the storms. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. let's get to the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley.
8:57 am
what a difference 12 hours makes. >> tremendous difference this morning. it is clear and comfortable. humidity is down. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday. nice sunny skies in philadelphia and a pretty good breeze blowing now. the winds are steady at 12 miles an hour in the city. that's the dry air moving into the area that we will feel all day. so no sign of storms or clouds. by 1:00 this afternoon, 82 degrees, 84 today. >> a big issue this morning is the power is out. we just checked in with peco. more than 141,000 are without power. it could be friday before everybody is back on-line. in new jersey pse&g reports 51,000 customers without lec tris. ac electric says 159,000 customers are in the dark and in delaware more than 15,000 customers do not have power. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the traffic out there this morning. folks had to maneuver around debris in the road because of storms.
8:58 am
>> dealing with debris road, traffic lights malfunctioning, downed poles and wires, involved with the slippery conditions from last night. a lot of traffic lights out in new jersey. medford in main street and berlin on route 30 and vineyard road. washington township on route 42. voorhees on route 73 and cresson and many more so we'll update you in the next 25 minutes. >> thank you. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take alicia silverstone proves she's anything but clueless when it cops to landing great roles. and from "ted 2" amanda se yfried is with us. and we ask christian slater who is mr. robot? that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willy geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's wednesday morning and a beautiful one. june 24 2015. i'm willie with al natalie and tamron. what a glorious day. >> we had a front come through. brought storms to the northeast.
9:01 am
knocked out power, caused problems. it's ushered this cool,drier air. >> we lost power last night. had to crank on the generaltor. >> we have to do a segment on them. i need a generator. >> got to have one. >> i'm if the moment. i'm mesmerized by the faces of my friends. >> you have been in many of the segments. >> there is this thing on tuesday called tuesday's trend. you're going to love that segment. >> unbelievable. >> blinged out generators. >> you have the splurge or spend. go cheap. willie has the hamsters in the cage going like that. >> i have the blinged out swarovski crystal generator. >> practical. i like it. >> we have to do a little bragging on mr. roker. we have pictures and proof.
9:02 am
the new york broadcasters hall of fame. lots of people were there to honor. other notable hall-of-famers. walter kron cite regis philbin. in the past they have been honored as well. >> and your girl who is a young woman. >> i know. i'm not used to it. >> i told al when i walked in yesterday leyla was next to him. first i thought it was debra. i realized it was her. london was the first time i met her. braces, pigtails. that was three, four years ago. what happened? >> you feed them and -- look at that. >> how are you coping? >> i'm not. i watched her walking up the stairs at the hotel like i can't deal with this. >> she's a beauty. >> it's coming for you, pal. >> lucy will be rocking the minis and right to the convent.
9:03 am
>> i have said at times, just curious. do you have any outfits where the midriff is covered? >> dad! don't say that. >> she was very appropriate. she said the to me the night before dad, i will be very appropriate. >> she's very appropriate. i love her braids. i'm inspired by the look. >> are you thinking of doing braids is? >> i want the to. i'm getting tips from al's daughter on what to do. she'll be my tuesday trend. >> there you go. >> braids and general areeatorgenerators. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we are proud of you. >> big news. people are excited. you have hit send on an e-mail, wanted to take it back. g-hail has an undo send feature that allows you to retract a message up to 30 seconds. if you have immediate remorse, take it back and it won't go.
9:04 am
tamron will go work the orange room. show us how it works. >> ooh, there's food there. >> it's only 5 to 30 seconds. it should be longer. >> at least 24 hours. >> you go to the icon hit settings. scroll to where it says undo send. >> can we get closer? >> you have to enable it by clicking with the little check there. then you scroll up some more. you save changes. when it is time to compose an e-mail, hit compose. i have a fake e-mail address. control-v. this is not a real e-mail. here is the scenario. you were out late that night. you had a few too many drinks. you get into it with somebody you were dating maybe. >> sounds like it's cutting
9:05 am
close to the bone. >> i don't like that scenario. say you had a great night and you're like hey, great time last night. >> it's all in caps. your you're yell areing. >> because it was so great. >> but then you send it to the wrong guy. >> what do you do ? >> undo the message and it's back. that's the verification that you undid the message. you can choose up to 30 seconds. i believe we should lobby googlelegoogle or g-mail for 24 hours. correct, send it to the right guy and all is well. >> sounds great for tamron. >> haven't you are ever sent a message to someone and you're like i'm upset about something. >>er or send it to the wrong person. >> if it's any sort of a sensitive e-mail i walk away and come back.
9:06 am
>> you're smart. women don't have that response. >> i read it and re-read it. make sure it is the right sender. >> there is no reply all. then hit send. >> auto correct changed sentences to things i don't recognize. i have learned to take a step back because i have sent some where i sound like i failed school in first grade. >> the eng fear s in google could come up with it for your life. >> what took so long? seems like something that should have been years ago. >> more people online sending regrettable e-mails. >> there is a recall button but the person has already seen the e-mail. now you're taking it back which is almost worse. >> i bet ryan reynolds wishes he had that. >> we saw the this picture yesterday. ryan reynolds under fire as we like to say, from fans after his wife blake lively posted an instagram photo of him holding
9:07 am
their precious baby 6 month old daughter james in father's day. james is in a carrier which is popular. many suggested, some harshly that ryan used the carrier the wrong way with baby james's feet in the wrong position. people were upset that the baby's head was obscured. i couldn't believe some of the harsh things people were saying. >> crazy. >> if you're a fan, if you're reaching out hey, i think that's wrong. not you're an awful person trying to do shgomething wrong to your kid. >> nasty. >> nuts is. >> nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar said technically ryan is carrying james the wrong way. is it possible the pediatrician or someone said because of her size she's okay. i don't know! but we have a sill model carrier. you see here the legs are out to
9:08 am
the side. there is another picture i saw with the legs in that position. i don't know. what do you think? >> i think people need to get lives. >> we have all been first time parents. toes of us who have made lots ofs mistakes. i i'm sure if pictures of me holding my child, yeah. >> oh yeah. >> to critique people come on. >> he may have thrown in the baby for the pick cureture for a second. he's such a great dad. he's up in the night giving bottles. >> to think he would harm his child? come on. >> it's why people are afraid of putting pictures online because of the parental feedback. >> that's why you don't. >> people need to back off. you know today we are all excited about the new today food launch. so wherever you are on our website, facebook instagram, pinterest or twitter there will be themed recipe weeks. for example, like one pot dinners. this one was served in front of you is one of my creations. the it is a one-pot meal.
9:09 am
these meals are all under 500 calories. i did a digital spot on today food which you can check out. flank steak. it's so easy. i did pit manyit in the slow cooker. >> really good. >> lay the ingredients in the there. it can cook overnight. so the next day you have an instant meal ready. it's easy and it makes fantastic left overs. great sandwiches and burritos. >> this is fantastic. >> what's the seasoning? >> goya seasoning. it comes down to the tomatoes, sauce, cuemincumin. >> fantastic. >> that's what i taste. >> simple recipe. go to our new website. today/food. it will come up. it's an easy thing to make. >> olives are a good touch.
9:10 am
comes together. >> i will do weather. i was waiting because there was a parade of people. one after another like a clown car at the circus. having a good time? fantastic. who are youer here with? >> amanda. >> amanda's earhere! i i hear you want to do weather. >> may i? thank you. >> come on over. of course amanda seyfried to to talk about "ted 2." we decided in your honorer we have a "ted 2" weather map. bear cub, teddy. >> bear bear bear. >> why don't you do the weather. >> big bear lake is looking like 82. i can't believe this is real. wahlberg. that's not true. >> it's true. >> wahlberg, texas. 90 degrees. it's hot everywhere. do you know where i want to be is this is. >> where? >> bear lake. that looks doable.
9:11 am
>> here in new york we have bear mountain. >> we do have bear mountain in new york. >> we do. >> it's 84 and sunny with a little bit of clouds. >> just a little bit. >> man, out there in -- where is this? >> missouri. >> in missouri . is that bear creek is this. >> that's arkansas. >> bear is in arkansas. bear creek is in illinois. we have a sun. >> there's thunder. >> thank you. >> be careful out there. >> that's the best advice yet. be careful out there. >> thank you. >> did you ever watch "hill street blues"? we'll talk to you in a little bit. bit. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. leave the umbrella at home, grab the sunglasses. sunshine and less humid, much more comfortable today. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's normal for this time of year.
9:12 am
clear skies tonight. we'll start with sunshine tomorrow, 65 in the morning, but as clouds move in there's a chance we'll see some late day showers on thursday and into friday. then it's rain this weekend keeping us cool saturday and sunday. sunshine returns next week. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> bravo. >> well done. >> i have been practicing since i was young. >> really? >> wow. >> like 11. >> if not a movie star meteorologist. >> that's what i told people. >> all right. amanda and ted are sticking around to tell us more about "ted 2" after the this. a great shape. who doesn't? so i work out. i'm good. i juice. and then there's that other thing. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day
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when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? when did you first fight to be considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? family isn't defined by who you love, but how. tylenol®. that's a first for us. stand by teddy bear. we know amanda seyfried from
9:16 am
"mean sgirls." she was de erksditzy. as i said -- >> what? >> you were in "mama mia," too the and "dear john". >> please rewind the tape at home for that. >> too bad we don't have google recall. >> please forgive me. >> laying down the law -- whoa. >> do you want to go back to the weather. >> amanda is a lawyer who comes aboard to help ted fight for his right to procreate. amanda seyfried and ted, welcome. >> never had an introduction like that. >> we are off to a hot start. >> we are a hot mess. >> it's really hot outside. >> yes! again with the weather. >> wouldn't i foe? >> this was a crazy, fun movie. you weren't there for the first
9:17 am
one. being on board for the second was it a laugh a minute? >> yeah. going to work every day was a dream. it's an easy setment seth being the director in kol of the atmosphere is amazing. it's weird jumping into a movie in the second installment of the franchise. scary. i didn't know what the script would be like. i didn't foe what i would play. >> are have are you seen the first one? >> i had at that point. >> you were prepared. could anything prepare you for a teddy bear who wants to procreate who has a mouth like willie geist? >> only "ted" could prepare me. >> it's like that. >> what's it like? obviously we have ted there. but in the movie the ted isn't really there. how difficult is it working against nothing? >> could you get down for a second and show them? basically there is nothing there. he's not there. this is as much as i have ever gotten working with ted.
9:18 am
there is a mark on the chair like a piece of tape. you hear sethhindhind or wherever on set. your natural instinct is to react to whoever is saying it and you can't. >> he's barking the lines off camera? >> barking is it ingbarking? yeah. he is. it's confusing, but it is a new talent i have for acting with an invisible teddy bear. >> great. >> really fulfilled. >> did you have a teddy bear you were attached to growing up? >> teddy r areuxpin. >> this is the evil version. >> this would have been a dream. i would have been a different person. >> bare necessity. first up one piece of clothing
9:19 am
you can't go without. >> the one piece -- white t-shirt. >> one lesson you couldn't have gone without learning is. >> look both ways before you cross the street. >> one item of food. >> cheese. manchego. >> spanish cheese. >> 12 months aged. one thing if from childhood. >> an angel i got from the day i was born. amanda seyfried thanks so much. al said do the weather any time. >> i won't be here for the next time. it's good. >> "ted 2" opens friday frommer our sister company universal. up next, christian slater and alicia silverstone diving into the celebrity fish bowl. willie is on fire. >> rewind for that.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
silverstone are here to talk the about their new project but first agreed to go bravely where no man or woman has gone before. well they have. the celebrity fish bowl. dive this. >> i'm scared. >> just answer. >> what was in your lunchbox as a kid in school. i don't remember. >> pbj? >> i don't know. >> okay. >> a good one. okay. mike asked who is one actress, singer et cetera you would love to work with in the future. [ cheers and applause ] >> we made a love match. >> okay. what is your favorite ice cream flavor? >> well, that's tough. maybe mint chip used to be. i'm vegan for sure. but mint chip. i don't know. there are so many.
9:24 am
coffee. peanut butter. >> chocolate, chocolate chip. >> do as many as you can. >> larry asked what was your worst impulse buy. oh man. i have bought crazy stuff. >> not from a guy thisin a car. >> i bought this waving monkey that was ridiculous. it would sit on the thing. it would just go hey! >> waving >> that was it. >> one more alicia . close it out. >> what's your favorite smell. ooh. my son's everything. >> i knew you would say that. >> maybe not everything. >> even that. >> all the smells.
9:25 am
>> alicia and christian are sticking around. we'll catch up with them after your local news. very nice. ♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used... enough to fill the empire state building... twice. toss the tube for good... with scott naturals® tube-free. you know the love you feel for olive garden's fresh baked breadsticks? well multiply that by a million. they're here. new breadstick sandwiches, starting at just $6.99. only at olive garden.
9:26 am
nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> with the sun up we are getting a better look at the damage from last night's storm. sky force 10 was above the shopping center in greenwitch township gloster county as parts of the facade were ripped off. the national weather service may be working to confirmed if a twister touchdown down in the parking lot of the deptford mall. strong winds damaged the mall and forced shoppers into the basement. i'm rosemary connors. it's a few minutes before 9:30. let's get right to the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. a very different picture from yesterday. >> the storms are long gone and now we're feeling the cool dry change. a cool wind blowing from the pocono mountains right through the philadelphia area. scattered fair weather clouds
9:27 am
over camelback, a live view from the pocono mountains. the temperatures with sunshine are climbing in philadelphia. it's 73 degrees. look at the cool start for the pocono mountains. 62 right now in mount pocono. the 80s this afternoon with the humidity staying low through the day. >> the storm damage is still having an impact on traffic. let's get a check of things with jessica boyington. jessica? >> rosemary a lot of residual effects from last night's storm, downed wires and trees and traffic lights malfunctioning through the area. on city avenue northbound and southbound is closed and blocked off by a down tree. around 71st street. also in cherry hill new jersey green tree road and springdale around route 70 eastbound a downed tree there as well. an update on mass transit, fox chase resumed all operations dealing with delays for the paoli/thorndale and take wilmington newark to get by. >> i'm rosemary connors. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show. have a good one.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines there is an important study for parents of young children. the child protection group safe kids says since 2012 there have been more than 32,000 calls to poison control centers involving children 5 and under who ingested liquid laundry pods. the group says a child is hospitalized at least once a day because of the pods. industry oh officials are considering new safety standards and urging parents the to keep the pods way out of a child's reach. a study is suggesting loud traffic foiz is bad for your health. british researchers looked and listened in london monitoring traffic noise during the day and night. deaths were 4% higher in areas with loud traffic.
9:31 am
experts think the noise may lead to higher blood pressure more sleep problems and stress. ford will test market a new car-sharing program that lets the owners of vehicles finance by ford rent them to other prescreened drivers when the owners aren't using them. the program is being launched this london and six american cities including san francisco, washington and chicago. ford says it is trying to reach customer pest who want access to a car but don't necessarily want to own one. one of the greatest catches at wrigley field wasn't on the field last night but in the stands. the cubs jason hammill sent a hop up down the first base line. the ball was caught bare handed by a fan keith hartley holding his 7-month-old son and bottle feeding hip. the man got a standing oh vacation. it was first ruled a foul ball. a ruling later over turned because of fan interference. the batter was out but the cubs ended up winning.
9:32 am
good for him . now a check on the weather from mr. roker. >> he never missed a beat feeding the baby. >> the bottle stayed in the baby's mouth the whole time. >> impressive. if he was changing a diaper that's more impressive. enhanced are risk for severe storms from iowa to indiana. we are watching for tornadoes and problems there. damaging winds, hail. looker for gorgeous weather out west. we could use rain for our friends in california. looking aheader toward tomorrow we have wet weather moving into the northeast. cure s cooling. -- temperatures cooling a little bit. out west heat is on. pacific northwest seeing temperatures climbing into the 90s. by the weekend areas getting into the triple digits. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. leave the umbrella at home, grab the sunglasses. sunshine and less humid, much more comfortable today. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's normal for this time of year. clear skies tonight.
9:33 am
we'll start with sunshine tomorrow, 65 in the morning, but as clouds move in there's a chance we'll see some late day showers on thursday and into friday. then it's rain this weekend keeping us cool saturday and sunday. sunshine returns next week. have a great day. that is your latest weather. >> thanks a lot, al. the huh few usa show "mr. robot" is a timely thriller that warns us about internet hacking. >> christian slater stars as mr. robot, the mysterious leader of an under ground hacking group trying to convince a young cyber security eng fear to join the revolution. >> what if i told you this conglomerate owns 70er% of the consumerer global credit industry. if we hit their data center we could format all the servers including backups. >> that would erase -- >> all the debt we owe them. every record of every credit
9:34 am
card loan and mortgage would be wiped clean. it would be impossible to reinforce outdated paper records. it would be all gone. single biggest incident of wealth redistribution in history. >> ifgood morning. >> happy news. >> i love this show and the premise. how does it feel to be mr. robot, the man who could bring down civilization? >> it's pretty exciting. this is a show about discovering certainly the internet is an amazing, wonderful tool. it can be used for good. in the wrong hands it could cause -- if you can control the internet you can control the worldment worldment worldment. it's a scary thing. >> watching the first episode your coactor -- >> wendy mal arks--
9:35 am
>> he's the most committed, actor. the things he's having to do in the show are unbelievable. >> the things you are planning in this with the cyber revolution, i can't tell if you are good guys or bad. >> yes. i think we are walking the fine line. that's the one thing between rami's character and mine. i have more of -- a little bit more explosive personality. he's more cerebral. we try to balance each other out. i'm more interested in creating chaos and carcarnage. he wants to handle things in a more appropriate way. sp. >> the show has won awards. south by southwest. the thing i love is it's ripped if from the headlines. it could be last week with china, edward snowden, any hacking story every day.
9:36 am
>> unbelievable. when we were making the pilot, think about two or three weeks later is when the sony hack happenedment happened. the president talked about it in the state of the union address. the china hack recently. this is all very relevant. very arevery scary stuff. >> are you computer savvy? >> when i did get the pilot i wanted to impress them and show up when i studied some things that i googled. >> what did you google? >> computer technology. little things. little abbreviations so i could come in and sound professional. >> yolo! >> there it is. little things like that. by the time i showed up two weeks later it was a bunch of new information. >> do you have a cell phone is this do you keep it on you? >> not currently. i sewerdo have a cell phone. you have to update your pass
9:37 am
word constantly. >> make it difficult. >> this shows you how important it is. >> and how easy it is to be hacked. >> you fwrugrew up in new york. >> yeah. >> afraid of the subways a little bit. >> well. this was in the '80s. >> not a safe place. >> a lot of people. >> it's changed a lot. >> a lot of the show is in the subway. do you have a metro card? >> i have two for some reason. i forgot one. i love it now. we shoot at silver cup studios. i can still smell alec baldwin's cologne. >> where? >> everywhere. it's in all the nooks and crannies. >> what's his cologne? >> i think it's -- >> aramis. >> brut. one of those. >> old spice. is. >> my nose isn't quite tuned in to the exact smell. >> he's liberal with it.
9:38 am
>> you shake alec baldwin's hand you smell it the for three days subpoena i'm sorry, ale c. >> his cologne has a half life of a year. >> incredible. christian slater thank you. >> thank you. >> "mr. robot" tonight on usa. >> you have to co-host soon. you have the anchor suit on. >> absolutely. >> no one has to be on vacation for you to come. >> thank you. >> up next she might have been clueless 20 years ago this the film that became a cult hitment now alicia silverstone is cluing us in on the new role that brought this l.a. girl back to nyc after this. ered the choices i've made. to be bold where others are scared. to show her right from wrong. and realized my little girl had become an amazing human being who will make choices of her own.
9:39 am
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9:42 am
20 years ago the phrases as if and whatever -- say it. >> whatever! >> became part of our lives tanks to the iconeyeice movie "clueless." cher horowutz became a classic. >> alicia is mother to son bear and now in the theaterer appearing in the comedy "of good stock" where she plays the middle of three sisters who reyou thiet inre reunite in their family's cape cod home. >> nice to see you. >> what's the back story? >> it's so much fun. it's dysfunctional family hi lar te. it will make you laugh a lot.
9:43 am
it's three sisters and all the madness. they each bring their partner with them. this cast is so lovely. they are all so good. we all have such a good time together. i'll like i'm at acting camp or something. >> you spend time together. it's like a family. we are all texting last night and this morning with each other. we all have a lot of >> i'm a middle child. that's where the drama starts. >> when i read this for the first time and every time after for the first five times out loud i was so surprised what came out of my mouth. i couldn't believe what she was going to say and when she was going to say it. i was also -- a challenging part. i was scared. when we did the previews, the first week of previews was like absolute terror. i felt like i went into shock. then i was okay. we all went through it together which was nice. yes, the middle sister is --
9:44 am
>> drama queen. >> of course. come on. >> is it more nerve wracking on stager or in err or if -- stage or in a film. >> you rehearse and the second you are out there, and this particular teeter manhattan theaterer club at city center, the audience, the first time they are right on you. like in your lap. >> intimidateingintimidating. >> it is. this play is rapid fire. we speak in a very very real way. there is lots of overlapping which is a musical in itself. orchestration of trying to know when you come in. there are three parts of you working at the same time. you're in your character but when do i slash, when do i come in? >> we do the same thing on this show. the interesting thing, the video "fancy" came out with iggy
9:45 am
azalea where it was all about "clueless." my kids and her friends were characters this year for halloween. this movie is so resonant with kids today, generations. >> i'm proud to be a part of it. honored to be a part of it. so flatterered by that video and kid that is come over. the little people. little ones and the older people. it's always amazeing how many people it reaches and the age range it reaches. i'm so proud of a my heckerling. i'm honored to be part of it really. >> it's a classic. all of our kids will watch it and theirs too. it's good to see you. congratulations on the play. >> thank you. >> have fun with it. >> "of good stock" playing in new york city. next anchor brett bear's
9:46 am
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9:50 am
24 hours after the birth of their first child paul fox news anchor brett bear and his wife amy found out their son had five heart defects which required surgery to save his life. >> now eight years later with he is family's love and support and two additional open heart surgeries, paul is an active little boy who completed a 5-k last year to raise money for children's national medical center, the hospital that save ed him. brett wrote about the experience in his book "special heart" which is now out in paper back. fwrorm >> thanks for having me. >> you see the newborn and now eight years later he's looking good. >> he's great. growing like a weed. he turns 8 on monday. he's in three summer camps, swim
9:51 am
team with his brother daniel. we have more hurdles ahead. probably another open heart surgery down the road. you can see here he's really booming. >> he's a great kid. every time he's been around. we love being around him. i can't imagine how difficult it must have been for you and amy in the early moments when all you want to do is celebrate your son. you have to go through difficult times. >>highest of highs and the lowest of lows. one out of 100 kids are born with a congenital heart defect. half of those have to have a surgery in the first six monthser ormonths er or a procedure. i wrote it the for awareness. paul signs with me at book signings. we hear other people's stories and that's special. >> he's a celebrity. >> he loves it. >> he h superb connectionpecial connection with a little girl who had open heart surgery. >> we were at a bookstore and he
9:52 am
does special signing with a little heart. she said she had three open heart surgeries. and then he showed her his scar. she showed him her scar. her mom teared up because she had never seen her daughter talk about her scar or her heart surgery in any way. those moments made the book worth it system what's the impact on daniel who is 5 to watch his big brother go through it? >> he said he doesn't want to see paul have more surgeries. now daniel wants his own book soon. >> better work on that. >> don't go the same route. there are other ways to do it. they are best of friends. having a blast. >> we have to mention this is a busy time for you. you will be the moderator of the gop presidential debate august 6th. you have to narrow it down to ten. >> it's tough. top ten in national polls. that's the most on any debate stage the primary.
9:53 am
our biggest kaj is not only the questions but what buzzer we'll use. >> bell or buzzer. >> we get 300 e-mails. last teem weime we used the bell they said the dogs raced to the door every time. >> go for the buzzer. >> buzzer. >> we'll look forward to that. the book is "special heart." 100% of proceeds go to the children's hospital that helps save kids'lives. >> we forget the things the hospitals do. >> brett thank you so much. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
got to ro up thell up the carpet. >> who's coming up on the show? >> mark mcgrath and siri
9:56 am
nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. cleanup crews had their work cut out for them. trees and power lines are down all across the area. here's some damage that sky force 10 spotted not too long ago. this is in actually gloster county, new jersey. the video we're showing now. we are getting more damage out of delaware county. this picture from delaware county again power lines a real issue. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 10:00. let's get right to the forecast now from meteorologist bill
9:57 am
henley. >> the damaging winds came through the storms yesterday, today a nice breeze that's blowing bringing in much more comfortable area. look at the sunshine the view from the comcast center. the wind at 12 miles per hour in trenton, the nice breeze will stay through the afternoon so much more comfortable today. afternoon temperatures with sunshine will be in the 80s. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads out there. jessica, i'm sure the debris is causing some problems for drivers. >> it is. debris downed traffic signals and wires and poles blocking intersections and roadways and road closures as well. dealing with mass transit delays. septa suspended for the predominant part of the morning. fox chase has resumed operations. paoli thorndale line is suspended up from thorndale into malvern. you can take the wilmington/newark to get through. new jersey transit suspended from ac. >> i'm rosemary connors. we'll have another update in
9:58 am
about 25 minutes. and then a full hour of news at 11:00. have a good one.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> best day of the week winesday wednesday when you can drink your stuff. it's june 24. that's called "fight song." that's the one you picked. >> it's a good one. >> we have a jam-packed hour of fun. who do we have hoda? >> we have sugar ray front man and our co-star from sharknado 3. mark mcgrath. then we have carson daily's fiance --
10:01 am
>> don't touch her. >> she's going to show us easy what is to use leftovers. plus, the artist of the month who goes by one name only and that name is max. the video for his song "gibberish" has more than five million youtube views. >> that should be our theme song. that's what we do. and since it is winesday wednesday, lilliana is here with her lockux for less. that's so cute. >> this is a set. wait, with ef-to talk about this. you have to see -- stand up. >> she almost ripped it off me today and i'm not her type. >> this is amazing. >> it's so cute. it's from sky's the limit. i love their casual clothes. >> is it a jump suit? >> it as a jump suit. >> it feels so luxurious. this is a true lux for less. >> it's affordable. i don't know how much it is exactly but not much. so what are you doing, lilliana? >> we have a very fun lux for
10:02 am
less. we found three lucky viewers on the plaza and we are giving them a makeover. are you ready? >> what? >> every woman's favorite accessory. drum roll, do it? no next segment? >> purse? >> yes, handbag makeovers for summer under $50. they are so excited. i cannot wait to show you. some of these bags are a little dated, maybe, and a little worn out. >> we have those. >> put on the web site what you're wearing today. >> i will. >> >> that skyies the limit, that's skyes the limit. my neck is in bad shape, let's hear it baby take me there. >> i love it when someone's laugh is funnier than the joke. >> who said they? >> milton berle? >> oh my favorite philosopher, anonymous. also, i hear you laughing sometimes in the dressing room across from me. i don't know what the heck you're laughing at but it makes me so happy. you have a great laugh.
10:03 am
>> and yours is very distinctive. >> a cackle. >> we've been to broadway shows that are funny and people on stage say they know where you're sitting. >> that's embarrassing. you know what's not embarrassing? al roker got a big award. we were there to celebrate, his daughter laila was there and there's al at the podium. >> in a peach suit. he looks so sharp. >> a peach pinstriped suit. >> and peach suspenders underneath it and everything. >> he's had a 40 year career. >> and the great thing about alex al he went around to the table and said "i want to say thanks you guys." >> it was downtown right? i had podcasts to do. sorry about that i love it. i'm very proud of them. >> let's talk ditty.
10:04 am
sean diddy combs is in some -- >> i don't know what to call him anymore. he's changed his name so many times. he was puff he was if you havefy. >> he's diddy now. his son justin plays football at ucla. he doesn't get a lot of playing time. so there was some kind of an argument between his son and one of the coaches. so what happened next is in dispute. one side says that p. diddy, diddy, attacked the assistant coach. the other said the coach was attacking diddy and diddy protected himself with a kettle bell. the police are accusing diddy of some kind of an assault with a kettle bell. >> he was arrested wasn't he hoda? >> p. diddy was arrested. >> not the coach. >> the coach was not. there's him in the car. >> and just so you know too, the coach -- >> he has his own history. >> he was the coach who coached for the jets and was the guy on the sidelines -- remember the
10:05 am
guy who tripped a player who was running by? he was on the sidelines trying to trip a player who was running down the field. >> judge not hoda you did it on the basketball court. [ laughter ] >> what i did was after someone stole the basketball from me and i was flat on my back humiliated i reached back and grabbed her ankle and yanked it. >> i don't think that's a good thing to do. >> i did it out of frustration. i'm cackling. >> but you know when you're so down and out? anyway diddy's representative says any action taken by mr. combs were solely defensive in nature but he was charged with -- >> and it's a he said/he said situation because there's -- i doubt if it was -- if the altercation took place in the man's office -- >> you know what's weird about the whole thing, though? he is a college student whose father is hovering. helicopters parents, you picture that in high school junior high school. but i guess this is the thing for some parents in college.
10:06 am
i. >> but as a parent it's hard to watch somebody berate your kid. >> but how embarrassing for the son. >> if the father has to intervene -- >> you have to hear your dad yelling and everyone's yelling. but then again, the son tweeted something nice about he has the best dad in the world. >> good. so enter lies the truth. >> joe judice depending on whatever day of the week it is,. >> guidice. >> we've had theresa guidice on our show several times. she went to jail and her husband is going to jail after she gets owl of jail. so the dad has been with the kids. so the dad has decided he wants to do a reality show with the kids, like what it's like raising daughters for a year while the wife's -- >> and preparing yourself for prison and the realities of that in your own life. you know, you said why are they doing it.
10:07 am
it might be a financial situation. they went to prison they were charged with fraud and found guilty and all kinds of things against them financially so they probably -- >> maybe they need money. >> i don't know how they're paying their bills. >> i just want to say something about this no sugar detox thing. >> i'm proud of you. >> i've gained two pounds since i've been on it. >> it's not that noticeable. >> i haven't had one sweet thing and i'm not talking about lifesaver. nothing. >> tell us how you're acting out because you can't have what you want with sweets. >> this is why i'm gaining weight because i'm starving and i keep -- don't give me that mint. i can't. you know what i had before the show? two cough drops because they taste sweet. >> tell them what you're eating for the first time in your life. >> potato chips. because i need something so i'm eating stuff i don't really like that's -- >> you look great, hoda. >> i stood on the scale and i was like i know i'm down. i haven't had one drop of sugar
10:08 am
since tuesday. i was like 149, 150, 151. once you go over and you have to change the big bar -- you have to clunk it over to 150. i was so bummed. i can't believe that. i wonder if i eat sweets again it will be back to normal. >> well are you still craving -- i'm proud of you for one thing. has it been a week? >> well friday is our last day. i bet i'll be five pounds up. >> i lasted one day and the only thing i was giving up was stevia in the raw and i love my morning so much with many i coffee and my devotions and it was like -- all i was thinking about is -- >> why am i gaining weight? why? >> i don't know. that's your problem. we reached out the bravo and the guidices they didn't say anything. no, they said details are not confirmed entirely.
10:09 am
>> here is the restaurant trend. have you ever been sitting at a table, the two of you are having lunch, i'm eating faster than you because i'm gaining weight and as i'm done with my plate the waiter comes and takes away -- >> without asking. >> well, sometimes they say "are you you through with that?" >> it looks like you're done thank you so much for coming. thank you. thank you. >> i don't think so. >> oh are you still working on it? i'm so sorry. >> eating not drinking! >> sorry. >> bring us barbecued potato chips. >> right on it ma'am. no sugar. >> i think it seems rude. that's one of the things my mom can't stand, by the way. even if she's done by her meal, she doesn't like to sit opposite -- it would be like someone wiping the table and cleaning up while you're still enjoying your meal. >> my sister the hurricane. you do that you know you do. >> what does she do?
10:10 am
>> she's such a neat freak. she's unbelievable. you could eat off her floors walls, everything in her house. but as she does on occasion -- i do it too, it's a family thing. although cassidy did not inherit it. she's the messiest kid in town. >> i get her. but if a waiter tries to take your plate, what do you say? >> well i say yes i'm finished but my friend is still working on it. are we boring you? summer is officially here. the windows are open, the parties are happening, the music is blasting. here's our question. do you have any annoyances that irk you this time of year? >> besides us. >> thomas farley wants to help you out. >> go to and press the "connect" button. look who's in the kitchen. >> mark mcgrath. we're going to find out the dirt on his new movie.
10:11 am
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10:14 am
jab i'm not supposed to have sugar but this doesn't count because we are indulging in a little mark mcgrath sugar ray's frontman. >> he's had several multiplatinum albums and countless sold out tours and getting ready to do it again. >> he's also releasing his first ever solo album. >> stop it! >> and he's starring in two big movies coming out this summer. >> one of them allegedly, is "shark" "sharknado 3." >> oh hell no "sharknado 3" sharks come to d.c.? the greatest thing about sharknado is legitimate actors are trying to get in and they're being turned away. >> we love this so much. >> look at this. look at this. there's frankie, ma cuban, he's the president.
10:15 am
penn & teller. i'm coming up soon right? where am i? where am i? >> you're the star of the whole thing. >> we had such a fun day shooting it. >> the premise of the movie, everybody knows what they're making but no one is winking at that fourth wall if you will. ian zweiring. in "die hard" -- he's our john mclean in "die hard." if you want to make fun of that movie, i will slap you. >> remember when we complained we weren't in "sharknado 2"? >> i'm going to remix this. i detected eded continue sense when i mentioned it. >> it was resentment. >> whatever it was i saw rolling of the eyes. way to go mr. '90s guy. i saw that a little bit, now who's in "sharknado 3"? welcome. hell yeah! >> so you're in "joe dirt 2"? >> i don't want to brag will
10:16 am
smith was busy. "joe dirt 2" is so great. i've known david spade forever. "joe dirt" is one of those movies. there i am. >> do you have eye liner on? >> he has the mullet thing. >> what's so fun about this this is the movie on everybody's bus touring. it's a must have so to be part of this classic "joe dirt" was awesome. it was patrick warburton, david spade, brittany daniel and christopher walken are you kidding me? it was great. all i could do to go "cow bell. "no way, don't do that to christopher walken. do not go to christopher walken and go "cow bell." you'll get a reaction you don't want to see. >> he's an interesting fella. >> to say the least, kathie lee. >> you're going solo. you're singing solo. >> when you here in a band you do two things -- you perform and create music. i haven't been writing a lot so i said let's put one out. record companies used to pay me to do it now i'm paying myself
10:17 am
to do it. >> what do you mean? >> i used to get paid to make a record atlantic records would go "here's a half million bucks, go make a record." now when you're watching the clock yourself it's different. but it's strictly for fun. mark mcgrath ep won't set the world on fire. when no one wanted a free u2 record we knew the record was industry was o every. >> so true. >> can you imagine going into tower records -- remember tower records. >> remember when there were records. >> you remember selling records? it was so much fun. but imagine if someone is out in front of tower going "there's a free u2 record inside get it." people go "yeah, greatest thing ever!" i invaded our privacy, i understand. but the most verbose round about way -- >> really long. >> there's no business associated with mark mcgrath. >> pretty boring. >> i'm going to sleep. >> we're going to play a game. >> i love your games. they're so much fun. i always look cool. >> here's the first song. will it's see if you can sing a little and name it.
10:18 am
♪ just around midnight ♪ ♪ brown sugar ♪ >> by the -- >> rolling stones! i'm a three time rock 'n roll jeopardy question. ♪ has very little time to rest ♪ ♪ a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down". >> by -- >> my favor-year-old twins every morning when they wake up. >> julie andrews. >> all right, here's the last one. note. >> little archies, "sugar sugar." ♪ you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you ♪ >> thank you, kathie lee. >> hoda knows all of them. >> is that it? >> you could stay all day long if you want. >> i'll be here. i got nowhere to go. >> stay with us. stay with us. do you need a meal an easy one you can throw together in
10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:22 am
only cottonelle has cleanripple texture, so going cottonelle means you can go commando. so mark mcgrath is going to stay with us. he'll head over to who knew across the street but right now we're back with carson daly's better half, and that's the truth, and the "today" show's food contributor siri pinter showed a one pot vegetable chouder that looked so good. >> she's back with the leftovers and will transform it before your eyes into a casserole for the next day. so you got through the early morning but this is work. >> thank good you're here. >> i've always wanted to come here. >> we're happy to have you. that's bubbling up. >> so this is the one pot summer vegetable chowder. >> is this what you made earlier? >> yes. i bet you didn't think you could do anything with leftover soup. >> no. >> but you can.
10:23 am
what we'll use is three ingredients, cheddar cheese cooked rice and chicken. so all we'll do is add it simmer it we reheated the leftovers. you can buy those rotisserie chickens in the store, shred it up. >> and by the way, they're delicious. >> i buy one once a week. >> does carson eat a lot? >> i think i eat more than him, honestly. i have a -- >> that looks unbelievable. >> thank you you guys are sweet. >> we are honest. >> you're doing a good job. so stir that up and then all we'll done is add it. >> there's no sugar in here hoda. >> you don't have the to remind me. i gained three pounds again. >> where did that go? >> now it's three? half an hour ago it was two. >> she ate a cough drop.
10:24 am
all we're going to do is top this with the crusty bread we had earlier. >> this will feed a ton. >> or just me. just bake it until it turns bubbly and golden and it's delicious. >> you put cheese in it but sadly hoda you can't have that. >> i'd rather have this than filet mignon any day. >> i'm a big casserole person. i'm from the midwest, home of the casserole. >> siri how does it feel being part of the "today" show family? >> i'm excited. what do you think? >> you're a lovely addition. >> thank you. >> i just want everyone to feel confident and comfortable in the kitchen. >> you do make this simple and we're so glad you're with us. is it good? i'm going to miss it. >> so good. >> i don't have a glass of wine. >> here. [ laughter ] >> this recipe go to -- oh.
10:25 am
i don't need that. go to and log on. >> get ready for the artist of the month, max. we'll be back. and mark mcgrath is going to sing. they're the luckiest. of course, they can't wait to grow up. but tonight, it won't take much to slow down the clock. if only for the next 86 minutes. low prices. every day. on everything to make tonight a blockbuster. walmart. [ freida ] there's a story behind my skin. my only makeup? true match. [ male announcer ] only true match has l'oreal's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed. [ freida ] my skin. my story. my true match. [ male announcer ] from l'oreal. yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go,
10:26 am
take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™! also try listerine® pocket packs to kill bad breath germs on the go. trees and power lines are down across the area. look at this damage in delaware county. skyforce10 spotted a house with what appears to be a good deal
10:27 am
of damage there. good morning i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> looking a whole lot better today. lots of sunshine. storms are long gone. now we have sunny skies and a nice breeze blowing out of the northwest. that's a cooler day with temperatures in the 80s. live view from aventure aquarium. millville at 70 degrees. coatesville is 72. so sunny skies today. we'll be up to 84 degrees at 3:00 with winds out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour. the dry air continues to move in. a really pleasant evening. at 6:00 we'll be at 84 degrees. >> thank you. many people still dealing with power outages this morning. more than 141,000 peco customers are without power. ac electric reports 159,000 customers. in delaware more than 15,000 customers have no power.
10:28 am
let's get a check on traffic with jessica. >> we're still dealing with some problems we've had for most of the morning, downed wires reduced speeds with debris in the road. we're dealing with debris-cluttered new jersey turnpike between exit 3 and the delaware memorial bridge. that's down to 45 miles per hour. >> we'll have a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather at the "nbc10 news" app. back to the "today" show.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are back on this winesday wednesday ready to play the trivia game we call "who knew." june is national zoo and aquarium month so we're putting our animal instincts to the test. kathie lee is high with sugar ray frontman mark mcgrath at the nbc experience store. they'll give $100 to anyone who gets the question right and those who don't get a wonderful, incredible -- >> signed -- >> kathie lee signed cd. here to help me out is biologist and wildlife expert and all around great guy corbin maxy. ready to play? >> i'm ready to play. >> where are you from? mark you're right in her -- >> oh. >> palmdale california. >> "which of these
10:31 am
animal-related songs has not won a grammy award." the lion sleeps tonight, hungry like the wolf or eye of the tiger. >> b. >> no! no, she wanted the cd so badly. >> i wanted the cd. >> the correct answer is "the lion sleeps tonight." >> the it was written by a south african songwriter and then basically became a huge hit in the '60s, you remember it? >> well i was born in the '60s i don't remember all of it but that was a great tune. >> absolutely. >> all right, kathie lee over to you. >> this beautiful lady is from panama city, one of the most beautiful beaches. what's the question? >> which animal species do the males give birth to the children? >> only fair. >> interesting. a, kangaroos, b, seahorses or c, shout out to myself sloth. >> b, seahorses.
10:32 am
>> she got it right! >> the answer is seahorses. how does that go down? >> one of the only animals, males give birth. they have a pouch. a female will lay 1500 legs in the pouch. the male will fertilize them and in a few weeks you have baby seahorses. 1500 eggs is my favorite. >> crazy. across the street. >> where are you from, hon? >> richmond virginia. >> what's the question? >> which insect has taste sensors on its feet? is it a, wasp b, butterfly, c, grasshopper? >> wasp? >> >>. [ buzzer sounding ] >> no, but you get a great cd! >> this answer surprised me. i didn't know this, tell me the answer. >> butterflies taste with their feet. so a female flies on a leaf and will taste it to make sure it's safe to lay their eggs so when the caterpillars hatch they have something safe to eat. >> this gentleman from is from st. augustine, florida. what's the question mark?
10:33 am
>> which of these sit comes featured a zoo during its opening credit. a, all in the family b, laverne and shirley or c, three's company? >> three's company. >> yes! >> shoutout to jack tripper. >> i watched the show i don't remember. >> i love this. three's company, that opening scene you can see -- there it is. season six through eight was filmed at the los angeles zoo. >> that was a great show. >> i've never seen it. >> of course you haven't. we're back across to kathie lee and mark. >> this gentleman has a message for you, hoda. >> i love you, hoda. >> oh, my god. that's so sweet! >> he loves you, hoda. >> where are you from? >> fresno, california. >> where cassidy made the movie coming out. >> according to the national geographic, an ostrich can sprint up to what speed, a, 10 miles per hour, b, the 31 miles
10:34 am
per hour, or c, 43 miles per hour. >> b. [ buzzer sounding ] >> no! ♪ everyone has a story ♪ >> the correct answer? >> 43 miles an hour. they're the fastest bird on land and they can run a marathon in 45 minutes. >> they can run 26 miles? >> absolutely. yes. >> in 45 minutes? and they don't fly? >> they have little wings, they're a primitive type of bird but amazing. it's great trying to escape predators. >> corbin, so great to see you. you got your start on leno at 14 and look at you. >> sitting across hoda kotb. >> is a fanny pack back? find out when lilliana reveals the summer's hottest bags for $50 or less. he's modeled with madonna, performed with fallout boy and has been named mtv's artist to watch. now max has the attention of elvis durant coming up next. coming up next.
10:35 am
look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
elvis duran is in the house so that means it's time for elvis duran's artist of the month. >> that's when the national radio host introduces us to the next big radio star. >> this time it's the 23-year-old singer songwriter actor and model -- wow -- who goes by one name max. >> so nice to meet you. >> elvis, you've done it again. >> he's the complete package. the model, the actor, no you eel watch him sing and perform. he moves. he may do the splits on the show. >> max, do you have a split to give us a preview? just limber up. >> it's going to hurt! ow! >> he's on the road with fallout
10:40 am
boy on the boys of summer you are the and wiz khalifa. he's on the fallout boy label. he has so many people rooting for him. it's all starting to happen. >> and now you have elvis. >> it's an honor. i grew up in hell's kitchen, new york city. >> you want to watch him do his thing? >> we're ready to see it. is. >> "gibberish" our theme song. ful ♪ i gave you all my love ♪ at first i had a dozen but i ain't doing nothing to ever do you like that ♪ but then i caught you creeping secrets you were creeping ♪ like every other weekend, why you do me like that ♪ so now you say you take it all back ♪ yeah that don't mean jack was i know the facts ♪ i swear you smoking that crack, i'm dipping so fast i don't need that
10:41 am
♪ you're running your mouth ♪ but there's nothing that can slow me down ♪ you're messing around you got me thinking it's time you go ♪ ♪ i'm not listening, no, i see you move your lips but it sounds like gibberish ♪ ♪ gibberish ♪ ♪ i don't need to recover, raising way up above you ♪ go run and tell you mother why you do me like that ♪ good luck with all the others don't care about the number ♪ you all deserve each other, why you do me like that ♪ so no you say you take it all back ♪ yeah that don't mean jack because i know the facts ♪ i swear before you open that trap i'm dipping so fast yeah i don't need that in ♪ ♪ now you're running your mouth, there's nothing that can slow me
10:42 am
down ♪ you're messing around got me thinking it's time you go ♪ time to go ♪ ♪ cause i'm not listening, no no ♪ i see you move your lips but it sounds like gibberish ♪ ♪ gibberish ♪ ♪ gibberish ♪ ♪ gibberish ♪ ♪ sounds like gibberish ♪ [ cheers and applause ] max! >> he has no moves at all and no future. that's awesome. thank you, max. they take rundown properties and turn them into real estate windfalls. >> the stars of flipping boston show you some diy designs to add
10:43 am
value to your home. that was awesome, max! good job, guys. that was awesome. r. and for this bounty, so little is expected in return. only that we find ways big and small, to milk every last second of it. to use a little imagination and make a whole lot of memories. low prices. every day. on everything you need to get away from it all. walmart. ladies we need to talk... ... about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. rich, radiant... ravishing color! nutrisse nourishes while it colors. plus it has avocado, olive, and shea oils. garnier nutrisse. nourished hair, better color welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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10:48 am
as the old saying goes one man's trash is for another man's treasure for firefighter dave seymour and architect peter souhleris, they have turned that into big business. >> they buy rundown properties renovate them quickly and resell them for a profit on their, a & e show "flipping boston." they're here to show us a few inexpensive diy projects that will add value to your home. welcome. welcome. >> look at you! y'all are fun. >> look at us? look at you! >> you can't take our eyes off us. >> are you guys best different. >> joined at the hip. >> it's my greek brother from another mother. >> which one used to dj. >> that would be me. that's why i was dancing when max was on. >> you had the moves yeah. so we have a couple pictures. we' look at before and you tell us what you did. so here's the first one.
10:49 am
>> allegedly. >> ooh. >> ugly. >> ugly? >> ugly. bushes and -- >> it hides the house. you can't see the house. that's the problem. no curb appeal. >> it has nice little bones in that house if you could see. >> it look at see what we did afterwards. take a peek. >> hello! hello! >> a little sod, grass and paint. >> and this is going to fill in nicely along there. >> this is that token front door. we use this red for every single house we do. >> it's lovely. >> how much would that cost to go from that to that? >> basically, you're taking out the bushs so if you're doing it yourself very inexpensive. if you hire a landscaper $500 to remove anything. and this is painting not siding. no more than $10,000 for that expeer your. new windows. >> let's look at this and see what else you got. >> looking for a wall to create a story, some emotion. there was nothing there. so this is the before and very
10:50 am
simple. fireplace, tv creates the story. >> do they make it electric? it doesn't look like there was a way to get in the wall. >> that was electric. that's the inexpensive way. if you want to put a chimney -- >> they have beautiful ones now. >> $500. >> is there another picture? i think we're moving. >> let's jump in you want to do some stuff. let's do some stuff. these are little gifts here. one for you. >> oh, manyy shoe! >> that's that wine wednesday. >> after lunch it will be. >> there you go, there you go. glasses. >> why? >> safety first. >> so what are we doing? this is cute. >> dave is going to put this together. this is a 12 x 12 room for $350 you can buy all the molding to do a nigh wainscotting effect. >> most of my walls are not on
10:51 am
wheels. >> it must be winesday wednesday. >> i don't know what it is darling, but i'm going to fire a nail. ready? >> oh! oh! >> so simple. >> five inches off the side five inches off the side. >> hoda get crazy, it matches your dress. >> you do it. >> oh this is so heavy. >> put it on there, press it in fire. >> i can't! >> the wall is moving again. >> you got this! give me some! >> oh nice shot to the back! so we did that. >> it worked. >> so $360 12 x 12 room. >> and then you have to paint it because you have the nail marks. >> we just have a few seconds. >> putty and paint and you're done. >> what are you doing back splash? >> quick, easy and efficient. you have sticky back that you can use so you don't have to mess around. >> that's so smart! >> you have to have a perfect wall to put it on.
10:52 am
if the wall has any problems it won't work. >> then you need this stuff. look how fast. >> then you putty it. >> look at you. look at you. >> how are we doing? grout it! start grouting! >> forget the tools. >> you can catch them on "flipping boston" on a&e. >> nobody knows nothing. >> you're going to flip for lilliana's look for less. guys, i know why people love you!
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
we're back with lux for less and our friend lilliana vazquez who has this summer's hottest trends in bags under $50. >> we wanted to spice up the looks of some of our ladies from the plaza by switching up their bags. with us, jennifer her daughter hailey and andrea and patrice. we're missing somebody? >> the daughter is do unstairs
10:56 am
watching. >> so tell us what you did. >> her daughter hated this bag and she wanted her mom to have a more updated bag. it's a cross body which is practical for the summer. so we upgraded her to this bag for only 36 bucks. >> is that beautiful? >> love it. >> let's move down. >> okay, let's talk backpacks. these are a huge trend. this was her previous backpack. i don't know if you can see this but she has a pet rabbit and it chewed up the strap so we upgraded to this bag. how cute is that? it's a mini backpack $29.99 from last but not least the fanny pack. who doesn't love a fanny pack? >> me! i love them. >> they get a bad rap because sometimes they look like this. a little sporty. but we gave her a super stylish fanny pack. this is 18 bucks from super modern super cool. >> so practical. especially if you're a tourist and you don't want your hands free. >> these are hands free bags. >> lilliana who did your out
10:57 am
fit? >> this is from >> that was me in israel with my fanly pack. >> oh, yes showed your fanny pack. >> if you see it bring it back to me. i lost it. there i am. that went all over the world. >> look at you! >> i like that hat. by the way, we were sorry to see our friend is retiring. >> liz rosenberg. she's the agent/manager for madonna, cher and michael buble. we love her. >> love you, honey. tomorrow teen wolf actor tyler posy stops by. >> and we'll reveal the bedroom color make-or- >> enjo i your winesday wednesday.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
now breaking news. we're following a carbon monoxide leak that sent four people to hospitals. let's get right to randy gyllenhaal. tell us what you know. >> reporter: we're standing here on caster street in northeast philly and portions of this road have been shut down as investigator crews call a carbon monoxide leak. it's happening inside this brick building brazilian restaurant. behind are apartments and houses. they have moved us back away from this building. they are checking the carbon monoxide levels in the air after four people, including two kids were rushed to the ho


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