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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ficult to watch but this morning, police say it was key in tracking down the attackers. >> and remembering a church leader killed in the charleston massacre. more on the memorials and the role president obama will play in today's service. thousands of people are waking up without power for the third day in a row. we are making calls to the power companies to check on the progress and find out when everyone will be back online. >> hopefully it's before more rain moves in. the nbc 10 first alert weather radar shows a few showers passing through right now. i hate to tell you, but the wet weather will stick around for the weekend. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm denise nakano. it's not the greatest timing for this wet weather to be coming in. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> is there time where we could move the weekend? get the governors on the phone, get proclamation. that could happen. that would mean we'd have to work some more. never mind. leave it alone. clouds and showers this morning.
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we're seeing breaks in the clouds in the pocono mountains. we'll see some thinning of the clouds but limited sunshine today and a chance will be in for more showers. still some showers around in south jersey. the atlantic city area seeing rain into atlantic, ocean and burlington counties. light rainfall the steadier heavier rainfall is now offshore. clouds will be with us for most of the day. some breaks of sunshine are possible. overall it's going to be cooler thanks to those clouds. 76 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's get a check of traffic, first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington standing by. jessica? >> we are watching the schuylkill expressway so far this morning around montgomery drive. everything moving along just fine still a 12-minute drive time from the vine street expressway to the center city area. u.s. 1 southbound between stony bank and thornton road still being blocked due to fallen
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power cables from tuesday night's storm. greenwich township on 295, we have exit ramps closed due to downed wires. exit 15 at tomlin station, exit 16 at swedesboro road and exit 17 right around harmony road. as for mass transit, we're doing okay for septa and patco. new jersey transit still suspended service between atlantic city and philadelphia. >> this morning, more than 48 hours after a severe storm blew through our region tens of thousands of people are still without power. peco says more than 15,000 customers do not have electricity. pse&g crews tell us about 4,200 of their customers are affect. atlantic city electric has the most outages just under 70,000. and more than 230 delmarva customers are still in the dark. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in gibbstown, gloucester county. matt what is the situation like there at this hour? >> well denise a lot of
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customers out here still do not have power. we're on one of the streets that does have power. we have the streetlights and some of the homes have their porch lights on. there's a whole lot of damage behind me here. this join the tree was uprooted as a result of that storm. you can see how big this tree is. it's now laying in the street. they've got the cones up out here. it's very difficult for a vehicle to get around here but as we get closer to the edge of the branches over here you can see what is under this tree, a car, crushed under the weight of this tree. a lot of folks still having to do cleanup, now going into day three of that cleanup effort. of course still a lot of people have no power at this hour. atlantic city electric is telling us they're going to hopefully have most of their customers up and running by midday tomorrow. hopefully all of their customers by sunday. pse&g, we're talked with them they're hoping to get all of their customers up and running by midday today.
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atlantic city electric having thousands more people without power at this hour compared to pse&g. we'll check with peco in the next half hour continue going around this area. for now, live in gibbstown, gloucester county, matt delucia nbc 10 news. and now to the storm cleanup in delaware county. we found a power pole still leaning against the house in aston. tangles of wires remain wrapped up in trees effectively cutting off the residents on mount road. the hardest hit areas could face a few days without power. >> just like we're trapped in here. >> can't go nowhere unless you walk somewhere to get there. >> meanwhile in gloucester county, we watched central jersey power crews assisting atlantic city electric pulling down broken lines and installing new ones. weekend, make sure you have the nbc 10 news app on your smartphone or tablet. download it for free and get live interactive radar and the latest video forecast anywhere you go.
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today, president obama will deliver the eulogy for the pastor murdered in last week's south carolina church massacre. the president, along with vice president joe biden, will be in charleston for the service, remembering reverend clementa pinkney. he was the senior pastor and also a south carolina state senator. funeral services will take place at the college of charleston. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was also expected to attend -- will attend, rather today's funeral service in charleston. clinton was supposed to be in philadelphia today for a fund-raiser. yesterday, hundreds gathered in south carolina to remember one of the victims of the church massacre. she grew up in our area. reverend sharonda coleman-singleton was laid to rest. she was among nine people shot to death at the emanuel ame church in charleston. dylann roof is accused of attending bible study at the church for nearly an hour before opening fire. he's been charged with nine
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counts of murder in what investigators have called a racial hate crime. this morning, five people are under arrest in the brutal beating of a north philadelphia teenager. a warning, you may find the video we're about to show you disturbing. >> [ bleep ]. >> police announced the arrest after this individual yes surfaced and went viral. the teen was walking home from martin luther king high school earlier this month when a group of classmates jumped him. police say the boy suffered a concussion and needed serious dental work. investigators and neighbors say this video made all the difference. >> really makes your job easy sometimes. >> definitely. >> you have to know if you're recorded somebody will know who you are. >> detectives say four of the five suspects are juveniles. >> today thefirst medical marijuana dispensary in delaware will open to patients. the first state compassion center is located just outside
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of wilmington. it's a nonprofit that will dispense prescribed amounts of marijuana for treating des and medical conditions. the center will follow federal and state security rules from patient eligibility to the number of marijuana plants it can grow on site. in new jersey there are three medical marijuana dispensaries open. right now in pennsylvania medical marijuana is illegal but state lawmakers are currently considering a bill to change that. today new jersey governor chris christie is expected to take action on the state's next budget. state lawmakers passed a $35.3 billion budget for 2016. it includes tax increases on millionaires and businesses. it also contains a $3.1 billion pension payment. but governor christie says he opposes those measureses and will veto them. >> as we prepare for the pope a group of philadelphia leaders are headed home after a long week visit -- a week-long visit
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to rome. they'll be returning with a greater understanding about the world meeting of families and pope francis's visit here which is just three months from today. yesterday, the vatican council that runs the world meeting updated the delegation and the public on the event. according to the council, about 12,000 people from more then 100 countries have registered for the four-day congress at the pennsylvania convention center. they'll attend panels and luck turs featuring notable speakers on issues that the church says both strengthen and threaten the sacred bond of the family. >> dealing with the issues of infidelity infertility, immigration. >> people are so excited and so thrilled and had no idea this is going to be such a major event for the world. >> lucille and jerry francesco whom you see right here are from south philadelphia. they're the official spokes couple for the world meeting of families. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the pope's visit leading up to his trip in september. and the impact that it will have
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on our area. we have a full section on the world meeting of families right now on the nbc 10 news app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's nine minutes after 5:00. the temperatures are in the 60s right now. and most of the area getting a break from the rain. still tracking a few showers this morning. this weekend it will be rain. periods of heavy rain especially likely on saturday. right now, we're looking at lots of clouds, 59 degrees in mt. pocono. there has been breaks in the clouds for a little bit of sunlight before the sun is up in the mountains. clouds are thicker in trenton and wilmington. it will be hanging in there for most of the day. there you see a few breaks as the skies are starting to brighten. this is the view from lake wallenpaupack this morning. everybody will see a cooler day overall because of the cloud. satellite shows thin clouds not a lot of rain no heavy rain in the area.
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the only showers in the philadelphia region are in south jersey. just some light rainfall extreme southern burlington county -- southern ocean county around beach haven is seeing light rainfall. it extends just into the atlantic city area. upper part of cape may county. during the day, clouds will be hanging in there. the showers will be taking off. that's 10:00 this morning. the threat of showers returns during the afternoon hours. just some scattered showers for this afternoon. heavier rainfall. that's here for saturday. for today, 70s for the pocono mountains, mostly cloudy skies for allentown and reading and clouds with an occasional shower for doylestown trenton and mt. holly. at the shore, 70s today. not too many showers during the day. 79 in vineland, up to 79 for wilmington and westchester. topping out at 80 for drexel hill. look at the weekend forecast with the seven-day when i'm back in ten minutes.
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on this friday, 5:10 in the morning, we get a check of the traffic with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we have ongoing construction cleared out of the way on the x vine street expressway. three minutes if you're headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway. no problems if you're heading eastbound as well. as we take a look at the rest of the drive times, 95 southbound from woodhaven toward the vine street expressway, still a 12-minute trip, no problems on the schuylkill and the blue route is doing just fine if you're headed southbound from the schuylkill to 95 it's about a 15-minute drive time there. montgomery county, abington an accident on huntington road and edmond road and in cherry hill new jersey route 70 westbound dealing with ongoing construction from southern cornell avenue to mcclelland avenue. one lane is getting by. we check in with mass transit coming up in ten. denise? count christie in.
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new jersey's governor is expected to announce he's joining the race for the white house. we'll tell you when he will make it official. and philadelphia's bike share program is taking off. the benefits to riders that may be contributing to its success.
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we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. a sight seeing tourist plane crashed in southwest alaska killing all nine people on board. the plane was discovered yesterday against a granite rock face about 800 feet above a lake
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near ketchikan. that's about 300 miles southeast of june know. officials say stormy weather is preventing them from recovering the bodies of the victims. an ntsb team is headed to alaska to determine what led to that crash. now to decision 2016. nbc news confirms that new jersey governor chris christie will announce his run for the white house on tuesday. christie is expected to kick off his campaign from his former high school in livingen to, essex county. he said he had not made a final decision on a presidential run but he did say he would be involved in some way. >> if i'm not in it i'm sure i'll be a factor in because people will want to have my support if i'm not a candidate. >> political observers say christie will have to overcome some of the lowest approval ratings of his governorship to win the gop presidential nomination. christie has plenty of company
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in the race for the white house. there are 13 other republican candidates who have announced they will run. four democrats are also running for president. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows that hillary clinton is leading her nearest competitor by 60 points. gop presidential candidate donald trump is firing back after a major broadcast outlet announced a boycott of his miss usa pageant. univision says it's dropping its spanish language coverage of the pageant next month. the network is protesting what it calls insulting remark trump made about mexican immigrants during his campaign debut last week. during his campaign kickoff, trump says mexico sends criminals to the u.s. trump is now threatening to sue, as he owns part of the miss au problem. >> the problem univision has about me is i'm honest about trade and the border. therefore, they violated a contract and defaulted on a contract.
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it's a total default. >> the miss usa pageant airs on nbc on july 12th. comcast says it does not share trump's views. a high school student has filed a lawsuit in new jersey over a printing error on her s.a.t. the administrateors at the s.a.t. had to throw out portions of the test and base scores on fewer questions. the student's lawsuit says that's unfair for those striving to achieve the highest possible soars. she's seeking a refund of her $54 exam fee plus damages. students who took the s.a.t. with the error can retake it for free in the fall. philadelphia ago new bike share program pedaled it's way to quite a milestone. just in two months 100,000 rides have already been logged. it took other cities as long as seven months to hit that mark. the bike share program has 600 bikes. the city plans to triple that
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number in the next year, due to its success. well some people may be biking others probably most of us will be driving on our way to work. >> especially today because we know we'll get rain. let's check in with jessica boyington who's keeping an eye on all the traffic cameras out there. >> we're out on 422 right now. we're not seeing a lot of volume yet. it still is early for that. not a lot of incidents as well. good things there. around route 23, these are the westbound lanes where the taillights are. eastbound doing just feign as well. our drive time that typically jams up in the morning hours. later on as only still about eight minutes headed eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. as for the p.a. turnpike you're heading out the door all the cars moving along just fine. 22 minutes. if you're headed westbound or eastbound from route 1 up towards valley forge. no delays or problems for septa or patco. for new jersey transit, we are still seeing suspended service from atlantic city into philadelphia. we'll check in with new jersey coming up.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 5:00. we're getting a cool cloudy start this morning. this is the view from the comcast siene they. clouds will be with us for most of the day. as far as showers are concerned, they're taking a break in philadelphia. 84% humidity. that's running higher this morning. we'll stay elevated while the temperatures stay down. look at the clouds at the shore. cape may, that's where we've seen lots of clouds. atlantic city into ocean county there are just light showers. the heavy stuff is way offshore. it's out of the picture for the rest of the day today. but heavier rainfall this weekend, that's a different story. you can see rain in kentucky and missouri as well. the showers, that's a possibility of thunderstorms lining up for saturday and into sunday. but today, mainly just cloudy 68 degrees at 7:00. a chance we'll see scattered showers at 10:00.
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72 degrees and 76 at 1:00 this afternoon. the seven-day forecast tomorrow cooler with the rain, rain will start in the morning. heavier rainfall during the afternoon and evening hours. and a chance of some scattered thunderstorms. and the showers continue saturday night and into sunday morning. we could see late-day breaks of sunshine on sunday. still a cooler day sunday high of 75. then it's into the 80s with bright sunny skies, monday and even warmer tuesday. more showers, possibly thunderstorms wednesday and into thursday. watch the nba draft last night? if you did, you may know analysts said the 76ers wanted a guard. what they ended up with was another big man. >> the philadelphia 76ers select jahlil okafor from duke university. >> sixers fans are pretty pleased with the pick at last night's draft party on dillworth plaza on center city.
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the 76ers took the best player available with the third selection after the lakers picked ohio state guard d'angelo russell at number two. okafor by the way is 6'11". he led duke to the national championship as a freshman. here's the reason why okafor was the best postup player in college last season. check out his hands. okafor can hold 13 tennis balls in one hand. no big deal grabbing rebounds. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton, live overlooking penn's landing for day two of the tall ships festival. we'll cap the highlights after the break. nbc 10 and nbc university are giving away grants to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website,
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the deadline is coming up. you have one week to apply. we'll be right back.
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if your commute takes you across the delaware river near philadelphia and camden you'll get quite a view of these this morning. 13 tall ships are docked along both sides of the river and they'll be there all weekend long. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at penn's landing with a look at those tall ships. monique? >> reporter: good morning,
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denise. missing in action this morning is the inflated rubber ducky. see you don't see it here on the delaware river because it is deflated every night and then inflated again the next morning. if you missed it yesterday, here's video of the bathtub toy that was the main attraction to see when the ships paraded on the delaware rougher. our camera was also rolling yesterday when 13 ships sailed here to penn's landing. camden county and philadelphia are teaming up for the tall ships festival. this four-day event has brought 13 tall ships, including schooners, priggettes and others with names such as "serenity" and "the tree of life." in the next hour we're working to bring you the highlights of this festival. from what i understand, it's been 15 years in the making. live overlooking penn's landing, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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>> clouds with the tall ships and the rest of the area, keep an umbrella nearby. there's a chance we'll see a shower. most of the day will look like this. clouds over the comcast center. 69 degrees at 5:26. i'm matt delucia live in greenwich township gloucester county where the power is out in many parts of the area and road closures still in effect. an update, coming up after the break.
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this is nbc 10 news. remembering the victims of the charleston church massacre. today president obama will be one of the many mourners ersers as the church leader is laid to rest. we'll have the timing on the next round of rain. there are a few showers moving across the area right now. the heavy stuff is still ahead. it will impact at least part of your weekend. power progress crews in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware are working around the clock. still, thousands are still in the dark. we'll be checking in with the major electric companies to see when service will be restored to your neighborhood. >> we're waking up to clouds this morning, meteorologist bill henley tracking some changes in the first alert forecast. bill? >> showers came through overnight, rosemary. now it's mostly cloudy skies for
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our area. temperatures that are on the cool side we're in the 60s and it will stay cooler today. you can see the clouds over center city. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. the tall ships as well. as far as the rain is concerned, last few light showers are in south jersey. you can see them in the atlantic city area beach haven, galloway is seeing light rainfall, some scattered showers in ocean city. just clouds over center city. that's the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. and it's going to be a cloudy view for most of the day today. 10:00, 72 degrees. 76 at 1:00 this afternoon. there's still a chance of showers today. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads on a friday morning. jessica? >> i know, friday morning, you said it. we're almost done. out of the platt bridge as well looking live no problems headed westbound or eastbound. as for the rest of the area bridges, we're free and in the clear. no problems for the


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