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tv   Today  NBC  June 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning, alone and on the run -- no sign of escaped kimmer david sweat this morning, a day after his fellow escapee, richard matt was gunned down. >> we've got one guy down. >> tips pouring in as the search intensifies. and new details emerge about how authorities managed to track down and kill his accomplice. we're live on the scene as the manhunt enters its fourth week. worldwide terror -- law enforcement on alert ahead of the july 4th holiday as isis encourages followers around the globe to strike. this as newly released video shows the deadly attack on friday on tourists at a beach in teen usia. following attacks in france and kuwait on friday could more
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be on the way? monumental -- the white house awash in a full rainbow in celebration of the supreme court's historic ruling on same-sex marriage. part of a big week for the president. culminating in an extraordinary eulogy. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> this morning -- how the president's opponents made it an amazing week for him. and fallon's ball. jimmy fallon speaking out after he was forced to cancel his "tonight show" taping when he hurt his hand at home. what he is saying about the bizarre injury and why his wedding ring is involved. today, saturday june 27th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning, i'm erica
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hill. >> glad to have you with us i'm craig melvin. alongside snow jones and dylan dryer. >> team usa, 1-0, defense spectacular, quarterfinal game germany coming up in the semifinals on tuesday. >> this is big doings as my aunt sarah would say. big doings. >> we'll take the big doings. >> so we'll be watching that. our top story this morning is the growing search for convicted killer david sweat. a day after police shot and killed his accomplice richard matt, nbc's stephanie gosk has been following the story since the beginning and is on the scene in upstate new york this morning. >> good morning, erica. this began with a 911 call a vacationer realized his camper had been shot at. he called police police brought in a border tactical team in a chopper. landed in the forest and then hunted richard matt down found him and shot him. people in this area went to bed
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last night with all of their roads closed an fbi plane circling overhead. hoping that they would catch david sweat, but they are waking up to the news that he is still on the run. and this manhunt is still on. david sweat is thought to be somewhere in these dense woods. still at large this morning. after authorities shot and killed his accomplice convicted murderer richard matt. >> border protection and customs met up with matt in the woods, challenged him and he was shot dead by border patrol at that time. >> multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news matt and sweat were traveling close together. 50 miles from the clinton correctional facility. when a border patrol tactical team encountered matt and opened fire when he pointed a shotgun at them. >> there were several leads that are being tracked down as we speak. but we don't have anything to confirm where mr. sweat is at
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this time. >> a big break came a week ago, when dna evidence at a cabin near owl's head new york was found to be a positive match to both convicts. we got an exclusive look at the cabin located deep in the woods offense a dirt road. it's a hike up here and matt and sweat would have had to come along this road. the question everyone has who lives here on their mind is how did they know to make the turn back there? how did they know to keep walking? it's part of a hunting camp which is owned by corrections officers. raising more questions. still, matt's capture is instilling a sense of relief in the community. >> i mean for 20 days we've been having to lock our doors. >> as authorities continue the hunt for sweat. still on the run this morning. >> i'm sure he's well aware of the shootout between matt and what went on there. so he's desperate. >> authorities want to catch david sweat alive. because they want to know how this prison escape happened in
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the first place. their concern as you just heard is that he is even more dangerous, more desperate now that his partner has been killed. erica? >> stephanie gosk for us this morning. thanks. nbc news analyst clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler and joins us this morning. clint, good morning. >> hi erica. >> as we heard from stephanie, sources tell nbc news they believe they were traveling close together. but it hasn't been confirmed they were traveling together if sweat is ware of matt's death at this point, what is his state of mind? how does that influence him? >> there's a couple of things going on. number one, trail camera picked up their picture earlier this week. both of them traveling together. carrying at least one shotgun between them. so we have photographic evidence. number two, law enforcement has found two sets of footprints in a number of locations recently to indicate that the two were still traveling together. the challenge is right now, with those last few minutes, when when matt was challenged and shot by the authorities, with
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sweat exactly nearby? had they decided each to go their own way? but i tell you, right now sweat has lost the impetus that he had. he's lost what i think may have been the leader the more sociopathic of the two and he has no one else to count on. nobody to say, you take a nap and i'll watch and then we'll switch roles again. so he is as desperate as he could be. and i think law enforcement last week believed he might have been heading for the canadian border. that's why if you were on that border right now, you'd see mounties all across the border waiting on the chance that he may be coming across. >> is there a chance that he knows that? what are the chances that these two may have been listening to a radio, watching television. would he be of the state of mind you think to be capable of changing his plans? >> he's really going to be
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desperate right now. because for three weeks he's had somebody to bounce ideas off of. maybe somebody who was in the leadership position. you always have the two together. somebody takes the leadership role. that person apparently is gone right now. so law enforcement believes they have this somewhat of an iron circle drawn around the entire area. they've got two things to do. number one, at the cabin where matt was seen they're going to have law enforcement pushing out. then they're a going to take the outer perimeter, maybe two miles further out and they're going to bring that in. >> really quickly if you could touch on for me the cabins in the area that's tough to get to owned by corrections officers. that raises a red flag does it not? >> well i think law enforcement is of the opinion that there may well be other people involved from the inside of the prison who provided help. there's interviews going on and i think this entirely separate investigation is not, is not over yet. they would like to catch sweat
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obviously alive just because that's what law enforcement does. but he's the one that can shed some light on who helped them escape in the first place. >> a lot of questions to be answered appreciate you being with us this morning, clint van zandt, thanks. now to the growing threat from isis. the terror group now claiming responsibility for two of three deadly attacks friday including this one on a tunisian beach, as well as one in kuwait. this morning u.s. officials are warning about an isis-inspired attack here in this country. on the fourth of july weekend. nbc's kelly kobia has the latest from tunisia. >> terror on the sand tourists running from their beach hotel friday morning. [ gunshots ] >> the horrifying scene caught on cell phone video and posted online by a tunisian radio station. gunshots ringing out over and over. bodies in the sand.
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at least 39 are dead and nearly as many injured. >> i just saw the gunman firing shots. randomly at people lying on the sunbeds on the beach. >> the gunman was shot dead in the street. at least two others were arrested. just three months ago an attack on tunisia's national museum left 20 dead most of them tourists. this morning, isis released a message and a picture of 23-year-old tunisian aviation student, calling him a soldier of the caliphate and claiming responsibility. it was one of three terror attacks on three continents friday. in kuwait security cameras showed the moments before another attack. a suicide bomber posing as a worshipper at a packed shiite mosque. at least 25 were killed more than 200 injured. the third attack was at an american-owned gas factory outside lyon france the severed head of the attacker's
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employer was found at the gate with arabic inscription. just this week an isis spokesman called on muslims everywhere to rise up and make ramadan a month of calamity. but u.s. officials said there was no indication the attacks were coordinated. kelly kobiaya, nbc news tunisia. everett coleman is an nbc news terrorist analyst. what are your sources telling you about the connection between these three attacks? >> so far we don't see much of one. the statements that isis issued don't refer to the idea that this was some kind of coordinated attack. if you look at the attacks that took place, you have an attack on a gas plant. you have an attack on tourists and of course the third attack on the shiites. there's no real common strain there. so we have a suggestion from isis that they're linked honestly looking at the scale of these attacks, particularly the scale of the attack in france where you had literally a guy go out and murder his boss but murder him in a jihadist kind of
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way. in a very obscure target, a very obscure part of france very difficult to imagine that this is part of some kind of sophisticated, coordinated plot. particularly since the attacker in france was unable to successfully detonate gas cannisters when there was no one stopping him. he was arrested while trying to open up a gas cannister. that doesn't exactly strike you as a 9/11 hijacker or carlos the jackal. this guy seems relatively unsophisticated. >> as we heard from kelly's report isis militants are calling on their followers to continue to attack during ramadan. we're just ten days into ramadan. how reasonable is it to expect that we're going to see more of these attacks? >> for years we've been talking about anniversary dates, christmas, july 4th how much importance do terrorist groups put on these dates? in the past we've been saying look al qaeda has more important things to worry about than july 4th. the problem is we're in a different generation of terrorists now, these are mostly
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hone grown extremists living in western countries and as such these folks do put importance on holidays such as fourth of july there's importance here in this country. is there concern that a home-grown extremist could do something? it's possible. but i think it's important to recognize that these folks are not the a-team they're the b-team. it doesn't take a ph.d. to murder someone. you can hurt someone without a lot of smarts. but these folks are not terribly sophisticated. what they're doing is sad and it's disturbing but it's not nearly on the scale of what we saw from al qaeda in the days of 9/11. >> evan kohlmann thank you. thank you very much. another big news this morning, we're looking back on what has become an historic week for president obama. from two influential supreme court rulings, one legalizing same-sex marriage. the other upholding obamacare, to the moving eulogy he delivered on friday afternoon. for charleston pastor the reverend clementa pinckney.
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nbc's kristen welker is live at the white house with more. >> that's right. any one of this week's headlines could have been a monumental part of this president's legacy. but taken together they form an unforgettable chapter in history. images that punctuate a legacy-defining week. an outpouring of emotion at the supreme court. the white house glowing in a rainbow of pride late friday night. while earlier in the day, in south carolina the president helping to heal a community and a nation. >> to the families of the fallen the nation shares in your grief. >> this could be remembered as the week that really set president obama's legacy into stone. >> a stunning turn of events for a president who has been locked in a bitter battle with republicans. but this week it was republicans who helped secure major victories for him. a bipartisan deal on trade. chief justice john roberts, a
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bush appointee upholding obamacare for a second time. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. >> and the supreme court legalizing same-sex marriage. a landmark moment. >> today we can say in no uncertain terms that we've made our union a little more perfect. >> but all that was tempered by a hate crime that claimed nine lives in a church including its leader. >> preacher by 13 pastor by 18. public servant by 23. what a life clementa pinckney lived. ♪ amazing grace ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the president broke into song a call for unity in the battle not yet won. ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪
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>> incredible moment the president also took on the issues of guns and race. joining the call to bring down the confederate flag in south carolina all capping a week that will leave an indelible mark. erica, craig, back to you. >> kristen welker at the white house, thanks. >> we were watching the funeral service from outside yesterday when the president broke into song. everyone kind of had the same look on their face like really? is the president singing? >> it's a powerful moment. >> and did they join in? >> oh yeah. hundreds of people there on the streets who could not get into the church. the deadline getting closer for a nuclear deal with iran. >> a busy tile isn't it? secretary of state john kerry is holding key nuclear negotiations with iranian officials today. with next week's deadline looming on a nuclear deal the two sides are now meeting in vienna trying to overcome obstacles including monitors and the lifting of sanctions. this week iran's supreme leader rejected a long-term freeze on
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nuclear research. in alaska recovery teams have reached the remote location of the plane crash that killed nine people on a sight-seeing trip. officials have identified the passengers from the holland america cruise ship who had taken the flight. search crews say the plane was sitting at a steep angle. authorities in north carolina are investigating the apparent suicide of a controversial leader of the anti-vaccination movement. the body of dr. jeff bradstreet was found last week in north carolina in a river, with a gunshot wound to the chest. the sheriffs department says it appears to be a self-inflicted wound. bradstreet was an outspoken critic of vaccinations believing it was the cause of his son's autism. another shark attack is increasing tension for beachgoers along the east coast. the latest victim a 47-year-old man who was swimming off a fishing pier in avon north carolina he suffered multiple injuries to his right leg and lower back and had to be
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airlifted to the hospital. so far this season there have been several shark attacks in north carolina and sightings from maine to florida. scary moments on a southwestern flight. passengers had just boarded flight 397 from houst ton memphis, when the smell of smoke prompted the pilot to order an evacuation passengers heading to the aisles trying to get off of the plane, all were able to leave safely. the plane was taken out of service for inspection and the passengers continued their trip on other flights. and the american weem's soccer team son the way to the world cup semifinals it took 51 minutes for the u.s. to score the single goal of the game. it lifted them past china 1-0. they go on now to face germany on tuesday. congratulations to those ladies. >> put that on your calendar. a little check of the weather now. >> it is going to be a little wet but it's going to help cool things down. it's been exceptionally hot across the eastern half of the country for quite some time. especially in the southeast
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where areas in north carolina have already hit 100 degrees several times this month. but look at all the rain from southeastern michigan through cleveland and pittsburgh down into washington, d.c. approaching new jersey. this is where we have our heaviest rain this morning. we're going to also see the chance of some stronger storms redevelop later on this afternoon. especially in this area in orange from charlotte up through raleigh and washington, d.c. 48 million people are at risk for some damaging wind gusts up near 70 miles per hour. there could be an isolated tornado or two, but it's really the torrential downpours, the dangerous lightning as well as the cold front continues to move east. it will be a nicer day on sunday except for areas across new england where the rain will fill in. so saturday is better in new england and sunday is better elsewhere across the country. but we do have flash flood watches and flood watches in effect. because of the torrential downpours, we could see as much as three inches of rain in a short period of time. so keep an eye out for that. once those heavier downpours develop later
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i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. first alert weather day for us. we have a flood watch heading into the rest of tonight. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected and severe storms a possibility as well. our temperatures will stay down between 70 and 73 degrees. light rain becoming heavy. that's going to stick around into your late night hours and last until tomorrow morning. but clearing as we head into sunday late morning. temperatures warm back to the 80s by tomorrow. that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. still to come this morning, a look back at week's biggest stories from the boston bomber's apology in court to new fallout after a pbs series covered up some of ben affleck's family history. it's ahead for you in "the download." but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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and we are catching up now
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on "the download" our chance to catch you up on what happened in the week in news. >> from remembering the victims in charleston south carolina to a very unusual story, there was a lot of news this week. here's a look at it. [ cheers and applause ] >> a landmark decision this morning by the united states supreme court declaring that same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide. >> today we can say in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect. >> claiming victory, president obama today declared his signature health care program widely known as obamacare is here to stay. >> we finally declared that in america, health care is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all. there are breaking developments in the hunt for those escaped killers in upstate new york. >> two senior new york state officials tell nbc news tonight that richard matt has been shot and killed.
7:23 am
50 miles from clinton correctional facility in the town of malone near lake titus. across the city bells tolled at many of charleston's other historic churches for nine minutes, one for each victim. >>. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> more disturbing images surfaced of 21-year-old dylann roof posing with guns confederate flags. >> a growing chorus has been demanding the confederate flag's removal. >> it's time to move the flag from the capital ground. >> nobody really realized that we didn't know what he sounded like after two years. and after we heard it we wish we hadn't. >> boston marathon bomber dzokhar tsarnaev speaking publicly for the first time saying in heavily accented english. i'd like to now apologize to the victims and their survivors. >> more than two years after the attack a judge formally sentenced tsarnaev to death. ben affleck's ancestors left
7:24 am
centuries worth of documents. >> pbs suspended its series "finding your roots" after ben affleck asked that part of his past not be revealed. >> is there anything in particular that you've always wondered about? >> hollywood superstar ben affleck admitted he asked the professor not to reveal that one of his ancestors owned slaves. gates apologized writing i sincerely regret not discussing my editing inging rationale. the pilot thought he made a thorough preflight check but guess again, he seemed to overlook the stow-away hanging on for dear life. the pilot brought the cat back down to the ground. now safe and sound. and a great catch in wrigley field. not by one of the players -- one of the fans. >> the cubs jason hamels sent a pop-up high down on the first baseline. the ball was caught by keith hartley who was holding his 7-month-old son. it was first ruled a foul ball.
7:25 am
ruling later overturned because of fan interference. >> you let my wife see me do something like that. >> was he feeding the baby? >> it's impressive when you think about it you're holding the kid with one hand feeding him. >> and the baby seems peaceful. >> and now you've got a great little memento. >> amen to that. >> but then he interfered with the play. >> the baby was dangling a little bit. >> you don't see the next shot when the poor kid falls -- no. >> that didn't happen. do not tweet us it didn't happen. 7:25. heavy rain is causing problems across our area. take a look at this mudslide in west conshohocken montgomery county. the road was closed this
7:26 am
morning. drivers on i-76 had to steer through downpours overnight. these cars were sloshing along the expressway near belmont avenue. at least one car got stuck in that high water. it's a first alert weather day. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking more. >> that's right. as we head into the afternoon and tonight, that's when we expect to see the heavy rain moving in and the chance of storms. here's a live look outside right now where we are seeing a bit of light rainfall throughout cape may. but this is a look at the skyline. we switch you to radar and that shows the rain starting to move in. we're already starting to see light showers into philadelphia and wilmington. here are the areas under the flood watch which goes into effect this afternoon and lasts until tonight. if you see any flooded roadways turn around. don't drive through them. temperatures between 70 and 73 degrees. >> and with more rain ahead this weekend, make sure to have the
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nbc 10 news app on your smartphone or tablet. download it for free and get the latest radar and video forecasts anywhere you go. new from overnight, an investigation is underway into this fire that forced five philadelphia family us out of their homes and injured a firefighter. flames broke out inside a store with apartments above it around 2:30 this morning. crews needed about two pours to put it out. the red cross is now helping families that evacuated. that's all for now. the "today" show is coming your way next and we're back in about 25 minutes. i'm ted greenberg. we hope you have a great weekend.
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no trick to this. i am holding my breath i am picking the lockings and hopefully getting out before i run out of air. >> back on a saturday morning, it is june 27th 2015. magician spencer horton speaking out for the first time since his terrifying stunt that you're watching here almost went horribly wrong. you'll hear more from him, in addition to kris angel. coming up later. he got trapped in the box. we have a great crowd out here in rockefeller plaza. we have a huge saturday crowd this morning. which we're very happy with. >> i hope they didn't show up for the free stuff. because there's nothing, we have nothing -- >> that's your job. >> it's getting -- there you go.
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>> they're here because craig is here. >> we'll get outside in just a bit. also coming up an undercover rossen reports investigation, jeff tracks down people posing as fake soldiers in an attempt to get money. wait until you hear what happened when jeff's team confronts some of those alleged imposters. it's national sunglasses day. did you know that? to celebrate we'll play a little game of true or false to find out if you're wearing the best pair to protect your eyes. we'll talk about why it is important to wear sunglasses. it's really about your health not about fashion. >> not always the most expensive pair either. we start the half hour with a desperate search at sea for former sailor for the u.s. olympic team now missing off the florida coast. we'll get the latest from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> this morning in biscayne bay near miami, there's still no sign of trevor moore, his family is stunned. >> he's an expert waterman so olympic sailor. has been living down here for
7:32 am
the past few years. teaching kids how to sail here on the bay. so he he knows the waters well. he knows what he's doing. >> but moore's 15-foot boat was found abandoned thursday afternoon. the engine still running, a life vest and a few personal items were found on board. >> when we look at gps data, we see an area where there's a change in direction, and a change in speed on the vessel. >> that has narrowed the search which now includes more than a dozen boats and two helicopters. >> environmental conditions are good. calm seas light winds, warm water. so it's our home hoep that we're going to find him. >> at the 2012 summer olympics in london moore and his teammates finished 15th in his event in this u.s. sailing team video before the games he talked about his passion. >> the olympic dream for myself is something that i really wanted to strive toward. it takes a combination of a goal as well as the original start which was a dream. >> a native of vermont, the 30-year-old now lives in miami. he got engaged in march.
7:33 am
his fiancee posting on facebook please pray for trevor. >> if somebody's been to the olympics and understands competition at the highest level. his coaching would be more of teams that are on the olympic path. >> it's the world-class experience that his friends and family baffled, as how an olympic sailor could vanish at sea. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> a big mystery. >> yeah. dylan is out on the plaza with that amazing huge crowd. with a check of your weather on this saturday hey, dylan. >> we have a huge crowd on the plaza this morning. i found a family from south carolina. you guys said you've been melting. >> we have been melting down there. >> it's been humid and hot. >> yes. >> and today it's going to rain. >> that's okay. >> you picked a good day to be here. it's cooler we're going to see things cool off down in the southeast where it's been well over 100 degrees, it comes with this cold front that's producing showers from southwestern texas up into the mid-atlantic and we are going to see them fill in even more late they are afternoon. we could see stronger storms. they'll start to push to the
7:34 am
northern florida by sunday. we could see as much about two to three inches of rain especially along the panhandle of florida near pensacola and back into louisiana, too. so we do have to keep an eye out for stronger storms later on today. especially from washington, d.c. right down into northern south carolina. back behind the front, 70s and 80s, lower humidity. it will get much much better out there. we have extreme heat in the northwest, with heat advisories in effect temperatures well up >> hi. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. first alert weather day in effect for us. we have a flood watch that's going to stay in effect for parts of our area. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected and severe storms a possibility as well. temperatures will stay down between 70 and 73 degrees. light rain becoming heavy. that's going to stick around into your late night hours and last until tomorrow morning. but clearing as we head into sunday late morning. temperatures warm back to the 80s by tomorrow.
7:35 am
that's yours latest forecast back inside to you. still to come a first look at the injury that kept jimmy fallon from taping the tonight show last night. and what he says about how it happened. but up next -- men caught posing as soldiers as you can imagine they weren't too happy when we confronted them about it. ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ what if getting ready was this easy? now teeth whitening is! with the colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. just brush whiten, and go! its stay-on formula deeply whitens
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reports" fake soldiers. people caught parading around in uniforms with medals even that they never earned. and using it all for financial gain in some cases. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has more on this outrageous story. jeff good morning. >> hey, guys good morning to you. they look like real soldiers. their uniforms are authentic. their medals are impressive like the purple heart and the silver star. but they're not soldiers at all. they make it all up hoping to impress women and line their own pockets. many of us fall for it. why wouldn't we? but this morning, you're about to see those soldiers in action. the man inside this car is a phony, an imposter who pretended to be a decorated soldier to impress women and to make money. >> why were you pretending to be a war hero? >> when we did, this happened.
7:39 am
and there are plenty more like him nationwide. alleged fake soldiers parading around in uniforms. even wearing medals they never earned. >> they're terrible. they go to any lengths to keep that lie alive. >> don shipley is the real deal a retired navy s.e.a.l. who now hunts down the fakes. exposing them online. >> there are a lot of fakes on here. >> one fake after another, fake fake. >> in the world of the military is there anything more dishonorable than lying about your service? >> no it's terribly dishonorable. >> real soldiers following shipley's lead. real soldiers so fed up they're confronting these imposters in public. the videos going viral. >> do you know how many people i watched die for this uniform? >> i'm sorry, sir. i should have taken the crosses off. >> that one especially i'm going to take off for you. >> from california to pennsylvania. >> here it is guys stolen
7:40 am
valor at its finest. why don't you admit you're a phony. >> how easy is it to get those uniforms? >> i went online and bought an authentic military uniform. look at this a few days later came right in the mail. even custom made with my last name on it and it's not just uniforms either. i also bought online these distinguished medals here is the silver star the bronze star and look at this. even the purple heart. which brings us back to jonathan short. who used a uniform and yes, a purple heart to dupe women into giving him money. >> he said he was a ranger sergeant he had been deployed several times, he was judge actually injured. >> convinced he was an officer and a gentleman, look at the photos ashley fell hard for jonathan short after meeting him online. >> he would talk about shrapnel still being in his body. >> was any of it true. >> all of it was a lie. >> that's right, he isn't a soldier at all.
7:41 am
never was. didn't serve a single day in the military. but this quote-unquote war hero was able to convince ashley to give him money for his sick child. a child that never really existed. >> i was hurt. i didn't feel very good about myself. >> short was finally arrested. walking around fort knox wearing a uniform. he was convicted and spent a year in prison. >> with nbc news can i talk to you about all the lie you been telling? >> when we tried to speak to him -- watch. what's up dude don't hit the camera. >> 0 don't stick the camera in my face. >> tell me about the purple heart, where were you wounded? >> in your face. >> our lens busted he threatens my producer. >> why not just enlist? why do all this? huh? >> if you don't stop there's going to be a murder here. >> he ends up calling the cops on us but when they arrive short comes after our producer
7:42 am
again and he is arrested. >> no that hurts. >> his courage quickly crumbling. >> seriously, it hurts. >> he later pled guilty to misdemeanor harassment. but for every jonathan short, shipley says there are hundreds more waiting to take his place. >> i've been to a lot of memorial services for fallen s.e.a.l.s, and you get some coward back here who would steal that valor, i'm not going to let it happen. >> as for jonathan short, the fake soldier we approached he wrote a letter of apology to the soldiers of fort knox where he was arrested. but he told us he has no apology whatsoever for the young woman he took advantage of. guys? >> wow, no apology for her? >> unbelievable. >> you've got to wonder what kind of person does this. >> you do when you look at the track record -- wow. >> speechless. >> yeah. >> all right i guess we're moving on from that one.
7:43 am
>> it was rossen's producer that took one for the team. it was not jeff rossen knocking on the window. >> jeff went out of the studio while we were talking about that. >> my good friend is a smart man. we'll find him in the break. up next an incrediblekreblcredible 8-year-old basketball player who could teach
7:44 am
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7:46 am
back on a saturday morning with an 8-year-old basketball player who has high hopes of making it to the nba. >> when you see the determination he has on the court. you likely would not be surprised to see him playing with the pros one day. jenna wolfe has this story. >> there's one thing everyone knows about zeke ortiz, he loves basketball. from shooting hoops in his back yard to competing with the maryland play-makers, but for this 8-year-old the best part is the experience like this. zeke and his brother and parents and much of his extended family are deaf. his aunt who can hear interpreted for us. >> what do you want to be when you grow up zeke? >> a pro basketball player. >> earlier this year this
7:47 am
little kid made a big decision. he left his deaf team to join a more competitive league where he's the only deaf player. >> at the very first practice zeke kept looking at us saying i don't understand i don't understand. and we said it's okay. just watch. just try to figure it out. >> having spent most of his life among deaf people for the first time he felt lost. >> everybody was talking and i didn't know what they were saying or what to do. >> so his dad started coming to every practice giving up the stands for the sidelines. >> i watched what was going on. i knew what the practice plays were i would essentially interpret that for zeke. >> the coaches got creative drawing plays on boards and using gestures to communicate. as the players got to know zeke the dynamic on the court started to change. >> they'll use their own little sign language somehow they know how to communicate as much as others. >> they say there's a time-out come over here. >> on the day we joined zeke at
7:48 am
practice i put his fearless shooting style to the test in a game of h.o.r.s.e. refusing to take it easy on someone far shorter than i am, i offered up this. >> only to be be schooled with this. this team of ten has come a long way together. is he a good basketball player? >> the best. >> with the help of his team this new kid who at first struggled to find his place is now exactly where he belongs. for today, jenna wolfe, nbc news frederick, maryland. >> great story. >> i lover that story. >> i love that the kids are learning how to communicate and figuring out a way to make him know what's going on. >> it's amazing when you let kids do their thing, right? how we can all learn something from that. way to go zeke. still to come the internet going wild over president obama's rendition of "amazing grace" at the funeral yesterday. we will check it out in the orange room.
7:49 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:50 am
7:51 am
back on a saturday morning, every weekend on the download on saturday morning, we take you back to some big stories of the week. it's great to see how they play out on social media. what a week for that starting out with an historic ruling by the supreme court to legalize same-sex marriage. the #lovewins was trending twitter was awash in rainbows. >> and another huge social moment came when president obama broke into "amazing grace" at pastor clementa pinckney's funeral yesterday. >> it was such a powerful moment we showed you a short clip earlier but we want to go back and play awe little more. some people are calling it one of the most emotional moments of the service. and even of barack obama's presidency. ♪ amazing grace ♪
7:52 am
♪ how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> i get chills every time i watch it the online reaction was swift of course. the "tonight show's" questlove tweeting dog, potus just went to e flat like he was collabing with stevie and jam. questlove was referring to producers jimmy jam and terry lewis. and we have this one from the president's former speech writer tweeting then there was the time he sang "amazing grace" in a black church the week gay marriage and health care were enshrined as basic rights. summing up the week there and another twitterer with the handle the other one, currently downloading obama singing
7:53 am
"amazing grace" into my itunes. you can't top that. you said people outside went into song as well. >> but it was one of those things where it took a few seconds for people to grasp what was happening. >> you weren't sure whether or not he was going to continue. then he did. and you know -- >> down the left side. >> there's the guy on the left. who as soon as he starts into it he is like oh yeah. i know what this is. he stands up and the rest is history. >> a powerful powerful moment. still to come on [rob] so we've had a tempur-pedic for awhile, but now that we have the adjustable base, it's even better. [alex] when i put my feet up on this bed my stress just goes away. [evie] i go up...heeeeyyy... [donna]our tempur-pedic is the best thing in our house, 'cept for my husband. [lauren] wait,wait,where are you going?
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fortunately, your doctor can prescribe aczone® gel, fda approved for the topical treatment of acne and proven in clinical studies with people 12 years and older. talk to your doctor about any medical conditions you have, including g6pd deficiency, and any medications you are using. use of benzoyl peroxide with aczone® gel may cause your skin to temporarily turn yellow or orange at the site of application. the most common side effects with aczone® gel are dryness redness, oiliness, and peeling of treated skin. now you could pay no more than $10 for aczone® gel. get your coupon and learn more at aczone® gel. prescription treatment. proven results. heavy rain accusing -- causing problems across our area. look at this mud slide in west conshohocken. this road is still closed this
7:56 am
morning. just about 7:56. i'm ted greenberg. more rain could cause additional problems later on today. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking that wet weather. >> it is a first alert weather day. as we head into the afternoon and into tonight, that first alert will remain. mostly cloudy start on this saturday. so for the start of your weekend, expect light rain. then it will switch over to heavy rainfall. you want to be careful driving around especially as you head out tonight. here's a closer look at where the rain is right now. light rain in allentown, philadelphia wilmington. as we head into the next few hours, we'll continue to see light rain moving in. it won't get heavy until 6:00 7:00 at night. temperatures today will stay closer to the low 70s. our average for this time of year is between 70 and 73 degrees. most of these showers will clear up into the early morning hours.
7:57 am
light rain and then switching over to heavy rain later. new this morning a man and a woman shot in camden are in the hospital right now. the double shooting happened just after 4:30 a.m. man is in critical condition. the woman, stable. we're working to find out the victims' identities and other information about the case. this fire in philadelphia forced five families out of their homes and injured a firefighter. nbc 10 on north 54th street in wynnefield. it took crews just over two hours to get the blaze under control. the firefighter was treated for a minor ankle injury. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. more of the "today" show coming your way next. we're back in 25 minutes. i'm ted greenberg. have a great weekend.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, it's saturday june 27th 2015 here's a look at today's top story, alone and on the run. police in upstate new york searching for just one escaped convict this morning after shooting and killing richard matt in the woods of northern new york. authorities are out in force, looking in those same woods for david sweat. and warn he could be more dangerous than ever. worldwide terror new details this morning about the threat of an attack here at home. possibly over the fourth of july weekend, as security is stepped up both here and abroad. meanwhile, isis has claimed responsibility for two of three horrific attacks on foreign soil on friday in tunisia and kuwait. and fallon's fall -- the "tonight show" host undergoing surgery friday after hurting his hand while he was at home. a bizarre injury involving his
8:01 am
wedding ring and a table. we'll tell you what he said happened. ♪ ♪ oh we can do better than that! yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a rowdy crowd out here. >> great crowd. we have a ton of birthdays, we have 60th birthday 70th birthday and 80th birthday and an eight. >> we've got a couple of anniversaries. >> some folks from arkansas here. >> we have some of dylan's boston fans with us. >> got to love the boston fans. >> 40th anniversary, really? 40 years. >> wow. congratulations. >> i'm glad you brought her. we'll give you a mug or something to take back with you. >> you make big promises. >> let's hope can you follow through. >> we've got no mugs. >> craig's going to look for a mug. there's a lot to get to a busy saturday news morning.
8:02 am
chanel is following an incident with the confederate flag in south carolina this morning. chanel good morning. >> this morning the confederate flag is no longer flying over the capitol in south carolina. just a short time ago, it was taken down. police say it was removed by a woman who climbed the pole to detach it police say two people have been arrested. in charleston three more funerals will be held today for victims of the church massacre. the oldest and youngest will be laid to rest. 26-year-old tywanza sanders and his 87-year-old aunt susan jackson and there will be a funeral for cynthia heard. these follow president obama's powerful eulogy at the church service for pastor clementa pankny. this morning, escaped killer richard matt is dead and police are searching for david sweat. nbc's stephanie gosk is in upstate new york where teams are concentrating. >> people in this area are tired of the manhunt.
8:03 am
went hoping it would come to an end, but woke up to swarming law enforcement, choppers overhead. all of it began on friday with a 911 call a vacationer realized that his camper had been shot at. he called police police choppered in a border tactical team that landed on the ground and encountered richard matt in the forest. who pointed a shotgun at them. at which point they killed him. but there was no sign of david sweat. now authorities believed that they had been traveling together at least up until last weekend when they were dna was found from them in a cabin in the woods. now they are on the hunt for sweat. they want to capture him alive they say, because they want an explanation of how this prison break took place. but they are also concerned that he has become more dangerous, more desperate now that his partner has been killed. chanel in. >> thank you, stephanie. the fbi is warning of the
8:04 am
possibility of terror attacks on july 4th. the agency says isis and supporters could be encouraged to action during this holy month of ramadan. the warning follows terror attacks on three continents including this one in tunisia. the amateur video shows the chaos in the midst of gunfire leaving 37 dead. and many wounded. a crash has left several utah state university athletes critically injured. the five were traveling in an suv broadsided by a tanker truck. four members of the football team were hurt one critically a former member of the women's softball team is also being treated. for anyone heading to a disney theme park you better leave your selfie stick at home. starting next week selfie sticks are banned inside all disney properties. the move comes after a disney roller coaster was stopped, stranding passengers in mid-ride after one of them took out a selfie stick to take an action shot. the dog who takes the prize as the world's ugliest, the
8:05 am
competition was fierce at this year's contest in petaluma, california. it's not just an ugly face that wins the prize, it has to be a dog with the right personality. who took home the crown? quasimoto, a 10-year-old pit bull shepherd mix, who gets the glory and the $1500 check and the crown with the world's ugliest dog. >> i didn't realize that usually it's the hairless chinese crested that wins every year with the tongue. i didn't realize there was a personality element to it. >> should we feel bad for celebrating that? every time we read those stories, i'm like that's someone's dog. >> they entered them. >> they got the $1500 check. no the, not bad. >> there's a lot of greed on the
8:06 am
map -- green on the map. >> that's blue. >> we're going to talk temperatures right now. >> that was the 7:00 map. >> we're switching from the rain over to the temperature change. it's hot out west but it's going to finally start cooling off down in the southeast. but in the northeast it's actually going to be a little bit cool. saturday or today in new york city only 70 degrees. but look at we go into burlington tomorrow once the rain moves in sunday and monday. high temperatures in the 60s. cleveland tomorrow about 67 degrees. down in the southeast where it has been well over 100 degrees, the humidity levels even higher we are finally going to drop down into the 80s. it does start to get back into the 90s in montgomery alabama sunday and monday in charleston we'll drop down into the mid 80s for a couple of days before we get back into the heat. out west we have a big area of high pressure continuing to pump in the heat. portland oregon 100 degrees today, 90 tomorrow and 94 on monday. it looks like we'll be up around 100 degrees for several areas out west. las vegas
8:07 am
brittney shipp. first alert weather day in effect for us. we have a flood watch that will stay in effect for parts of our area heading into tonight. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected and severe storms a possibility as well. temperatures will stay down between 70 and 73 degrees. light rain becoming heavy. that's going to stick around into your late night hours and last until tomorrow morning. but clearing as we head into sunday late morning. temperatures warm back to the 80s by tomorrow. and that's your latest forecast. the women of team usa are hopefully getting some well-deserved rest this morning after beating china in the quarterfinals at the world cup. 1-0. but can they recapture the magic of that 1999 team? and win it all? here's nbc's ron mott. >> it was china's chance to settle a score with team usa, 16 years in the making.
8:08 am
in the end, revenge may have been the goal but the americans scored the only goal that mattered toppling the chinese 1-0, another impressive defensive effort. >> the team has been absolutely locked down. the back line of the usa looks as good as i've ever seen a back line look. the last time the two superpowers squared off, brianna scurry guarded goal and it was america literally sliding to victory on brandy chastain's iconic penalty kick. winning it all in dramatic fashion in 1999. but second-ranked team usa still has a number of big hurdles to clear. will the controversial artificial turf take down a key player at the wrong time? >> it's not fair to the player for the very pinnacle of our sport. the very biggest tournament of our lifetime. this tournament needs to be played on actual grass. >> how would the u.s. fare against their next opponent? top-ranked germany. >> germany is a perennial superpower in the women's soccer arena. they're going for their third
8:09 am
world cup as well just like the usa. it will be a tough match-up. >> and will america's defense remain staunch and focused, especially hope solo the team's 33-year-old goalie playing under the shadow of domestic violence charges, with prosecutors in washington state appealing a court's ruling to dismiss them. the offense has been lackluster. but defender ali krieger is turning a few heads off the field. the latest athlete to bare all in a u.s. magazine. to the semifinals on tuesday, the world cup up for gragbs. america hoping to score its third return to the pinnacle of glory. for "today," ron mott nbc news. that's so great. these girls are so strong. they're just -- i'm proud of them. >> let's go team usa on tuesday when they take on germany. let's send it over to erica him. we want to be the first to wish you at home happy national sunglasses day. yes. it's today. but in all seriousness, because it's a holiday, we thought it was a good time to do a little
8:10 am
fact or fiction when it comes to making sure your eyes are properly protected from the harsh effects of the sun. dr. annie gray is an ophthalmol opthalmologist and joins us this morning. >> let's clear up first of all, we love the fashion accessory part of the sunglasses. but what is the real reason behind needing to protect our eyes from the sun? >> sun exposure in the eyes leads to a whole host of problems from serious to just a little painful. most people don't realize the sun is just as bad for your eyes as it is for your skin. so you can get a sunburn in your eyes did you realize that? >> i had no idea. >> it's just as painful as a sunburn on your skin. >> we know we need to protect them now we do a little true or false to test our knowledge. first of all, can we test those labels that give us the uva and the uva protection. >> can we trust them? absolutely. when you're in a reputable store that could be your local drug store, target has some great brands and you're looking for the label that says 100%
8:11 am
uva/uvb, or 400 mm. there's a couple examples of those here today. the point is you don't have to spend a lot on sunglasses i got a couple of wonderful brands today that protect you just as much as the high price point in a specialty line store. >> so as long as you see that that must be a regulated sticker for them to be allowed to put it on there. so we can trust them. the next one, true or false, kids should wear sunglasses. >> in is so true we know that most of the damage to our eyes is done by the time we're in our 20s. so kids represent a unique chance to protect their eyes while they're young. now it's not easy to get kids to wear sunglasses if you're like me i'm chasing around the kids in the playground wear your sunglasses. it should become habit when you put the sunblock on them. get them a pair of sunglasses that they like that they want to wear. it should be fun. for kids that are really young like toddlers or babies they have straps so they don't lose them as often. >> which are great and the straps attach. and you may want to just parent tip, buy two paires if they
8:12 am
really like them. it will make your life easier in the end. what about polarized, does it mean your eyes are more protected? >> no polarization has nothing to do with protecting your eyes. this is a big misconception, that people don't realize. polarization is about anti-glare so if you're out on the water, or skiing the reflection from snow or different surfaces can be annoying polarization has nothing to do with u.s. blockv blocking. >> cloudy day, do you still need sunglasses? >> absolutely. if it's cloudy raining, a freezing december day, if it's daytime, the sun's uv rays can get into your eyes and a lot of people think early-morning, late afternoon, the sun is not as strong right? >> yeah. >> that's actually when the sun's position is lower in the sky and gets more directly into our eyes. so those early morning, early afternoon strolls is when it's most important to wear your sunglasses. we don't have the eyebrow ridge when the sun comes from the top to protect us. it's lower in the sky.
8:13 am
>> would you think at noon because the sun feels so much stronger it would be stronger on your eyes. >> exactly, it's worse for your skin at noon. exactly. >> i love these, all great tips. nice to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i would like the hello kitty ones they match my dress. jimmy fallon is recovering after a strange injury involving his wedding ring and a table. what exactly happened? i'll let him explain. when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married?
8:14 am
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it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
8:16 am
good morning, in pop start, it's been a huge month at the box office and jimmy fallon explains what happened to his hand. >> i'm covering it all this morning. first up yes, "tonight show" host jimmy fallon is recovering after being rushed to the hospital friday morning after he hurt his hand. fallon was forced to air a repeat on friday because the injury required surgery. he had to cancel his "tonight show" taping. what happened? after tweeting out this picture on friday night from the hospital jimmy tweeted, tripped and caught my fall good thing, ring caught on side of table almost ripped my finger off. bad thing. by the way, this isn't the first finger mishap. you may recall in june of 2013 fallon suffered another hand incident nearly chopping off his finger while making salsa. i guess he was -- >> he needs to be a little more careful of his fingers. says the woman with -- hand surgery. >> that's a good one.
8:17 am
next tensions between donald trump and the unavision continue to boil over. on friday trump sent a letter to unavision's ceo and president banning all unavision personnel from using his national doral golf club and resort. this comes after unavision announced it would end its relationship with trump and miss usa. trump said he plans to sue unavision for breach of contract and defamation. but keeping them from the golf course? >> there are other golf courses in florida, right? i think they have some options. >> at first read it's like oh this is a joke. and then you realize, it's not. but it reads like it is. >> to be continued. next up who says people don't go to the movies any more? not the case this month as june shaped up to be one of the
8:18 am
biggest months ever. fandango says it's on track to have the best month in the company's 15-year history. and that our sister company, nbc universal "jurassic world" devouring every box office record in its path. and "inside out" set to have the second-best weekend ever. fandango bet best month was in november of 2013 when "frozen" came out. the box office revenue so far this year over $5 billion. >> and we're only halfway through the year. people want to go to the movies. i have to get to harry potter fans author j.k. rowling announced she's working on a new book about her beloved character. "harry potter and the cursed child. "she says it will tell the untold story, but not a prequel. as to why she's taking it to the
8:19 am
stage and not another novel. she said i'm confident when audiences see the play they will agree it was the only proper medium for the story. the play opens in london if you want to go see it next summer. >> i would like to volunteer for that assignment. >> i say road trip. >> it's not a road trip it's a fly trip. >> butter beer at intermission. >> regular beer in between. >> seneca summer getaways that won't break the bank.
8:20 am
8:21 am
still to come on "today," you'll hear from the magician who got stuck inside that box right there. when it was full of water. this morning what he's saying about the stunt. plus a really interesting
8:22 am
story about how wolves are helping some young people cope with life. i went out to california for this one. aren't you christen press? that's me. great to see you off the soccer field. what's that sunscreen? it's coppertone clearly sheer. lightweight, breathable protection. your skin looks amazing - not greasy.
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contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:25 am
when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ heavy rain is taking a toll on area roads. take a look at this mudslide in west conshohocken. balligomingo road will be closed
8:26 am
for quite a while. detours are up in several places where flooding rain fell overnight. just about 8:26. good morning. i'm ted greenberg and we're in for even more rain. let's get right to first alert meteorologist brittney shipp for the weekend forecast. >> that's right. as we head into the rest of your morning, we'll stick with light rain and it will switch to heavy rain by the afternoon. it's probably going to affect the tall ships festival there. and as we look at the radar, you can see rain moving into our area now. more heavy rainfall and a chance of storms as we go into the rest of the afternoon. so by 3:00, still dealing with light rain. but you can see the heavy rain just over harrisburg. then 5:00 6:00, it moves in. by 8:00 it's right over philly and will continue into the overnight hours. it won't clear up until the early morning hours on sunday. as far as today is concerned, with our temperatures we'll stay in the low 70s. our average for this time of year is 85.
8:27 am
our range today between 70 and 73 degrees. with more rain ahead this weekend, have the nbc 10 news app on your phone or tablet. get the latest radar and video forecasts anywhere you go. new this saturday morning, a car ends up at the bottom of an embankment in montgomery county sending one to the hospital. we were on the scene. the crash happened around 5:45 this morning. we're told the car hit a tree before it rolled down the embankment. victim was taken to the hospital with what's being called a serious injury. police are looking into the cause of that crash. more of the "today" show is coming your way next. we'll be back at 9:00 with a full hour of news. i'm ted greenberg. have a great weekend.
8:28 am
dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere.
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and we are back on the saturday morning, june 27th 2015 you're listening to the musical island boys. this a cappella quartet hails from new zealand. performing in the united states. we love that. they are -- we're going to talk to them in a few minutes. a great crowd out here on the plaza on rockefeller center despite the overcast saturday morning. >> never put the damper on our crowd. no matter what the weather. >> we're going to get some rain later, though aren't we? >> you're staring me down here. i don't know what you want me to
8:31 am
say. yes, it's going rain and i'm sorry. >> i would like to thank you for the sun we're going to get tomorrow. still to come in this half hour of "today," when you think of wolves chances are you're thinking of a wild animal, one you probably wouldn't want to get close to and one that wouldn't want to get close to you. but there's a new program for teenagers that helps them cope with life. and if you want to take the family on vacation this summer but you haven't picked where you want to go you want to stay tuned. we have great travel deals it take you all over the country. and we love to cook and we love to eat. and this morning sarah gore is in the kitchen making a super easy one-pot breakfast, filled with sausage, potatoes and eggs. we begin this half hour with new information about the terrifying stunt, a magician needed to be rescued in the middle of his act. this morning he's speaking out for the first time about exactly what went wrong. here's nbc's kelly jackson.
8:32 am
>> an illusion intended to entertain -- turned terrifying. as crew members rushed to save spencer horseman trapped in a water tank arms chained, blacked out. >> there's no trick to this i'm holding my breath i am picking the locks and hopefully getting out before i run out of air. >> this morning, we're hearing from the escape artist for the first time since the dramatic rescue. >> i pushed it too much. i thought my body could handle it. >> horseman who appeared on "america's got talent" with a similar trick, had been practicing for a new show supernaturalists in connecticut. produced by superstar magician kris angel. that's him. jumping on top of the tank to save spencer. >> we want to push the envelope and take magic and escape to new heights. >> but are performers pushing the envelope too far? >> there was this horrifying collapse at a rhode island circus the acrobats hanging by their hair survived. and on broadway so did
8:33 am
spider-man after a scary spill on stage. but a cirque du soleil performer died in 2013 during a performance and while karl wallenda lost his life while dropping from a tightrope, there was a high-wire walk over the grand canyon by his son. >> our culture is interested in bigger better. they always like the adrenaline. >> spencer has already performed his water escape again on stage successfully. >> i don't scare easily. >> we take every measure to insure the artist's safety. but when you play with fire you have to be willing to get burned. >> pushing themselves to the limit. taking entertainment to the extreme. for "today," halle jackson, nbc news los angeles. that's scary stuff. >> you know you kind of have to wonder what some of the other risks that they take that we don't see things like that more often. >> it's true. >> it is kind of amazing. >> we're also processing dylan,
8:34 am
let's get a final check of the weather zlxt we're going to see rain make its way into the northeast today. it's all the moisture streaming in out ahead of the cold front and that is going to produce lots of rain up and down the east coast we could even see stronger storms today and the area in orange washington, d.c. into northern south carolina. we could end up with wind gusts near 70 miles per hour and isolated tornado possible. but it's more the dangerous lightning and the heavier downpours that could cause problems. we could see as much as two to three inches of rain. it will start to make its way into new england by tomorrow. but today we're looking for a cooler temperatures back to the plains that will eventually start to move into the southeast. but it is hot out west. temperatures breaking records well above 100 degrees. even in the pacific northwest it is going to be close to 90 degrees. we'll see some showers move along >> i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. first alert weather day in effect for us. we have a flood watch that will stay in effect for parts of our area heading into the rest of
8:35 am
tonight. 1 to 3 inches expected. temperatures will stay down between 70 and 73 degrees. light rain becoming heavy. that's going to stick around into your late night hours and last until tomorrow morning. but clearing as we head into sunday late morning. temperatures warm back to the 80s by tomorrow. barber shop quartets seem to be unusual these days we've got jeff marcelis matthew gifford and your brother will on the end. you guys are incredible you've won the highest award you can win in barbershop quartets how did you get involved? >> we started in high school in 2002. back in new zealand. now 2015 the barbershop harmony society is a global organization of singers, you know who don't necessarily look or sound like
8:36 am
what you might typical barbershop quartet. >> we think of the red and white stripes and the colored jackets, but you guys are just rocking it it's so awesome. do you hope to do anything beyond barbershop quarteting? >> maybe become rich and famous we're here in new york city doing a show tonight with the local barbershop chorus here and we're on our way to pittsburgh pennsylvania to hand over the international championship to the next quartet. and you know we'd love to see people at either event, you can find more information at we're sharing the love of music and barbershop. >> i know you've got a number from "the lion king" so take it away. ♪ one day i'm going to be the man ♪ ♪ taking it all across the land ♪ ♪ gonna to be such a monarchy ♪ ♪ can't wait ♪ ♪ gonna be a mighty king ♪ ♪ so enemies beware ♪ ♪ you never see a king like me ♪ ♪ be such a big affair ♪
8:37 am
♪ i'm gonna be the main event ♪ ♪ like no king was before ♪ ♪ you see i'm brushing up on looking down ♪ ♪ i'm working on my roar ♪ ♪ i'm gonna be a most inspireing king ♪ >> that's the musical island boys. i love "the lion king." >> dylan and the musical island boys thank you. coming up wolves and teenagers. just how exactly dot wild animals help these young adults cope with the real world? but first, these messages. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security.
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8:40 am
back on a saturday morning, an interesting approach involving at-risk kids helping them better themselveses they move forward in life. including wolves. >> films, books, tv oftentimes wolves are portrayed as big, bad and dangerous. we went to california and found a group that's changing perceptions about wolves and helping young people in the process. 50 miles north of los angeles both man and wolf are getting a second chance at life. >> this is about feeling the wind in your face seeing the sun in your face. >> named wolf connection its founder says over the past four and a half years he's brought
8:41 am
together these rescued animals, with some of the city's toughest youth. >> good girl. >> i wanted to put in this bravado so i wouldn't get messed with any more. because of that i fell into this wrong group. >> i was like fighting and selling drugs. >> got expelled. >> yeah i got caught. >> how do you use the wolves to help the kids? >> the animals come from back grounds of abuse, neglect and abandonment which is the same background as the kids have. so when they connect and the youth begin listening to the animal stories, they begin identifying. >> an alternative to more traditional rehabilitation programs. students here graduate from an eight-week curriculum that goes beyond behavior modification and includes emotional healing and job training. >> why don't you hold this. >> and wolf connection says it's working with schools, foster care and substance abuse
8:42 am
facilities reporting a 70% decrease in ra pete offenses and an 80% increase in high school graduation and college enrollment. >> i want to you think about things that hold you back in your life. feel the heaviness in your chest, let it come down the arms and into the rock. when you're ready, you're going to throw that rock away. >> pain. >> anger and frustration. >> back-stabbing and betrayal. >> up was a stubborn little girl after the program, a more mature young woman. >> what do you hope to get out of the program? >> i honestly hope that we planted a seed. using if the animal can give life another chance soky. if the animal can trust again, so can i. >> some of those kids were in
8:43 am
dark places and they are convinced that the wolves that the time that they spent with these wolves really helped bring them back from the brink. >> there's something about connecting with nature i think that just changes the way people feel inside. >> i agree with you wholeheartedly. >> the animal is never judging you. >> i'll be honest with you, the first time i approached the wolf a little nervous. >> i probably would be too, a healthy respect. >> indeed. >> a great story. let's send it to chanel in the orange room. >> i'm bonding, we have flo dumont of new orleans. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> still to come on "today," great travel deals for a quick and affordable vacation. but first, this is "today" on nbc! [ cheers and applause ]
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8:46 am
new today in travel you don't have to go to an overpriced resort. there's a ton of great and cheap options that will take you all over the country. foursquare the city guide app director is here with more. let's start on the east coast. >> portsmouth new hampshire. rates are going to be $189 a night this is a destination that's in between portland maine and boston massachusetts. with coastal parks, historic houses. incredible lobster rolls, a beautiful destination with affordable hotel rates as well. >> from portsmouth to the mid-atlantic now. a lot of folks can drive to virginia beach, virginia. >> right. >> this is a popular spot. >> it is $199 a the ocean beach club hotel. right on the three-mile boardwalk. what i love about this destination, it's great for outdoors lovers. knot not only is there a beautiful beach, but a back bay preserve a refuge for falcons
8:47 am
and migratory birds. it's an easily accessible destination. >> how long are the rates good for? >> they're for the summer all rates are for under $200 and available for the summer months. >> i spent some time here in college, panama city beach, florida. >> the emeralds coast sugar sands, the most affordable deal we'll be talking about today. $125 a night. some rooms have kitchenettes to save a couple dollars, if you make your breakfast and bring your lunch. it has throwback charms like an old-fashioned carousel. >> this would be more suited for families? >> yes, they're all suited for families this one especially. >> we go from panama beach, florida, to coronado california. >> a peninsula off the coast of san diego, the glor yetta bay room has incredible rates, $199 in august the most popular time of year to go there. it's within walking distance of
8:48 am
the most iconic hotel, the hotel del coronado you can have bonfires kayaking paddleboarding a beautiful cal cal destination. >> and las vegas. >> we're not talking about the strip here. >> many people don't know there are other attributes right outside las vegas. the red rock canyon. the jw marriott has rates of $135. the red rocks you can explore them in the morning and evening, go hiking and take a 13-mile scenic drive. if you're looking for other fun things to do with the kids there's a high roller observation wheel, the tallest in the world. also the shark reef aquarium at the mandelay bay, it can be a very kid-friendly escape and definitely affordable in the summer. >> at night can you go into the city and gamble. there you go. >> thank you so much. up next a delicious and easy breakfast you will love and you only need one pot to make it. first, these messages.
8:49 am
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is this morning in "today" foods, how about a hearty breakfast that won't take you any time at all to make? you only need one pot or pan to cook it in. sarah gore is part of our nbc family she's a former caterer and line cook. we're always happy when you're here with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are we making today? >> we are making a delicious one-pot meal sausage, sage and sweet potato hash and eggs you get your protein, your starch, your vegetable is all in one pot. your husband is happy because you only have one pot to clean. >> your husband cleans? we've got to talk. >> we have all of our ingredients here you'll show us a special technique for dicing up sweet potato. >> we've got chicken maple breakfast sausage. sage sweet potato gruyere.
8:52 am
they're all available at any grocery store you go to. our technique tip here today is any time you use a round vegetable, especially potatoes they like to roll around on the cutting board. that can be a little dangerous. so best thing to do is cut a flat edge on the side and then it's stable and then can you get your -- your even slices. >> and you can get dices a little more even as well. >> your dice is even that's important when you're cooking, you want everything to cook at the same rate. >> so it cooks evenly. you don't have the little burnt pieces and undercooked pieces. >> when we move to the pan, you're using butter and oil. the heat of the pan before you put them in -- >> is really important. you want a hot pan. i always do medium high heat you can move it up or down if necessary. this is warm it's got the oil and the butter we're going do throw in our shallots, i like a lot of shallots. if you don't like this many you don't have to put in this many. i'm going to saute this for a second. i want to coat them but not
8:53 am
cook them. they will get brown really fast. if it is burnt, it tastes really bitter. we're going to throw the sweet potatoes in that pan. that's go to cook at a different rate depending on the size of your potatoes. >> this is our today's swap. some folks, my husband included no the a fan of sweet potatoes you say a good swap would be a red bliss potato. just scrub them really well but keep the skins on. >> nice color. >> more nutrients in the skin. i'm going to put a little bit of paprika in here a little salt. a little pepper which over there, can i just put that in. and then it makes it a little bit more rustic cowboy too. to leave the skins on there. so this is going to cook down for like 10-15 minutes. we've got our pan ready to go i'm going to put in the rest of my ingredients, i've got maple chicken breakfast sausage. it comes fully cooked. if you don't get one fully cooked. a little tip, throw it in the oven the night before and then the next morning dice it up and
8:54 am
throw it in. >> you're going to put our chicken sausage in. it makes it healthier. >> a little extra protein. >> i put kale in mine because it's healthy. if you don't like kale you can put red pep anywhere there or shaved brussel sprouts, that would be delicious and your kids the kids won't notice as much. i like your thinking. we're going to throw in a little sage and parsley. >> and because we are waiting on the potatoes to cook. which is 10-15 minutes. >> we're going to heat them through. >> because you can smell it already. >> it smells amazing. >> cook it for another like three or four minutes. >> then we're going to make our wells for our eggs. because we've said everything is in one pot. can you use a cookie cutter. >> you can use a can or a glass, make sure it's a sturdy glass. i'm going to do two, but you can do four. depending on how many people you have that's kind of sloppy. >> we're not judging. >> we're going to crack into the
8:55 am
pan there. and that's going to start cooking on the bottom right away because it's a hot pan. i'm going to talk it with a little more salt on top of the eggs and do gruyere cheese do that all the way around. you can do different cheeses, too, manchego would be really nice. goat cheese i like my egg as little bit runny. so i'm going to throw it under the broiler for two minutes, if you like them cooked a little more. throw them into a 400-degree oven. >> can you do this for brunch when people come over. >> this is a beautiful presentation. too. >> i think we need to try it. >> it's in an amazing skillet. >> craig has all of the forks. >> i'll take one down to the ladies. >> i like them a little nest right there. >> this looks so good. >> can we say how beautiful this is? >> quick, easy. inexpensive. >> one pan. >> one pan. >> i'll take that. >> can i eat it out of the pan? >> dylan?
8:56 am
>> did you get one? >> hold on. i need a large spoon. >> can you find today's rainy weather is having an effect on the tall ships festival in philadelphia and camden. we'll tell you what's on what's off, and what's been moved to another time.
8:57 am
those stories and much more on nbc 10 news today at 9:00 next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
and this morning on nbc 10 news today, investigators are looking for the cause of this fire that forced five philadelphia families out of their homes and injured a firefighter. today is a first alert weather day. we are tracking storms moving into our region and they could cause flooding. good morning, everybody. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thank you for being with us. it is almost 9:00 on this saturday morning and some areas already saw flooding overnight. now more is possible. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is in the weather center tracking that rain for the weekend. hi, brittney. >> that's right. it's going to start off light and then switch to heavy rain with the chance of storms into the rest of today. there's a live look outside
9:00 am
right now. we're seeing mostly cloudy skies. in a few locations we're actually seeing rainfall. we switch over to the radar now. this is the big batch of rain heading our way. it's going to be the next storm system that's going to intensify into the rest of your saturday. right now just light rain moving into allentown, the polk northeast -- poconos poconos. the flood watch goes into effect this afternoon and into tonight. that's going to affect poor drainage areas, also small creeks and streams. if you live near a small streak of creek, you want to be careful if you find yourself near a flooded roadway. turn around and don't try to drive through it. we will continue to see light rainfall at least until 4:00 p.m. that's when the hefaviest rainfall starts to


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