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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  June 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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the rest of today. there's a live look outside right now. we're seeing mostly cloudy skies. in a few locations we're actually seeing rainfall. we switch over to the radar now. this is the big batch of rain heading our way. it's going to be the next storm system that's going to intensify into the rest of your saturday. right now just light rain moving into allentown, the polk northeast -- poconos poconos. the flood watch goes into effect this afternoon and into tonight. that's going to affect poor drainage areas, also small creeks and streams. if you live near a small streak of creek, you want to be careful if you find yourself near a flooded roadway. turn around and don't try to drive through it. we will continue to see light rainfall at least until 4:00 p.m. that's when the hefaviest rainfall starts to move in.
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this is going to continue on and off at least until our early morning hours. i'll be breaking down how much you can expect in my full forecast. 9:01 now. new this morning, one person being treated for serious injuries following an early morning car crash. we're told a car struck a tree and went down an embankment around 5:30 a.m. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control. a man and a woman shot in camden are in the hospital right now. the double shooting happened just after 4:30 a.m. the man is in critical condition, the woman stable. we're working to find out the victims' identities and other information related to the case. new from overnight, an investigation is underway into this fire that forced five philadelphia families out of their holmes and injured a firefighter. nbc 10 was on north 54th street
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in wynnefield. flames broke out inside a store with apartments above it around 2:30 this morning. crews needed about two hours to put it out. the firefighter suffered a minor ankle injury. the red cross is helping the family that had to evacuate. also new from overnight, a man is in critical condition after he was shot in the stomach. this happened on the 5900 block of irving street in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. no word on the suspect or a motive. a fight over a fare leads to a violent arrest on a septa train in the frankford section of philadelphia. a little girl is caught in the middle and the entire incident was caught on video. authorities say 20-year-old ellis smith snuck on the line at the orthodox station with his young daughter. he was confronted by septa police who said he never paid
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the $2 fair. they repeatedly asked him to get off but he would not move. that's when the officer grabbed smith by the neck while he was holding his daughter. after seeing the video on social media, some are calling it police brutality. >> that's what it looked like to me. he had his arm up against him. >> in my opinion if that individual had been white and that baby had been white, the outcome of this situation would be been handle much delicately in any opinion. >> smith was charged with resisting arrest. he has been released and is back home this morning. this morning philadelphia police are looking to arrest these two men. kyleif harley and dominic lamar are wanted for opening fire on a block party last weekend. the suspects are accused of driving up to the party on ogden street and firing several shots. m police say 11 people were injured but they do not believe any of the victims were the
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intended target. >> just a horrifying scene that we had to deal with in this investigation. and listen to the family who was just trying to do the right thing for the family. trying to celebrate their mother and father who passed two years ago. you've got people preying on society out here. >> all of the victims have been released from local hospitals. if you have any information about the suspect, police want to hear from you. happening now, the manhunt intensifies for the one remaining escaped prisoner in upstate new york. convicted cop killer david sweat is still on the run after his partner richard matt was shot and killed. a federal agent gunned down matt yesterday afternoon following an attempted carjacking. investigators say they are closing in on sweat. he's believed to be in a wooded area near malone new york. that's about ten miles from the canadian border. meanwhile we are getting our first glimpse inside a cabin near owls head new york where authorities say the duo was holed up last weekend. dna evidence matched both escapees.
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officials identified more dna matching the killers at another cabin near malone where they eventually took down matt. same-sex marriage is a right in all 50 states. so says the u.s. supreme court following its 5-4 landmark ruling yesterday. and the decision touched off celebrations across the nation and here in our area. take a look at the white house bathed in rainbow colored lights overnight. a white house official said the colors reflect the diversity of the lbgt community. here's another rainbow on the streets of center city philadelphia. that's where supporters of same-sex marriage celebrated and snapped selfies last night. though some of those people told us they know the fight for gay rights continues especially in states that oppose the high court's ruling. >> i feel sorry for those states and the people that live there, but this is the right direction
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for our country. >> i think that it's really big because not too long ago, you know, people could be arrested for being gay. >> mayor michael nutter fresh off his trip to italy made a surprise appearance on independence mall last night to share in the celebration. but not everyone is happy about the ruling. archbishop charles chapup released this statement. quote, the supreme court's decision on marriage is not a surprise. the surprise will come as ordinary people begin to experience first hand and painfully the impact on everything they thought they knew about marriage family life our laws, and our social institutions. now back to the stormy weather we told you about a few moments ago. with more rain headed our way this weekend, there are concerns about flooding. jesse gary is live in west conshohocken where one road is a big mess after the wet weather we had overnight. jesse? >> reporter: yeah.
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that wet weather has returned. right now it's starting to rain. we are standing on balligomingo here in west conshohocken. we're about a half mile up the road from where i'm standing is where the problem is. let's look at our video. this is a mudslide that was caused by heavy rain overnight. it's a portion of the hillside that's been cleared. and because of the clearing and the heavy rain that rain hit the mud and dirt and turned it into mud. that mud slid right down the hill and it's blocking one of the two lanes on this road. and so the eastbound lane i guess it is is completely blocked. so for that reason police have closed it off here. they're worried that someone might try to squeeze past and get caught in the mud. and if not get stuck, slide. the other piece of video we wanted to show you, this is in the frankford section of philadelphia. the 5100 block of akron street. you can see this is some of the
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cleanup that crews still have to do from earlier in the week. the straight line winds that moved through toppled a couple of trees one of which is crushing a car. so akron is completely blocked and people who are on the wrong side of the tree can't get out, obviously. they're going to have to come out with some power tools, some saws, and cut those trees up and get them off that car so they can reopen akron over in the frankford section of philadelphia. a lot of problems out on the road. here in west conshohocken, this is just one of two streets that's closed. live in west conshohocken jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> still lots of cleanup. thank you. with more rain ahead this weekend, make sure you have the nbc 10 news app on your smartphone or tablet. download it for free and get live interactive radar and the latest video forecast anywhere you go. meantime thousands of people in our area are still without power following
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tuesday's severe storms. still ahead, we'll update efforts to get them back online and get them emergency assistance from the state. and up next good news from the jersey shore about a key bridge connecting two resort communities in cape may county.
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i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. it is a first alert weather day. we have heavy rain moving in and also a chance of storms throughout our area into torrent tonight. mostly cloudy skies. we are definitely seeing that light rain throughout parts of the area. here are the details on the first alert. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected and severe storms are possible by the afternoon and evening. our radar track shows light spotty rain moving into the area. we have a larger area behind it off to the west. that's going to continue to push more rain in as we head into the rest of today. so the flood watch stays in
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effect this afternoon into tonight. poor drainage areas are a concern. small creeks and streams and if i progress the model here in our future cast it shows that by 4:00 some of the heaviest rain is still outside the area. but then it moves in. once it starts to move in it's going to stick around. that's going to affect the saturday night plan. i'll tell you when the rain plans on moving out in my full forecast. a traffic alert for this weekend. crews are resurfacing ramps on i-95 in philadelphia. now, these are the ramps from 95 south to 676 west. they are going to be overnight lane restrictions starting at 9:00 tonight and lasting until 5:00 tomorrow morning. this is for westbound lanes. this is all weather sensitive. with the rain this weekend, the project might take longer than expected. if you're headed to the jersey shore this weekend, we have a traffic update for you. after several delays the townsend inlet bridge is now
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back open. that span had been closed for construction since january. just about 12 minutes after 9:00. still ahead on your saturday morning, we will introduce you to this week's wednesday's child. and it's a two for one. plus as brittney told us she's tracking more rain on the way to our region. just how much you can expect in the first alert forecast.
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z. 9:14 on your saturday morning. tens of thousands are waking up again without power.
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we checked in the last half hour. here are the latest numbers. peco has about 2,600 without electricity. and atlantic city electric has almost 37,000. and pse & g are trying to help the last 26 people without power. nbc 10 was along turnersville road in pine hill camden county as a power crew finished their repairs last night. they then flipped the power on switch for 650 homes. neighbors noticed the surge of electricity and they rejoiced. >> heard the fan on the air conditioner go on and i said we got electric! >> you need immediately. >> yeah. >> power crew told us they are working 16-hour days to get neighborhoods like this one back online. lawmakers toured some hard-hit areas in gloucester county yesterday.
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congressman donald norcross was there. he sent a letter to governor christie asking for emergency assistance. he also demanded answers from atlantic city electric. >> the fact the control is on is generator. it's indicative of the problem. we need more crews here now. >> meanwhile police are working around the clock to keep residents safe and away from downed wires. comcast is continuing the plug-in and power-up stations through the weekend in the most highly affected areas so people can charge their phones and tablets. check out the nbc 10 app for a full list of locations. good morning. today we do expect to see heavy rain. we have light rain moving through parts of the area but we have a first alert issued for this afternoon heading into tonight. a flood watch in effect for the western half of our area which goes until tonight.
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then sunday is the best day of the weekend with things drying out. and a mix of sun and clouds. our first alert weather day has been issued for this afternoon and until tonight. that's because of the flood watch. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected and severe storms also a possibility for most of the area. for philadelphia right now, light rain coming down at the airport. 70 degrees. winds outlb>4 of the east/southeast at 11 miles per hour. humidity at 76%. if we look at the radar here you can see this large storm system is going to swing right into philadelphia. it's already started to bring light rain throughout parts of the poconos, lehigh valley touching down into lancaster county and pushing into parts of delaware. as we take a closer look at our severe outlook, this shows us where we have the best chance to see severe thunderstorms. so all the areas highlighted in yellow here have a slight risk to see those severe storms. so that's includesing philadelphia switching out.
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so severe storms basically what that means is heavy downpours are going to be a possibility. hail lightning, and also strong winds. you want to be careful as we head into tonight. maybe if you have a lot of errands to run you can do it in the morning before at least 4:00. after 4:00 that's when we'll see the best chance for storms to roll through. we're going to continue into your early morning hours on sunday. clearing up closer to 6:00 7:00 a.m. just a few lingering showers but the heaviest rain will be moving in overnight tonight. so a flood watch staying in effect until tonight. poor drainage areas are the main concern. a look at future rain says we can see between 1 to 3 inches. the heaviest amounts this shows almost 3 in reading and 3 in lancaster. this gives you an idea where the heaviest rain is. today our temperatures will rain from 70 to 73 degrees. light rain to start which is
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right now light rain throughout the region. then becoming heavy. your seven-day forecast shows that our temperatures stay below average today, start to recover tomorrow. up to 79. 90 degrees by tuesday with another chance of storms. this week's wednesday's children are a dynamic duo. they're a fun and energetic brother and sister who would bring love to a supportive and loving family. vai sikahema introduces us to david and natalie. >> reporter: david and natalie are a happy and fun-loving duo. they enjoy being active and each other's company. they are always up for fun and adventure so we headed to a place that had all that. they had a blast and didn't know what ride they wanted to do first. so they did them all. 11-year-old david is in the fifth grade and loves to read. he has a passion for sports. >> david is very into sports.
9:20 am
probably football is his favorite but he does like soccer and baseball. loves the philadelphia teams. >> reporter: younger sister natalie is 9 years old and she's in the third grade. she loves gym at school and playing soccer. she also enjoys doing girlie things. >> i would say natalie is probably the queen of stickers. loves stickers any kind. >> reporter: they are looking for a family that will provide love and support. they know what's important to them. tell me why it's important that you guys stay together. >> because we love each other. >> reporter: whoa. almost in unison. the ideal family would be one that likes to be on the move and could keep up with this energetic pair. >> we'd love to have a family that's active family that is willing to really learn about their specific needs and a family that has a lot of time and love and attention to give them. >> reporter: you can go over there and jump in the waves. david and natalie are this week's wednesday's child.
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>> if you'd like to help make david and natalie's dreams come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation please come to our website and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. this morning there is a warning about a new terror threat in the u.s. as investigators look into several attacks overseas. the details and an update on the investigations next.
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9:23 and a warning now about a new terror threat here at home. u.s. authorities are concerned about a possible isis-inspired attack in the united states through the fourth of july weekend. intelligence officials say they had been on alert before yesterday's terror attacks in france tunisia, and kuwait.
9:24 am
isis has already claimed responsibility for that attack in kuwait. at least 27 people were killed after a suicide bomber set off explosives at a mosque in kuwait city. the attack targeted shiite worshippers after their midday prayers. in tunisia is man opened fire at a beach resort killing dozens of people. he was disguised as a tourist and hid a rifle inside an umbrella. local security forces killed him. in france authorities now have four people in custody after the attack at the air products gas company. the suspect has ties to french islamic radicals. he rammed a car into gas canisters. it hits close to home. air products corporate headquarters is based in upper macungie township and it is a major employer in the lehigh
9:25 am
valley. workers tell us they have been told little about the attack in france. federal, state, and local authorities say they are keeping a close eye on the facility in the lehigh valley but it's just a precaution. there's been no threat against the headquarters there. right now secretary of state john kerry is in austria. he met today with iran's foreign minister ahead of tuesday's self-imposed deadline to reach an agreement on iran's nuclear program. kerry has said significant gaps remain in the deal under which iran would curb its nuclear program in exchange for fewer sanctions. the ongoing talks also include britain, china, france germany, and russia. preparing for the pope. we are learning new details about the world meeting of families and the visit from pope francis now less than three months away. the event will be held at the pends convention center and we have learned the atrium will bed a adorned with stained glass
9:26 am
just like a church. and every square inch will be used from where meals will be prepared to exhibits with rare artifacts from the vatican. >> i would challenge people to make that effort to set it aside, put it on the calendar find a way to join the papal visit and be part of what is going to be part of philadelphia history. >> the convention center says it's not too late to register and buy passes connected to the event. count on nbc 10 for the coverage of the pope's visit leading up to his trip in september and the impact on our area. we have a full section on the world meeting of families on the nbc 10 news app. 9:26. still ahead here on nbc 10 news today. rain ahead for our saturday and the approaching storms could cause more flooding in parts of our area. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in montgomery country. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, ted. we have some light rain falling about 15 minutes ago.
9:27 am
it started to let up a bit. but still we have continued problems from the rain that fell overnight. we'll talk about that coming up right after the break. and more heavy rain is on the way as well as the chance for storms. i'm going over the timing and will tell you what to expect. and what's in store for sunday. that's all coming up in my full forecast.
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this morning flames consume a store and apartments in philadelphia's wynnefield section. a fire forced several families to evacuate and injured a firefighter. now investigators are trying to figure out what sparked that blaze overnight. and mother nature is sending more storms our way. we're tracking rain that could cause flooding in some portions of the area. good morning, everybody. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thank you so much for being with us. it is 9:30 on this saturday morning. parts of the region saw quite a bit of rain overnight. yes, now even more is on the way. first alert meteorologist britneyship is tracking that wet weather. good morning. >> good morning. heavy rain expected for us. we're only seeing light rain right now but it is a first alert weather day. we're seeing light rain drops
9:31 am
throughout the philadelphia area but mostly cloudy and overcast skies to start us off throughout the entire area. closer look at radar showing light rain moving in. we have more moisture on the way and that's going to help produce some of these stronger storms as we push into the afternoon. so expect light rain over the next several hours. then by 4:00 p.m. just outside of our area near harrisburg that's when the stronger storms fill in. it will continue through the rest of tonight. it won't be until after midnight that we start to see those stronger storms pull away to the northeast and lingering showers start to clear up by sunday around 6:00 a.m. our current temperatures. chilly star start in the poconos. 60 degrees. 70 degrees in atlantic city. 72 in wildwood. temperatures in wilmington at 68. as far as today is concerned, over the next eight hours we'll be at 70 degrees. by 11:00 a.m. 72. >> and that rain will be on top of the downpours that soaked some parts of the region
9:32 am
overnight. right now a few roads in montgomery county are closed before the wet weather. jesse gary is live on one of those roads in west conshohocken. jesse? >> reporter: ted, balligomingo road as the rain has returned and stopped for a short while and now it's back again. balligomingo balligomingo, we're about a half mile from the scene. we'll show you video. this is a mudslide that was caused by the rain overnight. that hillside has been cut down. because of that all that dirt is exposed. with the amount of rain we've had, that turned that dirt into mud. and it washed into one lane of the two-lane road. maybe four to six inches of mud. talked to west conshohocken police. they decided to close this down. they didn't want anybody driving through getting stuck or sliding and having an accident. the other road here in west conshohocken is route 23 which is a front. and that is shut down at bullock avenue all the way up to -- by
9:33 am
the old inquirer newspaper facility. on swedeland road. that is shut down because of what you're seeing there. it's kind of standing water. not necessarily flooding but a lot of standing water from heavy rain. police said they're worried one motorist going one way will cause a big splash or spray that will go into the windshield of a car coming the opposite direction. and that could lead to an accident. they have closed that down. police say those roads will remain closed for the foreseeable future because they're supposed to get heavy rain later today. right now it's started to rain again very lightly. but still more rains coming and they're worried that it can cause problems continued problems that we're having on those roads. they're going to remain closed. if you're out in this area plan ahead. you'll have to find an alternate route around them as the rain comes back. montgomery county, jesse gary
9:34 am
nbc 10 news. >> with more rain now and ahead this weekend, have the nbc 10 news app on your smartphone or tablet. download it for free and get live interactive radar and the latest video forecasts anywhere you go. new this saturday morning, a man and a woman shot in camden are in the hospital. the double shooting happened just after 4:30 this morning. the man is in critical condition. the woman, stable. we're working to find out the victims' identities and other information about the case. new from overnight, an investigation is underway into this fire that forced five philadelphia families out of their homes and injured a firefighter. nbc 10 was on north 54st street in wynnefield as flames broke out inside a store with apartments above it around 2:30 this morning. crews needed about two hours to put the flames out. the firefighters suffered a minor ankle injury. the red cross is now helping the families that had to evacuate. police are investigating an overnight shooting in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. it happened in this 5900 block
9:35 am
of irving street. we're told a man was shot in the stomach there. he is in critical condition this morning. no word on a suspect or a motive. police are putting a bucks county neighborhood on alert after a series of home break ins. it happened on twisting lane in falls township. a woman came home to find a strange man inside her house. police say he hit her in the face then ran out the back door. the woman is recovering. the intruder still on the loose. police say it appears three different groups are committing home burglaries in the leavitttown area. there have been a dozen crimes in the last two weeks. police are warning people to be alert, be aware of surroundings and call them about anything suspicious. we have new information on the bill cosby controversy. a lawyer for the comedian says it would be embarrassing if documents from a 2005 sex assault lawsuit were made public. they're asking a federal judge in philadelphia to unsale
9:36 am
motions from the case that cos i did settled with a temple university worker. cobb by's deposition could reveal details of his sex life and prescription drug use. more than a dozen women have accused cosby of sexually assaulting them. he has never been charged with a crime. penn state says hackers did not gain personal data during a cyber attack. the university says there were a pair of intrusions on liberal arts college computers between march of last year and this may. the hackers did get user names and passwords. penn state is now asking liberal arts faculty and staff to create new passwords. still ahead this morning, celebrating same-sex marriage. another look at the supreme court ruling and what president obama had to say about the landmark decision.
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take a look at the white house. bathed in rainbow colored lights overnight. the display came hours after the u.s. supreme court ruled same-sex marriage is now the law of the land. president obama hailed the decision. >> this ruling will strengthen all of our communities by offering the all-loving same-sex couples the dignity of marriage
9:40 am
across this great land. >> marriage equality supporters broke into celebration after the decision yesterday. gays and lesbians now have the right to marry anywhere in the u.s. that includes the 14 states where same-sex marriage is currently illegal. they said the bans there have to end. we are a week away from the fourth of july and the consumer products safety commission is reminding people to be safe when using fireworks. officials with the commission demonstrated some of the danls with fireworks in washington, d.c. yesterday. they said never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse. and never try to relight or handle a malfunctioning device. also never point or throw fireworks at another person. >> the 30 days around july 4th are the most dangerous when it comes to fireworks every year.
9:41 am
based on last year's trends thankfully the injuries are down a little bit. >> even so last year fireworks were blamed for 11 deaths and more than 10,000 injuries. the late lewis katz will be one of the new inductees into the new jersey hall of fame. katz was born in camden. the businessman and philanthropist tragically died in a plane crash in 2014. katz will be enshrined in a ceremony in october. jon stewart and derek jeter will be among 13 people inducted into the hall this year. just ahead, brittney shipp is back with telehe full first alert forecast and how much rain is on the way. plus we'll hear from ryne sandberg after he resigned as phillies manager. it didn't seem to help last night against the nats. it was a tough night nor domonic brown. details ahead in sports.
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9:44 am
9:44 now. pennsylvania has just a few days left to get its budget passed. the house could vote today on a $30 billion package that republicans say does not increase taxes. the plan was passed yesterday by the house appropriations committee. governor wolf called the bill quote, smoke and mirrors. he says he'll veto it if it doesn't meet his priorities. in new jersey governor christie has signed a new spending plan for the garden state. however, it is not the same bill
9:45 am
sent to his desk by democratic lawmakers who control the legislature. yesterday christie signed a stripped down $34 billion budget. the governor vetoed a proposed income tax increase and corporate business tax. and he conditionally vetoed the so-called millionaire tax that would have taxed the rich at higher rates. on tuesday he is expected to announce he'll run for president. putting off until tomorrow what you'd like to do right now because of money. a new survey by certified public accounts shows more than half of all americans are doing that. they have postponed a major life decision like marriage or homeownership because of a lack of savings or worries about the economy. a similar survey in 2007 found only a third delayed those big decisions. good morning. as we head into the start of your weekend, we do have a first
9:46 am
alert weather day issued as we head into the afternoon and the evening tonight. we have a flood watch in effect for half of the region as well. and then sunday looks to be the best day of the weekend because we'll start to dry out. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. where today we're seeing light rain already. the flood watch is one of the reasons why we issued the first alert. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall expected and the possibility of severe storms throughout most of the area. a look right now at philadelphia where light rain is coming down at the airport. 70 degrees. winds out of the east/southeast at 7 miles per hour. kind of a miserable start to the day. light rain cooler temperatures. poconos, only 60 degrees. 65 in reading. 68 degrees in blue bell. temperatures in washington township at 68. 70 in northeast philly. and temperatures in dover at 70 degrees as well. our satellite radar shot shows us this is a system that's going to continue to move into our
9:47 am
region. we're already starting to see light rainfall throughout the poconos. allentown pushing into the area. it's raining at the airport. filling in nicely closer to cape may. all the areas highlighted in yellow under a slight risk to see severe storms. we have a betterlz'á tt to see the storms in wilmington and parts of sussex county. with severe storms means we're going to deal with heavy downpours. the chance for hail and also lightning and strong winds. so if you have a lot of errands to run, you should probably do it before 4:00 p.m. that's when the storms get close to our area. or you can try and do it tomorrow. because once the storms roll in they'll stick around. heavy rainfall around midnight. lingering showers on and off throughout the very early morning hours on sunday. so if you still have plans to go to church or brunch you'll be fine on sunday. it's just tonight that you're
9:48 am
worried about. flood watch in effect for the western half of the area. philadelphia stretching up to allentown. that puts us down to delaware as well. don't try and drive through a flooded roadway. make sure you turn around. our rainfall totals show anywhere between 1 to 3 i believes. close to 3 two inches in philadelphia. and an inch and a half in wilmington. today's highs for the poconos stay around 60 degrees. low 70s same thing in philadelphia. our average this time of year is 80 degrees. so this is well below the average. that's going to be our rain becoming heavy into the afternoon and into tonight. the seven-day forecast shows we warm up a little bit on sunday. sun returns to us. temperatures keep climbing until we get to 90 on tuesday.
9:49 am
breaking news from newcastle county. delaware state police are investigating a car crash that killed a woman. this video into our newsroom just a short time ago. police say two cars collided here just after 7:00 this morning. two other people were hurt one critically. police are detouring traffic around the crash scene. phillies manager ryne sandberg shocked the front office. he came in yesterday morning and resigned. he says he's been thinking about this for a week or two. phillies have the worst record in baseball and he said the ruling was taking a toll on him. he says he knew new management was coming in and he didn't want to get in the way of changes. he was emotional. >> here in philadelphia i have met some of the most passionate baseball fans on a daily basis that always gave me
9:50 am
encouragement. they love their baseball team. and that was something i'll never forget. >> so pete mackanin taking over on an interim basis. facing the nats last night in the fifth, dom brown just drops this. that is an error. a run scores. i can see why sandberg resigned. in the sixth, max scherzer, perfect game so far. so the broadcast booth, they switched seats to try to change the mojo. what do you know? it worked. very next batter, doubled. no perfect game for scherzer. but the nats do win 5-2. and dom brown, two bad plays. >> two missed plays out there might have cost us the game. got to play better, man. trying to do whatever for my team. you know what i mean? flyers with the seventh pick in the nhl draft. they get a stud defenseman. >> philadelphia selects from the western hockey league ivan
9:51 am
provorov. >> this is the third straight year the flyers take a defenseman in the first round. provorov is 6'1," 200 pounds. he's from manitoba. hey, the flyers have a lot of good prospects on "d." >> i'm a pretty competitive guy and i like the competition. it would be fun to compete against those guys. >> flyers also traded up to get the 24th pick and take forward travis konecny with that. sixers gm says joel embiid is still seeing doctors about his foot. he says they should decide what to do soon. surgery is still on option. he says they will always draft the best player available. that's why they took jahlil okafor. he says jahlil is a generational player, an old school center. >> you don't see players like ja very often. you don't see them. they don't come along in a way where you're looking to -- where you're looking to feed them over and over and over. where they've been commanding double teams since they were 12
9:52 am
or 13 years old. now the question is if someone comes back and enters our league that does that again, what happens? new jersey's carli lloyd, how about this? the header against china and the u.s. women's team is headed to the world cup semifinals against germany. let the ride continue. i'm john clark. have a great weekend.
9:53 am
9:54 am
today's wet weather is impacting the tall ships festival along the delaware river. the army band performance scheduled for tonight has been canceled and the fireworks show has been moved to tomorrow night at 9:30. events along the philadelphia and camden sides of the river are still scheduled throughout the day today.
9:55 am
today's wawa welcome america event kicks off. noon to 4:00 it is family day on chestnut street in center city. there will be a ton of family friendly activities including a big celebration for the 150th anniversary of the first reading of "alice in wonderland." sunday is community day at the samuel recreation center on gall street. you can get the lineup for the festival by tapping on the nbc 10 news app. blake shelton performed at the dover international speedway last night. the big barrel country music festival started yesterday and features some big-time country stars. sheldon from nbc's "the voice" was last night's headliner. rock legends lynyrd skynyrd performed on another stage. and tonight miranda lambert will perform. tonight featured merle haggered
9:56 am
and carrie underwood. come out and celebrate the blueberry at the 32nd annual whitesbog blueberry festival. it starts about four minutes from now at the historic whitesbog village in browns mills. the festival features traditional pinesland musicians, arts and crafts food living history actors demonstrations and dozens of children's activities. proceeds benefit efforts to restore historic whitesbog village. one last czechheck of the forecast. >> it's a first alert weather day so be careful out there if you're driving around later tonight. look at the duck. i think they're inflating her. so she'll be back ready to go for the tall ships festival. here's a closer look at the radar shot. you can see light rain starting to push into our area. we are going to see more rain on the way. even a chance of severe storms
9:57 am
as we head into the rest of this evening. so just be careful right around 5:00 p.m. that's when we'll see more of those severe storms pushing through. but clearing out by tomorrow. so tomorrow is definitely the better day of the weekend. >> all right. sounds good. i hope they're inflating her opposed to being deflated for some reason. thank you so much for being with us. i'm ted greenberg. from all of us here at nbc 10, have a great weekend. stay dry.
9:58 am
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i'm sara gore, and this is "open house." this week, george and his team give an amazing surprise to a family in need of a home renovation. and we're in new york city for a soho stunner with plenty of outdoor spaces. industrial chic in a los angeles pied-a-terre with designer oliver furth but first, luxury living on laguna beach with james harris of "million dollar listing los angeles." we're about 25 steps from the water so when you're here by the fireplace watching a movie or fancy a quick dip in the ocean you're about 25 seconds away. [music playing] welcome to open house. today i'm coming to you from a three bedroom three bath penthouse in manhattan's west side neighborhood of clinton.


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