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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  June 28, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nywhere. . right now on nbc 10 news today, a deadly car crash in southwest philadelphia leaves one passenger dead and another injured. we'll tell you what happened to the driver. and nbc 10 along the muddy run creek near newark, new castle county. the water levels on several creeks and streams started to creep up as more heavy rain came down causing problems for drivers. the weather still causing power problems this morning with thousands of people still continuing to deal with outages. and after a gray start and a damp one, improvement is on the way for our sunday. the sun is set to make a
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comeback. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. it's 5:30 this sunday morning. let's say hello to meteorologist brittney shipp. the rain is not quite out of here just yet. >> not yet. a few scattered showers throughout the area will last through the morning hours. a mix of sun and clouds expected as we head through the afternoon. there is the psfs building in center city. just a few light rain drops. if we switch over to radar, you can see how spotty it is. most of the area is dry. we'll zoom in just to the south of allentown. light rain coming down. moderate rain for richland pottstown and montgomery seeing rain move into the region in about ten minutes. 53 in mt. pocono. allentown at 58. 61 in pottstown. 68 in philadelphia. 66 in wilmington. over the next eight hours, we
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will see temperatures warming up. we'll be warmer today than we were yesterday. we'll push back to the 80s today. here's the next eight hours. 70 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m. 74. high 70s by 1:00 p.m. last night's rain flooded roads in hammonton, atlantic county. police blocked the entrance to sections of packard street as water came up above the curbs. puddles on the roads in atlantic and gloucester counties forced some to be shut down. resident says they've had enough. >> stressful. a bit insane trying to make things happen like your normal every day life. >> people without power watched utility crews work through the rain yesterday to restore electricity to neighborhoods that remained in the dark from last week's severe storms. gloucester county was one of the hardest hit areas, and thousands of people are waking
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up there to another morning with without electricity. jesse gary has the latest. >> reporter: they're waking up to rain. you heard brittney talk about the showers that are moving through. we are in gibbs s gibstown section of the township. one block over from where i'm standing, south school street they have electric service, right here they do not. in the distance that's an a.c. electric scout vehicle. they are surveying the damage and coordinating repairs. i checked in with their website it shows a total of 73 customers in this one-block area out of service. that number has come down by one within the past ten minutes. just shortly before our broadcast i checked, it was at 74, now it's 73.
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so they are making progress. full restoration for the area is not until the end of the day. that's an estimate. some people could not wait they brought in generators. that generator there making all that noise but powering this one home. we will stay on scene and give you an update on how the number continues to drop as crews tries to restore service to everyone. we will drive around the area and give you a different perspective from different points in this township. jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> power crews are slowly restoring electricity to communities throughout the region. nbc 10 was in delaware county yesterday where neighbors on mull bury street in upland watched crews restore power lines. atlantic city electric is working to restore power to 19,000 customers. pse&g still has close to 1200 outages. peco reports 2300 customers
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without power. delmarva says about 500 outages down there so far. new from overnight, a car accident in southwest philadelphia killed a man and sent two other people to the hospital. nbc 10 was on the scene on island avenue at lindbergh boulevard. police investigating the accident tell us the car veered off the street and on to some trolley tracks. the dead victim was a passenger. we are working to find out the conditions of the driver and another passenger who were injured. from our delaware bureau a drive their survived a crash that killed another drive ner north wilmington blew through a light it happened 7:00 yesterday morning on naamans road. the woman died and two passengers in her car are in the hospital. the driver of the other car, a 70-year-old wilmington man, could face charges. escaped prison inmate david sweat is still on the loose this
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morning in upstate new york. more than 1,000 officers are now searching thick woods, about 30 miles from the prison where sweat and his accomplice escaped from three weeks ago. officers shot and killed that accomplice richard matt on friday. we are learning that matt once swore if he ever escaped from prison he would not be captured alive. that word from the lawyer who prosecuted matt's murder case in 2008. the attorney said prison snitches revealed the killer's pledge. new york's governor was asked if the two escapees stayed together during the manhunt. >> we have no reason to believe that mr. sweat was not with mr. matt at the time. but we don't have any confirming evidence that he was either. >> the extended search includes teams in the air and on the ground. happening today, the 11th annual tri-rock philadelphia
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triathlon begins in less than an hour from now at fairmount park. it's an olympic style race involving a one-mile swim in the schuylkill river, a bike challenge and a six-mile run. money raise willed go to the children's hospital of philadelphia. also today other athletes will be taking part in the challenge atlantic city triathlon. that race begins at 8:00 at bader field. participants will complete a 140-mile race including a 2.4 mile swim a 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run. gunfire erupts at a gay pride parade in san francisco. hundreds of people ran for cover during the celebration of a historic gay rights victory. what police are saying about the gunman next. talk about a party crasher. how this black bear gave college students in the lehigh valley
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quite a square. brittney. i'm tracking some showers in the area but they are moving out. the sun will return this afternoon. i'll let you know what to expect on this sunday. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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these drivers had to make their way through ponding and puddles on the roads in delaware last night. nbc 10 along old baltimore pike in newark new castle county. you can see how hard it was raining then. it is still raining in parts of our area brittney but you're saying it's on its way out, right? >> improving conditions on the way for us as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we'll still see a few lingering showers throughout the morning. cape may the lenses are dry. not a lot of rain moving through that part of town. if i switch over to the radar, i'll show you where the radar
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is richland montgomery norristown, then to the south of philadelphia paulsboro, east greenwich, all seeing moderate rain right now. if we take a closer look at this radar shot. it shows how spotty it is. most of the area is still dry. as we head into the afternoon we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. the sun will make a return. 53 degrees in the pocono. 60 in reading. warmer along the shore, 72 in atlantic city. 73 in wildwood. today our temperatures will range between 78 and 81. early showers at first, then breezy conditions expected a bit later on this afternoon. so we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. a surprise visitor left partygoers barely breathing in bethlehem. the reason? this 300-pound black bear that wandered into a college party near lehigh university early yesterday morning. it scared people but it didn't
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hurt anyone. police say they tranquilized the bear and removed it from the area. wildlife officials say a tattoo on the animal indicates it came from new jersey and probably swam across the delaware river to find food or perhaps a new home. america's largest independence day celebration, the wawa welcome america festival continues in philadelphia. today neighbor's in port richmond are celebrating community day. yesterday the diva dolls and company performed at shops of liberty place it was part of welcome america's family day. families enjoyed activities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the reading of "alice in wonderland." they also let creativity shine with arts and crafts product. for a look at lineup of veent jupup of events for welcome america go to still ahead, the sounds you don't want to hear at a concert.
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[ screaming ] >> the massive fire that engulfed a crowd of concert-goers injuring hundreds of them.
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new this morning, police in san francisco are investigating a shooting a that left a man wounded at a gay pride parade. police detained several people after someone fired shots following an argument. one man was hit in the arm and is in stable condition. it happened during a two-day gay pride festival which took on new meaning this year following the supreme court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the u.s. another funeral will be held for one of the nine people killed in that church massacre last week. church services were held for
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cynthia herd and two others who lost their lives a gunman killed them during a bible study at the church on june 17th. police arrested the suspect, dylann roof who is facing murder charges in what is being investigated as a possible hate crime. a woman arrested for taking down the confederate flag on state house grounds in south carolina is now out on bail. she climbed the flagpole and removed the flag. she said she couldn't wait for lawmakers to decide on the issue. she is charged with defacing a monument. ♪ the sights and sounds of a terrifying scene in taiwan. something exploded into flames on a music stage at a water park. the fire quickly spread into a crowd of spectators, nearly 500 people were hurt. dozens have serious injuries. rescue workers and bystanders carried the injured out on
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inflatable boats and stretchers. it's not clear what started the fire. hundreds of people held a demonstration against extremism in the tunisian seaside resort last night. protest happened one day after a gunman opened fire on a beach in the popular resort killing 38 people. demonstrators held flags, chanted slogans and lit candles. new information about last week's terror attack in france. investigators say the top suspects took a selfie with the murdered victim he allegedly beheaded and sent the image to at least one person. french officials are trying to identify that person who received the gruesome picture. those officials would not confirm some media reports that it was sent to someone in syria. on friday police said that the suspect crashed the truck into a
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warehouse and hung his employer's severed head on a gate. police arrested him and his wife. back to decision 2016 new jersey governor chris christie has a new presidential campaign website up and running just days before he jumps into the race. christie suspected to announce his candidacy on tuesday in his hometown of livingston, essex county. it's also expected christie will visit new hampshire as part of his campaign rollout. christie was once seen as a leading contender, but low polling numbers in new jersey are taking a toll on his national popularity. gop white house candidate ted cruz says in his new book that his father asked to fight alongside fidel castro. cruz said his dad was a cuban revolutionary in the 1950s. he said raphael cruz wanted to join castro but instead traveled to texas and later renounced
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fidel castro when he took power. cruz said his father was only a supporter of the eventual cuban dictator. cruz has plenty of company in the race for the white house. 13 republican candidates have announced they will run. four democrats are also running for president. the latest nbc 10 news "wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton leading her nearest competitor by 60 points. well, you are looking at a water rescue in central maryland that saved several boater bus not all. nine people were riding in a pontoon boat on a lake when the craft was southwest over the dam. some people on board the boat jumped out before it went over the spill way. helicopters helped to locate the survivors. some of them were found clinging to rocks. medics took the injured to hospitals. crews are still looking for the boat's captain who is presumed
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dead. our rainy weekend weather forced changes to the tall ships festival in penn's landing. the concert was canceled and the fireworks also washed out. they will be held tonight at 9:30. brittney it will be looking better by then right? >> that's right. it will be a better evening for those activities tonight a mix of sun and clouds by this afternoon. still dealing with showers, clearing up as we push into the afternoon, more sunshine for us today than yesterday. a live look outside, still dealing with low-hanging clouds. also a combination of a bit of fogginess and light rain. for cape may, mostly cloudy skies. 70 degrees humidity at 94%. feels like temperatures close to 73. wind speeds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. other locations like pottstown, raining right now. 60 degrees. 68 in philadelphia. georgetown a bit of sunshine.
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74 degrees. also still dealing with a few clouds a closer look at our right now temperatures 53 in the poconos, 58 in allentown. 61 in lancaster. 65 in wilmington. temperatures in northeast philly at 66. 63 in trenton. then 71 in avalon and 74 in lewis. our radar shot shows we're dealing with a few moderate downpours near richland down into montgomery. starting to dry out in norristown. to the south of philadelphia, over 95 moderate downpours coming down. if you look at paulsboro also moderate rain. it's isolated. so our whole area is not seeing widespread rain. just these little areas here and we should be done with all this rainfall at least by 10:00 a.m. by noon, a few lingering showers in the poconos. everywhere else looks to be clearing up. more of a mix of sun and clouds. we could see a few sprinkles remaining as we head into the
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rest of the evening. it's going to be nothing like what we saw yesterday. today our high in the poconos, 68. 75 in quakertown. along the shore, close to 80 degrees. for philadelphia close to 80 degrees. ted? the company that owns some of the most popular dating websites says it wants to make a public stock offering. the match group owns, tinder and okay coupeupid. they will make an initial ipo during the fourth quarter this year. the businesses have 3.5 million subscribers and took in $8.5 million in revenue last year. up next a face only a mother could love. the top dog in the world's ugliest competition.
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behold the world's ugliest dog. not personal just the title won by this 10-year-old pit bull dutch shepherd mix. the mutt's name quasimodo. she was born with a spinal birth defect that left her hunched back. quasimodo beat out 15 other pooches for the title and $1500 for first prize. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells. ron hextall has been a busy man this weekend. not just drafting some fresh faces for the flyers but making a trade to free upsalry cap space. he sent the contract of chris pronger to the coyotes. pronger has been on long term
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injury reserve. he works for the nhl department of safety. to the phillies now, they were rained out yesterday afternoon. they will play a single admission doubleheader today at 1:00. ben revere was having himself a great afternoon. made a nice catch against the wall. had a single and stolen base. wash this one out in the second erasing those stats. >> helped henderson has been on me about that probably saying you will get 199 hits that's it. if that happens, i'll be ticked. whatever. mother nature happens. >> cole hamels told phillies insider jim salisbury he has not blocked any potential trades and is open to everything this includes going to the
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possibility of trochbtoronto and houston. teams he put on a no trade list back in october. return to hoops where sixers top pick, jam hill okeafor will throw out the first pitch. he was introduced to the media earlier today along with second round picks holmes. he played with jefferson at duke. while the two are great friends they have a big rivalry with both doing their best to represent their hometown. >> my entire year at duke he was always talking about philly, how i'll end up there. how this is the greatest city in the world. we argue back and forth because i'm from chicago about which has the better city. i'm happy to be here. >> rest assured they'll play soccer in almost any conditions. a wet one at ppl park. montreal impact 8th minute sepong with the blast. union up 1-0 and flipping out over it tied at 2, late in the 77th minute. a wide-open net slips not one but twice on the wet field.
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sometimes it's like that. game ends in a 2-2 draw. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. thousands of people across the area are dealing with widespread power outages. jesse gary is live in gloucester county and an area hit the hardest on tuesday. jesse? >> ted the improvement is coming to the area block by block. we'll have more on that the improving conditions for electric service and the weather, thankfully. we'll have it all coming up after the break. that's right. i amtraking improvements as we head into the rest of today. a few linkering erlingering showers but warmer temperatures. all that ahead.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, a driver in southwest philadelphia escapes a deadly crash but his passengers were not as lucky. details ahead. thousand of people are still without power this morning as crews try to restore dozens of outages across our area. we'll take you to one of the places hit the hardest coming up in a live report. make way for the sunshine


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