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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  July 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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undercover and under fire. somebody sprayed an undercover camden police officer's car with bullets. a live report outside of police headquarters is next. all aboard for safety. septa shows off the newest technology to stop speeding trains before a disaster happens and equipment is about to become federal law. we will warm into the mid-80s today with plenty of sunshine, but there is a threat of thunderstorms this afternoon for parts of our area. details are coming up. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i think i heard bill saying we are four or five hours from having brilliant sunshine on our day so let's get to bill henley. >> four or five hours? the sun is up in about an hour. >> i thought you said 10:00. >> 10:00 sunrise? >> i just thought brilliant sunshine then! so we are getting sunshine.
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>> it will be brilliant. how about that? >> all right. >> it's still dark right now but the sun will be coming up in about an hour. the temperature will respond. right now 71 at nbc10. a clear view looking across the delaware at center city. the temperatures have dropped into the 60s most spots. trent is 64 and 63 dover and 61 allentown and 67 at philadelphia. northeast airport is warmer at philadelphia international. at 6:00 this morning, sunshine. 69 degrees. a few scattered clouds but we will see brilliant sunshine in some of the western suburbs. parts may be seeing areas at lunch time so we will go through the forecast neighborhood-by-neighborhood when i come back. but first, jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> 95 through the work zone has
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been there quite sometime so all lanes acting normally. 13 minutes from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. out in sellersville route 309 southbound is closed from an earlier accident and out for an accident investigation right around bethlehem pike. we are going to check in with mass transit and see if any delays there coming up in ten minutes. breaking news out of camden where somebody shot at an undercover police officer. >> officer was sitting in his cruiser when gunfire hit his car. katy zachry is live in camden outside police headquarters where she is following the investigation. what have you learned? >> reporter: we know that the undercover officer was on duty and sitting in his car. his vehicle was shot at least once.
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fortunately, the officer was not hit by the bullets that came to his car. they cleared the scene a short time ago. here is video we got before they cleared the scene. we were kept back while they investigated the shooting. it happened around 11:30 last night. an undercover officer we are told was sitting in his police cruiser at the corner of -- it was not a police cruiser actually. it was just a normal car that was not -- did not have any markings on it. he was on the corner of park boulevard and kenwood when someone fired in his direction at his vehicle. his vehicle was hit at least once. the officer was not injured. the shooter took off and i'm working to get more information about what vehicle the shooter was driving and also a description of the shooter. at last check, he was armed. he left the parkside section of camden and this is a developing story so i'll hopefully have an update in the next half hour.
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katy zachry nbc10 news. we will see you then. thank you. more overnight violence in camden. pole after shot in the neck on south 27th street. a second person was also shot. we are working to get an update on their conditions. the pennsylvania state budget battle will resume on monday with governor tom wolf's meeting with legislative leaders. the budget was put past deadline. taxpayers we spoke to said enough is enough. they don't want their service interrupted. they are questioning why the budget battle is even happening. >> you would think they would be able to get together and figure something out before the incomes where they can't make a decision. where it's supposed to be final. it just seems stupid the whole thing. >> a spokesperson for governor wolf says each state agency will operate until it runs out of
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cash. new information this morning about the florida doctor charged with corruption alongside new jersey senator bob menendez. the doctor could be released from jail today after prosecutors reached a tentative 18 million bond agreement. the doctor is charged in florida with a scheme to relationship off medicare that is separate from the jersey chase accused of exchanging gifts and bribes with menendez. people hope to find out today what kind of help they can get to recover. representatives from the governor's office will meet with those this morning in glossukter county.
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consider this is a tornado in chester county. national weather service confirmed a twister touchdown nun in honeybrook tuesday afternoon. we were there to survey the damage and you see here the result of ef-1 tornado with speeds 95 miles an hour. no one was hurt but the twister toppled trees and at least one trailer with a woman inside. happening today, the national lgbt 50th anniversary kicks off today. a wreath laying at sixth and chestnut. and tonight a panel discussion and a fooivent50th anniversary celebration. some say the shore town was an image problem.
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especially when eyesores are the main thing one sees on the main drag in town. ahead, see the progress what is being made to get rid of these boarded up hotels. locals believe everything better here at home but a new study puts the city on the losing end against a cross state rival town. we will explain.
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temperatures are actually pretty pleasant. 67 degrees. that is a little bit cooler than it was yesterday at this time. radar is clear for now. but i am checking some showers to virginia. just isolated showers. a shower and thunderstorm firing up now in southern maryland. those are tracking towards delaware and south jersey. there's just a slight chance of
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a day time shower for philadelphia but we will get a nice sunny start and plenty of sunshine for allentown and low 80s. it's along the coastline, the delaware beaches, jersey shore more likely to see scattered showers ianand possibly a thunderstorm for cape may. then philadelphia clouds sunshine and a slight chance of a shower today into the 80s this afternoon. but there are changes ahead. seven-day forecast, including the holiday weekend when i come back in ten. >> i'm looking at the morptnitor. looks like smooth sailing on the roads. >> you got to figure some people could be off today and taking a long holiday weekend but not us. we are here and jessica has the morning commute. >> you're lucky if you're
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heading out the door right now. we are in the clear pretty much everywhere right now. right around the boulevard at fox street everything is moving along just fine whether heading northbound or southbound. no real problems there. on 202 the same story. cars moving along just fine. 11 minutes and 12 minutes around this area. mass transit currently no problems or delays there. so you're all set. if you're heading out to the door for new jersey transit or septa or patco speed line. we will check an accident investigation scene coming up. if you have off today, this is a good one. it's the annual wawa hoagie day. this morning sandwich fillers will construct a five-ton hoagie at the national constitution center. out of that hoagies will be served to the crowd. free admission today at the
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national constitution center. >> very nice.j love their turkey bowls. my favorite there. with all of the weather, severe weather we have lately the key is getting an early warning. >> our first alert weather team they are always on top of the storms. there is also coming to the philadelphia 5 county area that will help you out. a new emergency system is next. how you can help keep -- how you can be informed and stay informed when there is severe weather.
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tlantic city is due for a command change today. a ceremony is scheduled later on this morning near the state marina. the current commander is transferred to coast guard headquarters in washington so he'll be handing over duties and responsibilities to his successor. dozens much active duty personnel in atlantic city conduct search and rescue law enforcement, and environmental protection in the area. in egg harbor township
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crews are working to turn down five motels that many residents consider eyesores belong the black horse pike. four men were found dead behind one of those hotels. police never made any arrests in that case. the demolition should be finished by the end of the month. five county area surrounding philadelphia is getting new emergency notification system to alert residents to dangerous weather and evacuations and traffic trouble and water main breaks. last year severe weather delayed the launch but it's expected to be up and running soon. if you live in philadelphia montgomery bucks, chester or delaware county you're asked to pick a preferred method for getting alerts. school districts and municipalities can use the alert system rather than paying for separate systems. lehigh county people can serve emergency text messages to the county's 911 operators and
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text message must include your location and avoid. president obama will speak at the naacp convention two weeks from now. the second time president obama has spoken at the convention. the event runs from july 11th through the 15th at the convention center and the president will be here on the 14th. during a visit to tennessee yesterday, president obama picked up a cancer survivor at his house and had his presidential motorcade drive her to an event on health care. he met kelly bryant and walked her to the presidential limo. later, she introduced the president. she wrote him a letter how insurance she bought through help her recover.
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experts say an explosion in the deer population across the northeast is blamed for the spread of ticks. it's prompting a warning from ocean county health officials. >> i can assure you if you walk through this area you can probably have ticks on you and probably not see them. >> the tick bites is able to transmit to you and you can have all of those illnesses. >> sprays and body checks and proper clothing help deal with ticks. how about this story here in california family's boat ride to celebrate father's day and an anniversary turned into complete chaos. >> a dolphin jumped into the boat and bit the mother. they returned to harbor and dozen were flipping and one flipped in the air and landed on the deck next to them. >> it was almost like it fell out of the sky because it was so high. like it was higher than i was, so it was really traumatic. >> as the dolphins slid around
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the boat it crashed into the woman you see here. she broke one ankle and tore a ligament in the other. the dolphin injured its nose and tail and when they got it back into the water, it quickly swam away. who knew dolphins could be dangerous? the dolphin probably told its friends that boats are dangerous. no dangerous weather this morning. none expected during the day but we could see showers and thunderstorms in parts of the area. not center city. it is going to be a clear start. storms will stay clear of the city. 71 degrees right now. see a big warm-up into the middle 80s this afternoon. the wind is calm right now, but there are some scattered clouds in the pocono mountains. 50s, 60s and low 70s to start with and 80s this afternoon. in spite of the clouds that are waiting in the wings and moving
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towards delaware and south jersey we will see some of the clouds in philadelphia too but the shower chance is greatest at the shore. some scattered showers to our southwest this morning. they are making some steady progress and moving to the northeast and the future cast shows those showers pushing right across the shore and the delaware beaches during the day today. by this evening, they will be pushing offshore. tomorrow, we should stay dry with partly to mostly sunny skies. a pleasant day friday. we will be watching the radar on the holiday weekend and more clouds around. a chance of a shower for the fourth of july but i think most of the day is going to be dry. 9:00 in the morning, the clouds are moving through the area. thing out by 4:00. and by evening time we should get some breaks in the cloud cover and it looks like it may stay dry through the fireworks celebration. today, sunshine to start with. grab your sunglasses. but clouds will be inching into the area. some scattered clouds at 9:00. by lunch time partly sunny
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skies and 80. the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, a warm day up to 71 degrees with sunshine. clouds during the day, especially later on. might see an isolated shower friday night and into saturday morning. but mainly dry for the fourth of july with clouds and sunshine. sunshine and 88 degrees, some scattered high clouds on sunday. turning hotter on monday. up to 90. sunshine and upper 80s for tuesday. chance of showers later wednesday. about 10:00 minutes until 5:00 on this thursday. i'm guessing that the roads out there are probably a little quiet right now? >> just looking over there. looks like a crash in sellersville? >> we are dealing with an accident investigation now due to an earlier deadly accident scene out in sellersville. route 309 is southbound. it's closed around bethlehem pike so follow the dueetours and you'll to fine. expect residual delays
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westbound. a few moments ago police activity on the scene. they are in the area but picking up and opening the westbound lanes. eastbound doing just fine. you can see the drive times are okay and cars moving through the area. broad street and schuylkill expressway you have to watch out for but should be good next ten minutes. 95 through delaware the drive time there moving just fine. northbound side or southbound only about ten minute drip either direction. check enter with the bridges coming up. flyers versus the penguins is one thing. >> when it comes to cities as a whole, pittsburgh is storing higher marks than philadelphia. a civic survey pittsburgh topped philly in education, jobs commuting and tied in night life. philadelphia scored higher when it comes to sports attendance. if you want to learn more check
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on the nbc10 app for a link to the survey. >> we also have the better sandwich sandwich. time is running out to a ply to win free money. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away grants. it's called 21st century solutions. the goal is support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs or cash-strapped. the deadline is coming up tomorrow. you got to hurry. application is on the danger lurking inside city schools. cockroaches and broken glass, exposed asbestos are a few of the unsafe conditions. next, the results of a new school safety report.
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it could have prevented a deadly train wreck in philadelphia.
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lawmakers in our area know more about how the technology works. septa demonstrated ptc for senator bobby casey and others yesterday. ptc is a communications and signaling system that can slow or stop a train if it goes over the speed limit. >> it's our job to make sure that transit agencies like septa or any other transit agency have the resources they need not only to provide and implement these safety features but also to do the other work that is required. >> casey is calling on congress to fully fund ptc in its upcoming budget. from bugs to broken glass. the philadelphia school city controller says those and other unsafe things are inside more than a dozen public schools and he is recommending changes, saying the conditions pose a risk to students and staff. here's a look at some of what inspectors uncovered. one school found a pipe
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containing asbestos in a hallway near a lunch room and another pipe was leaking in a mechanic room and unsanitary conditions in bathrooms and cockroaches in yur ur 70%. electric hazards including exposed live wires. >> while we understand the school district is financially strained but many are low cost items that could be completed by school maintenance staff. >> we welcome the report. i think the report should be highlighted and sent to our funders so they can see one of the reasons why they are asking for money. >> reporter: school district official added while they believe a lot of issues have been resolved but not at the level it should be. with chris christie's
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presidential campaign under way, we wanted to hear what the lieutenant governor had to state. she says she is used to the shifted power as acting governor when governor christie is out of the state. we asked if she will build on her resume now that governor christie is an official presidential hopeful. >> we are in constant contact with ours and our staff. he is busy and i'm busy. >> reporter: do you want the position of governor of new jersey? >> how can you walk away from this. this was great fun and i want to do this the next two years. >> she is thrilled about her boss's run on the national stage. she is expected to be in the spotlight in the coming months as christie's campaign heats up. comcast corporation, which is based in philadelphia is taking over part of the new york city sky line.
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>> 30 rock has a new sign atop the building. it's now the comcast building at rockefeller plaza. they turned on the new sign last night. for years, the iconic building was named for rca and ge and then comcast universal bought the property. the peacock is taller at 18 feet. comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc10. >> i saw it last night lit up on "nightly news" at the end of the show. it feels good to see something so philadelphia part of one of the most famous sky lines in the entire world. do you know what i mean? >> it's bright and colorful. what is not to like? you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. breaking news a train carrying hazard chemicals has derailed in tennessee. >> thousands of people are being evacuated and several firefighters overcome by fumes have already been sent to local
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hospitals. more breaking news here in our area. bullets fired at an undercover police car. we are following the investigation that is ongoing and the search for the shooter. help today for hundreds of folks in south jersey hit hard by last week's severe weather. we will tell you what the state is doing to get towns back on track after flooding toppled trees and days without power. a warm dry start as we take a live look outside this morning, but we are tracking showers for part of our area today. we will tell you who will see the wet wedgeather and when. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connor. it felt cooler as i was coming in today. let's check in with bill henley. >> the humidity is lower and helps to make it feel more comfortable this morning. we will see lots of sunshine. we are half an hour away from seeing sunrise this morning. there are some clouds in our future and a chance of some showers


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