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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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philadelphia. good evening. the president is calling for reforms to the country's criminal justice system and today he commuted the sentences of 46 convicts including one from newcastle county. jackie johnson was sentenced to 240 months behind bars for cocaine possession. like the other 45 convicts his sentence is now will expire on november 10th. new at 6:00 nbc 10 was at nnaacp convention today and you heard there was a justice system a big topic of discussion today. >> that's right. there's was no surprise the delegates would be a high priority issue and they say it is high time the country became engaged in the discussion. >> it is important to have the conversation because there are so many injustices still going on and it seems like people are not listening. report >> reporter: that's what this
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convention is trying to change. hearing from some of the top african-american prosecutors and sharing their insights into the justice system an how it relates it justice inequality. >> things that happens from ferguson to new york seemed it drive the discussion. and delegates were reminded that voting for the right people in their districts is needed. >> we should want prosecutors who call it like they see it based on the efd evidence. >> also insisting that diversity is crucial and 95% of elected d.a.s are white. >> i think in this diand aej we have to change that because we need different perspectives p.
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we need women, latinos, asians all types of folks. >> we want the same type of justice as others. that's all we he ask. >> >> as we mentioned, president obama will be here tomorrow addressing the convention late in the afternoon. and president bill clinton will be here on wednesday. >> nbc 10 on air and on our news app, complete coverage of president obama's address of the naacp convention. ending a controversial relationship and $145 million contract with the state of michigan, aramarqk employees were accused of serving food from the trash. and accused of serving rotten food. taking a live look a spokeswoman for the company says the decision to terminate the
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contract was mutual. she said quote we take full responsibility for all aspects of our performance while op writing in a highly political environment that had repeated false claims, nd end quote. a mother and three boys were killed in a street race trash. the judge had a guilty verdict today. >> jim we action from prosecutors tonight following that verdict, a judge this afternoon found the suspect guilty of four count of third degree murder. the two were racing on roosevelt avenue back in july 2013. tamara banks and three of her children were killed after being hit while crossing the street. this is closing for the victim's family but not a day to celebrate. >> there are no winners here p.
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most of the family is dead. the defendant is in all likelihood going to prison for a lengthy period of time. >> again the other driver in the race pleaded guilty last week. he will spend the next five to ten years in prison. cushin wouldn't know his fate for months. nbc did some digging into recent crashes on roosevelt boulevard. between 2010 and 2014 there were nine crashes on the boulevard between second street and mascher. only one of the crashes was fatal. the crash that killed tamara and her children in 2013. six other people were injured during crashes in that four-year period.
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>> new at 6:00 people are suing the city and a charter school to keep it from opening. they say it will cause traffic nightmares if it opens as planned. the lawsuit claims there aren't enough parking spaces for part of the school. school officials say the new building will be an asset to the community. >> help from police it try to identify the victim in this deadly hit and run. and night nbc 10 is learning more about what police say the driver is caught doing moments after the crash. nbc 10's doug shimell is live with today's new details in this case. doug? >> we are told it shows the impact with the victim on the bike thrown in the air and what happens after that is deeply unsettling. nbc 10 has learned more about security cameras, showing the female gets out, looked at the victim, then drives away.
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>> you hurt somebody you got to stop you know. best thing can you do just stop. >> police say another motorist followed the suv while calling 911 but not before the driver allege hadly takes off the license plates. >> i think that's a sad situation. you see a lot of that. and say, i don't know if it is sheer panic. or what is actually going through people's minds. >> detectives say the young man on the bike had no id an a family hasn't reported anyone missing. he was wear blue nike shirt, hat and that toos on his bicep. there is only one saving grace. >> there was an individual that took the initiative to follow the car. >> if you witness the accident or you know who that unidentified victim is call police. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
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>> facing several citations after osha investigated the company's safety practices. four workers were kill in a dupont facility in texas when a supply line unexpectedly released a deadly chemical. osha inspected twice and found one repeat and four serious safety violations. officials fine dupont $27 3,000. our weather is changing today on first alert radar.3,000. our weather is changing today on first alert radar. we are in for more storms tomorrow. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us with the first alert forecast. glenn. >> yeah, jim, most areas are not seeing rain but by wednesday everybody will be getting wet.
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there is a heavy shower moving towards millford. not much around philadelphia area. we have a couple showers up in the pokeconos at the moment. we have a lot more activity developing in wisconsin and coming down in our direction. stuff that went through cincinnati is going way, way south us and not bothering the area. temperatures well into the 80s today. still in the 80s in parts of the area. time awninging on all of this rain coming. >> all right, glenn. new information this evening governor christie is asking for federal money for storm damage. christie is asking for $15 million for atlantic camden burlington and gloucester counties. a south jersey park investigators are trying to
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figure out how a 4-year-old drown. elijah cheney fell into the river in melville saturday night and he drown. police say mother ran to the parking lot to change the younger son's diaper. elijah was with his 8-year-old brother at the time. a jging trail runs beside the bank. it was busy with runners today. people bet and fish in that river but swimming is not allowed. >> she was attending to the baby. the baby is i don't even think a month old. she was changing its diaper.wanderedard. >> police and ems rushed to the scene but it was too late. no charges are expected. tonight at 6:00 locals linked to mexico's most no serious drug lord who escaped a prison a second time. the case connecting our area to el choppo. plus all new, why a housing shortage during the pope's visit to philadelphia has hospital patients and their familyes a concerned. >> dozens of isolated showers in
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parts of our area tonight but a bigger threat is headed our way. i'm talking about tomorrow's storms.
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as philadelphia prepares for the pope a housing shortage causing concern for montgomery
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county nonprofit right now. according to our news partners hosts for hospitals is concerned about a shortage of host homes when francis is here. they coordinate lodging for out of town hospital patients and family members. executive director said all hotels within a hundred miles are fully booked for the. 's visit. also one day passes to ride set the regional rel. going on sale next monday. passes sold on line. keeping crowd numbers in line but the capacity of the regional rail service on september 26 27 and 28 including regular customers an visitors must prepurchase a special one-day pass. no other fares will be accepted. to read more and to see the full itinerary when he is here visit the special section of our nbc 10 news app. tonight at 6:00, nbc 10 is learning more about a local
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connection to drug lord el choppo who escaped from a prison for the second time this weekend. locals remember the case and the small piece of paper that linked one pilot to el chappo. >> pretty ingenious. he add regular way of getting out. >> melvin glik isn't worried about joaquinn's escape from prison. >> i have plenty to do. >> in 2007 he said a california-based pilot would come frequently and stay at this hotel next to the airport. he admitted to flying in millions ofzz2v dollars of cocaine. he said the pilot would have
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been untraceable because he paid with cash. but at the end of the unmanned airport, he needed fuel. >> we have a credit card machine at the pump. an sure enough his name showed up there. >> the philadelphia district attorney's office said it did bust several people related to the cartel several years ago and rounded them up before the krugs hit the streets there. in lancaster county, nbc 10 news. >> nbc nightly news with lester holt with the latest on the manhunt right after this. governor scott walker is running for president, walker is telling voters he can get things done as governor of wisconsin he took on unions eliminating their collective brg anning rights and with walker throwing his hat in the ring well frankly it is making it tough for us to show you all of the republican candidates on one picture there
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on your screen. there are now 15 republican candidates for president. far less crowded on the democratic side with only five candidates so far. hillary clinton leading the polls among democrats. according to new poll numbers, new jersey governor chris christie may be losing ground since he announced his run for president. monmouth university poll asked republican who they support, bush came in first with trump and cruz. christie near the bottom with just 2%. >> foundation is being laid at the new market east construction site in sent are siddy. these are the first stages of what will be a 40-taker retail building and restaurants. here is what it could look like when the project is finished. these renderings were released back in may. the project which many say has been a long time coming will
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encompass an entire city block. >> change of command at defense logistics agency center in north east philadelphia. charles hamilton assumes command of the center duringer is thor is menny tonight. . >> we addhad a beautiful weekend out there. humidity was done so it wasn't so uncomfortable. we have sea breezes at the toast. today humidity is still down but just isolated showers out there. as humidity rises, we have the same story for the week. downpours as opposed to severe thunderstorms. when you see in a good bit of sunshine and philadelphia and other places are seeing showers. it is 83. feels like 84.
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4 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday and not down because of the rain, it is down a little bit. 77 at mount pocono. showers up toward pocono mountains. cooler weather with sea breezes coming in. even a breeze affecting dover. in the state of delaware. we have 77 in louis. 77 in avalon. that is about as warm as it gets for this time of the year. and all up and down the east coast we've got exceptionally warm water. these are heaviest showers on the map near georgetown toward millford. that looks like it is weakening. you near the poconos a couple of showers too. they will die out as sun goes down. this doesn't look like much up
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here and in wisconsin but that is going to be the start of the. in round. this round through cincinnati today. so up in wisconsin, that's not going anywhere near us. it affects cincinnati where they are having the all-star game. for tonight, isolated showers around. and then even tomorrow morning there could be showers. and it beelds up with the heat of the day. as you can see by noon time we are seeing some pockets of heavier rain. and in the afternoon as well. but not everybody is going to be seeing rain tomorrow. computer models are showing that wednesday it might be more substantial threat. there's early morning then watch what happens through the day. that's a lot of red on that map and that is heavy rain in spots. there is more humid than it las been lately. last few days. warm and humid tomorrow.
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scattered showers and thunderstorms. highs in upper 80s and wednesday could be stormier. 88 dwg high humidity then it drops thursday and friday low humidity. comfortable temperatures and sunshine and it heats up over the weekend. >> the gien inuyen in as happs shows up in the organization. more when we come back.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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spending the next few days in cincinnati as the only all-star and if it is up to him, he wouldn't come back. outspoken closure ended during today's media availability. making it rather clear he wants to pli for a contender and his name has been thrown around in trade rumors. but the closer is still a philly. and those philly pin stripes are starting to wear on him. >> it is time to you-know-what or get off the pot. phillies have it make a decision. you can't be in limbo and sit here an say what if we do this or what if we do that. you got to make a decision and go with it. i know we got a new interim president, new interim manager. all this change supposedly happening but i don't see any of it yet. >> baseball's trade deadline is july 31st and phillies figured
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to be busy. for the team that everyone wants to be part of the u.s. women's national soccer team from ticker tape parade in new york to the cover of "sports illustrated," s.i. devoted a cover for each member of the team including carli lloyd who scored three goals in world cup title victory over japan. now to nba, and joel likely out for another season as he requirees a bone graph surgery on his right foot. sixers are forced to now lean on newcomer. alkufor is here and now so is nick saskis. he is ready to fire away for the sixers. >> i knew the kings were trying it make moves so it is all part of the business at the end of the day and i'm excited to give it a new chance to start my career out. main thing for me is being a consistent basketball player at the end of the day and getting a
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start here in philly is a good chance for me to did that and prove myself in this league. >> finally chip kelly said culture beats steam. if it works for one kelly, why not another. brian kelly has adopted the same motto. culture beats scheme tweeting it out today. irish finish 8-5 and 9-4 past two seasons after losing back in 2012. that will do it for sports. jim, back to you. >> from one kelly to another. thanks. now for a lk at what is coming up tonight, a criminal targets a local day care. what cameras caught him doing and how it could impact the children. that's tonight at 11:00.
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i'm sigourney weaver and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at there's something for everyone. today mostly dry but the next couple of days and humidity is up and shower and thunderstorm chances are up especially wednesday. could get pretty heavy downpours there.
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>> keep an eye out for it i know. >> for glenn and all of us here i'm jim rosenfield. news continues with lester holt. have a great evening. tonight, bomb plots. the son of a police captain behind bars accused of betraying his family and his country with an isis-inspired plot to massacre college students live on the internet. drug lord manhunt. the desperate search for one of the world's most dangerous men, who's responsible for flooding the u.s. with drugs. we'll trace the tunnel he used for his elaborate escape. in harm's way. nearly 30 million americans in the path of dangerous storms. already heavy rains and flooding forcing people onto their roofs for rescue. and plot twist. a long hidden sequel changes everything we thought we knew about a beloved character. "nightly news" begins right now.


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