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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  July 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, another morning of highway havoc for drivers on one of our busiest roads. skyforce10 showed the mess on the schuylkill expressway near king of prussia when a tractor/trailer overturned and spilled piles of scrap metal onto the road. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it was a situation that tied up traffic for most of the morning. here's a live look from our traffic camera at i-76 at king of prussia. cars are getting by here. the scene took nearly four hours to clean. nbc10's katy zachry explains from the scene. >> reporter: this juncture of
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i-76 and route 202 behind me is congested enough on a normal morning. add to that an overturned tractor/trailer and a trash fill and drivers were delayed for hours. from skyforce10 you can see how much of the highway was covered in trash. causing a delay that stretched for miles. around 6:00 this morning, a tractor/trailer carrying the load overturned on the i-76 ramp to route 202 and the traffic came to a stop. crews closed the ramp and part of the 202 south where trashed spilled onto the road. those who take this route to work say it's often the source for headaches, but this morning was unusually bad. >> i got to be somewhere, you know, you're stuck. nothing else you can do. >> take away from your life, generally. i've been late plenty of times back and forth. >> reporter: a solid three hours after the crash, they uprighted the truck and cleaned up the trash, enough to reopen the ramp
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and both lanes of 202. reporting from king of prussia, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." to decision 2016. new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie is set to deliver a speech on criminal justice reform. south jersey reporter will join us. >> reporter: we haven't seen chris christie lately in new jersey, but today he may be appealing to people behind bars and to get their votes. take a look at we're at the robert clemente community center in camden. the podium is set and people invited guests in the community, city leaders as well as those in drug treatment programs have benin invited to listen.
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criminal justice in a city that's making a comeback but long known for crime. christie is in a crowded field of republicans. in 15 minutes or so he will tour a drug addiction recovery center called the hope house. we'll have cameras there. christie has been a cheer leelder for the new metro police force but today he will talk about bell reform and creating jobs in a way to reform the criminal justice system that hepdz helps keep violent offenders behind bars and helps those with lesser nonviolent crimes back into society. he will also -- christie's remarks follow president obama, speaking to naacp membership on wednesday as well as former president bill clinton yesterday. it will be interesting to hear how their strategies and ideas differ. as we wait for governor christie inside the roberto clemente community center with volunteerings from volunteers of america, they're trimming the trees, trimming the grass, cleaning up outside. people in these recovery centers want to know how they can stay
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clean and get back into society. they'll be anxious to hear what governor christie has to say. we'll bring it to you. should happen within the newscast about 11:45. if he's on time we'll make sure you can hear it as well. live in camden, cydney long "nbc10 news." donald trump is worth more than $10 billion, according to new financial disclosures. his annual income is more than $362 million. more came from nbc from the reality show "apprentice." nbc recently cut ties with trump over his comments on immigration. christie is one of 15 candidates hoping to clench the gop nod. right now trump is leading the polls. jeb bush is second. the rest including christie are in single digits. hillary clinton holds a sizeable lead among democrats. that lead wasn't as big as it was a few months ago. in the latest monmouth
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university poll, sanders with 17%. it showed lincoln chafee with zero support. skyforce10 is live over breaking news this morning where a car crashed into a restaurant in northeast philadelphia. this is on grant avenue just off the roosevelt boulevard. it's next to a little caesar's cafe shop to the right. we'll find out if anyone was hurt and what may have caused a driver to lose control of his vehicle. stay with nbc10 for updates on this breaking news. and a picture perfect summer day up. can't ask for better weather. here's a live look outside philadelphia's boathouse row. you see the brilliant sunshine. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our sunny forecast. >> what a difference 24 hours makes.
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yesterday we were seeing rain all over the place. we had flooding. the humidity was high. now blue sky, comfortable temperatures and pretty low humidity for the middle of july. 69 degrees in pottstown and low to mid-70s elsewhere with the northeast wind making it even more comfortable. as we go through the afternoon, we'll be seeing temperatures go into the 80s. maybe a few clouds along the shore. that sea breeze will keep the shore areas much cooler than the inatlanta areas. that will be kind of a trend as we go into the weekend. for the rest of the afternoon, nothing but sunshine. again, low humidity. we're getting into the low 80s today. we're talking about 90s over the weekend and some thunderstorms. the timing on all of that with the seven-day in a few minutes. a man police say robbed a store employee at gunpoint.
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surveillance images show the gunman on foot after investigators say he held up a t-mobile store on north broad street. he made off with a bag full of cash. police hope you recognize the suspect and give them a call. police in new castle county need your help to get an armed robber off the streets. they say the man held up the cvs on delaware avenue in wilmington around 7:30 monday morning. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you happen to recognize the man you see in the photo, call delaware crime stoppers at 1-800-tip-3333. a man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting in gray's ferry at 236th and dickinson. police say someone shot the man in the neck with a shotgun. the victim managed to run a few blocks before collapsing. police are looking for the gunman. and thieves and vandals are targeting commuters at a philadelphia train station. crooks damaged and stole from vehicles parked at the train
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station while the workers were at -- while the owners were at work. someone broke into nine cars in a lot on tuesday, busting out windows, as you see here and swiping valuables in the car. we talked with one victim who just bought her car and now has to fix $500 worth of damage. what makes me the most mad about everything is i just purchased this car, literally, three weeks now, and my window is shattered. >> police dusted for fingerprint fingerprint. they're trying to track down leads in the case. this morning we're hearing from a 79-year-old woman who was hit by a stray bullet in north philadelphia. the shooting happened on tuesday night along 25th street. lula mae tillman was sitting on her porch when the bullet struck her and ricocheted into her ankle. >> i jumped up to run in the house. when i did that i fell.
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>> detectives returned to the scene yesterday. they're now checking surveillance video from nearby stores as they search for the shooter. people in one new jersey town will no longer be able to hold a protest within 100 feet of the home. the change comes after repeated gun rights demonstrations outside the home of new jersey senate president steve sweeney. the town's committee also voted to limit protests to ten people for one hour every two weeks. violators face fines of up to $2,000 and 90 days in jail. new documents show senator bob menendez has raised $1.5 million for his legal defense fund since he was indicted in april. in total his defense fund has raised nearly $3 million. the senator is accused of using his influence to help a florida doctor in exchange for vacations and campaign donations. menendez pleaded not guilty.
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pennsylvania correction notices for the execution of three prisoners yesterday even though the governor has a moratorium in place. maurice patterson, hector morales and herbert akeney are scheduled to be put to death in the next couple of months. governor wolf says he'll keep the moratorium until he gets a study on the death pent. the state supreme court is reviewing the governor's policy. there's another barrier in the way of executions. the prison system doesn't have the mixture of drugs required for lethal injection. pharmaceutical companies in the u.s. have stopped making them due to controversy over the death penalty. happening today, the philadelphia housing authority will consider adopting a smoke-free policy. now, a spokesman says the measure would ban lighting up in an unspecified amount of the organization's unit. the pha houses about 80,000 low
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income units. if approved it would be the largest to impe such a policy. this morning, salem county will launch a new system that will allow people to anonymously submit information to police. called tip 411. the police can text back while the tipster's identity remains unknown. a health scare for a former president. we'll have an update on the condition of george h.w. bush who fell at his home in maine yesterday. plus, big, fat greek deal? the agreement worked out this morning that will help the struggling nation get through at least a few more weeks. glenn? >> after all that stormy weather, we're finally getting a well-deserved break. i'll let you know when the heat and humidity are going to return.
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george h.w. bush is in a portland maine, hospital after a fall left him with a broken bone in the neck. the former president is reportedly resting well. nbc's ron allen is in portland with this update. >> reporter: good day. we hope to learn more about the condition of former president some time later today. he's now been at the hospital almost 24 hours since fa fall at his home early yesterday afternoon. we don't know exactly what
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happened. sounds like an accident. he was rushed to the hospital where he was still in stable condition. some of the most revealing information came from his granddaughter, our own jenna bush hager, who said she's doing okay. she said he's not your typical 91-year-old. he jumps out of airplane. if he can do that she says he can recover from a minor neck injury. we know from doctors they do not think the injury is life-threatening. they do not think it's a cause for paralysis. they also said they think he'll be here for, perhaps, several days for some kind of treatment we don't know about. we know he has had some visitors, family friends. we can only assume that because there are obviously other people there at the family home about 45 minutes from here. at this hour though most of the news is encouraging, he's doing fine in stable condition. more treatment, here for several more days. lots of thoughts and prayers pouring in from around the nation. he is in 91 in frail health, yet jumping out of airplanes. most of the word here is
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encouraging but we wait for more updates and we'll bring that to you when we have it. back to you. >> that was nbc's ron allen reporting. we hope to soon have an official update on the former president's condition. when we do we'll bring it to you when we get it. the suspect in the charleston church massacre faced a judge. dylann roof was in court for a hearing. roof was presented with indictments. attorneys were expected to discuss releasing documents to the news media. the 21-year-old faces nine counts of murder for the june shooting spree inside the emanuel ame church. he also faces three counts of attempted murder and a weapons charge. today president obama will do something no or sitting president has done before visit a federal prison. the president is expected to meet with officials at el reno federal correction center in an hour. he'll sit with an interview with with vice media to be included in a documentary on the criminal
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justice system. new developments in greece where people in greece are still not able to visit their banks but that could soon change. the european union agreed today on a short-term loan to greece until mid-august. this comes after the greek parliament approved strict austerity measures in order to secure bailout money. the banks have remained closed as part of financial controls put in place by the government so people have been lining up at atms throughout greece to withdrawal their daily limit of $65. just a wow kind of day out there. we've got another one coming tomorrow before the weekend gets here. two beauties in a row. we have a heat wave coming starting over the weekend. some thunderstorms possible. blue skies out there right now.
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74 degrees. winds north-northeast. 2 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. into the low to mid-70s elsewhere across the area. temperatures today will be well below average and the humidity way below average. and that will be a factor if you're jumping into the water. when you get out, you're going to get even colder when you have these low dew points low humidity. wind coming out of the northeast that's keeping the shore areas on the cool side. ocean temperature way above average at 73. these low temperatures this morning way below average. in the 50s across about all of pennsylvania. 56 in reading and allentown and pottstown. 57 in doylestown. 64 in philadelphia. 63 in northeast philly.
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66 degrees, atlantic city international. and, of course we're starting to warm up now. we've got nothing but sunshine out there. clouds far to the west. high pressure settling right on top of this. that will cause the wind to die down tonight and certainly keep the skies clear. as the highs move offshore and southwest winds come in, that's going to warm us up. also allow more moisture to come in. by saturday, we're talking about the hazy, humid kind of conditions with those afternoon thunderstorms developing. on sunday may be a little less in the way of showers but the heat continues to build. place to escape the heat? at the shores a slight chance of a thunderstorm on saturday afternoon. it looks like mainly a dry weekend there. and in the poconos, good chance of showers and storms on saturday but still a nice break
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from the heat in the inland areas. sunny and nice today. temperatures into the low 80s. very low humidity. we continue to see the low humidity tomorrow with the sunshine. the temperature jumps and the humidity jumps on saturday so it starts getting pretty uncomfortable. chance of scattered showers around saturday. a little lower chance on sunday. and then the chance goes back up. storms are most likely end lily on monday and then we dry out again. skyforce10 is hovering over breaking news. we have reports of live wires down on a trash truck in drexel hill where skyforce10 is hovering in delaware county. the driver we understand, is out of the vehicle butter this happened on garrett avenue and morgan road where this is all happening. we're told the driver again, is
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out of the vehicle. you can see a pico crew there with a cherry-picker is on the scene working to disengage those live wires. stay with nbc10. we're making phone calls, trying to get information on how this happened. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. race against time. the local woman who's getting national attention for her efforts to improve the lives of people suffering from the same disease she struggles with every day. she's live in studio this morning, fresh off her visit to the white house. we'll talk about why her time is so appreciation.
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our next guest will make you stop and think about why it's so important to live for the moment. emily cramer had her moment in the spotlight last week when she was invited to appear at the white house. emily was recognized as a champion of change for precision medicine. she realizes experiences like those are so precious as she suffers from a disease that's only getting worse. we're thrilled to have emily here with us. welcome. tell me about your condition and how you caught the attention of the white house. >> yeah. so i have cystic fibrosis which is a fatal and genetic aggressive disease. pry effects the lung and sdi guesstive system but pretty much affects every organ in the body. i was nominated for this award
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and actually got a phone call when i was in italy. i missed the phone call from the white house, which is the one phone call you never want to miss. fortunately, got in touch with them and heard this awesome news. >> we were talking during the break about the white house experience and how amazing it was. >> totally awesome, surreal. an encouraging experience and gives me a lot of hope. >> your situation can be described as a race against time but your foundation is also helping to make big strides in the cystic fibrosis research. tell me about that. >> yeah. i have a rare mutation of cystic fibrosis and there have been big breakthroughs for cf treatment in the past few weeks and in the past few years as well. unfortunately, none of them help my rare mutation. as an organization, we're focused on accelerating research for my mutation. so far we've raised about $1.5 million for research.
11:26 am
we're fast-tracking new treatments and hopefully a cure. >> i've been to your website and saw firsthand from your video just what you have to do every day. >> yeah. >> just to get out the door. it's quite fascinating. it's amazing and inspiring, quite frankly. >> you know it -- having such an amazing entourage behind me is the ultimate motivation. you know i feel so incredibly lucky to have the support of this community and so many people. it's really the ultimate. >> there's a lot of people behind you, emily. we're so proud of you. to learn more about emily's condition and entourage, head to our website at we have a link that will let you see more of it. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you so much for having me. >> appreciate it. caitlyn takes the stage. >> if you want to call me names, make jokes about my intentions, go ahead. because the reality is i can take it.
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>> passionate inspiring and controversial. the speech from last night's espy awards that's got everybody talking. plus the u.s. women's national soccer team is a winner again. this one might not be a big surprise, but there were plenty of other memorable moments at last night's espy awards, including some local winners.
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(colonial penn jingle) stories, the schuylkill expressway is reopen near king of prussia after an early morning trailer tractor accident spills scrap metal on the road. crews open part of 202 southbound where trash spilled onto the road. three hours after the crash, they uprighted the truck finally and cleaned up the spill. enough to reopen the ramp and
11:31 am
both lanes of 202. new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie is set to deliver a speech on criminal justice reform in camden. he's also touring a drug addiction recovery center. from there he's expected to talk about bail reform and jobs and reforming the criminal justice system in a way to keep violent offenders behind bars but helps those with lesser nonviolent crimes back into society. man police say robbed a store at gunpoint. surveillance images show this man on foot after police say he held up a t-mobile on broad street, made off with a bag full of cash. police hope you recognize the suspect and give them a call. 11:31. it is a superb day at the shore as you see folks lining up. comfortable conditions for beachgoers as we take a live
11:32 am
look outside at cape may. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn? >> yeah, vai. if you head into the water, you definitely want to keep the towel close by because the humidity is so low, it gets -- it feels extra cold as you get out of the water. the other extreme in our area the pocono mountains, look how clear it is there. look how blue it is there in camelback. 74 degrees in philadelphia. a northeast wind. pottstown still waiting to get into the 70s. we're going to get into the 80s across most of the area. a few clouds down around some of the shore points with the north east wind but it will keep the temperature down certainly into the 70s while we're into the 80s in the philadelphia area. well the comfort has returned but we have a heat wave in the forecast and also some weekend thunderstorms.
11:33 am
we'll have the timing and all of that with the seven-day in a few minutes. caitlyn jenner's speech at the espys last night is generating a lot of conversation this morning. it was her most high-profile appearance since coming out as transgender in may. as nbc's halle jackson reports, she delivered a speech that brought the audience to their feet. >> reporter: in an ivory-gathered gown caitlyn jenner took the stage to deliver a message to the world. as well as the fashion police. >> please be kind on me. i'm new at this. >> reporter: she quickly turned furious in her first high-profile speech as caitlyn, taking on critics who argued she didn't deserve the arthur ashe award for courage. >> if you want to call me name make jokes about my intentions go ahead. because the reality is i can take it. but for the thousands of kids out there, coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn't have to take it. >> reporter: on stage, the olympian, known as bruce when
11:34 am
she won her gold medal, got emotional as she thanked her family. >> i am so so grateful to have all of you in my life. thank you. >> reporter: her speech perhaps the most high-profile but not the only memorable one of the night and devin still accepted an award on behalf of his daughter leah. >> she taught me more about life than i could ever do. >> reporter: who's battling thank you. >> thank you for supporting me while i beat cancer. hey, lebron. hi daddy. >> reporter: some wondered why leah wasn't honor fod for her courage, but on the red carpet for many jenner was the right choice. >> you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone more courageous than her right now. >> i think that caitlyn is getting young people the opportunity to be comfortable in their skin whatever that is. >> reporter: and that's exactly what jenner hopes to see. >> it's not just about me. it's about all of us. accepting one another. we're all different.
11:35 am
that's not a bad thing. thank you. >> that was nbc's halle jackson reporting. now, soccer star abby wambach presented jenner with the courage award. she and the rest of her u.s. women's national teammates won an espy for best team. another familiar face at last night's espys mo'ne davis, she won the award for best breakthrough athlete in her part in the little league world series last year. in washington state, crews have recovered two bodies from wreckage of a small airplane that crashed into a mountain side. officials have not yet identified those victims but the teenage girl who survived the wreck says it is her step-grandparents. aitem autumn is back home after she walked for two days on a highway. despite a bounty of $8
11:36 am
million for information leading to the capture of drug kingpin el chapo guzman officials are still coming up empty-handed. mark potts reports from mexico city. >> reporter: el chapo guzman has been on the run for five days and still no sign of the drug lord. cameras were allowed inside his cell where there's not much left except for a square piece of concrete that once covered a hole, prison officials say he used to make his daring escape. >> if i were him, i would be looking over my shoulder. >> reporter: he has everyone on high alert. a top dea official says for him it's personal. >> i'm here to commit to you we're going to do everything we can with our mexican counterparts to get this guy back in jail. >> reporter: officials admit it won't be easy. he's a complex man that has built a legend larger than life. according to a former dea official, he's 60 or 61 grew up
11:37 am
poor and started growing marijuana when he was 14 going on to be named one of the richest men by "forbes" magazine. those who know him described him as a man of many personalities who's hard to put in a box. he's also a man hard to keep in a jail cell. >> what guzman is more than anything else is a survivor. the man has a talent for survival. he's ruthless, brilliant, efficient and he's evil. >> reporter: and in an odd twist, officials say they found a small dead bird in chapo's cell they believe may have been used to test the air quality in his escape tunnel. today top mexican security officials, including the attorney general, will be testifying before a congressional subcommittee and will be asked tough questions about how the escape at this prison occurred and how chapo got away. mark potter nbc news near mexico city. iraqi troops today fired rockets and mortars at strategic positions reportedly held by isis on the outskirts of ramadi
11:38 am
the capital of anbar province in western iraq. verse areas of anbar province are still under the control of isis. it was like a scene out of a movie. that's the best way i can describe it, because it happened so fast. >> investigators think the same suspects are behind another carjacking at a gas station. police are hoping the surveillance video will help them get the suspects off the streets. people in detroit -- happening now, rather the nominees for this time prime time emmy awards are being announced. here's a live look at the silver screen theater in west hollywood. among the nominees they just announced amy poehler as well qult parks and recreation" and the show itself has been nominated. happening later today, top chefs in philadelphia will
11:39 am
gather to raise money for a top chef who was severely injured in the amtrak train derailment. nbc's katy zachry has more. >> eli is amazing. from the time i met him, i've always been completely wowed by his capability. >> reporter: no one knows his culinary capabilities better than ellen yen, co-owner of philadelphia's fork restaurant. she's worked alongside chef eli culp for the last few years and was one of the first to learn from his wife he was badly injured on the amtrak train that derailed in may. since then the restaurant community has rallied, raising nearly $100,000 to cover additional medical costs and the effort continues. tonight nearly two dozen top chefs from the area are getting together to cook for a benefit to help culp and his young family get through this difficult time. >> his spirits are very positive but as you can imagine, this is a very serious accident and injury.
11:40 am
>> reporter: kate judge zacharyy zachry "nbc10 news." johnny depp's wife has been charged with illegally pring bringing the couple's pets to australia. she was charged with illegally importing the dogs into aus trail dwra and one count of a false document. the country's agricultural minister ordered the pooches to get out of the country or be put to death. depp traveled to australia to film pirates of caribbean. new feature making it super easy to make purchases right from your smartphone. a perfect summer day out there. and it's looking great for tomorrow too. but what about the weekend? tracking the return of heat and humidity. let you know what you can expect and when just ahead.
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alzheimer's disease may affect african-americans differently than caucasians. researchers examined the brains of patients who died of alzheimer's disease and they found african-americans were likely to have additional brain changes. knowing the differences in the races may help doctors develop better, mortar getted treatments for alzheimer's.
11:44 am
wildfires may not just destroy property. they may be hazardous to your heart. researchers analyzed data from australia in 2006 when wildfires raged for two months there. on days with the highest amounts of air pollution from the fires, there was a 7% increase in heart attacks, especially among the elderly. there were also more heart-related er visits and hospitalizations for heart disease on days with the poorest air quality. google is making it easier for people to make quick purchases from their smartphones. the tech giant is debuting a buy button which lets shoppers buy items directly from search ads. it uses payment information that's saved in your google account. shoppers can also get product ratings and find out whether items are available at nearby stores or not. it will also go through your browsing history to see if the price and products you searched for in the past has dropped. after a one-day rain delay,
11:45 am
a new temporary attraction is set to open in philadelphia. aiken's oval on the benjamin franklin parkway is being transformed. let's give you a live look from our camera on top of the comcast center. it's been painted to look like a seidelic mural. they say this year's theme is kaleidoscope featuring a 20,000 square foot. they say this is a way to build community. the horticulture society has been developing green spaces from the delaware river to various neighborhoods. we're told there will be six weeks of activities with a opening party featuring a deejay. and happening now, we are waiting for new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie to deliver a speech on criminal justice reform. we're looking live at the area in camden where he'll give that
11:46 am
speech. it's expected he'll talk about bail reform and reforming the criminal justice system in a way that helps nonviolent offenders find their way back into society. imagine not being able to see or hear. well that's the reality for people living with a condition called usher syndrome. there's an event happening this weekend that we want to tell you about. it's all about raising awareness and having fun. henry norton is here with us right now, joined by his mom, kim. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> kim tell me about henry's condition. >> henry has something called usher syndrome which is hereditary deafness and eventual blindness. he refers to as a low vision because he still has some vision now. it's hereditary. for some folks there are different types. some are born row foundly deaf henry's case, and they lose vision fairly early. >> do they find this at birth when they test their senses and find, perhaps, a child may not have their hearing and then -- >> exactly. >> -- you figure out that they'll slowly lose their
11:47 am
eyesight? >> the newborn hearing screening test determines if a child has hearing right away. that's instantaneous in the hospital. through genetic testing we found out about usher syndrome. we suspected henry was losing his vision. he underwent genetic testing and then phillip and i both did as well. >> as i understand it correct me if i'm wrong, slowly their vision starts to contract and, i guess, the way i would describe it is it seems like from what i read, that it's like looking through a tube right? >> through a straw. but your central vision seeing like this. >> you have no fer if ral vision. >> right. >> so henry has no vision below his nose or sides of his face. if you're not in his line of sight, he doesn't know where you are. he also has macular degeneration which is causing his central vision to be lost as well. >> i commented how handsome henry was. i learned what the sign --
11:48 am
what's this? handsome. >> handsome. >> that's you, yeah. that's handsome. >> that's your sign right? >> he recognizes that as a handsome. tell us about what's in store to this weekend. >> we're having a full sensory event for families. helicopter rides, nbc10 will be there. we'll have bounce houses gaga pit, helen keller center will be there, motorcycle food. >> we wish you well. third annual is happening this sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at flying "w "airport in med medford county. live music a show plenty of activities for the kids as well as appearances from eagle mascot, and helicopter rides. for more information come to our website at we'll provide a link so you can find out more about it.
11:49 am
we wish you well and keep us in touch with how henry is doing. >> absolutely. >> good little boy. >> yeah, he is. he's great. >> thanks so much for coming. >> thank you very much for having us. >> handsome. handsome henry. >> can you say bye? >> all right, buddy. give me a little -- oh, man, that hurt. thank you very much. >> thank you. we could certainly use i break from the rain and we're getting it. not only today but tomorrow too. we have two beautiful days in a row and then things start to change. we have a heat wave coming most likely. temperatures at or above 90 degrees three days in a row and some weekend thunderstorms. although it is far from a washout. a lot of sunshine out there now. 74 degrees, winds 8 miles an hour. humidity very low for this time
11:50 am
of the year. and the severe weather threat for today and tomorrow talk about very low this is about as low as it gets over the next two days. zero threat of any kind of severe weather. 69 in pottstown now. 66 in mt. pocono. but in the 70s across most of the rest of the area. 75 in georgetown. the ocean, 73 degrees, which is still pretty warm for this time of the year. we have a few clouds down near some of the shore points. a lot of sunshine elsewhere and this is the proof, these reporting stations everybody reporting sunny skies except for dover and wildwood. wildwood has some clouds right now. it's coming off the ocean. high pressure building overhead will make it sunnier at the shore later today. the high moves offshore. the southerly winds come in. that's going to warm us up. that's going to take the humidity up. eventually, the chance for some showers. the first chance comes tomorrow
11:51 am
night. just a slight chance. and then better chances coming on saturday with some of the heat and humidity building up. we're not talking about widespread activity. we're not talking about anything severe. we're not necessarily talking about flooding. but if you want to escape the heat this weekend, we've got some choices here. at the shore it's looking pretty good. sea breeze both days 80 degrees for the high temperature. just a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm on saturday. better chance of storms on as a result in the pocono mountains, but still a good place to escape the heat because it will be plenty hot in the inland areas. now, as we go into tomorrow we're starting to warm up a little bit. look at those redder colors coming in saturday into sunday. we're into the 90s. maybe even into tuesday. but then things start to dry out
11:52 am
again. now, as we go through the rest of the day, it is bright sunshine. a beautiful day. highs in the low 80s. tonight we're back down into the 60s in the city and 50s in the suburb. tomorrow 85 degrees. low humidity continues. near 90 degrees on saturday. higher humidity and a chance of some afternoon storms. even hotter and more humid on sunday. and the most humid day and the greatest threat of storms comes on monday. before we dry out a little bit. we'll be right back. ou're 50 to 85 here's a question for you: how many people have called about guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program? 100,000?
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00 is "ellen" with wanda sykes. stolen diamonds, police say a man hired to do work at south jersey homes was helping himself to pricey jewels inside. how one woman realized the diamond in her ring was swapped with a fake. that's all new today on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. happening now, another live look from camden where we're awaiting the arrival of new jersey governor chris christie, republican presidential candidate. he's expected to give a speech on justice reform and we expect governor christie to arrive at any moment.
11:56 am
he's expected to talk about bail reform and reforming the criminal justice system in a way that helps nonviolent offenders find their way back into society. nbc10's cydney long is at this event and will have a report on christie's speech this afternoon starting on "nbc10 news" at 4:00 as well as on the nbc10 app. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with a check of the afternoon forecast. we take a live look at cape may new jersey. >> people in the water. >> enjoying it. >> yeah. the ocean is very warm for this time of the year. normally is peaks in also shlgs sometimes early september. it's really warm and a lot of people enjoying that. you'll enjoy the weather today and tomorrow with very low humidity, lots of sunshine. over the weekend it's going to get hot, humid and a few thunderstorms around. not a washout. of course, it will be more comfortable at the shore and poconos. >> enjoy your day. glenn will see you this afternoon.
11:57 am
i'm vai sikahema and glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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>> jj: it's about paige larson. i don't want you selling to her, or even hanging out with her ever. >> kyle: jj... what's your problem, man? hmm? why is who paige hangs out with any of your business? >> paige: yeah, jj. why would that be any of your business? let me tell you again. get the hell out of my life, and stay out of it. >> jennifer: paige. [sighs]


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