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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 23, 2015 12:37am-1:39am EDT

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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- rachel maddow, from "paper towns" actress cara delevingne, music from neon trees, featuring the 8g band with david lovering. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and now, here he is, seth meyers! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ]
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good to hear. every day, i get to come out here, and every day, i get to give everybody more news about donald trump, and it's so -- it's reached the point now where the other candidates, the only issue anyone wants to hear their position on is what they're currently thinking about donald trump. so they have all this stuff they want to stay about running the country, and i feel like every time another candidate does another interview, they say, "what do you think about the whole donald trump thing?" [ laughter ] i feel bad for them, but -- i feel good for me. [ laughter ] i'm happy for me, because it is so wonderful and hilarious that donald trump is a -- he's a frontrunner. the f.e.c. today just released his finances, because you have to turn over your finances. fascinating. he has an energy drink in israel. there's a trump branded energy drink in israel. [ light laughter ] it's a real thing. the -- serta mattresses, they pay him between $1 and $5 million a year to have
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trump -- to license the trump name for mattresses. [ light laughter ] it's so insane to me, because nothing about donald trump says restful sleep. [ laughter ] that's not the last thing you want to see before this -- like, what i like to think about before bed was -- someone yelling at mexico. [ laughter ] well, trump's children released a statement this week calling their father "a true visionary and a great mentor." and trump released a statement calling his kids "suck-ups and not the best." [ laughter ] "i know what you're doing. you want to be in the will. nice try. buy your own mattresses." [ laughter ] sportswear company lululemon, are we familiar with sportswear company lululemon? [ cheers and applause ] maker of fine yoga apparel. sportswear company lululemon is coming out -- this is true -- with a new line of beer. yeah. it's a dark beer, but when you tip the bottle, it turns see-through.
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[ laughter and applause ] i think the worst thing about that joke is when i mime sipping a beer, look at my pinky. [ light laughter ] i didn't realize that's what happens when i tip my beer. today was national hammock day. [ cheers and applause ] today was national hammock day, but i just couldn't get into it. [ laughter ] i want to wait until everybody gets in on it. [ laughter ] a couple was spotted this past weekend walking into the ocean in north carolina wearing homemade cages to fend off sharks. [ laughter ] said sharks, "wow, this really does taste homemade." [ laughter ] blackberry announced today it's buying another tech company to improve its bbm messaging service.
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well, actually, they announced it weeks ago, but i just got the message now. [ laughter and applause ] so -- any pet fans here? [ cheers and applause ] you'll like this. five live pythons, four boa constrictors, and an alligator were found yesterday in a brooklyn home. [ audience ohs ] but the good news is no mice. [ laughter ] totally solved the mice problem. a 68-year-old florida man was arrested on sunday for threatening his teenage step-grandson with a machete after his chihuahua pooped on the couch. [ light laughter ] though, if you don't want anyone pooping on the couch, maybe put down the machete. [ laughter ] teenaged -- being a tough -- it's tough times for teenage
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step-grandsons in florida. the french language scrabble championship was won this week by a new zealand man who does not speak french. [ light laughter ] of course, in french scrabble, you win by flipping over the board and going outside for a cigarette. [ laughter ] "i had only vowels. i did not win. there were only vowels. then i had a 'q,' there was nowhere to put it." [ laughter ] "there goes the blank into the blank. you had the 'a' i had the 'o' and 'u'. there were only vowels. there is none of the good letters here. here's the 'x'. here's a 'j'. [ laughter ] seems like i have no luck." [ speaking french ] [ laughter ] it's a one-man show i'm working on. [ laughter ] and finally, a los angeles man is trying to see how many days in a row he can eat at least one meal from chipotle. [ applause ]
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how many days in a row he can eat at least one meal from chipotle. when reached for comment, he said, "hang on, there's somebody in here!" [ laughter and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, this is the 8g band. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: whoo! how we doing, 8g band? great to see you. it's been a very exciting week for us. back on drums tonight, he's from one of my favorite bands, the pixies," david lovering is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] wonderful having you. thank you so much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> seth: david, also backstage -- david knows a little bit of magic and just showed me a rubber band trick and blew my mind. and i think you'll all agree, the best thing about magic tricks is when someone like me tells you about them. [ laughter ] because that's the real exciting part. i got see the trick, and now i'm
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doing -- i do a podcast where i just explain tricks. [ laughter ] and then it was a like a hat, nothing in it. waves his hand, four birds. anyways, we'll be right back with more "i describe magic." [ light laughter ] you guys, we have a great show for you tonight. from msnbc "the rachel maddow show," rachel maddow is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] very psyched she's here. from the new movie "paper towns," cara delevingne is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] can't wait to talk to her about that. and a wonderful band. they are back on the show tonight. neon trees will be joining us. [ cheers and applause ] you're here on a good night. now, before we move on, here at "late night," we just love slogans. they are so much fun. for example, we all know kfc's slogan is "it's finger lickin' good." it is, i licked all my fingers. [ light laughter ] de beers -- de beers slogan, "a diamond is forever." i hope so, it was very expensive.
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[ light laughter ] energizer battery slogan "keeps going, going, and going." it does. they're all great slogans, but we started to think why should only products have slogans? everything could benefit from one, so we came up with some for you in a segment we call "new slogans." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: let's kick things off with a slogan for kale smoothies. "kale smoothies -- good to the first drop." [ laughter ] next, we have bikes. let's see the slogan. "bikes -- you be the motor." [ laughter ] that's about as well as that's ever gone. next, we have a slogan for jell-o. "jell-o -- because you're in the hospital." [ laughter and applause ] i mean, just saying. i think we showed a lot of restraint, not making a cosby joke there.
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[ light laughter ] [ audience groans ] still, he did what he did. [ laughter ] joke or not, that doesn't change anything. next we have scratch-off lottery tickets. these are always fun. let's see it. "scratch-off lottery tickets -- immediately ruined tiny dreams." [ light laughter ] next up, we have a slogan for really dark blue. that's right, a slogan for the color really dark blue. "really dark blue -- black?" [ laughter ] up next, potentially locked doors. we've all been in this situation. you walk up to a door. it could be locked. it's a potentially locked door. let's see the slogan. "potentially locked doors -- don't knock 'em til you try 'em." [ laughter and applause ] we've been living our whole lives without a slogan for potentially locked doors. now we have it. now we have it. it's ours. up next, we have auto-flush toilets.
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"auto-flush toilets -- you weren't done yet? oopsie bidet-sie." [ laughter ] real good. that one was real good. you guys, up next, we've got burial shrouds. "burial shrouds -- over my dead body." [ laughter ] perfect. perfect slogan. next, we have ice-makers. "ice-makers -- probably not a burglar in your kitchen." [ laughter ] probably not. you don't know. 95% chance that's just the ice machine. "mom, it could be a dude in the house. so how you gonna to play it? you gonna go back to bed? [ laughter ] all right. best of luck to you. [ laughter ] tip my cap to your balls, sir. guess what?
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it was a dude." and finally, we have spray tans. "spray tans -- orange you glad it's not skin cancer." [ laughter and applause ] this has been "new slogans", brought to you by nbc, whose slogan is "nbc -- mostly 'the voice'." we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheering and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guest tonight is an emmy award-winning broadcaster and author who hosts "the rachel maddow show" weeknights at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. please welcome back to the show, rachel maddow. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so happy you're here. >> me too. i got new shoes just for the occasion. >> seth: thank you, they're very good ones. >> hi-tops. >> seth: they're very, very good ones. >> thank you very much. >> seth: nice and clean. now, you've had a couple of days off from work. >> yes. >> seth: you're back tonight. not just -- rick santorum. >> i couldn't -- i actually had
12:53 am
vacation days and gave them away because rick santorum agreed to talk to me. [ light laughter ] >> seth: have you ever talked to him? have you ever had him on your show before? >> once. >> seth: once. >> yes. >> seth: now, this is going to happen between when we do this interview and when our show airs tonight. this will be something that people -- while we're talking right now they can go back and watch it. because it will have been on. how -- are you excited to talk to rick santorum? i mean, obviously, you two are going to be very far apart on everything. >> yes. yeah, everything. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and do you -- do you go into it hoping it is not contentious? hoping? what do you hope for? >> i want him to answer questions that i don't already know the answer to. >> seth: got it. >> so like, do you think that i should have the same civil rights that you have? no. [ light laughter ] okay, like i know what you're gonna say there. you know, like, do you think we should bomb iran? yes. there's a bunch of stuff i know how he's going to answer, but there's other stuff that i honestly don't know what the answer is. i don't know, if i were running for president, i would run against donald trump. >> seth: yeah. >> right? he wants to be kind of a populist guy who wants to campaign for raising the minimum wage. >> seth: right. >> that's interesting.
12:54 am
how do you sell that in the republican field? i also think he's the best communicator out of all of the republicans. if you want to listen to any of them give a speech, he'll give the best at speech of all of them. >> seth: this is trump you're talking about? >> no, rick santorum. [ laughter ] >> seth: trump, because i'll say this. i think trump's a very good communicator. i always know exactly what he's thinking. [ laughter ] >> you're not diving into the nuance? >> seth: no, exactly. i'm not like "i wish he hadn't used such big words like huge." [ laughter ] huge. >> huge. >> seth: this is big. >> it's huge. >> seth: it's so big, it's huge. >> it starts with a "y" and has many "o's." >> seth: you mentioned this -- we were talking about it here. it's so hard to run against donald trump. how has it been for you to cover it? i mean, people have been -- you know, "the huffington post" talked earlier this week of they're going to move their trump coverage to the entertainment section. i think they've since rescinded that. but how do you cover it? i mean, he's the frontrunner, do you have to cover him like a real candidate? >> i mean, when he -- previously sort of flirted with running for
12:55 am
president, you've been able to make an excuse to say, "oh, he's not really running. he's not actually filing. he's not --" he's really running, and republicans really like him, and so i love the idea that this is a stunt. [ light laughter ] and i love the idea that he's just a celebrity and this is an actuallly political campaign. but turns out, republican voters want donald trump more than they want the 40 other people running. [ laughter ] that is a gift from god. [ laughter ] in terms of having this be my job. [ applause ] >> seth: i agree. it's very interesting, and do you think it shows -- the republican party, do you think they're looking inward at all now saying, like "how did we let this happen? we have a lot of senators. we have ex-governors. we have congressmen. we have people who've been part of the public establishment. how come none of them -- can, at least now." and again it's early -- 16 months out. but for right now, do you think they're saying, like, "what happened?" "how did we let a guy like this be a guy?" >> a guy? [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, how did he get to be a guy that now, everybody is like, oh, i like him most? >> the last national poll, he's not only in first place.
12:56 am
the guys who are in second and third place just barely add up to what he's getting. i mean, he's way out ahead of all the rest of them. and so, like john kasich, for example, is not even going to make -- john who? [ light laughter ] he's not even going to make the first debate. he's not gonna -- fox news says they're only going to let ten people into the debate. okay. that doesn't make any sense. but that means that, with donald trump out front, and everybody else trying to keep up with donald trump, john kasich is not going to make the first debate. he's the governor of ohio. the first debate is in ohio. >> seth: yes. >> and they're going to make him watch it from home, which happens to be the governor's mansion. no, you're not allowed. we gave donald trump your podium, governor. >> seth: what? here's my question, what's your prediction at the end of that debate, there are ten candidates. i think the ideally, the idea of the debate is they all talk the equal amount of time. how. i just think watching donald trump only talk 10% of the allotted time will be the most fascinating thing to watch. i think they'll just have to kill his mic, and throughout the debate he'll be -- and then they'll just bring his mic back up and you'll hear what he's saying, and then -- i can't imagine what it's going to be like.
12:57 am
>> well all of the other candidates, too, can only get press and only get attention when they're talking about donald trump, responding to donald trump, or picking a fight with donald trump, too, so. if everything is going to be about him anyway, well then he's gonna be either he's going to be talked about or he's doing most of the talking. you know, there are right now 16 or -- 16 declared republican major candidates. they should be doing -- they should either let them all in, which would be hilarious, all into the same debate. or they should do a couple debates where they can all get in. it's bizarre they're only going to let ten people in. they're gonna exclude people like chris christie, rick perry, john kasich. the guy who came in second last time. my friend, rick santorum. >> seth: there you go. >> they're not going to let him debate. they've got to let them all debate. and hopefully, if the republican party, like -- ought to be a major political party, then in a real debate, guys like donald trump will lose the debate, and therefore lose support. if you end up artificially curtailing the field, a guy like that is going to win, in part, just based on name recognition
12:58 am
and celebrity. >> seth: the craziest thing to me is, there's no way -- you know, obviously, mitt romney had the 47% video, which was a real problem for him, because it was a secret video. and it was a thing that he never would've sent public. that can't happen for trump. everything -- every thing that would be bad, he's says at a podium with, like, donald trump -- [ laughter ] and he like makes sure the mic's on before he does it. [ applause ] >> what did donald trump doubt? >> seth: yeah, so they're all -- they must be sitting around saying, don't worry, he'll trip up soon enough. he does things that would destroy their campaigns. and he just kind of like -- >> when he said -- okay, john mccain, whatever you think about john mccain as a political figure, five and a half years as a prisoner of war and was offered the chance to get out and said, "no, i don't want any special treatment." i don't care what you believe. it's not possible to not look at john mccain's war record and not have anything but admiration for him. donald trump does it, and takes
12:59 am
no hit in the polls. >> seth: yeah. it's just amazing. >> the one nice thing about it -- i mean, it's astonishing -- but the one nice thing about it is that when you cover big time national politics, there's almost never something totally unpredictable, you know? in this case, like that debate's going to happen. like is he going to pull his pants down? [ laughter ] >> seth: right. >> is he gonna pull somebody else's down? is he going to bite the head off a bat? you know, like, what else can happen. >> seth: i think -- my prediction is he brings out a nicer, bigger podium. [ laughter ] it's just like a little taller. >> right, or the girls who hold the ring numbers or the round numbers in boxing -- he'll like bring them on to score him. or something, i don't know. it does make it weird. >> seth: the other candidate who is a bit of an outsider on the democratic side is bernie sanders. >> oh, yeah. [ cheers ] >> seth: he's in the race. and yeah, a lot of big -- drawing big crowds, getting more attention from the voters than anybody would have predicted. do you think he has any chance? are you happy he's in the race? do you think it's good for the democratic party to have a
1:00 am
counter to hillary? >> it's awesome to see him getting as much -- i'm a liberal. and so, to see liberals turning out in texas. and in arizona. and in colorado, and all these places that he's turning out these huge crowds. it's like, "oh, right, my people are everywhere." [ light laughter ] he's doing red state stuff. he's going to be in louisiana this weekend. you know, democratic candidates aren't used to stumping in louisiana, but bernie sanders is fearless. and he will turn out a big crowd everywhere he goes. the one thing that i think that's really nice about it, is it's making the beltway press remember that there are liberals, which doesn't usually happen. we pay so much attention to the republican party and how they deal with, kind of, their crazies and the people who are far right in that party you forget that the democratic party has real liberals as part of its constituents. and he's rewarding people who want to go out and hear an unapologetic liberal message. and, you know, today he introduced a bill for $15 national minimum wage.
1:01 am
sounds like an awesome idea to me. [ cheers and applause ] i'd love to hear people argue against it. and he's got it on the agenda. >> seth: one of the things -- we were talking about the difficulty of candidates getting attention with trump. and i found -- and i think this just gonna happen as we go each election cycle into the future. you're going to see more and more candidates basically trying to go viral, like make videos that they think are funny. today, lindsey graham put out a video of him destroying his phones because donald trump gave out his number. and then rand paul did this video to show how he feels about our tax code. let's take a look real quick. >> hey, i'm rand paul, and i'm trying to kill the tax code, all 70,000 pages of it. ♪ >> seth: now, my question to you
1:02 am
is, do you think people from other countries watch that and say "what the [ bleep ] is going on over there?" [ laughter ] what's going on? >> they're having a debate about how best to kill paper? >> seth: yeah, they want to kill paper. >> what's the deal with the paper? >> seth: who's that guy? what is he, like a farmer? the guy in the black t-shirt wants to be president? yeah, he does. >> that's him with the underbite thing and the chainsaw, really? >> seth: yeah. >> there's a great political, sort of, history in our country of people doing physically abusive things to large stacks of paper that are designed to stand in as the tax code. the great thing about this election is that's not weird enough to get rand paul noticed, even for a day. [ laughter ] >> seth: absolutely. >> i know. >> seth: nothing. >> yeah. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. i think this is going to be a very exciting year. >> it's gonna be great. >> seth: give it up for rachel maddow, everybody. "the rachel maddow show" airs weeknights at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. we'll be right back with more "late night."
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is one of the biggest supermodels in the world. she's also a very talented actress, and beginning friday, you can see her in the new film "paper towns." let's take a look. >> margo? margo, hey! >> i need to borrow your car. >> what? >> your car? >> i don't have a car.
1:08 am
>> i mean your mom's car. >> i -- >> also, i need you to drive the car, because i have nine things i need to do tonight, and more than half of them require a getaway driver. >> what, are you committing felonies? >> ooh, remind me, is breaking and entering a felony? >> yes. what? >> well -- >> margo! >> okay, i've gotta go. so, are you in or out? >> why can't you just get one of your underlings to help you out. like jase or lacey or becca. >> they're part of the problem, actually. >> what problem? >> there are nine problems. >> and your boyfriend is one of them? >> ex-boyfriend. >> seth: please welcome cara delevingne. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: hi. oh, you lost a shoe -- you almost lost a shoe. >> i know. walking is scary. >> seth: it is. it gets very scary. uh -- congratulations. this is very exciting, this movie. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> seth: this movie sort of your introduction to -- our introduction to you as an actress. you've been a model for a long
1:09 am
time. was this always the plan, to also do acting? >> i don't like planning things. >> seth: okay. >> but, yeah. i mean, this is what i wanted to do forever. since i can remember. just entertaining people and, you know, creating a reaction. >> seth: was it something you did when you were very young? >> yeah. >> seth: were you a performer as a kid? >> i got a bit of attention. i made my parents sit through many long, horrible monologues, and plays, and things, puppet shows. >> seth: okay. >> so, sorry mom and dad. >> seth: so, ones you wrote yourself. >> it paid off, though. right? >> seth: you would create your own puppet shows. you would write the parts and everything? >> yeah. >> seth: well, that's very exciting. >> yeah. >> seth: and uh -- this -- you've traveled the world as a model. you filmed this film in north carolina. and i heard. >> charlotte. >> seth: charlotte, north carolina. [ cheers ] they might not have been there. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> seth: i've learned from this crowd. sometimes they just hear places that ring a bell. >> and they just whoo. any excuse to whoop, you know? >> seth: exactly. and i heard it was the first time you were in a high school. is that true? >> yeah. >> seth: wow. >> because you watch -- i watched all these definite american tv shows of high school. and you just like, is that really -- do they -- do those locker things exist? how does it work?
1:10 am
i got in a car pool, you know. >> seth: so, you just lived out the fantasy of being an american teenager at a high school. >> yeah. i ran away from the kind of producers, and just went into people's classrooms. just like -- >> seth: really? >> yeah, say in the library. >> seth: they just didn't find you? >> no. >> seth: they would just wonder where you were. you were playing hooky from your own movie? >> basically. it was good. i was just trying to get into character. like, it's good for my part, you know, guys. it's great. >> seth: another very exciting part that you have coming up is you're in the new "suicide squad" film. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: very exciting. [ cheers ] >> woo! >> the starlet of comic books. you -- you play -- enchantress is your character. this is a dc comic book movie. when you went in how do you -- like when you auditioned for a comic book film, obviously -- how did you go about it? like, what was your audition like to play a character like that? >> um -- it was -- because the enchantress, the part i'm playing, i'm actually playing two different parts. the second act is a dream. you know, i'm playing the opposite, you know, a mousey kind of scientist, and then a crazy feral witch.
1:11 am
which is great. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but aside from my personality, so that's nice. but i think -- you know, i went in and auditioned before there was even a script. i think i was one of the first people david -- david ayer, the director, actually cast. but i ended up just doing a monologue from "who's afraid of virginia woolf?" >> seth: very superheroey. >> yeah. very super hero. i was like, what am i auditioning for? i didn't even know, actually, at the time. but david has a very amazing skill of riling up a lot of emotion in you. so, by the time i left, i literally wanted to kill someone, i was so angry. and i said to him. i was like, "look, if i kill someone on the way home, you better bail me out of jail, because i'm furious." [ laughter ] >> seth: well, i was very excited to see the first trailer for "suicide squad." >> thank you. >> seth: and it looks like all you guys want to kill somebody. >> yeah, right? >> seth: that's a very riled up cast of people. >> it's a happy trailer, right? >> seth: yeah, i was saying, everyone in that trailer either looks like they're gonna lick somebody or be licked. >> yeah. >> seth: it's a lot of characters -- >> lick or be licked. >> seth: yeah, they're just like -- everybody is looking like they were like, am i going to be one of the lickers or a lickee?" [ light laughter ] i don't even know which one i prefer.
1:12 am
>> or both, you know? >> seth: yeah, i guess there's a few. at the end, that's who wins the movie. >> that's what happens, they're just licking each other. >> seth: you got to go to comic con. i was at comic con. >> you were? >> seth: i was. >> why didn't we hang out? >> seth: well, i think you were there for like, five minutes, right? >> yeah, no, i was. >> seth: you like rock-starred in with the cast of "suicide squad." basically walked out on stage at the dc panel -- >> it was some rock star stuff -- you know, we were on two different planes. we had the girls' plane and the boys plane. we were there for, like, two hours. you know, we spotted some people, but we're all huge -- we all love dress up and that kind of thing. >> seth: yeah. >> we wanted to roam around. >> seth: it's pretty fun to roam around. have you ever been to comic-con? >> no. i've been dying to go. >> seth: it's really great. would you -- if you had the time, would you go -- would you go out on the floor? would you dress up? >> yes. i'd dress like a smurf. i'd be something weird. >> seth: gotcha. >> why is there a smurf here? >> seth: i've gotta be honest. i hate to break your heart. there's -- everything so [ bleep ] weird at that place. there's nobody -- [ laughter ] like, nobody's running over going "there's a smurf here." it's like, dude, everything's here. there's not like, we've gotta shut -- oh, attention comic con. you're gonna see a smurf. please don't be taken aback.
1:13 am
>> i'm just trying to think. what would shock people? >> seth: nothing. >> nothing. being dressed normally, naked? naked would be good. >> seth: you know, somebody dressed -- do you watch "game of thrones"? >> no. i will! it's really -- >> seth: i'm glad you said you will, because i was gonna say something about nudity and "game of thrones," it would have been a spoiler. >> my friends leave me out. they start talking about "game of thrones" and i sit there for two hours saying "i think i'm in a bad dream." it's one of those things where you don't -- everyone's speaking a language that you don't understand. >> seth: yeah, and i will say, like, shows like that, if you don't watch them when you hear people talk about them, they sound like the stupidest things on earth. >> the stupidest things. [ laughter ] >> seth: because they're like fantasy worlds. and so, you have no concept -- >> i get teased about it. it's horrible. >> seth: i wouldn't take it too hard to get teased. obviously "suicide squad" is a movie with a bunch of stunts. obviously dangerous things. but your -- in your modeling days, you took a few risks as well. this is an actual -- this is true, right? this is an actual bear that you had to take a modeling photo. >> yeah. it's a little bear. >> seth: were you worried about the bear? >> no, i love that kind of stuff. >> seth: uh huh. >> stunts. all of that. i wanted to be a stunt woman at some point.
1:14 am
but honestly, when the bear was there, i was like, this is great. i'll get closer. you know, they -- people get scared of what i'm gonna do, because i'm around the bear. so i'm the dangerous one. >> seth: i like the idea that somebody was coming up to you, explaining the rules of the bear and someone was going up to the bear explaining the rules of you. [ laughter ] she's a little weird, and like, sometimes she might make some moves. >> but there was -- there was like a thing, i couldn't wear deodorant. if i was on my period, it wouldn't be allowed. [ light laughter ] >> seth: really? >> it would enhance the smell of the blood. >> seth: bears are so scary. >> you can't bleed around them, generally. but it was -- we were sitting there, and the bear like, put up its paw. they were like get out the way. i was like, it's fine. and then it like put its arm down on me and i nearly got crushed. it was funny. [ laughter ] >> seth: that -- that is funny. >> if you die by bear, that's cool. you know? >> seth: yeah. >> if i had that on my grave, i'd be like "yeah." >> seth: especially, yeah, for your -- because your profession, like, very few die by bear. >> right. [ laughter ] i'd be the first to die by bear. >> seth: this is a real scene. those are real tarantulas. how are they with periods? are they okay?
1:15 am
>> yeah. [ laughter ] they're actually very understanding. >> seth: they are, yeah. >> yeah, we spoke. it was nice. tarantula was the nice one. sorry. >> seth: and then, did it crawl. like, how do they get a spider to stay? do they just, like, let it walk across -- >> they move. they move them around. >> seth: and so they just take a bunch of pictures? >> yeah, dude. do you see the scaredness in my face? that was real life. >> seth: yeah, it looks really good. >> the weird story, when i was a young girl, i loved crazy animals. and i got this giant snake to come to a party i was having. i think i was like six. and this magical snake only poos, like, once a year. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and it just so happened at my 6-year-old birthday party, that it pooed on my stomach. because it crawls across there, up against your stomach and it, yeah. anyway i don't know why i told that story. [ laughter ] >> seth: i got to be honest though, i feel like, based on everything you've said so far, you might be the kind -- you were probably the kid that said "jackpot." >> whoo! [ laughter ] put it in a box. >> seth: yeah. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks. >> seth: congratulations on your movie. [ cheers and applause ] we'll let those -- cara delevingne, everybody. "paper towns" opens everywhere this friday.
1:16 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody.
1:21 am
now, something you may not know about the television industry is that, within every tv studio there stands an ancient oak tree, and -- [ laughter ] -- inside most of these trees lives a wise old owl to whom the host of the show can turn for sagely wisdom and life advice. but since we are a new show, we didn't get a wise, old owl. we got a millennial owl. so, um -- [ laughter ] let's go check in with the millennial owl and see what he has to say. [ applause ] oh, millennial owl? >> what -- what's that? what's going on? what's up, man? >> seth: hey, yeah. i was just hoping to talk to you, because, well, you know, i'm -- being honest, i'm having some problems in my life. >> yeah, first things first, it's not your fault. okay? [ laughter ] it's your parents' fault. they just don't get you at all. >> seth: no, i mean, i haven't even told you my problems yet. >> yeah, okay, but it's probably
1:22 am
your parents' fault. [ light laughter ] so, what's up? >> seth: well, you know, i'm happily married and, you know, everything's going really great, career-wise. i guess i'm just wondering, you know, what else is there? you know? >> hmm. >> seth: and that darkness, you know, what should i do, millennial owl? >> hmm. you should buy a food truck. [ laughter ] >> seth: a food truck? >> yes, move to austin, buy a food truck. [ cheers ] yes. they're awesome. you can sell, like, breakfast tacos and waffle tacos. oh, you could buy scoby and make home brewed kombucha batches and sell that. also, you should definitely make a twitter account for your truck so you can let people know where to get that grub. hoot, hoot, hoot! [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: i don't know if dropping my responsibilities and moving across the country is the smartest thing. >> if you don't own your responsibilities, your responsibilities will end up owning you. >> seth: well, you know, that is pretty wise. >> thanks. i heard that from a guy at bonnaroo while doing peyote in
1:23 am
the hug tent. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> so, is there anything else on your mind, bub? >> seth: yeah, well, now that you mention it. lately, i've been thinking a lot about having kids, but i don't know if i'm ready. so, you know, what should i do? >> you should grow a mustache. [ laughter ] >> seth: a mustache, how would that help? >> it's fun. you got a silly mustache. you can twirl up the edges with wax. people would be like, i can't believe you grew that. and you'd be like, i can't believe it either. [ laughter ] and you can take a new facebook profile picture and caption it, "check out my new friend." and then someone comments on the photo, and they're like amber alert! [ laughter ] then a couple of days later, you shave it off. it's great. hoot, hoot, hoot! [ laughter ] >> seth: those hoots do not sound like owl hoots. >> uh, i'm not trying to sound like anyone. i'm trying to be myself. and frankly, i'm not a fan of criticism, so i'm just gonna remove myself from this situation.
1:24 am
>> seth: oh, no. i'm -- i'm sorry. i -- i didn't mean to offend you. come back, millennial owl. [ laughter ] your advice was great. your advice was very creative. >> thanks. my mom says i'm the most creative person she's ever met. hoot, hoot, hoot! >> seth: that's enough of your hooting. [ clears throat ] >> all right. you got any more questions for me? >> seth: yeah, well, there is another thing. like, sometimes i just feel like, with everything being so busy, i tend to become overwhelmed, and when i get overwhelmed, i get a little depressed. >> uh-huh. convince your parents to buy you an air conditioner. >> seth: a what? [ light laughter ] >> convince your parents to buy you an air conditioner. trust me. i was depressed too. but then i realized "i'm not depressed. i'm just really hot." [ laughter ] and so i called up my mom and my dad, and i said "mom, dad, my birthday is coming up in five months. can i use the credit card to get
1:25 am
an ac unit?" and now you're probably wondering, "oh, well how do you get them to pay for installation too?" >> seth: i was not wondering that, no. >> you make a second phone call, when you know your dad's not gonna be home. and say, "mom, i'm really worried about the safety of trying to install an air conditioner all by myself. it's gonna cost a little bit more for professionals to do it." and she'll be like, what's a little bit more? and you say, $200 even though it's only $100, because with that extra hundo you can get yourself that new vape pen that you saw eric had. you know what i mean? [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't know. i don't know any of what you mean. >> what i mean is try to take one moment each morning to appreciate the incredible gift of just being alive. >> seth: wow, that actually is good advice. >> what? >> seth: i was saying, wow, that's really good advice. >> what? no, hold on. hey, can i call you back? okay, sorry. i was on the phone. who are you? [ laughter ]
1:26 am
>> seth: wait. you were on the phone with someone else the entire time i thought you were talking to me? >> i don't know. how long have you been standing there? >> seth: you definitely heard me. you answered my questions. >> ouch, ouch! you're pointing at me. >> seth: all right. the millennial owl, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] >> what? >> seth: we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ you got a masterpiece...yeah ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: tonight's musical guests are a platinum selling rock band. making their debut tv performance of "songs i can't listen to," please welcome back to the show, neon trees. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ there's a song that i love that you once played for me it had all the right chords and a sweet melody ♪ ♪ it was back when we started when there was mystery now they've all been erased on my music machine ♪ ♪ and it's all because of you
1:32 am
i've got a list of songs i can't listen to and it's all because ♪ ♪ we're through i've got a list of songs i can't listen to and do you still ♪ ♪ sing alone when you're all by yourself or do you switch to the next one ♪ ♪ sing for somebody else and when you're cold don't forget ♪ ♪ how this song kept us warm you would dance on my bed ♪ ♪ i would lay in your arms and it's all because of you i've got a list of songs i can't listen to ♪ ♪ and it's all because we're through
1:33 am
i've got a list of songs i can't listen to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and i wish the music didn't play forever 'cause i'm feeling like a broken record ♪ ♪ and i wish the music didn't play forever 'cause i'm feeling like a broken record ♪ ♪ and it's all because of you i've got a list of songs i can't listen to
1:34 am
and it's all because ♪ ♪ we're through i've got a list of songs i can't listen to and it's all because ♪ ♪ of you i've got a list of songs i can't listen to and it's all because ♪ ♪ we're through i've got a list of songs i can't listen to ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: neon trees. download "songs i can't listen to" now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
1:35 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to rachel maddow, cara delevingne, neon trees, t-mobile, david lovering, and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> carson: well good evening and welcome to "last call" from the skylark. i'm carson daly. tonight we've got another great show for you.
1:38 am
coming up, writer-director michael johnson gets the spotlight treatment and hidden ritual makes it's tv debut from the troubadour. but first, rob cordory is a very funny comedian and actor of course you know him from "the daily show," "children's hospital," and "hot tub time machine." now, he returns for a second round of jacuzzi fun in "hot tub time machine 2." from dba, say hi to our buddy rob cordory. ♪ >> the original title for this, the one when we were developing the second one was "hot tub time machine 3" because "hot tub time machine 2" hasn't happened yet. everybody loved it and it went all the way up the food chain until it got to marketing and they're like, "it's funny, but we can't sell that." we were like, "what do you -- no, i know what you mean. i know exactly -- okay, fair enough. you win, "hot tub time machine 2." ♪ my name is rob cordory. i am in the movie "hot tub tim


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